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    Weapon FAQ by El Greco

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                          Good morning, Mr. Freeman...
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                                  Weapons Guide
                               Written for the PC
                          Written by : El Greco
                             Created : January 22, 2005
                             Version : 1.00
                             Updated : January 23, 2005
                             Contact : REMOVED
                              Copyright 2005 Don Fleming
    This is currently [Version 1.00] of El Greco's Half Life 2 Weapons Guide.
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    ---  WHAT'S NEW?  (Version History)  ----
    Version 1.00 | January 23, 2005 | 30 kb
    Weapons Guide is complete.  All relevant statistics and information has been
    added.  Now I need to go shovel 18 inches of snow from my driveway!
       |                           Table of Contents                         |
    01)  Weapons
            1.1  Crowbar
            1.2  Gravity Gun
            1.3  9mm Pistol
            1.4  .357 Magnum
            1.5  Sub-Machine Gun
            1.6  Pulse Rifle
            1.7  Shotgun
            1.8  Crossbow
            1.9  Grenade
            1.10  RPG
            1.11  Pheropod
    02)  Disposing of the Enemy
    03)  Conclusion
            3.1  Legal Information
            3.2  Contact Information
         ----  Chapter 1 : Weapons  ----
           **                      1.1  Crowbar                         **
      Type : Manual
      Maximum Ammunition : N/A
      Clip Size : N/A
      Primary Fire : Crowbar strike
      Alternate Fire : N/A
      Range : Close Quarters
      First Found : Red Letter Day
      Weapon Description : The classic Half Life weapon.  This was Gordon's first
                           weapon in Black Mesa and this incident is no different.
                           Barney will toss this rod of metal down to you after
                           you exit Kleiner's lab.  It's a simple weapon to use. 
                           Just go up to your target and click away.  The crowbar
                           will come down upon your target and inflict some
                           damage.  It's not much use for anything larger than
                           zombies or headcrabs so don't try and take down any
                           striders with this.
           **  Note **
      The crowbar is an excellent all-purpose tool.  You can smash boxes, smash
      wooden planks, break windows, and whatnot with the crowbar.  If you ever
      find yourself in a pinch you can always rely (to an extent) on the crowbar.
           **                     1.2  Gravity Gun                      **
      Type : Energy
      Maximum Ammunition : N/A
      Clip Size : N/A
      Primary Fire : Energy blast
      Alternate Fire : Manipulation
      Range : Medium
      First Found : Black Mesa East
      Weapon Description : One of the main selling points of Half Life 2 is this
                           weapon, the Gravity Gun.  This highly advanced weapon
                           allows the user (you) to manipulate almost everything 
                           in your environment.
                           The primary function of this weapon is an energy blast
                           that will throw and object or move it around.  This
                           means that if a barrel or box is blocking your way you
                           can use the primary fire to blast it out of the way
                           without putting yourself at risk by manually moving it.
                           The secondary fire will allow you to manipulate an
                           object.  If there's a box off in a corner of a room or
                           out of reach you can use the secondary fire to draw it
                           near you and even pick it up.  This can even be used to
                           pick up health packs or ammunition from a ledge, behind
                           a barrier, or from behind an enemy.
                           You can even use these functions in conjunction.  You
                           can pick an object up with the secondary fire and then
                           aim it at something (enemy, window) and send it flying
                           in that direction with the primary fire.  The following
                           are great examples of how many different ways the
                           Gravity Gun can be used.
              *  Pick up an explosive barrel and hurl it at a swarm of zombies. It
                 explodes on impact and blasts them all to bits without you having
                 to use your guns.
              *  You're cornered in small room.  You use the Gravity Gun to pick
                 up a medium sized box and you can now edge your way out of the
                 room using the box as your cover.  Once outside the room you use
                 the primary fire to send the box flying into the swarm of enemies
                 and take some of them down.
              *  You construct a makeshift bunker by dragging several boxes,
                 tables, chairs, and filing cabinets and use it as cover during a
                 heavy firefight.
              *  An enemy trooper tosses a grenade at your feet.  You don't have
                 anywhere to run without getting blown up so you pick it up with
                 the Gravity Gun and throw it in is face as it explodes.
           **                      1.3  9mm Pistol                      **
      Type : Firearm
      Maximum Ammunition : 150
      Clip Size : 18
      Primary Fire : Single bullet
      Alternate Fire : Burst
      Range : Medium
      First Found : Route Kanal
      Weapon Description : The standard side-armament for the Combine soldiers.
                           The primary fire will let one bullet loose every time
                           you click it.  Effective at close to medium range
                           combat and in the early stages of the game.
                           The secondary fire works as follows, hold down the
                           secondary fire and then at the same time hold down the
                           primary fire.  Hold it for a few seconds and when you
                           release the buttons your pistol will spit out a good
                           number of bullets.  Makes for a more powerful weapon in
                           those stages of the game where that's all you have to
                           work with.
           **                      1.4  .357 Magnum                     **
      Type : Firearm
      Maximum Ammunition : 12
      Clip Size : 6
      Primary Fire : Single bullet
      Alternate Fire : N/A
      Range : Close - Long
      First Found : Water Hazard
      Weapon Description : A very useful weapon because it's as maneuverable as a
                           handgun but it packs the punch of a rifle with great
                           accuracy.  If this weapon had a scope you could use it
                           as a sniper rifle, it's got that kind of accuracy and
                           power.  The only problem is that the recoil is massive
                           and the gun only holds 6 bullets and then 12 more
                           beyond that.
           **                     1.5  Sub-Machine Gun                  **
      Type : Firearm
      Maximum Ammunition : 225
      Clip Size : 45
      Primary Fire : Automatic fire
      Alternate Fire : Grenade
      Range : Medium
      First Found : Route Kanal
      Weapon Description : For the early parts of the game you'll be using this
                           quite a bit.  It's a light sub-machine gun which means
                           it's fast, maneuverable, and accurate but it isn't at
                           all powerful.  The gun is fine for encounters of 5 or
                           so enemies but once you get beyond that you'll want to
                           seek heavier firepower such as the shotgun or pulse
                           rifle.  At times it takes half a clip to dispose of a
                           single enemy, that's if you're hitting every shot. It's
                           grossly inneffiecient even if ammunition is plentiful.
                           The best strategy for this gun is to simply aim for the
                           head or upper torso.  That will deal out the most
                           damage and you might be able to conserve some ammo.
                           The secondary fire mode for the sub-machine gun is
                           lobbing fragmentation grenades.  These are self
                           explanatory.  The greneades explode on impact so if you
                           need to get around something with a grenade try and aim
                           it on a parabolic trajectory so it will sail over
                           whatever obstacle and land in the enemy's lap.  Too bad
                           you only get three grenades at a time.
           **                       1.6  Pulse Rifle                    **
      Type : Energy
      Maximum Ammunition : 60
      Clip Size : 30
      Primary Fire : Automatic fire
      Alternate Fire : Energy bubble
      Range : Medium
      First Found : Highway 17
      Weapon Description : This is a better substitute for your weak SMG.  The
                           combine soldiers drop this one frequently after you
                           pick it up about midway in the game.  This gun has a
                           similar rate of fire to the SMG but it has a better
                           accuracy and it packs a lot more punch so you don't
                           have to waste bullets.
                           The primary fire is a typical automatic fire.  The
                           secondary fire on the other hand is much more powerful.
                           Need a room cleared out?  Simply hold down the
                           secondary fire and aim it at a wall or the floor
                           somewhere in the room and a ball of energy will shoot
                           from the gun.  The ball almost acts like a grenade in
                           that it can take out a large area of enemies rather
           **                         1.7  Shotgun                      **
      Type : Firearm
      Maximum Ammunition : 30
      Clip Size : 6
      Primary Fire : Single shot
      Alternate Fire : Double shot
      Range : Close - Medium
      First Found : "We Don't Go To Ravenholm..."
      Weapon Description : What would a shooter be without a shotgun?  This is
                           essentially the same shotgun that you used in Black
                           Mesa except that the ammunition capacity has changed
                           drastically.  Rather than 8 shells before you need to
                           reload this gun only lets you have 6.  Also, instaead
                           of carrying 125 shells in your pocket you can only
                           carry 30. This forces you to use it intelligently. Know
                           what that means?  Don't use it as a sniper rifle.  This
                           gun may work wonders at close range but it is atrocious
                           at long range.  The shotgun can be used primarily to
                           take down the frequent zombies and combine soldiers in
                           the game.
                           The primary fire is a single shotgun blast.  The
                           secondary fire is twice as powerful because it shoots
                           two shells at once.  While this attack is devastating
                           to the enemy you only want to use it for the real
                           toughies such as Ant Lions or the leaper zombies. Using
                           it on a headcrab is a flat out waste of your heavy duty
           **                        1.8  Crossbow                      **
      Type : Medieval
      Maximum Ammunition : 10
      Clip Size : 1
      Primary Fire : Red-hot bolt
      Alternate Fire : Scope
      Range : Long
      First Found : Highway 17
      Weapon Description : This weapon acts as a sort of primitive sniper rifle.
                           It fires superheated rods of iron (looks like rebar) at
                           your enemy with deadly accuracy.  The primary fire will
                           shoot the bolt and the secondary fire will allow you to
                           look through a small scope mounted atop the gun.  It's
                           not necessary to make a headshot with this gun so you
                           can simply aim for the torso and as long as you hit
                           your target he'll go down.
                           When you reload you won't be forced out of the scope
                           like in Half-Life.  The only downside to this gun is
                           that it has a slow rate of fire, the bolts themselves
                           don't move too quickly, and it only carries 11 rounds
                           (1 loaded, 10 reserve).  This in mind you don't want to
                           chance it by shooting at a moving target half a mile
                           First off, the bolt will hit where you aimed your
                           crosshair but by the time it reaches that point the
                           enemy may have moved out of the way.  Second, since
                           it's a heavy projectile, the bolt will tend to curve
                           slightly downwards at very long ranges.  It's a useful
                           weapon, you just need to use it intelligently.
           **                        1.9  Grenade                       **
      Type : Explosive
      Maximum Ammunition : 5
      Clip Size : 1
      Primary Fire : Throw grenade
      Alternate Fire : Roll grenade
      Range : Medium
      First Found : Route Kanal
      Weapon Description : Grenades really need no further explanation so I'll
                           discuss the three different throws that you can do. The
                           primary fire is the typical overhand throw that
                           launches your grenade into the air and (hopefully) into
                           the lap of the enemy.  This is good for taking out
                           enemies bunkered into a turret position or taking out a
                           room of enemies.  This throw can also bounce the
                           grenade around a bit so that means you can bounce it
                           off a wall and around a corner.  This allows you to get
                           your grenade where you need it without exposing
                           yourself at all.
                           The secondary fire has two "throws" depending upon your
                           stance.  You can roll a grenade with the secondary fire
                           if you are crouched.  So you can gently roll your
                           grenade into the doorway of a room and wait for it to
                           wreak havoc.  Throwing it in some cases may not be the
                           best option because maybe there's a hole in the floor
                           or a window that it could go through.  Rolling it also
                           allows you to get the grenade under a barrier in some
                           cases.  If an enemy is innaccessible from your position
                           with an overhand throw you may be able to roll the
                           grenade to him.
                           The third option is useful for when you are being
                           pursued by the enemy.  Assuming that you are running
                           while standing up (why would you run while crouched?)
                           you can whip out a grenade and just tap the alternate
                           fire.  Gordon will drop that grenade like a bad habit.
                           Now you just need to keep running to escape the blast
                           radius while the enemy runs right into.
           **                          1.10  RPG                        **
      Type : Explosive
      Maximum Ammunition : 3
      Clip Size : 1
      Primary Fire : Fire rocket
      Alternate Fire : Laser guide
      Range : Long
      First Found : Highway 17
      Weapon Description : Every FPS game has this weapon in one form or another
                           and Half-Life 2 is no exception.  The weapon will
                           launch a rocket propelled grenade (hence the
                           abbreviation -- RPG) at whatever you are aiming at. The
                           blast radius and damage is roughly on par with that of
                           the grenades but the difference here is that you can
                           launch it at a flying target or even hit an enemy at
                           very long range.
                           The secondary toggles the laser guide.  If you have
                           this turned off the rocket will travel more or less in
                           a straight line until it impacts something.  On the
                           other hand, turning the laser sight on allows you to
                           guide the rocket during its flight.  What this allows
                           you to do is follow a moving target such as one of the
                           Combine gunships as it circles around you.  You can
                           turn off or turn on the laser guideance at any time
                           during the flight but I suggest that you always guide
                           your missiles, you never know when the enemy will
                           suddenly move to the side.
           **                        1.11  Pheropod                     **
      Type : Organic
      Maximum Ammunition : Infinite
      Clip Size : 1
      Primary Fire : Throw spore
      Alternate Fire : Call Ant Lions
      Range : Medium
      First Found : Sandtraps
      Weapon Description : True, the Ant Lions were complete asshats earlier in
                           the game but now you can use them to your advantage.
                           The pheropod you get from the vortiguant allows you to
                           take control of swarms upon swarms of Ant Lions.  This
                           means that all you have to do is throw a pheropod at
                           the enemy or somewhere in his general area and the
                           Ant Lions will come right down on top of him.  You have
                           an infinite amount of these pheropods and you also seem
                           to have an infinite amount of Ant Lions for the brief
                           portions of the game where you can control them.
                           There's a tutorial in-game on how to use these suckers.
                           That should teach you all the ins and outs of the
         ----  Chapter 2 : Disposing of the Enemy  ----
      *  Antlion  *  The single shotgun blast will kill an Ant Lion quickly.  You
                     can also use the SMG but that takes a bit longer since it
                     isn't as powerful.
      *  Barnacle  *  If you can try and find an explosive barrel and push it over
                      into the Barnacle's tongue.  As the Barnacle sucks it up
                      just fire a few shots into the barrel so that it bursts into
                      flames.  if you've timed it right the barrle should blow up
                      just as it gets to the Barnacle's mouth.  If that's not an
                      option just use your pistol.  These guys don't (can't)
                      attack unless you walk into their tongue so there's no need
                      to take them out quickly.
      *  Combine Soldier  *  Depending upon the situation you may have to use the
                             SMG, shotgun, crossbow, pistol, grenade, or Pulse
                             Rifle to take the Combine soldiers out.  Just use
                             your best judgement...or mine if you want to read the
                             weapon descriptions above.
      *  Combine Tank  *  RPG.  Just send a few rockets into the tank and it will
                          esplodez0r.  You'll usually be in close quarters with
                          the Combine Tanks so using the laser sight won't be
                          necessary.  Just fire a shot and get back under cover.
                          Rinse and repeat.
      *  Gunship  *  The RPG works best for all Combine gunships.  Just launch the
                     rocket and guide it to the gunship.  Just take note that the
                     gunships can shoot the rocket down in mid-air so it may take
                     a few tries to actually land a hit on it.
      *  Headcrab  *  You can either use the 9mm Pistol or the Crowbar.  2 9mm
                      bullets and one or two hacks with the crowbar will take
                      these out.
      *  Helicopter  *  Use the RPG.  The helicopters move around quite a bit so
                        you'll need to laser guide it to the target.  I don't
                        believe that any other weapons work for this vehicle but I
                        may be wrong.  I haven't had the patience to try and take
                        it down with a pistol.
      *  Leaping Zombie  *  The double shotgun blast is the only attack you'll
                            need to take one of the flying zombies out. The SMG is
                            too slow and too weak and the rest of the weapons
                            should be fairly obvious as to why the won't work.
      *  Manhacks  *  Use the pistol or gravity gun for these guys.  The pistol
                      takes them down in a handful of shots and it isn't too hard
                      to hit them because they move pretty predictably.  The
                      gravity gun is probably the best weapon because you can
                      snatch one out of midair and then slam it into a wall at
                      200 mph.
      *  Queen Antlion  *  You'll need a combination of weapons to take this enemy
                           down.  I suggest dealing her a few founds with the RPG,
                           followed by some fire from your shotgun or SMG (if you
                           have the grenades for it use them).  The Gravity Gun
                           also works for this fight because you can use it to
                           throw a few explosive barrels on her.
      *  Rollermines  *  When you see these just pop out of your vehicle, they
                         only appear in those levels, and grab it with the Gravity
                         Gun.  The you can send it off a cliff or into a wall.
      *  Toxic  Headcrab  *  Same as the normal headrab except that you want to
                             take them out from afar.  The pistol works fine as
                             long as they don't get too close to you.  If they do
                             get close you'll want to move out of the way rather
                             than try and hit them with the crowbar.
      *  Toxic Zombie  *  This is the zombie that hosts the toxic headcrabs. Never
                          take one of these out from up close.  Always try and
                          take it out from afar with your grenades, RPG, crossbow,
                          Magnum or by flinging objects at it with the gravity
                          gun.  They are quite resistant to death but you can
                          whittle them down to nothing.  Good thing for you these
                          guys only pop up a few times in the game, it takes quite
                          a bit of firepower to take a single Toxic Zombie down.
      *  Strider  *  The RPG is really the only weapon you can use against a
                     Strider.  Make sure youlaunch the rocket and guide it to the
                     head with the laser sight.  It will take three or four
                     rockets to take a Strider down so you'll want to stay covered
                     each time you're reloading.  They'll start getting on your
                     case as soon as you fire the first rocket.
      *  Turrets  *  You'll need to roll a grenade into the turret's nest.  Just
                     make sure you do it quickly because they turret won't waste
                     any time in shooting you.
      *  Zombie  *  Pistol, shotgun, flaming barrels, saw blades, SMG...take your
                    pick.  I don't suggest the crowbar though because these guys
                    can take away a good chunk of your life if they take a swipe
                    at you.
         ----  Chapter 3 : Conclusion  ----
           **                   3.1  Legal Information                  **
    This document is Copyright 2005 Don Fleming.  It may not be reproduced nor
    retransmitted in any form without prior consent from the author.  It may
    not be altered, published, sold, given as an incentive to buy, etc. without
    advance permission from the author. All outside sources which have contributed
    to the making of this guide in some form have been cited in the guide.
    Violation of the above terms can and will result in a lawsuit.
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    If you are not mentioned in the sites immediately above then you will not host
    this guide.
           **                    3.2  Contact Information               **
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or contributions to make
    then you can e-mail me at the address provided below.  I will only accept
    questions, comments, suggestions, and contributions if they abide by the
    guidelines outlined below.  I do not think that I am asking much by doing
    that, but if you do have a problem with that then I ask you just not send me
    anything at all.  I understand that this makes me seem a bit anal but when you
    get as many e-mails as I do you can't afford to deal with stuff you don't want
      *  El Greco  : REMOVED
    SUBJECT LINE : Half Life 2
                               Copyright 2005 Don Fleming

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