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"A good Strategy Game"

Hey everyone. This game is a pretty good strategy game, like I said in my title. I love the medieval feel to it, and I like the fact that the missions have a good and true story to them. Here's my review... Oh and just so you know, I'll be comparing it a lot with Starcraft: Brood War...because that is another awesome strategy game.

Graphics - 8/10

The graphics are nothing special, but they are nice enough. This game has a few interesting little things, like footsteps in the snow, decent battle animations, and pretty good fire effects.

Sound - 9/10

The sound is pretty good also. The music is decent, the clashes of battle are very good, and the warnings of battle on a trumpet are good, but can get annoying at times. I do like the arrow's sound effect a lot, however, and the horses' footsteps. (Or ''hoofsteps'' I guess.)

Storyline - 10/10

Well, there are a bunch of separate stories within this game. All of them are very interesting and historically true. I personally like the Montezuma campaign, which deals with the Spaniards invading Central America, the land of the Aztecs. Also, you can read about many, many different things in the History section, which is a good thing to have in it. Very good ''mini-stories'' in this game.

Gameplay - 9/10

The heart of any game. I really like the gameplay a lot. Everything seems perfect about it, save a few minor flaws. I love marching out to battle against your enemies, and seeing the dead people fade into dust. Even mining and gathering other resources is fun. You really get the sense that you are commander or the king of your people. There are about 16 different civilizations, which are all unique. The peasants have different voices according to the rightful language they should have, and the buildings are very diverse from say a British building and a Mongol one. Aslo, each civilization has at least 1 unique unit. They are all useful in their own way. Also, I haven't gone online, but I'm sure that would be very fun too. The reason that this section lost a point is because sometimes your people can get stuck in odd places, and a few other minor flaws which can ruin the otherwise very good gameplay. Also...the other reason this section lost a point is because of the following thing...

Campaign Editor - 8/10

Yes, the campaign editor in Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors is good. No, it is not better than Starcraft: Brood War's campaign editor. It is harder to make an objective actually work in AOE:2. It is harder to change the name and stats of the players also. It limits you a lot more than Starcraft's editor. However, on the plus side of the editor is that you can have say - a desert surrounded by snow... (i.e. much different landscapes on the same map.)

Replay Value - 9.5/10

The replay value is good. Just a tad short of Starcraft. It's fun playing it, so I replay a lot of the levels. Also, a plus up from Starcraft is the random map feature. It's just what it sounds like...random maps. Or you can pick your own, but I don't think they are ever really the same. And you can play online, which I haven't done.

Final Score - 9/10 (I want it to be 9.5, but oh well)

It is almost as good as Starcraft. (IMO of course.) I like the medieval feel, and almost everything else. A good game.

Rent or Buy - Well, you can't rent computer games. I'd say...BUY IT!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/01/03, Updated 01/01/03

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