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"A great game expanded!"

Age of empires 2 the conquerors, the expansion pack for age of empires 2: age of kings. This is a very good expansion and I was surprised on how much extra content ti added, heck it was almost as long as the first game. The one problem I have is that the campaigns in this game are not as good as the campaigns in the first game but I will get more into that later in the game play section. This is still a must have if you own age of empires 2 age of kings, just for the multi player and the Atilia the Hun campaign, which is, in my opinion the best age of empires campaign ever made.

Story: Again the story in this game is just a historical campaign, it is based on real events but if your interested in history this makes it interesting, but if your not it may not be as good as it is to someone like me.

Audio: Once again the voice acting in this game is top notch, I find that the music could be a better if it was a bit less annoying though, this is mainly a problem in multi player games.

Graphics: They are the same as the last game, not much to say here, they still look very detailed and crisp. Nice overall.

Multi player: With 5 new races or civilizations to choose from there is some more depth to multi player, however the Koreans are much like the turks, dumb and over powered, that's my only complaint with balance.

Balance: Again all the civilizations have there merits, except the Koreans are way to powerful, the turks are also powerful but now with 2 power house civilizations it is a bit annoying when a team is stacked.

Game play: The campaigns in this game are a mixed bag. The Hun campaign is very nice and is probably the best campaign in this game and the first game. The Spanish campaign is weird and is really half Spanish, half Sarc. The Aztec campaign was not very enjoyable at all though but the game mechanics are still perfect.

There were also battle's of conquerors which are really just scenario's based on historical events, some of them are fun but some of them are not so fun, overall they are alright though. Still a neat bundle of games

Replayability: Again there are many campaigns and battles of conquerors to keep you busy, then there are custom campaigns and the map editor and also the very nice multiplayer is just amazing, possibly the best online stratagy game ever made

Overall if you have the first game you should not miss out on this, however the campaigns could have been a bit better, and I wish the music in this game was a bit less annoying, it is still alright though.
Overall score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/11/10

Game Release: Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion (US, 08/24/00)

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