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"An Awesome Expansion to an Awesome Sequel of an Awesome Game"


This game is one of the best build-an-empire games ever. Some may say it falls short of some other games, and that may be true, but all in all, this game is a pretty good one.

Game Play-10

The game play was very good. All of the units are very realistic, and the buildings are, too. The best available constructing materials are even used as you advance through the ages. In the beginning, the buildings are made of canvas, and then either low class stone or low class shingles, and so on. The controls are like every game in this class, left click on them to select them, right click to move, etc. The game is as hard as you make it, just make bad enemies and put it on easiest mode.


The units are highly realistic, but there is one problem I've had. When you slice at buildings with a sword, they catch on fire. When they are fire, they can stay on fire for four hours and no damage will be done. Other then that, the graphics are top-notch.


The music is very original, but I haven't heard it in years because I turned it off once and now can't get it back on. That should be a glitch in the game play section. I went to every options menu, but it WON'T COME BACK ON!!!! Anyway, the voices of the units match up to there native language, and I think they translate right. The Spanish say "Si?" when you click on them, and the Briton villagers say "Chopper" when you tell them to cut wood.


The story in the campaigns are accurate, I think. There is stuff like The Battle of Hastings, Attila the Hun , Montezuma, etc. From what I know its accurate, but I'm not 100% sure.

Play Time-???

There is no end to this game, but to complete the campaigns it should take quite of bit of time.

Replay Ability-???

The campaigns are OK once you play them again, but the main game doesn't end.

Buy or Rent: Buy

For the price you could get it for, I say its definitely worth it. If you already have the Age of Kings, this expansion is a must have.

Overall: 9

This game deserves a nine because it has a lot of strong points and some, OK points. They all come around to about 9.5, but I can't use fractions, and it doesn't deserve a ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/27/04

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