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    Warrior FAQ by thadarkman78

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    Guild Wars- Warrior FAQ
    by thadarkman78
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Updates
    3. Explanation on the Warrior
    4. Attributes
    5. Weapon Types
    6. Choosing your Secondary Profession
    7. Possible uses for Warrior as a Secondary Profession
    8. Possible builds
    9. Final Thoughts
    10. Credits
    11. Copyright/Legal Information
    1. Introduction
    Hello, this is thadarkman78, and well, this happens to be my first FAQ for
    GameFAQs, quite an exciting time. I hope you, the reader, will find this FAQ 
    very enjoyable and useful in helping to decide whether the Warrior is the 
    right choice for a profession. If you have any questions, comments, issues,
    or possible ideas for new sections of the FAQ, please, let me know at one of
    the following ways:
    e-mail: hellprowler@gmail.com (1st priority for checking)
    AIM: knickfan345 (Not on as much, but I'll be on sometimes)
    MSN: hellprowler@gmail.com (On more often than AIM, you can message me there)
    I also wanted to make a mention of one thing. Some people might be expecting
    to find guides on how to run through missions with a Warrior. Well I've
    decided not to include that on my FAQ for a few reasons:
    1. I don't do runs with my Warrior, so my advice really wouldn't be helpful.
    2. The amount of time required to explain how to do runs for each mission
    would take way too long, not to mention that explaining how to do runs in text
    without pictures would be a daunting task, so I think it's in the best
    interest of both parties that I don't do running guides. I may decide to add
    a brief section on running tips and tricks or something like that, but not 
    full fledged guides.
    2. Updates
    Version 0.8 - Man it's been a long time since I updated. Changed the secondary
    profession sections and Warrior as a secondary Profession section. Slightly
    modified the attribute section. Added the IWAY build to builds. Added a little
    thing to the introduction, may be worth checking out for some. Also changed
    some legal info. Expect probably more builds in the coming months ahead, and
    also when the next Chapter releases I will modify this guide for Guild Wars:
    Factions. Also I will attempt to get all the hafts and grips into this guide.
    Finally I'll attempt to update this within the next month or so, unlike my big
    7 or 8 month break in between last time :P.
    Version 0.6 - Didn't get to do as much as I would like due to time
    constraints, however, I updated the profession explaining for secondary
    professions, along with a couple of new builds submitted from readers. I hope
    to get more done in the coming version update, which should be in a couple of
    weeks maybe. I also updated a list of sites that can host my guide.
    Version 0.5 - The very first release of this FAQ. Included are the basic 
    explanations of the Warrior class, attributes, weapon types, some builds,
    and some skills. Look for more builds, comments, critiques, analysis, and more
    in the next version.
    3. Explanation on the Warrior
    Ahh yes, the fabled class we like to call the Warrior. The Warrior at times
    can be a very useful asset in any online RPG, yet sometimes is overlooked.
    With Guild Wars however, the Warrior will never get overlooked. A viable
    necessity in all aspects of this game, from PvE to PvP, the Warrior will
    be needed and depended on. As some of you might come from an MMORPG
    background, you might see the Warrior as one who is just responsible for 
    being the "meat shield" of the group, that is, the one who sits there taking
    all the damage while the other professions have all the fun doing damage. With
    Guild Wars' style of action-packed combat, this is far from the case. The
    Warrior can deal a great amount of damage, and combined with the right set of
    skills and knowledge, the Warrior's presence will be felt throughout the
    battlefield. There are of course, many ways to go about doing this, but like
    any other profession, we have to start out with the basics.
    4. Attributes
    As you know already, there are a set of attributes for each different 
    Profession in Guild Wars. The Warrior, as a primary profession, has access to
    5 different attributes. They are:
    1. Strength - This attribute affects the amount of armor penetration for a
    Warrior. This is the Warrior's primary profession only Attribute, and the
    formula for calculating the amount of armor penetration is x%, where x is the
    amount of attribute points you have invested in Strength. For all Warrior
    primary professions, this is really a huge want for your build, as armor 
    penetration will be important in dishing out more damage for your build.
    2. Axe Mastery - This attribute reflects your proficiency in axes. The more 
    you have invested to Axe Mastery, the better the axes you will be able to
    equip. Not to mention that skills based on Axe Mastery will increase in
    damage output.
    3. Hammer Mastery - This attribute reflects your proficiency in Hammers. The
    more you have invested to Hammer Mastery, the better the hammers you will be
    able to equip. As well as increasing the power of your Hammer Mastery skills.
    4. Swordsmanship - This attribute reflects your proficiency in Swords. The
    more you have invested to Swordsmanship, the better the swords you will be
    able to equip. Also, it increases the power of your Swordsmanship skills.
    5. Tactics - This attribute will raise the stats of some key defensive skills.
    There are no outside benefits to tactics other than raising the level of
    skills requiring Tactics investment.
    5. Weapon Types
    As you can see above, based on your possible attributes, you will have a 
    choice between 3 weapons, a choice that only the Warrior class has a privilege
    to make. Those 3 weapons are of course the Axe, the Sword, and the Hammer. Now
    I'm sure you are asking yourselves this question, "Which one should I pick?"
    Well, here is a breakdown on the different weapon types so you can make that
    choice easily:
    Axe - This weapon is a 1 handed weapon, which will enable you to equip a 
    shield as well. The maximum damage on the Axe is higher than the Sword, which
    is also a 1 handed weapon. However, the minimum damage is lower than the Sword
    (the minimum damage for an Axe is 6 at the high end Axes, while I believe the
    minimum damage for a sword at the high end Swords is 15, comparatively the 
    maximum damage for a sword is 22 at the high end while 28 for an Axe at the
    high end.) Some of the skills are pretty effective in PvE, a very useful 
    choice for PvE. Even in PvP, some of the skill combos generated by the Axe can
    be quite useful, like Axe Rake and Eviscerate can be a deadly combo. Also the
    Axe is ideal for spiking builds, as it has the potential for the highest 
    damage based on attack speed. For builds dependent on burst damage (burst is
    doing enough damage in a short timeframe so the monks won't be able to heal
    him back.) Definitely a great combo all around.
    Sword - Another 1 handed weapon, and quite the weapon it is. The pros to a
    sword is the fact that the min damage is 15, making it an ideal weapon for
    average damage over time. You can also unleash a few degens on your target,
    combine that with a skill like "Victory is Mine!" and that would be a nice
    health booster. Also Final thrust has the potential for some of the highest
    damage for a warrior. However the downside being that the max damage is 22,
    which is less than the axe. For adding degen to your build the sword can be
    a good choice, and DoT (damage over time). 
    Hammer - This is the 2 handed weapon, and your starting weapon when you first 
    start off as a Warrior. The damage range can be from 19-35 at the highest 
    level of hammers, so the extra damage can be appealing for some. Also, if you
    are able to pull some strings and find the right skills, a Hammer build can 
    easily trounce a Sword build any day, however, it is finding those skills that
    might be a problem for you. Still, the extra damage is always a plus, useful 
    in PvE because of this. In PvP there has been a huge shift towards hammer 
    warriors as of late due to their impressive damage over time with knockdowns.
    Strap on some stoneskin gauntlets (increase knockdown time), combined with
    huge pressure damage and hammer warriors work quite nice. They force an enemy
    monk to spend a lot of time healing your target, so in the case of multi 
    targetting hammers work quite well.
    6. Choosing your Secondary Profession
    Now that we have the basics, we move on to one of the harder decisions
    you will have to make as a Warrior, what will your secondary profession be?
    Now before someone asks this, no, there really is not a best choice over all
    the other professions, in reality, all of the professions can be a good choice
    for a secondary profession, that's the way Guild Wars was designed to be. It's
    how you make your character is what makes you come on top. So instead of 
    telling you to choose this profession, I'll just list some information on how
    you can use any class to your advantage as a Warrior:
    Ranger - Well, naturally the first thing that comes to mind with W/R is IWAY.
    IWAY is short for "I Will Avenge You!" a skill that increases health regen and
    attack speed when allies are dead. Pets trigger IWAY, so warriors send the
    pets to die so they can activate IWAY. However, IWAY isn't the only possible
    use for a W/R. There is also the ever popular tiger's fury W/R, which will be
    a short burst of attack speed for extra DPS. In PvE Storm Chaser and Troll
    Unguent can be useful for running skills or just plain PvE in general. 
    Mesmer - Some handy skills like Physical Resistance and Elemental Resistance
    could be a nice addition to a Warrior. Also taking in Illusion of Weakness
    might be an idea to consider for a self healing skill, possibly Distortion,
    though with the lack of energy that might not work out too well.
    Necromancer - I've seen some interesting builds with plague touch, especially
    in arenas where Warriors just wait until they have a bunch of conditions on
    them and transfer them over to their enemy. Always nice to do something like
    that, especially in the crag map in Arenas. Also some people have toyed with a
    virulence build, where putting on conditions on your opponent with a sword
    warrior than using virulence to give them mass conditions is an interesting
    idea to consider. Also I've even seen an interesting idea where you have 
    a Warrior/Necro bring Blood Is Power, due to the fact that it is only 5
    energy and that Warriors are generally the last to be targetted, and no one
    would suspect a W/N using BiP. However that could always have its downsides.
    Elementalist - Home to one of the most popular builds back in the day, the
    KD AS builds (Knockdown Aftershock build), where a Warrior would knockdown
    their target with a hammer skill then use aftershock on their opponent for 
    high DPS. Now a days you don't see this used as much anymore, but there is
    a new popular builds with a W/E, and that is the Gale build. Gale only
    requires 5 energy, and only needs 5 air magic to make it non failable. The
    exhaustion can also be brought back with a few hits with a zealous weapon,
    making it an ideal skill to knockdown fleeting opponents. However there is
    a good chance there will be a nerf to the skill in the coming months, so be
    prepared for that.
    Monk - Of course, one of the most popular builds played now a days, a 
    Warrior/Monk build, also known as the Paladin build. This build basically
    focuses on you being a huge tank, you cast spells like healing hands or 
    mending to keep yourself alive, then you just hack at your opponents, waiting
    for your teammates to dish out the major damage. Some find this build boring,
    others find it necessary, me, I find it useful, annoying, and powerful all in
    one. However, this build can be easily countered when you are facing a pure
    debuffer, but hey, all builds can be countered, that's the way Guild Wars
    was designed to work. A good choice for a Secondary, but if you are looking
    for uniqueness, this certainly is not the choice for you.
    7. Possible uses for Warrior as a Secondary Profession
    A Warrior as a secondary profession, some may say that it is a complete waste
    as a secondary profession, but it can be used very nicely in conjunction with
    other professions. I'll give you a brief synopsis of the uses of a Warrior as
    a secondary profession, and even some build ideas:
    Ranger - An effective combination, you can combine the Ranger expertise with
    warrior hammer skills, which a lot of them are energy based. You can
    effectively spam their hammer skills for low energy cost while still retaining
    a high DPS and good enough armor to still be considered a tank. Also there are
    pet builds in which you can unleash pet attacks on your opponent while trying
    to beat him down with a hammer. A pet with a hammer can have a huge amount of
    DPS when used correctly.
    *info by Outlaw Gunslinger* 
    My first and most used character is a ranger/warrior, and it has some definite
    advantages. Sprint is a must have to get to the best possible locations in 
    your environment, and Frenzy definitely works well with a ranger (it allows
    your attacks to be 33% faster at the expense of double damage), seeing as they
    aren't a usual target. The skill Endure Pain is an advantage to have in any
    class. It increases your health and armor enough that it can make a huge
    difference in any battle.
    Elementalist - The ability to use fire skills that burn your opponent, such as
    Mark of Rodgort can work very effectively with the Warrior. Combine it with
    skills like flurry and some high damaging sword skills, you will be able to
    dish out some major damage. And what better than to use Elementalist skills
    when you have the benefit of being able to use Energy Storage as your primary
    attribute, which increases your energy each time you raise it.
    *sample Ele/War build courtesy of ellis123*
    Attributes: Energy Storage - 10, Fire Magic - 10, Swordsmanship - 11
    Conjure Flame - Enchantment: lose all enchantments. For 60 seconds, your 
    attacks strike for an additional 11 fire damage.
    Phoenix - A fiery phoenix rises at your location, striking nearby foes for 77
    fire damage, and flies out to your target, exploding on impact. This explosion
    strikes for an additional 65 fire damage.
    Mark of Rodgort - Hex: For 16 seconds, whenever target foe is struck for fire
    damage, that foe is set on fire for 3 seconds.
    Inferno - All adjacent foes are struck for 85 fire damage.
    Final Thrust - Sword Attack: Lose all adrenaline. If Final Thrust hits, you
    deal 29 more damage. This damage is doubled if your target was below 50%
    Galrath Slash - Sword Attack: This attack strikes for +29 damage if it hits.
    Pure Strike - Sword Attack: If Pure Strike hits, you strike for +22 damage. If
    you are not using a stance, Pure Strike cannot be blocked or evaded.
    Savage Slash - Sword Attack: If this attack hits, it interrupts target foe's
    action. If that action was a spell, you deal 29 extra damage.
    The goal in this build is to use the amount of energy you have due to the
    energy storage, and put out as much damage as possible. It works very well
    against spellcasters (due to savage slash), and will do MASSIVE amounts of
    damage to anyone regardless of defense.
    Mesmer - A lot of people use a Me/W for Illusionary Weaponry, which is a skill
    that allows you to strike for a certain amount of damage in melee that ignores
    armor for a period of time. Using skills like flurry, heal signet, illusion of
    weakness, and imagined burden, you can slow down your target while killing him
    with IW. Be Warned though, if you lose your IW, you're pretty much useless,
    and since IW is an enchantment, it is quite easy to strip it. 
    Necro - An interesting choice. I've seen a few different combinations with
    the Necro/War, such as a Necro/War flag runner who is an order person in a 
    spike team. Orders are the skills that increase physical damage for a short
    period of time. The Necro/War will run the flag while giving orders to their
    teammates, and using skills like blood renewal and heal signet to keep their
    health high. Also there was an "interesting" build done by the Necro Raiders
    team in the GWWC, which used Soul Leech and a couple of sword skills against
    their opponents. It didn't do incredibly well but the concept was interesting,
    as Soul Leech is hardly used in PvP or PvE and against an unsuspecting 
    opponent it can be very rewarding.
    Monk - Of course this is home to the ever popular 55 Monk build, which uses
    5 superior runes in PvE to lower your health to 105, then a -50 icon to bring
    your health down to 55. Then they use skills like prot spirit and healing
    breeze to make sure you don't die. Also using skills like shield of judgement
    and balthazar's spirit, they will stay alive. In PvP, the use of a Warrior's
    stance like Bonetti's Defense can have it's advantages. 
    8. Possible Builds
    Yes, something everyone wants to have, a build for their Warrior! So I thought
    it would be nice to make some sample builds for you all to see, so you can
    formulate your own thoughts and ideas to what you think might be the "perfect
    build". You should note however, that my builds, just like anyone else's, are
    not perfect, we can get beat any day. It's really up to how well you can 
    function in a team, not just your own build. Remember, Guild Wars is a team
    oriented game, so team play is what determines the outcome of the game, not
    just yourself.
    Also, just a heads up, the descriptions will be in there, but if they change
    over time, there's a good chance I might forget to change their effects. If
    that is the case, do not hesitate to e-mail me and let me know there has been
    a change.
    PvE/PvP Warrior/Monk tactical tank
    Power Attack - If this attack hits, you strike for +10-26 damage.
    Sever Artery - If this attack hits, the opponent begins bleeding for 5-21
    seconds, losing health over time.
    Galrath Slash - This attack strikes for +1-32 damage if it hits.
    Riposte - For 8 seconds, while you have a sword equipped, you block the next
    attack against you, and your attacker takes 1-32 damage.
    Deadly Riposte- For 8 seconds, while you have a sword equipped, you block the
    next attack against you, and your attacker takes 1-24 damage and begins
    bleeding for 3-21 seconds.
    Gladiator's Defense (elite) - For 5-10 seconds, you have a 75% chance to block
    incoming attacks. Whenever you block a melee attack this way, the attacker
    suffers 5-29 damage.
    Vital Blessing - While you maintain this enchantment, target ally has +40-168
    maximum health.
    Resurrect - Resurrect target party member. 
    Shielding Hands - For 10 seconds, damage received by target ally is reduced by
    Attributes: Swordsmanship - 9, Tactics - 10, Strength - 9,
    Protection Prayers - 8
    The idea of this build is basically to take the damage, and work it around so
    that your opponent, whether it be a monster or a player, takes that damage in
    return. With the use of Gladiator's, Riposte and Deadly Riposte, you can take
    all the damage and send it back to the opposing foe. Of course, in PvP this
    might not be as effective, because most likely the opposing team will 
    immediately go for the casters first, making your build practically useless 
    until they target you. However, in PvE this can work very effectively, rush
    into the battle and start bye casting Gladiator's Defense, making the enemies
    attack you instead of others, and sending damage back to them. Then you can 
    alternate between Riposte and Deadly Riposte, while making sure to keep vital
    blessing on you, as the extra HP boost can be a nifty bonus for you. Also,
    you can choose to take Resurrect or Shielding Hands depending on the situation
    and whether it calls for a resurrect spell or not.
    Warrior/Necro PvP Anti-Warrior (oh the irony)
    Power Attack - If this attack hits, you strike for +10-26 damage.
    Eviscerate (elite) - If Eviscerate hits, you strike for +1-24 damage and
    inflict a deep wound, lowering your target's maximum health by 20% for 5-17
    Axe Rake - If this attack hits a foe suffering from a deep wound, you strike
    for +1-8 damage, and that foe becomes crippled.
    Executioner's Strike - If this attack hits, you strike for +10-34 damage
    Sprint - For 8-13 seconds, you move 25% faster.
    Barbs - For 30 seconds, target foe takes 1-8 more damage when hit by physical
    Enfeeble - Target suffers weakness for 5-17 seconds.
    Weaken Armor - For 10-34 seconds, target foe has an armor penalty of -20 
    against physical damage.
    Attributes: Strength- 10, Axe Mastery - 11, Curses - 10
    The idea behind this build is simply to make a Warrior's life a living
    nightmare. Barbs will allow you to do more damage against it, while afflicting
    it with weakness from enfeeble, then lowering his armor, not to mention you'll
    be giving him a deep wound and cripple while you are at it. So basically, by
    the time you are finished with him, he'll be in so much trouble with no where
    to go. Very PvP oriented, not really best for a PvE sort of environment. 
    Warrior/Elementalist PvP Operation: Slow down opponent
    Power Attack - If this attack hits, you strike for +10-26 damage.
    Mighty Blow - If this attack hits, you strike for +1-24 damage.
    Staggering Blow - If this hammer blow hits, your target will suffer from
    weakness for 5-13 seconds.
    Heavy Blow - Lose all adrenaline. If this attack hits a foe suffering from
    weakness, that foe is knocked down and you strike for +1-24 damage.
    Sprint - For 8-13 seconds, you move 25% faster.
    Flourish (elite) - All of your attack skills become recharged. You gain 1-6
    energy for each skill recharged by Flourish.
    Ice Prison - For 8-18 seconds, target's foes legs are encased in ice, causing
    that foe to move 66% slower than normal. This effect ends if target takes fire
    Shard Storm - This Projectile strikes for 10-54 damage, and slows down the
    target's movement for 2-5 seconds.
    Attributes: Hammer Mastery - 11, Strength - 10, Water Magic - 10
    The idea behind this is to basically create a no-exit opportunity for your
    opponent. When you knock him down and inflict weakness on your opponent, you
    then cast Ice Prison or Shard Storm (or both if you please), enabling your
    teammates to more effectively kill the target. Then afterwards, you gain your
    energy back with flourish, because these ice spells will sap out most of your
    energy, so you need it all back from your warrior skills. This build could be
    used in PvE as well, with the deadly Ice spells at your disposal.
    Again, these are merely some sample builds, the idea is to get you thinking,
    so you can effectively make a build, or even a team build that will help you
    succeed in Guild Wars. If you would like to send a build to me, please feel
    free to e-mail me, and credit will be given to you of course.
    IWAY Warrior PvP W/R (it wouldn't be a Warrior FAQ without it)
    9 + 1 strength, 12 + 3 + 1 Axe Mastery, 9 Beast Mastery
    I Will Avenge You!, Executioner's Strike, Eviscerate (e), Tiger's Fury, 
    Necessary Skill, Ressurection Signet, Charm Animal, Optional Skill
    Choices out of Necessary skill (depending on what team wants):
    Predetory Season, Edge of Extinction, Sprint, Edge of Extinction (backup)
    The idea behind IWAY was explained in the secondary profession area, so you
    probably understand what the goal of IWAY is to do. For an optional skill,
    it's up to you what you want to take. Personally I take Wild Blow to knock
    trappers out of their stance so you can interupt their traps. Make sure you
    take out the key targets and then you cycle through targets, as the goal of
    an IWAY team to inflict an overbearing amount of pressure.
    9. Final Thoughts
    The Warrior profession is very necessary, yet it does not have to be boring.
    With the wide array of skills at your disposal, you can make one interesting
    build. It's all up to your imagination and capability. One can be sure though,
    you will be needed on the battlefield, so if you are one of those people who
    believe in team play a lot, the Warrior would be a good choice to be.
    10. Credits
    Thanks to the following for helping me in this guide:
    www.gwonline.net - For their excellent skill descriptions and information, I
    highly recommend this site for your Guild Wars' needs
    www.planetboredom.net - For their excellent ASCII generator. It generated that
    awesome looking ASCII art you see at the top!
    CjayC and www.gamefaqs.com - For hosting this guide of course! Thanks a lot.
    Lord Zero from the GameFAQs message boards - he proofread my guide to check
    for formatting issues and the likes of that, thanks a lot!
    The Users who submitted builds and tips. Thanks guys for helping to improve
    this FAQ!
    Finally, the corny, but necessary thanks to the reader! This FAQ would have
    been useless without you!
    10. Copyright/Legal Information
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2005 to thadarkman78, the sole author of this FAQ.
    All Rights Reserved.
    If you want to use my FAQ, please feel free to, I would appreciate if you just
    give me a heads up and give credit to me. However, companies that are using
    this FAQ on a for profit site or company (for instance, a magazine or a pay
    to use guides) are prohibited to use this FAQ, and if seen on those sites I
    will ask for you to take them down. Do not comply and you may face legal
    action. If you wish to contact me for FAQ issues, please due so at my e-mail:
    E-mail address: hellprowler@gmail.com 

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