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    Special Moves List by BrochKempish

    Version: Final | Updated: 12/31/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ~Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4~
    ~Special Moves List      ~
    27th December 2003
    Version: Final
    Author: Daniel Kemp
    E-Mail: dutchelite1@ntlworld.com
    Game: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 - PAL
    About This Guide
    This guide contains every skater's special moves on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
    for all consoles. The list is of each skater's special moves at the beginning
    of the game. As you progress through Career Mode with a skater, you will have
    the option to edit their special moves.
    Author Information
    My name is Daniel Kemp and I am a teenager residing in the UK. I can't actually
    skate, but I am an addict of the Tony Hawk's series of games. This is my first
    FAQ. If you have any comments, questions, corrections or suggestions, please
    e-mail me at dutchelite1@ntlworld.com with the subject "THPS4 FAQ".
    Tony Hawk
    360 Varial McTwist       (Left, Right, Grab)
    Froggy Grind             (Left, Down, Grind)
    Indy 900                 (Right, Down, Grab)
    Barrel Roll              (Left, Down, Flip)
    Bob Burnquist
    Burntwist                (Left, Right, Grind)
    Sit Down Air             (Left, Down, Grab)
    One Foot Smith           (Up, Down, Grind)
    Samba Flip               (Left, Right, Grab)
    Steve Caballero
    Kickflip Superman        (Right, Up, Flip)
    FS 540                   (Left, Down, Grab)
    Faction Guitar Slide     (Down, Up, Grind)
    Daffy Grind              (Up, Down, Grind)
    Kareem Campbell
    360 Ghetto Bird          (Up, Right, Flip)
    Kickflip Backflip        (Left, Down, Grab)
    B-Ballin Slide           (Left, Right, Grind)
    Double Blunt Slide       (Down, Up, Grind)
    Rune Glifberg
    Backfoot Flip Nosegrab   (Right, Up, Grab)
    Heelflip Handflip        (Left, Right, Grab)
    Crail Slide              (Right, Down, Grind)
    One Foot Blunt           (Left, Right, Grind)
    Eric Koston
    Fandangle                (Up, Right, Grind)
    Slamma Jamma             (Right, Left, Flip)
    Falcon Slide             (Left, Right, Grind)
    Chomp On This            (Right, Up, Grab)
    Bucky Lasek
    Bodywrap 540             (Left, Down, Flip)
    Heelflip FS Invert       (Right, Left, Grind)
    Misty Flip               (Right, Down, Grab)
    Big Hitter II            (Up, Left, Grind)
    Bam Margera
    One Wheel Fireworks Show (Up, Right, Grind)
    The Jackass              (Down, Up, Flip)
    Flip Kick Dad            (Down, Up, Grind)
    Russian Boneless         (Left, Right, Grind)
    Rodney Mullen
    Gazelle Underflip        (Up, Down, Flip)
    Semi Flip                (Left, Right, Flip)
    5-0 Fingerflip Nosegrind (Right, Left, Grind)
    Rusty Slide Manual       (Right, Down, Grind)
    Chad Muska
    Muska Beatz              (Right, Down, Grind)
    BS Nose Comply           (Right, Left, Grind)
    Ghetto Tag Grind         (Left, Down, Grind)
    Ghetto Blastin           (Down, Up, Grind)
    Andrew Reynolds
    Dark Disaster            (Left, Right, Grind)
    Bigspin Shifty           (Left, Right, Grab)
    Noseslide Lipslide       (Right, Down, Grind)
    Quad Heelflip            (Up, Right, Flip)
    Geoff Rowley
    Rowley Darkslide         (Up, Right, Grind)
    Casper Flip 360 Flip     (Down, Right, Flip)
    Ferret Fight             (Right, Left, Grind)
    Sproing                  (Up, Down, Grind)
    Elissa Steamer
    Judo Madonna             (Left, Right, Grab)
    No Comply 360 Shove-it   (Right, Down, Grind)
    Bigspin Flip To Tail     (Right, Left, Grind)
    Cartwheel 50-50          (Left, Right, Grind)
    Jamie Thomas
    Crook BigSpinFlip Crook  (Right, Down, Grind)
    One Wheel Nosemanual     (Down, Up, Grind)
    Might As Well Jump       (Left, Up, Grab)
    American Tribute         (Left, Right, Grind)
    Custom Skater
    McTwist                  (Right, Down, Grab)
    Kickflip Underflip       (Left, Right, Flip)
    540 Flip                 (Left, Up, Flip)
    Hurricane                (Right, Down, Grind)
    Hidden Characters
    Eddie - 'Metal Head'
    Stage Dive!              (Down, Up, Grab)
    Headbangers Unite        (Up, Down, Grind)
    Bloody Eddie             (Right, Left, Grab)
    Jango Fett - 'Star Warrior'
    Jango Jump Jet           (Left, Right, Grab)
    Grapple Grab             (Right, Down, Grab)
    Quick Draw               (Up, Down, Grind)
    Mike Vallely - 'World's Toughest Pro Skater'
    Elbow Smash              (Left, Right, Grind)
    Ho Ho Street Plant       (Down, Up, Grind)
    Flamingo                 (Down, Right, Grab)
    Daisy - 'Hot Chick'
    Banana Board Splits      (Up, Down, Grind)
    Sunbathing               (Right, Down, Grab)
    Hula Hoop                (Left, Right, Grind)
    Ahhh yeahhh!             (Right, Left, Grind)
    Copyright Information
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright. If you wish to contact me about displaying this guide on your
    web site, e-mail me at dutchelite1@ntlworld.com

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