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"A "bloody" good game indeed."

So what do you get when you mix some of Battlefield 1942's exciting gameplay, Medal of Honor : Allied Assault's great storyline and a little bit of creativity and innovation to top it all?

You get Call of Duty.

Frankly, I'm not exactly an FPS kind of guy. Games with pure action and blazing gunfire for most of the time don't exactly interest me, since in my opinion they tend to get repetitive. However, being a World War 2 buff, FPS games which carry the theme of that war pique my interest and the first of such games which I bought was MOHAA and the latest being CoD. And I have to admit, the latter is definitely among the best games out there. Let's see what are the things that make this game so good, eh?

Gameplay: 9/10

Two thumbs up for this part of the game. For starters, you get to play either as an American, a British or a Russian soldier. I think this is a refreshing thing, seeing as how it adds quite a variety not only to weapons, but the different events in World War 2.

There's A LOT of weapons in this game, from the bolt-action rifles to automatic weapons, you'll find the arsenal available to you to be impressive. However you can only carry two of them, aside from your pistol and grenades. That makes the game a bit more realistic. And you can pick up dropped weapons on the battlefield, making it easier to make adjustments based on the situation at hand. They don't disappear too, so you can come back for a weapon anytime you want to.

Oh and, you get to have other soldiers to help you out in the battlefield for most (if not all) missions. Granted, you can't control them. But their AI is pretty good, so you don't have to be worried about them being killed off easily.

Storyline: 8/10

The story's pretty much based on the events of World War 2, so I can't really give much comment on this part of the game. However, I can say that the way the events were done is simply amazing, particularly during the Russian campaign. Let's just say, this game gives interesting insights on WW2.

The dialogues are great too, especially in the heat of battle. What's with all the yelling and screaming, it gives that tense feeling that soldiers feel when fighting their enemy.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics is done very well. The explosions, the soldiers, the weapons, the vehicles and buildings. Even the environment. To make it even better, the game's graphics is not very demanding when it comes to computer hardware. Heck, my PC can hardly run Battlefield 1942, but CoD is very smooth on this machine while at the same time delivering excellent visual effects.

Hey, you should check out the blurry effects on your view when you're near an extremely loud explosion. It's really cool!

Music/sound : 9/10

I have good things to say about this game's audio offerings as well. The solemn, yet at times intense music is most satisfactory. It evokes this World War 2 feeling, you know? Of course, when it comes to FPS, the music doesn't really play a major role, with players concentrating on the happenings in the battlefield...

The sound effects? Spectacular! The sounds of explosion and gunfire in this game really do add to the excitement and suspense. Along with the great voice-acting for the soldiers, CoD will give you an excellent audio enjoyment.

Overall : 9/10

It's a really good FPS, and this is coming from a gamer who's not into the genre. With the possibility of expansion packs in the future, CoD will blow you away with its top-notch quality.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/11/03

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