Review by frogman7777

Reviewed: 10/21/05

One Of The Best RTS EVER!


As you may know I am posting my opinion about Age Of Mythology The Titans. I really enjoyed playing this game for various reasons and so do a lot of people. I will explain my reasons for giving this great game a 10/10. Ok lets get started.

Playing The Game:9/10

I really enjoy the game play (well obviously if I like the game). I love the different techniques and strategies you can do/use to overcome your opponent. I don't think I could name all of them not by a long shot. Anyway I like the game play BUT.....there is one thing I think is wrong. Balanced. I don't think the teams are balanced at all. There are 4 teams (3 in just AOM) Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and the new Atlantian. My opinion is that Atlantians are best even though you can beat them the best people on-line are usually them. Then i would say a tie with Norse and Egyptian then Greek. If you want to find out why the teams are unbalanced play the game and you WILL find out.


Animation doesn't matter at all. You can have crappy animation but still be an awesome game. Say....Crhono Trigger for example. Its graphics are not to hot but its said to be the best RPG ever and I enjoyed it as well. The animation in AOM is just fine. You wont have to worry about things you cant see because you can see them on the map and if you have a unit behind a tree he will highlight the color of your team. AND if you go into options you can customize how you want to select your units and you can make it so the screen rotates.


Sound, sound, sound. The sound in this game is pretty good. The sound effects for clashing with your opponents is great but what I like is when you select a unit it will say their language and I thought that was neat. One thing I thought they could improve on is the music. The music when nothing is going on is ok but can get annoying and the battle music isn't very good. Besides the music the sounds are great.

Story Line:10/10

The story is excellent! If you love mythology or want to learn about you should play campaign mode. You get to explore the mythological experiences the heroes had and their enemies. The cut scenes are fine and if you want to learn how to play a team instead of practicing I would recommend campaign.

On-line features:10/10

I really enjoy playing on-line. I love to play with people around the world and see how they play and how good they are. You can have huge battles with other players and what I like is the rating system. If you choose to play advance set-up you will not increase or decrease your rating only add a win :) or loss :(. If you play quick set-up your score will increase or decrease. I like playing on-line you should try it.


If you like RTS's you are bound to like this. Ever since I've had this game I have greatly liked it. Its a fun game and I don't know about you (but I haven't) shouldn't get bored with it for quite a while. If you are looking to buy this game you can go to any local game store and buy Age Of Mythology and Age Of Mythology: The Titans or "Gold Edition" for $29.99. You will find it cheaper on-line because you always do. I hoped you liked my review and I also hoped that it was informing. I encourage you to buy this game because you will have a past blast. Good bye!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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