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    FAQ/Walkthrough by cnick

    Version: 0.98 | Updated: 02/03/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal FAQ  v0.98
    Morrowind Expansion Pack for the PC
    Last Updated: February 4th, 2005
    Newest versions of this guide can be found ONLY at: www.gamefaqs.com
                            Copyright 2003-2005 cnick.
                               "We are as goddddds!"
    As of V0.98, I'm no longer taking any more e-mails for this FAQ. While
    it's mostly complete, I imagine there are unseen corrections to be made.
    However, any corrections that need to be made are immaterial by now, and
    I'm no longer interested in making them. Besides, how am I supposed to 
    find the time to update this guide when I'm drooling over screenshots of
    ESIV: Oblivion?
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    *                   t a b l e   o f   c o n t e n t s                   *
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                         1. Introduction
                            - author's note
                            - updates
                         2. Assumptions
                         3. Getting to Mournhold
                            - the dark brotherhood
                            - what to do now?
                         4. Main Quests
                            - destroying the goblin army
                            - cleansing the shrine of the dead
                            - barilzar's mazed band
                            - attack on mournhold
                            - uncover assassination plot
                            - so, you want me to fight the deaf guy?
                            - one, final quest
                            - ending the end of times
                            - f33r my 1337 skillz, mournhold!
                            - salas valor's last stand
                            - forging nerevar's blade
                            - i will walk through the fire!
                            - final dungeon, part i
                            - final dungeon, part ii
                            - the end of our journey
                         5. Tienius Delitian's Quests
                            - a source of rumors
                            - temple informant
                            - disloyalty among the guards
                            - conspiracy against the King
                            - anonymous writer
                            - meeting lady barenziah
                         6. Miscellaneous Quests
                            - the black dart gang
                            - blind date
                            - the bouncer
                            - champion of clutter
                            - dirty business
                            - the droth dagger
                            - fargoth, part ii
                            - he may be dumb, but at least he's not naked
                            - hot pockets
                            - how to get custom armor
                            - mercenary for hire
                            - the museum of artifacts
                            - mournhold's battle bots
                            - no beer makes golena go something, something
                            - robe of the lich
                            - ten-tongues' secret supplier
                            - to be or not to be
                            - the unfaithful husband
                            - when psycho wizards attack
                         7. Fog Fix
                         8. Closing
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                                 1. Introduction 
     -- Author's Note -------------------------------------------------------
     Welcome to my ESIII: Tribunal FAQ. Before I begin, I'd like to say a few
     words about the game in general.
     First, and foremost, I'm assuming that if you need this guide, you've
     played through main game (aka Morrowind). Although Tribunal does not
     require the player to meet any special requirements in Morrowond to reach
     Mournhold, you need to be familiar with the game's mechanics. I would
     never recommend anyone going through Tribunal without putting some hours
     into Morrowind; the creatures in Mournhold are tough.
     Ironically, you can accomplish most of Tribunal at an early level. I'm 
     not saying a Level 1 Mage could work his way through the game, but you 
     certainly do not have to be deep into Morrowind to play with Tribunal.
     However, the weaker the character, the more time you may need to get 
     through all the quests. If you're tired with your current Morrowind 
     character, go ahead and create a new one, and start off straight into
     Tribunal. The game is easy enough as it is, why not make it a bit more
     difficult. Plus, making new characters is fun ;)
     Morrowind and its expansions are hard games to write quests for, as they 
     about as non-linear as games come. In reality, I can't really lead you 
     along the entire game. This guide requires that you have the knowledge 
     to know where people are, and where to look for items/people/etc.
     -- Updates -------------------------------------------------------------
     Version 0.98 (February 4, 2005)
     - Various Corrections.
     Version 0.4  (June 15, 2004)
     - Added Dome of Serlyn fog fix.
     Version 0.3  (September 10, 2003)
     - Black Dart Gang quest finally added.
     - Updated Museum of Artifact list.
     - Finished Andoren quest (cheating husband).
     Version 0.2  (August 13, 2003)
     - Ashstorms puzzle done.
     - Strategy for Imperfect done.
     - Couple more rewards added in romance quest.
     - Updated Museum of Artifact list.
     Version 0.1  (August 6, 2003)
     - Initial version.
     Version 0.0 (July 14th, 2003)
                                  2. Assumptions
     There are a couple of assumptions this FAQ makes.
       * Your level can vary all you want. In my humble opinion, you want to 
       be somewhere around Level 25 when you approach the final quests.
       You can enter Mournhold at Level 1 if you want, but it's unlikely that
       you can get past the first main quest until you reach level 10 
       (depending on your character class).
       * Speaking of character class, you'll have the easiest time if you're
       combat-oriented. Duh. The game is unfortunately unbalanced in its
       fighting system, and you do indeed speak loudly if you hold a big 
       stick. The closer you are to the magic classes, the more you're in
       trouble. Trouble as in, I have no idea how you could use a pure-magic
       class and go through Tribunal unless you're fairly high leveled.
       * You have a levitate spell (or many, many potions available). 
       Although you can't levitate in Mournhold (or the last dungeon), the
       number of times I used levitate put me in shock. It's a great spell
       that helps you in combat, as well as finding nice treasure. I may have
       to go through Tribunal again to confirm this thought, but I'm damn near
       close to saying this is an absolute spell; without it, Tribunal may be 
       near impossible to get through (especially if you aren't a warrior-type
       character). Simply use levitate, float up out of reach of your melee 
       attackers, and fire magic or arrows until they're dead. Cheap? Yes. 
       Effective? You betcha.
       * Mark and Recall are your friends. Use them always. Just like 
       Morrowind, you'll be constantly returning back to your quest-giver.
       This speeds up mundane chores, such as walking.
       * The key to leveling is to gain three x5 multipliers per level.
       This means you can get your attributes near 100, and make you super 
       powerful early on. To get a multiplier on an attribute during the
       level up process,  you need to increase the attribute a certain amount
       of skill points.
             1-4 skill points = x2 
             5-7 skill points = x3 
             8-9 skill points = x4 
             10 skill points  = x5  
       So, you want to increase an attribute (Intelligence, Strength) 10 
       times through a number of different skills. For example, raising
       security 5 points, and enchant 5 points equal 10 total skill point
       increase for intelligence. At the next level, you'll have a x5 
       multiplier for Intelligence. Easy, right? The burden on doing this is
       that you only have 10 skill points to raise on major/minor skills 
       before you gain a level. The key is to create a character that has
       doesn't have too many skills in a certain attribute as a major/minor
       skill. That way, you can raise a non-major/minor skill 10 times, get
       the x5 multiplier, but not gain a level. 
       * Continuing with leveling up, check out Wes Ide's Skill Level-Up Tips
       at GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/game/3365.html>.
       It's obviously not for Tribunal, but the guide has some helpful tips
       to speed up the leveling process.
                             3. Getting to Mournhold
     Quests are listed by the order in which you are given. Since Morrowind 
     basically has a infinite amount of different classes in the game, I
     won't be able to give exact strategies for your class. If you're having
     problems through Tribunal, I suggest going back to Morrowind and doing
     the Guild or House quests. Or for that matter, the main quest. 
    - The Dark Brotherhood -
     -- Assassination -------------------------------------------------------
     Before you can do the available quests in Tribunal, you need to first
     get to Mournhold.
     Once Tribunal is installed, load up whatever character you want to use,
     and start sleeping. It doesn't matter where, but I recommend some place
     outside, so you have room to move around. I did 12 hours each time I was
     getting a character to Mournhold, as an assasin randomly attacks while 
     you are asleep.  Eventually, you'll hear a loud noise, and an assassin 
     will come out of nowhere to kill you. And since we're here, these
     assassins must really suck. They make loud "noises" when they're sneaking
     up on someone? 
     If you're at a low-level, you may have some trouble with him. However, I
     finished him off with my level 1 Mage with no problem, so he isn't that 
     tough. He was able to kill me two times previously, but that was because
     I was sleeping in an enclosed environment. That limits your ability to
     run away from him, and to get a good attack front. The morale of the
     story: stay in open areas in the wilderness, and you'll be okay. If you
     are using a character that has journeyed throughout Morrowind, this 
     fight should be no contest. Be careful: if you do face off with an 
     assassin inside a building. The people inside won't do anything, and you
     may hit them in the conflict. I've done this a couple of times.
     If you mess up (i.e. die), just keep sleeping until you face another
     one. In all, you can fight assassins 10 different times for a total
     of 14 adversaries (GameFAQs Messageboard), depending on your level. The
     paragraph below explains how to continue towards getting to Mournhold.
     Once you do this, you will stop fighting the assassins. If you want to
     fight them for their loot, then do not go to Ebonheart, do not talk to 
     an Imperial Guard, and do not pass go.
     After you successfully destroy your opponent, head towards a town with
     a general guard (doesn't matter if guard is Imperial or not), and talk 
     with him about your attackers. It appears the assassin was from a group 
     called the Dark Brotherhood. He insists that you should probably find 
     some help, as the Dark Brotherhood are the bad asses of the 
     assassinations. The guard says that Apelles Matius has just arrived
     from the mainland in Ebonheart. Perhaps he can help us.
     -- Leaving Vvardenfell -------------------------------------------------
     Once you've arrived in Ebonheart, go into the main fort area to some
     stairs leading to the bridge to the Grand Counsel Chamber. You'll find
     him as long as you don't enter inside any building. He's outside, 
     roaming the grounds, as the Imperial Guards tell you. He's wearing
     adamantium armor, so he's easy to pick out.
     Talk with him about the Dark Brotherhood, and he says you should go
     to Mournhold, so you can find out why the 'hood is after you. There is
     a problem, however. Because of the blight, ships from Vvardenfell are
     turned around when they approach the capital city. Apelles says that
     a mage who also just recently arrived at Ebonheart can help you. 
     From the stairs where Apelles is, go across the bridge into the Grand
     Counsel Chambers. Turn right, and talk with Asciene Rane, the mage in
     the red robe.
     Talk to her about leaving Vvardenfell, and she will automatically warp
     you to the Royal Palace in Mournhold. The Khajiit named Effe-Tei can
     teleport you back to Ebonheart, if you want (he should be right in
     front of you).
     Welcome to Mournhold. 
     -- Laying the Smackdownth on the Dark Brotherhood ----------------------
     Or something like that. 
     And I'll come right out and say it: the Royal Palace Guards' armor 
     fricking rock. Me wants.
     Once you are in Mournhold, immediately talk with a Royal Guard and ask
     him about the Dark Brotherhood. Depending on your race and personality
     stat, you may need to bribe the sucker so that he tells you about the
     Dark Brotherhood. I had to bribe him 100 Gold to raise his deposition
     over 50. That was enough for him to say that the Dark Brotherhood hang
     out at the Great Bazaar.
     That helps a lot, but now we are stuck in a large, unfamiliar city.
     There are numerous possible ways to reach the Great Bazaar from where 
     you're standing (Reception Area of the Royal Palace). If this is your
     first time in Mournhold, it may be worth it to simply have a look around
     the whole town, to get used to where things are. Fortunately, while
     the city is large, you can't leave. It should only take 10 minutes
     to get a good feeling of where things are. Whether or not you decide
     to do this, we need to find the Dark Brotherhood, and talk some sense
     into these guys. Why? While the assassin group may seem like the major
     threat in the game, they aren't. Someone put the contract out to kill
     you, and the boss will likely know who did it.
     From the reception area where you teleported in, turn around and you'll
     exit into the Courtyard. Exit south towards the Plaza Brindisi Dorom
     (and for the rest of the guide, I'll simply refer this section of town
     as the Plaza), then head east towards the gate leading to the Great
     From the entrance, move further down the wall southeast, and enter
     the sewers below Mournhold. From your starting point, turn left and
     move along the straight-forward passage. You'll run past a 
     fork-in-the-road, where one path leads into some water. A skeleton
     guards this; kill him off if you want to, but don't follow this path.
     Once you get towards the "sewer" section of the sewers, follow along,
     skipping any doors you run into.
     When you run into the door leading to the Manor District, you found
     the right place. Remember, if you used any doors, or entered in any
     large caverns, you went the wrong way. And oh yeah, welcome to the Dark
     Brotherhood's secret, evil lair. Caution: Multiple ass-kickings in their
     Since each character is different, it's hard to make any kind of 
     strategy for this raid against their hideout. Luckily, you'll find out
     if your character is man enough to accomplish the next feat by the time
     you face the first assassin you meet. Lightning magic pwns, fire sucks, 
     and I never had a chance to use frost magic. Each assasin has a magical
     poison shortsword, which does more damage than I'd like. But if you're
     going toe-to-toe with them, I assume you got some meat on you.
     The following next minutes involve you killing off 20+ assassins. When
     you reach a large cavern, with two ruined buildings, you've killed most
     of them. Remember to grab their gear; it's worth a lot of money.
     In the cavern, go up to the building on the floor above you (Moril Manor
     Northern Building), and clear out any scum. Skip opening the Iron Door
     (the door that doesn't have you load), as the head hauncho of the gang
     resides in there. Let's wait until he's all that's left. And note:
     the assassins outside respawn. Be careful when leaving this building,
     as you could get ambushed real fast by them.
     When you're at full health, and ready for a fight, open up the doors,
     and the Dark Brotherhood leader will come out (possibly with a rat 
     companion), ready to take you out. He uses a bound longbow, which can be
     deadly to any magic-based character who never bothered to use armor. 
     Lightning-based magic works, but he's resistant to most magic. Just 
     pound on him 'till he goes. That always works ;) When he's dead, grab 
     the contract off his body. Read it if you want; it's fairly easy to tell
     who put the contract on you (*cough*Helseth*cough*).
     Leave the sewers, and head back to the Royal Palace.
    - What to do now? -
     The contract you've managed to take from the Dark Brotherhood makes it
     quite obvious the reason for these attacks: the new King, Helseth.
     If you talk to people around the city, they'll suggest you see Tienius
     Delitian or Fedris Hler. I prefer to see Delitian first, and go through
     his quests. You get a great sword for a reward, so it's worth it to
     go through them (you don't have to, however).
     When you talk with Delitian, he casually passes your attempted 
     assassination as a "mistake." It just seems the paranoid Helseth wants
     to take out any competition he may have. No hard feelings, right? Alas, 
     there's nothing we can do to Helseth, at the moment. He takes the time
     to ask if you're willing to do some duties, so that you may earn 
     the King's trust.
     After this, you're free to do whatever you want to do. Whether or not
     you decide to do Delitian's quests, talk with Fedris Hler to continue
     with the main story. Or you can do a couple of miscellaneous quests.
     They're all fairly short, and you get some decent items out of them.
     Check the respective section in this guide to learn more about these 
     From here on, I'll continue with the main quest. However, Use the search
     function described in the beginning of this document to find the 
     sections dealing with Delitian's quests, or any miscellaneous quest.
                                 4. Main Quests
     Once you're done removing the Dark Brotherhood threat, enter the
     Tribunal Temple in the northern section of Mournhold. Talk with Fedris
     Hler, the dark elf wearing a brown robe in the reception area.
    - Destroying the Goblin Army -
     Fedris Hler gives your first quest in the main part of Tribunal. Choose
     matters to discuss, and Hler goes into detail about King Helseth raises
     an army of goblins beneath Mournhold. This allows Helseth some 
     protection against likely Temple attacks.
     Hler asks that you take out two goblin warchiefs, and two atmer 
     trainers, who are helping to train the army.
     This is a long quest, and a good test on whether or not your character
     is capable of going through the rest of Tribunal. Stock up on lots of
     health and magicka potions, as you're going to need it.
     Enter the Residential Sewers via Godsreach (northwest corner), then
     go east, south, east, then south again to a ladder leading to the
     West Sewers. Once up there, go east through a very straight-forward
     path until you reach a door to the Battlefield (there is a second 
     doorway that leads you to the Palace Sewers; skip that). Along the
     way, you'll fight what seems like a legion of goblin fighters. If 
     you're having trouble now, I recommend heading back to the mainland
     and leveling up. It gets much harder.
     Once you're in the Battlefield, you'll reach a huge cavern. If you
     can open level 100 locks, use the door to the east (City Gate). If
     you can't, use a levitate spell/potion to reach the highest point on
     the northern wall. There is a door that leads to the Abandoned 
     Passageway. Both ways will lead to the same area, but lets take the
     City Gate path.
     Go through the city gate, then unlock the level 100 door to reach the
     Residential Ruins. At the fork, the northern door leads to the Tears
     of Amun-Shae, where the two warchiefs are. Further down leads to Teran
     Hall, where the two atmer trainers are.
     Enter the Tears room, and take out the warchiefs in the caves to your
     west and east. They're both fairly close to the entrance, and you won't
     have to worry about other enemies dropping in. When the two are dead,
     you'll receive a journal entry update. Leave the Tears of Amun-Shae,
     back to the Residential Ruins. Follow the unknown path to Teran Hall.
     The enemies you killed here previously may have respawned, so make sure
     you're ready to fight when you first re-enter the ruins.
     Make your way through Teran Hall, and you'll come up to the two Atmer
     trainers (one decked out in full orc armor; both have ebony weapons!).
     Finish off the trainers, and grab their weapons (Ebony longsword and
     war axe; 25000 gold!) then return back to Hler. Use an Almsivi 
     Intervention spell/scroll to return quickly. You may want to go back
     to do some quest work (Thrud miscellaneous quest, Delitian quest
     Talk with Hler, and you will reward you with a rather large sum of 
     gold (15000). 
    - Cleansing the Shrine of the Dead -
     When you talk with Hler again for some more services for the Lady, he'll
     say you should tak with Gavas Drin, Archcanon of the Temple for a quest.
     From the reception area, enter the west door to his offices, then left
     at the fork, then left into the first door you run into. 
     Talk with Gavas, and you'll order that you escort Urvel Dulni to the
     Shrine of the Dead, so that he can cleanse it of the undead building
     up there. Yes. Another escorting quest. The best course of action for
     this one, however, is to first clear out the path to the Shrine of the
     Dead, then return and bring Urvel with you. Why? The enemies to the
     Shrine are fairly easy, but the Profane Acolytes that guard the inner
     sections are tough mothers. It may not be the best idea to have Urvel
     wander around as you fight these suckers. Make sure you don't talk to
     him, if you plan on going in first. I think talking with him immediately
     activate him to follow you.
     Enter the Temple Sewers from the basement. To reach the basement, go
     to the Halls of Ministry via Drin's offices, then go down to the 
     Once in the sewers, go west, north, east, then north into a large open
     area. Remember this area, as I'll refer to it more often (as we pass 
     through it a bunch). Head east from here, to Temple Sewers East. When
     you go through the door, you'll immediately be attacked by a Black
     Dart Gang member. He isn't too tough, but those darts can be deadly. And
     if you're at all interested in taking out these guys, refer to the
     miscellaneous quest that deals with them.
     Continue east until you reach the Temple Gardens. Here, you'll face a 
     bunch of regular ol' skeletons. Again, nothing too hard, as long as you
     don't fool around with them. Continue moving along until you reach a
     fork. The door ahead of you takes you to the Temple Shrine. The path
     to your right takes you to Gedna Relvel's Tomb, which leads to the
     Robe of the Lich quest. I recommend entered the tomb, and move forward
     a bit until you receive a message about a smell. This triggers the 
     quest. Refer to the Robe of the Lich quest in MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS.
     Inside the Shrine, you'll come up to your first Profane Acolyte. He'll
     immediately summon a bonewalker, then use his powerful magic against
     you. As with any summoner, just concentrate on the Acolyte. With him
     dead, open up the Old Metal Door, with four more Acolytes. Fortunately,
     you can face each one by themself. Simply throw a spell or an arrow/dart
     at one to get his attention, then go back into the first large area.
     Take him out, then get another one. Rinse and Repeat.
     When all four Acolytes are dead, return to the Temple to get Urvel
     Dulni. Return back to the Shrine of the Dead, and lead him to the altar
     where you killed off the four Acolytes. When he "cleanses" the area,
     return back to Drin to complete the quest. Your reward: Blessed Spear.
     When asked about more quests, Drin will say to talk to Hler.
    - Barilzar's Mazed Band -
     Talk with Fedris Hler about services to our Lady Almalexia. Apparently,
     our lady friend wants to get ahold of Barilzar's Mazed Band, although
     Hler (or for that matter, Drin) have no idea why she would want this.
     He mentions that to get the band, you'll have to go through the
     Abandoned Crypt, which was previously blocked off by rocks. It seems
     that Almalexia has removed the rocks, and given us entry. Excellent.
     Bid farewell to Hler, and return back to the Temple Sewers. At the
     large open-space area, take the western route towards the Abandoned
     Crypt. Despite it's spooky name, there isn't much to be scared of in the
     crypt. You'll face off with three Lichs (similiar to the Profane 
     Acolytes of the last quest). Eventually, you'll run into Barilzar 
     himself, who is a bit pissed off that you've disturbed whatever the hell
     he was doing by himself.
     Kill him as usual. Careful now; he does hold a large stick (aka Daedric
     fricking Claymore!). Once Barilzar is removed, take the band from his
     cold, dead body and return back to Hler. Short quest, ay? Hler says
     Drin wants to see you, so head over to his office and talk with him.
     He mentions that Almalexia wants to see you herself, so enter the
     High Chapel (enter from any area in the Temple), and speak with the
     For your reward, she gives you Almalexia's Light. It restores 25 points
     to all your attributes. Not bad.
    - Attack on Mournhold -
     When you talk with either Almalexia, Drin, or Hler, each will give their
     own personalized response on how they have nothing for you to do. Yay.
     If there are any miscellaneous quests you like to do, go ahead and do
     that. I'm not sure what exactly activates the next "main" quest, but
     I believe you want to rest (or do something) for roughly 12 hours. At
     that point, anyone you talk to will say something about creatures
     coming from the statue in Plaza Brindisi Dorom. Since no one will talk
     to you (everyone says you should go to the Plaza, with no ability to
     talk about anything else). Head to the Plaza.
     When you arrive, you'll see a bunch of weird looking creatures coming
     from the statue in the center of the plaza. You can let the High
     Ordinators and Royal Guard kill off the creatures, or you can help them
     out. And no, none of the guards will die; once again, no cool looking
     Royal Guard armor for us ;). When all the creatures are dead, report
     back to either Tienius Delitian or Fedris Hler. It makes no difference
     (although if you talk to both, they'll let you know about it).
     Both give you the same quest: Go inside the Dwemer ruin through the
     opening at Memorial Statue, to Bamz-Amschend. Go inside, and make your
     way through a short cave, until you approach a large opening (Heartfire
     Hall). When you receive a journal entry update after seeing the new
     creatures and the Dwemer fighters' battle return back to Delitian
     (you can also go back to Hler, but talk to Delitian gains access to
     a couple more quests from the King himself).
     When you return to Delitian, he tells you that the King himself 
     requests an audience with you (who happens to be right in front of the
    - Uncover Assassination Plot -
     Ah, another assassination plot against the King. For those who already
     have gone through Tienius Delitian's quests, we've already stopped one
     of these. However, this one's a bit cooler in my opinion.
     Helseth reports to you that an orc in the Winged Guar has information
     about the newest plot. Using the secret term "uncle's farm" the orc
     should give you the latest information. Leave the King's presence,
     and head into the Winged Guar, then down into the basement where the
     bar is. Since there is only one orc inside, it's obvious that 
     Bakh gor-Sham is the orc to talk to. You may need to bump your 
     disposition up, as he won't reply to the code word if its less than
     When you mention "uncle's farm," Bakh will tell you the plot is actually
     against the King's mother, Barenziah. Well... that's strange. Who
     could possibly be behind this.
     Return back to the King, and tell him of this news. He orders that you
     will be the one to stop the attack, but hiding in the antechamber 
     outside Barenziah's chambers. Go to her room (take door to Imperial
     Cult Services behind throne, then move straight), and close the two
     doors (one to her chambers, one to the antechamber). Then, go behind
     the screen, right against where the screen and the wall meet. When
     you're there, rest for 12 hours. When you wake up, you will receive
     a journal entry update, saying you're in the right place. The assassins
     may or may not be attacking now. If they aren't, sleep some more. They
     will show up eventually.
     When the three Dark Brotherhood assassins come in, take'em out. We've
     faced them before; they're nothing special. Take their expensive
     equipment from their bodies, and return to the King. He will reward
     you with Helseth's Collar, and mentions that there may be more work
     you can do for him.
    - So, you want me to fight the deaf guy? -
     Talk with Helseth again. I don't know what his deal is with putting your
     life in absolute danger, but he wants you to fight his uber-badass
     bodyguard Karrod. Yay. Sleep 24 hours, and talk with the King again.
     Mention you're ready to fight, and the King and the rest of the Royal
     Guard will walk to the edges of the room, leaving Karrod and you.
     Eventually, Karrod will take out his weapon and attack you. There's not
     much I can say to help you out here, other than heal when you need to,
     and be patient with your attacks. There's no reason to get your butt
     kicked here. I managed to have my low level Mage run around the throne
     room for about five minutes, throwing spells that did maybe 1/20 of
     his life and finally take down Karrod. Despite his reputation, he 
     doesn't hurt too bad.
     When you get Karrod's life down fast, the match will end, and the King
     will reward you with the Dagger of Symmachus (worth 10,000 gold at the
    - One, Final Quest -
     After you've successfully beaten Karrod (hopefully), talk with the King
     one last time. His last quest requires you to continue through the
     game. He suspects that Almalexia had something to do with the attack on
     Mournhold, and he wants you to get "close" to her. Besides, the only
     person the King thinks who could've created the creatures is either
     Almalexia herself, or her old friend Sotha Sil. Almalexia is likely to
     be the only person with information on him, so he requests that you do
     work for her.
     And if you speak with the King before you finish the game's main quest,
     he comes most angry.
     Head to the Temple, and talk with Almalexia to continue the game.
     Remember to talk with Helseth once you've finished the main quest, as
     this is a REAL quest.
    - Ending the End of Times -
     First order of business from Almalexia is to discover what the End of
     Times cult is up to. Almalexia tells you that seven members of the cult
     have been found dead in their homes; poisoned. She wants to know what
     these people's beliefs are, so she suggests talking to a few people.
     Meralyn Othan on the western part of the Great Bazaar had a brother
     (Sevil) who was in the cult, and was one of the seven to be found dead.
     Almalexia believes she may know more about the cult. Secondly, we must
     seek out Eno Romari, the head of the cult itself.
     Let's first talk with Meralyn, who is in the Great Bazaar. Talk to her
     about the End of Times, and her brother, and she'll explain that the
     cult believes the Tribunal is losing its powers, and that members are
     killing themselves in some sort of cleansing. Dastardly. Now, let's move
     onto the Eno himself. We don't know where he is specially, so talk with
     people about him. But since this is a guide, I'll simply tell you
     where he is: right outside the Winged Guar, wearing a white robe. Very
     easy to spot.
     Talk with him about his beliefs, and the topics that are created from
     that. When you talk about the cleansing, that's the information you
     need for Almalexia (you should receive a journal update for two from
     this discussion). Return to Almalexia, and talk to her about the
     End of Times. 
     She's pissed off that there are people in Mournhold who believe that 
     she is losing her powers, but thanks you for your service. While you
     don't have to kill Eno, she does say she'll take "care" of him. Sweet.
    - F33r my 1337 skillz, Mournhold! -
     Still pissed off, Almalexia wants to revive the power of 
     Karstangz-Beharn. This Dwemer machine in Bamz-Amschend is the power to
     affect the weather of Mournhold. Almalexia is not too happy, and she
     wants to create Ashstorms in Mournhold, and make her people pay for
     their ignorance... or something.
     When talking with her, make sure you ask about "Ashstorms in Mournhold!"
     When you bring this up, she gives you a Powered Dwemer Coherer. This
     is absolutely necessary to complete this quest. If you don't get this,
     you'll have to completely go through the ruins again, as the enemies
     will revive. And they're tough as rock.
     Enter Bamz-Amshcheud, and enter Heartfire Hall (where you saw the big
     battle earlier). There may be a couple guys still standing, so take
     care of them (ideally from up on top, so that you can pick each one
     From the bottom of Heartfire Hall, enter the Passage of Whispers. Enter
     the Hall of Wails if you want to get the items to complete the clutter
     quest in the MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS section. Since you're here, you
     mind as well do it, no? Go back to the Passage of Whisper, through
     a Heavy Dwemer Door down to Radac's Forge. Go through one of the doors
     that has a level 100 door. One of the chests should contain two Dwemer
     Satchel Packs. You absolutely need two of these, so make sure you get
     When you have two Satchel Patches, continue through Radac's Forge until
     you come to some collapsed rocks. Hit spacebar on the rocks when its
     icon comes up, and the game will ask if you want to use one of the
     Satchel Packs to blow open a hole. Say yes, and run your ass back.
     After the explosion, go back to the rocks, and crawl through them to
     the Passage of the Walker. The rest of the journey is fairly linear,
     as you go through King's Walk up to Skybreak Gallery.
     Once in Skybreak Gallery, take out the couple Dwemer enemies on the
     outside rim. Once they're done, head towards the center. On the north
     facing side of the center, press spacebar on the Dwemer Junction Box.
     Press yes, and you put the Powered Dwemer Coherer inside, powering up
     Karstangz-Beharn. Turn around, and look at the three levers.
     The left and center levers move the pictures, and the right lever stops
     the pictures. You want to stop the pictures so that you see one with the
     volcano, spewing ash all around. The left lever moves to the right, the 
     center moves to the left. My best advice is to lower the right lever, 
     and then move the left lever until you scroll through to the volcano.
     I think that works ;).
     Once you have the weather set on ashstorms, return to Almalexia. She's
     most pleased with your work, despite the fact that she's caused
     countless slowdowns on people's computers. Message to Bethesda: WE
    - Salas Valor's Last Stand -
     I like this quest. Not only does Almalexia give us permission to kill
     one of her Hands (the elite of Ordinators), but we also get to keep all
     the cool looking armor they use.
     Back to the quest. It appears Salas Valor has gone nuts, and abandoned
     his post as a Hand of Almalexia. But instead of retiring quietly, he
     decided to bitch about his previous employer. Although hesitant to
     give you the order, Almalexia assures you that this is the only option
     Almalexia tells you to ask people where he is, but I'll save you the
     time and just say go to Godsreach. Look around the Winged Guar, and you
     should spot Valor fairly easy by his magically enchanted High Ordinator
     gear. Talk with him, and he'll immediately attack you.
     Valor is tough, but nothing entirely special. He does have a high
     reflect magic chance, so be careful you don't kill yourself if you use
     magic. His ebony longbade rocks, but its charges don't last too long.
     When he's dead, take his equipment, and return to Almalexia.
     She's disappointed that Valor had to be killed, but happy that you've
     done her dirty work. For your reward, Almalexia offers to do one of
     three things:
        1. Skin like iron (CE, fortify light, medium, heavy armor +5)
        2. Protection against paralysis (CE, 20% paralysis resistance)
        3. Warm, reflected glory (CE, Fortify Health + 10)
     I suppose you could choose the fourth option, but you'd have to be nuts
     to choose that.
    - Forging Nerevar's Blade -
     It's about fricking time. Going through Morrowind, I was surprised you
     were never able to recreate Nerevar's sword. Heck, the main quest makes
     no mention of it, until now.
     Talk with Almalexia, and you'll begin a long conversation about Nerevar,
     and that she believes you are the Nerevarine (does this conversation
     change if you are already the Nerevarine?). She explains that after
     Nerevar allied with the Dwemer, the Dwarf-King Dumac forged two blades
     for Nerevar and Almalexia when they were married. Nerevar was given
     Trueflame, Almalexia, Hopesfire. Hopesfire remains with the goddess,
     but Trueflame was destroyed in the last battle at Red Mountain, where
     Nerevar was killed.
     Almalexia as one piece of the blade, and claims that the other two
     pieces are conveniently in Mournhold. It's time to find them, then
     a craftsman who can forge the blade. 
     Practically any person outside the Temple will say go see Yogak
     gro-Gluk if you want Trueflame reforged. Well, that was fast. Now,
     onto the two pieces. I can send you on a wild goose-hunt, or I can
     simply tell you to talk with Karrod in the throne room in the palace.
     If you've fought him, his disposition should be high enough to where
     he will give you the second piece (Old Dwemer Weapon). I'm not exactly
     sure who points you to Karrod, but I think it may be Barenziah. She
     also mentions talking to Plitinius Mero. Do that.
     Mero says that you should try Torasa Arath at the Museum of Artifacts
     in Godsreach. Talk with her, and she'll say she has a Dwemer Battle
     Shield that may work, but she wants you to donate two items to the
     museum. Blasted. Unless you have two good items to go to waste, I 
     suggest doing King Helseth's quests (if you haven't), or some of the
     miscellaneous quests (Golena Sadri, Robe of the Lich) to find two items
     to donate. When you've done that, take the three items to Craftmen's
     Talk with Yagak gro-Gluk, and have him forge the blade. Wait 48 hours,
     and talk with him. He will give you the blade, but say someone will
     have to enchant the sword to reflame it. And despite the fact that
     we gave way 20,000+ gold at the museum, the Dwemer piece we got from the
     museum appears to be worthless. Darn. Ask Yagak about reflaming, and
     he'll say try looking for the writings of Radac Stungnthumz, who lived
     in Bamz-Amschend. Great; I hate that place.
    - I will walk through the fire! -
     Enter Bamz-Amschend, and enter the passage of whispers, down to Radac's
     Forge. If you don't have another Dwemer Satchel Pack (you should have
     at least one more), you're going to have to search throughout the
     ruins to find one. The Hall of Winds (opposite of Passage of Whispers
     in Heartfire Hall) has one.
     In Radac's Forge, enter the first Heavy Dwemer Door you see, and search
     for Radac Stungnthumz's ghost. He moves around, so you may need to 
     look around a bit. However, I've never had any problems finding him.
     When you talk to him, you'll discover that he will reflame the sword,
     but he needs some Pyroil Tar to do the job. While he used to have some,
     it's long gone. He knows that there are some found in the lower caves
     of Norenen-dur, in the citadel of Myn Dhrur. Good stuff.
     Leave Radac, and continue through to the Passage of the Walker (through
     the first collapsed rocks). When you reach another Heavy Dwemer Door,
     turn around, and you'll find another group of collapsed rocks. Use
     your second Dwemer Satchel Pack, and create an opening for you to go
     Alright, we're in Norenen-dur. Move forward a bit, then east towards a
     door that goes to the Teeth that Ghash. There two other doors here, but
     they lead to nothing (as far as I know). Continue moving along until
     you reach the Citadel of Myn Dhrur. Along this path (and in the Citadel
     itself), you'll fight the badasses of Morrowind. Storm Atronachs,
     Dremoras, Golden Saints, and Winged Twilights are your foes here,
     not to mention the Dremora lord, Khash-Ti Dhrur. 
     When you kill Dhrur, search his body to get the Pyroil Tar. If you're
     the adventurous type, levitate up to the top of the Citadel, and enter
     Wailingdelve, which contains a lot of Daedric equipment along the
     waterfall. Return back to Radac whenever you're ready.
     Talk to Radac about "add fire" again, and he'll reflame the sword.
     Sweet. Return to Almalexia once you've done this.
    - Final Dungeon, Part I -
     After you're relit Trueflame, talk with Almalexia. She'll explain that
     Sotha Sil has gone nuts, and she wants you to take him out. At this
     point, you have two options. Teleport to the Clockwork City, and finish
     the main quest, or say you need to prepare, and do whatever you want.
     You need to be at an significantly high level to do this last mission.
     At the very least, keep an extra save at Mournhold, just in case. 
     Teleport to the Clockwork City.
     The City is really one puzzle after another. Most doors (ones that don't
     lead to a new area) are opened by levers that require a high strength
     to push. Off hand, most are easy to do, with the exception of one.
     Enter the Outer Flooded Gates, by using the level on the right pillar
     (from where you first entered). Go through the door, and head east
     past the moving axes. This is pretty easy to do. A nice trick I used
     was hold down tab, then turn the camera 90 degrees. This allowed me
     to get real close to the axes, and see exactly when they would come down
     to kill me.
     Hit another level, then go south, east, then north into a larger space,
     then east through a door, to the Inner Flooded Halls. From here,
     you'll face the norm; a bunch of fabricants. They're tough, but not
     too hard as long as they don't bunch up on you. From another large
     room, go east to a set of three different axe traps. Again, use the
     same strategy as above, and pass through all six axes. It may be a good
     idea to save now, so you don't have to go through it again, though.
     Use the door to the Hall of Delirium, so south at the fork, then east,
     then south again to the Central Gearworks (bypassing the spikes on the
     ground). And if you don't have any way to fortify your acrobatics or
     speed, I recommend picking up the speed elixers that the fabricants
     In the Central Gearworks, go up the spiral ladder, then into the Hall
     of Theuda (passing the fire; it seems like you can't pass it, but you
     can), then to the Hall of Kasia. Take out the three fabricants, and
     slowly walk up the ramp. See what you need to do? Wait the spinning
     spike to pass you, then run like heck to the door on the second floor.
     If you can fortify acrobatics, you can jump straight to the door. If
     you can't, use those speed elixers (at least 15+), then wait for the
     spike to pass you, then race to the door to the Dome of Serlyn.
    - Final Dungeon, Part II -
     You may be having "fog" problems in the Dome of Serlyn. Refer to section
     7 (Fog Fix) of this document for help. Inside, you'll find two levers
     to the right of a machine. Keep the left one red, and wait until you
     hear a bunch of sound from the machine (it's creating a fabricant).
     Keep pressing the right level, until it turns green. Immediately,
     run into the machine, pass the enemy, and through the door to the
     Dome of Udok.
     In Udok, press the lever to your right to create a bridge. The lever
     requires a huge amount of strength (100+). It's unlikely you have 100
     Strength unless you're at an extremely high level. So what are you
     supposed to do? The Hulking Fabricants drop strength elixers; fortify
     stength +10 for 10 seconds. Pick up a couple of these, use them, then
     press the level.
     Moving on, the rest of Clockwork City is fairly linear, through the
     Hall of Mileitho, then to the Dome of the Imperfect. I ran away from
     most enemies ^_^, tired as hell from the boring fabricants. However,
     once you arrive in the Done of the Imperfect, you're greeted by 
     something most unexpected: a fricking robot!
     I have no idea how to kill this guy effectively. I fortifed by 
     acrobatics, then jumped on top to the non-moving Imperfect, and shot
     fireball after fireball. The Imperfect couldn't touch me, but it took
     fricking forever to do this. 
     But unless you're an absolute wuss (like me), this isn't an effective
     way of killing him off. This is likely because you aren't using 
     magic-based attacks, nor do you have what seems like an infinite amount
     of magicka (I can assure you, I used up dozens of potions to continue
     my onslaught). I'll assume you're at a high level, and holding a weapon
     comparable to the badassness of Trueflame. High speed is absolutely
     required, so that you can dodge the Imperfects stomp/magic attacks.
     Boots of Blinding Speed are great at this, but if you have a decently
     high athletics (and you aren't carrying much), then that's enough to
     dodge his attacks.
     Furthermore, you'll need to beef up your strength. How much? 
     *cough*A couple hundred*cough*. The higher the better; I've managed to
     kill the Imperfect in one hit, with a strength value at somewhere near
     3000. The lesson in all of this? Fortify strength pwns us all. If don't
     have access to these kinds of potions, then I suggest the cowardly way
     of killing this guy that I mentioned first.
     Once he's dead, enter the Dome of Sotha Sil.
    - The End of our Journey -
     Go up to the lifeless Sotha Sil, and you'll receive a journal entry
     update. Turn around, and attempt to leave. Almalexia will show up, 
     using Barilzar's Mazed Band. Dastardly.
     Almalexia uses her time to give you a lecture about many things. Such
     as: Sending you to Sotha Sil to die, so that she could use you as
     a martyr for her new world order, outside of the present Tribunal
     ways. She confesses that she killed Sotha Sil herself, and used his
     waning powers on the attack of Mournhold. 
     After much talk, Almalexia pulls out Hopesfire, and attacks. The
     toughest amount in Tribunal, Almalexia relies mostly on Hopesfire.
     She did use a couple of magic attacks at the beginning of the battle,
     so you may want a decent magic resistance (especially considering the
     shock damage from Hopesfire). 
     Other than her damaging weapon, Almalexia just has a lot of life. Pound
     on the bitch 'till she dies really isn't a simplified version of the
     fight. Heal when needed, and keep pounding away. I found that I took
     more damage off her at the end of the fight, so don't fret if it seems
     like you're doing no damage against her. She'll go down eventually.
     When she dies, take Hopesfire and Barilzar's Mazed Band from her body,
     Equip the band on you, and you'll have an option to teleport to Vivec,
     Mournhold, or Sotha Sil. Teleport anywhere, and you'll appear in the
     High Chapel of Mournhold, no matter what. Exit the Temple to the 
     Courtyard, and you'll be greeted by Azura.
     Considering this is the last part of the game, I'll say nothing about
     what Azura says. Weeeee! We're done.
     If you did King Helseth's quests, return to him for your reward for
     keeping an "eye" on Almalexia: full set of Royal Guard armor. Sweet. 
     Let's hope for expansion #3 soon guys.
                          5. Tienius Delitian's Quests
     After you have the contract from the Dark Brotherhood, talk with 
     Tienius Delitian about it (considering the contract itself says that
     the King sent the attacks on you). Instead of saying he's sorry, he
     gives you some quests. The reward: one sweet sword.
    - A Source of Rumors -
     Delitian's first quest is simple: Find the source of rumors about King
     Llethan's death. We don't need to find out who's doing it. Rather, you
     only need to find this propaganda.
     There is a number of ways we can do this, but I'll go into detail what
     I found to be the easiest, and fastest.
     While you don't have to do this (because I'm telling you), approach
     a Royal Guard and raise his disposition up to above 60. Ask him about
     the King's death, and he'll mention you should try Llethan Manor in
     Godsreach. It's located in the northwest corner of the area, near the
     sewers entrance.
     Once inside the Manor, make your way to Ravani Llethan and talk to her
     the King's death. She will bring up the Common Tongue newsletter, and 
     how Helseth has been rumored to have killed hundreds of people in the
     West with poison. Why wouldn't he try it on the King? Sounds like we
     found our source. Leave the manor, then enter the Winged Guar bar 
     southeast of your present location. Go upstairs, then use the door
     to get on the balcony outside. Look around, and you should find a copy
     of the Common Tongue newsletter, along with its accusations of the
     King. This is the evidence we need; return back to Delitian.
    - Temple Informant -
     King Helseth wants to know whether or not the Tribunal Temple will
     support him when he takes over as King of Morrowind. Usually, the puppet
     King has no real poweror ambititons, and the Temple supports the King
     freely, such as Llethan. Helseth, however, has some real ambition, and
     he's afraid he will gain the Temple as an enemy. He wants to know before
     they strike.
     Delitian wants you to find a member of the Temple that is discontent 
     with the way things are going inside the organization. Exit the Palace,
     and enter the Temple on the north side of Mournhold. Once in the 
     reception area, take note to the brown robe wearing Dark Elf: Fedris
     Hler. He's the quest-giver for the main quest. You may or may not have
     already done quests for him, but if you haven't, this is the guy.
     Enter the infirmary and walk into the first door you run into. Talk 
     with Galsa Andrano. She's not the only person discontented with the
     temple, but we only need to find one person. Feel free to talk with 
     others inside the temple; the process is all the same, however. Do
     whatever you want.
     Talk with Galsa. You may need to bump her disposition up quite a few
     points, so that she spills the beans that she's unhappy with the current
     situation inside the temple. When you have the choice, choose to listen
     sympathetically, then ask if you can talk with her again. Delitian
     made sure that you do this, as she may change her feelings about 
     becoming an informant if you are just using her. Talk with her again
     about being discontent, then ask her about the Temple's opinion of
     Helseth. She says its clear that if the Temple has its way, Helseth will
     not become King.
     With that information, go back to the Palace and talk with Delitian
    - Disloyalty among the Guards -
     As usual, there seems to be some disloyalty amongst the guards (repeat
     of the Imperial Legion quest in Gnisis?). Delitian orders you to find
     whoever is behind the disloyalty. Great. If you haven't noticed by now,
     there are tons of Royal guards in Mournhold.
     Fortunately, one of the suckers is standing right next to you. Talk with
     Ivulen Irano about your Hlaalu connections. He will blurt out that you
     should talk with Aleri Aren... twice. Ah ha! That must mean she may be 
     involved as well.
     Exit out the Throne Room, then continue through the reception area, 
     through the legion depot, into the Guard's quarters. Stay on the same
     floor while doing this. Inside the quarters, find Aleri Aren (she moves
     around a lot; check downstairs if you can't find her near the beds), and
     talk to her about your Hlaalu connections. She'll be quick to point out
     that she has no idea what Ivulen is talking about, and that she'll have
     to talk to him about this misunderstanding.
     Return back to Delitian, and give him this news. We still need solid
     evidence to point out these guards. It looks like Aleri may be a tough
     one to break. However, Ivulen looks like a pushover. Go back to the
     Guard's Quarters, and look under his bed near this chest. Pick up
     the handwritten notes, and you'll get a Journal Entry update. It's a bit
     hard to do this without the guards seeing you. Just be patient, and 
     they'll eventually leave the area. Also note: A Common Tongue Newsletter
     under his pillow. While you don't need this as evidence (judging by the
     lack of journal update notice), it makes it clear that Ivulen at least
     one member behind this.
     Once again, go back to Delitian, and give him the handwritten notes.
     This is the evidence you need, and he's pleased as usual. Instead of
     taking out the guards, he merely suggests that he will transfer their
     patrol times. Interesting, no?
    - Conspiracy against the King -
     There seems to be some discontent with Helseth becoming King (especially
     considering the mysterious circumstances of Llethan's death). Delitian
     orders you to find out if there are people behind a conspiracy, and to
     find out who they are. He suggests checking out Llethan's Manor, as 
     they would likely be connected to any conspiracy.
     Once inside the Manor, go into the room with Revani Llethan. Search
     for her desk, and "steal" the handwritten letter. This is the evidence
     Delitian needs, so return back to the Royal Palace to continue on with
     the quest.
     Delitian requests that you kill off the members of the conspiracy
     brought to light in the letter: Forven Berano, Hloggar the Bloody, and 
     Bedal Alen. He writes up official writs for their assassination, so 
     we're not stuck with over 3000 Gold in bounties. Talk about each person,
     and Tienius will offer his idea where each person is. Berano usually
     hangs around the temple, as he is a member of the Temple. Hloggar likely
     doesn't pay for housing, so it is likely that he lives in the sewers.
     Unfortunately, Delitian is less specific with Alen, who could be 
     anywhere in the city.
     Let's start with the easiest kill: Forven Berano. Go to the Temple
     Courtyard, then move north behind the temple itself. He's standing right
     there, in a wide-open area for you to take him out. If you have trouble
     with him, I recommend spending some time to level back in the mainland.
     The next two assassinations are a bit harder. Note: Berano holds a
     really nice Ebony Shortsword. It's a great short blade, and its also
     worth tons of gold.
     Secondly, let's get Alen, as we are still in the city. If you talk to
     people about him, they will mention that he is somewhat of a workworm.
     It may be a good idea to check out the bookstore in the Great Bazaar.
     Go inside, then upstairs. Fortunately, Alen won't attack you until you
     do. So take this time to find a good place of attack; make sure you
     don't get stuck in this small room, in case you have some trouble.
     With Alen dead, we only got one guy left, Hloggar. Head to Godsreach,
     then down to the Residential Sewers in the northwest corner. Once down
     in the sewers, head east, south, then a little bit more east, then 
     south to a ladder to the West sewers. If you had talked to people about
     him, they would've mentioned the West sewers, and even give directions
     on how to get there. Fortunately, you have me here, so we don't need to
     worry about that. Also note: You may see a gang of dark elves holding
     Dilborn, a naked Breton, hostage. Check the miscellaneous quest about
     Thrud to discover how to complete this quest.
     Anyway, back to Hloggar. Once in the West sewers, head west and follow
     the cave through the waterfall. When you approach the Nord, he will
     immediately charge at you with his large axe. If you need space, I 
     recommend moving back to at least the waterfall area, and try a levitate
     spell to get away from him. Still, if you made it this far, Hloggar 
     should be no problem. Once he's dead, return back to Delitian for
     your reward: 3000 Gold. 
    - Anonymous Writer -
     When you return back to Delitian for your reward for assassinating the
     conspirators, he mentions that its time to find the mysterious author
     of the Common Tongue.
     To find the author, we'll need to do the usual: talking with the
     townspeople. Use your usual informants (the ones that already have
     their dispositions raised), unless you have an amazingly high 
     personality. The only information you can get out of people is that the
     author is probably someone who likes to write (a bookseller) or someone
     with a shady reputation (pawnbroker).
     To save you time, just head to the pawnbroker, and talk with the 
     Khajiit. He has heard rumors that a man named Trels Varis is the person
     behind the newsletter, and that you can find him in the Craftmen's Hall.
     When you enter the hall, talk with the people inside. When asked about
     Varis, everyone is quick to point out that he isn't here. Go back to
     the entrance, and look for a 70-locked door and open it. Go down the
     trap door, and you'll enter a secret office, with Varis inside. Talk
     with him about stopping his "lies" about King Helseth, and you're
     given some more options. Use the third one (donate 3000 Gold to 
     orphange). This persuades Varis to stop printing poison rumors about
     Helseth. Mission accomplished.
     Return back to Delitian, and get your reward: 3000 Gold, plus the 
     King's Oath Blade! For your last order, he requests that you talk with
     Lady Barenziah (Helseth's mother).
    - Meeting Lady Barenziah -
     Despite the implications that Barenziah has some quests for you, there
     isn't any. In fact, you get no journal entry update when talking to her.
     So why talk to her? If you've already spoken with her (doing the main
     quest, or you simply stumbled upon her room), then forget about talking
     to her. The main point of talking with her is that you know she exists,
     and that you should talk to her later in the game (hint, hint). To find
     her, go behind the throne and use the door to Imperial Cult Services.
     Move straight towards another door, then through some regular doors
     until you reach her in her bedroom.
     When you speak with her, she advises that you speak to two people. 
     Fedris Hler is the quest-giver that continues the main-quest. The other
     person, Plitinius Mero really adds nothing to game, other than some
     backstory about Barenziah. Apparently, he wrote a biography on Lady
     Barenziah, and it was immediately banned by its outrageous claims (that
     are true, however). I'm not sure on the location of the book in the
     game (even if it exists), but its an interesting read from what I've
     been told.
     When you're done talking, its time to move along with the game's quests.
     If you've already done the main quest, there are plenty of miscellaneous
     quests to keep you in Mournhold for a bit longer.
                             6. Miscellaneous Quests
     All of this miscellaneous quests can be completed anytime you feel like
     it. They're great distractions to the main quest, in case you get tired
     of it. Or, at the very least, they're something else to keep you in
     Mournhold for a few hours more.
     Quests are in alphabetical order. Use the search function at the
     beginning of this document to quickly find what you want.
    - The Black Dark Gang - 
     This quest is triggered when you first talk with Marisa Adus when you
     first approach the Manor District to defeat the local Dark Brotherhood
     base (in the Bazaar Sewers). She'll mention that the Black Dart Gang 
     murdered her husband, and that his ghost will remain in this world until
     the Gang was been  wiped out. Ah... a good old massacre quest. I've
     missed these.
     Go into the Temple sewers, and meet with Variner's ghost. He'll tell
     you that the gang lives in Temple Sewers West. From where the ghost is,
     go west, until you reach the door to their hideout. The ghost speaks of
     a way to drown the gang, by using a torch that floods the hiedout.
     While I personally prefer the good ol' hack-n'-slash way of killing,
     you can try this out as well. The torch is at the entrance of the 
     hideout, quite a ways away from the actual gang itself. When they're
     dead, talk with Adus once again; she'll reward you with Variner's ring.
    - Blind Date -
     You've probably already discovered now that there are many lonely men
     in Mournhold, all looking for that special "someone." Just their luck:
     Marena Gilnith is up for grabs.
     This quest is an interesting one, as depending on who you hook Marena
     up determines your prize for the quest. Below, I'll give your rewards
     for each man you hook Marena up with. Obviously, you're going to have
     to choose which man offers the best reward. It's fairly common knowledge
     that the Bipolar Blade is the best item to get.
     To hook Marena up with a man, it's a fairly easy process. Talk to her
     first, then whoever you want to hook her up with. Then back to Marena,
     then the man, and so on. After they decide to meet, wait 3 or 4 days,
     and talk with the man to get your reward (assuming everything went 
     Here are the names of each person, his location, and what he will 
     reward you if you hook him up with Marena.
     Goval Ralen (in front of Temple) - Ralen Family Belt. The belt is 
     worthless, fortifying personality and speechcraft by 5. Yippee!
     Trader in Bazaar - BiPolar Blade.
     Fons Baren - A player. Date ends in diaster.
    - The Bouncer -
     Here's a short, simply quest you can do in the Winged Guar in Godsreach.
     Talk with Hession, who can be found either in the foyer, or upstairs.
     She's the owner of the bar, and has a request for you; the regular
     bouncer hasn't showed up today, so she asks if you can take his place
     for a few hours.
     Say you will, and you've officially become the bouncer of the Winged
     Guar. Hession suggests talking to everyone in the bar, but I'll speed
     things up and tell you who exactly is causing trouble. Find Denegor,
     the wood elf that is usually hanging around Hession herself. When
     you talk to him, it's obvious that the guy is wasted. 
     To continue with the quest, choose the option that has you kicking
     Denegor out of the bar. He gets upset, and begins attacking you. Hession
     wants no one dead, so pull out your fists, and pound on him until you
     knock him out. When he's KOed, talk with Hession about any trouble,
     and she'll reward you with 1000 gold.
    - Champion of Clutter - 
     Detritus Caria can be found upstairs in the Craftsmen's Hall. When you
     talk with him, Caria will ask for some clutter to complete his great 
     At first, he asks for a bolt of Imperial rat hair fabric, and a brushed
     silver pitcher. For the sake of simplicity, I'll ditch the descriptions
     he give, and just tell you where to get both items. For the fabric,
     enter the clothier shop in the Great Bazaar. Behind Belwen, there is
     a large shelf, with two kinds of fabric under it. Steal the burgundy
     one. Unfortunately, you can't buy the fabric, so you do actually have
     to steal it. My sneak was rather low, so telekinesis is a great spell
     to use. If you do get caught, either reload and try again, or drop
     all your stolen equipment, and talk with a guard. The second item,
     the brushed silver pitcher, can be purchased at the pawnshop under the
     name: Silverware Pitcher. 
     Return to Caria and give him the two items. In return, you'll receive
     300 gold. Talk with him about clutter again, and he'll ask for three
     more items: a normal, Redware pot, a full set of Imperial Silverware,
     and a yellow metallic plate. 
     For the redware pot, check the trader in the Great Bazaar under the
     same name. A full set of Imperial Silverware can be found in Gavis
     Velas' Manor in small, locked chests upstairs (also can be found in
     Andoren's Manor as well, but a bit harder to steal). The yellow metallic
     plate requires you to go back to the main island. Check traders in
     Vivec or Balmora to find one. (Balmora Counsel Club has two, but it's
     hard to steal them). 
     Return to Caria and give him the three items. Your reward is 500 gold.
     Talk with him more about his collection.
     The final mission in this quest are all found in Bamz-Amschund. The
     best way to do it is to wait until you actually have to go down there,
     and pick up the items during the main quest. The items: 2 kinds of
     goblets, a pitcher, large bowl, and a tankard (mug). These items are
     found all over the place, but the Hall of Wails inside the Passage of
     Whispers has all the items. I think there is one other place in the
     ruins that have all five items, but I don't believe it's in one specific 
     place (with a name). Remember, there are two goblets. One that weighs 
     four lbs., and another one that weighs three lbs. Lastly, the large
     bowl is only refered to as "bowl" in the game. Fortunately, there is
     only one Dwemer bowl in Bamz-Amschund.
     Return to Caria, and give him the whole Dwemer set. In return for this
     last quest, he offers 2000 gold. Not bad.
    - Dirty Business -
     Inside the Vacant Manor in Godsreach, you'll find three Dark Elves.
     Only Dovor Oren will talk to you about business, only when you bump his
     disposition above 60. Once you have that, he will talk about corruption
     with the wealthy, nobles, yada, yada, yada. This begins a set of four
     different assassination quests. Only problem is that you're doing it
     for a bunch of low-lives. 
     1. Oren will ask that you "assist" him with his cause. He wants you to
        kill a man named Soscean, and take his sword and cuirass from his 
        body. Apparenty Soscean is a brutal noble with no regard for anyone 
        but himself. At least, according to Oren. Soscean is next to the bar 
        in the Winged Guar (that guy that has no time for you).
     2. Return to Oren, and give him the sword and cuirass. He will give you
        4000 gold in return (value of sword + cuirass = lots!). Ask him about
        assisting him in his cause again, and he'll ask that you talk with 
        Felvan Ienith. Instead of wanting to kill an evil rich person, Ienith
        simply wants the items Elanande has (robe and axe). Elanande can be 
        found right around Llethan Manor in Godsreach. Kill her, then return 
        back to Ienith to give him his precious items. Ienith will give you
        a 1000 gold reward.
     3. Talk with Oren again, and he'll tell you to ask Olvyne Dobar wants.
        Notice this time, she simply wants the items Bels Vivenim has (spear
        and helmet). Head out to the Temple Courtyard, and send Bels six
        feet under. Return back to Dobar, give the items, and receive a
        1000 gold reward.
     4. Talk with Oren again, and he has one last quest. Take out Suldreni
        Salandas, and take her mace and amulet. Apparently, Salandas is
        one of those "evil" rich people. She can be found on the western
        edge of the Great Bazaar. Kill her, and return to Oren. Give him
        the items, and receive another 4000 gold reward. 
     And that, ends the quests. If you haven't figured it out, these guys
     are using you. The 10,000 gold reward you get from them is a miniscule
     to the amount the eight pieces of equipment you gave them. So what to
     do? If you aren't the cold-blooded type, don't bother with this quest 
     to begin with. If you are, do Oren's quests. Take the 10,000 gold, then
     kill the outlaws and take back the armor.
     In my opinion, the armor is worth a lot, but its worthless to use. None
     of them standout as unique, with weird magic effects on the armor. I
     think there's a way to turn one of Oren's drones against him, but I
     haven't found out how to do that.
    - The Droth Dagger -
     In Godsreach, enter Geon Auline's Manor, and talk to him about his
     collection of daggers. To complete his collection, he wants to get the
     Droth Dagger, which was owned by the Thendas Manor. Fortunately, the
     widow, Arnsa Thendas has money problems, and is selling away some items.
     Exit out of the Manor, and enter Thendas Manor (just north of you).
     Talk with Arnsa, and ask her about the dagger. She will say that it's
     probably in one of the chests. More specifically, it's in the chest with
     an 80-lock. I had a tough time opening up the chest without her seeing
     me, so you may have to kill her. Fortunately, there's plenty of money
     inside the manor to compensate for your bounty (make sure you pay it
     off before stealing anything!).
     When you get the dagger, return back to Auline Manor, and talk with  
     Geon. He will reward you with 800 Gold.
    - Fargoth, Part II - 
     Well, he's not quite Fargoth, but the wood elf Gaenor in the Temple
     Courtyard is about as annoying as they come.
     Talk to Gaenor, and he'll ask for money. Continue to say no, and he'll
     eventually become mad enough to not talk with you anymore. At this
     point, there's nothing else to do... for now.
     Later, when walking in the Temple Courtyard, Gaenor should come to
     attack you, with full ebony body armor, and a luck around 700. He's
     one tough opponent; maybe the hardest in the game, as you can't go
     straight in, guns blazing. Here are a couple of strategies to take into
     consideration when you want to fight him.
     1. Use armor disintegration! Enchanting an item with it is best, as you
        can fully concentrate on raising the magnitude up (forget about using
        it at an distance; simply walk up, cast as many times as you can,
        then back away).
     2. Don't use magicially enchanted weapons/spells. Gaenor has 100%
        reflection. In this case, it's likely you'll kill yourself before he
        even gets to you.
     3. Drain luck. Try to do it as many times as possible. If you can get
        his luck low enough, he will become a much easier opponent.
     There's a couple other things you could try, but I'll leave that to you
     to figure out. Summoning creatures is a great way to distract him, long
     enough for you to get a couple hits in.
    - He may be dumb, but at least he isn't naked! -
     In Godsreach, you'll find a Nord, Thrud, who wants to find his missing
     teacher/friend Dilborn. Say he'll help the Nord out, and he'll follow
     now. Head towards the northwest corner of Godsreach, and enter the
     Residential sewers. From here, you've may have already met Dilborn, as
     one of the first quests from Fedris Hler has you pass him. If you 
     haven't done that quest yet, it may be a good time to do it now. Kill
     two birds with one stone, right?
     Alright, back to the quest. With Thrud without, head into the
     Residential Sewers via Godsreach. Immediately, go east, south, then
     east until you reach a fallen gate with two doorways (missing the
     doors). Inside, you will see three dark elves and a naked breton.
     Talk Drathas Norus, and pay off Dilborn's 3000 Gold random. I'm aware
     of a way to save Dilborn without paying the gold, but I haven't found 
     it yet (and out-right fighting doesn't seem to work).
     Once you've saved Dilborn, talk with Thrud. He rewards you with a 250
     Gold book called Trap, that raises your sneak by 1. Yay.
    - Hot Pockets - 
     Find this disgruntled Wood Elf just outside the Winged Guar in 
     Godsreach. He's pissed off at a Holmar, a drunk Nord who kicked him out
     of the bar. Now, High-Pockets wants some revenge. Says he'll help him
     out, then enter the bar.
     Holmar should be either right in front of you, or upstairs. He's easy to
     find, as he is the only Nord inside. Talk with him, and you will have
     three options. Telling him to leave and sober up gets you nowhere. He
     just ignores you. The second option forces a fight between you and him
     (with whimpy High-Pockets sort of helping out). When he's dead, the
     Wood Elf will reward you with a crappy Ring of Icegrip, and 250 gold.
     If you choose the third option, you lose 60 gold, but get the same
     reward as if you killed him. He's tough, so you'll want to make sure
     you're at a decent level if you want to choose to kill him. Fortunately,
     you still get most of the reward if you choose NOT to kill him.
    - How to get Custom Armor -
     In Craftmen's Hall, you'll meet a man named Ibhori Fautus, a great
     adventurer. Also has a huge ego, and deserves to die NOW. Unfortunately,
     this quest doesn't deal with that. Rather, wait later into the game (I 
     talked with him when I first arrived in Tribunal, then came back to find
     the author of the Common Tongue), and Bols Indalen will be all pissed 
     off that Ibhori has deserted his apprenticeship. He now wants to find 
     another one.
     Go inside the Winged Guar, then downstairs towards the bar. Look for
     a redguard named Therdon, and you'll automatically mention the available
     apprenticeship for Bols Indalen as he tells you his failure in the 
     pillow industry. He'll immediately say he'll head to Craftmen's Hall. 
     Return to Bols, and he'll now do custom armor for you, depending on if 
     you have enough raw glass, raw ebony, or adamantium ore on you.
     Locations of those, are in bunches of places ^_^ Off hand, there isn't
     much raw glass or ebony in Mournhold. 
    - Mercenary for Hire - 
     A cool, overlooked feature in Tribunal is the fact that you can hire
     a mercenary to follow you through Mournhold (sorry guys, no traveling
     to Vvardenfell). He's quite customizable; give him armor/weapons that
     fit under his specializations, and he's nearly as strong as you.
     The mercenary, Calvus Horatius, can be found in the Palace Courtyard.
     He's a normal bulky warrior. Give him a long blade and some heavy/medium
     armor, and he's your tank. 250 gold keeps him for 30 days, at which
     point I assume the player has a choice to continuing his services.
     Be careful when taking items from him. If you take away items up to
     a point, he'll be disgruntled that you're ripping him off.
    - The Museum of Artifacts -
     I never had the opportunity to really go through this part of Tribunal.
     Fortunately, for the success of this guide, it doesn't have much to do
     with Tribunal to begin with. Almost all the items that the Museum takes
     is from the main game. So if you're interested in filling up the museum,
     take a look at the complete FAQs on Morrowind.
     And if you're interested to using the information I did gather, go ahead
     and send me an e-mail.
    - Mournhold's Battle Bots -
     In Godsreach, enter Ignatius Flaccus' House (near the Andoren and Auline
     Manors). Go downstairs, and talk with Flaccus. He says he runs a Robot
     Arena in his house, but his robots have all fallen apart. His enchanting
     skills are unparalleled, he claims, but when something gets beaten down
     hard enough, replacement parts are needed.
     He wants 10 pieces of Dwemer scrap metal. He secretly wants three Rusty
     Dwemer Cogs. And how do I know this? Because after you return with the
     10 pieces of metal, Flaccus has a second quest to get the three cogs. 
     So to save time, lets pick all this stuff in one go.
     Exit out of the house, and enter Bamz-Amschend. If you don't know where
     this place is, go a bit further into the main quest, as its not
     available when you first arrive in Mournhold. In Heartfire Hall, go
     through the eastern door to the Hall of Winds. In this large area,
     go through the four smaller rooms. Adding the fact that the enemies
     inside drop scrap metal, and you should have the 10 pieces of scrap
     metal easily in this rooms. There are four cogs inside, so you will
     have no problem filling at quota. If you don't get 10 scrap metals,
     go further into the ruins until you do.
     Return to Flaccus, and give him the scrap metal, then the cogs back to
     him. Leave the house, and rest for 3-5 (?) days, then return back to
     him. He's done with this repairs, and asks if you want to wager on a
     battle. Go for it; I bet 1000 gold that the Steam Centurion would beat
     the Centurion Sphere, and I won. Go me.
     When the (long) fight is done, leave the house and head towards the
     Craftmen's Hall / Winged Guar area. Talk with Venasa Sarano, and the
     Robot Arena fan said when she tried to visit Flaccus, the door was lock,
     there was no answer from him, and she heard strange noises inside. That
     can't be good news.
     Return back to the house, and open the level-40 lock. Inside, go down
     to the basement, and kill the Dwemer robots. When they're all dead,
     talk to Flaccus, who explained that the robots went hay-wire (or maybe
     they just wanted freedom from this cruel, cruel world?) and hands you
     1000 gold in reward for saving his life.
    - No beer makes Golena go something, something -
     Enter Sadri Manor in Godsreach (it's connected to Thendas Manor), and
     talk with the people inside, including Golena. From what they've said,
     it appears Golena has gone nuts, accusing people of trying to steal
     "it." Talk with Aluan Llarys, who tells you that Golena had a normal
     conversation with Elbert Nermare not too long ago (normal meaning not
     babbling about me stealing "it").
     Go to Craftmen's Hall, and talk with Elbert the enchanter on the second
     floor. He tells you Golena wanted him to see these strange devices
     of Dwemer origin. He warns that when he approached the devices, he felt
     closer to death. Yikes.
     Return to Sadri Manor. Talk with Aluan, who is now outside the manor.
     He begs that you help; when he left the Manor to take a breather, 
     someone lock the door. Then, someone screamed. Unlock the level 90
     door, and go downstairs to where Golena was. 
     Ah ha! A dead Ordinator. I recommend picking up the complete armor set,
     even if you have no plans of using it. It's worth a lot of money! When
     you're ready to continue (considering how heavy the equipment is, you
     may require return trips to drop the armor somewhere. Also, don't 
     continue until you at least drop the armor on the ground. When you
     return, the Ordinator will be gone for good!) go down the trap door to
     the Residential Sewers, then into the Forgotten Sewers.
     Run forward to the torch in front of you (past the crates in the center)
     and using the crank to flood the room. Swim down to wear the crates 
     were, and use another trap door (the crates were previously blocking
     access to this). In the next room, swim to another crank in the 
     southwest corner to unflood the room (if you have a water breathing
     spell, forget about this). Once again, use another trap door to go
     further into the Forgotten Sewers (on the northern section of the room).
     You're now on the last stretch of the quest. SAVE now. Notice the
     strange devices on the ground? Don't touch them, or you'll automatically
     die. When you run past them, they shoot out damaging magic attacks. So
     what can you do? If you're sneak is high enough, you can sneak past 
     the 10 or so traps. Or you can simply run past them, hoping the magic
     misses you. There's not much you can do other than those two options.
     Hopefully you can get past it.
     When you reach the fork, take the left passage first to reach a couple
     of chests with some loot. Return to the fork, and take the other
     passage, which leads you right to Golena, in full Glass Armor.
     Well, holy crap. Golena is tough. Not only does she have a Museum
     artifact in the Mace of Slurring, but she also has a deadric longbow
     with arrows that paralyze you. Yikes. This is arguably the toughest
     fight so far, so may the force be with you... or something like that.
     I ended up cheating to kill her, by falling down in the pit in the
     center of the room, then use levitate, and shoot magic at her from
     below. Cheap yes, but efficient nonetheless.
     When you kill Golena, take the mace, bow, and her full set of glass
     armor (outside of the ugly looking helmet). Return to Aluan Llarys to
     update him on the situation. He's disappointed that Golena had to be
     killed, but understands that you had no choice but to kill her.
     If you check Golena's body, you can get a infinite supply of 50 of
     her arrows. Simply take what she has on her body, then recheck. This
     remains in the game as long as you don't get rid of her body. A little
     cheap, but these are one of the best arrows in the game.
     The mace is okay, but you can get 10,000 gold for selling it to the
    - Robe of the Lich -
     The Robe of the Lich is a strange piece of clothing. I've yet to create
     a character strong enough to use it, much less make it useful to wear
     to begin with. However, you can sell the robe for 11,000 gold at the
     Museum in Mournhold. Not bad.
     It's a long process to get the robe, so I recommend getting Mark and
     Recall (if you don't have it), and use it a lot. You'll be constantly
     returning to the Temple, and it saves a lot of time over running back.
     The best time to start this quest is during the cleansing of the Shrine
     of the Dead quest (second quest in the MAIN QUEST section). Why? The
     Temple Shrine (where the quest ends) happens to be right next to Gedna 
     Relvel's Tomb, the activator for the Robe of the Lich quest. Considering
     how long it takes to get down to the Temple Shrine area, I suggest 
     starting that quest before you do this, unless you like to walk a 
     When you enter the Tomb, walk forward a bit, and you'll get a message
     saying you smell something strange (outside of normal sewer smells).
     This is your signal to return back to the Temple Courtyard. Once there,
     talk with Mehra Helas about latest rumors. She'll explain that there
     are rumors about a new disease spreading around by rats. She suggests
     that you talk with Nerile Andaren and offer your help to stop the
     disease from spreading. Enter the Temple, and make your way to the Hall
     of Ministry, and talk with Nerile.
     Do her a favor, and she'll hand you a Cure Common Disease potion to give
     to Geon Auline. Use your Mark spell, and give the potion to Auline in
     his Manor in Godsreach. Use you're Recall spell, and talk with Nerile
     again. When you reach the Halls of Ministry again, seven infected rats
     appear; kill them fast (be careful not to hit NPCs), and talk with
     Nerile again. She assures you that this disease isn't a problem, but 
     there is another person who appears to be affected, and needs a Cure
     Common Disease potion. Exit out of the Temple into the Courtyard, and
     talk with Athelyn Malas, who should be right in front of the entrance.
     Give him the potion, then return to Nerile again.
     After doing some boring pre-K quest work, Nerole finally gives you the
     goods. The disease appears to be the Crimson Plague, a previously
     thought-to-be extinct disease. Apparently, it's back. Enter the 
     basement, and approach the trap door to the Temple Sewers. Before you
     can do this, you'll run into a knocked-out Ordinator, and Shunari
     Eye-Fly standing above him. Talk with Shunari, and you'll find out 
     she's infected by the Crimson Plague. In return for curing her, she'll
     give you some information about the disease. Lastly, Shunari tells you
     to find her in the Temple Gardens to cure her.
     Return to Nerile (again), and mention "help Shunari" to her. She knows
     that Shunari will not drink a potion (paranoid, apparently), so she
     gives you a Chridilte's Panacea scroll. Enter the Temple sewers, and
     return to the Temple Gardens. Shunari will be standing right in front
     of the Temple Shrine.
     Cure her, and she'll tell you about how you released the disease when
     you entered Gedna Relvel's Tomb. She explains that she saw the Lich,
     and in one moment, disappear entirely. She believes there is a secret
     passage with loads of treasure.
     Enter the Tomb, and move through it until you reach the most bottom
     point of the dungeon (right before the wooden ladder). Staring at the
     ladder, turn left 90 degrees, and look at the wall. She the hidden
     door? There are two types of rock separating by a very distinct line.
     Look slightly below this, and you should find a smaller rock; step over
     it, and the door will open, revealing three Skeleton Champions.
     The rest the secret passage will have a couple of skeleton foes for you
     to race. Eventually, you'll face the Lich himself. He's strong with
     the force, so either dodge his magics, or face the consequences. His
     magic defense is pretty high, so it may be best to use brutal force
     against him. When he dies, take the Robe of the Lich off his body.
     Return to Shunari, and talk with her to receive one final journal entry
     update (just to "finish" up the quest). Return back to Nerile as well,
     and she'll give you the Grace of Almsivi ability. This restores 30-80
     points in health, 60-100 points of fatigue, and cures common diseases.
     You can use this once a day.
    - Ten-Tongues' Secret Supplier -
     When you have a really high disposition with Ten-Tongues, pawnbroker,
     he will bring up special offers: good scrolls for dirt cheap.
     When you ask about the special offers, he admits to dealing in shady
     business with another Khajitt named Ahnia, found beneath the Great
     You need to make a decision at this moment. If you choose to look for
     Ahnia, Ten-Tongues loses his connection with her, and you lose out
     on his special offers. However, you also gain an awesome relationship
     with the enchanter in Craftmen's Hall. Choose what you want; if you want
     a 100 disposition with Elbert Nermare (enchanter), then continue. If
     you like to keep the special offers, stop what you're doing now.
     Enter the sewers in the southeast corner of the Great Bazaar. Once
     inside, go west up the hill, and talk with Ahnia. When you mention
     Ten-Tongues, she gets pissed off that he taddled about his shady 
     business. She attacks you immediately. Kill her off, and take the nice
     Glass Dagger from the body. Return back to Ten-Tongues, who is a little
     displeased that you killed his dealer. Mention Ahnia to him, and he'll
     give her stolen book (Private Notes - DO NOT READ), and wants nothing
     to do with you. Read the book, and you'll uncover that Elbert Nermare
     owns the book (by the fact his signature is on it).
     Go to the second floor of Craftmen's Hall, and talk with Elbert. Give
     him the book, and it raises your disposition with him to 100. He also
     says he will give you a small discount when buying from him.
    - To Be or Not To Be -
     In the Great Bazaar, you'll notice a large portion of the area goes to
     a stage for plays. Talk with Meryn Othralas behind the stage. He
     mentions that you look like Tarvus, and that you could replace him as
     as the lead in the play. Say yes, and he will hand you the script for
     the play. You can read it if you want, but I'll only list the lines
     you need to know, as Clavides.
        1. "Good Evening. Is your master at home?"
        2. "Possibly. Would you mind if I came in?"
        3. "No thank you. What's your name?"
        4. "Anara, when did your master leave Scath Anud?"
        5. "Yes, there is. Do you know an Ashlander by the name of 
        6. "Then you aren't likely to know. He's dead. HE was found a few
           hours ago dying of frostbite in the ashlands. He was hysterical,
           nearly incomprehenisible, but among his last words were 'castle'
           and 'Xyr.'" *NOTE* This is shortened significantly as an option.
        7. "That is your master's library? Would you mind if I looked in"
        8. "As I hear, are all Telvanni."
     After you say that last line, an assassin from the crowd runs after you.
     After you dispatch him, take his daedric wakizashi, and talk with
     Meryn again. He explains that Tarvus had a little run-in with a
     Tevanni's daughter, and he hired an assassin to kill Tarvus. Tarvus
     usually moves from place to place, so he's hard to find at home. But
     he can always be found on stage, so Meryn decided to let someone else
     take Tarvus' place. Depending on how well you did your lines (minus 
     200 gold per bad line), he will give you 2000 gold and an okay amulet 
     of Verbosity.
    - The Unfaithful Husband -
     Head towards Andoren Manor in Godsreach, and talk with Deldrise 
     Andoren. She's a bit pissed off that you entered her house without
     knocking, but she decides she should ask your help in finding her
     husband, Taren. Say okay, and head off towards the Winged Guar, Taren's
     stop to get wasted.
     When you approach the Winged Guar, you'll receive a message and journal
     update. Look a bit ahead, and you'll see a dark elf sneaking away, 
     heading towards the southeast. Follow him (not too close), and you'll
     see him and another woman meet near Craftmen's Hall. 
     When you see Taren meet with the woman, you should receive a journal
     entry update. I had some problems getting it to pop up, but appears
     others have not. My best advice is to make sure you follow Taren's
     movements, despite the fact that he's slower then hell.
     After his "meeting," you have a couple of choices on how to finish off
     this quest.
       1. After receiving the journal entry update, return back to Deldrise.
          She's disappointed that you didn't do anything, but rewards you
          500 gold for telling her anyway.
       2. Talk with Taren and the woman. Taren will ask that you bugger off,
          but the woman realizes that Deldrise sent you to follow Taren,
          and attacks you. Kill her, and Taren will begin to attack you.
          Don't kill him (i.e. knock him out, or run away), or you'll ruin
          the quest (Deldrise is furious when she finds out Taren is dead,
          and refuses to talk with you). Talk with Deldrise, and she's
          overjoyed that the woman is dead. She hands you a 1000 gold reward.
       3. If you kill both Taren and the woman, Deldrise will refuse to talk
          with you.
    - When Psycho Wizards Attack -
     Talk with Drathas Reyas, and he'll tell you about a dangerous wizard
     that teleports out of nowhere, and attacks people. Interesting. Walk
     away, and you may be interuptted by a teleporting wizard Oris Velos. 
     He'll pop out of nowhere, saying how great he is, then want to 'display'
     his power by killing you. He's darn easy to kill (even you say something
     about it). Grab the Worn Key from his body, which can be used to open up
     Gavis Velas' Manor in Godsreach. (Drathas Reyas in Great Bazaar tells 
     that Oris has a relative).
     When you enter Velas' Manor, and mention his brother's death, Gavis
     will demand a duel. It seems that Gavis is a good man, but he has to
     revenge his brother, no matter what.
     Unfortunately, Gavis is a tough fight. Immediately, he'll summon many
     creatures, including a Golden Saint. Still, he's not the hardest thing
     evar, right? 
                                   7. Fog Fix
     Apparently, certain ATi Radeon graphic cards cause a fog in the Dome of 
     To fix it, it requires the use of the TES:CS editor. If you haven't 
     touched it before, fear not! It's far simplier then it looks, and just
     a few instructions will help you on your way through the game.
     To begin with, open the editor. You don't need the construction set 
     disc. Select data files on the top left corner of the program menu, then
     double-click Morrowind.esm and Tribunal.esm. Select okay when they're 
     both checked.
     Depending on your computer, it may take awhile for the CS to load up the
     .esms. When its done, select "world" on the top menu, then scroll down
     to Interior Cell.
     This loads up a new window; basically it gives lighting effects to 
     internal cells in the game. Scroll for Sotha Sil, Dome of Seryln (you 
     just start with some mine), and change the Fog from 1.00 to 0.00 (it 
     might be the other way around, but I don't have access to the editor
                                   8. Closing 
    Credits, Or this guide would not be possible without the help of...
      CJAYC <www.gamefaqs.com> - For creating the coolest site on the net and 
        hosting this FAQ.
      Official Tribunal Forum at morrowind.com - For fix on fog in Clockwork
        City, among other things.
      Andrew Rockefeller - For strategy to kill Imperfect, rewards for
        romance quest, how to kill Black Dart Gang.
      Superjmike - For numerous locations of Artifacts in Vvardenfell.
      Chris Coderre - For Andoren quest solutions.
      Eltharion5 - For Black Dart quest reward, and for mentioning not all
        the items in the rare item book in the Museum of Artifacts are 
    This GUIDE is (c) 2005 cnick.  This guide may be not be reproduced at all
    except for personal, private use. This guide is not to be used for 
    profitable/promotional purposes (even if no money would be made by 
    selling it or posting it on a for-profit webpage) ; this includes being 
    used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being 
    incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way.  Unless noted on this 
    guide, this document should not be found on any web site other than 
    gamefaqs.com. This GUIDE was created and is owned by myself. Any 
    characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright their 
    respective companies. 
    The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal FAQ - (c) 2003-2005 cnick
    -End of FAQ-

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