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"A New Type of Battlefield!"

The original ''Battlefield1942'' was a very popular game, and months after, EA released its first expansion ''The Road to Rome'' giving more of what you liked in the original game! But now EA has created Secret Weapons of WWII! It's a whole new type of Battlefield with new weapons, vehicle, maps, and much more!

The graphics are the same as the original Battlefield. I ran it on a 1.3ghz machine with 400 mb ddr ram and a Geforce 2 100/200 MX on low settings at 640x480 and it ran smoothly and looked nice! So people will worse computers can enjoy it alot too, and for people with great computers are going to love it alot! especially being able to have 64 player matches with no lag!

Most of the Audio is the same as the original Battlefield. A few new songs while still impressive just can't match up the original BF music but that doesn't mean that they are still not great!

Gameplay is excellent. Whether playing against bots or online you will still have fun! You get 8 new maps, 6 which are available for the new Objective game mode which i'll talk about later. The new maps give a large variety and new feeling to the game. I was impressed with every single one and they were all truly great! The new weapons are also fun to use such as throwing knives, silenced machine gun, grenade launchers, and finally a shotgun as well! The vehicles are also fun to use! From Rocket Planes to Jetpacks, they are all great! Some people may think a jetpack sounds lame for a WWII game but it really isn't. It blends in with all of the other weird and unique vehicles which makes it all more fun! All the new planes are much faster and heavily armed. The cargo plane can let you team spawn in it when ever you want which can come in really handy but the new guided missles can easily make short work of it and gain alot of frags! New tanks await as well with battleship guns and anti aircraft guns mounted on them! Another neat addition is the Motorcycle with the mounted Side Car, it's not the most impressive but it is fun! I could describe all of the neat things about every vehicle but you should experience the fun for yourselves! The new Objective game mode is pretty much like Assault mode in ''Unreal Tournament''! The allies have to destroy something while the axis have to defend it! This game mode requires lots of teamwork which makes it more interesting!

Replay Value-10
This game will have you coming back for more! With all the new features it will take you along time to get bored of it!

This game has everything that a hardcore Battlefield fan will like and offers much faster paced gameplay along with many new weapons, vehicles, and maps. Although this is a more expensive expansion than most others it is easily worth every penny! Go and experience it now!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/01/03

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