Why does the game crash when I try to go to Vienna?

  1. I try to go to Vienna through the Northern Gate and when I click on the Northern Gate to go to Vienna, the game says "Loading" and the crashes.

    User Info: howard177

    howard177 - 8 years ago

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  1. I don't know why but i found a solution while googling but I forget where
    The trick is to delete the files in the folder "_Current_" under the folder "SaveGames" before clicking the gate to vienna.
    In fact you might have to do this every time you switch from one map to another. Like going from Prague-->Vienna, and Vienna-->London, London--> New York to avoid crashing.

    1. In the game, gather your coterie near the gate to Vienna but do not click the gate yet.
    2. Press ALT and TAB keys. This will pause the game and minimize the application in the status bar.
    3. Find this directory folder in My Computer
    C:\Program Files\Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption\SaveGames\__Current__
    4. Delete all the files in the "_Current_" folder then close the windows
    5. Go back to the game then resume. Click the gate to Vienna
    This should do the trick. It took me more than 5 crashes before i realized there was something wrong with the game
    and started looking for answers.

    Also, there seems to be a problem with overwriting old saved slots. When you use up all the 29 save slots, it would be impossible to save any more. I tried deleting all the SaveGames files and this clears up the save slots. Of course, try to load the game first before doing this. Otherwise you wont be able to load the most recent saved game.

    User Info: asianmalkavian

    asianmalkavian - 7 years ago 1 0

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