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"I'm not playing this game I'm helping my empire"

Introduction: I never played a PC game in my entire life, but my uncle recommend me to play this game and he said it was amazing. Usually I hate PC games but this one surprised me alot! After playing it for 2 hours, I can say you should play it!

Graphics 8/10: The graphics are very well done for the PC, it holds very beautiful backgrounds including the villagers, the trees and everything else. The oceans are very well drawn and very well colored. The buildings are pretty good along with the land.The mouse that lets you control everything is very well designed and I have no regrets with the graphics. Score 8/10.

Game play 10/10: The point of a game is to like it, this game is so much fun that you won't stop playing it for hours and hours. When you start playing, you're in a small village and furthermore, you construct different buildings and advances to different ages, you can have different units and battalions. Age of empires is a game of combat (war and battles) and empire building, you can control 13 civilizations each different and uniques, they have their weaknesses and their powers. In this game you can play for fun or you can do campaigns to practice. This is truly amazing. You can construct Castles or even gates so that you have a powerful empire! Score 10/10.

Sound 7/10: This game holds good music but it depends on what location you're playing, sometimes it's very good, others very bad but in general it's okay. Most of the music is from medieval times, so you will expect those sounds very often. Score 7/10.

Challenge 9/10: The challenge depends on what you're putting it. If you put it on easy it's gonna be very easy,if you put it on hard it gets extremely hard, so be careful. Score 9/10.

Replayability 10/10: This game will keep you up for like a year if you like it, it has so many great things to do, like those campaigns, there are so many that you will like them. If you beat all the missions then the game grants you to play for fun on a random map game, if you get bored by playing all of them again and again, then you can play online at MSN with other humans players. Very well done. Score 10/10.

The videos 10/10: The videos are very well done with the voice acting, it's very good and shiny. The buildings are very beautiful along with the weapons. The trees are extremely good, with the towers. Score 10/10.

Overall 10/10: This game is so much fun that it should be Illegal to play, seriously very good. Even if it has some very few flaws it's a solid amazing game for the PC. After all, it's the game of the year. So if you have a PC go buy it now at your store cuz it's one hell of an game! You can find it at stores for like 20 or 30$. Well worth buying, so what are you waiting for? Put your coat and run to get it! Score 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/31/05

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