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"Red Alert 2 with a new bunch of features + 1000 years later"


Perimeter - Real Time Strategy Reborn, it's almost true! This game is just great. Let me explain why :

Gameplay 9.5/10

In Perimeter you have to build up a base, I can hear you say NOOOO not another game like Red Alert 2, Generals and so on, but you're wrong. This game gives RTS a whole new turn, you have 2 different kind of enemies, the scurch and other commanders. The land isn't always good to build on so you need little truckers to dig sand and create a good place to build your base on. You always start with the (main)frame a pyramid with a city in it. You'll need to build power generators to get energy for other buildings and creating you high tech robots. These robots can transform into better robots if you have enough of them, like 10 normal robot troopers can change in 4 rocket troopers, who can change on their turn to airplanes. When you're attacked you can activate the "Perimeter" a shield which can't be broken, but you can't use it all the time because it drains an awful amount of energy.

Story 8/10

There isn't much story but here's the deal, in the beginning there were some worlds that were connected and in a few years there were new words and more, more, more, until everything became a mess, creatures are trying to destroy everything on all worlds, people want power and so on, you have to stop them of course. Work your way through a lot of missions and after that you can always try on a higher difficulty or play multi player online. Hopefully there will be a map creator like the ones for RA2 so you can build your own maps. One last thing I want to say about the mission, every mission will take like at least 30 minutes because most of the time you'll need to escape with an Alpha or Omega Portal.

Graphics & Sound 10/10

Everything is very detailed, you can zoom in and zoom out, turn your screen and stuff, you can see the robots move, the truckers dig for sand and other minor things. The sound isn't as good as the graphics but is still nice to hear.
Too bad all this needs 3.5GB on your hard disk and has a high system requirements.

Play Time / Replay Value

There are a lot of missions plus all missions take like 1 hour to complete them, no wonder some say to complete the game you'll need over 50 hours. There's a multi player, too bad you need gamespy to set up a server. Hopefully you can download new missions and map(s) (creator) in the future.

Overall 10/10

This is the best RTS game of the moment, great gameplay combined with fantastic graphics. C&C Generals? yes, it's good but this is one step higher on the ladder.

Rent or Buy? Buy if you have 3.5 GB HD space and a good computer.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/25/04

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