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"The Best Battlefield 1942 Expansion Pack"

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII is the second expansion pack for the smash hit Battlefield 1942. In this expansion you are given a smattering of new vehicles and weapons that range from the simple shotgun to the out of this world jet pack.

Graphics (10/10) I personally still think the graphics are still pretty good considering battlefield 1942 has been out a while. Sure the infantry looks alittle shabby but the tanks, jeeps and airplanes still look very very nice.

Sound (7/10) This is where Battlefield 1942 is weak, the weapons sound like they are muffled and to me the tanks don't sound very loud sometimes you can even have a tank sneak right up behind you and not notice it! The new jets sound very good I was pleasantly surprised when I first started up a battle and heard the hum of a jet engine overhead.

Gameplay (10/10) The gameplay is still very good. With all of the new weapons given to you (like jets) you have to reformulate some of your strategies because you may have found it easy to shoot a spitfire of bf 109 out of the sky but they were going only 300-400 mph, some of the jets in this game like the goblin go 500-600 mph and are very hard to shoot down. The new amphibious vehicles add a new level of strategy, by crossing rivers at certain points to sneak up on you enemy you can quickly take that well defended point out from behind. The new weapons for the Elite German Troops and the British Commandos will put new life into character classes that have gotten boring (an engineer with a shotgun to me is any infantry or tank worst nightmare).

Internet Play (7/10) Don't get me wrong here all of the new weapons added into this game would've given this category an easy 10/10 but at this point of time (Summer 2004) there are only a dozen or so nearly deserted servers to play this on. This is such a shame because a lot of the new maps (especially the raid on Algehlia) are full of the new vehicles and weapons that would make them very fun to play if there were more then 20 people or so on a server. I personally still like to play with bots even though they can be a bit dumb sometimes because I just love to use all of the new weapons and vehicles that were added in this expansion pack.

Overall score (not an average) 9/10

A wonderful expansion pack full of new vehicles and weapons but a small internet community really puts all of that to waste but still a fun singleplayer experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/10/04

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