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"Could it get any better?I doubt it...."

Age of Empires II:The Conquerer's spans from the fall of Rome,and all throughout the middle ages.

What's New In AOE II:TC

*Civilizations-Aztecs, Huns, Koreans, Mayans, and Spanish.

* Units-Conquistadors, Eagle Warriors, Halberdiers, Hussars, Jaguar Warriors, Missionaries, Petards, Plummed Archers, Tarkans, Turtle Ships, and War Wagons.

*Technologies-Bloodlines,Caravan,Herbal Medecine,Heresy, Parthian Tactics,Theocracy,and Thumb Ring.In addition,each civilization can research a unique technology that improves its unique unit or team bonus.

*Campaigns - Battle as Attila the Hun,El Cid,Montezuma,and other remarkable conquerers.New difficulty settings let anyone play to win.Campaign objectives now include a ''Scouts'' tab that provides reconnaissance information about the map and your enemies.

*New Game Types-King of the Hill, Wonder Race, Defend the Wonder.

*Real World Maps - Based on geographical locations, such as Britain,France,Italy,and of course,Texas.

* More Maps-Arena, Ghost Lake, Mongolia, Nomad, Oasis, Salt Marsh,Scandinavia,Yucatan,and Random Land.

*Winter and Tropical Terrain-On winter maps,walk across ice and leave footprints in the snow.On tropical maps, herd turkeys instead of sheep and fend off jaguars instead of wolves.

*Last Man Standing victory condition-After defeating your enemy,team members turn on each other until one player wins.

*Farms automatically replant-Queue Farms so they automatically replant after all the food has been gathered from them.

*Ship formations-Ships move in formation just like land units.

*Ram Garrisoning-Units can garrison inside Battering, Capped, and Siege Rams for protection and to increase the ram's speed and attack.

*Smart Villagers-Villagers work smarter, build walls more intelligently,and automatically gather resources after constructing a drop-off building.

*Smart Siege Weapons-Mangonels,Onagers,and Siege Onagers don't automatically attack if they would harm friendly units.

*Improved Trading and Tributes-Buy,Sell,and Tribute lots of 500,or tribute everything in your stockpile.

*Improved Chatting-See messages in each player's color.

*Improved Diplomacy UI - See other player's stances toward you.

* Friend or foe colors-Change player colors to see enemies in one color,allies in another.

* Command Allied Computer Players - Use chat commands to order allied computer players to attack,tribute resources and build an economy,military,or a Wonder.

*Return to previous view-Press the BACKSPACE key to return to the previous location on the map. For example, if the screen is centered on your army and you return back to your Town Center to tend your economy,press the BACKSPACE key to return to your army.Press the key multiple times to display the last 10 locations.

*Random teams option-Players who select a question mark (?) as their ''Team'' setting before starting a game are randomly placed on the teams of players who have chosen team numbers.If all players select random teams,two teams are created.

*Improved Game Recording-Record chat text and insert chapter markers so you can easily play back important battles.

*Full-size Map Screenshots-Choose the reduction ratio and create a screenshot of the entire game world.

*Improved map editor-New scenario triggers,including the ability to change unit names and attributes.

*Customizable random maps-Create your own random map scripts that tell the computer what terrain,elevation, and resources to place when creating random maps.To learn how to do this, see the Random Map Script Guide (RMSG.doc) in the Docs folder on The Conquerers Expansion CD.

*There are many,many other changes.Attributes and other various little statistics about a lot of units and buildings have changed.


Play campaign games/scenarios such as Joan Of Arc,Genghis Khan,Saladin,and Frederick Barbarossa.Believe me,these will keep you busy for a long time,I've had this game for about a year now,and i'm still stuck!Therefore,gameplay gets a ten out of ten.


Such stories as the legendary Genghis Khan,and Joan of Arc,you feel as if you are there.I've learned a lot from this game,I've learned about my own culture by playing this game,and you will too!Story,get's a ten.


AWESOME.That's the only way I can describe these graphics,grass is stained after battles,remains of the once falling soldiers cover the battlefield.Awesome.It's a masterpiece.Graphics,deserve a ten.


For some reason,my speakers haven't been working for the past two years,but,my friends tell me that the audio sounds terrific!They also tell me to get new speakers.....

By far,this is the best video game I own,trust me,Microsoft and Ensemble Studios put their time into this one,so hey,give it a try!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/17/01, Updated 12/21/01

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