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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Yawgmoth_

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 07/13/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Vampire: The Masquerade
       Redemption FAQ v1.6
    Author: Yawgmoth
    Copyright info.
    This document is Copyright 2002 - 2003 by Yawgmoth.
    Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption is Copyright 2000 by Activision, 
    This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this 
    includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or 
    being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way without my 
    permission. This FAQ was created and is owned by Yawgmoth. All 
    copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically 
    mentioned in this FAQ. Please give credit where it is due. Thank you.
    Hello, thanks for reading my FAQ. This is my first one. There will be 
    mistakes in this. If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you 
    want to add please email me!  I will, of course, give you full credit 
    for your addition, and be extremely grateful to you. Thanks in advance! 
    This FAQ can be found at the following sites.
    Table of contents
    Game information. - 1.0
            Version Updates - 1.1
            Frequently Asked Questions - 1.2
    Creating a Character - 2.0
    Useful Disciplines - 3.0
    Useful Equipments - 4.0
    Tips - 5.0
    Dark Ages
            Prague - 6.0
                    That night within the Convent - 6.1
                    Old Town - 6.2
                    Bonn Silver Mines - 6.3
                    Nighttime - 6.4
                    University - 6.5
                    Monastery - 6.6
                    Golem Hunting - 6.7
                    Josef's Tunnels - 6.8
                    Ardan's Chantry - 6.9
            Vienna - 7.0
                    Luther Black - 7.1
                    Tectonic Knights' Base - 7.2
                    Haus de Hexe - 7.3
            Return to Prague - 8.0
                    Old Town - 8.1
                    Vysehrad Castle - 8.2
    Modern Nights
            London - 9.0
                    Society of Leopold - 9.1
                    West London - 9.2
                    Setite Temple - 9.3
                    Tower of London - 9.4
                    Temple of Set, Again - 9.5
            New York - 10.0
                    Sewers - 10.1
                    Giovanni Warehouse  - 10.2
                    Barclay South - 10.3
                    Orsi's Factory - 10.4
                    Cathedral of Flesh - 10.5
    Cheats - 11.0
    Funny Stuff - 12.0
    CaoHaketama's Weapons FAQ - 13.0
    Credits - 14.0
    Final Words - 15.0
    Game information - 1.0
    Vampire: TM Redemption follows the tale of Christof Romulad, a 
    Crusader, into his journey into the undead as he searches for his love, 
    Anezka, the beautiful nun in Prague.
    Version Updates - 1.1
    v1.1 - 1/15/03 Added new tricks about running, how to get multiple 
    endings, and some trivia. Thanks to all who have sent in their 
    additions. Added new hosts.
    v1.2 - 1/16/03 Added the different humanities needed to get the 
    endings. Changed some of the credits section. 
    v1.3 - 1/20/03 Added the Frequently Asked Questions section. Thanks to 
    Fireshade for the idea. Also changed the order of things a bit. Added 
    new hosts. Made this FAQ look better.
    v1.4 - 3/1/03 Added new comments, interesting stuff, and corrected some 
    spelling errors. Also added a weapons FAQ by CaoHaketama. Thanks to all 
    who e-mailed me the info, and a special thanks to CaoHaketama!
    v1.5 - 3/5/03 Added new hints and tips, as well as new hosts. Thanks to 
    all who hosts my FAQ.
    v1.6 - 7/13/03 Added new stuff, mostly from old e-mails that I forgot 
    to check and update.
    Frequently Asked Questions - 1.2
    Q: How do I use scrolls?
    A: The answer is simple, just scroll down to the tips section and you 
    will find your answer.
    Q: How do I identify items?
    A: If any of you have actually read the game manual, you will know that 
    the discipline Spirit's Touch will help you identify it. There is also 
    Scroll of Spirit's Touch that has the same effect.
    Q: How do I activate the cheat console?
    A: Just go down to the cheating section. Things are explained in 
    Q: Why won't the cheats work?
    A: That's because you either messed up on setting up the console, or 
    have a patch.
    Q: I just came out of the convent, and the entire screen is 
    gray/white/black. What do I do?
    A: Again, it is explained in detail in this FAQ. Just go to section 
    Q: Why do you teach people to cheat? Cheating is wrong!
    A: Well sorry, Mr./Miss/Mrs/Dr. Goody-two-shoes. This is a very 
    repetitive game, and I think that the people who play through it for 
    more than one time deserves to have some fun. If you don't like it, 
    don't do it. 
    Q: Could you send me a copy of this game? I can't play because <insert 
    stupid reason>...
    A: No. If you can't spare the ten bucks, just borrow one from a friend. 
    The publishers and makers of this game deserve to get paid for their 
    Creating a Character - 2.0
    Unlike other games, Vampire has no such thing as leveling up. You get 
    experience points by doing quests and killing stuff, and when you rest, 
    you have the chance to advance. You get a rank whenever you have so 
    much experience. This rank will help you when you are using your 
    disciplines. The higher the rank, the less chance of failure you have.
    Christof isn't a very powerful character, his health is usually lower 
    than the others, and his blood pool isn't a whole lot. So, I wouldn't 
    really put him the front lines. 
    Here are the stats.
    Strength determines how strong you are, some armors and weapons require 
    a minimum strength to equip. I usually stop putting points to strength 
    at 55, a strength of 55 will allow you to wear platemails, a very 
    powerful armor, and it makes your character look better. I will also 
    allow you to carry heavy guns and such.
    Dexterity, or dex for short, is one of the most important stats in 
    combat. In combat, it will allow you a higher chance of killing the 
    opponent in one blow. It also affects how accurate you are. Some ranged 
    weapons require a minimum dex.
    This alters how much damage you can soak. For humans, they soak bashing 
    damage, for Vampires and Ghouls, the soak both lethal and bashing. I 
    did not really find this trait useful. With a good armor, or a good 
    healing spell, its usefulness goes down.
    This does nothing, except it is required for disciplines such as 
    heightened senses, aura perception, spirit's tough, summon soul, etc. 
    This is a trait worth putting points into, as a lot of powerful spells 
    require intelligence. 
    Same as above.
    This deals with disciplines that does not deal direct damage, but 
    rather, disables. Possession, dread gaze, etc. 
    This is an important trait. It not only gives you disciplines, it also 
    lowers the buying price and heightens the selling price of goods, for 
    example, with a high Manipulation, you can buy a bottle of vitae for 
    48, and sell it for 54! This will allow you to get the best equipments, 
    without having to go through dungeons.
    This is how good you look. The Nosferatu will always have 0 for 
    appearance, unless they are wearing rings and such. You do not need to 
    worry for putting points into it, as there are equipments to help your 
    If you are really unsure, it would help if you start a game in 
    multiplayer, LAN game. There will be two games already created for you. 
    One of them starts in a bar, in the old times, the other one starts in 
    NY. Both games will allow you to go through dungeons that are exactly 
    the same as the game, with different enemies. The good thing is that 
    you can change to Storyteller mode anytime and do things. This includes 
    editing your character by clicking on the advancement button. This 
    could help you to design a character suitable for you, and try it out, 
    so you get a feel of the game.
    Useful disciplines - 3.0
    These disciplines are some of the best in the game that requires 
    minimum about of traits.  I will put it here for you for reference.
    Name                       Category           Requirements
    Drawing out the beast      Animalism          70 manipulation
    Cloak of Shadows           Obfuscate          25 wits
    Cloak the Gathering        Obfuscate          40 wits
    Plague Wind                Mortis             60 intelligence
    Theft of Vitae             Blood Magic        40 intelligence
    Fire Storm                 Lure of Flames     70 intelligence
    Call Lighting              Blood Rituals      50 intelligence, 50 wits
    Prison of Ice              Blood Rituals      35 intelligence, 35 wits
    Useful Equipments - 4.0
    If you find any of these, KEEP THEM!
    Ainkurn Sword: Let's see, drains blood, causes aggravated damage, +10 
    to dex while equipped, this is one great sword!
    Black Gloves: Automatic Feral Claws, so what if it only deals 15 
    damage? It gives you +15 to bashing, too. I get a lot of criticals with 
    this baby.
    Stake Gun: At first, make not seem much, but the ability to paralyze 
    Vampires is great, as it works even for the last boss!
    Modified Chain Gun: Fast, powerful, what more could you want?
    Tips & Techs. - 5.0
    For some reason, people get confused by the scrolls, they can't figure 
    out how to use it. So, I will explain. To use a scroll like Walk the 
    Abyss, open up your inventory, or press the corresponding keys for the 
    quick item slots (F1 to F5). Then, with the mouse controlling the 
    scroll, go to the game screen and right click the mouse, this should 
    cast the spell, for spells like Fireball, put the mouse towards the 
    enemy, and then right-click it. For Spirit's Touch, right-click on the 
    item you want to ID in the inventory.
    Auto Saves are the most useful if you do not have a patch installed. 
    Whenever you go to a new area, the game immediately Auto-Saves. This 
    can be helpful at times.
    Follow Status:
    The green button to the right of your health and blood/mana bar toggles 
    the follow status. 
    This can prove useful at times, when you want to lure enemies, or just 
    want one guy to go and scout ahead. By pressing the regroup button, 
    your coterie, or party's toggle status will automatically be turned 
    back on.
    This is a useful strategy. First, toggle your entire party's follow 
    status off, then, send one person in front to check things out. As the 
    AI in this game is extremely stupid, you can find them just standing 
    there, doing nothing. Now, get your guy, and move him/her slowly toward 
    a single enemy. When that enemy sees you, he/she/it will either follow 
    you, or use some disciplines. If they choose to follow, quickly run 
    back to your party, then the enemy comes close to you, hit him/her/it 
    once, quickly, and then run some more, hit the regroup button, and 
    ATTACK! By hitting the enemy, you will usually ensure that the enemy is 
    aiming at you, not another party member. That way, your coterie can 
    hack the enemy to death, while it is walking towards you.
    If the enemy is using disciplines that do long-ranged damage, run back, 
    lure the enemy, then just try to kill him/her/it with ranged attacks, 
    and melee.
    A good way to do this is with Awe. By using this, as long as you are in 
    the sight of the enemy, the enemy will move towards you, and not do 
    anything. Use this ability to lure them. 
    Also, while luring with a ranged weapon, it is helpful to have your 
    inventory screen open. Doing this will save you time to switch to a 
    melee weapon faster, before the enemy strikes.
    Fire Storm/Call Lighting:
    These are the two best offensive disciplines in my book. Fire Storm, at 
    level 5, can fire ANYWHERE! AS LONG AS YOU CAN SEE THE TARGET! That 
    means, you could be hiding behind a wall close to an open door, and you 
    see an enemy that does not move, you can use Fire Storm to take 
    him/her/it out, as the enemy will just stand there. The thing about 
    Fire Storm is that is the enemy moves away, it will not follow. Most 
    enemies will only survive one Fire Storm. Even if they don't, and come 
    towards you, they will be injured. This is a great lure spell.
    Call Lighting is another good spell, but, unlike Fire Storm, its range 
    isn't as long. The thing that makes it good is that you can hit moving 
    targets. Most enemies will require three Call Lightings. This is 
    another good lure spell. Great for fast moving targets.
    Prison of Ice.
    Without a doubt the single most powerful spell in the game. Visually, 
    it isn't much. But the versatility of this spell is amazing! It is good 
    for stopping opponents in mid-attack, and you can then follow up with a 
    spell or an attack of your own. By using this spell and Fire Storm, you 
    can easily defeat the last boss. 
    Barrel Killer!
    Whenever there is a barrel that can be targeted, bust it up. You will 
    find small treasures in it.
    This is simple, but people sometimes forget. If you click a place near 
    you, you will walk slowly, this is bad during combat. So, click on a 
    far place, then, when you almost got to where you want, click somewhere 
    near. If you hold "Ctrl", you will automatically run to that location, 
    regardless of distance. Thanks to Nep Parth for this one.
    Feed is a very powerful ability. It costs nothing, it replenishes your 
    blood pool, and it can kill a single person at level five. After luring 
    a person close, feed on him/her until he/she dies. This is one of the 
    best ways to kill someone. This even works on some mini-bosses.
    Deckoy's Magic Strategy.
    "i'm playing vampire the masquarade and i have no problems with enemies 
    thou i play with no party. i use the simple tactic:
    sorry i don't remeber true names:
    increased damage+increased speed+increased damage protection+drain 
    blood sword. I almost don't use blood potions etc, london took me i 
    don't know, 2 hrs?"
    The names of are Potence+Celerity+Fortitude+Ainkurn Sword. Thanks 
    Stances are useful at times, I prefer Neutral myself. When you become a 
    Kindred, and it around town, having an aggressive stance may result in 
    you killing the townspeople. This may be useful if you want to learn 
    Hands of Destruction, or wear Unholy armors. Defensive stances are 
    useful if you don't want your entire party to charge. Aggressive 
    Stances are useful at the second part of the game, or in dungeons. Give 
    two or three people aggressive stance, and a melee weapon; equip 
    yourself with a ranged weapon. This should allow the others to go in 
    frontline while you shoot. 
    This is basically an explanation on weapons. I will post a weapon here 
    for example. For more info, scroll down to see CaoHaketama's Weapon 
    Incendiary Longbow
    Damage: 30 (Fire)
    Accuracy: 15   Speed: 75   2H
    Ammo: 20
    Min 35 Dexterity. Min 35 Strength.
    Damage: This is how much damage the weapon deals. The type of damage 
    dealt is in quotes.
    Accuracy: This is how accurate a weapon is. The higher, the more likely 
    it is to hit.
    Speed: How fast the weapon is. A slow weapon like a Claymore or Halberd 
    will have a hard time hitting fast opponents.
    1H/2H: This tells how many hands the weapon needs. A 1H weapon will 
    allow you to equip a shield on the other hand. 
    Ammo: For bows and guns only. If ammo is zero, than you must get new 
    ammo. To reload, just equip the weapon, and move the ammo to the weapon 
    Min ...: This is the minimum requirement needed to use the weapon. 
    The treasures in chests, blue circles, and barrels are randomly 
    generated in this game. But, there are exceptions.
    Hit and Run:
    This is a great tactic to deal damage without getting hit. Toggle the 
    follow status off, get a fast weapon, like the Berserker Fang, or the 
    Ainkurn Sword, and use Celerity (Lv. 5). Doing so allows you to charge 
    in, attack, and get out, for healing and others. If you are fast, you 
    might be able to get a one hit kill. Luring with this technique also 
    Extra Endings:
    There are actually three endings in this game. The first one occurs if 
    you have a very low humanity, about 20 or less. The second one is to 
    join the last boss by picking the choices. The last one is to fight the 
    last boss, killing him. Thanks to Nep Parth for these. Also, he is not 
    sure about the first ending's required humanity, any help is greatly 
    CaoHaketama's cheap trick:
    "Here's a cheap trick at the beginning the game... It requires a lot of 
    cheats but it's fun if you've played through already. 
    With a mortal Christof, give him 100 in all his stats, add all the 
    disciplines, and add a holy greatsword. Then, you can kill almost any 
    Vampire at the beginning in one or two slices. If you encounter zulos, 
    etc, that cannot be harmed by it, use Feral Claws. Always keep the 
    greatsword on though. When you get Embraced, you still keep it as if 
    you were a mortal still.." 
    Cool trick by "The Chorus":
    "A useful trick (that perhaps they removed in the patch, I can't 
    remember) is to get Cloak of Shadows up to five and then use 
    Disciplines like Firestorm, Call Lightning etc. WITHOUT BEING SEEN."
    Thanks for the addition.
    Dark Ages
    Prague - 6.0
    That night within the Convent - 6.1
    You start out in the game where you just woke up. You have 2 enemies to 
    defeat. The Szlachta. These two aren't very tough; you should be able 
    to kill them with three swipes from your sword. When you killed both of 
    them, you will collapse.
    When you wake up, you will go into dialogue with Anezka. Then, you are 
    given two choices, it doesn't matter which one you choose. Keltar King 
    found out that by answering that you will venture into the mine 
    tomorrow with raise your Humanity by 10, while the other option reduces 
    it by 10. Thanks for the info, Keltar King.
    Old town - 6.2
    You wake up, with one goal, go to the mines, and kill everything, 
    sounds fun. Now, you are fully clothed (can't fight vampires with your 
    boxers, that won't get you much respect). Ok, now, this is your haven. 
    A haven consists of a place to rest, a vault, and a save point. If you 
    do not have the patch, the haven is the only point in the game where 
    you might save your game, with the exception of Auto-Saves. Talk to 
    Anezka, and she will say a prayer. Go out. If, when you go outside, 
    your screen turns all gray/white/blue, that means there is something 
    wrong (duh!). Well, it is very easy to fix. Since you have already 
    auto-saved while coming out of the door, you should not quit the entire 
    game. Now, go to toolbar, click start, go up to programs, click on 
    Vampire, the put your mouse on the "Play Vampire: The Masquerade - 
    Redemption (CD 2 Required)", and right click it. Go to target, and put 
    in " -nofog", without the quotes. Yes, there is a space in front of it. 
    Example: C:\Vampire\Vampire.exe -nofog
    Now, run the game again. Note: This would not work is you installed the 
    Now that you are outside, go to the Church and talk to Archbishop Geza. 
    Then, go back out and greet the Knights of St. John. Explore town, 
    memorize where the Weapon smith, the University, and the Convent are. 
    It will come in handy. Go into the inn, talk to the innkeeper, and grab 
    the healing salve. Go around the inn, and you will find the Weapon 
    smith. Talk to him, be open, and he will suggest that you should get 
    special charms. You can choose to buy a shield, or save the gold. Now, 
    exit the smith, go straight ahead, and enter Judith Bridge. Go across 
    to Golden Lane. There, go to Unorna's shop. Talk to her, search through 
    her wares, they are expensive. See why I always play as the bad guys? 
    "Give my your expensive stuff or die!" Good guys won't do that... Oh 
    yeah, if you can, buy some scrolls of Spirit's Touch. These scrolls 
    will identify items for you. 
    Now, locate the East Gate, talk to the old man, go out, talk to the 
    guards, go to the mine, find the torch, go back to the Convent, and 
    save your game. This way, if something goes wrong, you won't have to go 
    through the dialogues again. One more thing, talking to Anezka will 
    heal you. I lost the info of whoever told me about Anezka healing, so I 
    can't put it in the credits, sorry and thanks to you, whoever you are.
    Bonn Silver Mines - 6.3
    The mine, think this as a training level. Equip the torch you found in 
    your left hand, with your sword in the right, as the mines are pretty 
    dark. Take things easy, pace yourself. Try to get as many items as you 
    can. Follow the path; you will hear a scream, that's always nice. Now, 
    you face, once again, the szlachta! This time, it may cast Potence. 
    This makes it very dangerous. I suggest running in, hit it once, and 
    run away, repeat. This way, you won't get hurt much. Examine the body, 
    pick up the healing salves. Go down, you will see another szlachta 
    feeding on a horse. Kill it. Use this mine to basically get a feel to 
    the game. There isn't much in the mine. I will leave most of the 
    exploring to you.
    You will soon face another type of monster, the ghoul rats! They aren't 
    very tough, but they can easily surround you. You've been warned! Now 
    is a good place to try to lure the rats one at a time, if possible. 
    Continue through the second level. Continue until you reach a water 
    wheel. Click on the switch to activate it. Here, you will face a mini-
    boss, the War Ghoul. This guy is tough, right now. Same strategy. Move 
    in, hit, and run. Watch out if it starts to "rear". This means that it 
    is preparing for its bone attack. This will throw you in the air, the 
    drop you down. When this happens, run to the back, and slash it. 
    Hopefully you did not lose too much life. Continue.
    Third level. Collect everything. Put Holy water in slots one and two. 
    Healing on the rest. Go down until you reach a Cathedral. Here, you 
    face Ahzra the Unliving. Throw Holy Water on her, and he dies, if not, 
    poke her with your sword. You win! 
    Get the amulet of St. Jude, and leave.
    Go back, the Knights of St. John greets you. Go to the Cathedral, and 
    talk to Gaza. Go out, go to inn, talk to owner, grab the elixir. Talk 
    to Anezka, save.
    Nighttime - 6.4
    Go to the smith, grab the four rats around the area, upgrade your 
    equipment. Go to the magic shop, and sell all healing salves and 
    healing elixirs.
    Go near the clock tower and three revenants come to you, seeking 
    revenge. Show them how much they suck compared to you. 
    Also, stock up on four neck guards. 
    University - 6.5
    Now you are a vampire! A few things you should know is that as a 
    vampire, you need to constantly feed on others to gain blood. You can 
    gain blood by either feeding on others by using the Feed skill, or 
    using Theft of Vitae, a spell that will be available later in the game, 
    or using blood vitas, which now can be bought from the gypsy. Now, you 
    will be able to kill the Knights of St. John and other civilians, at 
    the cost of five humanity points each. However, if your humanity is too 
    low, you will NOT be able to see the ending of this game. You 
    (Christof) need humanity of at least 75 to get the ending. Also, when 
    your humanity reaches 0, you will no longer be able to control the 
    character. To prevent this, NEVER switch to aggressive stance at places 
    like old town Prague, or others. If you do so, Christof will attack 
    them, possibly killing them. If you kill someone while feeding, you 
    will also lose humanity. BUT, if you kill an enemy by feeding, you will 
    NOT lose humanity. This will become very useful later when you have all 
    five slots on feed. By then, you will be able to just feed and kill an 
    enemy. There is also something called frenzy. This happens when your 
    frenzy meter reaches 100. When this happens to your character, that 
    character will go out of control, attacking everyone, including allies. 
    They will not heal or cast spells. This is useful in disabling other 
    vampires. Aggravated damage and fire damage increases frenzy. Low blood 
    or no blood also causes this. Spells can increase or decrease frenzy 
    ratings. Also, "Berserk" weapons like Evil Axe also increases frenzy.
    Note that your blood pool is lower than the other vampires. This means 
    that you are less suited for spell casting. Let the others take care of 
    Wilhelm is your trusty companion. He is fairly strong. I suggest you go 
    visit your haven and rest try to get your Feed to level five. Wilhelm 
    comes equipped with a bow, I suggest giving it to Christof as I usually 
    keep in the back. The bow is good for luring; also, make sure that each 
    character has a melee weapon. Buy any supplies you need. Go to Judith 
    Bridge. Go left to the monastery. Outside the Monastery, there are 
    Monks whom you can feed on. Stock up, and go inside. Equip neck guards 
    on you and Wilhelm. This prevents other vampire from stealing your 
    blood; also, it prevents your party members from doing so when they go 
    into frenzy. 
    Monastery - 6.6
    First, let me tell you what to expect. There are Cappodocians. They 
    carry scythes and know a discipline or two. There are also skeletons, 
    skeleton archers, zombus, corpses and ghouls rats. You should be 
    familiar with the rats. The skeletons aren't very tough, neither are 
    the archers. The corpses and zombus are quite slow. The Capps are the 
    difficult ones. They will use Awe to draw you towards them, and will 
    also use Fortitude.
    Follow the path, after the speech by Wilhelm. Ignore the monks at 
    first, as killing them will lower your humanity. You will face two 
    Cappos at first. Kill them, click on the door to proceed. You will face 
    another one coming at you. There are more in the room, with some 
    Go towards the area ahead. There will be once Cappo and three 
    skeletons, one with a longbow. Remember that you cannot feed in 
    skeletons, so save the Cappo for last just in case you need extra 
    Now, there are two rooms that you cannot access yet. Go to the one open 
    room. Kill the Cappos and the Ghoul rats. Take the cash. Also, there is 
    a Corpse here. It will also attack you. See the switch near the wall? 
    Click on it to open up a new area. 
    Go back; go to the newly opened lab. There is a zombu here. Kill 
    everything, and pull the lever. Go back, and head down the stairs. 
    Listen to Wilhelm. There is a female Cappo right at the start. The 
    thing is, if you stand close to the wall, she will not move. Oh well, 
    kill her. There are three Cappos in the room. Try not to get 
    surrounded. Lure them to the stairs, and kill them. Go left; kill a few 
    zombus and a corpse minion. 
    There are two skeletons waiting for you at the bridge. One of them has 
    a long bow. 
    Level 2.
    Two Ghoul Rat will attack you, kill them. Wilhelm will speak again. 
    There are two Cappodocians waiting to die again. There are also two 
    ghoul rats, and two skeletons. One of them is an archer. Turn to your 
    right, there will be sand. Beware, as Cappodocians will appear from the 
    sand. In this case, only one will. Just don't let your guard down when 
    you see an area with no one except sand. Click to open the door.
    A Cappo awaits here. Go left, kill the skeleton. If you have a high 
    dexterity, which is highly recommended, sometimes you might be able to 
    cut off the head of the skeleton. Very funny to watch.
    Using the camera, you will be able to see two Cappos near the stairs, 
    and a ghoul rat, be prepared. Also, another Cappo will attack you if 
    you get too near the chest. 
    There are two Cappodocians, a skeleton archer, and a zombu in the next 
    room. Go ahead, three Cappos, a skeleton, a zombu, and a ghoul rat in 
    there. There will be a gold ring (APP +15) near the altar, if you look 
    Go back and go up the ramp. Wilhelm will speak again. Once he is done, 
    kill the Cappo to the right. Go down. Two zombus and five Cappodocians. 
    Click on the switch and go back out.
    Go down the ramp, and click to open the door. There are two Zombus, a 
    Cappo, and a Ghoul Rat. There is the door to Level 3, but do not go in 
    yet. Turn around, there is another Zombu near the altar. Kill it. Go to 
    the altar and click on the switch. This switch does two things, one, it 
    open up a secret room, two, it offers up 50 gold. Take the gold and 
    head to the secret room, left to the door to Level 3. 
    There are two Cappos and a Zombu guarding the room. One more will rise 
    from the grave. There are 25 gold, a Femur, a vitae, and a scroll of 
    Walk the Abyss. The Femur, using the Scroll of Spirit's Touch, will be 
    identified. A good weapon against vampires.
    Level 3.
    There are three Ghoul Rats and a Cappo ahead. To the right, is 
    Mercuio's Room, which is locked, and guarded by a skeleton. Go back and 
    open up the door. Defeat the enemies (Cappodocian and skeleton archer) 
    inside. I fed on the Cappo. The chest is trapped. If you go near it, a 
    fireball will be shot at you. 
    Go up the stairs. You will be greeted by a Cappo and a Zombu. Another 
    Zombu awaits. In the next room, there will be about 5 Cappos and 2 
    Zombus. Once they are dead, umm, re-dead, go near the pillar with the 
    two bags of gold. There will be a floor switch there. It is a bit hard 
    to spot. Click on it and advance up the newly opened stairs. Click on 
    the gate and battle. Go up the stairs and face even more monsters. Get 
    the Bone Key. It is not hard to spot. Go back, towards Garinol's door. 
    A Cappo and a Skeleton will emerge from the earth. Enter.
    Go down left, kill the Cappo, and kill the other one. The barrel near 
    the stairs contains 10 gold. Go back up and go down right, kill the 
    lone Cappo, and take the 50 gold. Go back up and advance.
    Kill the Cappo and Zombu. The chest contains a Footman's shield. Take 
    the rubies and read the journal. Talk, and take the skull. Now, go back 
    to Mercuio's door. I suggest that you use the Scroll of Walk the Abyss 
    and save your game. You now face Mercuio!
    Mercuio is a tough opponent. He will use attacks like Plague Wind, He 
    will also summon Zombus to his aid. The Quarterstaff will hurt if it 
    hits you. When he is dead, take the fragment, and read his plot. Then, 
    open the chest for a leather armour. Retrace your steps back out, and 
    watch the cut scene. Once it is done, go back to the university, talk 
    to Ecatarina, and save your game. Now, you should have gained a new 
    discipline, Protean. The best ability is has to offer is Feral Claws. 
    Take this opportunity to put points in Feed, Celerity, Feral Claws, and 
    Blood Healing, in this order.
    Golem Hunting - 6.7
    Go to the northern quarters. Here, speak to the Rabbi's son, and 
    prepare to fight the Golem. If it helps, it has 300 Hp. Feral Claws 
    with Potence and Celerity is useful here. Try to always run around it. 
    Hit when necessary, as he likes to knock you in the air. I suggest 
    keeping an Aggressive stance, while you control where to run. Killing 
    it will give you the Shem. Talk to Mendel. Go back to the Monastery and 
    talk to Garinol. You will gain a new ally, Serena. As a Cappo, Serena 
    has access to the group Mortis. This will come in handy. Her Vigor 
    Mortis and Plague Wind attacks are good attacks. Also, if you want a 
    long time investment, save up the points until Serena learns Lure of 
    Flames, and dump all points into Fire Storm. This is definitely a 
    worthy investment, as Fire Storm will make the rest of the game really 
    easy. Go back to your haven, save, and rest.
    Josef's Tunnels - 6.8
    When talking to the prince, choose options that are more good. Doing so 
    raises humanity. After the briefing with the Prince, go out to Judith 
    Bridge. Restock, and save. Go back to where you fought the Golem, click 
    to open the big gates, and go towards the statue, now, go to the right 
    of the statue, your right, and go down the path. The path may be 
    difficult to find as it is dark. Talk to Josef, and go back to the 
    university and talk to Ecaterina. Go back to Josef.
    Now, you can enter the tunnels. 
    There are two paths, I chose to take the left one, beware, and the 
    Nosferatu can turn themselves invisible, and summon ghoul rats. Deeding 
    on them is great as it drains their blood supply and they won't be able 
    to become invisible. Using Serena's Heightened Senses can dispel the 
    invisibility. The coffins contain treasures. Move around until you face 
    two naked Nosferatus. Kill them, and go towards the coffin to their 
    right. It contains a Falchion. Advance to the area that have paved 
    floors and walls, and face a Ghoul Rat. Near the wall, there is 50 
    Move and turn to your right. There should be a switch guarded by a 
    Ghoul Rat. Pull the switch to reveal a secret room behind you. A 
    Nosferatu and a Ghoul Rat guards the room. The chest will fire a 
    fireball if you get too close.
    Advance, there are three Nos in front of you, and two to your left. 
    Kill them all. There are five more ahead. Be prepared to heal. Go down 
    the stairs, 3 more for you to deal with. Pull the switch.
    There are two Nos to the right of you, three to the front, and one more 
    near the stairs. Make sure you get all the treasures.
    Go up the stairs, three more. Get the Sapphires from the chest. Now, 
    enter the sewers. There are four Nos here, use the lure technique. 
    There are two Ghoul Rats, and two more Nos to your right.
    Level 2.
    Advance, Two Nos, kill them, then, at the watery corner, another two. 
    There is a Heightened Senses scroll in one of the barrels, very useful. 
    Now, use the scroll, as you advance, there should be a highlighted spot 
    on the wall that you can open. Inside is a Gangrel Eye, which can be 
    used to light up areas. Also, there is a Tome of Animalism. I suggest 
    using it on Wilhelm.
    There are three more Nos in the watery area ahead. There are two more 
    to your right, and they tend to summon Ghoul Rats to aid them. Two more 
    in front, and another two more. Geez, this is annoying. Twist around 
    the tunnels and there should be three more, one of them summoning Ghoul 
    Up the stairs, there should be a Nos coming to greet you. DO NOT 
    advance, just kill that guy. You will face a mini-boss, Othelios. This 
    guy is tough. He likes to use draw out the beast to make you lose 
    control of your party members, and he sometimes turn invisible. His axe 
    is somewhat powerful. He also has two more Nos to back him up. Get the 
    normal Nosfers out of there, and then use Serena's Vigor Mortis, if you 
    have it, to let the Nosfers attack Othelios. You can also use the Nos 
    to replenish your blood pool. After using up the bodies, hit regroup, 
    and give Othelios whatever you got. He should die quickly. Also, if you 
    have five slots on feed, just feed on him, that should get rid of him 
    quickly. Ahead, if you turn to your right, is a stairs that will lead 
    to Golden Lane. If you do not want to leave yet, advance.
    Go left, talk to Ilig. He will hint you towards the next room. 
    Level 3.
    This is a puzzle room. It is quiet easy if you want to solve it 
    yourself. Read the first Chronicle of Cain, as you will gain some 
    knowledge, and go through the door with the red symbol. Then, go 
    through the yellow castle door. Through the pale three-faced door, the 
    blue waves, and last but not least, the thirteen clan green door.
    Go down the stairs and face two Ghouls. I suggest that you use them to 
    resupply your blood. There will be a boss fight after this. Advance, 
    there will be three Nosfers. Get the rubies, but do not step on the 
    trap. Flip the switch, go near the stairs, and flip the other one. Go 
    to the first switch you flipped, and flip it again. Doing so will open 
    up a secret stash up the stairs, guarded by two Nosfers. Go up the 
    stairs, battle the Nos, and get the secret stash. 25 gold and a Bastard 
    sword. Also, do this AFTER you defeated the boss. Go up the stairs.
    Make sure you search behind the coffins to get all the treasures. Ghoul 
    Rats ahead.
    After this, you will enter to an area with a Wraith named Vaclav. He is 
    very strong and soaks most of you lethal and bashing damage. I use 
    Feral Claws a lot in this battle. Celerity, Potence, and Fortitude will 
    help out a whole lot. 
    Grab the gold, go up the stairs, get the Rubies, and more gold. Grab 
    the Reliquary of St. George, and go back to Golden Lane, and to the 
    Prince. Also, choosing the first option when talking to the prince will 
    raise humanity, as well as damaging yourself.
    Ardan's Chantry - 6.9
    Note: The Blue Circles have an equal chance of spawning a monster or a 
    Bloodstone, going close to them will activate them. Thanks to Nep Parth 
    for this. 
    Do the normal resupplying, and save in your haven, then go to Golden 
    Lane, and towards the end, go inside the chantry. First of all, let me 
    just tell you that I HATE THE TREMERE! Why, because they love to use 
    disciplines. They usually cast spells like Call Lighting, Summon 
    Hoppers, and Fireballs. This makes them deadly opponents. It is 
    suicidal to take them on in groups, so luring works best here, 
    especially if you have Feed at level five. Lure with a bow, then feed 
    on the Tremere scum. Repeat. Also, they are divided into groups. 
    Neonate, Regent, Apprentice, and Lord. Another thing. If the Tremeres 
    keep on summoning Hoppers, just focus on the Tremeres themselves. If 
    they die, they take their summoned Hoppers to the graves with them.
    Enter the Chantry, click on the door, past the curtain, and down the 
    stairs. Take a moment to marvel at the level's beauty. Now, you will 
    find circles with a blue flame in this place, a lot. When you enter the 
    circle, you might receive a Blood Pearl, a Blood Stone, or battle an 
    Elemental. I suggest you check all circles, as the exp. from the 
    elementals may help, and so will the Blood Stones. Also, the things 
    that appear in the circles are random.
    Level 1.
    After you go down the stairs, to your left, there is a blue circle. It 
    contains a Blood Stone. The chest contains a Broadsword. Advance, three 
    Hoppers to your right, three more in front. You cannot feed on them. 
    The blue circle in front will spawn another Hopper if you go near it. 
    The one to your right will spawn an Elemental. There are four Tremeres 
    in the next room. Feed on them. Go to the right room. Also, remember 
    that we will be coming back here.
    Three Tremeres in the next room. Four Hoppers near the blue circle. 
    There are two more Tremeres in the right room. Also, there are about 
    six Hoppers. Try not to get overwhelmed. You can easily lure the two 
    vampires without making the Hoppers move. There is an Ivory Bow here. I 
    find it one of the best bows as it deals 40 Aggravated damage. The two 
    circles have elementals. Go to the left room. This room leads to Level 
    2. But do not advance yet. The circle contains an Elemental. Go back to 
    the Hallway.
    The circle to the left contains a Hopper. Advance, there should be two 
    more Tremeres and four Hoppers. Luring is difficult here. 
    The next room has four Tremeres. Lure them with spells, as bows will 
    only reveal yourself. Now, you should have full blood pool and health. 
    Go to the Place where you can access Level 2. Do not advance yet, we 
    need to kill more Tremeres on top of the stairs. 
    There are five Tremeres here. First, move slowly to the entrance, a 
    lone Tremere should see you. Move out of sight, and wait to feed on 
    Level 2.
    Go down the stairs. There are two Tremeres and three Hoppers. Luring 
    will not work here, as they are in a corner. Use the old 
    "CHHHAAAAARRRGGGGEEE!" tactic. Check the books for a Book. If you use 
    it, it does nothing. I suggest you keep it and maybe it can be sold for 
    some cash. Also, check out the cool carpet in the center of the room. 
    Go across the Hall. There are two Tremeres here and 2 Hoppers. Also, 
    there is a book of Blood Magic here. VERY USEFUL! Use it on Christof. 
    The best spell here id Theft of Vitae. At level 5, it will kill humans 
    in one hit (useful later in game), while replenishing your entire blood 
    pool. It also has a long range, faster than feeding. If you ant, I 
    suggest you use the Walk the Abyss, go back and distribute some points 
    to it, if you can. It works wonders! 
    Once you are done in your haven, go back. Go down the stairs. There is 
    a prison. Kill the Tremeres and read Ardan's journal then, release the 
    prisoners. Go downstairs and across the hall to grab the index finger. 
    It is guarded by Tremeres and Hoppers. Find your way to Level 3.
    Level 3. 
    Go down the stairs and fight the two Tremeres and 12 Hoppers (!).  
    Now, prepare to battle a Gargoyle. They aren't too tough. Again, Feral 
    Claws work wonders. Go up and rescue Erik. He joins your party. Now, I 
    suggest using a Walk the Abyss, restock, and upgrade Erik. If you can, 
    give him 5 in Feed, and distribute the rest on Feral Claws AND Blood 
    Healing, Shape of Wolf, Fortitude, in this order. Equip him generously. 
    He is one of the best front liners, though for only a short time. 
    Level Four
    Level Four consists of only Ardan himself. He, like the other Tremeres, 
    has a lot of spells at his disposal. He really likes to use things like 
    Immolate. If it doesn't kill you, it will make you go into frenzy. 
    Three people (Christof, Wilhelm, Erik) using Feral Claws will easily 
    kill him. Killing him will teleport you to the University. Choose the 
    Humane choices. Serena should gain Lure of Flames now. If you followed 
    my advice, you should have enough points for Fire Storm. Go to the 
    Eastern Gate (the gate next to the university) to leave for Vienna!
    Vienna - 7.0
    First, go into the abandoned chapel, flip the switch, and you got a new 
    haven! Your first objective will be to go to the Outer Stradt. There, 
    you can access the Blacksmith. Upgrade your weapon and armour. If you 
    can afford, buy the platemail. Also, stock up on range weaponry. 
    Whoever equips it changes his/her looks. There is a magic shop in the 
    Eastern Ringstrasse. Take my advice and stock up on awaken scrolls. In 
    the area where the magic shop is, you will find a Green Frog Inn. 
    Enter, and speak to one of the three ladies and you will be invited to 
    Count Orsi's party (there is less than five people in the party...). 
    sure you pick up the invitation. You can reach Count Orsi through the 
    courtyard. Once you are at the right place, take some time to look 
    around at the mansion. Note that there are only two people here, not 
    counting the three women. Talk to one of the three women in the party, 
    and Orsi will appear. He will give you a quest. Now, I recommend going 
    back to your haven and save as you won't be able to do so for some 
    Luther Black - 7.1
    After saving your game, go and find the clock tower in the Inner 
    Ringstrasse. Enter the door marked "Inner House". Go to the clock face 
    and enter. There will be a cut scene, and it will be morning. Remember, 
    since you are a vampire, the sun will burn you. You will have to fight 
    Ghouls, who are immune to the sun. Go down, kill them one by one. 
    There will be two Ghoul Rats and a Ghoul with a crossbow patrolling. 
    Kill them, while avoiding the sun. Go left. Two Ghouls and two Rats. Go 
    to the stairs. You will notice a pendulum. Time yourself, and go across 
    the pendulum to flip the switch. Now, go down the stairs to receive a 
    tome of dominate. Go up for more treasures. Using the shadows, go front 
    and you will come to a place with 3 switches. Flip them in this order: 
    2, 3, 1. This allows you to go to Level 2. 
    Level 2. 
    One Ghoul will see you and attack immediately. If you advance, two more 
    will join the fight. Pace yourself. 
    You will fight A LOT of ghouls in this area, and if they surround you, 
    you are as good as dead. Remember to lure them to you one at a time, 
    and use Feed. Also, Serena's Firestorm works wonders here. Advance 
    until you see the sun again. Advance carefully and kill the Ghouls and 
    click on the door to open a room where you will be safe. Inside, you 
    face two more, and another Ghoul is patrolling the corridor to your 
    left. There are three more Ghouls in the next room. Go until the music 
    changes to people whispering. There are two more Ghouls in the next 
    When you reach a corridor with 3 pillars across it, look in the mirror, 
    and press the switches that are highlighted. A Crossbow Wielding Ghoul 
    guards the entrance to Level 3. 
    Level 3.
    A Ghoul will attack you after the conversation. Go up the stairs. Don't 
    forget to break open the barrels where you appeared. When you reach a 
    certain point, Christof will notice the dark haunters. You can actually 
    summon the dark haunters with the tome of obtenebration, with is only 
    available through cheating or multiplayer. Tear it apart. Go up the 
    stairs slowly, as there are two Ghouls. Advance, and take a moment to 
    admire the portraits, before killing the Ghoul and two Dark Hunters. 
    In the hall, there is another Dark Hunter and another Ghoul. Go left, 
    two more Dark Hunters. As you reach the stairs, there will be two more 
    Ghouls and two more Dark Hunters. 
    Up the stairs, there will be two more Ghouls straight ahead of you. 
    Inside lies Luther Black. 
    You now have 2 choices. One is to help him, the second is to refuse. 
    Choosing to refuse will restore humanity. If your humanity is low, I 
    suggest you refuse. If you help him, then go up to the attic. Place one 
    character near one switch, and keep them there. After a switch has been 
    pressed, switch to the other character and flip the other switch. If 
    you do it right, then you will see a cut scene. Go down, and Count Orsi 
    will capture you. Lousy two-timing $^**^@&... 
    Leo Bjergo added this:
    "It's been awhile. I do believe I have found out why I always got the 
    "Evil Ending." I replayed the game from the start. When I got to Luther 
    Black, I listened very closely to the dialog. He requested that 
    Christof slay him. Christof said something to the effect, "Nay! If I 
    grant thy request, then thy sins will become mine, and I will be damned 
    for all eternity!" Luther claimed, "Nay!" Christof said, "Aye, it is 
    true!" Then Luther admitted it saying "Aye, it is true." The dialog 
    continued. All of the other times I granted his wish. (I thought it was 
    the humane thing to do.) This time I chose the answer, "Nay! I will 
    not! Not even for Anezka!"  (AND I GOT THE "PROPER" ENDING! I GOT TO 
    DEFEAT ZULO!) Then he opened the panel and let in the sunlight. (You 
    might want to add this warning to your page. BEFORE YOU GO IN TO THE 
    FOR SEVERAL SECONDS! It would also help to have A LOT of vitae handy, 
    (Stones, pearls, etc., and several scrolls of awaken.)"
    Thanks Leo!
    Knight's Base - 7.2
    Well, you are imprisoned, but the good thing is that you can find the 
    best weapon in the game here - The Ainkurn Sword. The guards here are 
    tough, and you can't feed on them for easy kill. I hope that you have 
    lots of Blood Stones left. You should if you kept on feeding on your 
    other opponents. But, Celerity with Feral Claws will usually be able to 
    kill them in the first hit. So, send Erik and Christof on a killing 
    spree. Also, if Christof has been storing up points, he might be able 
    to get Level 5 in Theft of Vitae, which will kill the knights and 
    replenish Christof in one hit. By the way, take advantage of the fact 
    that the knights are slow. Serena's Fire Storm will NOT be able to kill 
    them in one hit. It will only weaken them. 
    Leo also has some helpful advice for this area.
    "It will also help A LOT if one of your members has the Disciplines 
    Theft of Vitae, and Awaken, to escape the Teutonic Knights Base. (It's 
    rather hard to feed on armored knights, but not too difficult to steal 
    their vitae.) I use this person as a "Blood Bank" to feed the others 
    when they get low. Needless to say, you should keep this person in the 
    rear, out of battle, so you can lure an enemy to them for the theft of 
    vitae when they get low."
    There are three knights at the beginning. The locked door contains 
    three knights and Ghoul Rats. The prison door behind them has two Ghoul 
    Spiders. Advance, and there will be a speech with the Knights, kill 
    them all. Also, before you open a prison door, check to see if there 
    are enemies behind them. Go up the stairs. 
    Two knights will attack. After that, two more. If you go downward, 
    there will be two more knights. Go right. Two more knights. Open the 
    door, one more knight and a Ghoul Spider will attack. There is another 
    to your left. In front, there will be another knight with a Ghoul Rat. 
    The exit is in front. 
    Level 3. 
    There are three knights to the right of you. There are two knights and 
    two rats in the room ahead of you. As you walk up the ramp, three more 
    knights will attack. Advance. There are about five more knights. If you 
    turn around, they will attack all at once. Celerity + Feral Claws + 
    Potence is the key. If you have good Dexterity, you will be able to 
    behead them in one hit. Pick up the Blood Pouch on the shelves. There 
    will be six more to greet you. Also, there are six more ahead. 
    Advance, there will be a Tremere with four knights, and a Rat. 
    Celerity! Go inside the Tremere lab. Three Tremeres and a blue circle. 
    Advance past the gate, and battle another Tremere. Pick up the amulet 
    and the Tome of Lure of Flames. Use it on Christof. Go back, and open 
    the gates to Level 2.
    Level 2.
    Three knights will attack. Heal after battle. There are three more 
    knights in the room to the right. There are a lot of treasures in the 
    Go left, each room will have three knights and treasures.
    Go up the stairs and Cast Celerity and Feral Claws. Go left. Face seven 
    knights and a Tremere. Use the Tremere for Feeding. Your party members 
    will comment on the papers. Go around the place to kill three more 
    knights. Now, go to the big hallway with the mural. There are six 
    knights here and a Tectonic Captain. After you defeated them, get the 
    Ainkurn Sword. 
    Go up the stairs to reach Level 1.
    Level 1. 
    Three knights will attack at first. There are two more knights at the 
    top of the stairs. Open the door, and kill three more knights. Open the 
    other door, enter and be attacked by two more knights. 
    The next room has two more knights. Next, you will face a Teutonic 
    Captain and a Tremere Lord. The Captain isn't difficult, I managed to 
    get a one hit kill, and you can Feed on the Tremere Lord. Just be 
    careful of the Lord's spells. He likes to use things like Immolate and 
    Call Lightning. There is another Tectonic Lord with two knights in 
    front of you. There are two more knights in the next room. You are 
    almost free! Up the stairs, there are two Tectonic Knights, a Captain, 
    and a Lord. Careful. Firestorm will weaken them all if placed well. Go 
    up the stairs, and a Hopper will greet you. Yes, you guessed it, a 
    Tremere Lord. Feed on him. Pull the lever in the room and exit. You are 
    finally FREE! 
    Go to the magic shop and talk to Ormus, who will direct to Haus de 
    Hexe, a place where the Tremere resides. Go to the Southern 
    Ringstrasse. You will know when you have reached your destination. Take 
    a moment to admire the beauty of Haus de Hexe. Open the door, and go 
    back to your haven, rest, save, stock up on items, sell stuff, etc... 
    When, when you are ready, go back. 
    Haus de Hexe - 7.3
    Tremeres are, to me, like I said before, the most annoying vampires. 
    Their spells annoy me, their clothes make them look like kites, and 
    they are hard to kill. Oh well.
    Inside, battle two Tremeres. The Triangle in the middle will make it 
    difficult for you to directly assault them. Kill them all!
    Tremere Gargoyle Lair. / Haus de Hexe 2.
    A quick thing about the Gargoyles. You cannot Feed on them, and Fire 
    Storm will not kill them it one hit. 
    Go in, two Tremeres for you to kill. Go left, there is another Tremere. 
    Go right and click on the door to go outside. Here, you will face two 
    Tremeres. Go left and into the tunnel. There is a Gargoyle for you to 
    defeat. Advance, and you will face three more. There are two more 
    Gargoyles and a Tremere here. Go down the ramp. There are three more 
    for you to deal with. Continue. There are two more Tremeres and three 
    more Gargoyles. 
    Go down, two more for you to deal with. You will face a Mini Boss. If 
    you have Fire Storm, aim it at the Gargoyle before Vistaina talks to 
    you. This will weaken it. When you fight her, she will use spells like 
    Prison of Ice. You cannot Feed on her. Take the Arcanum Piece and walk 
    into the Vortex to go back. If may go and save if you want.
    Tremere Laboratory. / Haus de Hexe 3.
    This level is designed so that you will have a difficult time 
    assaulting the Tremere while they shoot Fireballs at you. Use Lure and 
    Feed extensively.
    Go straight ahead. There are three Tremeres here. Go down the stairs. 
    Four more to kill, ugh. Go left, beware, there are traps. Lure two 
    Tremeres and kill them first. One more Tremere. Now, go up the stairs. 
    This is right back where you started. Choose the right path, follow, 
    until you see a structure in front of you. Go straight ahead. The 
    coterie will comment on how they hate mages. Go down, and face four 
    more Tremeres. Go up the stairs, and Lure and Feed on the Tremeres one 
    at a time. Go in after they are dead, a chest contains 828 gold. 
    Go up and then go down. Lure the Tremere Lord. Kill the rest and get 
    the Tome of Blood Rituals. Again, give this to Christof. Sure, Christof 
    maybe the weakest, but as long as he has Level 5 on Theft of Vitae, 
    Feed, Fire Storm, and Blood Healing, there is nothing to worry about. 
    This just adds Call Lightning, which is wonderful against fast moving 
    targets, and Prison of Ice. 
    Go down and up the stairs. Lure the Tremere Lords and kill the Hopper. 
    Take the Arcanum Piece, exit, and save. 
    Tremere Library. / Haus de Hexe 4.
    Go left first. Talk to the three Tremeres and kill them. Go back to 
    where you started and go right this time. The first room to the right 
    has three Tremeres. Three more in the next room. There are three more 
    in the next room. There is also the Berserker Fang. Which is really 
    fast. Another three Tremeres... will this ever end? Go all the way 
    battle more Tremeres. There are six more, after that, grab the Arcanum 
    Piece and exit, and go back to Haven, save and resupply. There is a 
    Boss battle. Also, strip Erik of his entire gear, you'll know why soon. 
    Now, click the triangle to open the lock. Go in, grab the Journal, and 
    fight the Gargoyle. With Prison of Ice, it should not be too tough. 
    Prison of Ice also works on Etrius. This battle should be over quickly. 
    Return to the Order of Hermes and take the Tome of Lure of Flames, and 
    use it ob Wilhelm. Go to Haven, save, and return to Prague. Now, put 
    all the stuff into Christof's Chest. You'll see, just do it. 
    Return to Prague - 8.0
    Old Town - 8.1
    Go to the University, and talk. Go and resupply, and save your game. 
    Now, to the Vysehrad Mountains!
    Vysehrad Castle - 8.2
    Tzimisces are difficult opponents. They like to use Potence, and summon 
    Szlachtas. They will also use spells like Decay, which causes 
    Aggravated damage. They also use things like Drawing Out the Beast to 
    make you enter frenzy quicker. The Finger of the Sire will help out 
    here, as it will reduce frenzy levels. Because of this, I recommend 
    using Christof soloing. Give him the Ainkurn Sword, Feed, Blood 
    Healing, Fire Storm, Theft of Vitae, Celerity, and Feral Claws. This 
    should make it quite easy, and if by any chance you do go into frenzy, 
    you won't harm your coterie. There are also War Ghouls in this place, 
    you have fought them before, remember that they can flip you in the 
    air, causing an increase in frenzy, but they should be quite easy to 
    defeat. Fire Storm will be able to destroy them in one hit. There are 
    also Revenants running around. These are not too tough. 
    Once in the castle, you face three Tzs. Go to the left. Take the 
    Council Proclamation #1. Read it, it provides background information. 
    Now, proceed to the right. There are two Revenants and a Tzimisce. Kill 
    the Tz, and Feed on the Revenants. I won't be explaining much on how to 
    act as you should probably be familiar my now. There will be a second 
    Tzimisce. Pick up the Council Proclamation #2. Proceed down; four 
    Revenants will go on a speech. Go down, and look through the hole in 
    the ground. You should see four more Revenants. Use Fire Storm to 
    dispose of them, and use Theft of Vitae on the Szlachta in front of 
    you. If you use your camera, you should see a War Ghoul next. Fire 
    Storm and Theft of Vitae. After that, another Szlachta. Go down. Wolves 
    shouldn't prove too tough. To the right, there are two Tzimisces and a 
    Szlachta. Another War Ghoul. Go all the way down. Two more Szlachtas 
    and a War Ghoul. 
    Level 2.
    The castle is creaking, nice. Go left, two War Ghouls. To the right, 
    another War Ghoul is patrolling. Four Szlachtas are here too. Grab the 
    treasures and the Council Proclamation #4. Go down and to the left. Two 
    Tzimisces, two Revenants, and a Szlachta. There is a Tome of Hands of 
    Destruction on the altar. Advance. Kill the three wolves and grab the 
    Libussa Report #1. Go down, one War Ghoul, two Tzimisces, and a 
    Revenant. Take the Libussa Report #3. There is another Szlachta and a 
    Ghoul Rat in the hallway. Two Tzimisces, two Szlachtas, two wolves, and 
    s Ghoul Rat in the next room. There is another War Ghoul ahead. Go 
    straight ahead, fight the wolves, and go into the cell. Two Szlachtas. 
    Go back and up the stairs, then down to Level 3. 
    Level 3.
    Two Tzimisces and a Szlachta. Go left and down the collapsed stairway 
    to fight three more Tzimisces. Now, heal and drink some blood, you are 
    going to need it. Click open the door and look at that monster! That is 
    a Vozhd. It is extremely powerful, and can eat your party members. 
    Okay, if you have Fire Storm at Level 5, just use it. Seven of them 
    will kill it. You won't even have to attack. Now you see why Fire Storm 
    Level 4. 
    Before you do anything, Walk the Abyss, and dump all the good stuff in 
    Christof's chest, save, and go back. Enjoy the cut scene. We are 
    halfway done!
    Note: Nep Parth wrote this in an e-mail, "Not everything in the chests 
    come with you to modern times.  I put all the good "Vampire artifacts" 
    (i.e. the Berserker Fang, Eye of the Gangrel) on Christof's person 
    after I fought the Vozhd." Thanks Nep!
    Modern Nights
    London - 9.0
    Society of Leopold - 9.1
    A few things you should know. Instead of Vitaes, they have Plasma Bags 
    that serve the same purpose. There are guns now, but they won't be as 
    deadly as you would think, as most people have protecting from Bashing. 
    Swords will carve they up nicely. Also, in the advancement screen, if 
    you have not done so, get Theft of Vitae to Level 5. This will kill a 
    human in a single hit, and all of the people in the society are humans. 
    Your equipment and the stuff in your chest are scattered around here. 
    Which is why we put all the good stuff in Christof's chest. The Ainkurn 
    Sword is lying around somewhere. It is even more useful now, as people 
    of the modern nights do not have too much protecting from Lethal and 
    Aggravated damage. Also, note that you have no money on you. There are 
    two types of enemies, Lab Workers and Soldiers. The Soldiers are the 
    ones in red coats. They have better guns than the Lab Workers. The Lab 
    Workers can use things like Prayer to damage you from afar.
    Pick up the pistol and your equipment. Pick up the Journal Entry #1 and 
    the Plasma bag. Advance. Three more, more equipment to the right. Open 
    the door, and open the other door. Kill the Lab Worker; there should be 
    more equipment here. Read the computer, and open the door to the left. 
    Kill two more people, and pick up the Plasma Bag. Go back out, three 
    more people. Go right, and open the first door. Two more to kill. 
    Next door contains two more, one of them with a Flamethrower. Go back 
    out, and to the left, two more. Then, open the door to your right. Two 
    more Soldiers waiting to die. Flip the switch. Down the stairs, two 
    more Soldiers and two Lab Workers. 
    Go through the newly opened door. There is a Soldier and three more Lab 
    Workers. Open up the door to the left, kill the four annoying bastards, 
    and flip the switches to open up the jail cells. Two soldiers to the 
    right. Open up the right door, and enter. A Lab Worker. There is 
    another by the stairs. 
    Level 2. 
    You immediately face one Lab Worker, with the ability to cast Prayer. 
    Open the door. Two soldiers in front of you. Open up the door to the 
    right. A Soldier with thee Lab Workers. Go back out. Back to where you 
    started. Advance and kill. 
    Go left; there should be three doors. Open the one on the left for a 
    Soldier and a Lab Worker. The one on the right has even more Lab 
    Workers. The door straight ahead has one Lab Worker. Back to the 
    Head left and open the door. There will be two people ambushing you 
    from the right. Go back out, and follow the corridor for two more 
    Soldiers and a door. Open it and Kill the two Lab Workers inside. Open 
    the other door for more killing. 
    Go back to the intersection and straight ahead. A Soldier awaits, along 
    with more to your right. Open the left door for three more Soldiers. 
    The first door to the right has more soldiers. Even more doors and 
    Soldiers ahead, but the exit is there, in front of you. 
    Level 1.
    Four Soldiers after you open up the door. Go up the stair and open the 
    door. There are five more Soldiers. Open up the first door to your 
    left. Five more Soldiers. Open up the next, three more. Go back, 
    proceed through the corridor, battle more Soldiers, and open up the 
    first door. After killing all four, look at the bookcase to see a book 
    that can up "presses". This gives you access to the Baton. Back out and 
    to the left. Two more Soldiers and a Lab Worker. You will now fight 
    Father Leo. Use Theft of Vitae, and the Ainkurn Sword will take care of 
    the rest. The room ahead has three Soldiers.
    "The Chorus" had a different strategy to killing the Father.
    "When fighting Father Leo you can click on the large apparatus on the 
    right. This will make Christof climb up on it and topple it. A quick 
    way to end the battle and I think that it restores some humanity."
    Thanks for the addition.
    Go all the way down the stairs, the locked door should be open now. 
    Advance. Kill everyone, and exit to West London.
    Leo has found this interesting thing when he escaped the society.
    "I have also noticed another anomaly in the game, although it doesn't 
    seem to affect the outcome. In The Society of Leopold, I entered with 
    90 Humanity. I kept that Humanity level all through the episode, all 
    the way to the exit to London. (The front doors inside The Society of 
    Leopold.) But when I stepped outside and Christof ended his speech 
    about  ". . . . Insane asylum . . . ."  Without interacting with 
    anyone, my humanity was only 80! This happened consistently, even after 
    restarting the game several times! (It didn't matter though, I made 100 
    humanity later, and won the game.)"
    Thanks again Leo. 
    West London - 9.2
    Go down, and check out how the new Christof looks, quite cool, huh? Go 
    down to Club Tenebrae. Talk to Pink, and go to East London. There, go 
    and find Otto's van. Next to the van, is your new Haven. Go in and 
    save, advance, etc. Go back to West London and Visit the Curio Shop for 
    more supplies. When you are ready, head for the brothel, located in 
    East London.
    Setite Temple - 9.3
    After getting Lily, I suggest that you go back to your haven, buy some 
    equipment for Lily, and save, before advancing. The Setites are a group 
    of Egyptian vampires. They enjoy spells like Hatch the Viper to aid 
    them, and Eyes of the Serpent to draw you to them. Also, DO NOT give 
    your coterie any ranged weapons, as the are really dumb, and will waste 
    ammo shooting at walls if a Setite is behind the wall. 
    Enter the Temple, and go right. Fight off two Setites. There are three 
    more ahead. When you are done here, go back to the left to flip the 
    switch. Now, go back and straight ahead. Go left, fight off the 
    Setites. Flip the switch, go back and go right. Go down all the way to 
    the second level.
    Level 2.
    Watch out, as Fireballs will be shot at you as you advance to the 
    bridge. Go right. More Setites. Flip the switch and go back to the 
    left. Flip the other switch. Go down, talk the Setites, and kill them, 
    continue left. Go left again, go until you see a switch in the end of 
    the room. Flip it, return and go through the newly opened passage. 
    Press the switch to open the right door. Go in, get the Tome of 
    Obfuscate. Use it on Lily, and flip the switch. Go back to where you 
    talked to the Setites, and go down the stairs. The big door should be 
    open. Go through the passage, click to open the door. There are about 
    four Setites here. Advance to Level 3.
    Level 3. 
    Six Setites are in this area. Use Feral Claws and Shape of the Beast 
    generously. Go left, and kill more Setites. When you are halfway, 
    there, look left and you should see some Setites. Use Fire Storm to get 
    rid of them from high ground. Flip the two switches, and use Fire Storm 
    to kill any and all enemies that you can put your cursor on. Now, go to 
    the right, killing Setites along the way. Make your way to the 
    miniature pyramid, check everywhere for treasures, and head to Level 4.
    Level 4. 
    Setites hiding behind the pyramid. Make your way to Lucretia. Talk to 
    her, ugh, why are they all so stubborn? Remember to use the same 
    strategy when fighting the other Setites. Use Theft of Vitae to drain 
    her blood pool, Drawing Out the Beast to make her enter frenzy, she 
    shouldn't be too tough. Now that you are done, retrace your steps back 
    to your haven. The people who made this game made it so that you cannot 
    use things like Walk the Abyss in this place to annoy you, and to make 
    things generally more irritating for you. Remember to switch stances 
    back to Neutral in the Brothel. We do not want to lose humanity points. 
    Restock, and rest, and save. 
    Tower of London - 9.4
    The tower is located behind your haven. There are Wraiths, which are 
    like Dark Hunters, Ghoul Spiders, big and small. The small ones are 
    inside egg sacks, which will hatch when you come too close, and the big 
    ones are hiding on the walls. You will know if they are around by 
    listening to their sounds. The spiders will poison you. None are too 
    tough. Feral Claws works wonders. 
    After entering the tower, you will see a spider egg in front of you, 
    kill the egg with spells or guns, if you approach, they will hatch a 
    lot of small ones. Go left; there are three Ghoul Spiders on the wall. 
    After killing them, grab the treasures, go back. This time, pick the 
    right passage. Two big spiders will attack at once; there are also two 
    Egg Sacks. Oh, and did I mention the London Tower is one of my 
    favourite levels? The music is cool, and when you see the lightning and 
    the curtains flapping the wind, with the sound of metal chains 
    clanging, you just feel cool standing there. Take a moment to 
    appreciate the surroundings. This game is known for it's great graphics 
    and sounds. Just for the lightning, I restrict myself to use only Call 
    Lightning as my offensive spell.
    When you see the guillotine, beware, as three big spiders will advance 
    onto you at the same time. Go straight all the way until you can go 
    only right or straight. Go straight; there is a Tome of Potence and two 
    big Ghoul Spiders. Use the tome on Lily.
    Go back, this time, go right. Fight your way to level 2.
    Level 2.
    A big spider will attack you. Go to the right. Fight the Wraith. Get 
    the treasures and go back. Go left and get the treasures, go back 
    again. Now, head forward. Here, the enemies will try and swarm you. No 
    big. Navigate to Level 3.
    Level 3. 
    Two big spiders, then head to the right. Fight the wraiths and make 
    your way to the room with three chest, two Wraiths, and two big Ghoul 
    Spiders. There, if you look closely, is a secret door. To open it, 
    press the switch. Inside, there is a Monocle of Clarity. When you reach 
    the stairs, head down for treasures. Go up to go to Level 4. 
    Level 4. 
    When you do find Lucretia's heart, four snakes will attack. Use a Walk 
    the Abyss to go back to your haven. If not, you will have to face a 
    Werewolf. Use silver to damage it, or it will prove very difficult. 
    Temple of Set, Again - 9.5
    Sell your useless stuff to Otto. If you can, get the Tailored Armour. 
    It will change how your character looks as well as give you loads of 
    You enter at Level 4. 
    Lucretia is tough. She will summon vipers, and steal your blood. Use 
    the Hit and Run Tactic, and Feral Claws. When she stops moving, focus 
    all on the Setite. When he dies, he will drop the heart. If you destroy 
    the heart, you will gain some humanity. If you followed the "good" 
    path, your humanity should be 100.
    Note: Drinking from the heart will lower your humanity, but will 
    increase your Blood Pool. Thanks to Keltar King for this. 
    From your Haven, go straight ahead, turn right, and you have reached 
    the dock. Head up the ramp to the Cargo Ship. Before you do that, check 
    with Otto and get the Black Gloves.
    Make sure one of your coterie members has Heightened Senses turned on. 
    The three Nos like to get invisible and use Drawing Out the Beast.
    New York - 10.0
    Well, enjoy the nice rap music. Talk to Agent Thorne. There is a woman 
    here. She will keep on talking about things, ignore her. Ahead, fight 
    the three Nos. If you have Prison of Ice, this battle will prove to be 
    Samuel, as a Nosferatu, can level up easily in Cloak of Shadows, and 
    Drawing Out he Beast, without meeting the requirements. Use them 
    wisely. The Gun Haven has the guns and other explosives. Click on the 
    ladder to go to Dev/Null's apartment. Dev/Null's apartment will now act 
    as your haven in NY. If you want to stock up on Blood Pouches, click on 
    the Taxi and there is a shop in the other side of town.
    Sewers - 10.1
    After talking to Dev/Null, saving, and restocked, click on the sewers 
    to enter. This is like Josef's Tunnels in Prague. There are Nosferatus, 
    Ghoul Spiders, Ghoul Rats, and Ghoul Alligators. Oh well, the Nossie, 
    as Pick calls them, likes to get invisible, and use Drawing Out the 
    Beast. This will prove to be difficult for you, make sure you have 
    Heightened Senses turned on. Remember, a good way to kill them is with 
    Feed, if you target them before they are invisible, you will still be 
    able to Feed on them, even when they become invisible. The most useful 
    two things here are Feed, and Fire Storm, as you will be able to kill 
    all without alarming them, except for Ghoul Spiders and Alligators, and 
    the Boss. 
    Level 1.
    The first three enemies that you will face are two Ghoul Rats and a big 
    spider. The Nosferatu next, Use Fire Storm on two of them, and Feed on 
    the other to replenish lost blood. Go left, three Ghoul Rats and a 
    patrolling Nos. There is another Nos to your right. There are three 
    more Nos on the platform. Fire Storm. Release the two valves in order, 
    #1, then, #2. This should open up a passage back where you faced the 
    three Nos. Go back to the newly open passage.
    Two Ghoul Rats and two spiders. Open the door for goodies. Go down the 
    stairs, and proceed, more big spiders. Two Nos, both can be taken out 
    using Fire Storm. Three more Nos, Fire Storm can take two of them out. 
    After luring the patrolling one, use Fire Storm on the one to your 
    right. Level 2.
    Level 2.
    Ghoul Spiders are hiding on the wall, look for shadows. There is 
    another Nos patrolling across the bridge, Feed. The bridge can shoot 
    Fireballs. Go down and get the Tome of Protean. Use it on Samuel. Go to 
    the electric tower. Halt your coterie. Let Christof Go down the stair, 
    he will take electric damage. Defeat the enemies and turn the third 
    valve. This should disable the electricity. Regroup. Advance, and time 
    your way past the electricity. Fight your way to level 3.
    Level 3.
    More Ghoul Rats and spiders. Head left. This area should not be hard to 
    navigate. When you reach the skiff, I recommend you using a Walk the 
    Abyss and save. The alligator's attacks will cause disease, and it will 
    also bit you and hold you in its jaws, Feral Claws and Celerity. There 
    are two more to your left. Prison of Ice will hold them until you can 
    kill them. 
    Level 4. 
    Walk the Abyss again, heal and save, boss fight. Try to use Fire Storm 
    to take out the rats first. Then, use a Heightened Senses, as 
    Underprince will turn invisible. Use Theft of Vitae to drain his blood, 
    Ainkurn Sword to hack him. Go past him, attach the uplink, search for 
    treasures, and go up to Uptown. Stock up, and take the cab to the 
    docks, and to Dev/Null's Apartment. 
    Giovanni Warehouse - 10.2
    Go back to where you saw the homeless woman; the Giovanni Warehouse is 
    above the stairs. The Giovanni are just like the Cappos, except that 
    they are more powerful, and tend to use things like Plague Wind, and 
    summons Wraiths. Again, Fire Storm and Feed will make your trip easier. 
    Although Fire Storm will not kill them in one hit, it will weaken them, 
    and lure them to you, where you can Feed on them. Samuel's or 
    Christof's Cloak of Shadows and Cloak of the Gathering will allow you 
    to secretly Feed on the Giovanni without them casting spells, or using 
    disciplines. Very useful. Theft of Vitae will greatly disable them. 
    Level 1.
    There are two Giovanni to your left. Open the door. There is one of 
    them, lure and Feed, there is also another one to your right. Open the 
    door, and face three Gios. Go up the stairs and pull the level, go 
    down, and pass through the door to face two more Gios. Go in, you can 
    Lure the Gios one at a time. Samuel's Cloak of Shadows will allow you 
    to prey on them without firing a shot. The Gio inside the room has a 
    Chaingun; Feed on him, while concealing yourself using Cloak of 
    Click on the switch and go though the newly opened door. Feed. Go in, 
    and save agent Thorne. There are two more Gios in the next room. Use 
    Fire Storm to lure them, and Feed on them. Next room has two more. Open 
    the door, and Lure the Giovanni with the rocket launcher, you do not 
    want to get hit by it. Next, Lure the one with the Stakegun. If the 
    Stakegun hits you, you will be paralyzed. 
    Level 2. 
    Go down, two Giovannis before the door. Lure. Open the door, and get 
    the one with the Chaingun. There is another Gio hiding behind the 
    boxes. Open the door; there are three Gios and a Wraith. Lure. There 
    are three Gios down the stairs; one of them has a rocket launcher. 
    There is also a Wraith. Past the door, another Giovanni. Two more to 
    the right, Lure!!!! There is one more up the stairs. 
    Open the door, there is a Giovanni hiding behind the door, use your 
    camera, when you see him, use Fire Storm, lure the rest. Before you 
    open the door, kill the Wraith and the Giovanni. Go in and kill the 
    Gio, grab the Tome of Mortis, use it on Lily. Flip the switch, go to 
    the other door, open it, Lure the two Gios, and proceed. 
    Four more Gios, and a whole bunch more in the next room. Also, three 
    more Wraiths. Five Gios guards the elevator to Level 3.
    Level 3.
    About 7 Gios in this level. Before you go into and talk to the boss, 
    remove all equipments from Pink. Before you leave, grab Big Al's Ledger 
    Book, and the Hand of Conrad. Christof should have gained Mortis now. 
    Use the elevator to go to Level 1. Thorne disappeared here; go back to 
    your haven. Equip Wilhelm with the stuff Pink has.
    Barclay South - 10.3
    Talk to Fred, and go up the elevator. Grab the Blood Palette and talk. 
    Go back out, go to the New Moon, near it, go to the Storage Room of 
    Barclay South. Kill the two Ventrues and grab the painting. Now, go 
    back to your haven and save.
    Orsi's Factory - 10.4
    There are Ventrue's here, War Ghouls, Szlachtas and Tzimisces. The 
    Tzimisces you should be familiar with. The Ventrues like to use things 
    like Dread Gaze and Awe to confuse your party members. Cloak of the 
    Gathering, Fire Storm, Feed, Theft of Vitae, and Prison of Ice are 
    extremely useful. Fire Storm will not be able to kill them in one hit. 
    Whenever you get a Plasma Bag that is not identified, chances are, it 
    will disease you if you use it. 
    Level 1.
    There is a Ventrue to the left. Go up the ramp, and to right, lure the 
    three Ventrue, and advance. Two more Ventrue, and another one farther 
    down. Down the ramp, Lure the Ventrue, and fight the War Ghoul. Two 
    more Ventrues up the ramp. Cross the bridge for Tzimisces and a War 
    Ghoul, along with some Szlachtas. Advance, more Szlachtas with War 
    Level 2.
    Go front, then right, watch out for Ventrues. Go right and get the Tome 
    of Dominate. Go forward, and there should be three Ventrues shooting at 
    you across a bridge. Shoot the back. 
    Level 3.
    This level is filled with Szlachtas, Tzimisces, and War Ghouls. Go up 
    the ramp, and slay the Tzimisce. Kill the two Ventrues, go down right, 
    and fight the War Ghouls. Go down the ramp, and find your way to Level 
    Level 4.
    Before talking to Orsi, I suggest that you save the game using Walk the 
    Abyss. Drain Orsi's vitae and slash him with your sword. VENGENCE!
    Go, and talk to Teta. DO NOT THREATEN THEM! Doing so will lower your 
    Go back to your haven, restock, and save. Stock up on Blood Pouches, 
    Scroll of Awaken, and Scroll of Walk the Abyss.
    Cathedral of Flesh - 10.5
    Well, well, well. This is the final area of the game. This located 
    below the church, next to Orsi's Factory. There are many familiar 
    enemies. Tzimisce, Szlachta, War Ghoul, and also, the Vozhd, remember 
    him from the Dark Ages? He can kill a party member in one blow, which 
    is why Scrolls of Awaken is necessary; also, Fire Storm will still kill 
    it without much trouble. There is also another type of enemy, the 
    Demonhound. They are like Wolves, only much tougher.  
    Go up ahead, up the stairs. 
    You first face a patrolling War Ghoul. Kill it. There are more 
    Szlachtas and ahead. Lure them. There are three Tzimisces in the next 
    room. There is a Vozhd down the stairs. Use Fire Storm. After that, 
    there is a patrolling War Ghoul. Another War Ghoul and a Tzimisce are 
    in the next room. Another Tzimisce and two Szlachtas are in the next 
    room with a Tome of Animalism. Another patrolling War Ghoul in the 
    Level 2.
    Two Szlachtas and a War Ghoul to your right. Talk to Libussa, before 
    doing so; lure the enemies out of that room. Go towards Libussa's 
    direction, two Demonhounds, Tzimisces, and War Ghouls. Grab the 
    treasures and go back to Libussa. This time, go right. Go straight 
    ahead, and kill the three War Ghouls. Another Vozhd and more 
    Use a Walk the Abyss and save.
    An easy way to kill Vukodlak is to use the Stakegun. If you hit him, he 
    will just stand there, not doing anything, while your other party 
    members can hack him to death. See why I said to by Stakegun ammo? 
    Celerity, Feral Claws, Potence will also work here. Beware, as he has A 
    LOT of hp. DO NOT use Theft of Vitae. If you do, his physical attacks 
    are even worse. 
    Kill the enemies, and advance. 
    Talk to the speaker starting from the first one on your left, and move 
    upwards, and then, go to the right, and start with the first one. Talk 
    to Libussa once the gate opens, and grab the treasures.
    Leo Bjergo noticed that this:
    "Also, I noticed that there is no particular sequence needed @ "The 
    Wall of Memory." I selected  speakers @ random four times and it made 
    no difference. I always rec'd the same messages in the proper 
    Level 1, again.
    Before going back to where you came into the place, use a Walk the 
    Abyss, and restock, and save.
    Zulo is extremely tough. He can grab your allies and too and kill them 
    in one hit. He can also use Drawing Out the Beast to disable your 
    allies. He has over 2700 hp. Use Fire Storm extensively. Use a Theft of 
    Vitae here first. The Stakegun will not work here, but Prison of Ice 
    will! Freeze him, and attack, repeat until he is dead. Awaken allies 
    that died. 
    Zulo tactics by "The Chorus":
    "A very cheap tactic for the last boss: Cloak of Shadows, Theft of 
    Vitae/Asp's Tongue (so he can't use Heightened Senses and ruin your 
    fun) and then Firestorm"
    Watch the ending.
    Nep Parth added, "There are multiple endings (3), all of which depend 
    on your humanity.  If your humanity is below 20 (I THINK...don't quote 
    me) you will recieve the "bad" ending.  The bad ending comes right 
    after you defeat Vukodlak for the first time, in his humanoid form.  
    Christof leaps on Vukodlak and diablerizes him, then turns and feeds 
    off Anezka.  The next ending is if your humanity is below 80, I think.  
    I haven't gotten it, yet.  The good ending, where Christof Embraces 
    Anezka, comes if your humanity is above 80. 
    BTW, the "middle ending" involves Christof becoming Vukodlak's servant 
    and Anezka remaining his slave, I think.  I haven't gotten the ending 
    yet.  Still, it seems much less satisfying than seeing Anezka Embraced 
    or Vukodlak diablerized." Thanks again Nep! 
    CaoHaketama wrote this in the Vampire message boards. 
    "If it's between 50-60, you can choose to Diablerize Vukodlak and I 
    think kill Anezka, or join him. 
    If it's over 60, you embrace Anezka. 
    If its under 50, you kill him and her." 
    Thanks for the info.
    Leo Bjergo wrote:
    "Hello again, my friend! I have some further info for you. I played, 
    (And replayed, and replayed, and replayed. . . . ) the last two levels, 
    at consecutively lower humanity ratings. Beginning @ 40 Humanity, you 
    get to make 1 of 3 choices;  
    1. Submit to Vukodlak, in which case he feeds you some of his blood, 
    and has you kill Anezka. He claims it is his sweetest revenge on you.  
    2. Christof answers, "Nay! There is another way! I can drain you of all 
    your blood . . . ." Then he attacks Vukodlak, drains him of his blood, 
    and then takes his place as the "Bad Guy." (The "Evil Ending")  
    3. Refuse Vukodlak's offer outright and fight him to the finish, where 
    he dumps you into Cathedral of Flesh 3, where you have to defeat Zulo 
    to win.  
    @ 20 Humanity, you automatically get the "Evil Ending." (No Choice. 
    Christof automatically attacks Vukodlak. No fight or anything, he just 
    jumps on him, fangs bared.)"
    Thanks again, Leo.
    Give yourself a pat on the back for completing this game, and as 
    always, stay for the credits.
    Cheats - 11.0
    Although not recommended, there are times where cheat codes may help 
    you out. Mostly, you can use them to summon tomes, for discipline 
    learning, or to get experience to make your discipline stronger.
    To activate the console, first, go to the toolbar, click start, 
    programs, and find the one that says "Play Vampire: The Masquerade-
    Redemption (CD 2 required)", right click, click properties, then in 
    target, type spacebar, then type-console. Example: 
    C:\Vampire\Vampire.exe -console
    Make sure you press "Apply". Also, if you have the patch, you will not 
    be able to get this to work.
    Then, just press "~" during gameplay to bring the console up. The keys 
    "[" and "]" can help you cycle through the codes you entered, to save 
    god 1 
    Enables god mode.
    god 0
    Disables god mode.
    cash xxxxx
    Gives you xxxxx much money.
    xp xxxxx
    Gives you xxxxx experience points.
    addthing xxxxx
    Creates xxxxx on the ground.
    freecasting 1
    Can freely cast disciplines. This also affects enemies.
    Disables freecasting.
    freeammo 1
    Ammo not required(useful as the AI has never heard of walls, or think 
    that bullets will shoot through walls).
    Disables it.
    dropcash xxxxx
    Drops money.
    Gives you all disciplines.
    Changes shape. 
    Turns off A.I.
    Open up your vault, where you can store things. 
    Kill person, cannot be Awakened.  
    Opens up advancement screen.  
    Pauses game .
    Resumes game. 
    Useful items that can be summoned. (xxxxx)
    discscroll_xxxxx_1 (where xxxxx is the name of the discipline)
    tomexxxxx (where xxxxx is the name of the type)
    Note: If you wish to have True Faith or Numina, simply summon these 
    before Christof turns into a Vampire and use it on him.
    Funny Things/Information - 12.0
    If you have been getting one hit kills in the Tectonic Knights' Base, a 
    funny thing is after you chop off the knights' they will yell, "Over 
    there!" and walk away, before dying.
    Nep Parth wrote, "A bit of trivia...the Ainkurn Sword is the sister 
    blade to Vlad Dracula's sword." Thanks to Nep, again.
    "The Chorus" wrote, "As opposed to what LeComte says in the Multiplayer 
    miniadventure, the Monacle of Clarity was created by the Tremere to 
    expose Obfuscated spies. Also, it is THE most effective way to disable 
    Obfuscated punks.
    A funny thing in Downtown NY: If walk to the building opposite Emelia 
    Gerard's magic store you'll see some sort of emblem above the door. It 
    will read: "Department of Justicars" and "Federal Bureau of 
    Another thing is that the Tremere says "Nihilistic"." Thank, "The 
    Cao Haketama's Weapons FAQ - 13.0
    And now, the Weapons FAQ by CaoHaketama.
    Note: This Weapons FAQ was not edited by me in any way, shape or form. 
    This was included in my FAQ with permission by CaoHaketama.
    Vampire: The Masquerade-Redemption
    Weapons FAQ
       I. Introduction
       II. Version History
       III. Melee Weapons
       IV. Ranged Weapons
       V. Special/Unique Weapons
       VI. Weapon Shops
       VII. Special Thanks, other Notes of Interest
       VIII. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
      Welcome to my Weapons FAQ for one of my personal favorite PC Games, 
     The Masquerade - Redemption, which was developed by Nihilistic 
    Software, and
     published by Activision.
      The purpose of this FAQ is to provide information about the many, 
     weapons usable in Vampire. This is my first FAQ for any game, and I 
    hope that
     it is used well, so that I can keep on with FAQs for other games.
      First, I'd like to explain how the weapons will be charted. The 
    weapons will
     be listed in alphabetical order, and next to them on a hopefully 
     understandable chart, in the order of Damage, Accuracy, Speed, and 
    Name     |   Damage/Type  |    Accuracy    |    Speed     | Notes
    ----         -----------       --------         -----       -----
    Lance        65 Lethal             0              71         Requires 
    40+ STR
                                                                 2 Handed
    Weapons will be divided by Melee and Ranged weapons, and with 
    subdivisions of
    Modern and Dark Ages(based on primary usage)
    An Explanation of Damage Types
    Bashing- Bashing is usually given from a hand strike or a blunt weapon 
    such as
     a club. These are the weakest attacks in the game and may be soaked 
    easily by
     Vampires and other supernatural creatures, using Stamina.
    Lethal- These are generally inflicted by swords and other sharp melee 
     causing cuts and bleeding. These cannot be soaked by mortals, but can 
     soaked by supernatural creatures.
    Aggravated- Aggravated is the worst kind of damage a creature can take, 
    and it
     almost always signs a mortal's death warrant. There are specific 
     damages, too. They are Fire, Cold, Electric, Faith, and Sunlight.
    Notes on Weapon Properties
    You may notice, during the game, that there are several properties to 
    weapons. Each property, which is part of the name of the item, (RUSTY 
    will change the way each weapon works.
    Rusty weapons reduce the maximum damage by 5
    Fine weapons increase damage by 5
    Exquisite will add 10 damage and 5 accuracy
    Dread will deal extra damage with better accuracy, and possibly put 
    fear into the victims.
    Berserk weapons increase damage and accuracy, but may make the wielder 
    Flaming weapons deal flame damage, though I've yet to see them other 
    than in Multiplayer.
    Poison deal 35 extra points of damage, and overrides the normal damage 
    of a 
    weapon. Example: A dagger generally deals 10 damage, lethal. A poisoned 
    dagger will deal 45 Poison damage.
    Blessed weapons will inflict Holy, Aggravated damage to vampires, and 
    requires the wielder to be human.
        1/20/2003 -- Beginning the FAQ, starting Melee today.
                     Finished melee weapons
        1/21/2003 -- Starting Ranged today.             
                     Finished ranged weapons, may begin Special/Unique, but 
                     likely, I will do that tomorrow.
    III. Melee Weapons
         |Dark Ages|
    Name     |   Damage/Type  |    Accuracy    |    Speed     | Notes
    ----         -----------       --------         -----       -----
    Bastard  |   40 Lethal    |       0        |      83      | Minimum STR 
    Sword    |                |                |              |     2 
    Bastion  |   60 Lethal    |       0        |      71      | Minimum STR 
             |                |                |              |     2 
    Battleaxe|   65 Lethal    |       0        |      71      | Minimum STR 
             |                |                |              |     2 
    Broad-   |   30 Lethal    |       0        |      90      | First Sword
    Sword    |                |                |              |
    Claymore |   45 Lethal    |       0        |      83      | Minimum STR 
    Club     |   20 Bashing   |       10       |      90      | Why Bother?
    Dagger   |   10 Lethal    |       15       |      133     |
    Dagger,  |   20 Lethal    |       0        |      133     |
    Moro     |                |                |              |
    Dirk     |   15 Lethal    |       0        |      133     |
    Falchion |   35 Lethal    |       15       |      99      |
    Flamberge|   40 Lethal    |       10       |      99      | Minimum STR 
    Great-   |   60 Lethal    |       0        |      76      | Minimum STR 
    Sword    |                |                |              |     2 
    Halberd  |   45 Lethal    |       0        |      76      | Minimum STR 
             |                |                |              |     2 
    Hand Axe |   25 Lethal    |       0        |      99      | 
    Lance    |   65 Lethal    |       0        |      71      | Minimum STR 
             |                |                |              |     2 
    Mace     |   30 Bashing   |       0        |      90      |
    Mace,    |   30 Bashing   |       10       |      90      |
    Flanged  |                |                |              |
    Mace,    |   50 Bashing   |       0        |      76      | Minimum STR 
    Spiked   |                |                |              |
    Pitchfork|   20 Lethal    |       0        |      99      | Minimum STR 
             |                |                |              |     2 
    Poignard |   20 Lethal    |       10       |     133      |
    Poleaxe  |   55 Lethal    |       0        |      76      | Minimum STR 
             |                |                |              |     2 
    Quarter- |   35 Bashing   |       0        |      90      | Minimum STR 
    Staff    |                |                |              |     2 
    Rapier   |   25 Lethal    |       25       |      99      |
    Saber    |   25 Lethal    |       25       |      99      |
    Scimitar |   30 Lethal    |       0        |      99      | 
    Scythe   |   25 Lethal    |       0        |      66      |
    Spear    |   30 Lethal    |       0        |      76      | Minimum STR 
             |                |                |              |     2 
    Warhammer|   55 Bashing   |       0        |      76      | Minimum STR 
             |                |                |              |     2 
          |Modern Day|
    Name     |   Damage/Type  |    Accuracy    |    Speed     | Notes
    ----         -----------       --------         -----       -----
    Baseball |    25 Bashing  |       0        |      85      |
    Bat      |                |                |              |
    Brass    |    5 Bashing   |       0        |      99      |
    Knuckles |                |                |              |
    Broken   |    20 Bashing  |       0        |      99      |
    Bottle   |                |                |              |
    Chainsaw |    75 Lethal   |       0        |      49      | Minimum STR 
             |                |                |              |      2 
    Lead Pipe|    10 Bashing  |       0        |      99      |
    Machete  |    20 Lethal   |       0        |      99      |
    Sap      |    10 Bashing  |       0        |      99      |
    Gloves   |                |                |              |
    Taser    |    20 Electric |       0        |      99      |
             |    Aggravated  |                |              |
    IV. Ranged Weapons
         Notes on Ranged Weapon Properties
    Like melee weapons, you may have noticed there are certain name 
    properties to
    Ranged weapons as well. These also effect the damage and accuracy of 
    the weapon
    it is modifying.
    A Sighted weapon will increase the accuracy by 5 points.
    A Modified weapon will increase the damage by 10 points.
         |Dark Ages|
    Name     |   Damage/Type  |    Accuracy    |    Speed     | Notes
    Crossbow |   35 Lethal    |       20       |      75      | 20 Ammo
    Long Bow |   30 Lethal    |       0        |      75      | 20 Ammo
             |                |                |              | Min. 25 
    Short Bow|   30 Lethal    |       0        |      75      | 20 Ammo
             |                |                |              | Min. 25 DEX
         |Modern Day|
    Name     |   Damage/Type  |    Accuracy    |    Speed     | Notes
    Assault  |   45 Bashing   |       15       |      66      | 40 Ammo, 2 
    Rifle    |                |                |              | Minimum STR 
    Chaingun |   30 Bashing   |       0        |      49      | 100 Ammo, 2 
             |                |                |              | Minimum STR 
    DB Pistol|   55 Aggravated|       20       |      75      | 11 Ammo
             |                |                |              | Fire Rounds
    Flame    |   40 Aggravated|       0        |      33      | 20 Ammo, 2 
    Thrower  |       Fire     |                |              | Minimum STR 
    Grenade  |   200 Fire     |       0        |      75      | 20 Ammo, 2 
    Launcher |   Aggravated   |                |              | Minimum STR 
    Inciner- |   30 Aggravated|       0        |      33      | 20 Ammo
    ator     |    Fire        |                |              |
    Pistol   |   55 Bashing   |       20       |      75      | 11 Ammo
    Revolver |   65 Bashing   |       25       |      75      | 6 Ammo
    Rifle    |   60 Bashing   |       30       |      49      | 22 Ammo, 2 
    Rocket   |   250 Fire     |       15       |      75      | 3 Ammo, 2 
    Launcher |   Aggravated   |                |              | Minimum STR 
    Shotgun  |   75 Bashing   |       15       |      75      | 20 Ammo, 2 
    Sub      |   55 Bashing   |       5        |      75      | 32 Ammo
    Machine  |                |                |              |
    Gun      |                |                |              |
    Credits - 14.0
    Nep Parth 
    Keltar King
    Leo Bjergo
    "The Chorus"
    Questions? Comments? Input? Problems? Contact me and I'll try to help.
    E-mail: thousand_sons@hotmail.com
    Final Words - 15.0
    Special thanks goes out to Activision for developing this game, White 
    Wolf for creating the world of Vampire, which has redefined all that is 
    know about the vampires. 
    Thanks to my friend, Brett Harkreader, for giving me this game.
    Thanks to CjayC, for making www.gamefaqs.com a great site.
    Thanks to www.gamefaqs.com.
    Thanks to Nep Parth for the additions, especially the information in 
    the endings.
    Thanks to Keltar King for his additions.
    Thanks to CaoHaketama for the humanities information, especially the 
    Weapons FAQ.
    Thanks to Leo Bjergo for his additions and for pointing out some 
    misspelled words. 
    Thanks to "The Chorus" for his additions, especially the new way to 
    kill Father Leopold. 
    Thanks to deckoy for his magic strategy.
    Thanks to http://dlh.net/ for being the second host for this FAQ.
    Thanks to www.neoseekers.com for another host for this FAQ.
    Thanks to http://www.cheatportal.com for hosting this FAQ.
    Thanks to http://www.911codes.com for hosting this FAQ.
    Thanks to http://www.911cheats.com for hosting this FAQ.
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    Thanks to http://www.actiontrip.com for hosting this FAQ.
    Thanks to http://faqs.IGN.com for hosting this FAQ.
    Thanks to all whom have e-mailed me to inform me of additional things 
    for the FAQ.
    Thanks to you, the reader, for choosing my FAQ, though there are better 
    ones out there. 
    And thanks to all who made this game possible.

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