• Add bots

    You must type the following, if it has ( ) then type the thing:
    addbot (nickname) (character) (1-5) 1 (team)
    addbot bob kyle 3 1 blue

    Contributed By: kingkarrot.

  • Ammo Codes

    Hold Shift and ~, enter helpusobi 1, and enter following in the console.

    give ammo_blasterGive blaster ammo
    give ammo_metallic_boltsGive bolt ammo
    give ammo_powercellGive cell ammo
    give ammo_detpackGive detpacks
    give ammo_rocketsGive rocket ammo
    give ammo_thermalGive thermal detenators
    give ammo_tripmineGive tripmines

    Contributed By: Fenriswolf.

  • Character Look Alikes

    To enter these codes, you must be in game and press the tilde key, "~", to access the drop-down console. Type the following:

    playermodel desann Look like Desann
    playermodel lando Look like Lando
    playermodel tauntaun"Shame on you" message
    playermodel jediLook like "no name" Jedi
    playermodel cultistLook like a cultist
    playermodel gonkLook like a gonk droid
    playermodel granLook like a gran
    playermodel howlerLook like a howler
    playermodel human_mercLook like a human merc
    playermodel jawaLook like a jawa
    playermodel jedimasterLook like a jedi master
    playermodel merchantLook like a merchant
    playermodel mutant_rancorLook like a mutant rancor
    playermodel reborn_newLook like a new reborn
    playermodel noghriLook like a noghri
    playermodel prisonerLook like a prisoner
    playermodel rancorLook like a rancor (can't move)
    playermodel rebelLook like a rebel
    playermodel rebornLook like a reborn
    playermodel rebornmasterLook like a reborn master
    playermodel rodianLook like a rodian
    playermodel saber_droidLook like a saber droid
    playermodel shadowtrooperLook like a shadowtrooper
    playermodel snowtrooperLook like a snowtrooper
    playermodel stormtrooperLook like a stormtrooper
    playermodel trandoshanLook like a trandoshan
    playermodel tuskenLook like a tusken raider
    playermodel wampaLook like a wampa
    playermodel weequayLook like a weequay
    playermodel aloraLook like Alora
    playermodel assassin_droidLook like an assassin droid
    playermodel atstLook like an AT-ST (can't move)
    playermodel boba_fettLook like Boba
    playermodel protocolLook like C-3PO
    playermodel chewieLook like Chewbacca
    playermodel galakLook like Galak
    playermodel janLook like Jan
    playermodel kyleLook like Kyle
    playermodel lannik_ractoLook like Lannik
    playermodel lukeLook like luke
    playermodel r2d2Look like R2D2
    playermodel r5d2Look like R5D2
    playermodel raxLook like Rax
    playermodel reeloLook like Reelo
    playermodel rosh_peninLook like Rosh
    playermodel swamptrooperLook like swamptrooper
    playermodel tavionLook like Tavion
    playermodel ugnaughtLook like Ugnaught
    playermodel bartenderLool like a bartender
    playermodel mouseNo body, close to ground
    playermodel playerReturn to normal

    Contributed By: JitaStormwaker.

  • Cheat codes

    Hold shift and ~ (left of 1 on your keyboard) to open up the command console. Then type these into the console to get the cheat.

    gloatanother taunt. varies with saber style
    d_npcfreeze 1/0Freezes/unfreezes all NPCs.
    spwinmultiplayer effect only. Make the camera spin all around you. WARNING: Can't reverse effect. Must exit the multiplayer game and join back in.
    splosesame as spwin except it displays a losing message
    npc spawn probeSpawns a Probe Droid
    npc spawn remoteSpawns a Training Remote
    spawn weapon_bryar_pistolspawns the bryar pistol from Jedi Outcast
    spawn weapon_stun_batonspawns the weak stun baton seen in Jedi Outcast
    cg_fpls 1/0Toggles cockpit view on and off.

    Contributed By: bullet sword, Chev427BB, and matorodude.

  • Cheats

    To activate open up the conole: shift + ~
    then type these commands

    /ambegyou character will act like a beggar
    /amateaseyour hands will be put behind your back

    Contributed By: UnkownWarrior25.

  • Clone youreself

    Open up the command console and enter this code. You will then spawn a clone that will use the weapon that is currently equipped on your player and will be completely idendical to the character you created. The clone will not move very much unless you spawn it in the middle of some action. Not sure if they know how to use the force, though, gut they might be able to resist force push. WARNING: They will attack any other npc regardless if they are allies or enemies. They will not attack other clones or you unless you attack them with sabers. Also, when you play on jedi master difficulty, your clones might attack you when there is no other npc around.

    npc spawn playerClone yourself

    Contributed By: bullet sword.

  • Console Commands

    Hit Shift + ~ to activate the text screen

    type devmapall or helpusobi 1 to enable cheats

    undying999 life, but armor the same
    addsaberstyle xadds another saberstyle to your list, type fast, medium, strong, dual, etc. in place of x.
    g_saberpickuppabledroppedsabers 1Allows pilfering of enemy lightsabers
    set g_sabermorerealistic 3Causes dismember whether you're attacking or not with your saber
    set g_sabermorerealistic 2Causes dismemberment only when attacking with a your saber
    timescale (#)Changes game speed (1 is default)
    Fraglimit #Changes Kill Limit to desired amount. 0 is unlimited.
    sabercolor (color1)(color2)Changes saber's color
    g_saberrealisticcombat 2Dismemberment on!!
    drive_atstDrive an AT-ST
    Saber Sith_Sword Sith_SwordDual Sith Swords
    godEnable god mode
    devmapallEnables cheats
    playerteam freefight the good side and the dark side
    fly_xwingFly an X-Wing (Can cause game to crash)
    give allGive all Weapons, ammo, force mana, etc.
    saber dual_1Gives you a double edged lightsaber. The number you use at the end effects which hilt you get. Any number 1-5 works.
    saber single_x single_xGives you dual sabers, where x is a value 1-6 for different hilts.
    saber single_xGives you one saber, type a number 1-6 in place of x for different hilts.
    setsaberstyle xGives you one saberstyle x. You can use Fast, Medium, Strong, Dual, and a few others in place of x.
    saber 1 saber 1Grants you dual lightsabers. They start as the color red usually however their colors can be changed.
    give ammoIncrease ammo
    give armorIncrease armor
    give healthIncrease health
    npc kill allKills all NPCs
    thereisnospoonMatrix-Style Camera
    noclipNo clipping Mode
    g_saberpickupabledroppedsabers (0 or 1)Pick up dropped sabers
    PLAYERMODEL GRANPlay as a Gran
    model jawaPlay as a Jawa
    PLAYERMODEL RODIANPlay as a Rodian
    PLAYERMODEL TRANDOSHANPlay as a Trandoshan
    PLAYERMODEL WEEQUAYPlay as a Weequay
    PLAYERMODEL WEEQUAY[2-5]Play as a Weequay (each # indicates a different colored shirt)
    playermodel boba_fettPlay as Boba Fett
    playermodel desannPlay as Desann (from JKII)
    playermodel kylePlay as Kyle Katarn
    playermodel lukePlay as Luke Skywalker, 200 max force
    Playermodel XPlay as selected charecter
    playermodel tavionPlay as Tavion
    quitquit game
    setsaberall (1 to 10)Raises saber abilities
    setforceall (1 to 3)set force abilities
    com_maxfps (X)Set your maximum frame rate.
    setforceall 7Sets force skills to their maximum effective level. Saber offence max setting is 7.
    cg_drawfps 1Shows your framerate on screen.
    Npc Spawn reborn_new2Spawn a blue version of the new reborn.
    NPC SPAWN CULTIST_GRIPSpawn a Cultist that utilizes force grip
    NPC SPAWN CULTIST_SABER_STRONG_THROWSpawn a Cultist whose saber style is strong and throws his saber
    NPC SPAWN GRANSpawn a Gran
    NPC SPAWN JAWASpawn a Jawa
    NPC SPAWN REBORN_STAFFSpawn a Reborn with a saber staff
    NPC SPAWN REBORN_DUALSpawn a Reborn with dual sabers
    NPC SPAWN REBORN_NEWSpawn a Reborn_new
    NPC SPAWN RODIANSpawn a Rodian
    NPC SPAWN TRANDOSHANSpawn a Trandoshan
    NPC SPAWN WEEQUAY[1-5]Spawn a Weequay (clothing colors vary with number)
    NPC SPAWN CULTIST_SABER_STRONG_THROW2Spawn an alternate version of a Cultist whose saber style is strong and throws his saber
    NPC SPAWN HUMAN_MERCSpawn an enemy human mercenary
    NPC SPAWN R2D2Spawn an R2D2
    NPC SPAWN R5D2Spawn an R5D2
    NPC SPAWN CHEWIESpawn Chewbacca
    NPC SPAWN KYLESpawn Kyle Katarn
    Npc Spawn Lannik_RactoSpawn Lannik Racto.
    rancor_vehiclespawns a ridable Rancor (Note: you have to do the same thing as the wampa )
    NPC spawn rebornchissSpawns a barkeeper with dual sabers
    NPC Spawn rebornchissSpawns a bartender with double lightsabers. (BOO-YAH)
    swoop_mp2spawns a blue colored swoop bike
    Npc Spawn playerSpawns a clone of your player.
    npc spawn cultist_drainSpawns a Cultist that uses Force Drain
    npc spawn cultist_gripSpawns a Cultist that uses Force Grip
    npc spawn cultist_lightningSpawns a Cultist that uses Force Lightning
    npc spawn cultistSpawns a Cultist using an E-11 blaster rifle
    npc spawn saber_droidspawns a droid equipped with a saber
    lambdashuttlespawns a flyabel Imperial Shuttle
    tie-bomberspawns a flyable TIE Bomber
    tie-bomber2spawns a flyable TIE Bomber (as far as I can tell the weapons don't fire)
    tie-fighterspawns a flyable TIE Fighter
    x-wingspawns a flyable X-Wing (this will not crash the game)
    z-95spawns a flyable Z-95
    NPC SPAWN HAZARDTROOPERspawns a hazard trooper with machine gun
    NPC Spawn Human_MercSpawns a Human_Merc (He gets on the vehicle nearest to him.)
    npc spawn jedimasterspawns a jedi master to help you.
    NPC SPAWN MUTANT_RANCORspawns a mutant rancor
    NPC spawn NoghriSpawns a Noghri (Blue Guy)
    atst_vehiclespawns a pilotable AT ST Walker
    npc spawn jedi_randomspawns a random jedi to help you.
    Npc Spawn jedi_randomSpawns a random jedi.
    NPC SPAWN REBELspawns a rebel trooper with regular blaster
    swoop_mpspawns a red colored swoop bike
    tauntaunspawns a ridable Tauntaun.
    wampa_vehiclespawns a ridable wampa (Note: You have to jump on the wampa to ride it. If you hit the use button you will get on and then get off)
    wildtauntaunspawns a ridable Wild Tauntaun (this is tauntaun has no harness)
    NPC Spawn rockettrooper2officerSpawns a rockettrooper2 with a jetpack. (DO NOT try and use playermodel for this one. if you try to fly your jetpack the game will crash)
    NPC Spawn rockettrooper2spawns a rockettrooper2 without a jet pack.
    NPC SPAWN SHADOWTROOPERspawns a shadow trooper with lightsaber
    NPC SPAWN ROCKETTROOPERspawns a stormtrooper commander variant with rocket launcher
    NPC SPAWN STOFFICERALTspawns a stormtrooper commander with flachette weapon
    NPC SPAWN STCOMMANDERspawns a stormtrooper commander with machine gun
    NPC SPAWN SWAMPTROOPERspawns a swamp trooper
    npc spawn cultist_saberSpawns a weak saber-weilding Cultist
    npc spawn rebormmasterspawns an enemy reborn master. Now you can make large scale jedi fights wherever you go =).
    npc spawn reborn_newspawns an enemy reborn with a single saber
    NPC SPAWN IMPERIALspawns an imperial officer variant with regular blaster
    NPC SPAWN IMPCOMMANDERspawns an imperial officer with regular blaster
    NPC SPAWN PROBEspawns an imperial probe droid
    NPC SPAWN SABOTEURCOMMANDOspawns an imperial spy variant
    NPC SPAWN SABOTEURSNIPERspawns an imperial spy with laser rifle
    NPC SPAWN SABOTEURspawns an imperial spy with regular blaster
    NPC SPAWN IMPWORKERspawns an imperial worker with blaster pistol
    NPC Spawn Boba_FettSpawns Boba Fett
    npc spawn tavion_scepterspawns endboss tavion with scepter and lightsaber
    npc spawn tavion_sith_swordspawns endboss tavion with the sword
    NPC spawn Kyle_BossSpawns Kyle
    NPC Spawn MorgankatarnSpawns Kyle Katarn's father. ( He won't move for some reason though. )
    NPC Spawn RagnosSpawns Ragnos. ( This guy is weird cause he shoots bullets at you out of his stomach. :P)
    Npc Spawn rosh_darkSpawns Rosh after he turned to the dark side.
    NPC Spawn Tavion_sith_swordspawns tavion with a sith sword.
    NPC Spawn Tavion_scepterSpawns tavion with the sith scepter.
    playermodel defaultstormtrooper model and makes you an enemy
    tauntTaunt (duh!)
    helpusobi 1This enables the cheats. It works the same as "devmapall."
    give forceThis recharges your force power meter to max.
    map (level name)This works the same as devmap, but cheats will not be enabled when you use it this way.
    notargetTurns off Enemy AI
    iknowkungfuUse streetfighting moves e.g. Throws, punches, kicks
    devmap (level name)Warps to that level with cheats on
    G_knockback XX is a number. The higher it is the futher people are knocked back.
    npc spawn <charactername>You can also spawn some of the popular characters, such as luke, kyle, rosh and tavion for some epic battles =).
    saber Sith_Swordyour lightsaber becomes a sword with saber powers

  • Duble sith swords

    Press SHIFT + ~ and type helpusobi 1 then the code.
    Once activated you can send enemies flying by slashing them, but as far as I can tell It does the same amount of damage as a normal saber.
    WARNING: Some cut-scenes tend to glitch up and close the program, so just to be safe save before the cut-scene.

    saber sith_sword sith_swordDuble Sith Swords

    Contributed By: CM0525.

  • Jawa Skin

    In multiplayer, hit shift + ~ to bring up command prompt. Enter model jawa and you've become a Jawa.

    model jawaJawa character in multiplayer

    Contributed By: SuperMario28.

  • Level Warps

    Just type the codes in in the console to go to your desired level. MUST ENTER /helpusobi 1 before you enter th code.

    map t2_rogueCapture Crime Lord - Coruscant
    map t2_wedgeCovert Operation - Kril'dor
    map t1_railCult Investigation - Corellia
    map t2_dpredCult Investigation - Dossun
    map t3_stampCult Investigation - Tanaab
    map t3_riftCult Sighting - Chandrila
    map t3_hevilDismantle Device - Yalara
    map t1_surpriseDroid Recovery - Tatooine
    map taspir1earch for Rosh Penn - part 1
    map t1_fatalEmergency Assistance - Bakura
    map vjun1Enter Darth Vader's Castle - part 1
    map vjun2Enter Darth Vader's Castle - part 2
    map vjun3Enter Darth Vader's Castle - part 3
    map t3_byssForce Theft Investigation - Byss
    map hoth2Luke Skywalker's vision
    map hoth3Luke Skywalker's vision continued
    map t2_tripMeet Contact - Zonju V
    map t1_sourMercenary Activity - Tatooine
    map t1_dangerMerchant Rescue - Blenjeer
    map t2_rancorRescue Mission - Nar Kreeta
    map t3_bountyWeapon Destruction - Ord Mantell

    Contributed By: dr_feelgood1994.

  • Luke's and Kyle's Lightsaber

    First bring up the cheat menu. then type "saber luke" for luke's saber and do the same for kyle "saber kyle"

    Contributed By: Maskos.

  • NPC Spawn certain things

    Hit Shift + ~ to activate the text screen

    type devmapall or helpusobi 1 to enable cheats

    NPC Spawn RancorSpawns an enemy Rancor
    NPC Spawn WampaSpawns an enemy Wampa
    NPC Spawn NostrosSpawns floating Nostros

    Contributed By: a_gameboy_sp.

  • Ragdoll Physics

    In any server, go into the console (shift + tilde) and enter the following: /broadsword 1000

    This will give ragdoll physics for when somebody dies (meaning the bodies will act like real dead bodies and lean on things such as walls).

    Contributed By: FishBreath101.

  • Secret Weapons

    There are several secret weapons in the game that you can't use unless you type these codes in the console. NOTE: In order to get these, you must have a GUN out, not your saber. And in order to use them, you can't switch weapons or you will not be able to select them again. And the last setback, these work in single player ONLY.

    give weapon_tusken_staffGives the gaffi stick. (works)
    give weapon_jawaGives the jawa gun (I'm trying to figure out why it's not working, hopefully I will find out)
    give weapon_noghri_stickGives the Noghri weapon. (may crash game when you fire)
    give weapon_turretGives the portable assault sentry gun... (doesn't do any damage whatsoever)
    give weapon_rapid_fire_concGives the rapid-fire-stoulker (says it's an unknown item, maybe it works in multplayer but I haven't tried it)
    give weapon_scepterGives the sith scepter (it doesn't really work)
    give weapon_tusken_rifleGives the tusken sniper rifle. (works)

    Contributed By: BlackPhoenix2.

  • Spawn Vehicles

    Go to console (Shift ~) and enable cheats [devmap (map name)] and type in "npc spawn vehicle [name]" to make a vehicle apear. These vehicles are all ridable. Animals can be ridden by jumping on thier backs and vehicles can be driven by walking up next to them and pressing "R".

    tie-bomber2Spawns alternate Tie-Bomber (vehicle)
    atst_vehicleSpawns AT-ST (vehicle)
    swoopSpawns Gray Speeder (vehicle)
    lambdashuttleSpawns Imperial Shuttle (vehicle)
    z-95Spawns Kyles modified X-Wing (vehicle)
    rancor_vehicleSpawns Rancor (animal)
    swoop_redSpawns Red Speeder (vehicle)
    tauntaunSpawns Tauntaun with reigns(animal)
    wildtauntaunSpawns Tauntaun without reigns (animal)
    tie-bomberSpawns Tie-Bomber (vehicle)
    wampa_vehicleSpawns Wampa (animal)
    x-wingSpawns X-Wing (vehicle)

    Contributed By: ReZips.

  • Weapon Codes

    Press Shift and ~ during the game, enter helpusobi 1, and the desired code.

    give weapon_blaster_pistolSpawns Blaster Pistol
    give weapon_blasterSpawns Blaster Rifle
    give weapon_bowcasterSpawns Bowcaster
    give weapon_bryar_pistolSpawns Bryal Pistol
    give weapon_concussion_rifleSpawns Concussion Rifle
    give weapon_demp2Spawns DEMP2 Gun
    give weapon_det_packSpawns Det Pack
    give weapon_disruptorSpawns Disruptor Rifle
    give weapon_flechetteSpawns Flechette Gun
    give weapon_saberSpawns Kyle's Lightsaber
    give weapon_meleeSpawns Melee Weapon (Hands)
    give weapon_repeaterSpawns Repeater Rifle
    give weapon_rocket_launcherSpawns Rocket Launcher
    give weapon_stun_batonSpawns Stun Baton
    give weapon_thermalSpawns Thermal Detonator
    give weapon_trip_mineSpawns Trip Mine

    Contributed By: Fenriswolf.

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