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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Apocalypse89

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    	In the final years of the first half of the 20th Century, battles were fought,
    won, and lost. Battles that would change face of every government, every
    country, every man, and every woman, everywhere. For the rest of humankind's
    existence. In these battles the essence of good vs. evil was fought day to day,
    on the battlefields of Eastern and Western europe, Africa, Italy, and the
    Pacific ocean. They were battles that would determine the outcome of every
    generation to follow. Every generation after these brave men, whom by
    themselves, of no influnce other than their own self rightouesness, instinct,
    and sense of inner strength answered their country, and their fellow man's
    call... the
                                      CALL OF DUTY
    A.1 Introduction
    Hi there, my name is Haytham Sharaf known on the Gfaqs message boards as
    "Apocalypse89". I'm from Bahrain and I'm a big fan of FPS. Anyways this FAQ is
    for the single player demo of Call of Duty(reffered from now on as COD),
    Activision's and Infinity Ward's upcoming WW2 based FPS. I will list all the
    weapons, some useful tactics, and then proceed to walk you through the
    "Burnville" level featured in the demo. This is my first FAQ so please bear
    with me if I make any mistakes and inform me! So let's go shoot up some germans!
    A.2 Table of Contents
    Part A-Intro to the FAQ in general
    A.2-Table of Contents
    A.3-Legal stuff
    A.4-Version history
    Part B-Gameplay
    Part C-Misc
    C.1-Locations where this FAQ may be used
    C.2-Contact me
    A.3 Legal Stuff
    Call of Duty(c) and all related content is property of Infinity Ward and
    This FAQ is property of Haytham "Apocalypse89" Sharaf and may not be copied(in
    part or in whole) onto a website without my permission. It may not be sold for
    profit under ANY circumstances.
    The creator of this FAQ is in no way affiliated with Activision or Infinity
    All other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    A.4 Version history
    Version 0.7: 12/9/2003-Added Intro, Table of Contents, Legal Stuff, Version
    history, weapons, tactics, Walkthrough, and Misc. It's pretty much finished(I
    don't like doing stuff in stages). All future versions will be small fixes and
    Version 0.75: 16/9/2003-A small update to fix some glaring flaws in the
    walkthrough, fix some spelling mistakes, and update the credits section. I also
    added dates to the version history.
    These are pretty much the most important thing you find in any shooter. Weapons
    are your lifeline and your method of winning the game. If your good with your
    weapons and know which ones to use and when, then you'll succeed at the game.
    Infinity Ward have included an array of authentic German and American  WW2
    weapons in the demo for your blasting pleasure. So let's review them!
    American Weapons:
    M1 Carbine Rifle
    This is the weapon you start with. It's basically a Paratrooper rifle designed
    for compactness. It's got moderate power, good accuracy, a nice clip size, and
    it shoots pretty fast. This should be your main weapon for a lot of the level
    so learn how to use it. A good all-around weapon.
    where you can find this weapon: You start with it. Most of your buddies drop
    this weapon when they die so extra ammo is plenty.
    M1 Garand Rifle
    This weapon was the standard issue rifle for the US army during WW2 and one of
    the first Semi-auto rifles in history. Known as the "rifle that won the war".
    This weapon is as fast as the Carbine but it's also a bit more powerful and
    accurate. However it's clip size is tiny and you have to expend all your ammo
    to reload. Also it's Iron Sights are a bit too big.
    Where you can find this weapon: occasionally one of the riflemen in your squad
    is carrying it and will drop it when he dies. Ammo isn't very plenty since like
    I said the riflemen only appear occasionally and have to die before you can get
    ammo from them.
    M1A1 Thompson SMG
    I very rarely use SMGS in Call of duty but here's my run down of the Thompson
    from what I know. It shoots fast, has below-average accuracy, it's not too
    powerful, and it's Iron sights are small but hard to use. It has a huge clip
    size though. If you press the "m" key you can switch between semi-auto and
    automatic mode. Devastating at close-range but cl
    Where you can find this weapon: all the submachine gunners in your squad carry
    it. You also start with it as your secondary weapon.
    Colt .45 M1911A1 Pistol
    This is your standard sidearm. It's weak, it's not too fast, it's horribly
    inaccurate, and it's Iron Sights aren't very useful. An all-around weak weapon
    that should only be used for emergencies.
    where you can find this weapon: You start with it as your pistol. However if
    you run out of ammo or trade it in for another weapon you won't find any more
    around the level so be careful
    Browning Automatic Rifle(BAR) LMG
    This is a good weapon. It can shoot either moderatly fast or very fast(read
    more to find out) Is very powerful and accurate as any rifle. However it has
    very powerful recoil so fire it in small bursts for maximum efficiency. Press
    "m" key to switch between slow-firing and fast-firing mode.
    Where you can find this weapon: this is probably the rarest weapon in the demo.
    Only the support soldier in your squad(which appears VERY rarely) carries this
    weapon and he must die before you can get it. I've also heard that at the
    mortar field in the beggining there's a support soldier who gets nailed by a
    mortar shell and you can pick up his weapon from the crater but I can't confirm
    it. If you ask me the best way to get this weapon is downloading the "COD
    Weapon changer version 1.1" mod from codfiles.com. Remember that there's almost
    no ammo around the level for this gun so use it SPARINGLY!
    M2 fragmentation grenade
    You know the drill. Pull pin, throw, and boom. Good for clearing rooms/houses
    and bunched up infantry.
    Where you can find this weapon: You get several of it at the
    beggining(depending on difficulty). You won't find any ammo for it though.
    German Weapons:
    Karabiner K98k
    This is the standard issue rifle for the german army. Unlike the american
    Garand and carbine rifles, this one is bolt-action which means the user must
    pull the bolt between shots which makes the gun's firing rate go through the
    floor. However it is EXTEREMELY accurate and EXTEREMELY powerful (almost 1 shot
    kill) which makes it a good sniping weapon but a crappy close-range one. If you
    want to pop some heads from afar this is the gun for you.
    Where you can find this weapon: Most of the german soldiers carry this so it's
    easy to find and easy to get ammo for.
    Machine Pistole 40(MP40)
    This is the german equivalent of the Thompson. It's weak and it's inaccurate
    but it sure is helluva fast. I forgot if it had a weapon mode that you toggle
    with the "m" key but I think it does. Not sure since I almost never use it.
    Where you can find this weapon: All the german officers(guys that wear caps
    rather than Helmets) use this weapon so there's plenty of it.
    FG-42 multi-purpose gun
    This is probably my favorite gun in the whole demo. It's fast(if you set it to
    auto mode), it's accurate as hell, it has a scope for sniping, and has a large
    clip size. What more do you want? The only disadvantage this gun is moderate
    recoil. Pressing the "m" key switches between auto and semi-auto mode.
    Where you can find this weapon: There's only two of it in the whole demo.
    Around the second flakpanzer one of the soldiers carries it, and right after
    that there's a part where you and your squad are firing at germans across the
    street from a house your occupying and one of the germans there carries one.
    Fortunately you get it close to the end of the level so you won't use up much
    P08 Luger Pistol:
    This is much like the colt .45 and it isn't much different. I usually pick this
    up though since it looks cool.(Note: US soldiers in the real WW2 Actually did
    Where you can find this weapon: Some german officers and machine gun crews
    carry it. Not too rare but not too common either.
    MG42 Stationary Machinegun
    This gun is pure OWNAGE! It's very accurate, has infinite ammo, very little
    recoil, and spits lead out like a mofo. However the huge disadvantage it has is
    obvious: you can't move it. And most of the time MG42s aren't pointed at the
    enemy so they're useless most of the time. Also the muzzle flash can block your
    vision so fire it in bursts.
    Where you can find this weapon: It's scattered around the level at various
    points. To use it just walk up to it and press "F"(or whatever your use key
    is). You can't move it around though.
    Steil Hand Granate
    German stick grenade. Not much different than the American M2.
    Where you can find it: There are various boxes around the level that hold them.
    Since they don't replace your current grenade merely walking over them will
    pick them up.
    Weapons that may be in the full version of COD(and are not in the demo):
    Mosin Nagant Bolt action rifle
    Mosin Nagant Sniper rifle
    PPSH41 SMG
    TT3 Tokarev Pistol
    F1 Frag Grenade
    T-34 Medium Tank(!)
    Lee Enfield no.4 Bolt action rifle
    Lee Enfield no.4 Sniper rifle
    Sten Mark 3 SMG
    Bren LMG
    Mills Grenade
    PanzerFaust rocket launcher
    Panzerschreck Rocket launcher
    Springfield '03 sniper rifle
    M2 Browning Stationary Machine gun
    B.2-Strategies and Tactics
    Here are some useful tips that could keep you alive in the game.
    Proning and Crouching
    when attacking targets at medium or long range always Prone or Crouch. It
    increases your accuracy and makes you harder to hit. If you find good cover
    Prone or crouching behind it can hide you from enemy bullets.
    Using weapon modes:
    On some guns pressing the "m" key will change the weapon mode and the firing
    rate. using the right weapon modes at the right times can increase your combat
    efficiency. Remember that a slower firing rate increases accuracy and faster
    one increases deadliness in close range. Here are my preffered weapon modes for
    all the guns in the game.
    BAR: Slow
    FG42: Semi-auto
    Thompson: Auto
    Mp40: auto
    If you ask me I say keep the guns on the slowest weapon mode so accuracy
    increases. if your good you can easily kill with slow-firing weapons at
    close-range. The only weapons that I keep on the fastest firing mode are the
    SMGs since they need lots of bullets to hit before you kill the enemy.
    Conserving ammo
    For a lot of guns ammo is pretty rare in the demo so conserving it is a must.
    Good ways to conserve ammo include:
    1. Bursting. Spraying is less effective and wastes ammo faster.
    2. Set weapon mode to slowest. This will make the gun expend ammo much slower
    3. Confirm kills. After you shoot make sure your target is dead. Continously
    shooting the air thinking the enemy is there won't do much to help you.
    4. If you see a wounded enemy soldier who isn't shooting back hit him with your
    melee attack or shoot him with a pistol and save your main guns' ammo for the
    real soldiers
    5. Don't spam grenades. Throw them slowly and watch where they land. re-angle
    your throw and try again
    Stick with your squad
    COD is heavily squad-based. Your character can't take lots of bullets before he
    dies so staying with teammates is crucial to your survival. They will draw fire
    from you and help you eliminate enemies faster. There are 1 or 2 instances
    where you have to go "rambo" but in all of these there
    are usually only 1 or 2 enemies.
    When your squad advances, stay behind for a while and scavenge the battle
    sites. You might find health, ammo, or weapons.
    Suppresive fire
    Sometimes if you fire too much on an enemy position the enemy will be more
    careful and stick his head or body out less often. This is very annoying. Good
    ways to remedy this are either throwing a grenade which will either kill them
    or make them run directly towards you squads' guns. another is moving around
    and shooting body parts such as the hands which they forget to hide. This
    "angers" them for some reason and makes them appear longer and more often.
    throughout the level there are medikits scattered around that heal you and some
    enemy soldiers also
    drop them. There are 2 kinds, a small box with a red cross on it that heals 25%
    of your health and a leather bag with a red cross on it that heals 50%. If you
    see a medikit but don't need it, take note of it's location so you can
    backtrack to find it. Good use of the medikits can save your life in battle. At
    the same time however, you should note that medikits are limited so don't rely
    on them too much and instead learn tactics that stop you from losing health in
    the first place.
    Iron Sights
    When engaging targets at long or medium range, always use Iron Sights. They
    improve your weapon's accuracy considerably and are easier to use than
    crosshairs. If you have never played a game with Iron sights before it may seem
    weird to use them but just practice with them and you'll never use the
    crosshairs again(except for close combat). When using pistols I always keep
    Iron Sights activated because the pistols' accuracy is horrible and even a
    little more accuracy is better than nothing.
    B.3-The walkthrough!
    This is what you've all been waiting for. A walkthrough through the level!
    Anyways this isn't a super detailed walkthrough when it comes to medikits and
    weapons. I might mention important locations for medikits/weapons but others
    you have to discover for yourself. This one tells you where to go and what
    enemies you will encounter. Hopefully it comes in useful.
    You are Private Martin, a soldier from Baker Company, 506th Regiment, 101st
    Airborne. Today is D-Day, and it's 2:00 AM in the morning. You have just
    parachuted into normandy, france and linked up with a squad of American
    soldiers to assault an occupied french village called St. Mere Eglise. Not only
    does this village hold strategic value, but it also holds 3 german Flak Panzer
    AA tanks which are harassing US and British planes. You must infiltrate the
    village, destroy the flakpanzers, and then occupy it and get ready to defend it
    from a possible german counterattack. Good luck.
    The Game:
    When you begin you'll be in a trench just outside the village. Exit it and your
    squad will be in front of you. Once you get near them they will advance forward
    so just follow them. Once you get to the piece of ground that goes down and
    back up again Mortars will start firing on the field and two MG42's in the
    distance will open fire on you. Immediatley crouch and try killing the MG42
    gunners with your rifle, then run forward and try to avoid the mortars. Once
    you get to the wooden shed. kill any remaining MG42 gunners but don't advance.
    look at the blue-ish house nearest to you. In the top-middle window(where one
    MG42 used to be there) there's a guy leaning against the far back wall. Kill
    him. Then look at the bottom-left window. There's a guy running down the stairs
    trying to get to the MG42. Quickly kill him. If you do this right you should
    have saved your teammate who is dragging his wounded friend to the shed
    although you don't get anything other than a good feeling. Now stand up and
    look at the Half-track in the distance. It's gunner will be firing at you. It's
    very hard to see him but just aim at the gunner's port and slowly pick off
    shots. Once your captain says "good job son" then it means you killed him. If
    your wounded go to the blue-ish house and the second floor and there should be
    quite a lot of medikits. Now go back out to the street and follow your squad.
    Once you see a house with a green-ish inside on your right. enter it and take
    the stairs up to the attic. There should be a german rifleman shooting out of
    the window. Kill him and take his place. There should be a firefight between
    your squad and a german one. Pick off all the germans until your squad advances
    and enters the big house. Even after they advance there may be a few germans
    left over so kill those if you see them.(wait a few seconds before they appear)
    Exit the house and follow them. Once you enter the big house you should see
    your squad outside one of the windows. Jump out of that window and Crouch
    behind the wall. There's a german-infested house across the street from you.
    Before you can advance you must kill all the germans inside it from your
    current position. First of all a german will run to the MG42 in the garage to
    the far right of the house. Kill him before he does any major damage. The
    number of germans, their location in the house, and when they appear is
    completely random so use the "suppresive fire" strategie in the tactics section
    of this FAQ to kill them. The most important thing is that you DON'T advance
    before your squad does. If you do you will be outnumbered and quickly killed.
    once your squad advances into the house follow them and kill any germans which
    may still be alive. Now run to the back door of the house(a few squadmates
    should be there) There are a few germans outside the window so pick them off
    quickly with the help of your squad. Now exit the house from the back door and
    quickly look to your left. There should be a german behind a fence pointing his
    rifle towards you. Immediately shoot him. Now advance a few feet and your squad
    will start advancing too. Just follow them. Your now advancing across a
    graveyard with a shed to your left and a heavily damaged church in the
    distance. Keep an eye on the shed and the church. There will be enemy appearing
    around the rest of the graveyard but your squad can take care of them. First of
    all a few guys will attempt to shoot you out of the shed's windows. Kill them.
    Then a guy will appear to the left of the shed and try to shoot you. finally a
    guy will appear outside the shed's door. By now another soldier should have
    manned the MG42 in the church. When he does that IMMEDIATELY crouch and pick
    him off or he'll cause major damage to you. Now enter the shed. As soon as you
    enter there will be a rifleman to your left at point-blank range so kill him
    very quickly. don't worry about taking damage since this shed's full of
    medikits. Now go and peek out of the shed's back door and the church should be
    in front of you. A second gunner will man the MG42 so quickly kill him. After
    several second a third one will follow. Once you've killed them all exit the
    shed and look to you left towards a destroyed house. Two germans will emerge
    out of it so kill them. Two of your squad mates will enter the church and the
    rest will go to the destroyed house. Follow the two squadmates and go into the
    church and kill any survivors. The church is filled with weapons, ammo, and
    medical supplies so stock up. Now look through the hole in the wall that
    doesn't have an MG42 in it. You should see the first Flakpanzer and a machine
    gun nest. Kill the machinegunners then kill as many of the flakpanzer crew as
    you can. The part of the squad that went into the destroyed house will help
    you. Once your finished exit the church and go into the destroyed house and the
    back door in it. the Flak panzer should be right in front of you along with
    your squad. There might be some enemies in the distance so kill them if your
    squad hasn't done so already. Then walk up to the yellow marker on the
    flakpanzer and press "f" to plant a bomb. Then quickly run back to your squad
    before it explodes. Now advance along with your squad until you see the second
    flak panzer across the road. Be careful because some german soldiers who are
    defending it will throw a grenade. Crouch and kill the crew, and kill as many
    soldiers as you can. They will stick their heads out so it will only take 1
    shot to kill them. Once all firing has stopped go into the the the panzer's
    "sanctuary" from the opening in the left. You may want to pick up an FG42 here.
    There are some soldiers that may still be alive so quickly kill them.(you know
    you've killed them all when your captain says "good job son now plant the
    explosives"). Now plant the bomb on the flakpanzer just like you did the first
    one and run away. Now follow your squad into an alley. you will end up in a
    house and there are a group of germans across the street. You can kill them all
    from where you are so there won't be any survivors left. once your finished run
    towards where they used to be and pick up any weapons and ammo. If you need
    health there's some in the house you just existed. Now join up with your squad.
    You should see a road in front of you. In the left side there's the 3rd flak
    panzer that is unaware of your position, and on the right side there's a house
    and a wall in front of it. Run towards the house. There's a single german in it
    so kill him. All the soldiers around the panzer will open up so quickly run
    along the "inside" of the wall. There's a second german coming towards you from
    the front so quickly kill him. As soon as you are back out in the open turn
    around and you'll see an MG42. Kill the gunner and man it. The MG42 is
    conveniently pointing towards the flakpanzer so mow down EVERYTHING that moves.
    once your finished exit the '42 and clear the area around the flak panzer.(this
    time if your captain tells you to plant explosives it doesn't mean that all the
    enemies are dead). Collect any german weapons around the tank and when your
    finished plant the bomb and run away. Your squad will meet up at the end of the
    road and your captain will give you a small but pretty cool speech. The demo
    then ends.
    Note: I am aware that the walkthrough is severely disorganized right now and
    hard to read. Remember that this is my first FAQ so please bear with me. I will
    re-organize the walkthrough in the next version of the FAQ.
    C.1-Locations where this FAQ may be used
    This FAQ may ONLY be used in gamefaqs.com. If any other site wants to use it
    ask permission first and then(and Only then) will you have the right to post it
    at your site and it must be COMPLETELY unedited.
    C.2-Contact Me
    My E-mail and MSN is haytham89@hotmail.com. Send to me any mistakes you find in
    my FAQ, suggestions on how to improve it, or any questions about COD that
    aren't answered in the FAQ. However I don't check my E-mail that often(it's
    mostly spam) so dont expect a quick reply.
    My Brother-For letting me use his gaming PC
    My Mom and Dad-For buying my bro's gaming PC
    Allah(yes I'm muslim)-For creating the world for COD, Me, and GameFAQs.com to
    exist in
    Everybody in the COD gamefaqs messageboards-for providing me with some
    previously unknown info
    CODfiles.com-For info, mods, and the COD demo itself.
    Callofduty.org-For providing a kickass COD community
    Snake Shift-Creator of the "weapons changer v1.1" mod.
    Anybody else I didn't mention
    Copyright Haytham Sharaf 2003

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