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    FAQ/Walkthrough by War Doc

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 01/07/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             | F I N D I N G   N E M O |
                  GAME:  FINDING NEMO
                 GENRE:  ACTION/ADVENTURE
               CREATOR:  Licensed by THQ Inc. 2004
    AUTHOR OF THIS FAQ:  Kevin Butler AKA War Doc
                E-MAIL:  kevinb(at)technologist(dot)com
           FAQ VERSION:  1.03
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
     1.  Legal Stuff
     2.  Version Information
     3.  Acknowledgements
     4.  Welcome
     5.  Overview
     6.  The Levels
     7.  Getting Started
         7.1  Main Menu
     8.  Taking Control
         8.1  The Controls
         8.2  The Main Screen
         8.3  The Pause Screen
     9.  General Strategies
    10.  Specific Strategies for the Levels
         10. 1  Level  1:  Going to School
         10. 2  Level  2:  Field Trip
         10. 3  Level  3:  The Drop Off
         10. 4  Level  4:  Mask Chase
         10. 5  Level  5:  Catch Dory
         10. 6  Level  6:  Minefield
         10. 7  Level  7:  Submarine
         10. 8  Level  8:  Hide and Seek
         10. 9  Level  9:  Mask Search
         10.10  Level 10:  Anglerfish Chase
         10.11  Level 11:  Mount Wannahockaloogie
         10.12  Level 12:  Jellyfish Race
         10.13  Level 13:  Training with Gill
         10.14  Level 14:  East Australian Current
         10.15  Level 15:  The Plan
         10.16  Level 16:  Whale Chase
         10.17  Level 17:  Treatment Plant
         10.18  Level 18:  Fishing Net Rescue
         UNIT   V:  APPENDIX
    11.  Items and Power-Ups
    12.  The Bad Guys
    13.  Conclusion
    To find a particular chapter or subchapter do the following:
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    2.  Press CTRL-C
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    5.  You will arrive at the desired chapter or subchapter.
    ********************************* U N I T  I **********************************
    | 1.  LEGAL STUFF |============================================================
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    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advanced permission from the author.  Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
    a violation of copyright.  All content in this guide is Copyright 2004 by
    Kevin Butler.  Only the sites listed below have permission to publish this
    work or to display it:
    If you wish to put this guide on your site, e-mail me and ask.  Save yourself
    the headache of putting up with lawsuits and whatnot because you failed to ask
    a simple "Can I post your guide on <insert site>?".  If you wish to use info
    in this guide, please acknowledge that you have done so.  If I don't respond or
    I say no, accept it as fact.  This especially goes out to Dave at
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    addition, do not modify this guide in any way whatsoever to suit your purposes.
    The latest version can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
    If you see this guide on any other site then the one listed above, please
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    e-mail me.  Just have Finding Nemo as the subject so I know it isn't another
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    new friends.
    | 2.  VERSION INFORMATION |====================================================
    Version 1.0   09/23/04:  A guide is born.
    Version 1.01  10/12/04:  Fixed Chapter formatting problems.
    Version 1.02  12/10/04:  Added www.wonderdogsoftware.com to the allowed list.
    Version 1.03   1/ 7/05:  Fixed another formatting problem.
    | 3.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS |=======================================================
    The following are a list of people or organizations that have made this FAQ
    My wonderful family (who has had to put up with the tapping on the keyboard)
    THQ for making a great game
    | 4.  WELCOME |================================================================
    Welcome to my FAQ for Finding Nemo (Finding Nemo).  Since this game is broken
    down into levels, the walkthrough will be broken up by each level.  In
    addition, these levels will be further broken down to ensure that one can get
    all of the Gold Starfish for said level.  Also, this FAQ is broken up into
    parts.  First you will be given an explanation of choices you have for playing
    the game.  Next, you will be given all the possible commands you can give with
    a brief description of what those commands are.  The last part is dedicated to
    strategy.  This strategy will give you an idea on how to fulfill the
    requirements for getting the various items or doing the various tasks required
    to complete each area.  Input is appreciated along with constructive criticism.
    If you wish to e-mail me thoughts on this FAQ, better ways of doing things,
    other strategies, etc., feel free.  Make sure you put Finding Nemo in the
    subject.  If you don't, I'm liable to discard the e-mail as spam.
    | 5.  OVERVIEW |===============================================================
    Finding Nemo was Disney's run away hit for 2003 grossing almost 900 million
    dollars and making it the all time animated film leader worldwide.  The basic
    premise of Finding Nemo involves a couple of Clownfish named Marlin and Nemo.
    Marlin is a very protective parent and Nemo wants to prove that Marlin's fears
    are unjustified.  Unfortunately, Nemo is captured by a diver and Marlin starts
    a major journey to find Nemo.  Along the way, Marlin encounters many wonders
    and navigates many dangers in the ocean to find his son.  Meanwhile, Nemo has
    been placed into a fish tank with other fish.  The "Tank Gang" is constantly
    plotting on how to escape their imprisonment.  All eventually goes right as
    Marlin finally finds Nemo and the Tank Gang finally make their big break.  It
    will be your job to duplicate these feats in order to ensure that Marlin and
    Nemo are once again reunited with each other.
    ******************************** U N I T  II **********************************
    | 6.  THE MISSIONS |===========================================================
    Finding Nemo will require you to go through eighteen levels.  Within each of
    these levels, you will be required to perform certain taskings in order to
    advance to the next level.  Your reward for completing these taskings will be a
    Gold Starfish.  Intersped with the player's interaction are actual clips from
    the movie to give one the overall sense of what is going on.  Winning all the
    Gold Starfish yields the final Gold Starfish of the game.  Good luck in
    rescuing Nemo.
    ******************************** U N I T  III *********************************
    | 7.  GETTING STARTED |========================================================
    Once the game has loaded, you will be able to Start a New Game, Load a
    previously saved game, or see the trailer for the movie Finding Nemo.
    | 8.  TAKING CONTROL |=========================================================
    / 8.1  The Controls /__________________________________________________________
    The controls for this game are pretty simple.  It is just a matter of being
    able to use them for split-second decisions.
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  | LEFT ANALOG STICK   |                          |
                  | OR DIRECTIONAL      | CONTROL YOUR CHARACTER   |
                  | BUTTONS             |                          |
                  | X                   | SPEED UP                 |
                  | SQUARE              | ACTION                   |
                  | TRIANGLE            | SKIP CUT-SCENES WHEN     |
                  |                     | REPLAYING A LEVEL        |
                  | CIRCLE              | PLAY EXTRAS AFTER YOU    |
                  |                     | HAVE COLLECTED ALL GOLD  |
                  |                     | STARFISH IN A LEVEL      |
                  | START               | PAUSE MENU               |
    / 8.2  The Main Screen /_______________________________________________________
    You will be presented with the level select screen.  It is from here you select
    the level you wish to go to.  You cannot go past a level that you have not
                         << LEVEL SELECT >>
    |                                  .                                     |
    |                               __/ \__                                  |
    |                               \     /                                  |
    |                                \ . /                                   |
    |                                // \\                                   |
    |                                  .                                     |
    |                               __/ \__                                  |
    |                               \     /                                  |
    |                                \ . /                                   |
    |                                // \\                                   |
    |                                                                        |
    |                             LEVEL NAME                                 |
    |                                                                        |
    Pressing UP will get you to the bottom screen.
                         << LEVEL DETAILS >>
    | O Extra                                                                |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                  .                                     |
    |                               __/ \__                                  |
    |                               \     /  TIME                            |
    |                                \ . /                                   |
    |                                // \\                                   |
    |                                  .                                     |
    |                               __/ \__                                  |
    |                               \     /  TASKS                           |
    |                                \ . /                                   |
    |                                // \\                                   |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    | X Bonus                                                                |
    |                                                                        |
    Press UP on to see what is Gold Starfish you have collected.  Press the X to
    go to the bonus level (if you are permitted).  Press CIRCLE to see the extras.
    | TIME |
    Time it took you to get through the level.  You don't have to complete all
    tasks to collect this Gold Starfish.
    | TASKS |
    Each Gold Starfish indicates a task you must complete to earn it.  You may have
    to complete all or some of the tasks below:  NOTE:  Only the Time, Bubble Ring,
    and Bonus tasks are available for each level.
    Bubble Ring:  Collect the required number of Bubble Rings.
    Race:  Win the race.
    Stone Game:  Complete the Stone Game with the three colored stones.
    Kill Enemies:  Kill the required number of enemies.
    Bouncing:  Bounce on the required number of objects.
    Luxo Ball:  Put the Luxo Ball through the required number of rings.
    Bonus:  Complete the bonus level.
    / 8.3  The Pause Screen /______________________________________________________
    When you press the START button during game play, you get the following
    RESUME   :  Resume your game.
    RESTART  :  Restart the level over again.
    EXIT     :  Quit game and return to level select.
    OPTIONS  :  You will get the following options you can change:
                VIBRATION     :  Turn the vibration ON(default)/OFF
                SURROUND SOUND:  Turn the this ON(default)/OFF
                SOUND VOLUME  :  Adjust the sound effects volume from 1 to 10
                MUSIC VOLUME  :  Adjust the music volume from 1 to 10
                VOICE VOLUME  :  Adjust the voice volume from 1 to 10
                SUBTITLES     :  Enables you to read subtitles when the characters
                                 are talking ON(default)/OFF
                HORIZONTAL    :  Adjust the screen left or right
                VERTICAL      :  Adjust the screen up or down
                SWAP CONTROLS :  Reverses the Y axis where you push up to go down
                                 and push down to go up.  Default is the reverse of
                BACK          :  Return to the Pause Screen.
    NOTE:  In the bottom right corner are tasks that need to be completed for the
    Gold Starfish.  It will give your totals that you have achieved thus far in the
    ******************************** U N I T  IV **********************************
    | 9.  GENERAL STRATEGIES |=====================================================
    Finding Nemo is a relatively fast paced game.  You must be able to think
    quickly and react quickly to changing situations.  These general strategies
    hopefully will help you get through the levels so that you don't have to deal
    with a lot of frustration.  These specific strategies are not all-encompassing
    and there are many other things others have done.  I have found, however, that
    these worked for me since I shared in the frustration.
    Some general strategies are:
    -  Get used to the controls.  Sometimes the game doesn't react quickly to quick
       movements done with the controls so you need to anticipate when something is
       going to happen and take it from there.  In addition, you may have to use
       the action button while moving so you will need to know when that split-
       second decision will be occurring.
    -  Make sure you save your games often.  You don't want to do anything stupid
       then realize that you hadn't saved your game for a while.  The same holds
       true for an unforeseen disaster such as losing power.
    -  The levels are laid out in a relatively linear format.  Don't think you have
       to accomplish all the objectives in the pass.  On the levels that you can
       earn multiple Gold Starfish, concentrate on getting one or two at a time.
       For example, maybe you can try to get all the bubble rings and do the three-
       colored stone game on one pass.
    -  To earn Gold Starfish stars in a level, first you must determine what tasks
       have to be completed.  Below are the tasks for earning a gold star.  Keep in
       mind that you may not have to do every one of these tasks in a level.  The
       only task that is required in each level is going through the pre-requisite
       number of bubble rings:
       -  Bubble Rings:  To acquire these greenish-blue rings, you must either swim
          in the middle of them or contact said ring on the side in order to be
          credited with getting it.  Either way, Bubble Rings will give you a quick
          burst of speed.  Remember this when you are trying to take care of Bubble
          Rings that are close together.
       -  Stone Game:  You will have to take three different colored stones (red,
          blue, and green) and place them upon their corresponding color pillars
          within the level or a section of the level.  Keep in mind that the
          pillars and stones may be widely separated or partially hidden.
       -  Hero:  You have to trap all enemies, within a level, in a bubble.  Then
          you must pop that bubble to receive credit for taking care of that enemy.
          There are only two enemies you can "bubble".  They are the clam and
          hermit crab.
       -  Object Bounce:  Sometimes you will have to bounce onto objects such as
          sponges, jellyfish, mines, etc.  You will be required to bounce on every
          object at least once to collect the Gold Starfish.
       -  Race:  Self-explanatory.  You must race and win in order to get the Gold
          Starfish.  During a race, you can see your position at the bottom of the
    -  Once you earn at least one Gold Starfish in a level, you are then eligible
       for the bonus level.  Always make this your goal on your quest to collect
       all the Gold Starfish.  There are five different types of things you can do
       to collect the Gold Starfish in the bonus level.  These things are:
       -  Luxo Ball:  Send the ball through the blue rings to score.  As with the
          Bubble Rings, you can also get credit for just having the ball contact
          the side of the ring.  Learn how to control the ball instead of just
          bouncing it off your character.  The best way to control the ball is to
          learn how to balance the ball on your nose.
       -  Match Game:  A simple game of matching up similar tiles.
       -  Matching/Simon:  A school of fish will form a shape/shapes in the middle
          of the screen.  Surrounding them are eight characters from the game.  It
          is up to you to figure out what character the fish are trying to make.
          It starts with one and usually ends with memorizing eight characters in a
          row.  It is best to use a pen/pencil and paper to keep up with the
       -  Slide Puzzle:  A standard slide puzzle that either comes in a 3x3 or 4x4
          grid.  Either way, first determine what the picture looks like.  After
          that, the best way to solve these puzzles is to work from left to right,
          top to bottom.
       -  Nemo, Marlin, and Dory:  This involves using these three characters in
          tandem to solve the puzzles on the level.  Keep in mind their strengths.
          Dory is strong and can take care of the heavy items.  Marlin can take
          care of opening latches that Dory can't open.  Nemo is small and can fit
          in the tight spaces to do the clean-up work.
    -  For the above (levels and bonus levels), there is no time limit.  This means
       you can take your time unless the specific level itself has a time limit.
       Overall, just be patient and don't worry about when the game does a count-
       down.  That relates more to beating an old time record.
    These strategies cover the 18 levels in the game.  It is not necessary to
    collect all the Gold Starfish to get through a level.  You only need to collect
    all the Gold Starfish to reach the final bonus level.  This means you will have
    to collect 60 Gold Starfish.
    When you complete the level, it will end regardless of whether you have gotten
    any Gold Starfish.  This doesn't mean, though, that you cannot go back through
    the level again to collect Gold Starfish.
    I have divided the levels up into parts.  These parts are defined as areas
    where the character you are controlling goes to another area of the same level.
    This also means you cannot backtrack to the previous area without starting the
    level over again.  I will indicate what can be obtained in these different
    The levels will be set up like this:
    / Level #:  Level Name /
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:
    Overview of level
    | Part # |
    Strategies for specific part.
    Tasks or parts of tasks that can be completed.
    In regard to Bubble Rings, I will indicate the maximum amount of Bubble Rings
    and enemies you can collect from the specific part of the level.  I will also
    show a running count to make it easier to ensure you have collected all the
    Bubble Rings or taken care of all the enemies up to that part.
    /  10. 1  Level  1:  Going to School /_________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 42 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Stone Game
                              3.  Win the race
                              4.  Bonus:  Put Luxo Ball through six rings
    This is an introductory level.  There aren't many dangers in this level and it
    is pretty straightforward.
    | Part 1 |
    -  This is basically training.  Get to learn the controls in this area.
    3 Bubble Rings collected.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Marlin will take Nemo on a cruise around some of the rock formations.  Here
       you will learn to navigate through multiple Bubble Rings.
    10 Bubble Rings collected.  13 Total
    | Part 3 |
    -  You will meet up with the rest of the school gang.  Apparently Pearl has
       decided to explore some caves and she has gotten lost.  It will be up to
       Nemo to go into the caves and lead Pearl out again.
    15 Bubble Rings collected.  28 Total
    Stone Game completed.
    | Part 4 |
    -  You now get to learn about how to take care of enemies with a water bubble.
       Just hit the bubble into the enemy and then pop it to get credit.  You will
       also have to race against the school gang on this part.
    14 Bubble Rings collected.  42 Total
    Race completed.
    /  10. 2  Level  2:  Field Trip /______________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 70 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Kill 10 Enemies
                              3.  Stone Game
                              4.  Bounce on 35 sponges
                              5.  Bonus:  Bounce on 100 sponges while avoiding the
    A lot of this level involves keeping up with Mr. Ray.  You also have the extra
    task of bouncing on sponges.
    | Part 1 |
    -  This is basically some more training.  You will also learn the other way to
       "bubble" an enemy.  Some bubbles appear in a row of five small bubbles.  By
       hitting these bubbles in order (from left to right or vice-versa), you can
       bubble an enemy.  Bubble Rings will be both high and low in this part.
    11 Bubble Rings collected.
     7 Enemies eliminated.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Just keep up with Mr. Ray while at the same time you collect the Bubble
       Rings.  Remember, the Bubble Rings will give you a brief burst of speed.
    17 Bubble Rings collected.  28 Total
    | Part 3 |
    -  You will arrive at an area with some sponges in the ocean floor.  Your goal
       is to bounce on all of the sponges and also collect any Bubble Rings that
       are over some of the sponges.
     7 Bubble Rings collected.  35 Total
    35 Sponges bounced on.
    | Part 4 |
    -  Again, you will be following Mr. Ray.  Collect the Bubble Rings along the
       way.  This time, you may have to make some tighter moves plus the enemies
       will cause some problems so you will have to maneuver out of their way
    20 Bubble Rings collected.  55 Total
    | Part 5 |
    -  Nemo and the rest of the school gang can explore the caves.  Just use the
       SQUARE button to enter the caves.  They aren't that hard to get around but
       watch out for the hermit crab on the other side of the last cave.  Also,
       make sure you go down the holes to collect the Bubble Rings and Stones for
       the Stone Game.
    6 Bubble Rings collected.  61 Total
    3 Enemies eliminated.  10 Total
    Stone Game completed.
    | Part 6 |
    -  This time, you need to make sure you follow Mr. Ray.  If you miss any of
       the Bubble Rings or the rings he makes, you will fall behind.  When you get
       the red exclamation point, it means you are really far behind and one more
       missed ring means you start this part over again.  Learn how to get these
       rings because you will be doing a lot of following in this game.
    14 Bubble Rings collected.  75 Total
    /  10. 3  Level  3:  The Drop Off /____________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 55 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Kill 3 enemies
                              3.  Stone Game
                              4.  Bonus:  3x3 Slide puzzle
    Now you can put all the skills in the first two levels to work.  Some areas
    will require some quick reactions and tight turns.
    | Part 1 |
    -  This area leads to the drop off.  All you have to basically do is to collect
       the Bubble Rings and take on the enemies.  Nothing new to do.  Make sure,
       though, to avoid the steam vents as they are very bad for Nemo's health.
    15 Bubble Rings collected.
     3 Enemies eliminated.
    Stone Game completed.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Nemo decides he will defy his dad and swim out to the "butt".  This means
       Nemo will be following the chain.  Of course, he will need to dodge the
       puffer fish and electric eels.  In addition to worrying about other
       creatures, Nemo will also have to fight the current as he goes along the
    16 Bubble Rings collected.  31 Total
    | Part 3 |
    -  Well, Nemo touched the "butt".  Of course, he now realizes the error of his
       ways and starts to head back to the drop off.  Unfortunately, he is now
       being pursued by a diver who wishes to add Nemo to his collection of fish.
       Fast running and precision moves will net you the Bubble Rings.
    24 Bubble Rings collected.  55 Total
    /  10. 4  Level  4:  Mask Chase /______________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 85 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Kill 22 enemies
                              3.  Stone Game
                              4.  Bonus:  Match Game
    It seems that a clue was left behind after Nemo's abduction.  The diver dropped
    his mask and it is sinking quickly into the depths of the ocean.  Marlin,
    Nemo's father, realizes he must quickly follow it or lose Nemo forever.  All
    parts, except the fifth part, are timed events.
    | Part 1 |
    -  You have 90 seconds to get to the next part.  On your way, there will be
       many enemies in your path.  Make sure you either avoid or bubble them.
    9 Bubble Rings collected.
    6 Enemies eliminated.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Same as Part 1 except you have 65 seconds to get to the next part.
    11 Bubble Rings collected.  20 Total
     5 Enemies eliminated.  11 Total
    | Part 3 |
    -  Same as Part 1 except you have 75 seconds to get to the next part.
    18 Bubble Rings collected.  38 Total
     7 Enemies eliminated.  18 Total
    | Part 4 |
    -  Same as Part 1 except you have to deal with the eels.  Also, corridors twist
       around more.  You have 80 seconds to get to the next part.
    20 Bubble Rings collected.  58 Total
     4 Enemies eliminated.  22 Total
    Stone Game completed.
    | Part 5 |
    -  You have made it to the bottom of the ocean.  You now will have to dodge the
       schools of fish that are coming from behind.  Just keep low and you should
       be alright.
    27 Bubble Rings collected.  85 Total
    /  10. 5  Level  5:  Catch Dory /______________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 28 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Bonus:  4x4 Slide Puzzle
    In this level you will be chasing Dory around.  Make sure you get all the rings
    she leaves behind or you won't be able to keep up with her.  Watch the
    exclamation point colors.  When it goes from yellow to red, you can't afford to
    miss any more rings.
    | Part 1 |
    -  You will chase Dory around until you catch up to her.  If you miss a Bubble
       Ring, don't fret since you will be back over the same area again.
    8 Bubble Rings collected.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Same as Part 1.
    10 Bubble Rings collected.  18 Total
    | Part 3 |
    -  Same as Part 1 except you will have to use the ACTION button to open up the
       doors of the various sea crates to keep up with Dory.
    10 Bubble Rings collected.  28 Total
    /  10. 6  Level  6:  Minefield /_______________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 36 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Bounce on 81 mines
                              4.  Bonus:  Put Luxo Ball through 16 rings while
                                          navigating through a minefield
    Things get a little harder in this level.  In addition to some new enemies, you
    will also have to contend with the mines and strong currents in this part of
    the ocean.
    | Part 1 |
    -  You will be following Bruce through some undersea caves.  This means you
       will have to deal with octopus tentacles, octopus ink, and other nasty
    -  In addition to the above, you will need to keep up with Bruce so make sure
       you continue to collect the Bubble and Speed Rings he puts behind him.
       Bruce is very fast and you can't afford to miss too many.  This applies to
       the other parts as well.
    13 Bubble Rings collected.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Keeping up with Bruce is only part of the problem.  The other problem you
       will face in this part is navigating around the mines while attempting to
       keep up with Bruce.  To make this part more challenging, the ocean current
       is constantly changing which makes swimming difficult.
    3 Bubble Rings collected.  16 Total
    | Part 3 |
    -  You get a "breather" in this part.  No rings to collect but you have to
       bounce on 81 mines to collect the Gold Starfish.  You can only bounce on
       the mines three times before they explode.  They turn a dull red on the
       first bounce, a bright red on the second bounce, and a bright red-orange on
       the third bounce.
    -  This area can be tricky so I've included the layout of the mines and an
       explanation of the best way through them:
                                   * * * * *
                                   *           *
                                   *   *   *   *   *
                                 * * * * * *   * * * #4
                                         *     *
                                   * *   * * * * *
                              #3 * *             *
                                   * * *  #2   * * *
                                       * * * * *
                                   *     * *
                                   *     *     * * *
                                   * * * * *     * * #1
                                   *           * * *
                                 * * *     *   *   *
                                     * * * * * *
                                         * * *
    -  From the START point, head to #1 to clear out those mines.  Backtrack to the
       left and follow the path around.
    -  At #2, go left and clear the mines at #3.  Backtrack to #2 and follow the
       path around.
    -  Turn up and clear out the mines at #4 then backtrack.  Follow the path
       around and clear the rest of the mines.  If you kept good control, none of
       the mines should have been jumped on more then twice.
    81 mines bounced on.
    | Part 4 |
    -  Just like Part 2.
    4 Bubble Rings collected.  20 Total
    | Part 5 |
    -  Just like Part 1 but Bruce moves a little faster and the enemies are a
       little more aggressive.
    16 Bubble Rings collected.  36 Total
    /  10. 7  Level  7:  Submarine /_______________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 129 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Kill 17 enemies
                              3.  Stone Game
                              4.  Bonus:  Beat Dory in a race.  Use the fire rings
                                          for maximum speed.
    Seems that Bruce has regressed from his belief that fish are friends after
    catching a whiff of Dory's blood.  Now Bruce has reverted back to the predator
    he started out as.  Marlin and Dory will be navigating narrow passages to
    escape Bruce's hunger.
    | Part 1 |
    -  Bruce is in hot pursuit of Marlin and Dory.  The only way to avoid his
       steel-trap jaws is to out-maneuver him.  Of course, knowing when to maneuver
       would be a good thing.
    -  Look above Dory's head.  When a red exclamation mark appears, that means
       Bruce is ready to lunge.  This usually occurs after collecting some Bubble
       Rings.  When this happens, the best tactic is to go straight up or down and
       immediately go the opposite direction.  Just watch the winding corridors and
       any debris that might be in the way.
    24 Bubble Rings collected.
    | Part 2 |
    -  This part gives Marlin and Dory a breather from Bruce, but more dangers
       await.  In addition to enemies you have to kill, you will also have to deal
       with the eels, fish, and flames shooting from the pipes.  Also, these mines
       are "hot" and one touch means KA-BOOM!
    -  In order to exit this compartment, you have to punch the green switch on a
       pipe.  This switch is located halfway in the upper part of the compartment.
       You will need to navigate through some broken pipes to get to it.
    15 Bubble Rings collected.  39 Total
     2 Enemies eliminated.
    | Part 3 |
    -  Just like Part 1.
    18 Bubble Rings collected.  57 Total
    | Part 4 |
    -  This part of the submarine has two compartments.  You can freely swim be-
       tween the compartments and the dangers are the same as in Part 2.  To
       escape, you will need to do two things:
       -  First, about a third of the way through the second compartment, near the
          top, you will see a green ball with an arrow on it.  Hit the ball in the
          direction of the arrow to open up a hatch at the other end of the second
       -  Go down through the hatch and at the bottom is the switch to open the
    54 Bubble Rings collected.  111 Total
    15 Enemies eliminated.  17 Total
    Stone Game completed.
    | Part 5 |
    -  More fun with Bruce.  Same as Part 1.
    18 Bubble Rings collected.  129 Total
    | Part 6 |
    -  The final compartment of the submarine.  You will encounter a 3x3 slide
       puzzle.  The object is to get the hole in the center while getting the pipes
       to connect the left and right sides.  Look to the left, near the door, and
       there is a diagram of what this is supposed to look like.
    -  Once you have completed the puzzle, hit the switch and exit the submarine.
    /  10. 8  Level  8:  Hide and Seek /___________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 30 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Stone Game
                              3.  Bonus:  Match Game
    Well, Nemo has been captured and put into an aquarium.  It is now time for Nemo
    to get acquainted with those who live in the tank.  It is Nemo's first
    encounter with the "tank gang".
    The "tank gang" is playing hide and seek and it will be up to Nemo to find
    them.  The locations of the members of the "tank gang" are as follows:
    -  Bloat:  Next to the ship.  Use ACTION to flush him out.
    -  Bubbles:  Get the key lodged in the porthole of the ship and open the bubble
    -  Jacques:  Knock the three coconuts from the palm trees.
    -  Gurgle:  Go into the interior of the volcano and go to the top;
    -  Peach:  Look on the side of the tank.
    -  Deb:  Solve the 3x3 slide puzzle.
    30 Bubble Rings collected.
    Stone Game completed.
    /  10. 9  Level  9:  Mask Search /_____________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 85 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Kill 11 enemies
                              3.  Stone Game
                              4.  Bonus:  4x4 Slide Puzzle
    Marlin and Dory have made it to the ocean floor.  They must navigate around
    some old ship debris to get to the mask.  Teamwork is the key on this level.
    Use Dory to move the heavy objects and use Marlin to open up the pipe covers to
    allow Dory through.
    | Part 1 |
    -  Dory has 30 seconds to catch up to Marlin.  Once she catches up, you can
       backtrack to collect rings and kill enemies.  Don't go too high or an
       Anglerfish will want to take a bite out of you.
    20 Bubble Rings collected.
     8 Enemies eliminated.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Same as Part 1 except Dory has 20 seconds to catch up to Marlin.
    35 Bubble Rings collected.  55 Total
    | Part 3 |
    -  Same as Part 1 except Dory has 15 seconds to catch up to Marlin.  Also, the
       Stone Game is in this part.  At the end of this part, you will have to solve
       a 3x3 slide puzzle.
    -  As with the submarine, the hole must be in the center.  The colored pipes
       are aligned as follows:
       -  Red pipe on top, Yellow pipe to the right, Green pipe to the left, and
          the Blue pipe is at the bottom.
    -  You will be able to proceed once the slide puzzle is completed.
    30 Bubble Rings collected.  85 Total
     3 Enemies eliminated.  11 Total
    Stone Game completed.
    /  10.10  Level 10:  Anglerfish Chase /________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 45 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Bonus:  Put Luxo Ball through 23 rings
    It seems that Marlin and Dory have company.  Unfortunately, this company would
    rather eat then meet them.  While Dory is ready the strap on the mask, Marlin
    must keep the Anglerfish amused.  For each part, Marlin will be chased by the
    Anglerfish three times.  This should give you more then enough opportunity to
    collect the Bubble Rings.
    | Part 1 |
    18 Bubble Rings collected.
    | Part 2 |
    12 Bubble Rings collected.  30 Total
    | Part 3 |
    15 Bubble Rings collected.  45 Total
    /  10.11  Level 11:  Mount Wannahockaloogie /__________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 32 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Bonus:  Matching/Simon
    Welcome back to the tank.  Nemo is about ready to be initiated by the "tank
    gang".  First, though, Nemo must complete a series of taskings in order to make
    it to the top of the volcano.
    | Part 1 |
    -  Nemo is tasked with filling in the holes in the bottom of the tank.  This
       is pretty straightforward.  Just push the red pebbles into the holes.
    -  Nemo now needs to open the way to the other side of the tank.  First, he
       must get through two columns of fire.
    -  To get through the first column, he must blow into the statues in a specific
       order.  The key to success is the sign with an arrow on it.  Use ACTION to
       spin it around and it gives a diagram on what order to blow into the statues.
       -  The order is:  Right Statue, Left Statue, Center Statue, Right Statue,
          Left Statue.
    -  Once that is completed, Nemo will get to the diver.  He must hit the ratchet
       in front of him to drop the diver down.  Continue to hit the ratchet or the
       diver will slowly rise again.  Be careful of the flame column.
    -  Once the diver is blocking the flame column, Nemo can proceed.
    24 Bubble Rings collected.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Nemo makes it to the other side of the tank.  He must navigate through the
       volcano to get to the other side.
    -  At the end of the path is a 3x3 slide puzzle.  Just connect the pipes so
       that they make a solid connect from the left to the right side.  Once
       completed, Nemo will be at the top of the volcano.
    -  At the top of the volcano, Nemo must navigate through 30 fire rings.  They
       come in sets of three and the best way is to swoop in from left to right and
       right to left.
    8 Bubble Rings collected.  32 Total
    /  10.12  Level 12:  Jellyfish Race /__________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 60 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Bounce on 128 jellyfish
                              3.  Bonus:  Put Luxo Ball through 80 rings
    Well, Marlin and Dory escaped the Anglerfish and are on their way to Sydney.
    Unfortunately, they end up in a jellyfish field.  The only way through is to
    bounce through.
    | Part 1 |
    -  This is probably one of the rougher areas of the game.  This part requires
       some precision hitting of the ACTION button when you get to a jellyfish.
       Press ACTION too soon or too late and you won't get to bounce off the jelly-
    -  Learn to get a rhythm going with the ACTION button and you won't have to
       even touch the direction pad or joystick since you will automatically bounce
       to the next jellyfish.  You will also automatically go through all the
       Bubble Rings and other objects.  You must win this race to advance to the
       next part.
    16 Bubble Rings collected.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Dory must bounce on all the jellyfish.  To make this task harder, there are
       jellyfish randomly scattered about.  Once touch from them sends her back to
       the beginning again.  There is no real pattern since the jellyfish basically
       make a path.  Just remember to keep your momentum going.
     27 Bubble Rings collected.  43 Total
    128 jellyfish bounced on.
    | Part 3 |
    -  This is the same as Part 1 except you must beat Dory to make it out of this
    17 Bubble Rings collected.  60 Total
    /  10.13  Level 13:  Training with Gill /______________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 10 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Bonus:  Bounce on 26 snails
    This is a training area for Nemo.  To ensure that Nemo is up to the task of
    helping out the "tank gang", Gill has devised a series of training events to
    help Nemo accomplish the taskings that will be put before him.
    | Part 1 |
    -  You must keep a close tail on Gill.  Just use his rings to keep up and you
       should have no trouble.  This is from an overhead perspective.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Seems that Jacques has a snail problem.  Nemo volunteers to assist.  The
       goal is to get the 26 snails flattened down before they rise again.  It is
       best to work bottom to top, right to left to accomplish this.
    | Part 3 |
    -  Same as Part 1 except Gill moves a little quicker and makes sharper turns.
    | Part 4 |
    -  Nemo sees a Luxo ball and asks Gill about it.  Gill tells him that the
       dentist put it in the tank to allow the fish to play.  Nemo decides he
       wants to try it out.
    -  You can retrieve the ball from the left side of the skull.  Basically, it is
       like the other Luxo ball games except you must deal with the sharp grass and
       Bloat.  If the ball contacts either one of these, it will bust and you must
       go back to the skull to retrieve it again.
    -  Just be patient and use the bubbles to assist you.  Also, it is best to do
       short bounces off your nose.  You must put the Luxo Ball through 30 rings to
       exit this part.
    10 Bubble Rings collected.
    | Part 5 |
    -  Same as Parts 1 and 2 except now you will have things obstructing your over-
       head view.
    /  10.14  Level 14:  East Australian Current /_________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 40 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Bounce on 28 turtles
                              3.  Win the race
                              4.  Bonus:  Matching/Simon
    Marlin and Dory have made it through the jellyfish.  Of course, they got a
    little help from Crush, the sea turtle.  They are now in the EAC and on their
    way to find Nemo in Sydney.
    | Part 1 |
    -  Dory is playing a game of hide and seek with the baby turtles.  You will
       have 20 seconds to catch up to Dory.  This occurs three separate times.
       Just watch the current and navigate around the turtles to catch her.
    33 Bubble Rings collected.
    | Part 2 |
    -  The baby turtles are hiding under the adult turtles.  As Dory, you will have
       to "herd" the five babies to the front of the group.  To do this, you must
       turn all the turtles over and don't let a baby turtle go back into hiding.
       Once done correctly, another turtle comes up from behind to allow you to
       exit this part.
    28 turtles bounced on.
    | Part 3 |
    -  You will be in a race with Dory and five turtles.  Use the Bubble and Speed
       Rings for an easy victory.
    7 Bubble Rings collected.  40 Total
    /  10.15  Level 15:  The Plan /________________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 25 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Put Luxo Ball through 20 rings
                              4.  Bonus:  Beat "tank gang" in a race
    The plan, as told to Nemo, is as follows:
    Nemo will collect five red pebbles and place them into the water filtration
    unit.  This in turn will jam the paddles so the unit no longer filters the
    water.  The tank will get dirty and the dentist will have to remove the fish to
    clean the tank.  While the fish are in their little bags, they will make a
    break for it through the open window.
    To accomplish the first part of the plan, Nemo must get the five red pebbles
    that are dispersed in the tank.  The pebble locations are:
    -  One in the skull.
    -  One in the volcano.  You will have to use the various intake ports to guide
       the pebble to the top of the volcano.  Then retrieve it there.
    -  In the first large clam on the right.  Time it so the clam doesn't close on
    -  In the diving helmet.
    -  On the deck of the ship.
    The Luxo Ball challenge is a little more difficult.  You must navigate through
    razor-sharp weeds to get to all the rings.  There is also a "dead zone" around
    the statues so make sure you keep the ball elevated.  A quick way around the
    volcano is to let the ball get sucked under the base.  It will be on the other
    25 Bubble Rings collected.
    Luxo Ball through 20 rings.
    /  10.16  Level 16:  Whale Chase /_____________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 82 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Kill 11 enemies
                              3.  Stone Game
                              4.  Bounce on 107 taste buds
                              5.  Race against Dory
                              6.  Bonus:  Match/Simon
    This is one of the bigger levels in terms of things to be done.  You will be
    swimming through the whale's digestive tract.  In addition to the enemies, you
    will have to avoid the whale's gastric juices and other things that are in-
    hospitable to a fish.
    | Part 1 |
    -  You will be chased by the whale.  If you keep up the speed and keep
       collecting the Bubble Rings, you should keep ahead of the whale.  Just keep
       centered because the rings happen in groups of three and they sometimes
       appear on opposite sides of the screen.
    42 Bubble Rings collected.
    | Part 2 |
    -  Well, the whale got Marlin and Dory.  They now will have to navigate out the
       whale's mouth.  This first part has Dory bouncing on the whales tongue.
       Just watch out for the jellyfish and other enemies and you should be
     12 Bubble Rings collected.  54 Total
    107 taste buds bounced on.
    | Part 3 |
    -  You are now in the whale's stomach.  In addition to the gastric juices, you
       will also have to deal with some enemies.  Parts of the action are side-
       scrolling while others have you following Dory.  You will also do the Stone
       Game in this part.
    21 Bubble Rings collected.  75 Total
    11 Enemies eliminated.
    Stone Game completed.
    | Part 4 |
    -  You are almost to the whale's blowhole.  Use the Bubble and Speed Rings to
       sprint past Dory and win the race.
    7 Bubble Rings collected.  82 Total
    Race completed.
    /  10.17  Level 17:  Treatment Plant /_________________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 105 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Kill 11 enemies
                              3.  Stone Game
                              4.  Bonus:  Put Luxo Ball through 10 rings
    This is an extremely long level.  It can also be a very frustrating level be-
    cause there are so many twists and turns.  The Krill are scarce so you must use
    precision movements in some spots to avoid the hazards.
    | Part 1 |
    -  The entry way into the treatment plant.   You must first navigate through
       two rotating "grinders".  Avoid the spikes on each side of the paddles.
    -  Once you are through the grinders, you will come to an area of the piping
       that has a very fast current.  If you make a mistake navigating around this
       area, you can return to the starting point.  The best way to get the enemies
       and bubble rings is as follows:
       -  Go straight through and take care of two enemies.  When you get to the
          grate, quickly swim into the middle.  The current goes strong above and
          below you.  Go up to collect the Bubble Rings.  You will loop back to the
          grate again.
       -  Go back through the grate and go down.  Take care of the enemy and loop
          back around to the grate again.
       -  This time, go into the middle and try to hug the right wall as you go up.
          Use the ACTION button to increase the power of your strokes to get into
          the grate on the right side.
       -  Through this second grate, go into the middle and up to collect the
          Bubble Rings.  You will be transported back to the first grate.
       -  Get back to the second grate and go through.  Go down and hug the right
          wall to get through the grate to enter the next part.
    24 Bubble Rings collected.
     5 Enemies eliminated.
    | Part 2 |
    This area is actually a lot of small areas.
    -  You will encounter two hermit crabs at the beginning of this part.
    -  You will then go through a series of valves and filters.  Watch out for eels
       and chemicals.  -  After you exit the above, you will go through a big drain
       pipe.  Collect the Bubble Rings and make sure you go through the center hub
       of the fan.  The current is coming in from the left.
    5 Bubble Rings collected.  29 Total
    2 Enemies eliminated.  7 Total
    | Part 3 |
    This is a very large area.  Backtracking is hard due to the current but it can
    be done.
    -  You will first go through a series of filters where the water rises and
    -  You will go through two more grinders.  Exit the second grinder at the top.
       You will enter an oval area with a very strong current going counter-
    -  Exit through the fourth pipe on the bottom and follow it to around.  You
       will enter another high current area.
    -  This current also flows in a counter-clockwise direction.  It is here that
       the Stone Game can be completed.  Exit through the first pipe you get to as
       you follow the current around.
    -  Go through the grate to enter the next part.
    72 Bubble Rings collected.  101 Total
     4 Enemies eliminated.  11 Total
    Stone Game completed.
    | Part 4 |
    Just go through this pipe to exit this level.
    4 Bubble Rings collected.  105 Total
    /  10.18  Level 18:  Fishing Net Rescue /______________________________________
    Tasks for Gold Starfish:  1.  Collect 24 Bubble Rings
                              2.  Bonus:  Use Nemo, Marlin, and Dory to play the
                                          Stone Game
    Collect the Bubble Rings then find Dory.  You have 76 seconds to use Dory as a
    relay to convince 10 fish to swim downward.  To frustrate Nemo's efforts,
    various debris will be dropping toward him so use evasive maneuvers.
    Once you complete this level, Marlin and Nemo are reunited and they live
    happily ever after.
    24 Bubble Rings collected.
    ******************************** U N I T  V ***********************************
    | 11.  ITEMS AND POWER-UPS |===================================================
    In addition to items you must acquire in order to get Gold Starfish, there are
    other things that will assist you on your quest.
    / 11.1  Bubbles and Bubble Trails /____________________________________________
    These things enable you to trap an enemy.  You must hit the Bubble Trails in
    sequence (left to right or vice-versa) in order to them to work.
    / 11.2  Krill /________________________________________________________________
    These little guys surround your character and take the damage that was intended
    for them.  The number lost in a hit depends on what is doing the hitting.
    / 11.3  Red Rings /____________________________________________________________
    These enable your character to gain a burst of speed and they never disappear.
    / 11.4  Sea Anemone /__________________________________________________________
    If Marlin or Nemo enter one of these, they get approximately five seconds to
    rapidly spin and take out their enemies.  A countdown, indicated by a colored
    exclamation mark, will commence.  It will go from green to red.
    / 11.5  Shells and Shell Rings /_______________________________________________
    Their only purpose is to increase your score.
    / 11.6  Speed Rings /__________________________________________________________
    These are left behind by creatures that you are following.  They will disappear
    after a period of time.
    | 12.  THE BAD GUYS |==========================================================
    Yep, you can't have a game where there aren't a few bad guys involved.  These
    creatures want to turn Marlin, Nemo, or Dory into their own personal meal or
    just cause hate and discontent.
    / 12.1  Eels and Electric Eels /_______________________________________________
    You only encounter the Electric Eels on the Drop Off level.  Eels are found in
    confined areas such as the submarine and treatment plant.  They stay in the
    wall and lash out at anything looking tempting.
    / 12.2  Floating Spiney Sea Slugs /____________________________________________
    These critters are attached to walls, floors, etc. and they push out their
    spikes at regular intervals.  Don't float next to them with spikes extended or
    you will be in for a nasty surprise.
    / 12.3  Hermit Crabs /_________________________________________________________
    One of the enemies you can bubble and kill.  They crawl around on the bottom
    waiting for you to pass overhead so they can snap at you.
    / 12.4  Puffer Fish /__________________________________________________________
    Found in the earlier levels, Puffer Fish just kind of float around in one spot
    and extend their spikes at regular intervals.
    / 12.5  Sea Urchins /__________________________________________________________
    These sea creatures float around and extend their spikes all around them.  Time
    it carefully to get by them or get a body full of spikes.
    / 12.6  Snapping Clams /_______________________________________________________
    The other enemy you can bubble and kill.  They sit at the bottom and wait for
    your character to pass overhead.
    / 12.7  Squishes /_____________________________________________________________
    Found on many levels that require you to bounce on objects.  They cannot be
    killed so you must plan accordingly and avoid them.
    ********************************  U N I T  VI *********************************
    | 13.  CONCLUSION |============================================================
    Finding Nemo can be a fast paced, highly energetic game.  It is both very
    challenging and very frustrating at times.  THQ did a good job of integrating
    the movie with the game.  If you didn't watch the movie, don't worry, since the
    game does a great job of explaining the plot.  If you already saw the movie,
    then this will be more of a review except you get to be in the "driver's seat"
    and play some of the main characters.  There is good replayability as you
    attempt to get each of the Gold Starfish which means going through some levels
    multiple times to get the perfect number.  This guide, though, was a lot of fun
    to write and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did
    writing it.  If you do have other ideas or thoughts, please e-mail me and share
    them.  Who knows, maybe I'll start a Q&A chapter in this guide if enough people
    ask the same questions.  Anyway, thank you again for reading this guide.
    To see other FAQ's I have written please go to:
               ~~~  No trees were harmed in the making of this FAQ ~~~

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