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    Deathmatch Guide by AmishTechnology

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/05/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 .' _         _ '.
                                ;  ; `'`';~`'` ` ;
                                ; ;             ;'
                                ; ;               ;
                                ; ;           _,.,;
                                ' ' ;'`;~. .~' _ ;;
                                ;';'._!@!;' '~!@!;;
                                ';    `~~`  `~-~' ;
                                 ;      ,         '
                                  ;    ;'...;'   ;
                                  '    _      _  ;
                                   '   `;;;;;;  /
                                   .'          .;
                                 ,`::`.       .; :
                             _,;   : `. ``~~` ,' :'.
                        ,.;'  ;    '    '~~'     :  `.
                             ;     \\    /\     /:    `.__
                     G-MAN  ;       \\  /  \   / : 
                                    ,''_,...._     :'', \
                                  ,' ,' ___    '.   //   |
                                 ; ,'  |_  \     ',|__| /
                                ; ;      /  \     '    /
                                : :     /    \     '  /
                                : :    /  /\  \    ' /
                                ' '   /  /  \  `\ ' /
                                 ' ' /__/    ---;  /
                                  '  ' _      _' _/
                                    ' ,_ ''''_.,'
    Half-Life 2: Deatmatch
    HL 2: Deathmatch Player Guide v.2.0
    by Amish-Technology/Scientist [Charles Kim]
    |                             Table of Contents                             |
    |Chapter 1: Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [A00]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 1-1: Version History ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [A01]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 1-2: The Author ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [A02]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 1-3: The HL2 Compendium ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [A03]|
    |                                                                           |
    |Chapter 2: Setting Up ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [B00]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 2-1: Configuring Video & Sound Settings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [B01]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 2-2: Configuring Controls & Console ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [B02]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 2-3: Configuring your Client ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [B03]|
    |                                                                           |
    |Chapter 3: The Weapons // Items ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [C00]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 3-1: Melee // The Gravity Gun ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [C01]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 3-2: Pistols ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [C02]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 3-3: Automatic Guns ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [C03]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 3-4: Shotgun // Crossbow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [C04]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 3-5: Explosives ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [C05]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 3-6: Items ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [C06]|
    |                                                                           |
    |Chapter 4: The Strategies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [D00]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 4-1: General Tactics ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [D01]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 4-2: Sniping ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [D04]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 4-3: Stealth ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [D05]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 4-4: Team Work // CTF Tactics ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [D06]|
    |                                                                           |
    |                                                                           |
    |Chapter 5: Official Map-Specific Strategies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [E00]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 5-1: Overwatch ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [E01]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 5-2: Lockdown ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [E02]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 5-3: Steam Lab ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [E03]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 5-4: Underpass ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [E04]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 5-5: Resistance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [E05]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 5-6: Power House ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [E06]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 5-7: Run Off ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [E07]|
    |                                                                           |
    |                                                                           |
    |Chapter 6: HL2 FAQ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [F00]|
    |                                                                           |
    |Chapter 7: Conclusion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [G00]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 7-1: Final Words // Credits & Thanks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [G01]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 7-2: Contacting Me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [G02]|
    |    Sub-Chapter 7-3: Legal Information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [G03]|
    |==========| Chapter 1: Introduction [A00] |==========|
    This chapter will inform you about this guide's version history, about me,
    and several acronyms and terms for Half-Life 2 players.
    |Sub-Chapter 1-1: Version History [A01]|
      /                                                                         /|
     /                                                                         / |
    /_________________________________________________________________________/  |
    |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|  |
    |                             Version History                             |  |
    |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|  |
    | Version 2.0 (August 5, 2005) - Added a weapon tier list, including some |  |
    |                                  details for why the weapons are what   |  |
    |                                  tier I put them as.                    |  |
    |                               Added information about three new glitches|  |
    |                                  Gun Muting, Rapid Shotgun, Healing Fall|  |
    |                               Edited some Gravity Gun tricks.           |  |
    |                               Edited Contacing/Introduction information.|  |
    |                               Added "unallowed site list."              |  |
    |                               Edited some Map-Specific Strategies.      |  |
    |                               Edited Shotgun and Crossbow information.  |  |
    |                               Added two new tactics: Crouch Jumping and |  |
    |                                  Quick Weapon Switching.                |  |
    |                               Edited Rocket Launcher information.       |  |
    |                               Changed the old 'Crouch Jumping' to Crouch|  |
    |                                  Hopping.                               |  |
    |                               Edited FAQ                                |  |
    |                                                                         |  |
    | Version 1.1 (June 28, 2005) - Fixed some formatting issues.             |  |
    |                               Edited some information about sensitivity.|  |
    |                               Added several people to credits.          |  |
    |                               Added new map strategies.                 |  |
    |                               Added Pulse Rifle as a nickname for OSI   |  |
    |                               Edited some acronyms.                     |  |
    |                               New Gravity Gun tricks.                   |  |
    |                               New sites allowed to use this guide.      |  |
    |                               Removed info about fake "Console Color."  |  |
    |                               Added a "deeper look" section for some    |  |
    |                                  weapons that have a high learning      |  |
    |                                  curve.                                 |  |
    |                               God bless Crowbar of Death.               |  |
    |                               Fixed hl2files.COM typo with NET, woops.  |  |
    |                               Added an awesome G-Man ASCII Art by me.   |  |
    |                                                                         |  |
    | Version 1.0 (June 26, 2005) - After about 3 or 4 months of working on it|  |
    |                               the guide is nearly 100% done, excluding  |  /
    |                               strategies for a few maps.                | /
    |Sub-Chapter 1-2: The Author [A02]|
    Hello, my name is Charles Kim, with my internet alias often being Amish
    Technology, Amish Scientist, or my Korean name. I'm the author of this guide,
    and I strongly feel that I'm the right person to make a Half-Life 2
    Deathmatch guide. This is because I'm very formidable at this game, especially
    with the Magnum. Many servers are filled with newbies, and I want to do
    something about it. I've decided to make this guide in order to give other
    players new ideas, strategies, how to make their game better, and generally
    how to make it more fun and easy for them.
    Althought this is a guide for newer players, you should still read it if
    you're advanced. You'll learn stuff not posted anywhere else, and perhaps
    reach a level much higher than where you are now.
    If you ever want to play me, check out the [BMC] servers at
    http://bmcclan.gamerzunlimited.net/ to check if I am online or not and am
    currently playing. My game name is [BMC]Headjob or [BMC](Korean Letters), if
    you want to know. When you come, be sure to tell me how you know me at first,
    as I'm very grumpy against suprising strangers!
    I've gotten several different game aliases as well:
    - HeadJob
    - Headcrab
    - Ms. Nana
    - Arachnid
    - The Human Isotope
    - More, although I have the following names above almost all the time.
    NEW: Our main server has changed to the CTF mod. Go check the servers at
    http://gamerzunlimited.com as well to see if I'm playing DM.
    |Sub-Chapter 1-3: The HL2 Compendium [A03]|
    The HL2 Compendium is a glossary full of commonly used Half-Life 2 terms and
    acronyms during in-game, forums, chatrooms, etc.
    ===| Acronyms |===
    AFK: Away From Keyboard/A Free Kill
    AKA: Also Known As
    AR: Assault Rifle (The Overwatch Standard Issue)
    ASAP: As Soon As Possible
    AUX: Auxilary (Auxilary power is what allows you to sprint, swim, etc.)
    BG: Bad Game
    BRB: Be Right Back
    BTW: By The Way
    CS:S: Counter-Strike: Source
    DM: Deathmatch
    FPS: First-Person Shooter
    G2G: Got to Go
    GTG: Got to Go
    FF: Friendly Fire
    FYI: For Your Information
    GG: 1. Gravity Gun
        2. Good Game
    HL: Half-Life
    HL2: Half-Life 2
    HR: Hour
    JK: Just Kidding
    JP: Just Playing
    LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off
    LMFAO: Laughing My Fat/****ing Ass Off
    LOL: Laughing Out Loud
    MAG: Magnum
    MAX: Maximum
    MIN: 1. Minimum
         2. Minute(s)
    OHK/O: One-Hit Kill/Knock Out
    OMFG: Oh My ****ing God
    OMG: Oh My God
    OSI: Overwatch Standard Issue
    N00B: Newbie
    NM: Nevermind
    NP: No Problem
    NVM: Nevermind
    REV: Revolver
    ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing
    RPG: Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher
    SEC: Second
    SMG: Sub-Machine Gun (Heckler & Koch MP-7 PDW)
    TDM: Team Deathmatch
    TK: Team Kill
    TY: Thank You
    WTF: What the ****
    WTH: What the Heck/Hell
    ===| The Glossary |===
    Aim Bot: Aim Bot is a hack that automatically aims for a player, allowing him
    to easily and quickly get headshots, kills, etc.
    Alternate Grenade Throw: A beefed up version of the original Grenade throw,
    assissted by the Gravity Gun.
    Automatic Reloading: This is a technique in which a player reloads all his
    weapons excluding Slot 3 Weapons and the one he is currently holding without 
    even going through the reload animations.
    Boomer Shots: These are RPG shots that travel around like a boomerang to
    hit enemies on tricky terrains and such.
    Camping: This is a tactic where a player stays in a limited amount of area,
    waiting for enemies to pass by. When one does, the camper kills the enemy
    by surprise, either the plain old way or with traps such as SLAM devices.
    Cheap: Players often call anything that is seemingly unfair "cheap." Of
    course, balanced games do not have anything "cheap," with the exception of
    hacks, cheats, and exploitable glitches.
    Chickening: Chickening is when a player cowers during battle and runs away.
    Fort Camp: A team tactic that requires a tower-like area and several people.
    At least one person snipes or rocket launches enemies, while others defend
    those people and support each other.
    Gravity Gun Jumping: GG Jumping is a special trick that allows a player to
    jump higher than usual.
    Grenade Cooking: Refer to Grenade Launch.
    Grenade Launch: The Grenade Launch is a tactic where one tosses a grenade,
    grabs it with his Gravity Gun, then timely shoots it at opponents to blow
    them away.
    Hack:  Simply put, a hack is a program that gives a player abusable cheats
    in online play.
    Kamikaze: This is when a player suicides but not in vain, meaning that he
    takes out one or multiple foes as well in his death.
    Newbie: A newbie is somebody new to something.
    OHK: One-Hit Kill
    Pubmaster Walking: Description is too long. Look up [PMW].
    Rush: This is when one team quickly attacks or invades the other team in a
    team-based game. This term is not often used in HL2 DM, with the exception of
    special team maps such as CTF Fort, Objective Kinyoenta Evolution, etc.
    SLAM Cook: Refer to SLAM Launch.
    SLAM Launch: It's a tactic similar to the Grenade Launch. Rather than using
    your grenade, you toss out a SLAM, catch it with your GG, shoot it, then
    detonate it.
    Splash: Splash is the damage given by an indirect hit of an explosive damage.
    For example, the RPG's splash is huge and hits enemies whether or not you have
    directly hit them. You'll just have to aim close enough, which isn't really
    Sprint Jumping: The HL2 counterpart of HL's bunny hopping, sprint hopping is
    a technique where a player timely jumps and sprints in order to acquire high
    speeds without hogging up all his AUX power.
    Sniper: A player with a deadly weapon suited for far-range combat is a sniper.
    Spawn: Spawning is when you get revived after dying.
    T(eam) SLAM Launch: It's just like the SLAM launch, only that two people are
    performing it instead of one and that one detonates it, while the other shoots
    it. This is far better than the original one.
    Wall Hacking: Wall Hacking is a cheating method that allows a player to see
    through walls, allowing him to see where everything from players to weapons
    are. You can only wall hack if you risk being "BANNED" from Steam, getting a
    virus, and download a hack.
    |==========| Chapter 2: Setting Up [B00] |==========|
    Before you start game play, it's essential that you set up your game in the
    ways you prefer. In this chapter, you'll learn some basic and essential
    things, such as how to turn on the console, what you graphic settings you
    should use, useful console commands, etc.
    |Sub-Chapter 2-1: Configuring Video & Sound Settings [B01]|
    ===| Video Settings |===
    After starting HL2 DM, go to Options > Videos. If you've got a very good
    computer, use the highest resolution that fits your computer screen. If
    you've got a computer that runs a bit slowly, I recommend you to use
    800 x 600 or 640 x 480 (800 x 600 preferably). If you want your game to run on
    a window, then click the multi-box that says "Run Game on Window," and click
    On. After that, click on Advanced Settings. Now, configure things the way you
    want. However, if you want your computer to run smoothly during game play and
    look as good as possible at the same time, I recommend you to use settings
    that have a * next to them, as that is a sign that recommends you to use a
    certain setting.
    ===| Sound Settings |===
    There are many people having trouble with sound and having their voice heard
    in online play. You can try to find out what's wrong by going to
    Options > Sounds. In there, you'll get to test your microphone and configure
    your sound settings. If the Sound section does not fix your problems, quit
    Half-Life and right click on the Sound Icon at your Task Bar. Click open, and
    configure your sound settings. If all other options do not work, it may be
    because of your speakers/microphone. Be sure to check if it is sound, healthy,
    and working.
    ===| Recommended Sound Equipment |===
    Headphones are one of the best sound equipment for serious gamers. It creates
    an atmosphere that can be heard. When an enemy is walking behind you, you can
    hear it unlike when you have two speakers. It's create for hearing where
    enemies are. For this, people thought I was cheating as I killed people
    listening as they gave away their position! Surround Sound and other things
    are great, but they're way more expensive.
    | Sub-Chapter 2-2: Configuring Controls & Console [B02] |
    It's important to configure your controls so that you're comfortable. Here are
    a bunch of "pre-sets" of controls you can use. I'll also assume that you have
    a mouse with at least 3 buttons and a desktop keyboard. Also, keep in mind
    that in order to have two keys/buttons bound to the same command, you have to
    bind it again when you quit and restart the game, as the key you bound later
    will be the key you have to use and the other key won't come to use.
    ===| The Classical WSAD Configuration |===
    This configuration is the most similar to the default one, and is the most
    comfortable for most players as well. It's easy to get accustomed to, and
    perhaps is the best one to choose, although it doesn't matter too much.
    Configure it as much as you want to your liking.
    W: Forward
    A: Strafe Left
    S: Backward
    D: Strafe Right
    ,: Swim Up
    .: Swim Down
    Mouse1: Primary Fire
    Mouse2: Secondary Fire
    R: Reload
    Mouse3: Suit Zoom
    Mouse3 Wheel Up: Unbound
    Mouse3 Wheel Down: Jumping
    Mouse4 or G: Gravity Gun
    Shift: Sprint
    Alt: Walking
    Tab: Scoreboard
    ~: Console
    Y: Public Message
    U: Team Message
    T: Tag Spray
    E: Use
    Q: Quick Weapon Switch
    1-5: Weapon Slots 1-5
    ===| The Arrow Keys Configuartion |===
    The Arrow Keys configuration is perhaps the second most popular method, asA
    many people use it as well. Though I may get some of the key's commands
    incorrect, this is similar to what the common Arrow Keys configuration is.
    Because it's off to the common method, configure it as much as you want.
    Arrow Up: Forward
    Arrow Left: Strafe Left
    Arrow Back: Backward
    Arrow Right: Strafe Right
    Num-Pad 0: Swim Up
    .: Swim Down
    Mouse1: Primary Fire
    Mouse2: Secondary Fire
    Mouse3: Suit Zoom
    Mouse3 Wheel Up: Unbound
    Mouse3 Wheel Down: Jumping
    Mouse4 or 7 on Num-Pad: Gravity Gun
    Num-Pad Numbers 1-5: Weapon Slots 1-5
    Enter: Public Message
    \: Team Message
    ~: Console
    Page Down: Use
    Delete: Quick Weapon Switch
    End: Scoreboard
    Page Up: Spray Tag
    ===| Mouse Sensitivity |===
    Mouse sensitivity is a major part of the game as well. I use sensitivity 2.7
    with default mouse settings for my computer. It may be harder to move around
    with such a low sensitivity if you're just starting out and you may fashion
    10-15 sensitivity, but just try out low ones. You may like it. Sure, you can
    turn around quickly if it's high, but if you're comfortable enough with low
    sensitivity, you can do so neraly as quickly and more precisely. Low
    sensitivity also makes your aim better, as you're easily able to move the
    crosshair just a tad bit to get nice headshots. Don't worry if you're
    comfortable with 15 sensitivity. That has its advantages, too. It's all a
    matter of preference, but try out all kinds of sensitivity.
    ===| Useful Console Commands |===
    This is, without doubt, one of the most useful sections, as it goes over some
    of the most useful, yet unknown console commands. However, these are only a
    VERY FEW commands; if you want more, search at places such as cheat websites
    and such.
    First of all, in order to even have access to the console, go to Options >
    Keyboard > Advanced, then enable console.
    If you do not know what the console is, you've come to the right place. The
    console is a powerful tool that allows you to do the following commands:
    cheat in multiplayer, change your mouse's sensitivity, having a different key
    perform a special function, etc. There are limitless possibilities in what
    you can do with this handy tool.
    Some commands require you to add a variable, number, or words after the
    command itself. It's also very important that if you're about to add a
    variable with a space in it, you must add quotation marks before and after it.
    |                              Console Commands                             |
    |           Console Command                 Command's Action Description    |
    | sensitivity "number"                | Changes your mouse's movement       |
    |                                     | sensitivity.                        | 
    |                                     |                                     |
    | zoom_sensitivity "number"           | Changes your mouse's movement       |
    |                                     | sensitivity while using the         |
    |                                     | Crossbow or HEV Suit Zoom. However, |
    |                                     | the zoom sensitivity is actually    |
    |                                     | multiplied by your unzoomed         |
    |                                     | sensitivity, then halved. The       |
    |                                     | equation would be [1] x [2] = 1 if  |
    |                                     | your sensitivity is 1 and your zoom |
    |                                     | sensitivity is 2.                   |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | sv_cheats "1" or "0"                | Enables/Disables cheats. This only  |
    |                                     | works in single player or if you    |
    |                                     | have admin access to the server.    |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | noclip                              | Allows you to go through walls if   |
    |                                     | cheats are allowed.                 |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | impulse 101                         | Gives you all available weapons.    |
    |                                     | Only works if cheats are on.        |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | phys_swap                           | Changes the current weapon you are  |
    |                                     | holding to the Gravity Gun and vica-|
    |                                     | versa.                              |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | kill                                | Makes you suicide.                  |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | record "desired demo name"          | Starts to record your gameplay.     |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | stop                                | Stops recording your demo.          |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | playdemo "desired demo name"        | Plays the demo you have chosen.     |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | name "insert desired name"          | Changes your name.                  |
    |                                     |                                     |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | quit                                | Exits the game.                     |
    |                                     |                                     |
    | retry                               | Reconnects to the server.           |
    |                                     |                                     |
    |                                     |                                     |
    |                                                                           |
    | Sub-Chapter 2-3: Configuring your Client [B03]|
    This section basically goes over configuring your player model, spray tag,
    custom name, etc.
    Player Name: Just put in your desired alias. Note that you can use NON-ASCII
    characters. This includes foreign language text as well. For example, you can
    have a Japanese name with a phone icon next to it, or use fancy non-ASCII
    characters in your clan tag.
    Spray Tag: Half-Life 2 offers you a wide range of pre-built spray tags, and
    without any texture expertise, you can now use your own custom spray tags.
    Just save or make a picture in a format that HL2 can read, then just make it
    your spray tag. Voila, you've got a custom spray tag.
    Player Model: Your player model isn't just for show, but it affects what team
    you're in in a team deathmatch server and which melee weapon you'll start out
    with. For example, if you are using a rebel model, you'll start out with the
    Crowbar. Combine model users will start out with the stunstick. Note that
    Team Deathmatch servers may change your player model depending on whether they
    make you join the opposite team of your desired model.
    |==========| Chapter 3: The Weapons // Items [C00] |==========|
    This is where a major bulk of strategies for your imagination will come, as
    this chapter will tell you everything each of the weapons does and how it can
    be used to it's full potential, which may give you some creative strategies in
    your mind. If that's not enough, I'll list some efficient ones as well, both
    popular and uncommonly used. Be sure to read about EVERY single weapon!
    The chapters will go over every weapon's name, how much ammunation they can
    hold, the best range to use them at, their attack speed, damage, and a
    NOTE: Headshots deal triple the damage of a normal shot from a weapon. Armor
    absorbs 80% of damage dealt by weapons. For example, being shot by one MP-7
    bullet takes away 1 HP and 4 AP. If you have less than 4 AP, the rest of
    the damage is dealt to your HP. Use subtraction and division to find out the
    The Weapon Tier List
    (The tier list is a list of weapons organized from the best to least best
     weapon in metagames, which are games where two perfectly equally skilled
     players fight each other. This tier list was made by me and was intelligently
     made with reason, a lot of research, and tons of trial and errors. Also, the
     tier list applies more to very high levels of play rather than newbies. For
     example, the Magnum would be very bad for a FPS newbie.)
    - Magnum
    - RPG
    - Crossbow
    - Combine Energy Orb
    - MP-7 Grenade
    - Grenade
    - Shotgun
    - Pulse Rifle
    - Pistol
    - Sub-Machine Gun
    - Stun Stick
    - Crowbar
    - SLAM
    - Gravity Gun
    The Magnum, without a doubt, is the best weapon in terms of high levels of
    play. A headshot deals 225 and has instant bullet time. You'll need at least
    126 HP with full Health to survive a head shot, and even then, you'll always
    end up with 1-75 remaining health, which is just enough for another Magnum
    The RPG is a very good weapon as well, but it takes a while for that RPG
    to reach areas. It's slow in many aspects. However, it's almost always an
    assured kill. It's splash damage is very situational as well. MOST of the
    time, it comes to your advantage to easily hit your enemy and for multi-kills.
    Unlike the Magnum, you may end up killing yourself up close. A great thing
    is that you can guide the RPG.
    The Crossbow is very slow in many aspects as well. It has an actual bullet
    time, thus hindering its sniping abilities you were able to score with in
    Single Player. Also, it has no headshot bonus. However, the tier list assumes
    you are always hitting your enemy. In that case, the Crossbow is a godly
    weapon in maps with very little batteries and such. It can push your enemy
    quite a distance as well, spacing him for a quick Shotgun or Magnum shot.
    The Combine Orb is great, but is slightly overrated. Anyone who's got his
    catching skills down will capture them most of the time. They take a while
    to reach the opponent, but the great thing is that they ricochet around and
    kill in a single hit. They can be improved with the Gravity Gun catch trick
    as well, but it'll take much longer to launch it as well. It's fun to boost
    team mates in non-FF servers with this.
    The MP-7 Grenade is about as strong as the Grenade and can get kills against
    enemies with 100/100 as well in certain times. It kills very easily and
    quickly in close combat, but is hindered in far range combat. It's great for
    spacing enemies like as with the Crossbow as it pushes your enemy upwards
    with its explosion.
    The Grenade Launch is a very scary technique. The reason why it's higher than
    the Shotgun and other is because it's good for nearly all ranges. It can
    get a kill most of the time, distorts your enemy's aiming, deafens him, and
    has good control.
    Ah, the shotgun. It's a very good weapon, but is very hard to use as well.
    With the Rapid Shotgun glitch, it's a beast, although it's rather cheap and
    unfair in that case. The Shotgun can kill faster than a Crossbow in close
    range, strangely, but lacks in other situations. Still, it's a great and
    fun weapon to use that is highly underestimated.
    The Pulse Rifle isn't all too special and great without its orbs. Sure, it is
    strong, but the Grenade itself is still better. It's very accurate, but
    because of its strange burst action, its hard to get headshots with whenever
    you want to. It's pretty much like an automatic Pistol, as they deal nearly
    similar damage.
    The Pistol, almost unbelievably, is a pretty decent weapon, better than
    the Crowbar, MP7, and Stunstick. In extremely high leveled meta games, the
    Pistol would deal one less damage for each shot, but at a much faster rate,
    all because of its headshots! They can deal 24 damage from almost any distance
    while the Crowbar can only deal 25 up close, and it swings oh-so slowly.
    However, I doubt much people would still bother with the Pistol. It's just
    very hard to get headshots every shot, after all, and HSing your enemy
    4 times, then shooting them once anyway you prefer just to kill a 100/0 guy.
    The MP-7 is highly inaccurate and almost never get headshots unless you're
    very close. It's just so easy to use, which is why everyone uses it as their
    starting weapons. Well, almost everyone.
    The Stun Stick is very situational. It's all about spacing and how well
    you're using your Auxilary power. Strangely, it's often bad to jump with
    the Stun Stick when fighting a Crowbar user, as it leaves you extremely
    vulnerable to multiple whacks. However, because of its range, you can some
    times win a Stun Stick vs Crowbar without ever getting touched as long as
    your sprint doesn't run out.
    The Crowbar is near the bottom of the line; sorry Crowbar fans. It does get
    to shine more than the MP7 certainly, but it's just way too situational. The
    Crowbar isn't a very bad weapon just because it's bottom; if you're better
    than your opponents at movement, you're a force to be reckoned with when going
    on a rampage with the Crowbar.
    The SLAM is pretty bad in normal DM. It's much better at Team Deathmatch.
    Even though, vigilant enemies will almost never fall for them. However, with
    team work, SLAMs are quite fun and deadly, as well as a heck of a lot more
    The Gravity Gun is very situational. It can sometimes be the best weapon of
    all time during combat, while at other times, it's very useless. It has many
    factors including your health, your enemy's health, the map location, the
    props, etc.
    | Sub-Chapter 3-1: Melee // The Gravity Gun [C01] |
    Weapon Name: Crowbar
    Ammunition: N/A
    Range: Hits Only at Very Close
    Speed: Medium
    Damage: 25
    Primary Fire: Swing
    Secondary Fire: N/A
    Description: The crowbar is a melee-only weapon, obviously. It's great for
    sneaking up on someone, as it takes only 4 swings to take out an unarmored
    enemy. However, once your enemy sees you and starts to back up, be sure to
    sprint and swing at him in order to catch up. Never use the crowbar in a
    beserek manner where you can be shot from far away, as players who act in such
    a frenzy manner will never reach his victim if the prey just keeps sprinting
    back and delivers bullets. The Crowbar is also a good weapon to finish off an
    enemy with if the two of you are very close, you run out of ammunition, and
    you have some spare stamina to chase down your enemy with if he attempts to
    run away from your Crowbar swings. You can only acquire this weapon if you're
    using a rebel model.
    A DEEPER LOOK: Thanks to a friend of mine, (smb)crowbar of death, I've been
    able to see how to truly use the Crowbar well. It does an awesome amount of
    damage, which is 25. 3 USP bullets or a headshot does only 24, while 5 SMG
    bullets or a headshot followed with two bullets does only 25. Of course, the
    Crowbar beats such weapons in average damage per second, but only if you're
    close. How do you get so close up then? Sneaking up works, but always SPRINT.
    You'll catch your enemy quickly, whether he is aware of you or not. After
    you hit your opponent, keep circling around him while sprinting and whacking
    your crowbar at him. He'll have difficulty keeping up, and if he manages to,
    he'll be too late.
    Do the same thing against other melee players. Basically, if you're versing
    another Crowbar user, whoever manages to hit first, circle around, and land
    more hits will be victorious. Against stun stick, you'll have to be in their
    face all the time. The crowbar deals more damage per second, but the Stun
    Stick has better range. You'll want a healthy amount of sprint before
    attacking one because most Stun Stickers love to hit and run. Circling around
    them is great, as if they miss a swing, they'll lose for sure.
    [Yes, I am an athiest, but what if I'm wrong?]
    Weapon Name: Stun Stick
    Ammunition: N/A
    Range: Hits Only at Very Close to Very Close - Close
    Speed: Slow
    Damage: 40
    Primary Fire: Swing
    Secondary Fire: N/A
    Description: This is the Combine counterpart of the Crowbar, so you'll have to
    be a Combine soldier in order to use this weapon. In short words, it's the
    stronger, further-ranged, and slower version of the Crowbar. Use it for the
    same purposes as the Crowbar. However, be aware of it's differences. The Stun
    Stick has amazing range for a melee weapon, so take a swing more quickly than
    you would with a Crowbar when advancing an enemy. Also, you can't use it as
    well for stealth as with the Crowbar due to the fact that when you take it
    out, it'll make a zapping sound. The knockback can be quite annoying as well.
    A DEEPER LOOK: As with the Crowbar, the main strategy is to circle around
    your enemy while hitting your enemy. However, fighting another melee fighter
    requires you to take completely different tactics. Avoid jumping, and use
    hit and run tactics to space yourself away from a lot of harm. Space
    yourself, hit from a distance, sprint back, repeat.
    Weapon Name: Gravity Gun [Also Known As Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator]
    Ammunition: N/A
    Range: Close to Medium-Far
    Speed: Slow-Medium
    Damage: Varies on Object (Instant Kill with Nearly All Objects)
    Primary Fire: Shoot using Object
    Secondary Fire: Pick Up Object
    Description: The Gravity Gun is one of the most versatile, and when properly
    used, annoying weapons in your arsenal. You shoot out weapons using the
    Primary Fire button when within range, and lure in or grab objects by holding
    the Secondary Fire button. You can aim where to shoot objects by grabbing,
    then aiming and shooting.
    Here's a list of what the Gravity Gun is capable of:
    - Killing players by shooting it at them
    - Shielding yourself.
    - Building defensive barricades of objects
    - Catching Grenades and shooting them as like a grenade launcher
    - Picking up ammunition, health packs, and armor far away
    - Countering other Gravity Gun users by picking up and shooting objects they
      throw at you
    - Countering OIS Energy Balls by grabbing them as they approach
    - Shooting away objects in your path
    - Create physical "traps"
    - Performing "Gravity Gun Jumps"
    - Detonating SLAMs
    - Gravity Gun "Flying"
    - Stopping OSI Balls
    - Shooting Even the Heaviest of Objects
    - Many more...
    The Gravity Gun has endless possibilities and can even be used as a hand that
    puts Lego pieces together, but in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, you'll probably use
    it as a versatile killing machine.
    Basically, you pick up objects from the map and shoot them at enemy. The
    bigger the object, the likelier it is to hit. However, that isn't it. There's
    more to it, a LOT more to it than that. As listed above, it has several other
    uses. I will explain each and every one known.
    The Gravity Gun can allow you to shield against bullets when you hold an
    object. For example, to avoid a headshot, you can aim above so the object
    blocks your head. I haven't mastered it yet, but it's possible to completely
    block all Crossbow shots, although it's nearly impossible and doubtful that
    anyone will master it. Just move the object to whever the bullet is going,
    and the object will absorb it instead. This won't work with fragile items
    like a wooden box or explosive barrel.
    You can build a barricade consisting of several different doodads, such as
    chairs and tables or shelves stacked up on each other. After doing so, be sure
    to use it to it's maximum use. For example, let's say that you plan on sniping
    after building a barricade. With your Crossbow or Revolver, you aim at the
    enemy using either the Crossbow or Suit Zoom. However, you miss. If you had
    not built the barricade, the enemy would look at where you fired from and
    instantly a mean battle would come. However, with the barricade, you still
    have somewhere to hide and reload at if you miss. Another great tactic with
    the barricade are to shoot someone with a shotgun, then go back and hide while
    you're pumping your gun. This is counterable with a rocket launcher missile or
    a grenade, but you can try to defend against those tactics as well. For
    grenades, try to shoot them back at the enemy with your Gravity Gun. However,
    if the enemy uses the grenade launcher tactic, which will be mentioned later
    on, you have little hope. While the enemy is attempting to throw the grenade
    though, just shoot him with all you've got. As for Rocket Launchers, you
    perhaps have no hope. Try to hit him with very powerful single-strike
    weapons, such as a Revolver, Crossbow, Rocket Launcher, etc. In Deathmatch,
    Rocket Launcher users are likely to camp rather than roam around the map, so
    don't worry about it.
    You can make full use of the grenade only if you learn to use the Gravity Gun
    with the grenade properly. Once you can, both weapons can be a deadly force
    for you. As you may've known already, you can catch and/or shoot back hostile
    grenades, but there's more than just that. You can do the same with your own
    grenades, only that you have more accuracy, timing, and can basically use it
    as an in-game "grenade launcher."
    To do so, you must:
    - First, toss (instead of throw) the grenade by using your Secondary Fire
    - Then, get out the Gravity Gun as quickly as you can after doing so,
      preferably by using your Gravity Gun switching button.
    - Next, grab your grenade.
    -  Congratulations, you have caught the grenade.
    - Now, with some nice timing, hold it for as long as you think you should to
      reach a certain distance while taking aim, and fire it at the enemy!
    This is very useful in situational areas, such as blowing someone up hiding
    behind a wall that's hard to ricochet the grenade to. Another advantage of
    using the grenade launcher tactic is that your enemy can not do much about it
    once you've shot it, as the grenade then moves very quickly and can not be
    countered by pesky "Gravity Gun users." With enough practice and little lag,
    you'll be able to reach a point where you can perform this flawlessly,
    meaning you'll be able to catch the grenade before it hits the ground,
    have perfect timing, and have perfect placing for the grenade launch.
    The Gravity Gun is also great for picking up ammunition and other items when
    in nifty situations. For example, when you're too lazy or if it's too risky to
    go and pick up a weapon far away, above, or even below you, just whip out and
    let the Gravity Gun do the job. You can also grab items and shoot it at
    teammates, or enemies, to give them a weapon, ammunition, etc. However,
    remember that if the weapon is of a higher priority than the one they are
    currently holding and if they don't have it, they'll switch to that weapon,
    rendering them vulnerable for a while. Use it to your advantage against
    enemies if you're one who loves to annoy opponents, and be cautious against
    You can actually counter with, or get countered, by Gravity Gun users. To
    counter, simply keep on holding your Secondary Fire button with the Gravity
    Gun on the object your enemy is holding. After he fires, you'll immediately
    pick up the weapon when within range. They'll be surprised that you're not
    killed, and while they are, be sure to shoot it back! If your enemy is skilled
    enough, he'll catch it. That's when it's a volleyball game, where whoever
    messes up first or becomes unfortunate loses.
    Gravity Gun users can also make special shots that are hard to counter in a
    mean "Dog fight." (Get it, Dog from HL2 Single Player?) Rather than shooting
    it directly to your enemy's chest or abdomen, have your object *slide*
    instead. Aim at the ground and in front of the enemy's feet, then shoot. It'll
    still hurt the enemy and may kill him depending on your object. The reason it
    is hard to counter such a tactic is because while your enemy is trying to
    pick up the object, as it rises, it will hit your enemy due to it's immense
    speed released from your Gravity Gun. Only those who crouch will be able to
    counter it, and you gotta admit, not many people do that due to the crouch's
    Sick of dying by those "elite" players who actually have no skill and can only
    achieve kills through luck or... the Overwatch Issue Standard Rifle's VERY
    ANNOYING ENERGY BALL!?!? If so, your answer is the Gravity Gun. Believe it or
    not, you can actually grab those energy balls! As soon as you hear it coming
    out from your enemy, hit the Gravity Gun button to take it out and hold
    Secondary Fire, then aim for the energy ball. Don't gawk or get surprised when
    you capture the energy ball! Aim and shoot it back as quickly as possible,
    before your enemy uses another or just stuffs in all of his ammo on you! Don't
    worry if you're not very good at catching energy balls. I've only met one
    player who can successfully use it, and without shock, he's one of the two
    players I have played that are better than me. However, beware of cunning
    OIS Energy Ball shooters who like to precisely ricochet it off walls to hit
    While roaming around the map, just simply use the Gravity Gun to push objects
    away from you, especially explosive barrels. It'll clear the way for you and
    make life easier.
    You can also create physical traps, which are very useful to fill up choke
    points in a sniping area. For example, let's pretend that you're in a room
    with two areas to enter from and a staircase, such as in a room at Power
    House. With two giant objects, preferably tables, lay them next to the doorway
    choke points. Now, as for the staircase, just keep an eye on it and be poised
    to shoot. Here's the beauty of laying the objects aside the doorways. Whenever
    someone enters through one of those choke points, shoot the object for that
    area without even picking it up. It should slide, hit your opponent, and kill
    him in one shot if your object is big enough, regardless of your enemy's
    health and armor. This trap tactic is especially useful in commonly explored
    areas, sniping towers, etc. You can also set explosive oil drums next to
    choke points, then quickly shoot them when an enemy comes by.
    The Gravity Gun jump is basically a special jump you perform with a GG and an
    object. To perform it, you must be on top of a doodad. Now, aim your Gravity
    Gun at it. Then, shoot it and jump at the same time. If done precisely, you
    should jump a considerable amount of height. Remember that certain objects
    hardly make you jump, while others send you sky high. This requires a good
    amount of practice. The Gravity Gun jump is used to have you reach places
    you would not normally reach, such as rooftops, a sniping tower at a low
    level, etc.
    You can detonate SLAMs with your Gravity Gun, free of ammunition charge! To
    do so, just be in range but not too close, aim at the SLAM, and shoot it!
    Without wasting ammunition, you've just blown one up.
    Gravity Gun Flying is an exploit that let's you reach areas such as the skies
    once mastered. It's such a mean glitch that some servers may ban you for it.
    Think of it as a beefed up version of the Gravity Gun jump. To perform the
    GG Fly, you must aim down at a large object with the Gravity Gun. Now, shoot
    it, then immediately switch to another weapon using your Gravity Gun Swap
    button. After doing so, press the key again and shoot. Repeat this process.
    If done quickly enough, you'll be flying in no time! If used well, you can
    reach extremely tall areas in a few seconds, but you likely will sacrifice
    some life, and sometimes even a life if you fumble. Needless to say, however,
    you'll need quick hands to perform the GG Fly. I recommend holding the fire
    button while doing this so you don't wear out your mouse. :)
    Yes, you can stop OSI balls without picking them up! Use primary fire when it
    is close enough. However, your timing will have to be good. It's good when
    you want to stop it but don't want to shoot it back.
    You can actually quickly kill people with heavy objects such as cars and
    dumpsters! Just use the Gravity Gun flying trick, but instead, don't stand on
    the object. Aim the object against your enemy instead.
    There's a limitless amount of strategical possibilities with the Gravity Gun.
    If you happen to discover an unmentioned and useful Gravity Gun tactic, or
    would like to share one, please contact me.
    | Sub-Chapter 3-2: Pistols [C02] |
    Weapon Name: Heckler & Koch USP Match
    Ammunition: 18/150 [Begin with MAX Bullets]
    Range: Best at Medium to Far due to Accuracy
    Speed: Fast
    Damage: 8
    Primary Fire: Shoot
    Secondary Fire: N/A
    Description: The HK USP Match is your basic pistol. It perhaps has the most
    feeble attack of all your weapons, but when ammo is scarce and you need to
    take out somebody that's far away desperately, the USP is your last resort.
    It's accuracy is quite good, so substitue close-range weapons such as the
    Shotgun or MP7 with this one in far-range battles when you have no better
    sniping weapon. Because you already start out with maximum bullets for this
    weapon, you almost never should worry about running out of ammunition for it.
    Because of this, be sure to use the USP's bullets for small tasks such as
    blowing up flammable oil drums from far away, shooting down SLAM devices,
    etc. The attack speed rate of this weapon also depends on how quickly you
    click the mouse. When attacking enemies, be sure to aim for the head!
    Weapon Name: .357 Magnum [Also Referred as the Revolver]
    Ammunition: 6/12 [Begin with 6/6]
    Range: Medium to Very Far
    Speed: Slow
    Damage: 75
    Primary Fire: Shoot
    Secondary Fire: N/A
    Description: The Magnum is my favorite gun in the game, and it's perhaps one
    of the top three best weapons in the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. It packs a punch
    and can kill almost anyone instantly with a headshot. However, beware of it's
    disadvantages. The speed rate of it is very slow so missed shots will be
    punishable at most circumstances, ammunition for it is scarce, you often need
    two shots combined with it's slow speed rate to kill someone.However, it's
    power and ability to snipe alone make up for the disadvantages. The Revolver
    is one of the most overlooked and underestimated weapons in public opinion and
    choice of weapon. However, it's definitely the top gun for most situations in
    my list. With at least a week of practice with the Magnum, less if you have
    previous FPS experience, you can be a very formidable foe once you grab one.
    Sure, it's tough to aim with it while moving a lot, but if I can do it, you
    can do it with some practice. Also, always aim *around* the chest. You're more
    likely to get a headshot, and if the enemy jumps, you'll still deal 75 DMG.
    Practicing excessively with the Magnum will have you greatly benefit in the
    future. Because its headshots can kill anyone in a single shot, even those
    with full HP and AP, you'll definitely want to become a Magnum expert at close
    range. Here are a few tactics in how I shoot in those headshots. Often, I aim
    my crosshair at the opponent's lung area, then jump and shoot. This is because
    when I jump, I aim at the head. Then, I shoot it, instantly killing the enemy.
    The harder way is just to aim for the head, although within practice, it
    gradually gets easier and more natural. With such nice headshot skills, you'll
    take down Shotgunners, MP7 Spammers, and RPG hoggers alike.
    As mentioned before, the Magnum can snipe! You may think this is impossible
    because it's zoom feauture is removed, but it actually isn't! Remember that
    you can use your suit zoom!
    Here's how to scope and snipe efficiently with the Magnum:
    - With the Revolver out, hold the Suit Zoom button to scope.
    - When you find an enemy, put your cursor on him. When you're ready to shoot,
      release the Suit Zoom button and IMMEDIATELY fire the Magnum!
    - Lither, ranse, and repeat.
    Here's an alternate and faster way:
    - While you are using the Suit Zoom, hold the fire button.
    - As soon as you let go of the suit zoom button, you'll fire even more quicker
      than human hands. Immediately zoom again.
    Having no luck with the Revolver at all? Landing headshots, only to find out
    that they didn't hit for most of the time? I have three words for you: Don't
    Give Up! Many people have to the point where they don't even know some of the
    Revolver's abilities, such as killing anyone in one headshot or being able to
    kill RPGers far away. If you're stubborn and keep on using the Magnum, you
    WILL become better, and god-like with it as I am, almost.
    Okay, so let's say you've spotted an enemy. You're shooting him and missing.
    He too, missed a lot and runs out of ammo. Now, here's what you do to get
    that one clean headshot in that special chance.
    + = Crosshair
     =|= <--- Enemy
     / \
    Like a maniac, he's strafing and jumping around. Now, here's where you aim
    your crosshair.
                 O    <----- In the air
                / \
    He's jumped and is moving to your left. Put your crosshair where you predict
    his {head} will go. Then, pull that trigger as soon as he lands there. That'll
    hit him directly on the head. Practice this when your enemy hides as well.
    Put your crosshair on where there head would be, then shoot when they pop
    | Sub-Chapter 3-3: Automatic Guns [C03] |
    Weapon Name: Heckler & Koch MP-7 PDW (Personal Defense Weapon)
    Ammunition: 45/225 [Begin with 45/45], 3 Grenades [Begin with 0]
    Range: Best at Close to Medium Range
    Speed: Very Fast
    Damage: 5
    Primary Fire: Shoot
    Secondary Fire: Lob an MP7 Grenade
    Description: The MP7 is the counter part to Half-Life's MP5. However, it's
    been toned down very much so it's one of your starting weapons. The accuracy
    of this gun is horrendous, you can run out of ammunition for it quickly, and
    the power of bullets are weaker than the MP5.
    As mentioned before, it's best suited for close to medium range battles.
    Use it to counter those at that range unless they're using the Gravity Gun;
    otherwise, use yours.
    The MP7's grenade, however, is a powerful weapon. It packs a punch that will
    often kill enemies in a single hit. If not, it'll deal heavy damage that the
    rest of your SMG's bullets should make up with. It can send your enemy's
    flying, as well. The blast radius is quite big, so it may hit you as well and
    possibly kill you if unarmored. Many pros use the MP-7 primarily for the
    grenades, then finish off the enemy with the OSI or Shotgun. Perhaps you can
    do the same at close ranged battles, too.
    Weapon Name: Overwatch Standard Issue [Also Known As Pulse or Assault Rifle]
    Ammunition: 30/60 [Begin with 30/30], 3 Energy Balls [Begin with 0]
    Range: Best at Close to Medium-Far Range
    Speed: Fast
    Damage: 9
    Primary Fire: Shoot
    Secondary Fire: Charge, then Release an Energy Ball
    Description: The Overwatch Standard Issue is not only a powerful assault
    rifle, but it contains Energy Balls, which can kill anybody in a single hit,
    regardless of armor and health. Because of this, you can kill several people
    that are beginners, intermediates, and possibly even experts once you behold
    this weapon's true power.
    Basically, just aim and shoot the opponent with your few, powerful bullets
    until your enemy dies. You can take out enemies without too much trouble this
    way, but that's not the only thing the OSI is capable of...
    It's Energy Ball is one of the deadliest weapons handled correctly, and it's
    so powerful that it's frustrating for those who die by it when they have full
    health, 200 armor, and full ammo. Basically, when you attempt to release it,
    the OSI will charge up for a brief time, then release the Energy Ball. It
    approaches at extreme speeds and loves to ricochet around freely, hardly
    affected by gravity. It's best at tightly-closed areas such as small rooms,
    hallways, etc. Avoid using it in wide open battlefields, unless your opponent
    is a turtle. Also, beware of Gravity Gun users. They'll catch your Energy
    Ball, then shoot it back. Try ricocheting it to hit those nasty players,
    such as aiming in front of their feet or on a wall beside them. Otherwise,
    don't use it at all against them, or get ready to whip out your Gravity Gun as
    Another popular tactic that some players use is to catch the Energy Ball with
    the Gravity Gun as soon as they release it. This allows for better control,
    and you can release it any time without any lag. For example, when you know
    an enemy is behind somewhere and want to kill him without having to charge up
    the energy ball, just shoot it, catch it, then shoot it at the enemy.
    You'll notice that while holding the orb, it'll eventually blow up. There are
    two methods to keep the energy going. The easy, but risky way is to ricochet
    it off a wall, then catch it. The timer will restart, and you'll be able to
    hold it as if it were new. The harder, but quicker way is to shoot the orb,
    switch to a weapon, then immediately switch to the Gravity Gun and grab it
    before it goes too far. This may sound very hectic, and it is in fact. Here
    is the order, assuming that you use G to switch to your Gravity Gun:
    1. Shoot the orb
    2. Immediately press the Gravity Gun button twice AFTER shooting the orb.
    3. When you pressed it twice, hold Secondary Fire.
    It's extremely hard to do, but this small tactic may make a difference in your
    upcoming battles.
    | Sub-Chapter 3-4: Shotgun // Crossbow [C04] |
    Weapon Name: Italian SPAS-12 Gauge Shotgun
    Ammunition: 6/30 [Begin with 6/6]
    Range: Best at Very Close to Close-Medium
    Speed: Slow
    Damage: Varies on Amount of Shells, Very High at Close Range
    Primary Fire: Single Shot
    Secondary Fire: Double-Barrel Shot
    Description: The Shotgun is a monster in up-close battles, and should you
    carry it, you can potentially be a deadly force. With it's powerful ability
    to blow close enemies far away, it's great to use it as a close-range
    weapon with another such as a Revolver being a sniper.
    It's primary fire is pretty powerful, but it's not likely to take someone down
    in a single shot. Use it to take down wounded enemies or those that aren't
    too close to you, such as a Medium distance away. However, it's secondary
    fire, in the other hand, is excellent. It deals about double the damage in a
    single strike, so a good shot at the head can very likely take nearly anyone
    down. However, the secondary fire has a longer cooldown, consumes two instead
    of one bullet, and is less accurate.
    Be sure to have a good amount of stamina when trying to engage in a battle
    with your 12 gauge. You'll need to sprint towards your enemy a lot for the
    kill, and through the wise words of Grigori, "Aim for the head!"
    I've recently found out that two Primary Shots are stronger than one Secondary
    Shot. For example, I often land only one Secondary Shot, then rack in the
    Primary Shots. It's much stronger than two Secondary Shots, so don't ever
    underestimate your Primary Fire!
    A DEEPER LOOK: Jumping as much as a hopping bunny is a very good thing if you
    have a shotgun. You'll be very hard to hit and get a headshot on, while you
    can land clean headshots when you get a higher point of view to attack from.
    Crouch jumping works wonders as well.
    Weapon Name: Crossbow
    Ammunition: 1/10 [Begin with 1/4]
    Range: Best at Close to Medium, Decent at Medium-Far to Very Far
    Speed: Very Slow
    Damage: 100
    Primary Fire: Shoot Crossbow
    Secondary Fire: Zoom
    Description: The Crossbow is a versatile weapon that is capable of sniping
    AND close-range battle. It also has a unique ability to have it's projectiles
    ricochet. It also packs a punch, killing anyone without armor in a single hit.
    However, it's disadvantages are it's incredible reload time and the fact that
    it has real bullet time. The Crossbow's zoom is better than the suit zoom;
    you can shoot without taking the zoom off, it zooms further, and it scopes in
    more quickly. In several ways, the Crossbow is like an OSI Energy Ball.
    Another thing to note is that the bolts are affected by gravity, so the
    longer they last, the more they go down. They don't get affected
    tremendously, and in most maps, it doesn't matter.
    Use the ricochet to your advantage in close-quarters combat. In order to have
    it bounce off, you must shoot it at a low enough angle so that it is able to.
    To do so, you must aim at ground close to you. Now, to successfully hit
    someone, aim [towards] their feet, then shoot! It shoot bounce off the ground,
    hitting your enemy regardless of whether he jumps, crouches, or stands!
    The Crossbow is often referred to as a sniper, but although contrary to common
    though, I disagree. It's bullet time hinders this ability against good
    players. Sure it can zoom in, but that doesn't mean much. Any good player
    can dodge most players that use the Crossbow. However, just because of they
    are able to dodge it, it doesn't mean you can't snipe with the Crossbow. To do
    so, you must practice. You must predict where your enemy will go, then shoot
    ahead. With timing and skill, after you shoot, it'll eventually go to the
    area where you shoot and will hit your enemy if he goes there as planned! I
    must admit I haven't gotten much kills using this method, but it's the best
    way to snipe against swift players. However, for newbies, it's pretty easy to
    snipe them as they'll often stand still; just aim and shoot. Also, never aim
    for the head.
    | Sub-Chapter 3-5: Explosives [C05] |
    Weapon Name: Heavy-Explosive [HE] Grenade
    Ammunition: 5 [Begin with 2]
    Range: Best at Medium to Very Far
    Speed: N/A
    Damage: Depends on Enemy's Distance to Explosion Radius, Often Instant Kill
            Against Non-Armored Enemies
    Primary Fire: Fast Throw to Long Distance
    Secondary Fire: Short Toss to Small Distance
    Description: The HE Grenade is a powerful weapon, often giving instant kills
    on lightly or non-armored enemies. Once you master using it along with the HL2
    world's physics and the Gravity Gun, you'll be a force to be reckoned with.
    Here's an introduction to "Grenade Launching" or "Cooking." (If you've already
    read how to perform it in the Gravity Gun section of [C01], don't bother
    reading this because it's the same thing.
    "You can make full use of the grenade only if you learn to use the Gravity Gun
    with the grenade properly. Once you can, both weapons can be a deadly force
    for you. As you may've known already, you can catch and/or shoot back hostile
    grenades, but there's more than just that. You can do the same with your own
    grenades, only that you have more accuracy, timing, and can basically use it
    as an in-game "grenade launcher."
    To do so, you must:
    - First, toss (instead of throw) the grenade by using your Secondary Fire
    - Then, get out the Gravity Gun as quickly as you can after doing so,
      preferably by using your Gravity Gun switching button.
    - Next, grab your grenade.
    -  Congratulations, you have caught the grenade.
    - Now, with some nice timing, hold it for as long as you think you should to
      reach a certain distance while taking aim, and fire it at the enemy!
    This is very useful in situational areas, such as blowing someone up hiding
    behind a wall that's hard to ricochet the grenade to. Another advantage of
    using the grenade launcher tactic is that your enemy can not do much about it
    once you've shot it, as the grenade then moves very quickly and can not be
    countered by pesky "Gravity Gun users." With enough practice and little lag,
    you'll be able to reach a point where you can perform this flawlessly,
    meaning you'll be able to catch the grenade before it hits the ground,
    have perfect timing, and have perfect placing for the grenade launch." Some
    experts love to use the Grenade as their primary weapon just to launch it for
    a one-hit kill strike, although using it as such a high-priority weapon is
    risky and difficult.
    You can counter this tactic if you see it coming. As soon as the Grenade
    Launcher shoots it, you can use your Gravity Gun to shoot it away without
    even grabbing it, then quickly switch to any other weapon.
    Also, another important thing to note is that everytime a grenade is caught
    by a Gravity Gun, it's explosion timer resets. Use it to your advantage
    against enemy grenades, or when you want to retaliate grenade times.
    There is even another "alternate" fire I have discovered for the grenade.
    Toss it using secondary fire, then switch to the Gravity Gun. However, instead
    of catching it, this time just shoot it. It'll go zooming across the map, and
    explode very far away. This is great for taking out enemies at the tower that
    is on the other side of you, which is a bajillion miles. I call this the
    "Alternate Grenade Throw."
    Weapon Name: Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher
    Ammunition: 3 [Begin with MAX]
    Range: Best at Medium to Very Far
    Speed: N/A
    Damage: Depends on Enemy's Distance to Explosion Radius, Often Instant Kill
            Against Enemies
    Primary Fire: Shoot
    Think of a weapon as something that shoots a grenade which explodes at
    physical contact, only that it has a much bigger explosion radius and deals
    more damage than the HE Grenade, plus it can be controlled to follow enemies.
    That's basically what the Rocket Launcher is, and indeed, nearly always kills
    enemy in a single shot. If you're at a sniping tower with restockable ammo
    along with a RPG Launcher, be ready to dominate your enemies.
    After shooting a missile, you can home onto players, objects, or any terrain
    simply by pointing there with your laser-guided crosshair. Anything in there
    is sure to die or explode, and if it doesn't, I can guarantee you that it's
    badly weakened.
    The laser pointer is one noticable thing to your enemies, and whenever you're
    trying to kill someone, be sure to hide it as best as possible. The easiest
    method would be by just pointing at a wall close to where you expect your
    enemy to come from. Because they won't be able to see a laser point, they'll
    think it's safe, that is until they see a giant missile in their face in a
    matter of seconds.
    Just because the Rocket Launcher is a good weapon, in some ways "unfair", it
    doesn't mean that you're neccessarily undefeatable. Any good player with
    either some grenade skills, a 357, or a Crossbow can easily take you down.
    These enemies are top-priority in terms of who you should kill, so do so at
    ALL costs. Also, don't ever let any Shotgunner or melee fighter get in your
    face; they're deadly.
    A DEEPER LOOK: There are some shots I like to call Boomer Shots. These are the
    type of shots where you skillfully guide your rocket to hit enemies behind
    walls, in U Turns, etc. Simply, shoot your rocket, but you must timely
    guide it from then on. Let's say there's a U-Turn between your enemy and you.
      X|   |       |   |You
       |   |       |   |
       |   |_______|   |
      2                  1          
    Shoot it out toward where 1 is. After the rocket passes the curve, aim at 2.
    When you think the rocket has reached around the 2 area, aim where you
    predict your enemy is. Here's how the shot should have gone.
      X|   |       |   |You
    !!!|   |       |   | o
      o|   |_______|   | o
     o  \_____________/  o
    o                    o
    o o o o o o o o o o o
    That is, if you've successfully predicted where your enemy has been.
    There's also another type of shot. It requires either good prediction or
    top-notch headphones. Basically, you're running away from your enemy.
    _____________YOU__   |
                      |  |
                      |X |
    Your enemy is stalking you and you barely have any health. What to do? If
    you have excellent headphones, listen to his foot steps. As they gradually
    get louder, get more ready. When it's loud enough to know that he's right
    on the turning point, shoot at the floor or wall of the turning point! The
    splash is tremendous, so it should kill or immensely damage him. If not,
    quickly switch to another weapon and hope good luck. If you don't have good
    headphones, you'll have to predict when he comes, sadly. Also, always hide
    your Rocket Launcher's guiding laser, or you will get way too predictable.
    Yup, yup. The Rocket Launcher actually has some skill involved!
    Weapon Name: Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition [SLAM]
    Ammunition: 5 [Begin with 3]
    Range: N/A
    Speed: N/A
    Damage: Depends on Enemy's Distance from SLAM
    In Front of a Wall/Floor/Ceiling: Plant it on Wall/Floor/Ceiling on Laser Mode
    Not In Front of a Wall/Floor/Ceiling: Throw it with Satchel Mode On
    Description: The SLAM is a weapon only for those that are crafty in traps
    and/or are willing to camp. It serves two functions; one as a satchel charge
    you can plant anywhere which blows up at any time you choose to and; a
    tripmine that will explode when it's laser contacts movement. There are
    several nifty tricks and fun to be had with this little gizzmo.
    It's a great trick to deploy detonatable several SLAMs in chokepoints, but an
    intelligent enemy will shoot them at sight. Rather than leaving them in the
    open, a good idea is to hide your SLAMs using walls, objects, and even your
    Gravity Gun to your advantage. Also, detonate them *as* your enemy comes in.
    It responds after about one second when you press the button, so be aware of
    the lag. As for the Gravity Gun, it's pretty similar to the Grenade Launch.
    Throw the SLAM, then catch it with your GG. Shoot it across walls, inside
    clustered rooms, and several other areas. Don't shoot it in the open, as it
    will travel far due to the fact that SLAMs take a much longer time to explode.
    However, it's more useful than the Grenade in some, but less, situations. Use
    your head and seek for times when you should use it. It's also a convenient
    way to deploy SLAMs. This is known as the SLAM Launch, or Cook, by the way.
    As for the satchel charge mode, you must set up tripmine SLAMs in strategical
    and intelligent locations. They're great for suprising and OHKilling
    unsuspecting enemies. Place them against chokepoints in areas where enemies
    won't be able to realize quickly, such as at a turn in a tunnel, a room
    leading to a sniper tower, and even at areas where people spawn! For an extra
    bonus, try having tripmines set their lasers on objects such as explosive
    barrels, giant desks, or an object the enemy least suspects! If an enemy even
    slightly moves this object, he will go flying away.
    | Sub-Chapter 3-6: Items [C06] |
    * Medical Kit // Health Chargers *
    Medical kits come in 2 sizes, large and small. The large just looks like an
    ordinary first-aid kit and heals 25 HP, while the small one looks like a
    grenade only that it glows bright green.
    * Armor Chargers // Batteries *
    Ordinary armor charges look like over-sized batteries and give you 15 AP.
    An ordinary armor charger glows yellow and charges your suit, adding 30 HP.
    An armor charger that glows green charges up both life and 200 AP. The
    amount of HP you get does not subtract with how much of the 200 AP you will
    get. That's a very good bargain, although it takes quite a while to get 200
    |==========| Chapter 4: The Strategies [D00] |==========|
    | Sub-Chapter 4-1: General Tactics [D01] |
    This will cover a lot of effective tactics for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch that'll
    make you a formidable foe, including both basic and advanced strategies. Don't
    skip even a sentence in here, as it may make a huge difference in how you
    ===| Spring Jumping |===
    Unfortunately, bunny hopping is gone, so what's the new method of moving
    faster than normal without using up all your AUX power? The answer would be
    none other than sprint jumping. It's a technique that allows the player to
    roam around at high speeds while jumping, making him a harder target, and at
    the same time without wasting all your auxilary power.
    To perform it, you must start with a sprint. Now, as soon as you dash, jump
    and keep on hopping. Also, be sure not to still be sprinting. You should be
    going faster than normal even though you're not going quickly. Everytime you
    slow down, just start another sprint dash, and you should be going quickly.
    Sprint jumping allows you to reach areas more quickly and have you dodging
    all the time to make you harder to hit against enemies such as Crossbow users,
    357 Snipers, etc.
    ==| Bunny Hopping |===
    Bunny hopping is back, only that this time you'll have to start it quite
    differently. To start it, you must use a sprint jump, then start. Here are
    some things to note about bunny hopping after performing a sprint jump:
    1. Do not hold forward after the initial jump!
    2. You must turn left, right, left, right, and so on.
    3. If turning to the left, strafe leftwards. If turning right, strafe
    Here's the actual order:
    1. Start with a straight sprint jump.
    2. As soon as you hit the ground, jump again without holding forward. This
       time, turn left and strafe leftwards in the air. (You can do rightwards as
       well.) Be sure to turn slightly as well in order to keep some speed.
    3. Again, when you land, turn and strafe without holding forward. However, in
       this time, you must turn and strafe the opposite direction.
    4. Repeat, and enjoy!
    ===| Crouch Hopping |===
    Also, rather than sprint jumping, crouching is optional and in some
    conditions, better. You go faster while crouching than just jumping if you're
    not sprinting and want to save energy, but it also sets you on a linear path.
    Turning while doing so will immensely slow you down, and stop the "crouch
    jumping." Also, while crouch jumping, try to land on small objects such as
    drawers or small boxes. With good enough timing, when you jump off the object,
    you'll go zooming across as this is a phsyics "glitch" in Half-Life 2. To go
    really fast, try bunny hopping while crouching. :)
    Note: Crouch Hopping is best used at flat maps, not bumpy ones.
    NEW: Someone (name in the credits) told me that turning won't slow down your
         Crouch hopping, as long as you make a good, smooth one. I'm not good at
         this, yet.
    ===| Crouching |===
    Crouching is useful in many games to make a smaller target, although it's
    disadvantage is that you're movement is slower and that it's easier to get a
    headshot on you. Crouching is useful when you want to make yourself harder to
    hit at close range battles, but your movement is heavily limited and skilled
    players often will kill you. Use sparingly.
    ===| Crouch Jumping |===
    The TRUE Crouch Jumping is a type of jump that distorts your hitboxes, allows
    you to slightly have a jump boost, and make your screen strange as well. If
    done correctly, your screen should look as if it's shaking, while for others,
    it'll seem as if you're lagging in mid-air as your model starts getting
    a little choppy. This makes you very hard to headshot, heck even hit. It's
    very useful with weapons like the Shotgun that don't require a ton of
    precision. The only downside of the Crouch Jump is that it's very slightly
    harder to get headshots with, and very hard to do manually consistently.
    ===| Quick Weapon Switching |===
    This is a technique that nearly every tournament-level player uses. Basically,
    you bind almost or all weapons to a key that's easy and convenient to reach.
    For example, the weapons you use most are at the closest buttons to your
    movement keys, while the least used ones are either unbinded or just a bit
    further. This is MUCH faster than going through the HUD and the HUD_Fast
    Switch. Here's an example set up I use for the WSAD movement set-up.
    Space = Crossbow
    C = Shotgun
    X = Magnum
    Z = Rocket Launcher
    V = Pulse Rifle
    B = MP-7
    N = Pistol
    M = Crowbar/Stun Stick
    G = Gravity Gun
    I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be comfortable the most with those, so go
    experiment! Also, don't worry about taking too long to memorize your weapon
    binds. With a lot of practice, you can memorize them in just a day.
    Believe me. It's much faster, comfortable, and effective. For example, it
    can give you than one slight second that determines your death and life.
    Now, as for actually binding your weapons to keys, here are the console
    use weapon_357
    use weapon_rpg
    use weapon_crossbow
    use weapon_ar2
    use weapon_smg1
    use weapon_grenade
    use weapon_shotgun
    use weapon_
    ===| Automatic Reload |===
    You can reload weapons without actually going through the reloading animation!
    Automatic reloading is this technique's name, and it'll easily prove to be one
    of the most essential things you'll have to learn in order to be a great HL2
    DM player. Also, remember that this will not work for the MP7 and OSI.
    To do so, well, there's not much you really have to do. After using some
    ammunition, just switch to another weapon and wait for a certain period of
    time. Here's a list of how long it takes for each weapon to automatically
    - H&K USP Match: As long as normal reload animation
    - 357 Magnum: As long as normal reload animation
    - Shotgun: As long as reloading 6 shells, does not reload any if interfered
    - Crossbow: Twice as long as normal reload animation
    - All other weapons don't neccessarily have an automatic reload, as they don't
    The Automatic Reload technique is great during combat when you have no wall to
    hide at in order to reload. However, if you need to reload with either
    Automatic guns, look for a good place to hide, or just reload quickly.
    ===| In-Depth General Combat Tactics |===
    This is the section where you'll learn what to do during a mean gun fight.
    One of the most important things to do is to constantly be moving and dodging
    your enemy's bullets and strikes. While strafing unpredictably side by side,
    be sure to be Sprint Jumping. It'll make you extremely tough to decisively
    hit, especially when the enemy is using a weapon such as the Crossbow or
    Magnum. Be sure to vary which side you're moving towards, as being too
    predictable will only mean your doom. Although it's harder for your enemy to
    hit you, it'll be harder for you to aim as well. Practice is the key. This
    doesn't apply as much to far range combat, although it's still important in
    some cases. Crouching should be used sparingly. Moving clockwise, counter-
    clock wise, in diamonds, and other unpredictable patterns can greatly help.
    There are several different ways to reload during combat, specifically for
    each gun. For guns with short reloading times, such as the MP7 and USP, just
    reload as quickly as you can. By the time you've gone to cover, you may
    already be done. With the shotgun, you're out of luck if you have no cover and
    need to reload. Either switch to another weapon, sprint to safety while
    reloading, or just hope that you survive while you're getting your shells
    ready. Whenever you need or want to reload with the Magnum, always switch to
    another weapon instead just in case somebody attacks. You'll be reloading the
    Magnum while having the ability to shoot other bad guys! The Crossbow is
    indeed a unique weapon for reloading. It's automatic reload takes twice as
    long as a normal reload, which makes you thinking of whether you should just
    reload normally or have another gun out until it's ready. If you've hit your
    enemy but he survived the shot, switch to another weapon quickly and finish
    him off, as he should have little life. If you miss but think you'll get him
    the second time, reload normally. If you doubt that you'll hit him the next
    time, switch to another gun and practice with the Crossbow more often in the
    mean time. However, if there's a place to take cover at, by all means go there
    while reloading.
    Be sure to vary weapons for different distances. Never attempt to lob an MP-7
    grenade against an enemy an inch away from you or use the shotgun to take out
    someone miles away. Use the right gun for the right situation, and don't be
    hesitant to either. If you're fairly new, you may have trouble using certain
    guns against certain players such as using the Magnum against a Sprint-happy
    opponent. Just use an easier gun if that's the problem. It's better to start
    from easier guns to use and progress into the harder ones, such as the
    Crossbow. You can also make the current weapon you're holding INTO the right
    situation. For example, sprinting backwards to shoot an MP-7 grenade into
    someone, or dashing forward to headshot someone with a shotgun can be very
    powerful as well as forceful, and may as well give you the kill.
    ===| Taking the Offensive |===
    Rather than taking time to reload your guns and hiding behind barriers, you
    can go for the offensive, which of course is a foolish choice if you're low
    on health but quite effective with more.
    Rather than being conservative on your ammunition, give it all of you've and
    whenever you run out of ammo, switch to another weapon and finish him. For
    example, if you heavily damage someone, are close enough, and have some sprint
    energy ready, finish off with a Stun Stick or Shotgun while approaching. The
    technique is to give him no breathing room, and sometimes even corner him.
    ===| The Higher, the Better |===
    Just like in real-life combat, the higher the ground you're on, the bigger
    your advantage is, especially if there is no ceiling. This is because it's
    harder for your enemy to predict where you will be every time you retreat
    while you'll know where he basically is from where you previously saw him.
    Also, it's a lot harder to hit you, especially with the RPG, since he'll
    directly have to hit you or the wall if you're too close. The only counters
    are a Grenade Launch and a good sniper, but if they're even a bit better, you
    should still be able to kill him with ease.
    ===| Gun Muting |===
    Yes, you can mute your gun shots. No, many people do not know it. Being the
    little ***** I am, I decided to keep it secret. I've only told close friends
    and clan mates how to perform it. However, I will give you a clue. It
    involves the use of the flashlight.
    ===| Rapid Shotgun Firing |===
    This is another glitch not very well known. I again won't tell it, but I'll
    give you a clue. It involves exploiting the Shotgun's reloading action.
    ===| No-Damage Falling |===
    You must have 1-99 HP to perform this. Simply, just fall from any distance,
    but land on a health pack. You should get healed rather than damaged! HL2
    has such realistic gameplay, doesn't it?
    | Sub-Chapter 4-2: Sniping [D02] |
    Now, I've seen several new players and old veterans alike struggling whenever
    they are sniping. This is, of course, because they simply just don't know
    what weapons to use to snipe, and how to use the correct ones. If you think
    that the Crossbow is the single best sniper in the game, you are definitely
    It's been long argued between me and several other normal and veteran players
    whether the Crossbow or Magnum is better for sniping. I would go for the 357,
    as you might've already expected, while they go for the public thought, the
    infamous Crossbow. This is directly taken from a forum post I made, with few
    changes with words.
    "The Magnum is the better weapon in general. It's a lot harder to use well,
    but once mastered, it's a true beast. It has a lower cooldown time than the
    Crossbow, a headshot is good enough for a 99% One-Hit Kill (believe me,
    getting headshots with the magnum is possible within 3 months of practice),
    and the biggest difference of all, it has NO bullet time, making it better for
    It's nearly impossible to hit a distant player that sprints a lot if you're
    using the Crossbow, and your best hope is to predict where they'll go and then
    shoot there ahead of time. However, the Magnum hits its targets immediately,
    and if you miss, you've still got 5 shots more to go. In a battle of which is
     he better sniper, Magnum wins, with the exception of the fact that the suit
    zoom isn't as good.
    On close range battles, the Crossbow truly shines. One hit will kill any
    unarmored foe, but you can do nearly just as fine with the Revolver. However,
    the Magnum beats the Crossbow in taking out armored enemies, as the cooldown
    rate allows it to shoot the enemy multiple times quicker. The crossbow may
    win, but it's very close.
    Medium and Medium-Far range battles are a different story as well. The
    crossbow's bullet time still hinders it against sprint-happy and hopping
    players, but the Magnum is quick enough to even take those enemies out. Also,
    a good player armed with the Magnum can kill RPG launchers before they even
    get hit. However, the RPG Launcher will easily dodge the Crossbow player's
    bolts. Magnum wins.
    My vote goes for the Magnum."
    Now, here's the actual bulk of sniping tactics:
    ===| Magnum |===
    As mentioned in the above "essay," my opinion is that the Magnum is the best
    sniper in the game, although I do understand the fact that I'm not often
    agreed with. It has instant bullet time, has 6 bullets ready when you often
    need two, and sometimes one, to kill enemies with, and it used the suit zoom
    really well.
    - Use the zoom trick. If you do not know it, refer to the Magnum section in
      the weapons chapter.
    - When sniping, adapt to your enemy's movement pattern, and predict where
      he will go. Put your crosshair there, and timely shoot their exactly at the
      moment when you planned your enemy to be there. For example, if a player is
      constantly sprinting to his left, aim your crosshair leftwards towards
      a destination where he's likely to go, then shoot as he sprints there.
    - If you're interrupted while sniping, you can either change weapons or be
      risky and still use your Magnum. I'd recommend a good close-range weapon,
      such as a Shotgun, Crossbow, etc.
    - Use the automatic reload trick rather than wasting time seeing the reload
      animation. For example, when you're out of bullets or think you don't have
      enough to kill the enemy, switch to the Crossbow or an other weapon.
    - Don't forget how to zoom with the Magnum! Look up [C02] and Magnum to see
      how to do so.
    - Be sure to move around to be more dodgy.
    - If you're really good, aim for the head.
    - Good luck, and have fun fragging with the 357!
    ===| Crossbow |===
    The Crossbow is quite harder to use once you are versing very dodgy and quick
    players. It's disadvantages, such as having to reload every shot, it's slow
    speed, and bullet time, really hinder it for sniping. However, it's still
    possible, and the results are even more satisfying than that of a Magnum
    snipe. Just be ready to have a hard time if you're not good with the Crossbow.
    - While sniping, like for the Magnum and all other snipers, you must try to
      learn your enemy's movement pattern. Also, you have to predict where he will
      go, but unlike the Magnum, you must shoot there before your enemy even
      reaches there. This is because the Crossbow has bullet time. The further
      away you are, the longer it'll take for your bolt to reach the place you
      shot at. If all went well, and if the enemy runs into the area you shot at
      with your precise timing, he should die, or lose a great deal of health.
    - If you're interrupted, you can just simply zoom out and kill the enemy, as
      the Crossbow is great for close range.
    - Remember that the Crossbow has a slightly lower trajectory than the
      Crosshair's middle dot.
    - Move around unpredictably to dodge bullets.
    - Do not use the Automatic Reload trick. It takes twice as long to reload
      using that method than normally, and by the time you finish, your enemy may
      have ran away, or reloaded. Be sure to sprint around while reloading so that
      your enemy will have a harder time sniping you.
    | Sub-Chapter 4-3: Stealth & Camping [D03] |
    Although you may not expect stealth to be important in a Deathmatch game, it
    is for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch in several situations. Using it properly, you
    will be able to get easy kills, survive longer, and even become a huge
    ===| Ambushing // Camping |===
    Ambushing and camping is extremely popular in Counter-Strike and other FPS
    games, but it's a lot less effective and harder to successfully employ in
    HL2: DM most of the time. You'll want to know a few basic and advanced things
    before attempting to do so.
    Just because you're camping, does't mean you're always going to be attacking
    enemies that pass by. It's sometimes wiser to, such as when you have no
    armor and you see someone with a Crossbow walking by, or when you're inside a
    cluttered area and a grenade-happy foe is wandering. Perhaps you are camping
    in order to relieve all your wounds using the continually spawning health
    packs. Just remember that going offensively isn't always the wisest course to
    Whenever camping, always do so at dark places, choke points, and towers.
    A good camping spot isn't so cluttered up that your movement is limited, while
    it isn't so wide that enemies can attack from any side. A good camping spot
    would be the RPG tower at Overwatch, or the Revolver/Fan room in Lockdown.
    Always plan ahead, and try to go for places with restockable health packs,
    armor charges, and ammunition.
    If you're feeling stealthy, you can stay at places where enemeis wouldn't
    expect you to be at. For example, stay at a dark corner. When an enemy passes
    by, you can then kill him however you want. Whether it is by a shot through
    the sternum with a Crossbow, a headshot with the Revolver, or several savage
    whacks from a Crowbar, be sure to get the job done and suprise him as much as
    you can. Again, be sure to know your exceptions.
    A very important thing to know is that your enemy will know where you are, and
    will scan the area at where you've killed him. If he's smart, he'll come back
    fully packed with some nice weapons and a healthy pack of armor. You can
    either stay and take a beating (or give another one), or migrate to another
    | Sub-Chapter 4-4: Team Work // CTF Tactics [D06]|
    Team work is very important, especially in CTF and TDM maps. A few average
    players with determination, effort, and most important of all, teamwork can
    kill even the best players (as well as hackers). There are limitless amounts
    of things you can do only with some cooperative people giving you a hand,
    such as cornering, rushing, etc.
    Rather than being solitary, you can have a few friends join you in ambushes.
    If any one of you are about to die, another person can kill the enemy, shoot
    a det pack to the wounded ally, or absorb the damage for him. In team
    ambushes, almost none of you guys should die, and you'll be able to take down
    the most formidable enemies because concentrated fire from multiple people
    beats a single guy with skill, no matter how much of it he has.
    Another great thing to do is what I call the "Fort Camp." It'll require at
    least three people. Basically, you and several people find a good tower-like
    area to camp at, such as the RPG tower in Overwatch. After doing so, have at
    least one man be the guy who either snipes or uses the RPG, some people to
    take care of enemies attempting to sneak up on you, and some setting traps
    with SLAMs, explosive barrels, giant objects, and just supporting everyone in
    general. If one guy ever needs to restore health and there's no health pack
    nearby, have him mend his wounds somewhere else while someone takes his
    position. A partner for the wounded guy is optional and is not recommended if
    you guys have a few men. This will create an extremely tough bunker-like
    team of men that will be very hard for your enemies to penetrate.
    Of course, like any other army, you guys should walk in a certain pattern.
    However, rather than slowly advancing and marching, you'll be on the move in
    a different way than your allies.
    Remember that Grenade Launches and RPGs can kill a whole group of you guys in
    a single volley or two. This is why you and your allies should spread a bit
    and not be cluttered. Splash weapons will be less effective, and it'll be
    harder for your enemies to concentrate fire if you guys are constantly dodging
    your enemies's bullets. Also, advance enemies in a crooked line rather than
    a straight one, and try to surround the enemy. For example, let's imagine a
    situation where two guys allied together have 20 HP each, while they attempt
    to take out someone who's healthy. If they are to stick too close to each
    other, the enemy will easily just kill them both barely having to move his
    crosshair. However, if the two surround the enemy, he'll have to decide who to
    hit first, turn his crosshair all the way around after killing one guy, and
    may be heavily damaged or even dead by the time he attempts to deal with the
    other guy. This even applies to real life combat, melee or not.
    Because a team consists of more than one person, you guys can fire with more
    than one weapon. Remember this, and use your imagination. Think of a balanced
    team consisting of a sniper, a close ranger, and a supporter. Try out all
    sorts of stuff, such as having a meat-shield in the front and weaker guys
    using the big guns.
    One weapon combo you definitely should try out is what I call the
    "T SLAM Launch." One guy throws the SLAM, while the other catches it with the
    Gravity Gun. Then, the guy with the GG shoots it at an enemy while the SLAM
    thrower detonates it at the time it contacts the enemy. This is extremely
    useful for killing guys when you are low on grenades and powerful weapons.
    Another would be a cooperative version of "Gravity Gun Flying." One guy
    performs the Gravity Gun Flying tactic, while another shoots while he's
    flying. Of course, you'll want a giant and tough object. It's quite risky, but
    if done well, you guys will be an extremely hard-to-hit and tricky foe. What's
    harder to kill than an accurate machine gunner who's flying at high speeds?
    Experiment with your team mates, and if you find a cool trick, be sure to
    e-mail it to me!
    If there's an area you can't reach yourself and don't have any objects nearby
    to Gravity Gun Fly with, then have a team mate boost you up! Make him crouch
    so that you can get on top of him by crouch jumping, then jump so that he can
    be standing as well. Now you should be able to reach areas that you could only
    reach if you were twice your normal height!
    Here's an advanced and extremely hard version of boosting. When you're on top
    of your ally and he's standing, you can reach even higher places than your
    current position. To do so, jump again, then have him jump a short time after
    you do. After jumping, you'll go down normally. However, because your ally
    jumped, you'll land in a quicker time. Now, at this critical point, jump
    again! You'll jump further using this method than the previous one, but it's
    a lot tougher and you as well as your ally will need to practice this.
    You can also boost with the Combine Orb. If your friend jumps and you shoot
    it at him, he'll go soaring very high and far. Uses of this are only limited
    to your imagination........ and the map.
    Warning: The following tactic you are about to read about is nearly impossible
    to perform.
    History: The Pubmasters are a clan for Counter-Strike, and they're one very
    unique one. They perform all sorts of weird tricks and still manage to win.
    The Pubmasters love to screw around, but amazingly are good and still win when
    doing so. Although they performed their tricks with the old Half-Life 1
    engine, some tricks are still possible.
    To start this trick, begin with a boost until you reach a position where both
    people are standing, one on top of the other. Now, just walk. That's it. The
    two of you have to walk at the same time. If you think that's easy, you're
    definitely wrong. You and your partner will know EXACTLY when to start
    walking, EXACTLY which way and EXACTLY when to, and EXACTLY know when to stop.
    In fact, I think it's possible only to do this if your partner's computer is
    connected to your Local Area Network's connection, as even a slight bit of
    lag may ruin it.
    Now, what's the use of this? The Pubmasters use it as a mobile way of
    boosting the top player, to have one play attack from the ground while the
    other attack from an extremely akward position, which will definitely give you
    the advantage. Also, it's just to show off you and your partner's skills as
    well as being funny. You can even try this with three people if you're crazy
    I don't actually recommend you to obsessively practice this and such. It takes
    an incredible amount of practice, it really isn't worth it, and it's nearly
    impossible to do with non-LAN partners. I just put it here just for the heck
    of it.
    In some CTF maps, you'll be able to shoot the flag. Use this to your advantage
    when you want it to go from one spot to another quickly. For example, rather
    than having to go all the way up the ramp in 2Fort after getting the flag,
    have a team mate hide in the enemy's elevator. Shooting the flag at them to
    have them pick it up. Your enemy will think the flag man will be in the ramp,
    and you can be a decoy! Hurray!
    |==========| Chapter 5: Official Map-Specific Strategies [E00] |==========|
    In here, you'll learn several tricks, tips, and such in Valve's official maps
    to be the king of servers you join in.
    | Sub-Chapter 5-1: Overwatch [E01] |
    Overwatch is amongst my favorite, and one of the two first maps to be released
    by Valve in the arrival of Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. It takes place in the
    beginning of the Chapter Follow Freeman in the single-player game, with a few
    twists. It has a very small amount of health and armor charges, so remember
    Overwatch is mainly an open field, making it a good place for grenade
    launching, RPGing, and sniping. However, there are very few places to hide at,
    so you'll mainly be constantly on the move as well. You shouldn't be having
    too much trouble against enemies who use the Gravity Gun a lot, unless they're
    blocking an entrance to the middle building. You can easily counter explosive
    barrel throwers with the USP or MP7; just shoot it while staying as far away
    as possible. Also, if you see a red dot, be as stealthy as possible to avoid
    being seen by the RPGer. You'll want a Magnum or Crossbow to take out RPGers
    from a save and non-risky position.
    The Crossbow room is quite narrow and a popular place for Crossbow campers, so
    be careful. If you're very suspicious or are sure someone is in there, timely
    grenade launch the area to clear and kill anything in there. I don't recommend
    camping there, because others can do that to you and if you try to get out,
    they may blow you up with some MP7 nades and such.
    The bottom floor is often quite an active battle arena. It's the best place
    for Gravity Gun fans, melee freaks, and Energy Orb spammers due to it's linear
    and narrow space. Also, it contains two spawn points so you should be armed
    with a toilet or whatever you can find in case an enemy pops out from no
    where. Also, remember some key things in a Gravity Gun VS Gravity Gun fight.
    I recommend you to aim at there feet as previously mentioned. If you love the
    Crossbow and are extremely good with it, you can probably use it's ricochet
    ability to hit people's feet. Because Overwatch only has armor charges at
    the RPG tower (which is a place you wouldn't want to leave), there's a high
    chance that your enemy won't survive the shot.
    The middle floor only has one spawn point and isn't quite as action packed.
    It's still great for the Energy Orb, Gravity Gun, melee weapons. However, it's
    also home to the Shotgun and a popular routine to the RPG tower as it connects
    to the outside. If you're willing to go to the RPG tower and it's free, be
    sure to take the slams inside to guard the hallway. If there is a RPG hogger,
    use the Grenade Launch to kill him. Be sure he doesn't spot you because if he
    does, you're dead.
    The top floor is what I have been referring to the RPG tower. It contains a
    balcony with a health pack and a single rocket, an armor charge, several
    grenades, and several objects. It's the best place for sniping as well, as you
    can take advantage of the tiny bits and holes on the walls. However, beware of
    keen snipers who'll attempt to do the same to you. They can't be hit by
    rockets easily, so don't think you're extremely godly. Grenade launches are
    devestating as well. If you're Mr. Cheap shot, just use the RPG to kill
    everything on your screen and you should do well. You can also use Gravity
    Gun Flying or Orb boost to reach the area. Also, another scary thing are
    people who use the Super Orb Gravity Gun Jump in order to snipe you.
    | Sub-Chapter 5-2: Lockdown [E02] |
    Lockdown takes place inside the empty prison, Nova Prospekt. The whole map
    is in-doors and is mainly dark, which causes for some stealthy strategic
    play and an advantage to those who use dark player models.
    Just because it's an in-door map, doesn't mean it's all too cluttered. In
    fact, most of it is still pretty wide open, so don't expect Combine orbs to
    be too good, although they're a lot more useful in here than other maps.
    Splash damage weapons are especially dangerous, so use them to their maximum
    The map is divided into several locations: (ASCII Map Below)
    Note: Scale not fit to actual map.
       |                                         |______
       | |                 OSI                          |
       | |                                       |      |         N
       | |____     ______________________________|_   __|         |
       | |                                              |     W <-+-> E
    HW1| |                                              |         |
    -->| |        ===============================       |         S
     __| |_             BATHROOM                        |
    |   _  |_______________________________________  ___|
    |  |_| |                           ||               |
    |__   _|       ||      _________ DR\/               |
     __| |___  HW3 \/     |  _____  |  __               |
    |        |____________| |     | |_|  |______________|
    |      |________________|    | ___HW3___________   ++
    |      |                |    |_____    _____   _____|
    |__   _|                |          |  |     |_|<-- CB
       | |                           __|  |__ _______  _
       | |                          /        |          |
       | |                         |  200TW  |   TR     |
    HW2| |              ||          \__   |  |__________|
    -->| |          HW2 \/             |  |  |_____
       | |+____________________________|  |  |____ |<-- STAIRS
       |                                                           |
       |                       TCR                                 |
       |                                                           |
       |                                                           |
       |_________________              ___________________         |
       |                                                           |
       |_________________________    _______________________    ___|
                                 |  |    |               |         |
                         VENT -->|  |____|               |  357    |
                                 |_______       FAN      |  ROOM   |
                                         |     ROOM      |         |
    200TW: 200-Armor Tower
    357 ROOM: Fan Switch/357 Room
    BATHROOM: Bathroom
    CB: Crossbow
    DR: Dark Room
    FAN ROOM: Fan Room
    HW1: Hallway 1
    HW2: Hallway 2
    HW3: Hallway 3
    OSI: Overwatch Standard Issue Room
    STAIRS: Stairs
    TR: Torture Room
    TCR: The Cage Room
    VENT: Vent
    The 200-Armor Tower got its name due to the fact that its the only place of
    all the original Deathmatch maps where there's a suit charger that charges
    up to 200 Armor. This can be very scary to anybody, and because many people
    will want 200 Armor, a huge struggle for power will often be played there.
    It's a very small, cluttered area with a shotgun, some ammunition and health
    packs, many deadly objects, and both breakable windows and an unbreakable one
    as well. This area is a great place to set "physical" traps at (Explained at
    the Gravity Gun section.) However, beware. Smart players will shoot Combine
    Orbs or lob in grenades there, so always be vigilant and listen carefully.
    The Fan Switch/357 Room, Fan Room, Vent, and Cage Room are all connected.
    They're also one of the most frequently battled areas as well, for a few
    popular reasons. After crossing the vent, the Fan Room contains the only RPG
    in the whole map, as well as some grenades and health charges. However,
    remember that every time someone goes in the vent, the female VOX will
    unintelligibly say out a warning. Use this to your advantage. There's a switch
    in the Fan Switch Room, which you can toggle using your Gravity Gun. It looks
    like a plug, and when inserted, will make the Fan suck in enemies and
    mutilate them. Every time the female VOX says out the warning and you can
    reach the Fan Switch Room in time, remember to use the plug to kill him. It
    won't earn you a kill, but can save you from getting more deaths by an RPG
    If you're good with the Magnum, the 357 Room also serves as a good camping
    place, where everytime there's a riot in the Cage Room, you can unsuspectingly
    pop up and kill some enemies. However, both the 357 Room and Cage Room are
    very vulnerable to OSI Energy Ball strikes, so be very careful when attacking
    enemies using the OSI. Splash weapons, as always, are very deadly, and the
    357 Room contains MP7 grenades, so be sure to use them as well. The Cage Room
    is an ideal place for Gravity Gun and Melee fights too.
    The bathroom is basically a place where there's constantly a blood bath. It's
    wide, pretty open, and big. This area is probably where the Combine Orb
    probably shines the least, so avoid using it here. When entering here, you
    should expect many MP-7 or Gravity Gun users, as there's lots of explosive
    barrels and carts, and it's a perfect area for splash weapons.
    All the hallways are perfect places for Crossbows, which is acquired only at
    CB, due to the fact that they're all linear and narrow. Although the Combine
    Orb does well in Hallway 2 and 3, it really shines and Hallway 1 and very
    small rooms. Get your Gravity Gun ready especially when you're at Hallway 1
    and you didn't come from the Bathroom side of the map!
    The Torture Room is a good place to camp at as well if you love using the
    Magnum. You can shoot out people from all over the place, such as enemies
    attempting to go at the stairs, Hallway 2, and below the 200 Armor Tower.
    | Sub-Chapter 5-3: Steam Lab [E03] |
    Steamlab is a fairly large map as well. Like Lock Down, it's all in-doors, so
    the action is nearly always concentrated at close combat. Also, it has
    several traps concerning the use of steam and pipes, hence the map's name
    Steam Lab. Close range weapons generally work better than far range weapons,
    but that's your preference. For example, I love the Magnum at close range
    while others only use it for sniping (which I find ridiculous; a headshot
    kills 100 HP/100 Armor!). There's several hiding places with both high and
    low elevation levels; expect campers there.
    Steam Lab has several very good locations for SLAMs, as it was the launch
    map when an update including SLAMs, Crowbars, and Stun Sticks arrived, making
    Steam Lab "the" SLAM map. An excellent place to set SLAMs are at the area
    around the center room; on the entrance to the stairs of the SLAM room, the
    entrance to the SLAM room, and the entrance to the 357 place. Unsuspecting
    enemies will walk to them, and notice too late that they'll blow up into
    pieces. You can also manually set down the SLAMs, then climb the ladder for
    higher land and detonate the SLAMs. The top levels of the center room are also
    great for Magnum users; use the boxes as cover, but remember that they are
    breakable. Use them for hiding instead, and don't let the enemy know you're
    behind the box. If you must let them know, make it too late for them. It's
    also very annoying but effective to set up SLAMs at tunnels and intersections.
    It's also fun to put SLAMs in the teleporter's destinations...
    Combine orbs should be a very rare sight, so don't worry about it. Instead,
    worry about Shotguns, Magnums, MP-7 Grenades, and the rare RPG or Crossbow
    user. Shotgun and MP-7 ammunition and grenades are plentiful, so expect to
    fight against these weapon users. Shotguns are generally used at very close
    range, while Grenade launches and MP-7s are used at medium range. Steam Lab
    has several small objects, but most aren't OHK objects, so be aware of that.
    Of course, bricks and some of the heavier, larger objects are fatal. Also,
    don't forget the Grenade Launch; it really shines here due to the lack of
    armor charges and the fact that the map is generally a cluttered, in-door
    playing field divided into seperate areas. Unlike Lockdown, the map's seperate
    areas are also generally small, so melee weapons shine in usefulness as well.
    Whenever your enemy is next to the pipes and there's a valve next to you, use
    it! Steam should come out. There's one section in the map where you must
    manually set the steam pipes on fire after turning the valve; just simply
    shoot the pipes then. Just like the fan in Lockdown, it won't give you a kill,
    but will do the job. Be careful not to be next to the pipes while your enemy
    is awaiting to turn the valve!
    Remember the map very well. It'll come to your advantage, as you'll know the
    best areas to set SLAMs at, what weapons are best at what areas, etc.
    | Sub-Chapter 5-4: Underpass [E04] |
    Underpass is both an indoor and outdoor map. It has several levels of
    elevation, and it takes place on the middle of a train track, during a
    rebellion against the Combine. It started out as a custom map, then was
    made official when the author entered the map as his entry in a contest.
    The outdoors is heaven for whoever controls the RPG and Magnum grounds.
    The RPG/357 spammer gets a suit and health charger as well, although you
    can perhaps attack him with stealth if he attempts to charge himself.
    However, if no one does have the RPG, the battles generally consist of ARs,
    SMGs, and Crossbows. There should be an empty dumpster leading to a Crossbow;
    it's very cluttered up so it's a good place to set a SLAM or clear out with a
    grenade. The tops of ladders, especially those leading to the RPG or Magnum,
    can be ideal places for SLAMs to rest at. You can also try the catwalk as a
    camping place. It's great because no one expects you to be there, and a lot
    of people hardly check there even if you shoot them. Remember that the RPG
    spot is pretty much a magnet, so you can keep laying down SLAMs as det packs,
    then detonate it as soon as someone comes even a step too close to the RPG.
    In-door fights are almost always close range, so Shotguns, Crossbows, and
    other such weapons are considerably good. SLAMs can be very annoying as well,
    which can be found at the survelliance camera room (looks darkish blue).
    Underpass doesn't have too much objects that are great for the Gravity
    Gun, so don't expect tough fights when going against GG users. Also, the
    rooms are narrow, making them perfect for SLAMs (once again).
    Credits go to CynicalMagician for this one. There are two well unknown spots
    that provide Orbs and such. One is located underground, and requires an
    object for the Gravity Gun jump or just to peek. It's right by the ladder that
    connects the surface of the map to the underground. It looks like a small cave
    somewhat. The other secret spot is located on the door blocked by wooden
    planks and other materials. Just crouch down and Gravity Gun in the objects.
    | Sub-Chapter 5-5: Resistance [E05] |
    This map was based from "Bodies" from Blood. I don't know what that is
    honestly, but it must be very dark like this map.
    It's pretty wide open, making it subpar for explosive weapons. It's rare to
    have a medium-range based battles, so the Gravity Gun and Grenade will prove
    to be the most useful of your starting weapons.
    The RPG is located in the only outdoor area of the map, and is perhaps the
    most visited area. There's also an upper area that overwatches the RPG
    section, so you can camp there and take out any greedy fellows. However,
    other people love to go through that way as well, and it's very cluttered,
    making it great for Combine Orbs, Grenades, and Gravity Guns. In the
    middle battle arena, there's tons of objects and a tall tower looking over
    it. Lob in grenades in there or even perform the SLAM launch in case anyone
    camps there; it'll work great. If your enemy is smart, he'll grab the Grenade
    and shoot it back, which is why the SLAM launch is better. You can detonate
    it when he grabs it. ;) Also, the tower guy is very likely to have an AR
    with combine orbs, so beware of them and try to use it to your advantage.
    Catch his orbs, then shoot it at him or at others. The other areas are nice
    places to put SLAMs in, so if you have some, place them carefully.
    That's all I've got to say since this map is pretty basic and not really
    | Sub-Chapter 5-6: Power House [E06] |
    This map has those feelings the older deathmatch and multiplayer FPS games
    do. If you're a retro gamer, you may enjoy this map's feeling and atmosphere.
    Anyway, it's pretty much a cluttered map with a huge, wide open battlefield
    hall in the middle.
    The cluttered feeling makes it perfect for Gravity Guns, Shotguns, SLAMs,
    Crossbows, and other close-range weapons. Explosives can be tricky to use
    in the halls because it's splash can deal tremendous to you as well. The
    middle has three levels, and the top one is the ideal place for the RPG
    spammer as the RPG even spawns in there; talk about unfairness. Your best
    bet would be the Magnum, as you don't get it from the top floor. Grenade
    Launches are pretty good, as well as MP7 grenades, in the open areas,
    especially on the middle level. Also, when fighting on the open middle
    floor, there are several ways to trick your enemies. You should notice that
    behind some cover such as boxes, there are two ways to come from. Make your
    enemy think that you're in a rush and are sprinting away while you hide
    behind, listen for him stalking you, go through the alternate way, then
    ambush him!
    Be sure to have some SLAMs packed up as you go on your way to the top floor.
    Then, place the SLAMs to the right/left, and if you have enough, on the top
    as well for both ladders. Your enemy may not notice it, and if he does, it'll
    stall him by making him blow up the SLAMs from a distance or not go up at all!
    | Sub-Chapter 5-7: Run Off [E07] |
    Run Off was dedicated to an old classical Half-Life Multiplayer map named
    Crossfire. It consisted of a huge base and several buildings where players
    could call in air-strikes from the base, luring everyone to there, then snipe
    invaders, set traps, etc. Oh, the old days.
    The outside mainly consists of medium, far, and very far range battle. There
    are few objects and you're often not going to get close enough, so the Gravity
    Gun isn't nearly as useful. Magnums really shine and are deadly, but
    thankfully most people do not know it's location; it's on top of the dumpster
    next to the Crossbow dumpster. Use the Zoom Trick, and do your wonders! There
    is also a dumpster containing a Combine Rifle and orbs; it's the most popular
    place to go outside as well, so remember that. The Grenade Launch is really
    hard to perform here, but if you're good enough, it'll still deal good
    damage. The RPG is located on the end of the catwalk. It's really easy for
    him to kill enemies, but it's not exactly the best place to be at when
    several guys are attacking him. However, you can't restock your RPG ammo
    anywhere far away, sadly. Oh, and when you hear the sirens, wait for a
    little while outside if you are already. Keep getting those kills by 357/
    Crossbow/RPG whoring, then slip in later on. If you die, don't respawn until
    the missiles come. As simple as that.
    Inside the base is a great area for SLAMs, Grenade Launches, close ranged
    weapons, and it's where you start MISSILE LAUNCHES!!! Just push that button
    and prepare for some visitors! Use physical traps and SLAMs as well as you
    can, and be sure to have a Shotgun or RPG. Watch out for Orbs; they're the
    deadliest things for the base.
    |==========| Chapter 6: HL2 FAQ [F00] |==========|
    There are several HL2 and DM questions asked repeatedly over and over again.
    Because of this, I've decided to create a mini-FAQ within a HL2DM FAQ.
    Note that some of these may not be actual questions, but things commonly
    said as well and my responses to them.
    Q: How do you switch teams from Rebel to Combine or visa-versa?
    A: You must go to Options > Multiplayer, then change your model belonging to
       the opposite force. Remember, it counts as a suicide if you change while
    Q: How do you use console?
    A: Go to Options > Keyboard > Advanced, then check the box that toggles the
       ability for you to open up your console.
    Q: The RPG is so cheap!
    A: Um, no it's not. Revolvers do extremely well against RPG hoggers. However,
       you'll actually need skills.
    Q: What are the game's minimum specs?
    A: - 1.2 GHz Processor
       - 256MB RAM
       - DirectX 7 Level Graphics Card
       - Windows 2000/XP/Me/98
       - 4.5+ GB of available Hard Drive Space
       - Mouse
       - Keyboard
       - Internet Connection Required (For Steam)
       However, barely meeting these requirements will make the game run very
    Q: How do I check my computer specs?
    A: Right click on My Computer, then click properties if you want to check RAM,
       GHz Processor, and type of Windows. As for your Graphics Card, right click
       on your desktop (or go to Control Panel) and click Properties (or Display
       if on Control Panel). Then, click settings. To check the amount of free
       space you have, go to My Computer, then right click on C:/ and click
    Q: Did you make these questions up?
    A: No, except this one, due to the fact that it may get asked...
    Q: Where can I get custom models, skins, mods, etc.?
    A: Try http://www.hl2files.com
    Q: How do I reduce lag?
    A: Whatever you do, DO NOT tweak your HL2 Files in anyway, or VAC will
       permanently ban your Steam account. Just join servers with pings that go
       up to 100, try to avoid large servers, and do not put higher settings than
       recommended unless it doesn't affect your lag.
    Q: May I use your guide?
    A: There's a huge chance I may say yes. However, I will look into your site
       at first, so be aware of that. Also, I will refer to others if your site
       is trustworthy.
    |==========| Chapter 7: Conclusion [G00] |==========|
    This is the final chapter of the guide.
    | Sub-Chapter 7-1: Final Words // Credits & Thank [G01] |
    I hope you've enjoyed this guide as much as I enjoyed writing it. Actually, I
    hope you enjoyed it MORE than I have been while writing it. Some times were
    tedious, some times were fun, for me.
    Valve, Sierra, and Others: For making such a great game
    Steam: I hate and like you...
    Family: For getting this game and caring for me. I wouldn't even be alive to
            make this without them.
    GameFAQs: A great place if you want to know something about games or just want
              to talk about them. If I hadn't known about GF, I perhaps wouldn't
              have made this guide.
    PUBMASTERS: For some of the team tactics.
    BMC: For raising my game to a much higher level, and making me a lot better
         in CTF, but slightly worse in DM. They're also quite friendly.
    Halflife2.org: Taught me some HL2 tricks, such as GG Flying, Jumping, telling
                   me that bunny hopping still exists, etc.
    Several FAQs: Several of the HL2 guides, namely the DM guide, told me some
                  little tricks and tips that were all compiled into this one,
                  huge guide.
    Me: For using all that time finding out every single bit of detail, from
        how much damage each weapon deals, to how much damage armor absorbs.
    noobflinger: Told me that a giant object isn't need to perform the Gravity
                 Gun jump.
    netrex: Telling me about sensitivity, crouch jumping not slowing down, etc.
            Also fixed the acronym "LMAO" for me.
    X infested Falcon (XiF): Formatting Idea. :)
    Cynical Magician: I told him how to perform the Gun Mute Trick and Rapid
                      Shotgun fire, and he kept the vow of not telling anyone how
                      to perform it. He's the one who told me the "secret areas"
                      of Underpass.
    | Sub-Chapter 7-2: Contacting Me [G02] |
    There are several methods to contact me. However, there are a few rules,
    although they're not too hard to take. Please take the time to review them
    before contacting me.
    No, I will never have physical or personal contact with you. Don't bother.
    AIM: My screen name is CKAmishScientist. However, when messaging me, please
    do tell me how you know my SN and which guide or work you got my SN from. It's
    really scary when tons of different strangers talk to you every day.
    E-Mail: My e-mail is amishtechnology@gmail.com . Be sure to make your subject
    "Half-Life 2 Deathmatch" or something similar to that, so that you have a
    better chance to get a reply from me. Hate e-mails will be ignored or used
    against you; remember that G-Mail has a GB of storage. ;)
    Game: If you ever want to play me, check out the [BMC] servers at
    http://bmcclan.gamerzunlimited.net/ to check if I am online or not and am
    currently playing. My game name is [BMC]Headjob or [BMC](Korean Letters), if
    you want to know. When you come, be sure to tell me how you know me at first,
    as I'm very grumpy against suprising strangers!
    I've gotten several different game aliases as well:
    - HeadJob
    - Headcrab
    - Ms. Nana
    - Arachnid
    - The Human Isotope
    - More, although I have the following names above almost all the time.
    NEW: Our main server has changed to the CTF mod. Go check the servers at
    http://gamerzunlimited.com as well to see if I'm playing DM.
    | Sub-Chapter 7-2: Legal Information [G03] |
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    If you plagiarise any content here, you're going to get in big trouble.
    The following sites are the only sites allowed to have this guide:
    - GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) & GameSpot (www.gamespot.com)
    - Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    - Half-Life2 NET (www.halflife2.net)
    - BMC Clan (www.bmcclan.gamerzunlimited.net)
    - My Own Websites, Of Course
    - IGN (www.ign.com)
    - SuperCheats (www.supercheats.com)
    - DMF Clan (www.followfreeman.com)
    - DLH (www.dlh.net)
    The following sites are NOT allowed to put this guide up:
    - 911 Codes (http://911codes.com)
    - 9 Lives (www.9lives.ru/eng
    - Bean's Playstation Dimension (www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm)
    - Cheat CC (www.*******.com) To avoid censor bypass.
    - Cheat Database (www.cheat-database.com)
    - Cheat Index (www.cheatindex.com)
    - Cheat Matrix (www.cheatmatrix.com)
    - Cheat Search (www.cheatsearch.com)
    - Cheat Stop (www.panstudio.com/cheatstop)
    - Console Domain (www.consoledomain.co.uk)
    - Dreamland (http://kirby.pokep.net)
    - Game Express (www.gameexpress.com)
    - Games Domain (www.gamesdomain.com)
    - Mega Games (www.megagames.com)
    - SabreTechDesign (www.sabretechdesign.com)
    - Square Haven (www.square-haven.net)
    - Ultimate System (www.flatbedexpress.com)
    - VideoGaming.net (www.videogaming.net)
    - Thanks to Michael Sarich for the list.
    If you want to put this guide up your website, please contact me. From then
    on, I'll handle it.
    Copyright 2005 Charles Kim

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