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    Second Demo FAQ by El Greco

    Version: Final | Updated: 05/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    Call of Duty: Dawnville Demo - Strategy Guide
                        Written by : El Greco
                           Created : October 30, 2004
                           Version : Final
                           Updated : November 13, 2004
                            E-mail : REMOVED
    I have new and expanded weapons information in this update. Final version of
    the guide.
    1)  Contents
    1)  Contents
    2)  Version History
    3)  Introduction
    4)  Game Overview
        a.  Controls
        b.  Weapons
        c.  Important Notes
        d.  Quotes
    5)  Dawnville walkthrough
    6)  Credits
    7)  Conclusion
    8)  Legal Information
                            - Navigating the Guide -
    The entire guide is broken up into sections, sub-sections and so on.  There
    is one general idea or section  and then the section within it are more and
    more specific to that particular subject.
    You  can easily access any of the  parts in the guide; all  you have to do is
    highlight the search code for the section  copy it, open the Find function in
    your  browser  and enter it in.  Or you  could just highight,  press  CTRL+C,
    CTRL+F,  CTRL+V,  ENTER.  That should  immediately take  you to the  desired
    The main  walkthrough is divided into  separate parts to  help you  find your
    place  more easily.  Just refer to the listing  above and find the place that
    you are at in the game.  Then copy the  code next to it and paste it into the
    search function (CTRL+F).  After you  press ENTER or click on "Find Next" you
    will be taken to the appropriate section of the walkthrough.
    2)  Version History
    Version Final, 12/21/03, 32 kb
    First complete version of the guide.  The walkthrough has been completed and
    some information has been added here and there.  Sorry it took so long but my
    computer was out of comission for a while.  This is also the last unless some
    kind of glaring error is pointed out to me.
    Version 0.75, 10/30/03, 21 kb
    I have completed all sections except the walkthrough for the demo, expect that
    to come very soon.
    3)  Introduction
    This Call of Duty demo was released in late October and featured one short yet
    intense and exhilerating mission.  You will step into the combat boots of 
    Private Martin, a soldier in the 101st Airborne, Martin Company, 506th 
    Regiment.  You will follow him through only one battle (this is a demo) yet it
    will provide you with a sense of satisfaction that no other game will produce 
    for you.
    This game was produced by the team that made the popular WWII FPS Medal of 
    Honor: Allied Assault.  I can safely say that this game is many times better 
    than that game, so if you liked Medal of Honor then this game is definitley 
    for you.
    This walkthrough will cover the demo called Dawnville.  So if you are looking
    for a strategy guide for the other one then this isn't the place for you.
    Go to the Call of Duty site (http://www.callofduty.com/) to find places to 
    download this demo and the other one (Burnville).
    4)  Game Overview
    In the final years of the first half of the 20th Century, battles were fought,
    won, and lost.  Battles that would change face of every government, every
    country, every man, and every woman, everywhere.  For the rest of humankind's
    existence.  In these battles the essence of good vs evil was fought day to day,
    on the battlefields of Eastern and Western europe, Africa, Italy, and the
    Pacific ocean. They were battles that would determine the outcome of every
    generation to follow.  Every generation after these brave men, whom by
    themselves, of no influence other than their own self rightouesness, instinct,
    and sense of inner strength answered their country, and their fellow man's
    call... the Call of Duty.
    a.  Controls
    ACTION                    BUTTON                    
    Walk Forward           | W
    Walk Backwards         | S
    Strafe Right           | D
    Strafe Left            | A
    Lean Right             | E
    Lean Left              | Q
    Crouch                 | C
    Go Prone               | CTRL
    Jump                   | SPACE
    Action Keys
    ACTION                    BUTTON                    
    Use                    | F
    Pick Up/Change         | F
    Show Objectives        | TAB
    Weapon One             | 1
    Weapon Two             | 2
    Pistol                 | 3
    Grenades               | 4
    Next Weapon            | Mouse Wheel Down
    Previous Weapon        | Mouse Wheel Up
    ACTION                    BUTTON                    
    Screenshot             | F12
    Quick Save             | F5
    Quick Load             | F9
    b.  Weapons
    * You will find all of these weapons in this demo, I may have missed picking
      up some of the wepaons so that is why they are not included.  Fell free to
      contact me if you see that I have missed something.
    /  American Weapons /
    M1A1 Carbine
    Range        : Medium
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Fast
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    The M1A1 Carbine, a 30. caliber semi-automatic rifle with a folding
    stock, is commonly issued to paratroopers. Though it lacks the
    stopping power of larger rifles, it's lightweight, accurate, and
      By Brendon:
    The M1A1 Carbine is perhaps the most overlooked weapon in online
    gaming history. It was fairly popular during WW2, however, games like
    Medal of Honor have completely left it out. In Call of Duty and Call
    of Duty United Offensive multiplayer, players tend to never pick it.
    It's a real shame, as this may be the best weapon in the game. Really.
    It's light, has a higher rate of fire than any other rifle, does long
    range damage like the revolver does short range, and it's on-the-dime
    accurate. Perfect weapon for Domination mode, as you can kill the
    enemy long range and still run quickly from flag to flag.
    Others say the Kar98k is just as mobile as the Carbine, and since it
    dishes out more damage it's better. So not true. What happens when you
    fire a Kar98k close range and miss, while the other guy has a Tommy
    Gun? You're finished! With the Carbine you can miss and still survive!
    You have 14 more bullets in that clip, and if you can aim for the head
    you can take him out just as good as any Kar98k could. This weapon is
    a must-pickup every time you find one. If you are using an MP40 or
    some other automatic weapon, the Carbine can make a useful utility
    weapon. You can get those who are too far to kill easily with the SMG,
    and you can use the weapon as a powerful side-arm when you're in the
    heat of a close battle.
      History of the M1A1 Carbine:
    The M1A1 Carbine rifle fired a special round derived from the
    Winchester .32 commercial cartridge of limited power. The butt of the
    rifle was something like a tubular skeleton and many could be folded,
    proving extremely useful to the Airborne troops. It resembled a
    sporting arm more than a military carbine, and it could fire 15 rounds
    per clip.
    M1 Garand
    Range        : Long
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : High
    Mobility     : Fast
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    The M1 Garand is a powerful and accurate semi-automatic rifle. It's
    primary drawback is that it can't be conveniently reloaded in the
    middle of a clip.
      By Brendon:
    Great weapon for holding a defensive line in levels such as Foy. The
    iron sights are wide and very accurate in projecting where your shot
    will go, and it will put a man down with one shot to the upper body.
    It cannot be reloaded in the middle of a clip so in stealthy
    situations this gun is a death-wish to use. Bring in the Carbine!
    Anyway, despite the fact that the Carbine is better in many ways, it
    doesn't mean you should never use the Garand. The damage it can dish
    out and the fact that it is semi auto definitely makes this weapon
    better for defensive and certain offensive attacks.
    My best advice when using this gun is to fire from a high position,
    such as a church tower hill top. Always fire under cover, and from a
    concealed area because of the noise of the weapon combined with the
    large tracers it gives off is going to draw fire to you. Also, strafe
    around so that you are a hard to hit target.
      History of the M1 Garand:
    The standard WWII American weapon was the M1 Garand. It was
    attractive yet heavy, unlike the version you get in Call of Duty. It
    was fed from 8 round chargers, entered service in 1936, and performed
    well under rough conditions. It was far superior to many other
    standard issue weapons to most of the Axis countries troops, such as
    Japan and Germany, who did not have a gun like this issued to enough
    troops to make a difference like the Americans could, with the mighty
    Browning Automatic Rifle
    Range        : Long
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : High
    Mobility     : Slow
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    The Browning Automatic Rifle is a squad support weapon, used to lay
    down accurate suppression fire at enemy positions. It is most
    effective when used while prone.
      By Brendon:
    The BAR is horrible for most of the new modes in CoD UO, but is a
    rampaging beast in old levels like Carentan. The crosshairs become
    very small, and you can take perfectly accurate slow-fire shots with
    them. It has a nasty recoil so I recommend you hit the crouch button
    before you engage any enemy at any range. Anyone facing this thing
    with a weaker weapon is doomed, if you're going to kill someone with a
    BAR you must take him out quickly and stealthy.
    Another thing this weapon is good for is when you are doomed to the
    miserable fate of manning the passenger seat of a jeep. You have a
    powerful weapon that's fully automatic and dead accurate. A jeep
    driver with a BAR has confidence that the guy to his right will
    protect him, he knows the machine gunner is too exposed to do
    everything. There's so many uses for this gun, you can find a new one
    every day. The best tip I have for someone who just got CoD:UO and
    cannot seem to stop using the BAR because of habits developed in the
    original CoD, is to use your pistol wisely. Take out your pistol as
    you run from flag to flag, and press 1 (default, 2 if you've picked
    the weapon off a corpse) to whip it out when you need it. This will
    turn you into a killing machine on speed. Also, do not forget the
    sprint key (alt by default), that can be useful for crossing a small
    field or to run across an alley that has a sniper guarding it.
      History of the Browning Automatic Rifle:
    The Browning automatic rifle was a semiautomatic weapon dating from
    WW1 with a limited magazine capacity of 20 rounds, and had excessive
    weight and length.
    It was equipped with a bipod (which was usually taken off and thrown
    away by soldiers using it in the Pacific Theatre) and used as a squad
    LMG. It was very effective in the jungles, and it struck fear into the
    hearts of Japanese soldiers. When the Japanese heard it they were
    afraid because they knew it had the power of a stationary machine gun,
    but was fully mobile. It could be shot in any direction and they
    didn't want to be the ones on the other end of the iron sights. It
    wasn't used as effectively in the European theatre, which was probably
    due to there being more in the Pacific than Europe. No one really
    knows exactly why, but it was probably because of the big differences
    in combat between the two bloodiest theatres of WW2.
    Range        : Very Long
    Rate of Fire : Slow
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Medium
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    The Springfield M1903, originally developed after the
    Spanish-American War, is a sniper rifle equipped with a 4x zoom scope.
    As a bolt-action scoped weapon, it has a slow rate of fire and reloads
    one round at a time.
      By Brendon:
    An ideal weapon for use in large open levels, like Rhine Valley. Use
    much as you would the M1 Garand, only fire under cover and preferably
    while prone. The scope wiggles and jiggles while you move, so it's
    useless while moving. My favorite thing to do with this old rifle is
    to take it down by the enemy spawn, pick of a Nazi or two, then move
    to another spot overlooking the spawn. You'll be invincible at times
    if you can find an SMG as a side arm. You can protect yourself close
    range and you have the advantage of seeing long range. Although… you
    must watch out for Germans spying you out with binoculars, once they
    see you they'll make sure you're dead.
    When forced to use the weapon while moving, shoot then hide until you
    are ready to fire another round. Same goes with the Kar98k with scope.
    Never use it in a close range level, especially indoors! Ideal for
    some older CoD levels such as Depot, Hurtgen, and sometimes Dawnville.
    I also like to use it in Foy during CTF and Base-Assault gametype's.
      History of the Springfield:
    The US used two bolt-action rifles during the war, the M 1903
    Springfield and the M 1917 Enfield. Both were chambered for the .30-06
    round and the former M 1903 A 4 was a sniper variant. Even though in
    Call of Duty they only have this weapon sporting a scope, it was used
    without one by some soldiers whom it was issued to. It would make a
    good American version of the Kar98k if they would make it selectable
    like one.
    Range        : Short
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : High
    Mobility     : Fast
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    The Thompson submachine gun is effective at close range and fires the
    powerful .45 ACP round. It's notoriously inaccurate at distance but
    compensates with a high rate of fire.
      By Brendon:
    I used to use this gun all the time. It's perfect for newbies, and he
    who masters it will be hard to kill. Great for any level believe it or
    not. You can get medium-long range kills if you fire it in shorts
    burst at the upper body. Good spray and pray weapon, excellent for
    indoor combat. I recommend it for players with bad aim, and for those
    with good aim. Very versatile, and can just about handle any situation
    fairly well. It's very useful.
    You will get eaten alive by enemies sporting semi-automatic rifles, so
    beware. The German G43 rifle is the Tommy Gunners bane. Always pick up
    some kind of rifle if you see it lying around, so that you can more
    effectively deal with long range foes. I've used this gun so much I
    can handle it with my eyes closed, but there are better weapons in the
    game (cough-Carbine!-cough)
      History of the Thompson:
    The standard US SMG until 1942 was the .45-inch M 1928 A or A 1
    Thompson, whose worth had been proved in the days of Prohibition in
    the United Stats in the 1920's. The Thompson was a needlessly
    complicated and expensive weapon with a Blish delaying action
    centering around an H-shaped device which rose to lock the action. In
    practice this was an unnecessary refinement, as were the Lyman sights
    with windage scale and even the Cutts compensator on the muzzle.
    However, the Thompson was reliable and thousands were shipped to
    Britain in 1940. Some models had vertical and some horizontal finger
    grips, and could accept 20 round box magazines or 50- or 100-round
    drum ones which tended to rattle. It's a shame the Call of Duty
    developers did not include the Grease Gun which replaced the Tommy Gun
    later in the war, and was the American answer to the primarily British
    Sten SMG.
    Colt .45
    Range        : Short
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Very Fast
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    A standard issue pistol for American paratroopers, favored by British
    Airborne forces as well. The 7-round magazine is small, but the
    stopping power of the large .45 caliber round makes the Colt useful in
    a pinch.
      By Brendon:
    Pistols are one of the most important things you carry. Your main
    weapon is not always reliable, and while using bolt action rifle you
    can be in trouble at close range. The pistol is a must have basic
    weapon for all soldiers. You always get one regardless of what weapon
    you choose or what country you're playing as. When using an SMG you
    might be in a close battle where every split second counts. You may
    have your opponent's life down, but you have to reload your weapon.
    That could take a while (or so it seems in the heat of battle)! So
    what do you do? Forget the SMG, whip out your pistol and finish the
    While using a machine gun you will not be able to fire your weapon
    unless prone or stationary, so you must hold your pistol and run with
    it until you find a suitable place you're your MG. This will protect
    you against sudden ambushes. Also, while using a semi-automatic rifle
    or even an assault rifle, you might run into the same situation I
    described happening with the SMG. While using a bolt action rifle
    pistol ammo is a must have, because if you must your first shot and
    the enemy come charging at you, you do not have the time to wait for
    the next bullet to be ready. And if you miss twice you're toast! So
    trust in the pistol, and aim for the head my friends.
    You must do the same thing with the sniper rifle as you'd do with the
    bolt action ones, use the pistol for those tight situations. Always
    remember when things are grim, your clan is losing, you're the last
    hope of victory, and you need to bomb that Flak 88 but only have a
    Springfield '03 to guard the bomb with, your pistol is there to serve
    you. The pistol is your friend, the pistol loves you, and you love the
    pistol. Don't forget the little guy.
      History of the Colt .45:
    The most important pistol- and in the opinion of many experts far and
    away the best military pistol ever produced- used by the US forces
    during WWII was the Colt M 1911 A1. No only was the pistol extremely
    reliable and capable of being stripped without the aid of special
    tools, but it also chambered the best service round. It was an
    outstanding weapon and continues in service to this day. I may also
    add that contrary to what the CoD manual says about this weapon, it
    was not standard for all Airborne Units. Many Airborne soldiers had to
    go and buy their own. Nonetheless, it was so good that some British
    soldiers who retrieved a Luger as a trophy from a dead German, would
    trade with an American for a Colt .45.
    M2 Fragmentation Grenade
    Range        : Medium
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Very Fast
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    Fragmentation grenades are very effective anti-personnel devices. The
    highly explosive charges reduce their metal casing to flying
    fragments, causing considerable blast damage. Though they're
    ineffective against armored vehicles, they are extremely useful for
    clearing out entrenched enemy positions.
      By Brendon:
    You will use grenades so much while playing Call of Duty, that you
    will become an expert with them in no time. You can cook them off in
    CoD: UO by pressing right-click, and your crosshair will blink about 6
    times before the grenade explodes. So throw the thing before it blows
    your arms off. Be careful of enemy grenades, and don't do stupid
    things like try to pick them up. Just run for your life or find cover.
    When you find a batch of idiots all clumped together with little
    light-bulbs over their heads (which means they're chatting) toss a
    grenade at them and watch in delight as mild swear words full up the
    chat screen.
    Toss them at stingy enemies who won't come out of their hiding spot,
    and when they run show them no mercy with your gun. Throw them in the
    path of jeeps, toss them into windows that you think are full of
    baddies, and always remember the enemy will use them against you. When
    you're stuck in a glitch and don't feel like typing /kill in the
    console, or that weird voice in your head is telling you to throw the
    pin, toss 'em off walls at try to catch 'em… Well I guess you can't
    catch them, but they will blow you up, which is what you wanted…
    right? Just keep in mind that you have teammates, most of which aren't
    willing to die because of your ignorance and odd sense of humor.
      History of the M2 Fragmentation Grenade:
    Not a lot of history can be found on this grenade. But what I do know
    is that they aren't as light as you think. If you ever hold one you'll
    see what I mean. It's not that they're hard to hold, it's just that
    you realize why the soldiers didn't chuck them like baseballs all the
    time. You'd throw your arm out like a little leaguer throwin'
    /  German Weapons   /
    Manual Information : The MP40 submachine gun is an effective room-clearing 
    weapon.  It has a relatively minimal climb even when fired fully automatic in 
    extended bursts.
    Range        : Medium
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Fast
    Historical Information : Heinrich Vollmer of the company Erma Erfurter 
    Waffenfabrik did not design by Hugo Schmeisser, but the very famous MP 40, 
    despite known as “the Schmeisser” by allied troops.
    The weapon's advantages are reasonable accuracy, easy handling and relative 
    stability even when firing prolonged bursts. A disadvantage was the placement 
    of the 32-round magazines under the weapon. A weak point was the feeding of 
    cartridges to the gun, because of a tendency of the magazine system to get 
    dirty and the non-ideal shape of the cylindrical 9mm-cartridges, the weapon 
    could jam. 
    A late modification of the MP 40 was the MP 40/II that had two 32-round 
    magazines located beside each other so that the gunner could easily switch 
    over to the second magazine after spending the first one.
    Practical range was below 200m, practical rate of fire below 100 rounds/min. 
    The weapon had a folding metal stock; it could not fix a bayonet or use the 
    Schiessbecher rifle-grenade firing device but could be fitted with a 
    Schalldämpfer ("silencer"), though this was very rare. 
    Technical Data: length (MP 38) 62cm (MP 40) 63cm; length (stock unfolded) 
    83cm; barrel length (MP 38) 24cm (MP 40) 25cm; weight (MP 38 with empty 
    magazine) 4.22kg (MP 40 w/o magazine) 3.97kg; weight of loaded 32-round 
    magazine: 640g; theoretical rate of fire (system) 400 rounds per minute; 
    ammunition: 9mmx19mm Parabellum.
    Manual Information : The MP44 is an assault rifle that fires a unique “short” 
    rifle round.  Up close, it can be used as a submachine gun, while at longer 
    ranges it can operate as a rifle.
    Range        : Long
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : High
    Mobility     : Medium
    Historical Information : The Sturmgewehr 44 made history as the first real 
    assault rifle; in fact, the term "assault rifle" itself is a literal 
    translation of this weapon's designation. Obviously, the concept of the StGw 
    influenced Mikhail Kalashnikov in his development of the famous AK-47 assault 
    rifle (although the AK has a system of it's own right). The story of the 
    Sturmgewehr is that of the late success of an ingenious and right idea that 
    prevailed despite all efforts to stop it. 
    Many attempts had been made in several countries including Germany during the 
    1920ies to develop an automatic rifle that combined the characteristics of the 
    submachine gun - a high rate of fire and therefore fire volume - with that of 
    the then usual regular infantry rifle - accuracy and projectile power - while 
    at the same time eliminating the disadvantages of the respective weapon types. 
    Most of these attempts failed, because the conservative authorities did not 
    like the idea or -mostly- because these early weapons tried to use the regular 
    powerful rifle ammunition.
    First large-scale use of this new weapon was with the 93rd ID in the northern 
    sector of the eastern front. After small changes the weapon was called MP 44. 
    It was not until July 1944 when several Division commanders personally begged 
    Hitler in his headquarters that the weapon was given production priority. In 
    December of that same year the weapon was given the suggestive name 
    Sturmgewehr or Sturmgewehr 44, abbreviated StG 44 or StGw 44. Total production 
    of the MP 43 and MP 44 / Sturmgewehr was 425,977 at a price of 66 RM for one 
    Sturmgewehr 44.
    The Sturmgewehr 44 could also be fitted with ZF 1229 Vampir, an infrared night 
    sighting device. The scope for the Vampir mounted onto the StGw 44 weighed 
    2.3kg, the support devices were carried in a rucksack and weighed 13kg. 310 of 
    these night-fighting scopes were produced at the company Leitz. Another 
    intriguing invention was the Krummerlauf ("bent barrel"), a bent barrel with a 
    periscope sighting device for shooting around corners. This idea existed in 
    several variants, an "I"-version for infantry use and a "P" version for use in 
    tanks (to cover the dead areas in the close range around the tank to defend 
    against assaulting infantry), versions with 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°, and a 
    version for the StGw 44 and one for the MG 42. Only the 30° "I" - version for 
    the StGw 44 was produced in any numbers.
    Technical Data
    Length        : 94cm
    Barrel length : 42cm
    Weight w/ empty magazine           : 4.62kg
    Weight of loaded 30-round magazine : 920g
    Theoretical system rate of fire      : 500 rounds/minute
    Practical ROF in full automatic mode : 100 rounds/minute Vo 685 m/s
    Ammunition : Kurzpatrone 7.92x33
    Kar98k (scoped and unscoped)
    Manual Information : The Kar98k is the standard issue German infantry rifle.  
    It’s accurate and deadly at long range, but suffers from a slow rate of fire 
    due to it’s bolt-action mechanism.
    Range        : Very long
    Rate of Fire : Slow
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Medium
    Historical Information : The origins of the Mauser rifle family date back to 
    the late 19th century. The weapon was introduced by order of the German 
    emperor in April 1898 as the Gewehr 98 after a decade-long debate. It was to 
    become the standard military rifle in many countries for many years to come; 
    in Germany itself for over 50 years. They are still in use today with military 
    units in africa and southern America. A modified, shortened version of the 
    rifle was introduced into the Wehrmacht in 1935 as the standard rifle under 
    the designation Karabiner Modell Mauser 98 k ("multiple-shot carbine model 
    Mauser 98", "k" for "kurz" = "short"); it was also called Karabiner 98 k or 
    simply Mauser 98 k. 
    It was a bolt-action rifle with a fixed internal magazine for 5 rounds. The 98 
    k could fix a bayonet, the Schiessbecher for firing rifle grenades and 
    different Zielfernrohre ("scopes") ranging from the Zielfernrohr 40 and Zf 41 
    with a zoom factor of 1.5 to the Zf 39 and Zf 4 (also called Zf 43) with a 4x 
    zoom. Six percent of the 98k - production were to be fitted with a raail for 
    scopes; this number of sniper rifles could not be met. The German sniper with 
    the most kills was Gefreiter Hetzenauer with a total of 345 confirmed kills. 
    The weapon at left shows a Mauser 98k with the early Zf 39. The sights of the 
    regular rifles could be adjusted from 100m to 2000m in increments of 50m. 
    Different modified versions of the Mauser rifle were produced, among others 
    special versions for paratroopers and mountain troops. Production of the rifle 
    was kept up all through the war. The German army entered WW II with a total 
    number of 2,769,533 Kar 98k. Another 7.540,058 were delivered to the army 
    until the end of the war (including 126,291 sniper modifications); 925,984 
    were delivered to the Luftwaffe, 191,250 to the navy and 62,600 to the SS (the 
    SS received another 235,000 rifles, mainly Mauser-types, from their own 
    production), the regular price for one Mauser 98k rifle was 70.- RM.
    c.  Important Notes
    * Here are soem important tips that apply to all gameplay, take them into 
      consideration while playing.  Who knows, I just may save your life...
    Taking Cover
    This is probably one of the most obvious yet important tips I will give you.
    Beleive me this game will not allow you to take alot of damage at all. So you
    must utilize all cover that you can.  The enemy will never hesitate to shoot 
    at you, their weapons are just as accurate and deadly as yours.  Don't think 
    that the game will allow you some leeway in this respect, it doesn't.
    Reloading Weapons
    Must I tell you this?  You must reload your weapons after you have expended 
    most of the clip.  If you go into a battle wiyth only five bullets in your 
    clip (assuming you have a submachine gun or machine gun) then you are royally 
    screwed unless your teammates provide some excellent covering fire for you.  
    Always reload before rounding a corner or after a firefight, this will 
    definitely save you a few gameover screens.
    Health Packs
    I'm not going to tell you to use them, I think it is pretty standard knowledge
    for any game that you play.  These gifts are dropped frequently by enemies and
    are plentifully scattered throughout the level.  Never hesitate to grab one.
    Like some other games this game allows you to lean out paast a corner or 
    around one to see if there are enemies.  However this feature was only 
    available in multiplayer mode, you can use this whenever you are in the game,
    whether it be single or multiplayer.  The main advantage to this is that you 
    will be exposing a minmal amount of youself to the enemy while you can still 
    shoot at them.  Try to use this in urban battles.
    Never stand up straight on the battlefield, you are almost aking to be shot 
    when you do this.  Always crouch or crwal, this will allow you the same amount
    of mobility that you enjoyed while standing while at the same time making you 
    much less of a target.
    Picking up items and switching weapons
    Whenever you approach an item or weapon you can press the F key to pick it up 
    or if it is a weapon then you can switch it with the one in your hand.  You 
    will automatically drop the weapon you are holding and then pik up the one on 
    the ground.
    Dealing with tanks
    You will find in this demo that tanks are quite a nuisance to take care of.  
    You cannot harm them at all with grenades or bullets, instead you must pick 
    up some sort of rocket laucher to fire at it.  The game will almost always 
    tell you where to pick one up so there is no need to worry about not being 
    able to find one.  Once you have it one direct hit on the tank will destroy 
    Dealing with cowardly enemies
    Sometimes you will encounter enemies that will almost never reveal a large 
    enough portion of themselves to shoot at or never come out of cover at all.  
    This is immensely frustrating, but don't waste 5 clips shooting at the corner
    they are hiding behind you will not be able to shoot them.  Instead just whip 
    out a trusty grenade and toss it by the corner they are hinding by, this will 
    either flush them out for you to shoot or kill them when it explodes, either 
    way you win.
    Weapon modes
    Several weapons in the game can have their firing modes changed.  The 
    different modes are either semi-automatic or automatic and for automatic you
    can change the rate of fire too.  To change the modes just press the M key and
    your character will change it.  The weapons that can be changed are: the 
    Thompson, the BAR, Mp40, and FG42.
    Using melee mode
    The main advantage of this mode is to conserve ammunition for times when it 
    is necessary.  When you see an enemy on the ground getting up just go up to 
    him and whack him with the butt of your rifle, he will die and you will have 
    saved some ammo.
    Ammo conservation
    There are many instances in the game when you can conserve ammo just by 
    thinking a little bit.  For example, when throwing grenades don't throw off a 
    whole volley of them at the same spot.  One will suffice if it is well aimed, 
    if it not aimed well then you can adjust your aim based on where it landed 
    and toss another one.
    Also, when you have just killed an enemy don't keep shooting to make sure he 
    is dead, he_IS.  If by chance he is not dead then all it takes is one or two 
    more shots to kill him.  No need to empty an entire clip into him again.
    Fire your automatic weapons in bursts.  When you have long extended periods 
    of firing the shots are very innacurate beyond a few feet and you will waste 
    a lot of ammo with little to show for it.
    Aiming down the barrel of the gun
    Using this you can aim shots very accurately.  Just click the Right Mouse 
    Button (MOUSE2) and you will see a view looking down the barrel of the gun.
    You can snipe very accurately with this method and can do it with almost any 
    weapon, the M1A1 Carbine or even an SMG like the Thompson, although it may be 
    less effective than the rifle.
    Call of Duty is VERY team based in gameplay.  You must work with your squad to
    accomplish many things.  Often times the person who tries to go Rambo-style 
    or be the "Hero" will end up dead.  So let your teammates do some work, they 
    are not complete morons like in other WWII games that you may have played 
    *cough*BF1942*cough*.  Lay down suppressive fire for your squad members and 
    always look out for them, except for the Captain, he never dies no matter what
    happens to him.
    d.  Quotes
    * These are the little war quotes that you get once you die and see the 
      gameover screen.  There are quite a few of them.  E-mail me with any I have
      missed if you like.
    "We must be prepared to make the heroic sacrifices for the cause of peace that
     we make ungrudgingly for the cause of war.  There is no task that is more 
     important or closer to my heart."
     - Albert Einstein
    "The deah of one is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic."
     - Joseph Stalin
    "It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.  Rather we should thank 
     God that such men have lived."
     - General George Patton
    "All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers."
     - Francois Fenelon
    "The war would end if the dead could return."
     - Stanley Baldwin
    "War is as much a punishment to the punisher as it is to the sufferer."
     - Thomas Jefferson
    "He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, And he who has one
     enemy will meet him everywhere."
     - Ali ibn-Abi-Talibi
    "War is deligtful to those who have not experienced it."
     - Erasmus
    "The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other poor 
     bastard die for his."
     - General George Patton
    05)  Dawnville walkthrough
    D-Day 0500 hours
    Ste Mere Eglise
    The boys on the beaches must have landed by now.  They are only a few miles
    away but right now it seems like a million.  We don't have a radio and are 
    completely cut off.
    Captain Foley was right.  We did face a platoon or more of German paratroopers
    when we took the village last night.
    Today we hold it against German counterattack.  Our defenses are all stolen: 
    enemy MG42s, Panzerfausts for anti tank defense and the village itself.
    The air force and navy put on quite a show this morning pounding the hell out 
    of those beaches.  One thing is certain, the Germans know we are here.  
    Whether that means they turn tails and run or come swarming out of the 
    woodwork, we are about to find out.
                                                           - Pvt. Martin
                                                             Baker Company, 506
     - Assemble With Captain Foley.
     - Get a Panzerfaust Anti-Tank weapon from the church.
     - Destroy the tank.
     - Defend the church.
     - Reinforce the Northern approach.
     - Destroy the second tank.
     - Destroy the third tank.
     - Get a Panzerfaust Anti-Tank weapon from the church.
     - Locate and eliminate the enemy mortar positions. [3]
     - Regroup with Captain Foley and get in the car.
    Objective 1 : Assemble with Captain Foley
    This is rather simple, all you have to do is run forward into the building 
    where all of squadmates are running to.  Once you are inside the objective 
    has been completed.  Once Johnson has been gunned down you will have to fight
    off a small wave of enemy soldiers.  I suggest that you take care of the ones
    that leap over the wall to the left of the doorway where Johnson fell with
    the Thompson.  Once they are dead throw a grenade to the left of the doorway 
    and you should take out several enemy soldiers.  Now it should be a rather 
    simple matter to eliminate any surviving soldiers with the Thompson or the
    M1A1 Carbine.
    Objective 2 : Get a Panzerfaust Anti-Tank weapon from the church
    Once all the enemy soldiers are dead a Tiger Tank will come into the area. You
    must grab a Panzerfaust from the church to take it out.  The curch is located
    to the south of your position, look on your compass for reference.  Grab the 
    Panzerfaust by pressing the "F" key and head for the tank to the north.
    Objective 3 : Destroy the tank
    When you move in to take it out, all you have to do is align yourself 
    beforehand while you are hiding behind the wall and pop out quickly to fire a 
    shot at it.  One hit should do it.  If you miss then rinse and repeat steps
    2 and 3.
    Objective 4 : Defend the church
    Once you have destroyed the Tiger you will have to defend the church, where 
    you got the Panzerfaust from, against a large wave of enemy troops.  I suggest
    that you pick up the weapon that you dropped earlier when you were getting the
    Panzerfaust, press "F" to pick it up.  Stand to the side of one of the holes
    in the wall and crouch down.  Fire away at the oncoming troops and ducking
    behind cover when you have to reload.  If you want to, try out the MG42.  It
    is effective here but you will usually take a good amount of damage since you
    are so exposed.
    Objective 5 : Reinforce the northern approach
    Just follow Captain Foley and your squad mates to the enemy positions.  You
    will come to a narrow alleyway looking out on the area where some enemies
    are shooting at you and your squad mates.  This alley will provide some good
    cover, so crouch down right here and whip out whichever rifle you have.  Pick
    off all the enemies that you see, use the iron sights for this, it will make
    it a lot easier.
    Now after you know things have calmed down a bit, go to the overhang area
    where most of the recently gunned downed Germans are.  Appraoch cautiously
    since there may be an enemy with a FG42 waiting for you here.  If there is
    then... (do I have to say this?) ....kill him.
    Around this time your squad mates will open fire upon another group of
    enemies.  Slowly creep out with either of your guns and shoot down any enemies
    that you encounter.  You will have to move up to shoot some of them.  Once the
    are all down you will be attacked by some mortars.  None of them should hit
    you but you now have to find them and take them out.
    Objective 6 : Destroy the second tank
    Head back to the church but you will be stopped by a tank rolling through the
    wall up ahead.  Right behind it will follow a wave of enemy soldiers that 
    come over the low wall to the left of where the tank came.  Quickly take care
    of the enemies and move to the alley where you were before.  There will be 
    two enemies waiting at the otherend of it, so let them take a few bullets in 
    the face before proceeding onwards.
    You will have to fight your way back to the church.  The tank will blow out 
    two of the walls that you go by but it won't kill you unless you stop moving.
    When you enter the first little house you will immediately be attacked by
    an enemy that is hiding behind the doorway.  Make quick work of him and move
    on, this is where the second wall will be blown out.  When the wall is blown
    the agme will enter a shocked mode where your character is disoriented and
    can't really do much except wait for it to pass.
    Now fight off all the enemies around the tank and when there is a break in 
    the action, go to the church by moving around the BACK of the tank.  Grab the
    Panzerfaust and go to one of the windows in the church, you can take out the 
    tank from there.
    SUBMITTED BY: Michael Burns  <boo_urns5@hotmail.com>
    As you hear the order to regroup run towards where the mortars land and grab 
    the health packs there. You will likely be a bit beat up from defending the 
    northern approach so make sure you are full health before going into this 
    Go back up the street to the alcove where the enemies were all shooting from 
    and go right up the front, but still in cover, next to Cpt Foley. Go to the 
    prone position. As soon as you hear ‘Tank!!! Take Cover!!!’ throw a grenade 
    to where the tank is coming out. This will take care of a few soldiers and 
    give you a better chance. As the tank stops watch for an enemy running around
    the tread with an MP40 shooting insanely. Take him out quick (he may already 
    have been killed by the grenade) and look for others. I think the positions 
    of the soldiers vary for each difficulty. I am talking about the Veteran 
    setting. The MG42 shooting from the church will take care of most of the 
    enemies but there will be some leakers. You may notice Cpt. Foley twitching 
    from all the gunfire he is taking from the tanks machine gun (he cannot die).
    When the flow of soldiers pauses immediately throw a grenade over the building
    in front of you and another one down the alley slightly to your left. This 
    should take out anyone up there but still be on guard. Press spacebar and 
    forward simultaneously to begin running immediately in order to avoid the 
    tanks machine gun and head for the alley. If there is anyone up there take 
    them out but don’t proceed just yet.
    Let your teammates take care of the enemies who wish to follow you and head 
    through the doorway to your right, not the one ahead. Shoot the man in the 
    first room through the window of the shelled out building you are in and toss
    a grenade into the second room. Be on guard to kill the soldier in case he 
    dashes out. Go through the rooms as quickly as possible. If you do enter the 
    slow motion phase, don’t pause, just stand up and keep running. I find the 
    slow motion phase fun since you can shoot the enemies who are also running in
    slow motion. Head straight to the small wall by the most direct route (make 
    sure you are running) and go into the church. Grab the Panzerfaust immediately
    and shoot the tank through the window. Watch for more enemies coming into the
    church to hunt you down.
    Objective 7 : Destroy the third tank
    This objective will be completed by your squad mates but they will need some
    help in doing so.  You need to fight off all the enemies to the north of you
    so that they can reach the tank safely.  Once they have reached the tank they
    will shoot the people inside it and toss a grenade into it.
    Objective 8 : Locate and eliminate the enemy mortar positions  [3]
    Follow the road to an opening in the wall.  Immediately when you reach it
    some MG42s will open up on you from across the field.  Grab the Kar98 and 
    crouch down.  Snipe all the gunners (be ready for several shots for each one)
    and when they have been put out of comission run across the field an take out
    both enemy mortar positions by shooting the operators.
    Objective 9 : Regroup with Captain Foley and get in the car
    Look to your compass to get the location of the car.  Go to it and you will
    hear the Sergeant calling to you.  Go around the side and press the "F" key 
    to enter the car.  The Captain and Sergeant will converse a little before the
    demo ends.
    SUBMITTED BY: Aaron S <asdfga3@eliteforce.com>
    These may apply to the full game, I don't know. I have also tested it out on
    the "Greenhorn" and "Hardened" difficulty levels with success on both counts. 
    On Objective 1 ("Assemble with Captain Foley") If you look to the right wall
    of the tiny room as you come in the door you will see some weapons leaning
    against the wall. From left to right they are the: Thompson, M1 Garand, MP-40,
    and Kar98. I highly suggest grabbing the for Thompson ammo, and swapping your
    Carbine for the Garand. It's much more powerful, and has a little more ammo
    lying around since whenever a friendly rifleman dies, he drops one. I haven't
    seen any AI in this level carrying the Carbnines. 
    Around Objective 2 or 3 I have found that throught the demo you can pick up
    FG-42's, I usually carry one of them, and an M1 Garand. I use the FG-42 as a
    sniper rifle, and a submachine gun, and the Garand as an all-purpose mid to
    long range. The first one is to the right of the hole in the wall where you
    enter the church to get the rockets to kill the first tank, so you can get it
    quite early in the game. 
    Objective 6 "Destroy the second tank" When going through the small houses
    where the tank blows out the wall: If you run really fast, sometimes not even
    stopping to kill all of the guys in the houses, you can avoid wasting time
    with the shellshock thing. Also, after you get into the church, lean around
    the small wall and take out the Germans around the tank. If not sometimes they
    can run into the church and ambush you, or attack you while you're lining up
    your shot to take out the tank. 
    On Objective 8 ("Locate and eliminate the enemy mortar positions") you suggest
    using the Scoped Kar98 which is leaning against the wall. However I have found
    that especially on the hardest difficulty levels the time spent pulling that
    goddamn bolt back on the Kar each time is usually enough time to get you
    shredded by the machine gun nests. I have found that if you crouch with your
    back press agains the wall on the OPPOSITE side of the road from the broken
    wall (not against the wall itse;f) and use the scope on the FG-42 you can take
    out the nests. 
    Also, the first mortar position is dirrectly ahead of you at this point. I
    suggest taking it out because it will target your teammates who jumped over
    the wall and are in the field, and they can help you eliminate the machine
    Another tip for the mortars: The second position is behind the bombed-out barn
    to your left. If you are careful you can easily ambush the two guys using the
    mortars by crouching and walking behind them, and then opening fire with any
    I've also able, on a couple occasions, to take out both with one rifle shot.
    Usually while standing and leaning around the corner, and firing with the MI
    through them both. However it's rather hard to do. 
    Other wierd pointless stuff: There are NO Lugars in this level. At all. Which
    is kinda wierd, considering the amount of machine gunners (almost all of them
    carried Lugars in Burnsville). 
    Also, you can get run over by the car. Don't ask me how I found that out. :P
    And thus completes my walkthrough for the Dawnville Call of Duty FAQ.
    06)  Credits
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey - for creating and maintaining GameFAQs.com for all these 
    years, your hardwork is much appreciated!
    Infinity Ward - for creating Call of Duty and giving all of us this demo to 
    hold us over until the release of the main game.
    You - for reading this guide.
    07)  Conclusion
    I can assure you that I will most likely write a guide for Call of Duty after
    it comes out.  It may not be right after its release but eventually I will do 
    it, I have some other ongoing projects to finish first, although I will 
    eagerly anticipate writing for it.  So, I hope you enjoyed the demo as much 
    as I did and play it to death until Call of Duty comes out in November.
    El Greco -> http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/36558.html
    Contact Information
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or contributions to
    make then you can e-mail me at the address provided below.  I will only
    accept questions, comments, suggestions, and contributions if they
    abide by the guidelines outlined below.  I do not think that I am
    asking much by doing that, but if you do have a problem with that then
    I ask you just not send me anything at all.
    SUBJECT LINE : Dawnville Demo
     - Point out errors
     - Give me strategies for parts of the game that you feel you know lots about
     - Write legible sentences
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