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"Definately one of the best games I have played"

I remember the first time I heard of this game, it was an advert on TV. When I saw it something clicked and I HAD to buy it. The game is based in the huge Covenant family mansion where some strange happenings have been going on. The character you play is very detailed and believable, Patrick Galloway is his name. Jeremiah Covenant (Patrick's fellow soldier in the war) has called Patrick in to investigate the strange goings on at the mansion. You take control of Patrick as soon as you enter the front gates, the night is stormy and the flashes of lightening add to the eerie feeling.

Although many of the aspects of the game are good there is not much freedom, you are stuck to one path through the game. One especially good feature is the 'Scry' spell, it allows you to look into the spirit world and see what the naked eye cannot. Theres some pretty eerie stuff going on in the mansion and to get a better understanding of it all it is best to use the Scry technique often. *Tip* The Scry spell can also light the way a little in front of you and outline the real world from the spirit plane.

What can I say? Superb textures make this game a joy to look at.

SOUND 10/10
The ultimate in gaming sound. Creatures screech, doors creak, ghosts whisper and guns blast. The audio is equally impressive too. The parts of the game inside the mansion are extremely eerie, especially as one of the siblings may sometimes whisper ''Look closer'' or maybe just run behind you and scream at the top of their voice.

SCARE-O-METER (========= ) 9/10
Be warned this game is SCARY, not the hide behind the sofa scary I mean PANT-FILLING-TERROR. Ok maybe that was an exaggeration but this game is VERY scary and it is advised you only play if you read horror novels or are a horror movie veteran. The only part I really found funny was the fact that nearly every time you entered a new room Aaron would float in, sitting down as if he were driving a car. Sometimes he would even go so far as to give you a tour of the room, take the portrait room for instance. Aaron floats there and gives a five minute lecture on eternal autumn, pain and the family portrait! *Tip* Use scry on the family portrait to see what each sibling has become. Out of all the siblings I found Aaron to be the most scary, then Elizabeth, then Bethany, then poor old Ambrose. I remember I got to the room where you fight Aaron but then turned the game off as I was too scared. Ok, I can't keep blabbing about all the scary parts so I am going to put them into a short sentence. Doors slam without anyone closing them, creatures jump from ceilings and windows when you least expect it, lights go out, invisible monks and maids die!

Well that should be it! Overall I give this game 9/10
an excellent, excellent game that should not be underestimated *Cue manic laughter and exit*

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/21/02, Updated 04/21/02

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