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    Mission Bonus FAQ by CLDragon

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 06/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Guild Wars: Bonus Walkthrough
    1. Version History
    2. Intro
    3. Walkthrough
    	A. Ascalon
    		A.1 The Great Northern Wall
    		A.2 Fort Ranik
    		A.3 Ruins of Surmia
    		A.4 Nolani Academy 
    	B. Northern Shiverpeaks 
    		B.1 Borlis Pass 
    		B.2 The Frost Gate
    	C. Kryta
    		C.1 Gates Of Kryta 
    		C.2 D’Alessio Seaboard
    		C.3 Divinity Coast 
    	D. Maguuma Jungle
    		D.1 The Wilds 
    		D.2 Bloodstone Fen 
    		D.3 Aurora Glade
    	E. Southern Kryta
    		E.1 Riverside Province 
    		E.2 Sanctum Cay
    	F. Desert
    		F.1 Dunes of Despair
    		F.2 Elona Reach
    		F.3 Thirsty River
    		F.4 The Dragon Lair
    	G. Southern Shiverpeaks
    		G.1 Ice Caves of Sorrow
    		G.2 Iron Mines of Moladune
    		G.3 Thunderhead Keep
    	H. Ring of Fire
    		H.1 Ring of Fire
    		H.2 Abaddon's Mouth
    		H.3 Hell's Precipice
    4. Author's Note
    5. Credits
    6. Legal Information
    		<1. Version History>
    Version 0.8
    	May 21st, 2005 - Creation of the Guide.
    Version 0.9
    	May 25th, 2005 - Added info for Sanctum Cay, Ice
    		         Caves of Sorrow, Thunder Keep,
    		         Ring of Fire, Abaddon's Mouth
    		         Hell's Precipice.
    Version 1.0
    	May 31st, 2005 - Added detailed information for 
    			 D’Alessio Seaboard. Fixed "="
    Version 1.1
    	June 3rd, 2005 - Fixed information about Gates of
    			 Kryta, The Dragon's Lair, Ring of
    			 Fire, Abaddon's Mouth, and Hell's
    Version 1.2
    	June 4th, 2005 - Added more names of sites that are
    			 allowed to put this FAQ on. Added
    			 detailed description and map for 
    			 Iron Mines of Moladune thanks to 
    			 Mars Alien
    Version 1.3
    	June 5th, 2005 - Added detailes and map for Iron 
    			 Mines of Moladune thanks to Wind 
    			 from TGH.
    			 Plus added detailes and map for 
    			 The Wilds.
    Version 1.4
    	June 11th, 2005- Added info about Abbadon's Mouth 
    			 Mission Bonus.
    Version 1.5
    	June 14th, 2005- Added and correct info. 
    Version 1.6
    	June 26th, 2005- Added and corrected info for 
    			 Thunderhead Keep, Thirsty River, 
    			 Dunes of Despair, Abaddon's Mouth, 
    			 Hell's Precipice and Sanctum Cay
    	 	    <2. Intro>
    I am CLDragon, my in game names are Dragor Fireshroub and Dragor 
    Divinity, basically anything with "Dragor" in front of it. Add me to friends 
    and ill team with you sometimes.
    This guide is about the Bonus Missions of the game. Completing a bonus
    mission will give you 1000 exp. It will help you dramatically when you are
    in need of exp. there are 24 missions in total which will give you 24,000 exp!
    Most Bonus missions do not require a large amount of effort, most of them
    you can complete while doing the main mission. However a few of them
    can be tricky and could be impossible for a first-timer if you don’t know 
    what to do. I hope this guide will help everyone.
    	 	  <3. Walkthrough>
    A.1 The Great Northern Wall 
    Objective: Recover the four pieces of Kilnn Testbrie's Armour 
    and return 
    them to his tomb.
    Items Needed:
    Kilnn Testbrie's Cuisse
    Kilnn Testbrie's Crest
    Kilnn Testbrie’s Pauldron
    Kilnn Testbrie’s Greaves 
    Just before you reach a tar pool where the Grawl and Gargoyles 
    are fighting, there is a curve in the road which has 2 wreckages, 
    open both of them and one of them will have a piece of his 
    Armour. Continue down to the tar pool and kill those Grawl and 
    Gargoyales, turn right and press Alt to show another wreckage
     (you might have to walk to the right a bit to see it) that’s the 2nd
     piece of Armour. Then go back to the tar pool and face the 
    direction you were facing when you first got there, then you will 
    see 2 paths, one leading up the cliff and one under it. Go up the 
    cliff and you will face 3 Gargoyales. After that you have 2 
    choices, you can go back down and get the quest first or continue
     the path and gather all the Armour pieces before going on. It 
    doesn't matter much since all the Armour can be found in this 
    region. The 3rd one can be found by going left direction when 
    you get to the Gargoyals on the bridge, and the 4th one is going 
    to the right. The NPC that gives you the quest can be found in the 
    lower path (the lower path later connects to the upper path, so it 
    really doesn't matter which way you go).
    A.2 Fort Ranik 
    Objective: Rescue Deeter Saberlin from his Charr imprisonment. 
    Items Needed:
    At the beginning of the mission, there will be some Ascalon 
    Guards helping you to kill the charrs. When you kill the first Boss 
    and the enemies around him at these slanted ruins of a castle, 
    one of the guards will have a questmark on his head. He will 
    state that his son Deeter Saberlin was captured by Charrs and 
    wants you to rescue him. After continuing down the pathfor a 
    while, you will see some green dots on the map, the first time you 
    see it on your map you wont be able to go there, you will have to 
    run around the cliff and kill the charrs guarding the gate.
    A.3 Ruins Of Surmia 
    Objective: Extinguish the Flame Temple by defeating the Flame 
    Items Needed:
    After you free the prisoners and reach a bridge, the Prince will tell 
    you to go across the tar pool and lower the bridge. Use the nearby 
    slope to get down to the tar pool under the bridge to the diction right
    of where the Prince is standing. There will be a female NPC
     imprisonedin a house, saying that she’s been watching the 
    Flame Keepers go by for 10 years. Soon a group of Charrs will 
    pass in front of you, DO NOT KILL THEM. Follow them until they 
    lead to these locked gates and open them. Get inside and kill 
    everything, when you kill all 4 Flame Keepers the mission will be 
    A.4 Nolani Academy 
    Objectives: Return the Tome of the Fallen. 
    Items Needed:
    Tome of the Fallen 
    Do the mission as you usually would, go through the back door and 
    follow the path. (Do not open the front door; you can't complete the 
    bonus this way!) When you get to this curved part of the map which is 
    narrow and will take you to the wall, back track a bit and go left of
    where the path is, while holding Alt key, you should see another 
    NPC standing in another path similar to the first one. Talk to him 
    and take the Tomb of the Fallen. Go down to the mission path now
    and when you get off the Great Wall, there will be 2 paths, one to
    the charrs attacking, and another to the Ghosts. When you get to the
    Ghosts part, they will be fighting a large group of Scorpions, kill 
    them both. But the ghosts are level 10, which is probably pretty 
    strong to your group, so be careful. Note that they will always 
    attack the person carrying the Tomb of the Fallen. After you 
    killed the large group of Ghosts, keep going forward (doesn’t 
    matter which way you take, I took the higher group way but I 
    think the lower one is shorter, someone confirmed this) and you 
    will find a Ghost NPC, give him the Tomb of the Fallen and 
    you will complete the Bonus. 
    Northern Shiverpeaks  
    B.1 Borlis Pass 
    Objectives: Kill the Ice Drake. 
    Items Needed:
    Powder Kegs 
    At the left of the second Metal door you are supose to break,  
    there will be 2 gates left of it. Blow one of them open and talk 
    to the dwarf behind it. He will give you the bonus mission. Take 
    another Powder Keg and place it behind the dwarf near the 
    chained polls and it will open a way for you to the Ice Drake. 
    Continue down the cave and you will find him. Kill him to finish 
    the Bonus. 
    B.2 The Frost Gate 
    Objectives: Steal the Stone Summit's secret plans for 
    a powerful siege weapon. 
    Items Needed:
    This Bonus is fairly easy to do, when you get into the ice 
    caves, talk to the dwarf to get the Bonus (green dot on map).
    When you get out of the cave, there will be a ballista bashing
     the ground, to the right of that place, is a slope going down. 
    Follow that road to get to a ballista. The dwarf will get on and
    break the iron door holding the plans. Go back and through 
    the door that was just broken and retrieve the plans. 
    C.1 Gates Of Kryta 
    Objectives: Find and return the Tome to the Historian. 
    Items Needed:
    Tome (no really?)
    When you encounter your first group of mobs, you will see a 
    path to the left, there will be a pig named Oink. Keep him 
    alive with you until you get to the first city. Walk to the son of 
    the Historian who says he lost his pig and you will receive the 
    bonus mission. (You can click on Oink during combat and he 
    will talk :D) go out the gates like you would in a normal mission, 
    to your left there should be a slope that leads up. Go up and 
    look for another slope down to the water. When you get to the 
    water head North until you see a wrecked ship. Near it is the 
    wreckage that contains the Tome. Follow the same way back 
    to the Historian and you will complete the Bonus, but note that 
    3 groups of Phantoms will come out of nowhere and attack 
    you on your way back.
    BUG: According to sekkendou, if you have someone in your team
    that has already done the quest, the kid you are supose to give 
    the pig to might not accept it. my best guess for a solusion is 
    to make the person who havn't done the quest, talk to the pig. 
    according to Wind from TGH, if the person in your party leaves,
    the kid will take the pig. Tell him to leave after you get the
    Tomb thou, because those phantoms are hard to fight...
    C.2 D’Alessio Seaboard 
    Objectives: Place Offering to Melandru on the Shrine
    Items Needed:
    Offering to Melandru 
    When you get to the Village that’s under attack, go down 
    the slope and save as many villagers as you can, but make 
    sure you save the one at the top of the hill who is being
    attacked by a boss. You don’t have to go there first since
    NPC health will remain full until they get on your map. 
    Save him, and follow the little path way to a shortcut of 
    the mission, you can get through the gate because the person 
    you saved was the guard's brother. Follow the road and you 
    will come to this wooden door that opens. it leads to a White 
    Mantle Guard getting attacked by a group of undead mobs. 
    Don't exit from the door and continue while holding down Alt 
    to find the Offering to Melandru. Since if you drop the 
    Offering, it will break and you have to go back,
    go help Confessor Dorian first, then come back and grab
    the Offering and go to the shrine. then go to the shrine 
    from there. Put the Offering on the Shrine to complete 
    the Bonus. 
    C.3 Divinity Coast 
    Objectives: Find and escort (and save) all the chosen to
    Items Needed:
    On the way for the mission, you will cross a big bridge. 
    At the other end there will be Ettins attacking a village.
    Save the NPC and you will receive the Bonus. Look south and 
    save a viliger there. then continue until you see a bunch of 
    Merchants under attack, to ur left you will find a road 
    leading to another villiager. Save him and escort them to 
    the end of the mission will complete the Bonus. When you get 
    to the end where you are supose to go on the platform with 
    the Eye, wait until the villiagers get into the villiage to
    get the Bonus Exp.
    Maguuma Jungle
    D.1 The Wilds 
    Objectives: Defeat the two centaur Chieftains. 
    Items Needed:
    Vine Seed
    You will come to a 4-way road near the beginning, the forward
     ward one continues the main mission, and the left and right 
    one is the same road and forms a circle. Take either one and 
    go forward until you see 2 Centaurs talking, don’t kill them until
     you see the Bonus appear in your log. Pick up the Vine seed 
    they dropped and continue the mission. After the cut scene 
    showing how Vine Seeds work, a large group of Centaurs will 
    come and attack you. go to the direction that they came from,
    stick to the east, and you will find a place to make a Vine 
    bridge. You will get to a place with lots of Centaurs; kill 
    the ones with unique name (bosses/leader) to finish the bonus. 
    Or if you are bad at following instructions, use the following
    Red dot is where you begin
    Teal dot is the cross road stated above.
    Yellow dot is the place where you are supose to listen to the
    2 centaurs and recieve the Bonus.
    Then go back to the Teal dot and follow the yellow line.
    The 2 blue dots are where the 2 pairs of tribe leaders are 
    D.2 Bloodstone Fen 
    Objectives: Awaken the druids while preserving their guardians. 
    Items Needed:
    Vine Seeds 
    When you find the first bunch of Vine Seeds, take one and go back 
    the way you came, there will be a path to the left and in that path will 
    be a large, marked stone. Drop the seed on it and a Druid will 
    appear with the Objectives. Follow him and don’t attack any Jungle 
    Guardians you see (need a good party for this :P) you will soon be
    at a place with more seeds and marked stones, drop the seeds on 
    to the 3 smalls stones, and the druids will go to the large stone and 
    summon a large Druid, talk to him to complete the Bonus.
    D.3 Aurora Glade 
    Objectives: Assassinate The Demagogue. 
    Items Needed:
    Before the final arena where you are suppose to capture all 3 crystal 
    stands, there is a small road to the left, go in there and save the NPC 
    being attacked and he will give you the Bonus. When you get into the 
    arena, Demagogue is in the White Mantle starting place, which is hard 
    to get to since the White Mantles will send troops out to capture 3 
    crystal stands, if they get all 3, you loose. So make sure you have at 
    least 2 of them under your control AT ALL TIMES! After killing off their 
    offensive forces, rush into their starting place and kill the Demagogue. 
    Be careful that if you don’t win for a long time, the game will 
    automatically let you win and move you on to the next part of the mission. 
    Southern Kryta
    E.1 Riverside Province 
    Objectives: Take out the Watchman at each tower, so Saidra can
     get the weapons through. 
    Items Needed:
    At the beginning, head west and you will find Saidra, talk to her to 
    get the bonus. Go into the gates behind her and take out the enemies 
    on the towers there, then continue on with the mission. To finish the 
    bonus, you have to take out every Watchman on the towers, I still need
    the specific locations of these towers… :(
    E.2 Sanctum Cay
    Objectives: Move Ghost to the Totem
    Items Needed:
    Bring the spirit to Vizir and get it to follow you. When you get to the harbor
    to defend it, stick to the cliff so that Vizir wont appear. Then climb a hill 
    and trun right. you will see some totems and when you go behind it with
    the spirit following you, you will then get the experience.
    Jason Bohannon warns that in order to do the bonus, a dozen Wite Mantles
    will be there when Viziar spawns, so be careful.
    F.1 Dunes of Despair
    Objectives: Kill the 3 Generals to gain Fame
    Items Needed:
    A Working Brain (:P)
    At the end of the mission where you will help the King get the favour of the 
    gods. You have to survive for 10 minutes, but after about 5-6 minutes, the
    enemies will stop attacking and then you go to all 3 directions to kill the
    generals and their guards to finish the bonus.try to ignore the Worm Sieges 
    since they take about 2 minutes for a normal group to kill.
    <Quote Jason Bohannon>
    Dunes of Despair - Once you enter the fort, and kill the enemy ghost,
    tell your ghost to hold still rather than putting him on the platform.
     Run to a hill near the south wall, from there, a ranger with a
    longbow [or any other max range bow] can drag the three nearby
    enemies.  It is important the boss be killed as close to you as
    possible.  Now, someone with necrotic traversal teleports to that body
    [the enchanted swords do not leave bodies].  Now, that person agros'
    some burrowed spiders, and runs them near the hill.  Others teleport
    out.  Once you have a few people out, you can kill the other bosses
    and swords.  It is HIGHLY recommened you do not kill the final boss,
    just leave him totally alone.  Now, put the ghost on the platform,
    this will start the 10 minute counter.  Kill the final boss [bonus is
    now complete].  You can easily fight your way back to the ghost before
    any of the arcanists reach him.
    Note: If doing the main mission as well, It is recommended the person
    who runs the ghost to the platform is a protection monk, in the event
    the rest of the party arrives a bit late
    <End Quote>
    F.2 Elona Reach
    Objectives: Revive all 3 Priests
    Items Needed:
    At the beginning of the mission where you get the crystal, go to the 
    path with the 2 Worms and bring the crystal to the blue rocks. a Priest 
    will appear and will follow you. Later when you are needed to get 2 
    crystals, get the first one which is left of the door you exit out of, take 
    it through a path behind this huge mountain and you will see more blue 
    rocks, that’s one more priest. After you get the second crystal, head 
    towards the Western exit of where the Ghost is and along the walls 
    you should see another bunch of blue rocks, that’s the 3rd Priest. 
    F.3 Thirsty River
    Objectives: Cleans the King's Area
    Items Needed:
    In the last arena, the King in the middle will say how he wants
    his land cleansed before he is driven away from it. Kill all 3 groups 
    in the arena before he is driven away and you will win the mission. 
    Go kill the group on the left first, then middle, then right. 
    <quoteing PyroSmurf26>
    They've changed the bonus, so the king is now under attack.  
    My group didn't save the king and completed clearing in just under 
    11 minutes; we still got bonus. I'm not sure if mission is bugged 
    while they change it, but it's over 10 minutes now.
    <end quote>
    Confirmation on the new time would be helpful. ^_^
    F.4 The Dragon Lair
    Objectives: Kill Glint
    Items Needed:
    Dragon Eggs
    My favorite Bonus :D. at the end where the portal opens and 
    you wait to get into it to finish the mission, press Alt to see and 
    pick up a Dragon Egg, then Glint will attack you. If you kill her,
    you complete the game and the bonus, if you die, you still complete
    the misison ^_^.
    Southern Shiverpeaks 
    G.1 Ice Caves of Sorrow
    Objectives: Save the captured Dwarf.
    Items Needed:
    Instead of exiting the ice cave in the mission, take a path to the 
    right and blow up the door freeing a Dwarf. It will follow you. After
    exiting the cave, you will see a group of Musraats walking in 1 direction.
    Wait for them to pass and go the direction where they came from. Talk 
    to the dwarf and you will complete the Bonus. 
    G.2 Iron Mines of Moladune
    Objectives: Save the inprisioned NPC
    Items Needed:
    -Quoting Mars Alien-
    Red Dot = Start
    Purple Dot = Seer (to get the cutscene and infusion bonus)
    Blue Dot = Markis (main mission objective)
    Green Dot = Shining Blade Ryder (person that gives the bonus)
    Orange Dot = Bonus Objective
    You start at the red dot and run to the Seer like a normal 
    infusion run, follow the red path. When you're at the Seer, follow 
    the yellow path past Markis (blue dot). Kill everything of the way.
    When you reach the green dot, make sure every foe is dead. Accept the 
    bonus. Then you have to kill a Mursaat boss surrounded by 3 Mursaat 
    Mesmers (orange dot). When you've killed them you've completed the bonus.
    You can follow the yellow path back to Markis to finish the main mission.
    -End Quote-
    Note: in the future i plan to have a map for every mission, ill do that 
          when i get that time :D 
    G.3 Thunderhead Keep
    Objectives:Distract the Mursaats with the fire.
    Items Needed:
    When you reach the castle, you will be told to defend it and these torches
    will appear on the ground. use them to ignite the 2 towers on the castle.
    When the battle ends you will complete the bonus. No messege will be
    displayed indicating that you have completed the bonus, but on the map
    you will have 2 swords on the mission.
    According to Jason bohannon, the beacons has to be lit fast because if not,
    the Mursaats will walk to the Dwarfs outside the fort and kill them.
    Ring of Fire
    H.1 Ring of Fire
    Objectives: Bring the Eidolon to the prophet.
    Items Needed:
    After you fight some Ettin, go left and cross the lava pool. In the upper
    right/North direction you will find a way to the Prophet who will ask you
    to kill all the tower/seal to reveal a Eidolon, kill the seal and bring 
    back the item it dropped and you will complete the bonus and the sear will
    offer you a armour infusion. 
    H.2 Abaddon's Mouth
    Objectives: Unknown
    Items Needed:
    <Quote Chieh-Li Lee>
    There is a seal by a seaport where all the ships are.  Once destroyed, 
    a ghost will be released and asks you to take her to her resting ground 
    which is located on a small island to the east.  If you follow her and clear 
    the path for her so she can reach her resting ground safely (she dies easily 
    since her level is only 15).  Then you get a message saying bonus complete.
    <End Quote>
    According to Jason Bohannon, the NPC walks West when she said she wanted to go
    east 0_0. He also recommanded to clear her way before actualy escorting her
    because there are 2 wurms and alot of burrowers. And that if you fail to kill
    the seal, she will simply thank you and disapear. 
    H.3 Hell's Precipice
    Objectives: Kill 3 Armageddon Lords
    Items Needed:
    On your way to the mission, you will see the seer; he will tell
    you to kill the 3 armageddon lords. Just go down the path and you will 
    find the 3 armageddon lords you are suppose to kill. 
    Jason Bohannon sent me some reasons for the "bug"
    the Armageddon Lords dont spawn unless you talk to the seer, and the seer
    is usualy killed by other monsters if you dont get to her fast enough, if
    she dies, you dont get the bonus. 
    	 	<4. Author's Note>
    Hopefully you enjoyed by guide, but it is still incomplete, if you have 
    ANY information regarding the Bonus missions or more detailed 
    descriptions, suggestions, or even Constructive criticisms, feel 
    free to give send me an email. 
    Right now I am trying to make a map for Each mission. If you have a 
    detailed and blank (meaning no red dots) map for a mission, along
    with a map WITH red dots (just take a screenshot after you are done 
    a mission and bonus), send them to me and I'll make a map from it.
    	 	   <5. Credits>
    First off, I'd like to thank ANet for making such an amazing game.
     keep up the good work!
    + My friend (in game name Marthis Lithes) for helping me run 
      some of the bonus missions.
    + Rei Onryou from GWOnline who started the first Bonus Mission
      guide i know, thanks!
    + Borisbelvaersi (who wrote the Walkthrough for GuildWars 
      at Gamefaq) for letting me use the Legal Statements from him (lol...) 
    + Melkor from TGH forums for helping me with the Desert missions. 
    + My guildies who helped me a lot :D (the Frozen Flames <ICE>)
    + Cryo Akira from TGH for information on the Sanctum Cay, 
      Thunderhead Ring of Fire, Abaddon's Mouth bonus missions
    + Thanks to sekkendou, I was able to fix information about Gates of
      Kryta, The Dragon's Lair, Ring of Fire, Abaddon's Mouth, and Hell's 
    + Mars Alien gave me the map for Iron Mines of Moladun, alone with a
      VERY detailed description. Thanks! Plus the correction for Gates of
    + Wind from TGH gave me additional information on the bug for Gates
      of Kryta
    + Chieh-Li Lee sent me the tip about Abbadon's Mouth Mission Bonus.
    + Bethany Glaseser for correcting The Wilds
    + Jason Bohannon for correcting Ring of Fire and Abbadon's Mouth
    + Pyrosmurf26 for correcting Abbadon's Mouth as well. plus the new
      info on Thirsty River. 
    + Jason Bohannon for sending in ALOT of information and detailes about
      the Bonus missions. :D
    At last, thanks for reading this part, since these people deserve to 
    be known. 
    		6. Legal Information
    This Document is copyright 2005 of Chang Lu. All Guild wars content 
    contained is property of Arenanet and NCSOFT. Right now only 
    the websites listed below have the right to host this FAQ, if you 
    have a website and want this FAQ on it, send me an email at 
    Also, Marcio Severo has my permission to translate my guide into Brizilian
    Please also send me an email if you found my FAQ on a site other than 

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