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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Scody

    Version: 0.56 | Updated: 09/09/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Age of Mythology
    Age of Mythology:The Titans
    Age of Mythology:Gold Edition
    Written by Scody
    Version 0.56
    Version History
    0.50 - Submitted on June 24, 2006
    0.56 - Completed the levels North and The Dwarven Forge
    0.60 - Completed Not From Around here
    This is a simple FAQS on how to complete the campaign mode in the great game,
    Age of Mythology.  I go in-depth and tell you exactly how to beat each level.
    Table of Contents
    1.0) Introduction to campaign
      1.01) Troubled Sleep
      1.02) Omens
      1.03) Consequences
      1.04) Scratching The Surface
      1.05) A Fine Plan
      1.06) Just Enough Rope
      1.07) I Hope This Works
      1.08) More Bandits
      1.09) Bad News
      1.10) Revelation
      1.11) Strangers
      1.12) The Lost Relic
      1.13) Light Sleeper
      1.14) Tug of War
      1.15) "Isis, hear my Plea"
      1.16) Let's go
      1.17) Good Advice
      1.18) The Jackal's Stronghold
      1.19) A long way from home
      1.20) Watch that first step
      1.21) Where they belong
      1.22) Old Friends
      1.23) North
      1.24) The Dwarven Forge
      1.25) Not from around here             *coming soon*
      1.26) Welcoming Committee              *coming soon*
      1.27) Union                            *coming soon*
      1.28) The Well of Urd                  *coming soon*
      1.29) Beneath the Surface              *coming soon*
      1.20) Unlikely Heroes                  *coming soon*
      1.30) All is not lost                  *coming soon*
      1.32) Welcome back                     *coming soon*
      1.33) A place in my dreams             *coming soon*
    ******************************** Walkthrough**********************************
    A few notes on my walkthrough for the campaign.  My strategies are not
    necessarily the best out there or the most efficient.  These are just the ways
    that I get through it.  If you don't like my ways, then don't read my
    walkthrough.  Another note is that I do not give out specific build orders.  I
    don't tell you when to build villagers or even how many to build.  I just tell
    you the strategies for fighting and how to win, no how to keep up a great
    economy.  With all that being said, I hope you find this walkthrough useful.
    1.01) Prologue: Troubled Sleep
    Arkantos starts in a dream where he is fighting one of his old enemies,
    Theris.  Athena appears and warns him of a new danger, enemies unlike the
    others.  A soldier then wakes him up from his dream to tell him they are
    approaching Atlantis where Arkantos's son, Kastor awaits.
    1.02) Omens
    Arkantos arrives in Atlantis and speaks to Theocrat with his son Kastor at his
    side.  Theocrat speaks of Lord Posiedon's displeasure.  To Arkantos's dismay,
    he suggests sending an army to help break the siege at Troy.  He argues that
    by the time they get there, the fight would be over.  Suddenly a there is a
    loud pounding noise.  It is the cry of a kraken attacking a defenseless
    fishing boat.  Arkantos tells Kastor to stay where he is as he leaps into
    	You start this mission with: 2 Archery Ranges
                                         2 Military Academies
                                         1 Armory
                                         3 Petrobolos
                                         11 Toxotes
                                         8 Villagers
                                         1 hero - Arkantos
                                         1 Town Center
    Objective 1:  Defend the harbor until the Atlantean army arrives
    To start off, there is a kraken attacking one of your toxotes.  Start
    attacking the kraken with Arkantos, petrobolos and toxotes.  I find this
    mission easiest by just making toxotes non stop, no hoplites.  To do this,
    you will want to set half of your total villagers on gold, and the other half
    on wood.  Start pumping out toxotes out of your 2 Archery Ranges.  The
    Atlantean army starts out 7 leagues away, so it will take some time until they
    At just around 1 minute after you killed the kraken, a landing party will 
    arrive.  If you can, I suggest you try to destroy the ship with your archers 
    and petrobolos before it reaches land and lets its troops out.  If you does 
    reach land, no big deal, just take them out with your toxotes.  By now you may
    want to start making a few extra villagers from your town center to further 
    fuel the production of your toxotes
    At about 40 seconds after the last attack, another attack comes.  This time 
    it is a kraken and 2 ships at the same time.  Note that this time one of the 
    ships will be a drop party while the other will attack your buildings.  Taking
    these out should be no harder that the last attack.  I suggest taking the 
    killing the kraken first as it can cause a lot more damage.  Make sure to use
    Arkantos on it as he will get bonus damage.  You might also want to research 
    the upgrade Medium Archers to give your toxotes a little more of a punch.
    About 20 seconds later, Athena will give you the Rain god power.  This
    increases the production speed of all farms on the map for 1 minute.  This
    god power is of no real use to us in this scenario because all we are making
    is toxotes which take no food to make.
    10 to 20 seconds after the presentation of the god power, another kraken and
    landing party attacks.  Make sure to attack the kraken with Arkantos as he 
    gets bonus damage against myth units  Easy to defend against especially if you
    have upgraded your toxotes.
    Again, in around 40 seconds another attack will come.  This time consisting of
    1 landing party and 1 ship that will attack you with no landing party.
    Nothing new here, you know how to deal with it.  There is one difference with
    the landing party this time though.  There are 2 anubites in it.  You should
    be attacking them with Arkantos because as I said before, he gets a bonus
    against myth units.
    10 seconds later Athena will give you yet another god power.  This time
    Restoration.  It heals your units and buildings  for 7 seconds.  Very useful
    if a lot of your toxotes and buildings have a lot of damage on them.
    Another attack will come 40 seconds after you receive your second god power.
    This one might be a challenge as there are more attackers.  This time it is
    1 kraken, 1 landing party and 2 attacking ships.
    20 seconds later, a mass army of ships and krakens will come but not all will
    attack.  The ones that attack are 3 krakens and four landing parties.  Just as
    things are looking bleak, the Atlantean army arrives.  With it comes a few
    centaurs, hypaspists, toxotes and the hero hippolyta.  Take them out with your
    new massive army.  The remaining ships then flee.  You have just completed
    your first scenario in the campaign!
    Arkantos soon realizes that the pirates have stolen Poseidon's trident.
    Theocrat sees this as a sign of losing Poseidon's favor.Arkantos tells one of
    his men to pack supplies for there trip to Troy.  On the way there, he plans
    to get back the trident.
    1.03) Consequences
    As Arkantos and his men sail, they encounter the pirates and Kamos, the
    pirate leader.  He sees this as a gaining Posiedons favour back.  They land
    on the shore and get ready for battle.
    You start this mission with:  4 Villagers
                                  5 Toxotes
                                  1 Kataskopos
                                  1 Hippocampus
                                  3 Trireme
                                  1 Transport Boat
                                  1 Hero - Arkantos
                                  1 Town Center
    Objective 1: Advance to the Classical Age and explore the island
    First send your kataskopos and Hippocampus out scouting the land and water.
    Second, take one of your villagers and build a temple.  Take a second villager
    and build a dock.  Take a third villager and get him to build 2 houses.  The
    last villager can start gathering food from the berry bushes. Meanwhile, queue
    up 2 villagers and put them onto wood.  As soon as your temple is finished, 
    press the age up button  and advance with Ares.  While you are aging up you
    can build fishing boats at your dock to better improve your economy.  Take one
    of your trireme and sail to the very top of the island.  You will find a
    shipwreck which will give you a nice resource boost.
    Objective 2: Train an army and destroy the pirate town center
    As soon as you age up, build another villager.  Once built use him to build an
    Archery Range.  Once done start pumping out toxotes non stop.  Then build a
    Military Academy and start making hoplites.  You will have to start building
    houses to support the growing population.  Build 3 more villagers and send
    them to gold.  At around 5 - 6 minutes in, a small party of 8 or so axemen
    should attack you.  Fend them off with your toxotes.  Try not to let the
    hoplites fight in this one because the Axemen get a bonus against infantry.
    Meanwhile continue producing hoplites and toxotes until you reach around 85
    population.  I also suggest building the 2 available heroes at the town center.
    If you encounter an myth units you will need them.  Once you achieve a
    reasonable army, start marching towards the pirates town center.  I suggest
    sending you toxotes ahead and try to snipe any small enemy groups along the
    way.  At around 8 - 9 minutes into the game, another group of 8 or so Axemen
    will attack your base.  If you wish you can leave a few toxotes back to defend
    or just let them do some damage and let the town center attack take care of
    it.  Right before you reach the enemies town center you will run into a some
    towers and enemies.  Try to draw the enemies away from the tower, and attack
    them.  By doing this you will save plenty of men from the towers attack.
    While you are attacking with this army, you should still be creating more
    units back at your base to use for a second wave.  In between 10 - 11
    minutes in, another attack from the enemy should come.  This time in the form
    of groups of slingers, axemen and spearmen.  Take the slingers out with your
    hoplites and the axemen and spearmen with your toxotes.  By now your first 
    army will probably be either dead or close to.  This is where that second 
    group of units comes in.  Use them in the exact same way as the first.  Draw
    the enemies away from the towers, then attack.  The attacks from the enemy
    will continue to come every 1 or 2 minutes so be ready.  Once the pirate main
    army is destroyed, run in with your units and start attacking the town center.
    This is where your god power you got from advancing with Ares comes in.  Use
    the god power Pestilence on the pirates military buildings.  They can now not
    produce units from them for 50 seconds leaving the town center undefended.
    The enemy may cast the Plague of Serpents god power.  Use your heroes to kill
    the snakes.
    Objective 3: Corner and attack the Kamos the minotaur.
    Easy enough, just follow the minotaur with your remaining units and attack him
    nonstop.  Once you do enough damage, it will go to a cut scene.
    Arkantos has Kamos corner and his army defeated.  Kamos jumps off the cliff
    and onto an awaiting leviathan to escape.  Arkantos orders his soldiers to
    load up the recovered trident and send it back to Atlantis.
    1.04) Scratching The Surface
    Arkantos finally arrives at Troy.  He meets Agamemnon and Ajax already there.
    Agamemnon has planned  a final push to break through Troy.  He tells Arkantos
    of an area to the east where he can set up camp to assist in the final attack.
    You start this mission with: 6 Hoplites
                                 4 Toxotes
                                 4 Hypaspists
                                 1 Transport Boat
                                 2 Heroes - Arkantos and Ajax
    Objective 1: Lead you men to the unclaimed settlement.
    Just move your men east towards the unclaimed settlement.  Make sure to bring
    along your transport ship.  Halfway there you should encounter  a small patrol
    group.  Take them out and our should reach the town center.
    Objective 2: Build a town center
    You are given 8 villagers and 3 houses once you reach the town center.  Use
    your villagers to build a town center.  Meanwhile with your army, scout out
    the area a bit to get a feel for the land.  If you go further east, you will
    find another town center but this time guarded by around 6 toxotes.  You will
    want to take them out so in the future you will be able to claim this town
    center.  You will notice that your transport ship might will get attacked
    from an enemy trireme.  This can be good.
    Objective 3: Destroy the two Trojan docks
    To stop the sea attacks, you will have to destroy the enemies docks.  Once you
    destroy the first dock, Agamemnon will land reinforcements for you.  Right now
    you are in the Archaic age so you will want to build a temple as soon as
    possible so you can advance.   While building the temple, build 3 villagers
    from the town center and put them on whatever resource you think you will need
    the most.  You might now notice that multiple ships are destroying Agamemnon's
    camp in the west.  This is why you must destroy the docks.  In this scenario I
    suggest advancing with Hermes.  You want use his ceasefire god power if you
    are having problems repelling future enemy attacks.  Also you will be able to
    get cheap Pegasus to use for scouting.  Leave your army at your town center to
    defend if any enemies attack.  Use your heroes to scout.  To the north there
    will be multiple towers and enemies.  There is no need to go anywhere near
    them.  This is the entrance to Troy.  If you go slightly west, and then north
    around the towers, there are 3 relics you can use to help you.  Make sure to
    get them and put them in your temple.  By now you should have advanced to the
    Classical Age.  Research the winged messenger tech from your temple and start
    building non stop villagers from your town center and put evenly distribute
    them onto the available resources.  Once winged messenger is finished
    researching, build a couple of Pegasus to use for scouting.  Make sure to
    build an archery range, military academy and stable so you will not be poorly
    defended.  Quickly build some hoplites and toxotes, soon a large raiding party 
    will attack you consisting of around 8 hippikons, a few hoplites and 2 or so
    minotaurs.  This happens at around 8 - 9 minutes into the game.  Make sure to
    attack the hippikons with your hoplites, the hoplites with your toxotes and
    the minotaurs with your heroes.  Remember to build a few houses if you are
    hitting the population limit.  Your main goal should be to defend and make
    your way to the Heroic age so you can get siege weapons to take out the
    towers. Once you think you have a large enough defending force and enough
    resources advance to Heroic with Dionysus because of his bronze god power.  To
    advance, you will need to build an armory.  You should probably upgrade your
    toxotes to medium toxotes.  Again around 12 - 13 minutes into the game another
    attack will come.  This time a group of hoplites and hippikons.  It should be
    east to defend against with your newly upgraded toxotes.  As soon as you reach
    heroic, make a few houses and a fortress.  This is the building you will be
    making siege from.  At 14 - 15 minutes in, another attack will come consisting
    of hippikons.  Make sure to use your hoplites against them.  As soon as your
    fortress is finished building, make 3 petrobolos.  These will be used to take
    down the towers and docks.  Once all 3 are done, head east to the first dock.
    Take out the tower, town center and the walls with your siege, and attack the
    hypaspists with your toxotes.  Once you destroy the first dock with your
    petrobolos, Agamemnon and his army can land.  His army has 8 prodromos, 8
    hippikons, 2 petrobolos and himself.  Use these to march over to the second
    dock and destroy it the same way you did the first.  You will want to bring
    some heroes along with you to destroy the second dock because there are 
    multiple colossus defending it.  Once you destroy the last dock you win.  Just
    attack it with full force.
    1.05) A Fine Plan
    Arkantos meets up with Agamemnon and the famous Odysseus to talk about the
    plans of sieging Troy.  As the commander, Agamemnon has already made the
    plans.  Arkantos and Odysseus are to siege at the gates while Ajax and
    Agamemnon hang back.  Once they break through the gates, Ajax will rush
    through to clear out the Trojan defenders whole Agamemnon saves Helen.
    You start this mission with: 9 Hoplites
                                 6 Hippikons
                                 4 Villagers
                                 1 Kataskopos
                                 1 Helepolis
                                 2 Heroes - Arkantos and Odysseus
                                 2 Fishing Boats
                                 2 Trireme
                                 2 Docks
                                 1 Military Academy
                                 1 Stable
                                 1 Temple
                                 1 Town Center
                                 1 Sentry Tower
    Objective 1: Find and take a gold mine from the Trojans
    To start off, you can't build any army because you start off with no gold!
    Your first task is to find a gold mine and kill any Trojans around it to claim
    it.  Take your full army and head north.  There you will find 6 toxotes
    defending a gold mine that 3 villagers are mining on.  Kill the toxotes and 
    then the villagers.  If you destroy the storehouse there, you will get a
    bonus 200 gold!  Once you claim this gold mine, move some villagers over to
    it to  start collect gold.  You should be creating villagers and fishing
    ships to fuel your economy at this time.  If you are scouting with your
    trireme, you will notice a small island with a gold mine east of where your
    town center is.  Take out the few toxotes and now you have a free gold mine
    to use if you run out of others.
    Objective 2: Train an army and destroy the Trojan west gate
    By now you should be creating an army of hippikons and also trireme to defend
    your fishing ships.  Use your main army to scout to the west.  You will find
    another gold mine and a town center.  Take out both of these using your siege
    weaponry.  Make sure to leave a few troops back at your gold mine as the
    Trojans will attack it.  Take your trireme army and head north.  There you
    will find another player.  Destroy his docks.  If you don't he will use the
    docks to build trireme and attack your fishing operation and severely hurt your
    economy.  You will start to see caravans running around collecting gold.  Kill
    the because it will shorten the supply of gold to the Trojans.  Once you have
    destroyed the town center advance to Heroic with Dionysus.  Once you reach
    Heroic, build one of your own town centers on the one you just destroyed.  To
    the north west of your new town center, there is a relic guarded by a medusa.
    Kill the medusa with your heroes and bring the relic back to your temple.
    Advance along the east coast to find more gold.  There you will see even more
    caravans carrying gold.  Make sure to kill them.  Using half your troops along
    the coast and the other half on the west, use a pincer formation to attack
    right in front of the Trojan gate.  This should obliterate any defenses they
    have in front of it.  Once you break through the first wall, there will be a
    fortress and a temple.  While the fortress rains down fire on you, myth units
    will attack from the temple.  This is a good time to use your bronze god power
    to give you extra defense while attacking the Trojan gate.  Use all your
    forces and attack the gate.  As soon as the gate is destroyed, victory is
    1.06) Just Enough Rope
    Just as Arkantos breaks down the Trojan Wall, he tells a soldier to send word
    to Ajax that the gate is down and to attack.  The soldier informs him that
    Ajax is under attack and needs help.  Arkantos and his army retreat from the
    gate to help Ajax.
    You start this mission with: 8 hoplites
                                 8 hippikons
                                 2 heroes - Arkantos and Odysseus 
    Objective 1: Defeat the cavalry attacking Ajax
    Send in your heroes first, so they can take a lot of the damage.  Then send in
    your hoplites.  Don't use your hippikons in this fight because they will get
    ripped apart.
    Objective 2: Bring Arkantos and your army to Ajax's town center to the
    Just follow Ajax and he will lead you to his town center
    Objective 3: Build up a stronger army and destroy all the buildings in the
                 Trojan forward military base area.
    Once you reach Ajax's town center, you will receive a few villagers, pigs
    buildings and the town center itself.  Time to build up and attack the Trojan
    forward base.  Like usual start by making some villagers and distributing them
    to your resources.  Right away you will get attacked by a group of about 6
    hippikons.  Make sure to keep your army there before you go scouting.  Right
    away you should start walling off the chokepoints.  There are 4 in total.  If
    you can control these 4 chokepoints, enemies will never get into your base.
    In the very south corner by the green town center, there is a relic, take it
    back to your base and build a temple so you can sue it.  Also straight east
    from your town center there is another relic.  Build a fortress for defense, a
    military academy and a archery range for attack.  Build up an army and get
    ready to raid.  Take half of your army and head north.  You will find a group
    of farms.  Some might have villagers using them.  If there are any villagers
    there, kill them.  If not, you can use your own villagers and use the farms
    for food.  Watch out for the enemy making military buildings around your base
    for a quick attack.  Once you have enough of an army attack the main gates.
    You will probably want to bring some siege along as well.  Once you break
    through the walls, attack every enemy building.  Once you destroy all
    buildings, victory is yours.
    Once the fight is over, a soldier tells Arkantos that Agamemnon has been
    attacked while they were fighting this battle.  Arkantos pulls his troops
    back as they head back to the main base to soon how much damage was done.
    1.07) I Hope This Works
    Arkantos arrive back at the camp.  It is totally destroyed.  Agamemnon speaks
    of escaping while Arkantos wants to press on.  The heroes decide to build a
    massive horse to show defeat.  But instead of surrendering, they will hide
    inside of it to get into Troy.
    You start this mission with: 2 Watch Towers
                                 1 Granary
                                 2 Storehouses 
                                 1 Temple
                                 1 Town Center
                                 4 Villagers
                                 3 Toxotes
                                 2 Hoplites
                                 4 Prodromos
                                 4 Heroes - Arkantos, Ajax, Agamemnon and Odysseus
    Objective 1: Accumulate 1000 wood to build the Trojan horse
    This is probably one of the easiest missions in the campaign.  Send all of
    you villagers to wood.  Build 8 more villagers from your town center and put
    them all on wood also.  At around 3 minutes, a few cavalry will attack you.
    Don't let any of them get away.  If they do, they will warn others and a lot
    more Trojans will come to attack.  You should have 1000 wood by the 3:30
    minute mark.
    Objective 2: Build the Trojan horse
    Take all of your villagers and get them to build the Trojan horse.  The horse
    takes a long time to build so be ready to defend with your heroes.  The key
    to winning this mission is to not let any scouts get back to Troy.  If
    everything goes perfect, the horse should be done a bit before the 10 minute
    The horse is finished.  Arkantos orders it into position.  Late at night
    Arkantos, Ajax and Odysseus sneak out.  Agamemnon is waiting outside the city
    with an army on the sea ready to attack.
    Objective 3: Sneak your heroes through Troy toward the Trojan Gate and try to
    find a way to destroy it.
    With your 3 heroes head south.  Soon you will see 4 hoplite and a cyclops.
    Try not to be seen by them.  If you are you will have to fight.  It's a fight
    you can win but it would be easier to not fight at all.  Keep heading south.
    Objective 4: Kill the cyclops guard to steal the Helepolis siege towers.
    Keep going south until you see a colossus.  Again, try to sneak past him.  If
    you have to fight, fine, but it is easier to not fight.  Go east to the 
    helepolis and kill the guarding cyclops.  The helepolis are now under your
    control.  Keep going south along the path. until you find the Trojan Gates.
    Destroy them with your helepolis.  
    Objective 5: Defeat Troy by destroying the three fortresses within it's walls.
    Right after you destroy the gates, you will be given 2 meteor god powers.
    Also Agamemnon and his army arrives. Right away a lightning storm is cast on
    you taking a fair number of your troops.  This is the fun part.  You must
    destroy the 3 fortresses to win.  Use 1 meteor power on the east fortress.
    Use your second meteor power on the one to the far west.  If they are still
    standing after the meteors are done, just send in a few units to finish it up.
    Take the rest of your army and attack the last one standing.  Don't even
    bother fighting the enemies units, just focus on attacking the fortress.  Once
    all 3 are destroyed, you win!
    Since Troy is nothing more than a pile of ruble,  Arkantos is ready to head
    back to his home Atlantis.  Ajax and Odysseus convince him that his ships are
    to damaged to make it all the way back to Atlantis.  They decide to go to
    Ioklos where Arkantos can get his ships worked on.
    1.08) More Bandits
    Arkantos and Ajax land arrive in Ioklos only to find ruins.  An old man tells
    them that once the soldiers left for Troy, bandits took over.  A man named
    Chiron who has been captured said a hero would save them.  Arkantos and Ajax
    set out to find him.
    You start this mission with: 2 Heroes - Arkantos and Ajax
    Objective 1: Bring Arkantos and Ajax to the prison area to rescue the
    Start by taking the road that leads north first then west.  Along the way 
    there will be enemies, but nothing your heroes can not take care of.  Once
    you reach the prison, kill the lone wadjet to free the centaurs.  They tell you
    where you can find Chiron.
    Objective 2: Defeat the bandits guarding the prison to free the prisoners
    If you go back a few seconds you will see a path going south west.  There you
    will find a relic.  Soon 2 militia will come running towards you calling for
    help.  Kill the 2 spearmen chasing them to save them.  They will now fight for
    you.  Head north to find more prisons.  Kill the guards to gain control of the
    prisoners and surrounding buildings.  Make sure to put the relic in the temple.
    Objective: 3 Destroy the enemy watch tower and barracks
    You must attack quickly to save as many buildings as possible from the bandits
    who are destroying everything.  Before you attack, research the tech Sylvan
    Lore, it upgrades your army of centaurs.  Also, there is another relic to the
    north.  Once you have done these things, press on your attack.  Kill all
    enemies and destroy the tower and barracks.  Once that is done, you will have
    recaptured the city and gained access to all of its buildings.  Once you have
    done this, go back a bit and north.  You will find a free stockpile of wood.
    Objective 4: Destroy the enemy Watch Tower and Temple
    Continue to move forward quickly.  Replenish your army by training centaurs
    and hydras from your temples.  Attack the tower and temple.  Once you destroy
    both, you will gain access to a fortress and more military buildings.
    Objective 5: Destroy the Migdol Stronghold to free Chiron
    Start making an army of myth units, archer, cavalry and infantry.  It would be
    wise to also throw in some siege.  Once you are near the population cap, start
    attacking the gate with your siege.  Once those are broken down, press
    forward.  If you spent a lot of time making a large army, they will also have
    quit a big army themselves.  As long as you micromanage your troops everything
    should be ok.  Break through the last line of walls to get to the migdol.
    Don't bother attacking any enemy units that attack you, just concentrate on
    the migdol because as soon as it is destroyed, you win.
    Chiron thanks Arkantos for his help.  He says that a man named Kemsyt let the
    other prisoners somewhere to build something.  Arkantos orders for everything
    to be packed up so they can leave.
    1.09) Bad News
    Arkantos, Ajax and Chiron while leading there armies run into a wall.  Chiron
    says that he has never seen a wall here before.  Arkantos figures that it must
    be new construction.  he orders his men to find resources so they can build up
    a base.
    You start this mission with: 7 Hypastpists
                                 8 Toxotes
                                 6 Hoplites
                                 4 Peltasts
                                 6 Villagers
                                 3 Heroes - Arkantos, Ajax and Chiron
                                 2 Town Centers
                                 1 Temple
                                 1 Tower
    Objective 1: Build up Arkantos and Ajax's bases and fight your way to the mine
    You start of with two bases split up.  To win this mission, you are going to
    have to go on the defensive first.  Take Chiron and head south.  There you
    will find a relic.  Your first goal it to quickly advance to Heroic so you can
    build up your defenses with fortresses.  Start making villagers at both of
    your town centers.  Once you have built an armory and have enough resources,
    advance with Apollo.  Be ready for an enemy attack from both sides, so also
    get some more military units ready.  Do not attack the walls that have you
    trapped, if you do, an enemy attack will just come sooner.  As soon as you
    reach Heroic, us your god power.  Make it so now you can transport units from
    one side to the other using the Underworld Passage.  Now if there is an attack
    on one side, you can transport units from the side that is not being attacked
    over to the side that is to help.  At around the 7 minutes mark you will be
    attacked on the left side.  Use some units from the right side to help out.
    Making plenty of toxotes in this mission is the best way to go.  They are
    great for defending plus, since you advanced to Heroic with Apollo, you get
    some great archer upgrading techs.  Keep defending and building a bigger
    army and getting techs until your gold mines are running out.  Since you can't
    go on without gold you will have to fight for it.  On the right side, just
    outside of the wall, there is a gold mine you will have to clear out any
    enemies around it and guard it.  Once you have done this advance to Mythic
    age with Hephaestus if you do not have that great of an economy going.  If you
    have a reasonably go economy, advance with Hera.  At around the 20 minute mark
    Gargarensis will cast the meteor power right on top of your base on the left,
    a huge blow to your economy if it gets destroyed.  Rebuild it if it did.  Right
    after, he will send a roc in with multiple myth units in it.  Kill them with
    your heroes.  One the left side, slowly start to advance towards the mine,
    taking out any buildings along the way.  On the left side, the is a fortress
    on a hill that your army cannot reach.  Use siege to destroy it so you can
    keep advancing.  After you destroy the fortress take a right and you will find
    another fortress.  Destroy it.  Now your two bases are run in between each
    other.  There is a town center there that you can build on.  Just keep
    advancing on both sides until you reach the mine.  On the right side you will
    see a mini base with a few towers and military buildings.  Once you take them
    out you will see a town center you can claim.  Keep fighting until you reach
    the fortresses.  Use your siege to take them down.  Once you destroy both
    fortresses you win.
    Gargarensis escapes into the Underworld Passage.
    1.10) Revelation
    The heroes walk into the Underworld Passage just as Gargarensis did.  They
    find themselves in Erebus, the realm of Hades.  They hear a loud banging noise.
    Arkantos goes and looks over the cliff to see a huge ram trying to break down
    a door.  They figure that anything that the cyclops Gargarensis wants to open,
    they want it to stay close.  Arkantos calls for reinforcements and the mission
    You start this mission with: 3 Heroes - Arkantos. Ajax and Chiron
    Objective 1: Destroy the ram before it breaks down the gate.
    This can be a pretty tricky mission.  Enemies will continually come through
    passages to attack you.  First thing we should do its try block off some of
    these passages.  You will also continually get reinforcements to help you out.
    They will come out of the Underworld Passage.  Follow the path to the south,
    killing any enemy myth units you come across along the way.  Once you find a
    split road, go east.  There you will find a giant rock which you can attack.
    Take away all of its hit points to make it fall over and block the path for
    more units to come.  This will slow down the enemy attack.  Once the rock is
    knocked over, head straight north to find a nemean lion which will fight on
    your side.  Head back to the original split roads.  From there go north, which
    is the only path you can take.  There will be another split path.  Again go
    east.  Keep going east until you find some enemy hoplites and myth units.
    Kill them and then knock over the giant rock to block another path.  Head
    north until you see a very slim path to the east.  Take it and you will find 3
    medusa that will fight for you.  These are very useful as they will be able
    to turn the more powerful myth units into stone.  Now it's time to start
    attacking the ram.  Gather all your units and head for it.  Take out all the
    enemies guarding it.  Once all the enemies are dead.  Start attacking the ram.
    All of your human units (including hoplites and hippikons) should be attacking
    the ram non stop.  Use your myth units and heroes to defend against the
    oncoming attacks.  Once the ram has enough damage on it.  Villagers will start
    to come and repair it.  I suggest using your lightning storm power to kill
    them and other enemies that come along with them.  Just keep the attack up on
    the ram up and soon enough it will be destroyed and you will be the victor.
    If at any time you feel like you are losing a lot of units and don't have
    much of a hope in winning, use your other god powers to help you.
    Gargarensis appears and tells Arkantos that he should have listened to his
    warnings.  He says that there are other ways into Tartaris and that this one
    can be closed.  An earthquake begins as the heroes try to escape.
    1.11) Strangers
    The heroes are trapped in the underworld.  It would take forever to tunnel
    there way back out so they must find another way.  They so the shades and hope
    that they will help them.
    You start this mission with: 4 Toxotes
                                 4 Hoplites
                                 3 Heroes - Arkantos, Ajax and Chiron
    Objective 1: Seek the shades.
    In this mission you only have about a 1 line of sight.  You can't see anything
    other than your own units.  That is why you need to find the shades, they have
    a large line of sight in the underworld.  If you head west you will find your
    first shade.
    Objective 2: Scout forward.  Shades are invisible to enemy units and can see
                 farther than your other units.
    Use your shade to scout forward without putting your other units in danger.
    They can not be seen by the enemy so they cannot get attacked.  The  shades
    have a special power that can be used.  You may attack an enemy with a shade
    and it will be a one hit kill, but in the process, your shade will also be
    Objective 3: Kill the minotaur.  A shade vanishes when it steal the soul of an
    enemy unit
    Just follow along the path and you will find a minotaur.  Kill it and
    you will get another shade.  It tells you that you have to collect Hades lost
    Objective 4: Collect the 3 lost relics of Hades
    The locations of the relics get placed on your map.  You must collect these
    with your heroes to get out of the underworld.  Continue along the path and
    you will encounter some wadjets.  Kill the and then destroy the gate behind
    them.  Go east and you will find some cyclops and medusa.  Kill them and
    continue on.  The next enemy will be 3 minotaurs.  After them destroy the
    gate.  Behind it you will find your first relic, guarded by a manticore.
    Kill it then pick up the relic.  Another shade will join your side.  You will
    also gain the bronze god power.  Keep going east and you will find another
    shade with a cyclops by him.  Kill it then head back to where you found the
    first relic.  From there go north.  A huge army of cyclops will attack you.
    You may want to use some of your shades special powers to help you.  If you
    choose to, make sure you leave at least one shade so that you can still see
    where you are going.  Break through the 2 layered gate and move on.  You will
    find a large army of mummies.  Once you have dealt with those break down the
    next set of gates.  Keep going and you will find your second relic.  Watch out
    along the way for the crocodiles of set that will attack you.  Once you pick
    up this relic you will be granted the restoration god power.  From there go
    south west and find another shade.  Go back to where you found the second
    relic.  Go north to find another shade that will ferry you across the river.
    Load all of your units onto the boat.  Watch out for the krakens along the
    way.  You can't let them destroy your boat.  Once you are across you will find
    2 centaurs and another shade.  Head south and the Plague of Serpents god power
    will be cast in front of you.  Kill them with your heroes.  Fight through the
    snakes and keep advancing.  Once you reach the 3rd relic, it will be heavily
    guarded by wadjets and medusas.  Once you pick up the last relic you will gain
    the lightning storm god power.
    Objective 5: Bring the 3 relics to the temple complex.
    Keep following the path towards the temples.  Once you reach the mini forest
    there will be wolves.  Also a forest fire god power will be cast on the trees.
    Go south and then west to find 3 more shades.  Keep following the path south.
    You will run into an army of minotaurs and cyclops.  Next will be some 
    colossus.  You will probably want to use some shades on these.  Break down the
    final gate to complete this mission.
    Ahead of Arkantos there is a temple of Zeus, one of Poseidon and one of Hades.
    He prays to Poseidon in hope he will help them get out.  Nothing happens.
    Chiron suggests try another god as it could be another that favours him.  He
    prays to Zeus.  A staircase falls from the sky that leads out of the
    underworld.  Arkantos gathers his men and leaves.
    1.12) The Lost Relic
    The heroes emerge from the underworld only to find themselves lost.  A lady
    named Amanra approaches them.  She tells them that they must help defend this
    oasis with.  The heroes do not wish to but if they try to leave, they
    will run straight into the enemy.
    You start this mission with: 3 Hoplites
                                 3 Toxotes
                                 10 Slingers
                                 2 Priests
                                 15 Villagers
                                 4 Heroes - Arkantos, Ajax, Chiron and Amanra
                                 1 Market
    Objective 1: Defend against attacks from the 3 canyons long enough for your
                 villagers to dig out the artifact
    To start off, move all of your ranged units to the right wall because this is
    where the first attack will come from.  It will be just a few spearmen.  Also
    bring a villager that is chopping wood to the center canyon.  There you should
    build a barracks or to so you can pump out military units to help you.  Once
    you have defended from the first attack, move all your men to the center.  The
    second attack will come from the center.  The third will come from the left.
    The fourth from the center.  The fifth from the right.  By the fifth attack,
    there are more enemies.  The sixth attack comes from the right.  Seventh from
    the middle.  I can't really tell you after that because they kind of start to
    get randomized.  As long as you keep making units, defending and digging out
    the relic, this should be an easy mission.  When you are building extra
    military, it should probably be axemen because they get a bonus against
    infantry, which is the enemies most used unit.  In all, this mission should
    take no more than 15 minutes.
    You will now be asked if you would like to view the Egyptioan tutorial.  You
    probably should if you have never used an Egyptian civ yet.  Even if you
    already have, it's a nice reminder of how they work.
    1.13) Light Sleeper
    Arkantos learns that Amanra's enemy is also the evil Kemsyt.  Kemsyt wants to
    steal the sword of the guardian, which is the artifact you just uncovered.
    Amanra must get it back to the guardian to awaken it.
    You start this mission with: 6 Chariot Archers
                                 4 Slingers
                                 1 Sword Bearer
                                 4 Heroes - Arkantos, Ajax, Chiron and Amanra
    Objective 1: Kill the guards watching over the villagers mining gold.
    This oasis village enslaves other villagers to mine gold for Kemsyt.  You must
    rescue these people.  Head forwards and take out the guards.  There are
    actually quite a lot of enemies guarding the villagers here.
    *********IMPORTANT NOTE**********
    If you do you lose because then you can not awaken the guardian.  Once you
    kill all of the guards you will gain 10 villagers.
    Objective 2: Bring at least 5 villagers safely to their town center
    Out of the 10 villagers you just received, you must bring back 5.  It would be
    a good idea to make sure all of them survive because then you will have a
    better economy when you get your town center.  This part is pretty straight
    forward.  Just follow the path while defending your villagers.  You will run
    into some mummies.  Only use your heroes against them because they will turn
    regular units into mini mummies.  Right before the mummies there is a relic,
    pick it up with Chiron.  Keep going and eventually a Plague of Serpents god
    power will be cast in front and behind you.  Make sure your villagers and
    sword bearer don't get in the way.  Next there will be a river with some
    crocodiles in it that will attack you.  After that you will arrive at the town
    Objective 2: Bring the sword bearers to the Guardian before Kemsyt's army
                 reaches it
    To get the sword bearers to the guardian you will have to built up a bit of an
    army.  You will see at the south end Kemsyt's army advances through the towns
    and destroys them.  You must resurrect  the guardian before he gets to your
    village.  First thing to do is advance to Classical with Ptah.  Not long after
    you will be granted the Rain god power.  Use it to get enough food to advance
    to Heroic.  Once in Heroic, build 2 Migdol Strongholds and start making camels
    and chariot archers non stop.  Once your population cap is full, use your
    starting siege weapon to knock down the gates.  Keep advancing while taking
    out any enemies along the way.  Take your sword bearers and put them right
    beside the guardian to awaken him!
    Objective 3: Use the guardian to destroy Kemsyt's army.
    This is very easy.  The guardian is pretty much invincible.  20000 hit points
    and 700 attack.  As the enemies  come to you, just take them out in one hit
    with the guardian.  Kill around over half of the enemy army and you win.
    1.14) Tug of War
    Amanra explains that the box contains a piece of the dead god Osiris's body.
    Kemsyt wants to destroy it so they can't resurrect Osiris.  Suddenly the heroes
    are ambushes.  They must get the box back to the city.
    You start this mission with: 13 Axemen
                                 23 Villagers
                                 2 Fishing Boats
                                 1 Pharaoh
                                 Multiple animals of Set
                                 3 Barracks
                                 2 Migdol Strongholds
                                 1 Armory
                                 1 Market
                                 1 Temple
                                 5 Monuments
                                 4 Knocked out Heroes - Arkantos, Ajax, Chiron and
    Objective 1: Recover the Osiris Piece cart and move it into your city before
    the enemy gets it to their city.
    This is a fairly easy mission.  Whoever has more units around the cart has
    control of it.  It move very slow so it take a long time to get from place to
    place.  Start off my using your pharaoh to get the 3 relics that are in your
    base.  Before you start attacking the enemy for control of the cart, build up
    an army that reaches the population limit.  Let it consist of chariot archers
    and camels.  Once you reach the limit, go after the cart.  Make sure to
    resurrect your knocked out heroes.  Once you have gained control of the cart,
    start moving it back to your base.  The enemy will start sending huge attacks
    at you.  As long as you are constantly making new units, you should be ok.
    Once you get it very close to your base, the enemy will use the Shifting Sands
    god power to transport units to attack you.  Once it is right outside of your
    base, he will send it multiple rocs with enemy units in them.  Aside from
    these attacks there should be no problems with this mission.  Get the cart
    inside your gates and you win.
    1.15) "Isis, hear my plea"
    Once inside the city, Amanra leaves to get the piece to Setna.  The other 
    Heroes are captured by a betrayer.  Amanra asks Isis for help to get vengeance.
    You start this mission with: Multiple Myth units
                                 12 Villagers
                                 3 Citadel centers
                                 2 Barracks
                                 1 Temple
                                 1 Armory
                                 1 Siegeworks
                                 1 Hero - Amanra
    Objective 1: Destroy Gargarensis' Migdol Stronghold.
    By walking up to temples and monuments, Amanra can convert them so she can use
    them.  There are a few just south of your starting position.  Upgrade your
    petsuchos.  Use them to destroy all the towers because they outrange them with
    the upgrade.  Once they are gone you will get a few more myth units.  Break
    through the gates.  Continuously make more petchuchos.  They will be your
    main attack force.  Keep advancing to the migdol stronghold.  Watch out for
    the priests as they will easily crush your myth units.  Once close enough,
    take out the migdol strong hold.
    Objective 2: Amanra must reach the transport ship.
    To the north. a ship will be pointed out that you have to get Amanra to.  Pull
    back all your units and guide her there.  Along the way there will be a few
    enemies but nothing that will give you to much trouble.  Once you are at the
    gate, destroy it to get through.  Once in the ship head out.
    Objective 3: Send Amanra to the Abydos harbor to convert a navy.
    If you wish to save the other heroes, you will need a large navy.  There is
    one in the north which you can get to fight for you.  Head there in your
    transport ship.  Once there you will get the ships.
    Objective 4: Use your new navy to break Amanra into the prison.
    Take all of your ships and head towards the prison.  Along the way you will
    encounter some enemy ships.  They should be no problem for your navy.  Use
    your war barges to take out any towers.  Land Amanra onto the land and move
    her to the middle of the prison to let the prisoners lose.
    Gargarensis makes an appearance.  He laughs at the thought of Poseidon still
    supporting Arkantos.  Gargarensis escapes and goes to Osiris' Pyramid.  
    1.16) Let's go
    The heroes must find the crate that has the piece of Osiris.  Setna has
    arranged for transports to pick up the heroes, they m ust hold their position
    until they arrive.
    You start this mission with: 5 Axemen
                                 2 Avengers
                                 1 Sea Turtle
                                 5 Heroes - Arkantos, Ajax, Chiron, Amanra and 
    Objective 1: Survive until Setna's transports arrive from the south west.
    First thing to do is to break down the 2 remaining gates.  Once out of the
    prison, send your heroes forward and leave your myth units and human units
    behind.  Once the enemy drops off some units attack them with your heroes.
    Half way through the fight, your transport ships will arrive.  Quickly put
    your myth and human units in them while your heroes hold back the enemy.  Once
    the others are in the ships, get your heroes in.  You don't have to kill all
    the enemies.
    Objective 2: Use the transports to move your troops to the in the allied
    purple town to the south west.
    This is very easy.  Just move your ships towards the island.  On you way you
    will encounter 2, maybe 3 enemy ships.  Just take them out with your turtle
    and kebenits.  Once at the island, unload your units out of the ships and move
    over to the blue flag.
    Objective 3: Capture the Osiris Piece Cart and move it to the flag outside the
    city's south gate.
    Since the villagers know the island so well, the map gets uncovered for you.
    You can take your time in this mission, there is no rush.  The first thing you
    should try and do is destroy the Lighthouse.  Without it the enemy ships will
    run into reefs and be killed.  Strait north there is a relic to pick up.
    Beware of attacks coming from the sea.  As soon as you have enough resources,
    age up with Hathor.  Once you hit Heroic, build a migdol or 2 so you can make
    some camels and chariot archers.  Once you have hit the population limit,
    build a market and advance to Mythic with Thoth.  Once you advance get any
    remaining upgrade you want before you attack.  Once fully upgraded, attack the
    enemy citadel center.  It would be smart to bring some siege with you.
    Instead of attacking the citadel with units, you may want to just use your
    meteor god power on it instead, it's your choice.  Keep advancing and
    eventually you will reach the lighthouse.  Destroy it and the ship attacks
    will stop.  Remember to build a new town center on the one you destroyed to
    give you more population space to work with.  Once you have full population
    again, get a few transport ships and fill them with units.  Attack enemies
    around the cart.  Once you have killed everything around it, you will gain
    control of it.  As you walk towards to city gates, defend it.  There will be
    some buildings and enemies in your way, but nothing that you shouldn't be able
    to handle.  Brake open the gate and you are free!  
    1.17) Good advice
    Amanra tells Arkantos that they are safe and will stay where they are for the
    night.  Arkantos falls asleep and has a dream.  Athena speaks to him.  Kastor,
    Arkantos' son, appears and leads him to a strange land.
    You start this mission with: 1 Hero - Arkantos
    Objective 1: Follow Kastor
    Do I really have to tell you what to do here?
    Objective 2: Garrison the relic into Zeus' Temple, then defend the temple.
    Easy, just kill the cyclops and put the relic in the temple.  Half way through
    the fight Zeus will cast the Restoration god power on you.  This shows that
    Arkantos is favored by him.  Once you garrison the relic, multiple cyclops
    will appear.  How the heck are you going to kill all of those with just
    Arkantos?  Remember?  Your favored by Zeus.  His statues help attack the
    cyclops with lightning.  In the middle of the fight Gargarensis appears.  You
    might have to use your Restoration god power, if you start to lose.
    Objective 3: Defeat the guardians of the Shrine just ahead
    Wait until you are fully recovered before you move ahead.  As you move ahead
    more creatures will appear. WTF?  A group of chimeras?  How are you supposed
    to kill those?  As you get closer all of your hero friends appear and you take
    them out together.
    Athena begins to reveal Gargarensis' plan.  The reason Gargarensis wants to
    open the gates into Tartaris is to release the evil god Kronos.  Poseidon
    is helping Gargarensis because he wants to rule over Zeus.
    Objective 4: Destroy the large boulder to escape the Underworld.
    Move ahead and you will get an army of various units.  Move ahead more to fin
    the boulder and an enemy army protecting it.  Kill them and start attacking
    the boulder.  Remember those shades that can kill a unit in one hit while
    sacrificing itself?  You get a few of those to help.  Use them on the tougher
    enemies.  Once you start attacking the boulders enemies will attack you from
    behind.  It would be easiest to just attack the boulders with your siege and
    defend the siege with your units.  To show again that the gods favor
    Arkantos, a Lightning Storm god power gets cast to help you defend.  In no
    time the boulder will be destroyed.
    This mission has 2 parts to it.  The part you just completed was the first,
    and now this is the second.  Remember, you are still in Arkantos' dream.  You
    start of on an island.  I is weird though because you have pirate ships and
    minotaurs on your side.
    Objective 5: Safely transport Arkantos and Kastor to the beach across the bay.
    Before you leave for the other side, notice that there are a bunch of relics
    on this island.  Pick one and then set sail.  You can come back for the others
    if you would like later.  While you try and transport to the other side.  A 
    large group of enemy ships will attack.  Focus on getting the transport ships
    to the other side, the pirate ships can be sacrificed.
    Objective 6: Train an army and destroy the enemy wonder.
    Right away the enemy will send siege at you.  Start building up while
    defending your base.  Soon the enemy will cast an Earthquake god power right
    in the middle of your base.  Rebuild what was lost.  Keep building more and
    more human units and get ready to attack.  Instead of attacking north, I
    recommend  going east instead.  Attack through all the buildings and then 
    attack the wonder.  Remember to use your god powers, especially Earthquake.
    Once destroyed, Athena appears and tells Arkantos than if Kronos escapes, this
    is what Atlantis will look like.
    Arkantos is awakened by his friends.  They must find the other 3 pieces if
    Osiris' body to bring him back to life.  Amanra and Chiron with both go by
    themselves to find 2 pieces while Arkantos and Ajax will go together to find
    the 3rd.
    1.18) The Jackal's Stronghold
    Amanra arrives near the first piece.  She must steal it.  Maybe the villagers
    will help?
    You start this mission with: 2 Axemen
                                 6 Camelry
                                 1 Hero - Amanra
    Objective 1: Get Amanra to the village.
    Along the way you will run into groups of slingers.  They should be easy to
    kill with your camels.  If you go north a bit, you will find a relic.  After
    you pick it up just keep following the path.  At the end of the path you will
    reach the village.
    Objective 2: Bring Amanra to any additional buildings or villagers to convert
    them to your cause.
    This isn't something you have to do, but it sure helps.  Just run Amanra by
    any other buildings or villagers to gain control of them.
    Objective 3: Bring Amanra to the Osiris Piece Box
    Start by building villagers and making an economy.  Scout around with Amanra
    to gain control of some more buildings.  In the south west there is a town
    center with a relic by it.  Build on all of the town centers to increase your
    population limit.  Be ready for any small enemy attacks.  They send spearmen
    and scorpion men most of the time.  If you really want a great economy get a
    huge trade route going.  Once you get enough resources advance with Osiris.
    Make sure to get the New Kingdom upgrade to get 2 pharaohs, which will further
    increase your economy because of his empower ability.  Build a few monuments
    to get some favor because you will want to make some leviathans to transport
    your units across the water to the island.  Once in Mythic, make about 3
    leviathans and 2 migdols.  Fill one leviathan with chariot archers, one with
    camelry and one with elephants, by then you should hit the population limit.
    Make sure to bring Amanra and also use your Son of Osiris god power and bring
    him.  Start sailing to the island.  There are tons of enemy ships in the water
    so be ready to use your ancestors god power to attack them.  Once across start
    attacking everything you see.  You may have to send more than 1 load of units
    across to get the job totally done.  Just keep a non stop attack up.  Get
    through the 2 sets of gates and keep killing the enemies and buildings.  Make
    your way to the cart.  Once Amanra arrives at it you win.
    Amanra confronts Kemsyt.  He escapes on a roc while telling her that her time
    will come, soon.  
    1.19) A long way from home
    Chiron explains that the 2nd piece of Osiris in the Great Tamarisk Tree.  He
    is interrupted when foreign soldiers approach.  They seem to be of the Norse
    race.  They are tracking Gargarensis to in hopes of preventing Ragnorak.
    Chiron invites them to fight with him and his army and they accept.
    You start this mission with: 4 Axemen
                                 3 Jarls
                                 4 Raiding Calvary
                                 1 Priest
                                 2 Oxcarts
                                 1 Hero - Chiron
    Objective 1: Seek help from the desert nomad camp to the east.
    Just move all your units to the east to find the camp.  You will gain a town
    center, some other buildings and villagers
    Objective 2: Send laborers to cut down the Tamarisk tree and recover the head
                 of Osiris.
    Your first business should be to destroy the tombs from which the mummies will
    spawn from.  There is one not far east from where you start head over there
    and attack it.  Once it is destroyed, you will get 1500 gold.  Also 2 scarabs
    will attack you.  Chiron can take care of them by himself.  Regular attacks
    will start coming at you.  As soon as possible et an armory built and advance
    to Heroic through Nephthys.  Right outside of your base a on a cliff there is
    a relic you can pick up.  In the very south corner of the map, there is a gold
    mine and a relic.  The gold mine is very easy to defend.  Keep defending until
    you have enough resources for mythic.  Advance with Thoth.  While you are
    advancing build a town center to the east.  Around this time the enemy will
    send more powerful attacks at you that include siege weapons.  Make sure you
    have enough units to defend as they will totally destroy your base with their
    siege if you don't.  Start making camels and chariot archers.  Once you get a
    large army, send it and all of your villagers to the tree.  Start chopping it
    down.  When you start chopping, the Plague of Serpents god power will be cast,
    just kill all the snakes.  It would be a good idea to build some towers or
    migdols around here to defend it.  The enemy will start to try to wall you off
    from the Tamarisk tree.  With plenty of camels and chariot archers it
    shouldn't matter.  If you want to severely weaken the enemies attacks, run a
    few camels through their base to gain line of sight, then cast the Meteor god
    power right in the middle of their base.  Just keep on chopping the tree while
    making more camels and chariot archers.  Eventually it will be totally cut
    down and you will win.    
    1.20) Watch that first step
    Arkantos and Ajax arrive where the last piece of Osiris' body is.  It is
    heavily guarded by Kamos and his pirates.
    You start this mission with: 20 Hoplites
                                 1 Catapult
                                 1 Siege Tower
                                 2 Heroes - Arkantos and Ajax
    Objective 1: Capture the Black Sails ships to the east by destroying the
                 forward base that guards them.
    Advance to the docks with your heroes in front.  Myth units will start
    attacking them.  You don't want to attract to many at a time.  A villager
    will start building a fortress so quickly kill him.  Once all the guards of
    the dock are dead, destroy the dock itself.
    Objective 2: Use the Black Sail ships to transport troops across the bay
                 behind Kamos' base (near the blue flag)  and claim a settlement
    You now have control of 2 black sails.  This means you can get to the other
    island undetected. The villagers are grateful that you saved them.  They will
    build colossi for you for free.  Load all of your units into the ships and set
    sail for the other island.  The enemies won't even notice you because you are
    using their ships.
    Objective 3: Quickly build up a large force and siege Kamos' base.  Stay
                 behind the large forest to remain undetected until you are ready
                 to attack.
    Unload all of your men and start building up.  You have 5 minutes until you
    are found because there are scouts.  If you noticed before, there are plenty
    of resources on the other island.  Build as many villagers as you can, and
    right before the 5 minutes is over, transport them to the other island.  If
    you notice on the island you started on, on the south side, there is a spot
    that leads down to the water.  Build a dock there.  Once finished, build a
    transport boat.  Sail south to a little island.  There are relics there.
    Advance to Heroic through Nephthys.  Once the 5 minutes is over and they have
    found you, you can no longer safely use the black sails to get across the
    channel.  Once in Heroic, build 2 migdols to guard the entrance to the
    enemies base.  Start building up your attack force with camelry.  Advance to
    Mythic with Osiris.  Once you have a large camelry force, attack the enemy
    from 2 sides.  One on the east and one on the west.  Destroy everything you
    see.  In the north you will find Kamos and the final piece of Osiris.
    Objective 4: Kamos has been found in the north side of the base.  Eliminate
                 his guards and defeat him.
    With your remaining troops send an all out attack on Kamos.  He regenerates
    pretty fast so send a lot of units at him.  When he is at about half health
    you will win this mission.
    Arkantos corners Kamos by a cliff.  Kamos lunges at Arkantos but Arkantos stabs
    him in the stomach.  Kamos falls off the cliff and dies.
    1.21) Where they belong
    Gargarensis is found another passage and is try to open it up.  The heroes
    must hurry and get the pieces of Osiris near the pyramid.  No one knows where
    Arkantos and Ajax are with their piece.
    You start this mission with: 8 Spearmen
                                 5 Axemen
                                 3 Raiding Calvary
                                 2 Jarls
                                 1 Priest
                                 1 Pharaoh
                                 8 Villagers
                                 2 Heroes - Chiron and Amanra
                                 1 Temple
                                 1 Barracks
                                 1 Armory
                                 1 Monument 
                                 2 Towers
                                 2 Town Centers
    Objective 1: Build up and fight your way towards Osiris' pyramid.  Survive
                 until Arkantos arrives with his Osiris piece.
    Start by building a dock and making more villagers and fishing boats.  Use
    Chiron to go east and find a relic.  Right where you found the relic is a
    great spot to cut down wood because once all the trees are cut down, the 2
    bases are connected.  Large attacks will start coming at you that have siege
    weapons in them.  On Chiron's side there is a free settlement to build on.
    Make sure you are building new units on both sides because you never know
    where the next attack is going to come from.  Build a market on the left base
    as far west as you can.  Once you have enough resources advance to Heroic
    through Osiris.  While aging up build at least 1 migdol in each base.  It
    won't take very long to run out of gold, this is why you need to make a strong
    trade route with your market.  Just north of Chirons base there is another
    gold mine, but it will be a bit tougher to defend.  Once in Mythic, build up
    and army of camelry and chariot archers.  At 20 minutes in, Arkantos and Ajax
    will arrive with the final piece of Osiris.
    Objective 2: Arkantos has arrived with the last Osiris piece.  Bring all 3
                 Osiris Piece Carts to the glowing Obelisk in front of Osiris's
    Arkantos and Ajax bring with them elephants and siege.  These will greatly
    help in attacking the enemies base.  Start advancing from all 3 sides with
    your armies.  Remember to build a town center where Arkantos come from.  If
    you advance ahead a bit with Arkantos you will find some fishers which you
    will free and they will gather food for you.  Gather all of your armies around
    the enemy base and then attack.  Demolish everything.  Once you have a clear
    path to the temple, bring in your 3 carts.  Once all of the pieces of Osiris
    are in position, you win.
    The heroes finally have all 4 pieces of Osiris back together.  The priests try
    to resurrect him.  Gargarensis comes and says nothing is going to happen.
    Finally Osiris is reborn and Gargarensis escapes yet again.
    1.22)Old Friends
    Ajax sees a ship that looks like Odysseus’s.  That land on the shore and find
    a group of pigs.  It looks like something is wrong.  Someone cast a spell on
    them turn them into boars.
    You start this mission with: 2 Boars (Arkantos and Ajax)
    Objective 1: Collect and protect as many pigs as you can.
    The pigs tell you that they are soldiers.  You must find more of them and
    protect them.  Head forwards and a villagers will come after the pigs wanting
    to kill them for food.  Kill him with Arkantos and Ajax.  Keep going and you
    will find a village.  There are pens that you can break open which have more
    pigs in them.  Any villagers you find, kill them.  If you don't they will kill
    your pigs.  Keep going and you will run into some wolves and another village.
    Again you will find 3 more pens with more pigs in them.
    Objective 2: Get the boars and pigs past the gates to the Temple of Zeus.
    Take all your animals and move them north west in between the 2 fortresses
    and towards the temple of Zeus which is revealed on your map.  Once your pigs
    reach the temple, they will be turned into units.
    Objective 3: Build up and defeat Circe by destroying the fortress at the heart
                 of her citadel.
    First thing to do is build a town center and scout with your heroes.  Kill any
    enemy villagers around your base.  There are a bunch of easy to find relics on
    this map, so just look around for them.  Attacks will start coming so you have
    to get an army fast.  Hippicons work well in this mission.  Once in Heroic,
    build siege.  Once at the population limit with siege and hippikons, attack
    towards the fortress.  Once at the fortress take it down.  While attacking the
    fortress, Circe and some Nemean Lions will appear to defend it.  Kill them and
    continue on the job of demolishing the fortress.  Once it is down, you win.
    Not a very long or hard mission.
    In the back there are some pigs.  They are brought back to the temple and
    returned to humans.  One is Odysseus.  He thanks them for there help.
    Arkantos spares a ship for him and he sails home.
    You will now be asked if you would like to view the Norse tutorial.   
    1.23) North
    The heroes arrive in the north.  They have to get through a pass to make it to
    Midgard.  Gargarensis appears and causes an earthquake which scatters
    You start this mssion with: 7 Throwing Axemen
                                1 Raiding Cavalry
                                6 Hersirs
                                2 Dwarfs
                                3 Gatherers
                                1 Ox Cart
                                2 Heroes - Arkantos and Amanra
    Objective 1: The avalanche has split your forces.  Reunite them and claim a
    Your units are split up and you will have to join them.  Also you will have to
    find a town center to build on.  There are plenty but some are better than
    others.  The one I suggest is just a few steps directly east of where Amanra
    starts.  Remember, the Norse build with their infantry, so your Hersirs and
    Throwing Axemen will be your builders.  There are a ton of wolves on this map
    just waiting for you to walk by them so they can attack.  So once you have
    your town center started to be built, slowely start to move your other
    scattered units towards the town center.  If losing no units to wolves means
    going even slower, then do so.  Use Amanra (since she can't help build the
    town center) to form a path between the lost units and guide them to the town
    center.  Once the town center in complete, you will get the next objective.
    Objective 2: To escape the pass, defeat Gargarensis' forces by destroying 3
                 enemy temples.
    The main units you will want to use in this mission are the Norse heroes,
    Hersir, and Jarls.  Both these units are counters for myth units, which you
    will run into a lot.  In the path that Arkantos took to get to the town center
    there is a relic.  Advance to Classical Age as soon as possible.  Advance with
    Forseti.  Once in Classical, use your Healing Spring god power.  It will heal
    any units around it.  Right east of where your town center is, there is the
    first temple.  Start sending units towards it to knock down the gates.  Once
    you have enough resources advance to Heroic with Skadi.  The enemy will start
    sending combinations of myth units and human units at you.  Make sure you have
    enough of an army to defend without to many losses.  By now you should start
    to attack the temples.  Near each one there is a relic that you can use.  As
    I mentioned before, one is right east of you town center.  Another is straight
    north.  The third is more heavily defended and is in the north east.  By now
    since your army is stronger and more in numbers, you can claim all the other
    scattered settlements.  Take the first 2 out first and leave the other one to
    last because it is toughest.  You can destroy the temples with just jarls and
    hersirs or you could throw in some battering rams for an extra punch.  Once
    the first 2 are gone, head for the second.  If you have a large army, it will
    not even be a challenge to destroy this last one.  Here there are a few more
    buildings than the others and a town center, but other then that, nothing is
    different.  Once the 3rd temple is demolished, you win.
    Arkantos and Amanra decide they will have to find another way to Midgard
    because the way they were going to take is blocked.  Amanra relizes that they
    are being watched and tells the others to stay where they are.......
    1.24) The Dwarven Forge
    Amanra sneaks up behind the people that were watching them.  They are not
    people but dwarfs.  They ask for Arkantos' help.  Their forge has been taken
    over my giants.  At first Arkanots says no, but then Chiron asks if they can
    reach Midgard from their forge.  They say yes.  They heroes will drive out the
    giants while the dwarfs, Eitri and Brokk lead them to Midgard.
    You start this mission with: 8 Ulfsarks
                                 6 Gatherers
                                 6 Heroes - Arkantos, Ajax, Chiron, Amanra, Eitri
                                            and Brokk
    Objective 1: Find a settlement and build a town center.
    You have 2 choices.  There is one to the north or one to the east.  I always
    choose the north one, but you can choose the other if you wish.  Both forges
    have a mountain giant near them so you will have to kill him.  Build the town
    center with your ulfsarks.
    Objective 2: Kill the Giants and Trolls near the Dwarven Forge to recapture
    The enemy will mostly use myth units, so you need to build a lot of hersir.
    As you advance ages, hersir get stronger.  So your first task should be to
    get to Heroic.  Advance with Skadi.  Make sure you have a strong economy
    before you do so.  Your 2 dwarven heroes can also gather resources.  So make
    full use of their capabilites.  Attacks will start coming as you are aging up.
    Usually they are large groups of mountain giants and trolls. Do not let the
    mountain giants anywhere near your base because they can easily destroy it.
    Start making hersirs non stop.  You have to start defending the 3 cave
    entrances.  The one on the right has a few dwarves and an ox cart in it.  Once
    you meet them, some mummies will break through a wall and attack them.  In the
    room where the mummies came from, there are 3 relics to use.  Use all of your
    heroes and hersirs to attack towards the dwarven forge.  Once taken over, you
    must defend it for 12 minutes.  There are 3 techs that you can research from
    them that will help you a lot.  You can either wait out the 12 minutes 	or
    kill the enemies.  It's probably easier to just wait it out.  After you have
    completeed on of the 2 ways, you win.
    The dwarvess show the heroes the way to Midgard.  They plan on following them.
    1.25) Not from around here
    The old man skult tells the heroes that the norse are fighting one another.
    The only way to stop them from fighting is to bring the banner near them.
    They plan on getting them to stop fighting and get them to help hunt 
    You start this mission with: 10 Throwing Axemen
                                 10 Hoplites
                                 1 Skult
                                 1 Flag Bearer
                                 4 Heroes - Arkantos, Ajax, Chrion and Amanra
    Objective 1: Protect Skult and his flag.  Move Arkantos, Skult, and the
                 Folstag flag bearer along the dirt path to the flagged site to
                 the north.
    This level is very straightforward.  You have to take Skult and the Flag
    Bearer to the end of the level.  if one of them dies, you lose.  Right off the
    bat, a mountain giant and a frost giant attack you on your left.  Most enemies
    in this level are going to be giants, so make sure your four heroes are always
    out in front.  After the two giants, you move to the east.  There will be a
    crossroad.  If you continue east you will see a norse temple spawning giants.
    Take it out as soon as possible to stop it from spawning more giants.  After
    that, continue to the north.  Again, you will be attacked by another small
    army of giants, this time consisting of two mountain and two frost.  Keep
    going and you will notice another temple.  Take it out.  Now, yo have three
    directions to choose from, continue north, go west or go east.  I usually go
    west.  If you go west there is a few more giants and also another temple to
    destroy.  If you continue west, you will fine yet another temple, this time
    heavily guarded by three mountain and three frost giants.  This may be a good
    time to use your Bolt god power given to you by Zues.  By moving east still,
    you fill find another temple guarded by more giants.  Do they ever stop?  By
    moving north a bit from the last temple you will run into more giants and, you
    guessed it, another temple.  Now, if you roundabout heading back to the road
    where you had to make the decision of which of the three ways to go, you will
    find more giants and another temple.  This makes a total of five temples on
    the east side.  Go back to the crossroad, and this time go east.  You will run
    into some pigs and more giants.  On the south side, there is another temple
    guarded by four mountain giants.  Keep moving east and then north and you will
    fine a temple guarded by six giants.  Keep going north and fine a temple
    gaurded by five giants.  I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sick of
    temples and giants by now.  Farther east there is another temple and to the
    south there are two more temples with a LOT of giants.  If you move back to
    the crossroads, we can continue north now.  There you will find a town center
    to build on.  You will also find that the giants have rolled boulders in your
    path to prevent you from moving on.
    Objective 2: Build up a defensive base near the boulder wall and advance to
                 the Heroic Age.
    You better hope you have some Throwing Axemen left over because you are going
    to need them to build a base and get some seige to break through the boulders.
    As soon as your town center is built, build an armory then advance to the
    Heroic Age.
    Objective 3: Build seige weapons and break through the boulder wall.  Destroy
    the Giants' Temples to weaken their attacks.
    Now do you see why we destroyed all those temples before?  While you are
    attacking the boulders, giants will attack you.  The more temples there are,
    the more giants will attack.  With less giants atacking, this will take some
    pressure off you.  Build a hill fort to begin your seige production.  Build
    one or two portable rams depending on how much wood and gold you have and 
    take down the boulders.  Once you get it down to about 3000 health giants
    will start chasing you.
    Objective 4: Escape the Giant armies.  Move Skult, Arkantos and the Folstag
                 Flag Bearer to the flag at the north end of the pass.
    Move everyone towards the north.  On the way you will come across a lot of
    giants.  You will run into a river with trees blocking it.  Just as all
    seems lost with the giants approaching, the trees are lit on fire and the
    heroes are permitted to pass.  Run everyone up to the top of the hill and the
    mission is over.
    1.26) Welcoming Committe
    *coming soon*
    1.27) Union
    *coming soon*
    1.28) The Well of Urd
    *coming soon*
    1.29) Beneath the Surface
    *coming soon*
    1.30) Unlikely Heroes
    *coming soon*
    1.31) All is not lost
    *coming soon*
    1.32) Welcome back
    *coming soon*
    1.33) A place in my dreams
    *coming soon*
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