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"Made for Multiplayer"

As the title suggests, this game is basically made for multiplayer. Why? Well let's take a look...

Graphics: 10/10
This is a simple no-contest part of the game. Depending on the level of quality you put the graphics on, you can have functioning quality(low), a little better quality but can slow down your game depending on your hardware(medium), or the pure graphics that this game was made for(high). In high quality mode be amazed at the sheer level of detail! The soldiers actually blink, take cover when their vehicle is under fire(duck, lean, etc.), and wince in pain when they are shot! But the characters detail is not all the games graphics. Oh no, from the extremely realistic looking water to the sight of an APC on fire, this game comes chock full of high mode. Believe me when I say that if you don't have an extremely good graphics card/ram sticks galore, then you will be better off with low/medium quality detail.

Sound: 9/10
This is another excellent part of SWOWW2. From the sounds of bombs whistling while they drop to the sound of empty machine gun shells hitting the floor to the sound of the planes engine starting up, you will be simply amazed that all these sounds can fit in one small cd! Did I mention that you can make the soldiers talk as well(this does diddly-squat in single player, unless you count screaming medic when your seriously injured and a medic walking over and healing you)?

Gameplay: 7/10
This is where the game lacks, and the reason I can't give the game full marks. Single player is the games obvious weak spot. In single player you are teamed with and are against bots. Now the bots can A. be so stupid that when you are in a tank and they are in a tank you can either drive right by one and they wont even turn the turret to look at you, or you can start shooting them and it will take them 10 seconds to start shooting at you, which by that time they will most likely be dead. or B. Be so deadly that when you are both infantry the bot can nail you in the head with a colt or a machine gun from halfway across the map! Talk about cheapness. This is where multiplayer steps in. In multiplayer, you go against other players who can be like the bots(incredibly stupid or incredibly hard). Also in multiplayer you can press the radio keys that make your soldier talk, saying things such as "bail out!" or "requesting reinforcements". You can do this in single player but it will not do a bloody thing. At least in multi player you can call for help and hear a "negative" on the radio from those who are total asses. Also you can take any sort of vehicle you can find. It doesn't even have to be a vehicle! See that big turret thats aimed in the direction of the carrier that keeps blowing up your planes? Get inside the turret and sink that carrier! Want to defend your base but don't have any ammo? Simply use the mounted machine gun and gun down any foe you see! There are a variety of ways to defeat your opponents so experiment with them all.

Final Thought:
If you like games that are about WWII(MoH anyone?) and like to climb into vehicles such as the anti-aircraft tank and loads more secret weapons? Then buy this game! I got it at EB for $9.99. Although you need the original Battlefield 1942 for this game to work but that $9.99 goes a long way.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/04/04

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