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"Definately Worth The Buy"

Soldier! What are you doing lollie-gagging on that computer?! Are you sending a message to your mommy?! Get back in rank there's a war going on! Drop and give me twenty push-ups right now! What, you don't like push-ups? Well too bad! Now read this important document stating everything you'll need to know.

Gameplay: 92%

The gameplay is just as great as ever, and all of the new features are fantastic. Give all the new vehicles, especially the amphibious ones, a try. I loved the new planes, and the motorcycle is a great new innovation that lets you drive by some enemy troops while your buddy fills him full of lead, allowing you to make a quick retreat. One new vehicle I loved in particular (pardon me if I don't know the name, but I played this at a LAN place) is a type of rocket jet that launches off a ramp and has a limited amount of fuel, obviously meant for just getting to your enemies base and parachuting before they notice you. There will definitely be lots of hot new strategies using these fantastic new vehicles. Of course you could just go around and test your stealth skills by knifing everything in sight, and seeing how many kills you can rack up before some nazi shoots you in your freakin' face.

Graphics: 93%

Not much to be said here, the graphics are just as great as previously, and the blood is still very fun to watch as it spews out of your enemies (or teammates, you evil, evil knave!) body.

Sound: 86%

The sound of the tanks and planes and explosions was good. I like a lot of the voice sounds, but the gunfire in BF 1942 has never been too convincing for me, it just sounded so phony, like something you hear on an old sound effect tape. But the rest is just great.

Final Verdict: 94%

All right, this game is just plain awesome. Go out and buy it ASAP. If you don't feel very sure, go down to your local online gaming place and give it a try. Keep in mind there's lots of blood! Not that that's a negative thing, but some people don't like it. If you are a shooter or war sim fan, this is on your ''A'' list. This game has received my Golden Garbage award.

All right soldier, enough sitting around! You know what to do! So let's go, MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/11/03

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