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    Unit/God FAQ by DarthMarth

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    Age of Mythology: The Titans for PC 
    Unit/god FAQ
    Written by DarthMarth
    Version 1.0
    Started: Tuesday, December 31, 2003
    Released: Tuesday, January 6, 2004
    1. Table of Contents
    1......Table of Contents
    3......Atlantean Human Units
    4......Atlantean Myth Units
    5......Atlantean Myth Buildings
    6......Atlantean gods
    2. Introduction
    Hello and welcome to my Unit/god FAQ for Age of Mythology: The Titans, the 
    sequel to one of the best real-time strategy games ever. If you don't 
    understand a new Myth Unit or want to know about the Atlantean Minor gods, 
    you've come to the right place! (At least until someone makes a better FAQ)
    3. Atlantean Human Units
    Health: 160
    Population Used: 3
    Damage: 8 Hack
    Cost: 125 F, 25 W
    Armor: 30% Hack, 34% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Archaic
    Trained At: Town Center
    Strong Against: Animals
    Weak Against: Everything
    Atlantean Citizens are significantly stronger than workers of other pantheons. 
    Although they cost more, move more slowly, and use more population, Citizens 
    build most buildings faster, have more HP and armor, and thanks to their 
    donkeys, they don't need to drop off their resources. Since they are more 
    efficient at everything they do, you'll need fewer Citizens then other 
    workers. Upgrading your Citizens to Heroes makes them even more efficient. 
    Please note that you can only have up to 12 Hero Citizens and 25 non-Hero 
    Health: 90
    Population Used: 1
    Damage: No attack (8 Hack after being upgraded to Hero)
    Cost: 25 F, 35 G
    Armor: 15 Hack, 5% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Archaic
    Trained At: Temple
    Strong Against: None
    Weak Against: Everything
    Oracles are the unusual Atlantean scouts. They start out with nearly no vision 
    at all, but when standing still their vision slowly expands to become huge. 
    They are best placed at key points and used to provide early warning against 
    attacks. Upgrading Oracles to Heroes gives them a weak attack good against 
    Myth Units.
    ---Llama Caravan---
    Health: 115
    Population Used: 1
    Damage: No attack
    Cost: 100 F
    Armor: 40% Hack, 40% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Heroic
    Trained At: Market
    Strong Against: None
    Weak Against: Everything
    Finally, a llama unit! Too bad they only serve as Atlantean trade units, with 
    basically the same abilities as other trade units. To use them, have them 
    start a trade route between a market and a friendly Town Center. I think you 
    get more gold the farther your Market is from the Town Center.
    Health: 110
    Population Used: 2
    Damage: 8 Hack
    Cost: 55 F, 35 G
    Armor: 34% Hack, 10% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Classical
    Trained At: Barracks
    Strong Against: Cavalry
    Weak Against: Archer, anti-infantry units
    The Murmillo is a skilled gladiator that makes up the Atlantean's most well 
    rounded force. They specialize against cavalry, but do adequately against most 
    other units. Upgrading them to Heroes makes them tougher and better against 
    Myth Units.
    Health: 120
    Population Used: 3
    Damage: 10 Hack
    Cost: 70 F, 40 G
    Armor: 15% Hack, 15% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Heroic
    Trained At: Barracks
    Strong Against: Archers, Siege Weapons
    Weak Against: Infantry, anti-cavalry units
    The Contarius is the Atlantean Cavalry unit, armed with a sharp lance. Like 
    all cavalry, (except Norse Raiders) they are tougher than infantry and take 
    one more population. Though they have relatively weak armor, they have high 
    attack power and speed.
    Health: 60
    Population Used: 2
    Damage: 6 Pierce
    Cost: 60 W, 35 G
    Armor: 15% Hack, 15% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Heroic
    Trained At: Barracks
    Strong Against: Infantry
    Weak Against: Cavalry, anti-archer units
    The Arcae are Atlantis' main ranged units. They work much like Greek Toxotes, 
    but have greater range. Like other archers, they are best kept behind your 
    melee units to counter enemy infantry. Like all archers, they work best in 
    Health: 120
    Population Used: 2
    Damage: 5 Hack
    Cost: 60 F, 35 G
    Armor: 34% Hack, 10% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Classical
    Trained At: Counter Barracks
    Strong Against: Cavalry
    Weak Against: Everything else
    Katapeltes are amplified Murmillo, of sorts. They specialize even more against 
    fighting cavalry, but are weak against everything else. (except siege weapons) 
    To stand up to tough cavalry, they have relatively high hack armor, but very 
    low pierce armor. Keep them away from archers, and don't build too many unless 
    your opponent is using almost solely cavalry.
    Health: 80
    Population Used: 2
    Damage: 4 Pierce
    Cost: 50 W, 40 G
    Armor: 5% Hack, 30% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Classical
    Trained At: Counter Barracks
    Strong Against: Archers
    Weak Against: Everything else
    The mounted, javelin-throwing Turma are Atlantis' Archer counter-units. They 
    have heavy pierce armor and gain huge bonuses against ranged units, but fall 
    easily to everything else. Use them only if playing against huge numbers of 
    archers, and try to use their high speed to keep them safe.
    Health: 85
    Population Used: 4
    Damage: 4 Pierce
    Cost: 104 W, 90 G
    Armor: 25% Hack, 50% Pierce, 75% Crush
    Age: Classical
    Trained At: Counter-Barracks
    Strong Against: Infantry, Ships
    Weak Against: Everything else
    Cheiroballistae round out the Atlantean counter units. Although expensive, 
    their large arrows can easily pierce enemy infantry and ships. Keep them close 
    to your archers.
    Health: 150
    Population Used: 3
    Damage: 5 Hack
    Cost: 63 F, 54 G
    Armor: 30% Hack, 69% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Heroic
    Trained At: Palace
    Strong Against: Buildings
    Weak Against: Anti-infantry units
    Destroyers are heavy Atlantean infantry skilled at razing buildings. Armed 
    with a trident, they can demolish structures better than almost every 
    Atlantean unit. Although they are slow, they huge shields protect them from 
    enemy arrowfire very well. Always keep a few in your main army to complement 
    your Fire Siphons.
    Health: 120
    Population Used: 3
    Damage: 10 Hack
    Cost: 75 F, 55 G
    Armor: 40% Hack, 25% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Mythic
    Trained At: Palace
    Strong Against: Infantry, Cavalry, Siege Weapons
    Weak Against: Archers, Anti-infantry units
    These deadly, double-bladed soldiers will quickly become your mainstay units 
    once you reach the Mythic Age. They deal heavy damage, run quickly, and can 
    easily eliminate any human unit other than archers. Because of their huge 
    range of specialties, they are incredibly versatile. Combine them with 
    Destroyers and Contarii or Turma to produce a deadly force that can stand its 
    ground against virtually anything.
    ---Fire Siphon---
    Health: 350
    Population Used: 5
    Damage: 55 Crush
    Cost: 248 W, 162 G
    Armor: 5% Hack, 95% Pierce, 60% Crush
    Age: Mythic
    Trained At: Palace
    Strong Against: Buildings, Ships
    Weak Against: Infantry, Cavalry
    These advanced siege weapon raze buildings even better than Destroyers, but 
    you may not want to use them because they aren't as versatile. Although they 
    can't attack buildings from outside arrow range like other siege weapons, they 
    incredible pierce armor more than makes up for this. Because they are so weak 
    to direct attacks, always keep them protected, although their short range may 
    make this difficult.
    ---Fishing Ship---
    Health: 120
    Population Used: 1
    Damage: No attack
    Cost: 50 W
    Armor: 60% Hack, 50% Pierce, 5% Crush
    Age: Archaic
    Trained At: Dock
    Strong Against: None
    Weak Against: Everything
    Atlantean Fishing Ships work just like any other civilization's, providing 
    easy food to feed your units. Set them up in protected areas.
    Health: 240
    Population Used: 2
    Damage: 5 Pierce
    Cost: 80 W, 40 G
    Armor: 30% Hack, 15% Pierce, 10% Crush
    Age: Classical
    Trained At: Dock
    Strong Against: Hammer Ships
    Weak Against: Siege Ships
    Biremes are light, extremely fast arrow ships that will be the mainstay of 
    your naval force. (if you have one)
    ---Transport Ship---
    Health: 190
    Population Used: 2 
    Damage: No attack
    Cost: 110 W
    Armor: 40% Hack, 80% Pierce, 5% Crush
    Age: Classical
    Trained At: Dock
    Strong Against: None
    Weak Against: Everything
    Atlantean Transport Ships are also like any other civilization's. Use them to 
    move your units over water.
    Health: 235
    Population Used: 2
    Damage: 20 Hack
    Cost: 100W, 50 G
    Armor: 30% Hack, 15% Pierce, 75% Crush
    Age: Heroic
    Trained At: Dock
    Strong Against: Siege Ships
    Weak Against: Arrow Ships
    Fireships are naval-based versions of Fire Siphons, but they specialize in 
    destroying siege ships. Unlike other ships, they have quite high crush armor.
    ---Siege Bireme---
    Health: 470
    Population Used: 3
    Damage: 6 Crush
    Cost: 90 W, 81 G
    Armor: 7% Hack, 50% Pierce, 7% Crush
    Age: Heroic
    Trained At: Dock
    Strong Against: Arrow Ships, Buildings
    Weak Against: Hammer Ships
    Siege Biremes are Atlantis' naval siege units. Blessed with long range and 
    crush damage, they can clear areas for your transport ships to land.
    4. Atlantean Myth Units
    Health: 300
    Population Used: 3
    Damage: 8 Hack, 4 Crush
    Special Ability: Heals nearby units
    Cost: 113 G, 14 Favor
    Armor: 25% Hack, 30% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Classical
    Minor god: Oceanus
    Trained At: Dock
    Strong Against: Ships
    Weak Against: Hammer Ships
    Servants are artificial aquatic units that can heal nearby land, sea, and air 
    units, as well as deal modest damage to ships and buildings. If you chose 
    Oceanus, bring at least two along with each party of ships.
    Health: 125
    Population Used: 2
    Damage: No attack
    Special Ability: Heals nearby units
    Cost: 90 G, 23 W, 9 Favor
    Armor: 10% Hack, 20% Pierce, 99% Crush
    Age: Classical
    Minor god: Oceanus
    Trained At: Temple
    Strong Against: None
    Weak Against: Archers
    The Caladria are bird-women that, like Servants, can slowly heal nearby units. 
    Although they can't attack, they can fly, and can only be attacked by ranged 
    units. You should consider bringing at least two along with your armies.
    Health: 175
    Population Used: 3
    Damage: 10 Hack, 8 Crush
    Special Ability: Splits in two when killed
    Cost: 63 G, 9 Favor
    Armor: 50% Hack, 25% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Classical
    Minor god: Prometheus
    Trained At: Temple
    Strong Against: Human Units, Buildings
    Weak Against: Heroes
    Prometheans are extremely interesting clay men, the first humans created by 
    Prometheus. They are capable melee fighter, heavily armored from hack attacks 
    and dealing hack and crush damage. What makes them interesting is that when 
    killed, they instead split into two smaller clay men and continue fighting! 
    Although they can last a long time, the offspring are very weak. Whether or 
    not you want to use Prometheans is up to you.
    Health: 200
    Population Used: 2
    Damage: 11 Hack
    Special Ability: Can repair and rebuild each other
    Cost: 81 G, 8 Favor
    Armor: 40% Hack, 44% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Classical
    Minor god: Leto
    Trained At: Temple
    Strong Against: Human Units
    Weak Against: Heroes
    Automata are some of the best Myth Units in the game. Slow-moving, relatively 
    cheap and taking only two population, they seem weak at first. If you build 
    many of them, however, (which is quite easy to do) they can become almost 
    unstoppable. Automata can heal each other's wounds, and can even rebuild dead 
    Automata if they have only recently been killed. Unless you can destroy them 
    all, they will likely rebuild each other and come back again.
    ---Stymphalian Bird---
    Health: 400
    Population Used: 4
    Damage: 11 Pierce
    Special Ability: Can only be hit by ranged units
    Cost: 162 W, 45 G, 25 Favor
    Armor: 15% Hack, 30% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Heroic
    Minor god: Theia
    Trained At: Temple
    Strong Against: Human Units
    Weak Against: Ranged Heroes
    The Stymphalian Bird is a flying fiend that attacks with sharp feathers. They 
    can only be attacked by ranged units, mainly Heroes. Because of their 
    evasiveness, they make excellent support units.
    Health: 400
    Population Used: 3
    Damage: 12 Pierce
    Special Ability: Throws a volley of spears
    Cost: 203 W, 18 Favor
    Armor: 50% Hack, 50% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Heroic
    Minor god: Hyperion
    Trained At: Temple
    Strong Against: Human units
    Weak Against: Heroes
    The Satyr is a ranged Myth Unit that attacks with javelins. They have 
    moderately good range, are well-armored, and do good damage, making them solid 
    archer units. Their special attack fires a volley of spears to hit a wide 
    Health: 400
    Population Used: 3
    Damage: 25 Hack
    Special Ability: Deals extra damage
    Cost: 180 G, 15 Favor
    Armor: 30% Hack, 50% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Heroic
    Minor god: Hyperion
    Trained At: Dock
    Strong Against: Ships, Myth Units
    Weak Against: Heroes
    The Nereid is a powerful, dolphin-riding naval fighter. They deal great damage 
    to ships and Myth Units with their spears, and they can also perform a diving 
    leap to deal incredible damage. Use them prodigiously to conquer the sea.
    Health: 550
    Population Used: 5
    Damage: 6 Hack, 12 Crush
    Special Ability: Regenerates
    Cost: 270 F, 18 Favor
    Armor: 30% Hack, 75% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Heroic
    Minor god: Rheia
    Trained At: Temple
    Strong Against: Buildings
    Weak Against: Heroes
    These massive saurian Myth Units are living Siege engines, shrugging off 
    arrows and dealing heavy damage to buildings. They don't do well against 
    units, and are easily killed by Heroes. They slowly regenerate HP, however, 
    making them tougher to kill, especially combined with their high HP.
    ---Heka Gigantes---
    Health: 700
    Population Used: 5
    Damage: 25 Hack, 30 Crush
    Special Ability: Slams the ground to create a shockwave
    Cost: 270 G, 23 Favor
    Armor: 44% Hack, 44% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Mythic
    Minor god: Helios
    Trained At: Temple
    Strong Against: Human units, Buildings
    Weak Against: Heroes
    Heka Gigantes are probably the strongest Atlantean Myth Units. They are the 
    third physically strongest Myth Unit, ranking under Colossi and Mountain 
    Giants. These massive, four-armed giants have incredible strength, smashing 
    units and buildings alike with ease. Just a few of them can significantly 
    boost your army, but keep them safe from Heroes. The Heka Gigantes' special 
    attack involves them slamming the ground hard, sending out a shockwave to 
    damage enemy units and send them flying.
    ---Man O'War---
    Health: 900
    Population Used: 5
    Damage: 25 Hack
    Special Ability: Chain Lightning attack hits multiple units
    Cost: 270 F, 23 Favor
    Armor: 50% Hack, 69% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Mythic
    Minor god: Helios
    Trained At: Dock
    Strong Against: Ships
    Weak Against: Hammer Ships, Heroes
    This giant jellyfish is one of the toughest creatures in the sea. Fast moving, 
    heavily armored, and wielding a multi-hitting chain lightning attack, Men O-
    War specialize in fighting groups of ships. Because their lightning is ranged, 
    they can also attack land units.
    Health: 350
    Population Used: 5
    Damage: 12 Pierce, 10 Crush
    Special Ability: Inflicts Chaos on a unit
    Cost: 225 G, 25 Favor
    Armor: 40% Hack, 50% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Mythic
    Minor god: Hekate
    Trained At: Temple
    Strong Against: Human Units
    Weak Against: Heroes
    The Lampades is a spellcasting Myth Unit that can wreak havoc on enemy armies 
    at range with Chaos spells. ...or maybe not. Inflicting Chaos on a single unit 
    is relatively weak and the spell isn't very long ranged. Luckily, they can 
    deal decent damage to buildings and units, but they don't seem to be worth 
    five population.
    Health: 350
    Population Used: 5
    Damage: 20 Hack
    Special Ability: Blob of acid kills unit instantly
    Cost: 225 G, 26 Favor
    Armor: 60% Hack, 69% Pierce, 80% Crush
    Age: Mythic
    Minor god: Atlas
    Trained At: Temple
    Strong Against: Human Units
    Weak Against: Heroes
    These flying, many-eyed blobs are bizarre Myth Units, but are still powerful. 
    Their hand-to-hand attack deals good hack damage, and their special attack, 
    while not as cool as petrifaction, still kills a unit instantly. Try to save 
    it for a powerful unit. (I'm not sure if it works on Myth Units)
    Health: 7000
    Population Used: 20
    Damage: 70 Hack, 70 Crush
    Special Ability: Slams ground to deal extra damage and send units flying
    Cost: None
    Armor: 89% Hack, 94% Pierce, 89% Crush
    Age: Mythic
    Minor god: Any
    Trained At: Titan Gate
    Strong Against: Everything
    Weak Against: Another Titan
    New to the expansion pack, Titans are the ultimate units, capable of defeating 
    all your enemies single-handedly. They can level buildings or destroy armies 
    in a few blows; they are essentially cooler-looking Wonders. The only way to 
    summon a Titan is to research Secrets of the Titans, use the resulting God 
    Power to place a Titan Gate, then have your Villagers dig it out. The only way 
    to stop a Titan is to summon one of your own and have a clash of the Titans, 
    so to speak. Although each civilization's Titan looks different, they all have 
    the same stats.
    5. Atlantean Myth Buildings
    ---Sky Passage---
    Health: 1000 
    Damage: 5 Pierce
    Cost: 200 W, 150 G, 5 Favor
    Special Ability: Transports units to any Sky Passage
    Armor: 20% Hack, 80% Pierce, 5% Crush
    Age: Archaic
    Major god: Oranos
    Sky Passages are divine buildings available to Oranos players. When you 
    control more than one Passage, units you garrison in them can be ungarrisoned 
    in any Passage. This makes them even more efficient than Underworld Passage, 
    which only link two points together. Because they are built by Villagers, you 
    can have as many as you like. After you research Safe Passage at any Sky 
    Passage, they become cheaper, have a better line of sight, and gain a weak 
    ranged attack.
    ---Mirror Tower---
    Health: 1100 
    Damage: 15 Pierce
    Cost: 300 W, 150 G, 5 Favor
    Special Ability: Fire beams of sunlight
    Armor: 30% Hack, 85% Pierce, 5% Crush
    Age: Mythic
    Minor god: Helios
    Mirror Towers can only be built by those who choose Helios as their Mythic Age 
    god. You can have 10 of these powerful towers at once, but they make up for 
    this with their powerful beams of sunlight. Use them to complement your normal 
    6. Atlantean gods
    Focus: Siege and Myth Units 
    Myth Tech(s): Focus; increases Oracle's speed and line of sight expansion rate
    God Power: Deconstruct; destroys enemy building (except Town Center, Wonder, 
    and Titan Gate) and returns resources to building's controller
    Age: Archaic
    Ability: Can Time Shift buildings, can't learn Omniscience, Siege and Myth 
    Units are cheaper
    Kronos, the god of Time and former Lord of the Universe, is a monstrous titan 
    and the main villain in the game. Because of his lack of Omniscience, (he 
    probably can't see through his pupil-less eyes) he is one of the harder gods 
    to play as. His ability to Time Shift buildings, however, almost makes up for 
    this. For a small amount of resources (a large amount if you're transporting a 
    Tower or Palace) you can transport a building anywhere in your line of sight 
    over about 30 seconds. This can be an invaluable ability, enabling you to make 
    use of used-up expansion bases by moving them elsewhere. Unfortunately, you 
    can only Time Shift one building at a time. Kronos' God Power, Deconstruct, 
    reverses time for an enemy building, literally unbuilding it and returning the 
    resources used to its controller. It's best used on large buildings, namely 
    Focus: Human Units
    Myth Tech(s): Safe Passage; makes Sky Passages cheaper with more line of sight 
    and a ranged attack
    God Power: Shockwave; scatters and stuns enemy units in a target area
    Age: Archaic
    Ability: Citizens can build Sky Passages, human units move faster, shares line 
    of sight for all settlements with allies
    Oranos, the ancient god of the sky, was one of the first gods in Greek 
    Mythology. He gives you an array of abilities. All his Human Units are faster, 
    prompting you to use more of them instead of Myth Units. He also shares vision 
    of all the map's settlements with his allies, perfect for scouting out new 
    bases. As an added bonus, his Citizens can build Sky Passages, scared 
    buildings that can instantly transport units to any other Sky Passage. His 
    Myth Tech upgrades them. Oranos' God Power is an extremely amusing one; 
    Shockwave sends all enemy units in an area flying and stuns them for several 
    seconds afterwards. It's best used on tightly knit enemy groups to disrupt 
    Focus: Economy 
    Myth Tech(s): Channels; makes your Citizens move faster
    God Power: Gaia's Forest; slowly creates a forest with trees which can be 
    harvested for more wood faster
    Age: Archaic
    Ability: Lush grows around buildings, buildings regenerate, economic 
    improvements are cheaper
    Gaia, the Mother Earth and Oranos' mate, is the ancestor of all other Greek 
    and Atlantean gods. (except Oranos and Aphrodite) She focuses on helping your 
    economy prosper by making all your economic improvements cheaper. Also, dense 
    greenery called Lush grows around all of Gaia's buildings. Buildings on this 
    lush regenerate, and enemies can't build on it. Her God Power grows a thick 
    forest at the target area. This forest is a perfect source of wood, especially 
    since you can create multiple forests. It can also be used as an efficient 
    wall to block off tight areas.
    Focus: Creating Heroes
    Myth Unit(s): Promethean; man of clay that splits in two when killed
    Myth Tech(s): Alluvial Clay; increases the hit points of Prometheans, Heart of 
    the Titans; reduces the cost of turning units into Heroes
    God Power: Valor, turns some units in target area into Heroes
    Age: Classical
    Major gods: Kronos, Oranos
    Prometheus was the Greek god tasked with creating the first people out of 
    clay. His early works are also his Myth Units; Prometheans have the ability to 
    split in two weaker units when killed. His improvements and God Power both 
    help you convert your human units into Heroes faster. He's best against Myth 
    Unit-loving players.
    Focus: Infantry
    Myth Unit(s): Servant; water unit that can heal allies and has a weak attack, 
    Caladria; flying unit that heals allies
    Myth Tech(s): Bite of the Shark; increases Murmillo attack, Weightless Mace; 
    increases Katapeltes speed and attack
    God Power: Carnivora; creates a man-eating plant
    Age: Classical
    Major gods: Oranos, Gaia
    Oceanus, god of the sea, (what is Poseidon, chopped liver?) benefits your 
    infantry with his two Myth Techs. His two myth units both have the ability to 
    heal nearby allied units, and the floating Servant also has a weak attack. His 
    God Power creates a Carnivora, a stationary man-eating plant. It can whip 
    nearby enemies with its tentacles, and its special attack, obviously eats its 
    target alive.
    Focus: Automatons
    Myth Unit(s): Automaton; mechanical man that can repair and rebuild other 
    Myth Tech(s): Hephaestus Revenge; gives Automatons move health and lets them 
    repair themselves, Volcanic Forge; gives Automatons more pierce armor
    God Power: Spider Lair; summons several spider eggs that can pill enemy units 
    when hatched
    Age: Classical
    Major gods: Kronos, Gaia
    Leto, the shadowy goddess of the unseen, gives you one of the best Myth Units 
    in the game; the Automaton. Although weak, Automata are relatively cheap, 
    making it easy to build an army of them. Once you've researches Leto's Myth 
    Techs, Automata can repair and rebuild each other after battles, making them 
    even more deadly in groups. Her God Power creates several spider eggs. Unless 
    the weak eggs are quickly destroyed, they'll hatch and bury themselves. Once 
    buried, the next enemy unit to step onto an egg is dragged down to its death. 
    Use it to guard your base or try placing it along heavily traveled routes.
    Focus: Heroes
    Myth Unit(s): Satyr; archer Myth Unit that throws barrages of spear, Nereid; 
    anti-Myth naval unit
    Myth Tech(s): Gemino; doubles the spears thrown by Satyrs, Heroic Renewal; 
    lets your Heroes regenerate
    God Power: Chaos; converts several enemy units in target area to Mother Nature
    Age: Heroic
    Major gods: Kronos, Oranos
    Hyperion is a powerful Heroic Age god who provides you with two Myth Units. 
    The Satyr is a powerful archer whose special attack is to throw a barrage of 
    spears, inflicting extra area damage. Though slow, they have good range. 
    Nereids are powerful, dolphin-riding Myth Unit. With their extremely powerful 
    diving leap attack, they specialize against other Myth Units, but can quickly 
    take down any ship. Hyperion's God Power gives several enemy units to Mother 
    Nature, making them hostile to all players. Make sure not to use it on units 
    invading your base.
    Focus: Cavalry
    Myth Unit(s): Stymphalian Bird; flying myth unit with a ranged feather attack
    Myth Tech(s): Lemurian Descendents; increases the line of sight for all human 
    soldiers, Poseidon's Secret; increases cavalry speed and attack, Lance of 
    Stone; improves Contarius Hero attack
    God Power: Hesperides; summons an invincible Hesperides tree to block hostile 
    God Powers and summon Dryads 
    Age: Heroic
    Major gods: Oranos, Gaia
    Theia, the scantily clad goddess of sight, focuses on improving your Contarii. 
    Two of her improvements make them stronger, and the last benefits all your 
    human units. Her God Power summons a Hesperides tree at a location of your 
    choice. The tree can be captured like animals and blocks hostile God Powers 
    for its controller. Cast it near your most important regions to protect them 
    from supernatural harm. The tree can also train Dryads, relatively strong Myth 
    Units that take no supply. You can only have 5 at once. Theia's Myth Unit is 
    the Stymphalian Bird, a flying terror that attacks with razor-sharp feathers.
    Focus: Favor generation
    Myth Unit(s): Behemoth; living siege weapon that regenerates
    Myth Tech(s): Horns of Consecration; increases Favor generation rate, Mail of 
    Orihalkos; increases archer hack armor, Rheia's Gift; reduces favor cost of 
    Myth Techs
    God Power: Traitor; controls one enemy unit
    Age: Heroic
    Major gods: Kronos, Gaia
    Rheia is a good choice for players who research lots of Myth Techs or create 
    many Myth Units. Two of her Techs help provide you with more favor, her third 
    helping your archers. Rheia's Myth Unit is the unimpressive Behemoth. It is as 
    powerful against buildings as Sekhmet's Scarab, but slightly slower and 
    without corrosive blood. As a bonus, though, the Behemoth regenerates, letting 
    it heal its wounds after sieges. Her God Power, Traitor, give you control of 
    an enemy military unit. Save it for the strongest Myth Units.
    Focus: Siege Weapons
    Myth Unit(s): Man O'War; naval Myth Unit that attacks multiple units with 
    chain lightning, Heka Gigantes; massive giant that can create shockwaves to 
    scatter enemy units
    Myth Tech(s): Halo of the Sun; increases Fire Siphon and Fire Ship damage, 
    Petrified; increases Siege Weapon hack armor
    God Power: Vortex; transports all your military units to targeted location
    Age: Mythic
    Major gods: Kronos, Oranos
    The radiant god of the sun, Helios has the unusual talent of giving you a Myth 
    Building: the Mirror Tower. They are stronger than normal towers, but you can 
    only have ten of them. Helios has two Myth Units. The Man O'War is a large 
    jellyfish. They are fast and have huge HP and armor. Their attack is a chain 
    lightning blast that hits several enemies if possible. Use them for attacking 
    large groups of ships. His other unit, the Heka Gigantes, is even stronger. It 
    is a huge monster that can quickly kill units and raze buildings. Keep them 
    away from Heroes, and they can be a huge addition to your army. Their special 
    attack makes a huge shockwave that works much like Oranos' God Power of the 
    same name. Helios' God Power is the cool-looking Vortex, which takes all your 
    military units and deposits them at one spot. Since it leaves the rest of your 
    empire unguarded, Vortex should only be used in a final assault with your 
    whole army or last-ditch defense. If possible, try to cast it in the middle of 
    the enemy base for a nasty surprise.
    Focus: Myth Units
    Myth Unit(s): Lampades; ranged Myth Unit able to inflict Chaos from a distance
    Myth Tech(s): Asper Blood; makes Lampades do area damage, Mythic Rejuvenation; 
    makes your Myth Units regenerate, Celerity; increase Myth Unit training speed
    God Power: Tartarian Gate; creates a gate to spit out beats hostile to all 
    Age: Mythic
    Major gods: Oranos, Gaia
    Hekate, the spiritual goddess of witchcraft, provides you with one of the best 
    God Powers in the game: Tartarian Gate. (not to be confused with the entrance 
    to the dentist's private underworld) After its incredible-looking entrance, 
    the Tartarian Gate quickly spits out up to five monsters that are hostile to 
    everyone. The Tartarian Spawn patrol the gate and make short work of anything 
    that comes near it. If one is killed, another instantly comes out of the Gate; 
    the only way to stop them is to destroy the gate itself. That, of course, 
    isn't easy with five monsters trying to kill your army. One casting of this 
    power can wreck an unprepared enemy's base, but be careful when you're trying 
    to expand onto it. If you're having a hard time destroying the monsters, just 
    delete the Gate itself. (the monsters are neutral, but the Gate belongs to 
    you) Hekate's Myth Unit is the mediocre Lampades. Although they deal decent 
    damage to units and buildings and can inflict Chaos on units, they cost five 
    population and just aren't worth it.
    Focus: Buildings
    Myth Unit(s): Argus; floating melee Myth Unit that can kill enemies instantly
    Myth Tech(s): Io Guardian; upgrades Arguses to Guardians of Io, with better 
    line of sight and faster recharge for their special ability, Eyes of Atlas; 
    increases Myth Unit line of sight, Titan Shield; increases your building's 
    hack and crush armor
    God Power: Implosion, deals massive damage to units and buildings in targeted 
    Age: Mythic
    Major gods: Kronos, Gaia
    Atlas is the Greek god of daring, condemned to carry the world on his 
    shoulders for all eternity. His God Power is probably the most awe-inspiring 
    in the game. Implosion creates a singularity at the target point, sucking all 
    nearby units (friendly or not) into it and dealing huge damage to them. It 
    then grows depending on how many units it absorbed and explodes outward, 
    dealing a corresponding amount of damage to all nearby buildings. It's best 
    used on a large army and/or group of workers to mess you're your enemy's whole 
    position. Atlas' Myth Unit is Argus, the many-eyed being assigned by Hera to 
    watch over Zeus' lover-turned-cow, Io. They deal excellent melee damage with 
    their tentacles, and they can also kill units instantly with blobs of acid. 
    This makes them very powerful, but petrification still looks cooler.
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