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    Museum Artifacts FAQ by Insomnia

    Version: FINAL | Updated: 01/14/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -------------------------The Elder Scrolls 3: Tribunal-------------------------
    -----------------------------Museum Artifacts FAQ------------------------------
    ---------------------------Written by Chris Coderre----------------------------
    version: FINAL
    Last Updated: 1-14-05
    1. Introduction
    2. Contact Info
    3. Legal Stuff
    4. Traveling to Mournhold
    5. Donating to the Museum
    6. Mournhold Artifacts
       - BiPolar Blade
       - Dagger of Symmachus
       - Mace of Slurring
       - Robe of the Lich
    7. Vvardenfell Artifacts
       - Auriel's Bow
       - Auriel's Shield
       - Bloodworm Helm
       - Boots of Blinding Speed
       - Boots of the Apostle
       - Bow of Shadows
       - Chrysamere
       - Cuirass of the Savior's Hide
       - Dragonbone Cuirass
       - Ebony Mail
       - Eleidon's Ward
       - Fang of Haynekhtnamet
       - Goldbrand
       - Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
       - Ice Blade of the Monarch
       - Lord's Mail
       - Mace of Molag Bal
       - Ring of Phynaster
       - Skull-Crusher
       - Spear of Bitter Mercy
       - Spell Breaker
       - Staff of Hasedoki
       - Staff of Magnus
       - Ten Pace Boots
       - Umbra Sword
       - Vampiric Ring
       - Veloth's Judgement
       - Warlock's Ring
    This is a guide written to help you collect all the unique items in the Museum 
    of Artifacts. 
    The Museum of Artifacts is in Mournhold, in the western part of the city, known
    as Godsreach. The museum curator, Torasa Aram, will buy these artifacts from
    you when you bring them to her, for 50% of their value up to 30,000 gold. So,
    if you bring her an artifact worth 18,000 gold, she'll give you 9,000 gold for
    it. If you bring her an artifact worth 60,000 gold or more, she'll give you 
    30,000 gold. Not only is the museum a very good opportunity to make a ton of 
    money, it's also fun hunting down these treasures all over Morrowind.
    There is a book on the bench in the back of the museum called "Famed Artifacts
    of Tamriel" which supposedly lists all the artifacts that the museum wants.
    I hate this book. It lists MANY of the artifacts that you need, but it also 
    has a bunch that Torasa Aram won't buy from you. Do you know how frustrating it
    is to have spent hours hunting down an artifact in that book only to find out
    that the museum won't buy it? For example, the last artifact listed in the book
    is the Daedric Crescent, one of the rarest treasures in all of Vvardenfell.
    You'd think the museum would be happy to have such an item, but of course you
    can't even talk to Torasa Aram about it. (If you're wondering by the way, to
    get the crescent you have to find an amulet in Divayth Fyr's office that takes
    you to Magas Volar, where there's a special Dremora with the Crescent. But
    I digress.) The only two artifacts that aren't in the book are the Boots of 
    Blinding Speed and Auriel's Shield.
    You may want to read the appropriate section for an artifact before selling it,
    because sometimes the artifact is needed for a faction quest. For example, if
    you find the Lord's Mail and sell it to the musuem, you won't be able to 
    complete the Imperial Legion quest where you are supposed to recover it. 
    In cases like this, you want to complete the faction quest first and THEN sell
    the artifact to the museum. I don't think there are any artifacts that cannot
    be sold to the museum after completing the faction quest (thanks to Daron for
    some help with this).
    Note that this is not a guide to find all the unique items in Morrowind. There
    are a ton of unique items in the game, but this guide only covers the ones that
    you can sell to the museum in Mournhold. As far as I know, I have all of them
    listed already.
    2. Contact Info|
    This guide is in its final state right now and will not be updated. I've
    removed my email address for a couple reasons, the biggest of which is that I
    haven't played this game for about two years, and whenever I got a question I
    usually had to look up the answer in the editor that came with the game. If you
    stil happen to have my email address from an earlier version of the FAQ, please
    don't send me anything regarding this game or it will be ignored.
    If you REALLY have a question that you can't find an answer to here, then there
    are lots of other FAQs out there that will probably help you. Some good sites
    to start with are www.gamefaqs.com or www.ign.com. If you still can't figure it
    out, then I encourage you to do some snooping in the game editor. There's some
    fun stuff that can be done once you get the hang of it.
    I apologize for any inconvenience that the removal of my email address may
    cause anyone, but I can't keep answering questions on a game I haven't played
    for years. Besides, at the moment I am (like everyone else, probably) drooling
    over the screenshots for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. If you haven't checked
    them out yet, then head over to www.elderscrolls.com and see for yourself, but
    be prepared to have your jaw hit the floor.
    3. Legal Stuff|
    You know the drill. This guide is the copyrighted property of Chris Coderre. 
    You may not use this guide for any commercial use or anything other than 
    private, personal use.
    If you want to use a part or all of this guide on your website, well then you
    should have asked me before now. It is not to be posted on any other websites
    than the ones that it is currently on.
    4. Traveling to Mournhold|
    This is not a walkthrough of the Tribunal expansion set, nor is it a guide for
    all the quests of Mournhold. However, due to the massive amount of email I've 
    received asking me how to get to Mournhold, I decided to add this section.
    After all, you can't sell artifacts to the museum if you can't even get to the 
    This process differs depending on what version of the game you have. If you're
    playing on the PC, then the first time your character sleeps after you install 
    Tribunal, you will be attacked by a Dark Brotherhood assassin dressed like a 
    ninja. If you're playing the Game of the Year edition, which includes the
    Tribunal expansion from the beginning, then you have to be Level 8 or above.
    (Thanks to Jeremy for clarifying this). In either case, your journal will 
    be updated, suggesting that you report to a guard. Once you do so, they will 
    tell you to go see Apelles Matius in western Ebonhart. He's the one wearing a 
    full set of Adamantium armor.
    He will refer you to Asciene Rane in the Grand Council Chambers, who can send
    you back and forth to the mainland. She should be on the first floor of the 
    Grand Council Chambers, and when you speak with her she will send you to 
    Mournhold. Once there, you can speak with the Argonian Effe-Tei whenever you 
    want to return to Vvardenfell.
    This is my understanding of the process of getting to Mournhold. I'm not
    entirely sure of the specifics, as this is not the focus of the guide, but I
    believe this is correct. Once you get to Mournhold you are free to continue on
    the Dark Brotherhood quest or just explore for a bit. The museum is in
    Godsreach, the western quarter of the city, when you're ready for it.
    5. Donating to the Museum|
    As part of the quest "The Blade of Nerevar," given to you by Almalexia, you 
    have to obtain a Dwemer artifact from Torasa Aram, the curator of the museum. 
    To do this, she asks you to donate two items to her collection. For some, this 
    can be a problem. If you have already sold her all or nearly all of the 
    artifacts mentioned in this FAQ, then you will have none left to donate. For 
    that reason, it is best to either do this quest as early as you can, so that 
    you don't run out of items to sell, or set aside two items in advance, for when
    you get to this quest. It's also a good idea to look for the harder-to-find 
    items first, so that you don't get stuck hunting for the hardest item on the 
    list to donate.
    If you have already sold all or all but one of the items on the list when you
    start this quest, I think you're stuck. As far as I know, the only way out of
    that situation is to use the console to cheat and get the Dwemer artifact
    directly. The command for this is:
    Player->AddItem "dwemer_shield_battle_unique" 1
    I don't condone using the console to add items normally, but this is a special
    situation. (Thanks to Lloyd for bringing this to my attention)
    6. Mournhold Artifacts|
    These four artifacts are new to Tribunal and can be found within the city of 
    Mournhold. They are all gotten through quests, which makes them fairly easy to 
    find. None of them are part of faction quests.
    -BiPolar Blade
    Type:    Longblade, Two-Handed
    Chop:    5-61     Slash: 1-50     Thrust: 1-35
    Value:   40,000
    Cast When Strikes: Frenzy Humanoid 30 pts for 15 secs
                       Calm Humanoid 30 pts for 15 secs
    Location: You get this blade from "The Matchmaker" quest. To start, find Marena
    Gilnith in the western end of the Great Bazaar. Talk to her about "meet someone
    new" and she'll tell you that she wants you to find her a nice, single man. The
    guy you want is Sunel Hlas, in the Trader shop here in the Bazaar. Talk to him
    about "women" and mention Marena Gilnith. Then you'll have to go talk with her
    again to set up the date. Head back to Sunel Hlas, and talk about Marena 
    Gilnith TWICE, without saying goodbye. The second time, you get the chance to 
    give him advice. Tell him to be optimistic and not so depressed. Come back a 
    few days later to ask how the date went. Marena Gilnith should be upstairs in 
    the shop, and Sunel Hlas will give you the BiPolar Blade.
    This quest will occasionally not work. Apparently there is a certain chance of
    the date going wrong, based on what response you give to Sunel. If you tell him
    to be optimistic, then you have a 75% chance of the date going well, but that's
    still a 25% chance of it going wrong. If you do everything as desribed above,
    but when you talk to Sunel at the end he tells you that the date went awfully,
    and Marena will refuse to speak to you, then it's just bad luck. As far as I 
    know, there's really only two ways around it if this happens to you. If you 
    happen to have a save game from far enough back, you can load it and do the 
    quest over again to see if it works the second time (since this quest takes 
    several days, however, this can be a pain in the ass). The second way is to 
    just cheat and use the console to get the BiPolar Blade. The command for this 
    Player->AddItem "Bipolar Blade" 1
    Again, I don't recommend using the console to get items under normal
    circumstances, but if this quest fails then there's no other way to get the
    artifact. (Thanks to Lloyd for pointing this out and to kos-mos1 for explaining
    the statistics to me)
    -Dagger of Symmachus
    Type:   Shortblade, One-Handed
    Chop:   12-17    Slash: 13-16    Thrust: 13-13
    Value:  20,000
    Constant Effect: Fortify Short Blade 10 pts
                     Fortify Endurance 10 pts
                     Refect 10%
    Location: This dagger is given to you by King Helseth after you defeat his 
    champion Karrod in the quest "Helseth's Champion." Helseth should be in his 
    throne room. If he's not, then you have to do more main quests for either the 
    Temple or for Tienius Delitian, who's standing right next to the throne. After
    finishing Helseth's "An Assassination Attempt" quest, he'll invite you to duel
    Karrod. Come back the next day and speak to Helseth again, and everyone will 
    move to the sides of the room. Use this time to cast any protective or fortify
    spells, or to summon creatures to help in the fight. In a moment Karrod will
    attack you. Compared to some of the other enemies in Mournhold, Karrod is not
    that difficult. He has no offensive spells and no refect ability either, but
    be careful when using spells that you don't hit anyone else in the room. Karrod
    will end the fight when his health drops below 100 (out of 634). Then speak to
    Helseth and he'll give you the Dagger of Symmachus.
    -Mace of Slurring
    Type:   Blunt Weapon, One-Handed
    Chop:   8-28     Slash: 8-28     Thrust: 1-6
    Value:  20,000
    Cast When Strikes: Drain Speechcraft 10-20 pts for 15 secs
    Location: This mace is obtained through the mission "The Thief." Go to Sadri 
    Manor in Godsreach and you'll learn that Golena Sadri downstairs has gone 
    crazy. Talk to Alvan Llarys, the guy next to Golena, and he'll say that Golena
    was seen talking to Elbert Nermarc recently. Head up to the Craftsmen's Hall
    and find Elbert upstairs. He'll tell you about some strange devices that Golena
    showed him. Head back to Sadri Manor and you'll find Alvan Llarys locked out. 
    Open the level 90 lock on the door and head inside to find the Ordinator dead
    downstairs. Feel free to grab his armor now, because he'll disappear once this
    quest is over. Go through the trap door in the floor and follow the sewers 
    until you find a trap door with crates on top of it. Activate the lever on the 
    pipe nearby to raise the water level and swim through the trapdoor. From there
    go to the next ladder up. In this hallway there are strange devices that blast
    you with magic attacks when you come near them. There's no way to disable them
    or destroy them, so your only choice is to make a run for it or try to sneak 
    past. If you have reflect or spell absorption spells then turn them on. At the
    end of the hall you'll come to a large room with Golena Sadri on the other end.
    She's wearing a nearly full set of glass armor and using a Daedric Longbow with
    excellent arrows, so be careful. Once she's dead, take the Mace of Slurring off
    of her body, and report back to Alvan Llarys.
    -Robe of the Lich
    Type:   Robe
    Value:  22,000
    Cast When Used: Drain Health 600 pts on self
                    Fortify Magicka 300 pts on self
    Location: This comes form the "Crimson Plague" quest, which is one LONG quest,
    so I'll just summarize. Start the quest by entering Gedna Relvel's tomb in the 
    Temple Gardens, off of the Temple Sewers. You'll get a message about a smell
    inside the tomb. You can leave after that, there's not much else inside the 
    tomb yet. After a while, you'll hear in "latest rumors" about a disease in
    Mournhold. Talk to the healer in the Temple Hall of Ministry, Nerile Andaren.
    She'll have you deliver two potions to people in Mournhold, then send you into 
    the sewers to investigate. In the basement you'll find a Khajiit named Shunari
    standing over a knocked-out Ordinator. Talk to her and she'll tell you to meet 
    her in the Temple Gardens. When you do, you'll need to be able to cure her of a
    common disease; either cast a spell or talk to Nerile Andaren to get a scroll.
    Then speak with Shunari and she'll tell you about how she saw Gedna Relvel in
    the tomb. Keep talking with her until she mentions the secret passage. Head 
    back into the tomb and find the room with the wooden ladder. To the left of it
    there is a rock on the ground which you need to step on to open the passage. 
    Past some skeletons you'll find the Lich Gedna Relvel. She is quite a hard
    enemy. Her magic attack is insane: Poison 100-200 pts, Fire Damage 100-200 pts,
    and Frost Damage 100-200 pts on target. Ouch. It'll probably be enough to kill
    you in two or three hits. Once you manage to take her down, you can take the
    Robe of the Lich off her body.
    7. Vvardenfell Artifacts|
    All of the following artifacts can be found in Morrowind and do not require the
    Tribunal expansion to get. Some are obtained through faction quests, some are 
    just lying around for you to find, and some are from Daedric Shrine quests.
    -Auriel's Bow
    Type:    Marksman
    Damage:  2-50
    Value:   30,000
    No Enchanting
    Faction Quest: House Telvanni, "Auriel's Bow" Don't sell it if you plan to do
                   this quest. Therana takes it from you at the end of the quest if
                   you choose to give it to her. You can refuse, but she'll attack
                   you. Don't kill her if you want any further dealings with House
    Location: This bow is in the hands of Ralyn Othravel in Ghostgate, Tower of 
    Dawn. He has it on him, but not equipped, so it is possible to pickpocket him
    and take it without being noticed, but you'll need a very high sneak skill.
    Otherwise you'll need to just kill him.
    -Auriel's Shield
    Type:    Heavy Armor Shield
    Value:   17,000
    No Enchanting
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: Auriel's Shield is also in Ghostgate, in the Tower of Dusk this time.
    Drelyne Llenim, who's upstairs, has it equipped, so you have to kill her if you
    want to get her shield. Try to taunt her into attacking you, since your crime
    will be reported if you attack her.
    -Bloodworm Helm
    Type:    Heavy Armor Helm
    Value:   34,000
    Cast When Used: Turn Undead 20-30 pts for 30 secs in 20 ft on target
                    Summon Skeletal Minion for 30 secs
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: This helm is in the Maren Ancestral Tomb, West-SouthWest from the 
    Erabenimsun Camp. From the camp, head west on the path and you'll run right
    into the tomb. Inside you'll find a Nord named Crazy Batou, wearing the
    Bloodworm Helm. He's marked as essential, so when you kill him you get the
    message that the thread of the prophesy has been severed and all that. The
    only reason he's marked as essential is because he was an important character
    in Daggerfall, the previous installment of The Elder Scrolls series (thanks to
    Oz Dark Knight for this info).Anyway, kill him and take his helm to obtain this
    -Boots of Blinding Speed
    Type:    Light Armor Boots
    Value:   500
    Constant Effect: Blind 100% on Self
                     Fortify Speed 200 pts on Self
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: You get these boots from Pemenie, a Redguard who's hanging out on the
    path north of Caldera. She's pretty easy to spot as her boots are glowing. If
    you just want her boots, then kill her and take them; she's a pretty easy kill.
    If you want to do it the polite way, then talk to her and agree to escort her
    to Gnaar Mok. When you get there, she'll hand the boots over willingly. If you
    talk to the people in Gnaar Mok after that, they'll tell you she's got a price
    on her head, and when you talk to Pemenie about it she'll get upset and attack
    you. So you end up killing her anyway.
    -Boots of the Apostle
    Type:    Light Armor Boots
    Value:   55,000
    Cast When Used: Levitate 30-40 pts for 30 secs
    Faction Quest: Imperial Cult, "Boots of the Apostle" You need to present these
                   boots for that quest, but you get to keep them afterwards.
    Location: These boots are on a dead warrior in the underground caves of
    Berandas. Berandas is southeast of Gnisis, across the river. It's not hard to
    find, being a giant stone stronghold and all. There are several Daedra inside
    Berandas, including two Winged Twilights right next to the dead warrior, so
    wait until you're a reasonable level to try this. Also, if you levitate up to
    a platform above the dead warrior you'll find a woman named Ama Nin, who gives
    you Mara's Skirt and Mara's Blouse if you give her a Divine Intervention 
    Scroll. If you speak with Lalatia Varian at the Imperial Chapels in Ebonheart
    she'll tell you that you probably met an incarnation of the god Mara. Cosmic.
    -Bow of Shadows
    Type:    Marksman
    Damage:  4-40
    Value:   42,000
    Cast When Used: Invisibility for 30 secs on self
                    Fortify Speed 20 pts for 30 secs on self
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: This Bow is lying on a table in the Venim Ancestral Tomb, just north
    of the Zainab Camp. From the camp head straight north and you'll run right into
    it. Inside the tomb you'll find Goris the Maggot King, who is part of a little
    side quest that doesn't have any journal entries. Apparently Goris is a necro-
    mancer that works with bandits and then betrays them, sending legions of dead
    after them. In the Nerano Ancestral Tomb, a little west from Tel Vos, there's a
    note from a bandit named Bakarak talking about how Goris raided their hideout.
    Nearby is the body of a woman named Ursine, who is carrying a key. This key
    opens a door in their rendezvous point, the Indaren Ancestral Tomb, which is
    on the northern coast of the mainland, northwest from the Daedric ruins of
    Zergonipal and north of some Dwemer ruins. Inside the Indaren Tomb, past the
    locked door, is the body of Tyronius. On it you will find a key and a note
    to his brother telling him to avenge his death by killing Goris. In the note he
    says that Goris hides out in a tomb in Tel Mora, and that his key fits the lock
    there. Take the key and head to the Venim Ancestral Tomb to find Goris. This is
    just a side quest and is not required, but it's cool to see how the makers of
    this game threw so much extra stuff into it (thanks to Bronthion for some help
    on this quest).
    Type:    Longblade, Two-Handed
    Chop:    5-70    Slash: 5-60    Thrust: 5-40
    Value:   95,000
    Cast When Used: Resist Fire 5-20% for 30 secs
                    Restore Health 5-20 pts
                    Reflect 5-20% for 30 secs
    Faction Quest: Imperial Legion, "Lord's Mail" You have to turn this over to
                   Varus Vatinius for his last quest, but you can take it back
                   after killing him in the duel.
    Location: The Paladin's Blade is in the cavern of Abanabi, southwest of Sadrith
    Mora. From Wolverine Hall, go one island west, then one island south and you'll
    see the entrance to Abanabi facing north on that island. Inside, head down 
    until you find a large room filled with water. The Dunmer woman Draramu Hloran
    is on a raised wooden platform in this room, weilding Chrysamere. Kill her and
    take her blade. There's also some raw diamond and ebony in this room, so grab
    that before leaving.
    -Cuirass of the Savior's Hide
    Type:    Light Armor Cuirass
    Value:   150,000
    Constant Effect: Resist Magicka 60%
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: The Cuirass of the Savior's hide is in a closet in the Tower of Tel
    Fyr, near Divayth Fyr's office. While it's not hard to find, it has a level 100
    lock and it's trapped. There is a key for it, but to get that key you need to
    open a chest with the same lock level. There's a trail of keys that you can 
    follow if you choose, starting with the one of Divayth Fyr's desk, then to the
    Corprusarium, and I'm not sure where from there. There aren't too many chests,
    so you can follow the trail if you wish, or just pick the lock on the closet
    and take the Cuirass.
    -Dragonbone Cuirass
    Type:    Heavy Armor Cuirass
    Value:   180,000
    Constant Effect: Resist Fire 100%
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: The Dragonbone Cuirass is a tough one to find. It's in the central 
    vault of the Mudan Dwemer ruins. To get there, head south out of Ebonheart onto
    the small island there. From that island, swim out into the water to the south-
    west. Not too far off the coast you'll find an entrance, underwater, to the 
    Mudan Grotto. You'll need some sort of water breathing spell to get through
    here since it's all underwater. Continue through the grotto until you get to
    the the Lost Dwewer Checkpoint. From there go down the stairs and to the left
    until you find a ladder to the right tower. The corpse in front of you has a 
    key on him which opens a cabinet upstairs in the Lost Dwewer Checkpoint area.
    Inside the cabinet is another key. Take this one and head north into the 
    Central Vault, using your new key to open the door. In here you need to kill
    the Steam Centurion Guard and take the key off his body which opens the cabinet
    right next to you. Inside is the Dragonbone Cuirass. Whew.
    -Ebony Mail
    Type:    Medium Armor Cuirass
    Value:   120,000
    Constant Effect: Resist Fire 75%
                     Shield 50 pts
                     Resist Magicka 20%
    Faction Quest: Temple, "Ebony Mail" You have to get this cuirass for Saryoni's 
                   last quest. Just show it to him before you sell it to the
    Location: As far as I know, you can only get this artifact if you're a member
    of the Temple. You'll need to advance far enough to get Archcanon Tholer
    Saryoni's final quest. This quest has you out searching for the Mount
    Assarnibibi shrine. It's pretty easy to find, just head south from the 
    Erabenimsun Camp, then turn east when you see the path. Activate the shrine and
    you will receive the Ebony Mail.
    -Eleidon's Ward
    Type:    Heavy Armor Shield
    Value:   200,000
    Cast When Used: Restore Health 50-100 pts on self
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: You find this shield in the cavern of Ibar-dad, east of Khuul. Go 
    east of Khuul over the mountains and you'll see the entrance to this cavern in
    the foyada right in front of you. It seems like a pretty standard bandit cave
    until you start seeing Daedric ruins. At the end of the cave, you'll find two
    Dremora Lords guarding a locked door. Inside is a small room with a Golden
    Saint in front of some kind of burial chambers. There's a corpse with some nice
    Daedric equipment, including a Daedric Face of Inspiration. Eleidon's Ward is
    fixed to the wall above you. You'll have to jump or levitate up to get it.
    -Fang of Haynekhtnamet
    Type:    Short Blade, One-Handed
    Chop:    11-20    Slash: 11-20    Thrust: 13-30
    Value:   32,000
    Cast When Strikes: Shock Damage 20-40 pts
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: This dagger is lying in a trough in the Shrine of Pitted Dreams in
    the Sixth House base of Mamaea. The entrance to Mamaea is directly east of 
    Berandas, which is south of Gnisis. Head east from Berandas and the door to 
    Mamaea is east-facing on the side of a hill. If you reach the Daedric ruins, 
    you've gone too far. Mamea is fairly large, but it's also pretty easy to
    navigate. Just head to the back and the dagger is in a tub next to a dreamer
    priest, along with some other useful items (including another Daedric Face of
    Type:    Long Blade, One-Handed
    Chop:    10-50    Slash: 10-45    Thrust: 10-25
    Value:   150,000
    Cast When Strikes: Fire Damage 10-30 pts
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: This is a very frustrating artifact to obtain, simply because it
    takes FOREVER. You get this blade through the Daedric Shrine quest of Boethiah.
    Boethiah's shrine is underwater, just northwest of Hla Oad. Go northwest until
    you find the Daedric ruins that are above water, then from there swim west
    and look for the ruins beneath you. Find the head of the statue and activate it
    to trigger another painfully slow message from a Daedra lord (while you're 
    struggling to hold your breath underwater, no less). Boethiah will tell you to
    rebuild his shrine, and to look for a sculptor to do it in Caldera. Head to 
    Caldera and go upstairs in the Ghorak Manor and find Duma Gro-Lag. He says
    he'll build the shrine, but he needs 2,000 gold and a statue book to show him
    what the shrine needs to look like. The book you want is called Boethiah's
    Glory. You can find it at Jobasha's Rare Books in the Vivec Foreign Quarter. 
    You could steal it, but it's only worth 25 gold. Either way, when you bring
    Duma Gro-Lag the gold and the book he says he'll build the shrine at Khartag
    Point, and that it will take a few weeks. A few weeks in this game is a LONG
    time. Specifically, it'll take about 20 days. You could just go to Khartag 
    Point and rest for 20 days in a row, but that's kind of a waste of time. You
    could probably rise to the top of a guild or two while you're waiting. Anyway,
    when the shrine is finished activate it to receive Goldbrand.
    -Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
    Type:    Heavy Armor Helm
    Value:   125,000
    Constant Effect: Fortify Agility 40 pts
                     Fortify Endurance 40 pts
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: This helm is given to you by the Daedra Lord Malacath after 
    completing his quest. Malacath's shrine is inside the Daedric ruins of
    Assurdirapal, south of Vas. The best way to get there is probably to take a
    boat to Dagon Fel and head west along the island until you get to the coast. 
    From there, go west-southwest until you see the Daedric ruins. It's on the same
    island as Ald Redaynia, on the east side. Once inside, head down to the inner 
    shrine and you'll find the statue. Malacath tells you to kill the descendent of
    Oreyn Bearclaw, the false hero. If you ask around in Vivec you'll hear that his
    descendent, Farvyn Oreyn, is off helping the people of Gnaak Mok. Go there,
    and Farvyn Oreyn will be to the south of the town, next to a few dead bull 
    netches. When you talk to him, mention that you were sent by Malacath to kill
    him and he'll attack you. Farvyn himself isn't too tough, but his too guards
    may be, depending on your level. When Farvyn is dead, return to the shrine of
    Malacath to claim your reward.
    -Ice Blade of the Monarch
    Type:    Long Blade, Two-Handed
    Chop:    5-50    Slash: 4-40    Thrust: 3-30
    Value:   95,000
    Cast When Strikes: Frost Damage 10-40 pts
    Faction Quest: Imperial Cult, "Ice Blade of the Monarch" You need to recover
                   this blade for that quest, but you get to keep it afterwards.
    Location: This blade is easily found inside the Dunmer stronghold of Rotheran.
    Head south out of Dagon Fel and follow the path, it'll take you straight there.
    Llaren Terano is holding the sword, and he is in the Arena area of Rotheran,
    on the stairs on the right side. He's fairly low level, but he has some strong
    spells and he'll use the Ice Blade against you, so he may be challenging for
    lower level characters.
    -Lord's Mail
    Type:    Heavy Armor Cuirass
    Value:   190,000
    Cast When Used: Cure Poison on self
                    Resist Magicka 20-30% for 30 secs on self
    Faction Quest: Imperial Legion, "Lord's Mail" Varius Vatinius has you recover 
                   this. You can take it back from him after you duel him to become
                   the new Knight of the Imperial Dragon.
    Location: The Lord's Mail is easy to find, and you may have found it by
    accident already. It's in the Underground Caves underneath Ebonheart. To get
    there, either pick the lock on the hidden door right next to the shrine in the
    Imperial Commission, or use the external entrance. The entrance to the caves is
    underwater, just northeast of the Grand Council Chambers. Inside you'll find a
    man named Furius Acilius wearing the armor. When you talk to him he'll attack
    you. Just kill him and take the mail.
    -Mace of Molag Bal
    Type:    Blunt Weapon, One-Handed
    Chop:    3-30    Slash: 3-35    Thrust: 1-4
    Value:   25,000
    Cast When Strikes: Absorb Strength 1-15 pts for 30 secs
                       Absorb Magicka 1-20 pts for 30 secs
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: This artifact comes from another Daedric shrine quest. The shrine of
    Molag Bal is inside Yansirramus, southwest of Tel Aruhn in the western part of
    Zafirbel Bay. The statue is just inside the entrance. When activated, he will
    tell you to kill the Daedroth Menta Na in Kora-Dur, and gives you a ket to get
    in. The door to Kora-Dur is directly east of Kogoruhn, the Dunmer Stronghold.
    You can get to Kogoruhn by heading northeast from Maar Gan, and once there go
    straight east. The entrance to Kora-Dur is facing north. Menta Na is at the 
    very back of the cave. Kill him and return to the statue of Molag Bal to get 
    the mace.
    -Ring of Phynaster
    Type:    Ring
    Value:   18,000
    Constant Effect: Resist Poison 20%
                     Resist Magicka 20%
                     Resist Shock 20%
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: The Ring of Phynaster is inside the Senim Ancestral Tomb, which is 
    easily found just southeast of Dagon Fel. From Dagon Fel take the road east, 
    then follow it south and you'll run right into the tomb. At the back of the 
    tomb you'll find a corpse on a platform decorated in bonemold armor. The ring
    is on the corpse.
    Type:    Blunt Weapon, Two-Handed
    Chop:    10-60    Slash: 10-50    Thrust: 7-10
    Value:   48,000
    Constant Effect: Feather 15 pts
                     Fortify Attack 5 pts
    Faction Quest: Imperial Cult, "Skull-Crusher" You have to present this weapon 
                   to finish the quest, but you get to keep it after.
    Location: This warhammer is inside the Daedric ruins of Anudnabia, which are
    east of Sadrith Mora, on the same island. Unfortunately, the entrance is
    blocked, so you need to find another way in. Head one island to the northeast
    to find the Omaren Ancestral Tomb. At the back of this tomb you'll find a 
    Daedric door to the Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia. Inside you'll find a forge
    with a chest floating above it, with the Skull-Crusher inside. You'll need to
    levitate up to get it.
    -Spear of Bitter Mercy
    Type:    Spear, Two-Handed
    Chop:    1-15    Slash: 1-15    Thrust: 15-60
    Value:   130,000
    Cast When Used: Reflect 20-30% for 30 secs on self
                    Summon Storm Atronach for 30 secs
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: You get the Spear of Bitter Mercy through Sheogorath's quest.
    Sheogorath's shrine is not in the usual Daedric ruins, but underneath the city
    of Vivec. To get there, head to the St. Delyn Underworks. The entrance to the
    shrine, called Ihinipalit, is in the southeast of the underworks. The statue is
    right in front of you when you walk through, but you'll need to dispatch some
    Daedra worshippers first. Sheogorath is the Daedra Lord of madness, so this 
    quest is strange. He tells you to get the Fork of Horripulation and use it to
    kill a Giant Bull Netch. The fork is in the posession of Big Head, the hermit.
    His shack is on a small island northwest of Vas. Head west from Dagon Fel to
    the water, then swim west-northwest until you find the island. It's a long
    swim. If you have the paper map that came with the game, you'll see the island
    with a little shack drawn on it. Once you get there, Big Head tells you to take
    the fork. It's the barbecue fork on the table. You need to take it and use it
    to kill the Giant Bull Netch which is directly east of Big Head's shack. Swim
    east one island and you'll see the netch. Try to soften it up a bit with
    another, more effective weapon and then deliver the death blow with the fork.
    If you slip up and kill it with a different weapon, you'll fail the quest, and
    you don't get a second chance, so be careful. You can also poison it and then
    switch to the Fork of Horripulation before it dies. However you do it, return
    to Sheogorath's shrine, with the fork, to receive the Spear of Bitter Mercy.
    -Spell Breaker
    Type:    Heavy Armor Shield
    Value:   115,000
    Cast When Used: Silence for 30 secs in 30 ft on target
                    Reflect 10-20% for 30 secs on self
    Faction Quest: Vampire Quest, any clan
    Location: This is probably the hardest artifact to obtain, simply because you
    have to be a vampire to begin the quest. As you may know, being a vampire means
    you can't talk to anyone who isn't a vampire (including Torasa Aram, the museum
    curator, so you won't be able to sell her the artifact once you get it), so
    it's a big commitment to make. There is a quest to cure yourself of vampirism,
    but it's long and involved and not really relevant to this guide. Anyway, if
    you really want to get all the artifacts in this FAQ, you should leave this one
    for last, or be prepared to do the quest to cure yourself after you're done
    being a vampire.
    To start, you need to find the Salvel Ancestral Tomb, northeast of the Red
    Mountain and just inside the Ghostfence. Inside you'll find a vampire named
    Mastrius, who will give you the quest if you're a vampire.(Sometimes he's lying 
    on the ground when you enter, I have no idea why. If this happens just leave 
    and come back.) He'll tell you to bring him a Daedra's heart and, more
    importantly, the Spell Breaker.
    After you get the quest, the shield will be inside the Dwewer ruins of Bthuand.
    Bthuand isn't really near anything. It's about halfway between the Ahemmusa
    Camp and the Dunmer stronghold Falasmaryon. You could head west and a little
    north from Tel Vos, but you'll need to cross the mountains. Once you find the
    ruins, head inside and down the stairs to the southeast. You'll see a lot of
    collapsed rocks and broken piping. The shield is lying in the rocks at the
    southernmost part of this room. It might be difficult to spot. Once you have
    the shield, you can either pocket it for yourself or bring it back to Mastrius
    like a good little vampire. In thanks, he will suck your blood and try to kill
    you, but hey, it's your choice. If you do bring it back to him and complete the
    quest, you can take the shield back off of his dead body after you kill him,
    along with his Ebony Armor.
    Thanks to FreakyAye and Dan Simpson for helping me with this quest.
    -Staff of Hasedoki
    Type:    Blunt Weapon, Two-Handed
    Chop:    5-10    Slash: 1-10    Thrust: 5-15
    Value:   75,000
    Cast When Used: Resist Magicka 30-40% for 30 secs
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: This staff is in the posession of an orc named Koffutto Gilgar in the
    Gimothran Ancestral Tomb. To get to the Gimothran tomb, take the path west then
    south from Falensarano, which is in the southern reaches of the Grazelands.
    Inside the tomb, at the back you'll find Koffutto Gilgar with the staff. Note 
    that there is a locked door first, and a corpse in front of it with a note that
    mentions how his companion died before getting this far. He says his companion
    has the key to the door. The person he's talking about is in the Baram
    Ancestral Tomb, on an island southeast of Indoranyon, but it's only a level 50
    lock, so you can probably just pick it.
    -Staff of Magnus
    Type:    Blunt Weapon, Two-Handed
    Chop:    5-15    Slash: 1-10    Thrust: 5-15
    Value:   210,000
    Cast When Used: Spell Absorption 25-50 pts for 60 secs
                    Restore Health 1 pt for 60 secs
    Faction Quest: Mages' Guild, "The Staff of Magnus" You need to show the staff 
                   to Ajira to finish the quest, but she lets you keep it.
    Location: The Staff of Magnus is inside the cavern of Assu, right next to the
    entrance to Mount Kand. To get there, head northwest out of Molag Mar, uphill.
    Assu is a pretty standard cave, except that there are several Daedroths and
    Atronachs inside. At the end of the cave you'll find a room filled with water
    and a raised platform with a Dunmer woman named Dreveni Hlaren on it. She has
    the staff of Magnus, so kill her and take it.
    -Ten Pace Boots
    Type:    Heavy Armor Boots
    Value:   140,000
    Cast When Used: Fortify Speed 20 pts for 120 secs
                    Fortify Athletics 20 pts for 120 secs
                    Drain Fatigue 5 pts for 120 secs
                    Slowfall 1 pt for 120 secs
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: These boots are in a locked chest in the inner shrine of Bal Fell. 
    Bal Fell is a few islands east of Vivec, just past Velanda Omani's manor. Once
    inside Bal Fell, head into the Inner Shrine area, and the chest you want is at
    the foot of the statue. It has a level 75 lock and a trap, and no key, so
    you'll need to pick the lock. Inside are the Ten Pace Boots.
    -Umbra Sword
    Type:    Longblade, Two-Handed
    Chop:    10-50    Slash: 10-45    Thrust: 10-40
    Value:   110,000
    Cast When Used: Soultrap for 120 secs in target
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: You get this blade through the "Umbra" quest. In Suran, you may hear
    rumors about some crazy orc who has killed several people nearby. If you ask
    the bartender in the tradehouse, Ashumanu Eraishah, she'll tell you she saw
    someone decked out in armor in the hills to the east. If you levitate over the
    mountains, you will find the Orc Umbra directly east of Suran. Talk to him and
    he'll tell you that he wants to die a warrior's death and challenges you to
    kill him. If you accept, he'll attack you right away. He's a pretty challenging
    opponent, but since he's outdoors you can levitate up above him and cheap him
    to death. He has no spells or projectile attacks, so you can attack him with 
    spells or marksman weapons from safety. Once he's dead, take his sword off his
    body and help yourself to his full set of Orcish armor if you want.
    -Vampiric Ring
    Type:    Ring
    Value:   32,000
    Cast When Used: Absorb Fatigue 20-30 pts for 10 secs on touch
                    Absorb Health 20-30 pts for 10 secs on touch
    Faction Quest: None
    Location: The Vampiric Ring is pretty easy to find in Ald Redaynia. It's pretty
    out of the way, but not hard to spot. You can either head west out of Dagon Fel
    until you get to the long, thin island that Ald Redaynia is on the very west
    end of. Or you can go to Khuul and treck up the coast, then swim north once you
    get to the Urshilaku Camp. Either way, once inside the Ald Redaynia Tower, take
    the door on your right and head up until you find the Skeleton War Wizard. Kill
    him and take the Vampiric Ring off of his body. Also note the Bitter Cup on the
    alter next to you. It is used in a Thieves Guild quest, but if you're not
    planning on doing that quest, you might want to take advantage of this object.
    It raises your highest attribute by twenty and lowers your lowest attribute by
    twenty. You may or may not think this is worth it, it's up to you. Even if you
    are planning on doing the Thieves Guild mission, you should grab it now to save
    coming all the way back here later.
    -Veloth's Judgement
    Type:    Blunt Weapon, Two-Handed
    Chop:    1-70    Slash: 1-60    Thrust: 1-4
    Value:   30,000
    Cast When Strikes: Fire Damage 4-10 pts for 10 secs
                       Drain Agility 25 pts for 10 secs
                       Absorb Fatigue 5 pts for 10 secs
    Faction Quest: Temple, "Slay Raxle Berne" Tharer Rotheloth gives you this
                   artifact at the beginning of the quest. You get to keep it.
    Location: This artifact can only be obtained if you are a member of the Temple.
    Tharer Rotheloth in the Molag Mar temple gives you the quest "Slay Raxle Berne"
    and he gives you some vampire-hunting equipment. Veloth's Judgement is included
    in this package.
    -Warlock's Ring
    Type:    Ring
    Value:   22,000
    Cast When Used: Reflect 10-20% for 30 secs
                    Fortify Speed 10-20 pts for 30 secs
    Faction Quest: Mages' Guild, "Warlock's Ring" You need to show it to Ajira to
                   finish the quest, but she lets you keep it afterwards.
    Location: This ring is in the hands of Vindamea Drethan in the caves of 
    Ashirbadon, east of Bal Fell. Bal Fell is a few islands east of Vivec, and 
    Ashirbadon is one island east of Bal Fell. Inside Ashirbadon you'll find
    Vindamea Drethan on a wooden platform with the Warlock's Ring in her posession.
    Copyright 2003-2005 Chris Coderre

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