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    FAQ by tNB

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                                    GUILD WARS FAQ
                               Created By: the Nightblade
                        Started: 5/12/04 Last Update: 6/21/05
                                      Version: 0.21
    Hello and welcome to my FAQ for Guild Wars, a so called "CORPG" (Competitive
    Online Role-Playing Game) by ArenaNet. My ultimate goal is making this guide as
    complete as possible. Enjoy :)
    ************Spoiler Warning************
    Even though Guild Wars is arguably lacking in the story department, this FAQ
    contains many spoilers, and even looking as far as the Table of Contents might
    ruin potential surprises for you.
    You have been warned.
    ************Spoiler Warning************
    Legal notice
    This document is Copyright 2005 Ziko "the Nightblade" Baroud.
    It may only be used for private use, as a reference guide. And this, as a
    whole or any part of it, may never be publicly distributed electronically or 
    in print without my written permission.
    This guide may only be used post on the sites listed below. Please email me at
    tNB((((DOT))))FAQ(@)gmail(((DOT)))com to enquire about gaining permission to
    use this document on any other website.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    List of allowed sites:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com (latest version can always be found here)
    Table of contents tip:
    Throughout this FAQ I used the exact same title names as I used in the table    
    of contents, this means that you can select a the complete chapter name
    (including the numbers) and use the find options(CTRL+F in most browsers)
    to go right to the chapter you want.
    1. Version history
        1.1 Coming soon to a version near you
    2. Introduction
        2.1 Game Concepts
        2.1 ArenaNet
    3. Basics
        3.1 On screen display
        3.2 Controls & Commands
        3.3 Chat commands
        3.4 Basic Mechanics
    4. Characters
        4.1 Brief Profession summary 
        4.2 Skill Types 
        4.3 Skill Legend
    5. Story Walkthrough
        5.1 New character walkthrough
        5.2 Post Searing Ascalon
        5.3 Escape over the Shiverpeaks
        5.4 Start of a new life in Kryta
        5.5 Into the Maguuma Jungle
    6. Exploring the World
        5.1 Skill Trainers
        5.2 Towns
        5.3 Explorable areas
        5.4 Outposts
        5.5 Competitive areas
    7. Quest Database
        7.1 Pre-searing Ascalon
        7.2 Ascalon
        7.3 Northern Shiverpeaks
        7.4 East Kryta
        7.5 Maguuma    
    I. FAQ 
    II. Useful Links
    III. Special Thanks To
    IV. Contact information
    1. Version history
    V 0.12~ 6/21/05 : Completed walkthrough and quests up to Druid's Outlook,
                    : corrected some minor errors. Added more to Basics.
    V 0.12~ rev 1   : My current progress is not yet ready to be compiled into a
                      new version, so in this small update the only thing changed
                      is the list of sites allowed to use this guide.
    V 0.12~ 6/05/05 : Fixed many small errors, changed some section names, added
                      basic mechanics, moved conditions to status in the basic
                      First version submitted to neoseeker.com and cheathappens.com
    V 0.11~ 6/02/05 : First compilation to be contributed to gamefaqs.com,
                      Walkthrough and Quest Database complete up to Lion's Arch.
    V 0.10~ 6/02/05 : First and final compilations before being published.
    *1.1 coming soon to a version near you*
    Right now the Mission Areas and Quests are on the top of my to-do list, so
    that's what most of the upcoming updates will contain.
    -Skill trainers.
    -Remember what other sections I had planned for the Roman numbered sections.
    -Expand the game mechanics section.
    -More information about explorable areas and missions in general.
    -NPC lists.
    -Redo controls (in my defense, half of that was written over a year ago).
    -Redo profession outlines/summaries.
    -Items section.
    -Redo the Experience section of the game mechanics.
    -Skills, builds, and strategies are something for a more distant future.
    2. Introduction
    As I noted before, this game is, as ArenaNet calls it, a CORPG, a Competitive
    Online Role Playing Game. A nice blend between MMORPGs and Action oriented
    games. This game was designed to be fun from the start to forever.
    I'm sure everyone knows what a MMORPG is, the term dates was born nearly 10
    years ago with game such as Nexus TK(Nexon) and Ultimate Online(EA), even
    though many people would say Meridian 59(3DO) was the first true MMORPG.
    However, in all those 10 years, very few online RPG games have strayed far from
    the concept that emerged so long ago. And even though many developers have done
    a great job improving and polishing that concept, innovations were few and far
    This is where ANet came in, who decided that even though they were making an
    online RPG, all the cliches usually tied with this type of game should be
    dropped before they even started the conceptual design phase of the basic game
    By eliminating various elements that MMORPG gamers might find tedious or
    annoying. This is done to give the best experience possible.
    The intention was to not only create a fun game, but a game where people could
    compete with each other in a way where time played or luck wasn't the decisive
    factor, yet still stay true to the nature of "Story-driven RPGs" where the
    player is led through an interesting story and to have a lot of depth when
    creating characters. All while being online.
    Optional expansion packs will be released to broaden the GW world.
    The world will continue to change over the years, and will hopefully keep
    you experience refreshed and enjoyable.
    There is a reason some games are only fun for a week, and some games(Diablo,
    StarCraft, Half-Life) are still being played years after their release.
    Anet tried to capture that as much as possible, thus Guild Wars was born.
    *2.1 Game Concepts*
    The game itself can be divided into two major categories: Cooperative and
    Competitive. Both of these offer the player a small variety of different
    "modes" or ways to engage in these activities.
    It's important to remember that While "PvP Only" character are obviously
    restricted to the competitive areas only, "Full Roleplaying" characters are
    able to experience the entire game, including PvP.
    As a RPing character, you fight your way through the story by completing
    various quests and mission. You can also chose to just go out into the world
    and explore a bit, for whatever reason.
    While traditional quests are usually discovered, and accomplished in the
    various cities, outposts, and "Explorable areas", special "Mission quests" 
    that serve to advance the storyline are accomplished in areas that you can't
    reach by walking about the wilderness - they are entered through a pre-mission
    outpost, which, on the other hand, are typically accessible from explorable
    Also, whenever you head into an explore able area or mission area, you and your
    party get their own private instance of the area you're in.
    In the case of explorable areas, monsters are spawned once at specific places,
    and won't respawn while you remain in that area. Sometimes spawns are somewhat
    random, meaning monsters can be in different places each time you go to
    a certain area, and sometimes a random boss from a list of several different
    possible boss monsters for that location is spawned, meaning you might have to
    play a certain mission or go to a certain explorable area multiple times if you
    are looking for a specific boss monster. Quest-related monsters, bosses, NPCs,
    and objects also appear in the explorable areas if you are on certain quests.
    As ArenaNet says:
    "Success in Guild Wars is always the result of player skill, not time spent
    playing or the size of one's guild".
    What this means is that almost always, a player who is good at the game but
    not yet has access to all the skills, runes, and upgrade components will still
    be able to easily defeat a player who is not as good yet has access to all
    skills, runes, and upgrade components.
    Instead of "Get your class' ultimate gear, click target, make some tea" style
    duels, you're going to have to use real skill and learn to be able to make
    quick decisions, and above all: the right decisions, in the heat of combat.
    *2.2 ArenaNet *
    This is the team that brought us Guild Wars.
    They have a lot of experience creating games, and it shows.
    ArenaNet is an independent subsidiary of NCsoft. You might know NCsoft for
    making games like Lineage1&2 and City of Heroes. ANet was founded in March 2000
    by, as they say it better than I can: "key members of the creative teams behind
    Blizzard's game series Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo, as well as the
    Battle.net gaming network".
    Their web site (www.arena.net) is worth checking out if you want to learn more.
    3. Basics
    The game is easy to learn, yet hard to master. Getting the basics down as early
    as possible is vital in order to be a valuable asset to your party instead of
    just a burden.
    *3.1 On screen display*
    Most of this can be configured, moved, and resized, but this is what it
    probably looks like when you first start the game. The sizes are a bit off
    but bear with me on this.
     |      1      | [¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯2¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯]    ----3---   - o x|
     |_____________|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            /¯¯¯¯¯\  |
     |                                               |       | |
     |                                               |   4   | |
     |,-----xp----,                                   \_____/  |
     | ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                            |
     |                                                         |
     |                                             ____________|
     |                          YOU               |____________|
     |                          ARE               |______5_____|
     |                        PROBABLY            |______¯_____|
     |__                        HERE                     ¯     |
     | 6|                                                      |
     |¯¯        |¯¯¯¯¯¯HP¯¯7¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯7¯¯MP¯¯¯¯¯¯|              |
     | ____     |¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|9¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|       8      |
     ||menu|    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |    ()()()()  |
    1  : Effects monitor. This area will show you everything currently effecting
         your character. This includes: Enchantments, Hexes, Conditions, Death
         Penalty/Morale boost, and also skills that have a lasting effect on you,
         suck as stances or preparations, but also others. If you are in a public
         area, you can select different districts from the drop down box that will
         appear in this area.
    2  : Target display, this shows your targets name and remaining HP.
         If your target uses a skill, it will appear below this bar.
         If your target is a neutral or friendly player, a trade button appears
         to the right of this.
    3  : This information is only drawn if you launch the game with the
           "-perfs" command line parameter.
           To do this, right click your shortcut to GW and click properties, then
           enter -perfs after the quotation marks, it should look something like:
           "C:\Guild Wars\Gw.exe" -perfs
         Tri: Keeps track of the number of polygons currently drawn by your 3D
         FPS: frames per second, how many times a new wonderful picture is
           presented on your screen per second.
         Bytes/sec: Network traffic monitor, how much data you're downloading per
           This is usually from people moving, fighting, and whatnot. But sometimes
           you're streaming some other data as well.
    - o x : Standard windows buttons, minimize, windowed mode, and close.
    xp : This transparent bar shows your level and progress towards your next level
         or if you're already lvl 20: your progress towards you next skill point.
    4  : Radar/compass, in PvE, yellow dots/triangles are NPCs, green dots are you
         and your party, red dots are cannon fodder. A compass appears around this.
         You can click on it to signal and draw on it to draw white lines.
         In outposts and cities, light blue dots.
         The small white circle around your character represents the area in which
         monsters will become aggressive towards you.
    5  : Party window, displays party members and their HP, your status is also
         displayed there in case you don't have time to look down.
    6  : This button makes a larger chat window appear, where you can see a history
         Which you can scroll though. The tilde button(~) also activates this.
    7  : Health, and Energy bars. Arrows left of MP/energy mean they're slowly
         degenerating, while arrows on the right side mean they're regenerating.
         The effect of each arrow is 2 per second for health, and 0.66 per second
         for energy.
         The space above this is reserved for displaying the current spells with
         and upkeep you have active, which go at the cost of 1 energy regen arrow.
         Double click the icons to turn those enchantments off.
         More about "upkeep" can be found in the Skill Legend section.
    Menu: "Start menu" opens various windows: From top to bottom:
         Customize, Inventory, Attributes, Skills, Map Travel, Quest Log, Friends,
         Guild, LogOut.
         From the customize menu, you can toggle almost every aspect of the UI on
         or off, you'll also be able to move and resize everything separately.
         The rest is fairly self-explanatory.
    8  : Your equipped skills, click the buttons or press 1-8 to use them.
    9  : These bubbles show your "weapon sets", by default you can toggle between
         them with the F1-4 keys.
         To activate these you might have to go to manually enable more by going
         to your inventory screen and pressing the "Weapon Sets" button.
    ___/3.1.1 Menus\______________________________________________________________
    Below is a list of all the ingame menus and their functions, with their default
    key in brackets.
    This menu allows you to resize and toggle every aspect of your Interface
    (explained above), and even allows you to hide certain elements completely.
    Hero [H]
    At the top, you'll see your name(in case you forgot it), your classes, your
    level, skill points, rank and fame.
    You can mouse-over the numbers in the last 4 area for some quick info, or just
    continue reading.
    Your level will never change after you get it to 20, more on that in the
    Basic Mechanics section, under Experience.
    You will get a skill point for every mission you complete, certain quests, and
    also every time you fill your experience bar, even if you are lvl 20, more on
    this can also be found in the Experience section in Basic Mechanics.
    You get Fame for winning matches in the "Tomb of Primeval Kings" which is
    the every-ongoing tournament in this game. For each match you win, you will
    gain fame depending on how many consecutive wins you've got so far, which
    will reset if you warp back to the entrance of the tombs or if you team loses.
    The first win gets you 1 fame
    2nd win: 2 fame
    3rd win: 3 fame
    4th win: 4 fame
    5th win: 6 fame
    6th win: 8 fame
    7th win: 12 fame
    8th win: 16 fame
    9th win: 20 fame
    10th win: 24 fame
    11th win: 28 fame
    12th win: 32 fame
    13th win: 36 fame
    14th win: 40 fame
    15th win: 40 fame
    every win after that: also 40 fame.
    This means that if you win 10 times in 1 run, you'll have gotten 96 fame!
    Your rank will increase at certain fame levels.
    If you have rank 3 or higher, you'll be able to use the /fame or /rank command,
    which at that point will make you conjure up a very nice deer hologram.
    At rank 6 or higher, this will turn into a howling wolf.
    There is also a bear, rumor is that this is at rank 9 or even higher.
    Can anyone confirm this?
    The fame requirements for the ranks are:
    25 fame: rank 1
    75: rank 2
    180: rank 3
    360: rank 4
    600: rank 5
    1000: rank 6
    After this, you will need close to or at least 1000 fame for each rank, I'm not
    sure what the highest rank or its requirement is.
    Rank and fame is account based, so if you have 200 fame and rank 3 on 1
    character, you will have that on all of them.
    The bar below this will display your total number of experience points acquired
    with your character. When the bar is completely colored green, you will gain
    a new level or a skill point if you are already lvl 20.
    If you hold your mouse over this area, you will be told how much more exp you
    will need to fill up the bar.
    More on experience can be found in the Experience section under Game Mechanics.
    Everything below this is to keep track of attribute related information.
    You can get up to 170 attribute points by leveling up. The first 9 levels will
    get you 5 points each, the next 5 will give you 10, and the 5 after that 15.
    The remaining 30 points can be obtained through 2 quests(15 points each) after
    By positioning your mouse on top of the points box you can see your total
    number of attribute points.
    Your attribute refund points allow you to lower your attributes by 1 level at
    any time. Doing this will give you back all of the attribute points you spend
    to raise it for the level you took away.
    Feel free to use this as much as you want, it will not have any long-term
    negative effects.
    You will get a new attribute refund point for every 250 experience points you
    gain, through any means, even after you reach lvl 20!
    Below this are you actual attributes and their levels, to learn more about
    what each attribute does scroll down to the "characters" chapter of this guide,
    or mouse-over the name of the attribute in the menu.
    The arrows allow you to increase or decrease that attribute as long as you
    have enough attribute points, and the number on the arrow will tell you how
    many attribute points you will lose or gain.
    The requirements in attribute points for each level, followed by the total
    number of attribute points required for that level:
    | Level | Points | Total |
    |   1   |    1   |   1   |
    |   2   |    2   |   3   |
    |   3   |    3   |   6   |
    |   4   |    4   |  10   |
    |   5   |    5   |  15   |
    |   6   |    6   |  21   |
    |   7   |    7   |  28   |
    |   8   |    9   |  37   |
    |   9   |   11   |  48   |
    |  10   |   13   |  61   |
    |  11   |   16   |  77   |
    |  12   |   20   |  97   |
    The normal cap for an attribute level is 12, but if the attribute is of your
    primary profession, you'll be able to use a headgear to raise 1 attribute 1
    more level.
    There are also runes which can give 1, 2, or 3 to an attribute, but the +2 and
    +3 ones come at a penalty. These runes do not stack, and the limit is 1 per
    armor piece.
    This allows you to get an attribute to 16.
    Aside from a couple of temporary skills that raise it a bit, and weapon
    upgrades which have a small(max of 20%) chance of raising it by 1 for skills
    of a certain attribute, 16 is the highest.
    Inventory [I]
    You can see your gold and platinum in the top left corner, the grey bar stands
    for platinum, which is the same as 1K (1 000) gold.
    You can also toggle the "Weapons Sets" from this menu.
    Below are spots for your Backpack, Belt Pouch, and two bags.
    You start off with the backpack, which has 20 spaces for items.
    You can get Belt Pouches pouch from a collectors in the newbie area, or any
    merchant after that. These have 5 Slots.
    You can buy bags from any merchant after the searing as well, these start out
    with 5 slots but both can be upgraded to 10 slots by using a rune of holding.
    Inventory Bags [F9]
    This is the only way to open all 4 item containers at once, and will also
    not display a paper doll and current equipment on your character.
    Skills [K]
    This is a list of all your currently known skills. When in a non-hostile area,
    such as mission ready-areas or outposts, you can drag skills to your bar of
    currently equipped skills.
    For more information about skills, check the "Skill Types" and "Skill Legend"
    sections in the "Characters" chapter.
    Quest Log [L]
    Used to keep track of the Quests and/or Mission you are currently on.
    By selecting a quest on the list, in certain areas, a green arrow on the radar
    will tell you in which direction your goal or the area with your goal is, but
    trying to walk there in a straight line isn't always best. The arrow will
    become a green star shaped marker when you get close to your target, this
    green star will also appear on the travel and area maps.
    If neither of these appears, it's because the place you are in has no advise on
    where to go for you, try going to the area where you got the quest and maybe
    explore around there a little, or just check the quests section of this guide.
    If something goes wrong during a quest, like by an important NPC dying or if
    you lose a quest item, try going back to the last NPC you spoke to and asking
    him about the quest, you might get another one of that item or the NPC might be
    revived by this.
    If all fails, go to a city or outpost and Abandon the quest, you can always
    get the quest again by talking to the NPC you obtained it from
    Map Travel [M]
    This will bring up the World Map, which is mainly used to track your current
    position and warp around to outposts, cities, missions, and competitive areas
    around the world.
    After the newbie area, you can zoom in and out with the left mouse, and move
    the focus while zoomed in by holding the right mouse.
    You can warp to places by clicking on a marker, which will bring up a small
    information box, with buttons to travel to that area and cancel. You can
    select a specific district to warp to from a drop down box.
    You can warp to a location quicker by simple double clicking the marker.
    While zoomed out, gold pins are cities, white pins are missions, red pins are
    competitive areas, and the green pin is your Guild Hall if you have one.
    While zoomed in, Cities appear as a large white circle with the symbol of a
    tower or maybe a shield with crenels, and have a golden broader.
    Outpost appear as a small white golden bordered circle.
    Competitive areas have a black symbol on a white marker with a red border.
    Mission areas appear as shields, a sword with the handle on the top left of
    this shield means the mission has been completed and a sword with the handle
    on the top right means the bonus objective has been completed.
    Your Guild Hall is a white icon with a green border.
    The tiny white vortexes are the barrier gateways that separate explorable
    Map Area [U]
    This will display a smaller version of the World Map, which can be resized and
    scrolled around in at will with the left mouse button.
    In explorable and missions areas, a trail of red dots will show you which path
    you've bee traveling.
    Friends [N]
    This will help you track the whether or not your friends, or anyone for that
    matter, are online.
    This menu also doubles as the place for your Ignore list, which will block out
    private messages from the people you add.
    You can remove people by through the menu that appears when you click the head
    icon next to their name.
    Guild [G]
    This menu has 2 tabs, I'll start with the first one: Guild Roster.
    This shows the Leader, Officers, and normal Members of the guild, and the box
    below that shows the people who are being Invited to the Guild.
    Many of the functions available to you are used by clicking the little head
    shaped button next to your name or the name of someone else in the Guild.
    Guild Leaders can invite people to the guild, kick people, promote people to
    Officer, and promote people to Guild Leader. But they can't leave the guild
    unless they are the only member left in it.
    Guild Officers can do anything Guild Leaders can do, except promote people to
    leader, of course. They can also leave the guild at will.
    The only think Normal Members can do from this menu is leave the Guild.
    On this tab you can also see the current Rank your guild has on the ladder, and
    the rating of your guild. Both of these are only changed by doing Guild VS
    Guild matches from the Guild Hall, which you can get from the Cathan Ferry
    Captain in the southwest of Lions Arch, which in turn requires you to have a
    Celestial Sigil. Celestial Sigils can be won if you reach the Hall of Heroes in
    the Tombs of Primeval Kings(A PvP tournament) or by buying one from another
    player or NPC.
    The Guild Status tab displays the current guild Announcement, as well as a log
    of recent member changes and Guild vs Guild results.
    Party [P]
    This will actually de-activate the party menu normally placed on the right side
    of the screen.
    When in mission, explorable area, or competitive area, this will allow you to
    keep track of the HP of your allies, as well as select them quickly.
    When in an outpost, city, or ready-area for a mission or competitive area, you
    will be able to invite people to your party through this window, or join an
    existing party.
    You can type the name of the person you want to invite in the box that appears
    here, or select them in the world itself.
    If you want to quickly invite someone who just send a chat message, click on
    his name in the chat log, then select the name in the whisper box that appears,
    now you can cut(ctrl+x) or copy(ctrl+c) that name, and paste it into the box in
    the party menu. This works with public chat messages as well as private
    Finally, if someone is requesting to join your party, you will see the name of
    that person an area below that, to accept the invitation just click the name
    followed by the accept button.
    As a party leader, you can kick anyone out of the party while still in the
    outpost, but this is not possible if you go into a hostile area.
    Score Chart [O]
    This is only available in competitive areas.
    This will show you(in great detail) the combined health of every member
    of every team in the same area as you in the form of a graph, color coded
    by team.
    You are also able to see a graph of the combined death penalty of each team.
    This is very important, and you probably want to have a person in your team
    keeping track of this chart, to improve your overall decision making. This
    will also help you see if any nearly vanquished teams still have members
    scattered around, and if their graph suddenly rises after you think you've
    won, it probably means that a run-away is rezzing his team members, and that
    you need to kill him ASAP.
    Options [F11]
    Here's you'll find all the media and other technical client side settings that
    don't directly affect the game world.
    In the top section you're able to select a language(English, Korean, French,
    German, Italian, Spanish, or Bork! Bork! Bork!(this last one is a joke
    language based on the Swedish chef from the muppets).
    Below that you can select a Chat filter level, with normal and maximum some
    offensive words will be replaced by "----" in the chat, with the filter on
    none all of these words will be displayed normally.
    The Graphics Options are all fairly self explanatory, Anti-Aliasing is a
    rendering technique that makes everything smoother, and "post-process
    effects" is a collection of rendering techniques that will result in making
    everything more pretty looking.
    Finally, Control Setup is where you can re-map most of the controls in this
    game and the number below it is the "build"(version) of the client you're
    currently using.
    *3.2 Keyboard & Mouse *
    All of these(except mouse) can be configured through the options menu, but I'll
    list the default controls for the sake of completeness:
    ___/3.2.1 Mouse\______________________________________________________________
    Left Mouse Button: Move/Select/action/attack. Clicking a non hostile NPC will
    make you talk to it, clicking a monster will make you attack it normally,
    clicking an interactive object in the game world will make your character
    walk up to it and press/activate/open it. Clicking on the ground will make you
    move to that location.
    Right Mouse Button: Holding this will allow you to rotate the camera.
    Middle/3rd/mouse wheel: Holding this down while moving your mouse allows you
    to zoom in and out, you can scroll up and down to make you zoom in and out.
    _________________/3.2.2 Keyboard\_____________________________________________
    These controls can a bit strange and sometimes awkward, they might or might not
    be good for you at all. If the latter is true, you can complete re-configure
    these keys in the options menu.
    W/A/S/D or arrow keys: As you can probably guess, these will allow you to move
     or to be more precise, move forward and backward. Left/right or A/D will
     rotate your character, but while if you're holing your right mouse button
     these keys will make your strafe.
    Q and E: Strafe left and right, it might be a little hard to adapt at first.
     But you're going to want to do this as soon as possible.
    R: Run forward automatically, canceled by up/down, clicking on any ground or
     pressing R again.
    X: Make a 180 degree turn with the camera and also makes you face that way.
    Spacebar: "Do it" key, will perform the default action on the target you have
     selected, such as attacking or following.
    1-8: Pressing these numbers will make you use the skill equipped to that slot
     on your target. If you try using a skill that only works on allies with an
     enemy selected, you will automatically use it on yourself.
    Escape: Cancel current action.
    Enter: Start chat input.
    ~: Open full chat window.
    Ctrl: Quick chat, explained below. Also shows enemies/players in town.
    Z: Reverses the camera, directional movement still acts as if your camera was
     facing forward.
    Backspace: Will allow you to reply to the last person that send you a message.
    F: Select your own character.
    F1 - F8: Select party member according to the list on the right side of your
    Shift: If you hold shift while clicking something you will only select, and not
     preform an action on your target(such as attacking or talking).
    Ctrl: Shows hostile monsters and players. Also used for quick chat.
    Alt: Shows interactive object, NPCs, and signs.
    C: Will select the hostile closest to you.
    V: Target nearest friendly.
    TAB: Will cycle forward in selection, also works with Shift, Ctrl, and Alt.
    Shift+Tab: Cycle backwards in selection, also works with Shift, Ctrl, and Alt.
    [ and ]: Same as TAB and Shift+Tab respectively.
    T: Select the "called" target, if someone in your party used quick chat to 
     attack or select an enemy, pressing T will make you select the same target.
    H: Displays character info and attributes.
    K: Displays your skill library.
    I: Shows your inventory.
    L: Brings up the quest log.
    M: Shows you the world map.
    U: Shows a smaller map of the world that you can re-size or scroll around in.
    N: Opens your friend list.
    G: Brings up the guild menu.
    P: Hides the party list.
    O: In PvP, this gives you the Score charts.
    F5: Opens Backpack
    F6: Opens Belt Pouch
    F7: Opens Bag 1
    F8: Opens Bag 2
    F9: Opens backpack+pouch+bags
    F11: Makes your options screen come up.
    F12: Gives you a "Log out [yes/no]" dialog.
    alt+f4: Logs you out without asking.
    Ctrl+shift+H: Hides your entire interface.
    *3.3 Chat commands*
    _/3.3.1 channels\______________________________________________________________
    ! or shift+1 by default
     Send a message to everyone in the area, this is useful for taunting your
     opponents in the arenas... I'm not trying to give you any ideas or anything.
    @ or shift+2 by default
     Very self explanatory, sends a message to all your online guild members. 
    # or shift+3 by default
     Typing this will send a message to only your party members.
    $ or shift+4 by default
     This channel is off by default, people use this channel instead of the public
     one to sell, buy, or trade items.
    "Character Name [tab] message
     Typing this will send a private message to the person you want to annoy, no
     matter where he is in the world, as long as he's online.
     After you press ", you can just type the name or sometimes use the up-down
     arrows to select the name of a person you previously whispered.
     Alternate ways of sending people a private message are pressing Backspace
     after they message you, or clicking on their name in the chat window.
    ________________/3.3.2 emotes\_________________________________________________
    There are plenty of emotes, also known as actions, to be preformed in this game
    I misplaced my full list, so here are the ones I remember off the top of my
    head for now. Your character will perform an animation and a white message to
    clarify this will appear in the public channel.
     [your name here] points.
     [your name here] waves.
     [your name here] cheers.
     [your name here] jumps.
     [your name here] bows.
     [your name here] moans.
     [your name here] roars.
     [your name here] salutes.
     [your name here] laughs heartily.
     [your name here] beckons.
     [your name here] starts dancing.
    /sit or /afk
     No message, you'll just sit.
     [your name here] kneels.
     [your name here] shakes a fist angrily.
     [your name here] shoos you away.
     [your name here] says, "yes."
     [your name here] says, "no."
     [your name here] smacks his head. Doh!
     [your name here] agrees.
     [your name here] bows (his/her) head.
     [your name here] sighs.
     [your name here] is bored.
     [your name here] yawns.
     [your name here] pouts.
     [your name here] ponders the situation.
     [your name here] claps.
     [your name here] coughs.
    /congrats or /grats
     [your name here] offers congratulations.
     [your name here] butts chests with you.
     [your name here] cheers wildly, "Go team!"
     [your name here] says, "High five!"
     [your name here] says, "Pick me!"
     [your name here] requests help!
    /catchbreath or /breath
     [your name here] stops to catch (his/her) breath.
     [your name here] plays a mean air guitar.
     [your name here] plays the violin sadly.
     [your name here] plays the drums.
     [your name here] plays the flute.
     [your name here] flexes.
    /taunt or /rude
     [your name here] taunts you.
     [your name here] does a double take.
     [your name here] comes to attention!
     [your name here] apologizes.
     [your name here] scares you!
     [your name here] is ready for action.
    /fame or rank
     Makes you do a gesture and conjures up a shiny deer head, very fancy but
     requires you to have at least a rank of 3, which requires 180 fame.
    /rock or /paper or /scissors
     [your name here] plays rock, paper, scissors.
     the end of the animation will differ depending on which command you used.
    Other commands that don't fit in anywhere else:
     displays your current/max health and energy
     displays how many hours and minutes you've used this character, and how long
     ago you made it
     shows how many times you've died
     if you pre-ordered the game, this command will place all pre-order items you
     have available on your account into your inventory, if there is enough space.
    /petname or /namepet
     This command, followed by a name of a maximum of 12 characters, allows you to
     change the name of your pet, if you have one.
    ______________________________/3.3.3 quick chat\_______________________________
    Very useful feature, but it can still be annoying if abused, so don't!
    Quick chat is preformed by holding down CTRL while you input a command.
    Here are all the possibilities:
    Ctrl + double click a monster, monster name, or monster health bar
     [your character name]: I'm attacking [monster name]!
    Ctrl + 1-8
     [your character name]: I'm using [skill name]{ on [target name]}!
    Ctrl + double click on allied NPC or player, name, or health bar.
     [your character name]: I'm following [name of person you're stalking]!
    Ctrl + spacebar
     this depends on what you have selected and what you are doing. It displays
     your current action. If you have selected something you will start preforming
     the action as if you just pressed the spacebar by itself(such as attacking or
     following a target" On dead bodies this shows a message about that what you
     have selected is dead.
    Ctrl + shift + click
     As you know, holding shift enables you to select hostile creatures without
     attacking, holding ctrl while clicking sends a quick message about this.
    Ctrl + shift + spacebar
     Will let your team know what you're selecting, without automatically
     performing the default action on it.
    Ctrl + click on an enchantment, condition, hex, or other effect.
     See the on screen display, this will let your team know that the effect you
     clicked on is active on you.
    Ctrl + click on HP or energy.
     Will let your team know your current and max HP/Energy.
     Ctrl+clicking on your HP bar while you're dead lets your team know about your
     unfortunate condition, if you think they can't tell by your empty HP bar
     in the party window.
    Ctrl + click on experience bar.
     Will let your team know your level, and how far you are towards getting your
     next level in the form of a percentage.
    Ctrl + click on weapon bubbles.
     Will tell your team exactly what your weapon and off-hand item are.
    After you use this to mark or "call" a target, all of your party members will
    be able to quickly select that target by clicking the target icon next to
    your name in the party menu, or by pressing the "Priority Target" key, which
    is "T" by default.
    Henchmen also respond to some of these commands, by giving priority to the
    target you called.
    KillerTruffle from the gamefaqs forum pointed out that Alesia(the healer hench)
    will also give priority to resurrecting you if you give the "I'm dead" quick
    chat command.
    *3.4 Basic Mechanics*
    _/3.4.1 Status\________________________________________________________________
    This red bar symbolizes your life force. More often than not, getting hit by
    an attack or skill will cause you to lose a number of health points.
    The main factor in determining your health is your level, every time you gain
    a new experience level, your max health will increase by 20 points.
    The formula is 80+(lvl*20), which means that since you start at level one,
    you start with 100 health points. From there you gain 19 new experience levels,
    which puts you at 480 base health at level 20.
    Certain skills allow you to get a certain number of health regeneration arrows,
    each of these arrows symbolizes a health gain of 2 health per second.
    These arrows appear on the right side of your health number.
    Certain hexes and conditions that can affect you will give you a certain number
    of degeneration arrows instead, each of theses arrows, like with
    regeneration, symbolize a loss of 2 health per second.
    These arrows appear on the left side of your health number.
    When your health reaches 0, you die.
    The blue bar represents your energy supply, which is required by almost every
    skill in this game.
    Everyone has a base energy of 20, although most armor in the game will increase
    this. Casters(all classes except rangers and warriors) get certain off-hand
    items for most of their attributes which will also increase your energy supply.
    The regular energy total with armor included for each class is below, followed
    by their energy totals with other armor sets between the parentheses.
    Warrior      : 20 (Gladiator set: 28)
    Ranger       : 25 (Druid set: 32)
    Elementalist : 30 (they don't have armor that changes their max energy)
    Monk         : 30 (Ascetic(tattoo) set: 38; Judge set: 26)
    Mesmer       : 30 (Enchanter set: 37; Rogue set: 26)
    Necromancer  : 30 (Scar(tattoo) set: 37)
    The reason some of these differ 1 point is because certain sets also have a
    headgear item which gives an extra point of energy, but it's far more
    beneficial to take headgear which gives a +1 to an attribute in most cases.
    The arrows to the right of the max energy number symbolize energy regeneration.
    The base if 2 for all classes, but with their armor on, warriors still have 2,
    rangers have 3, and the 4 other classes(the "casters") have 4,
    Each arrow is good for 0.66 energy per second.
    Some spells might cause your energy to degenerate slowly by taking away regen
    arrows, if it falls below 0 you will slowly lose energy at the rate of 3 per
    second for each arrow on the left of the number.
    In this game, death is not always the end. In fact, if your brought a monk or
    the healer henchman along, you will probably be resurrected before too long.
    Non-monks will only be able to rez once per "game" normally, using a skill
    called Resurrection Signet. This skill does recharge every time you kill a
    boss, however, so it's likely that you'll be able to use this multiple times.
    If your entire team dies in an explorable area: don't worry, you will be
    resurrected automatically at the nearest resurrection shrine.
    If your entire team dies in a mission: do worry, because you don't get a second
    chance at a mission short from having to return to the mission ready area and 
    starting the entire thing over.
    Except for in the training area, every time you die you get a death penalty
    of 15%.
    Death Penalty & Moral Boost:
    When you die, you get temporarily weakened by a death penalty of 15%, this DP
    means that your health and energy are lowered by that percentage.
    Dying once or twice in your journey somewhere won't hurt much, although you
    have to be a little more careful, the same basic strategies that get you
    though a mission will still be possible with a DP.
    However, if this DP becomes larger than 30, it's a definite signal that you
    rethink your strategy, or try a different approach all together.
    The highest death penalty you can get is 60%, if you get this in the Tombs of
    Primeval Kings or a Guild vs Guild match, reaching that % will prevent you
    from resurrecting automatically every 2 minutes.
    In PvE, you slowly recover from this penalty by killing monsters, killing a
    boss will instantly recover 2%, and will even give you a morale boos if you
    don't have a death penalty. A morale boost is the opposite of death penalty, it
    gives you extra health and energy, up to a limit of 10%.
    In some missions, doing certain objective related tasks gives you a small boost
    of 2% towards your DP recovery or morale boost as well.
    In PvP, you recover that DP a little bit by killing enemies, in the tombs you
    can get a morale boost of 10% instantly(or recover 10% DP) by killing the enemy
    Ghostly Hero.
    In GvG, holding the flag stand for 2 minutes will give you a moral boost of 10%
    as well.
    You can keep track of your death penalty/morale boost through the icon in the
    effects monitor area of your UI.
    Conditions are negative side-effects caused by some skills. Conditions are
    never hexes, and hexes are never conditions, they are 2 completely different
    Now, a brief run-down of all conditions in the game, and the effect you are
    under while suffering from that condition:
    Bleeding    : 3 arrows of health degeneration.
    Blind       : 90% chance to miss with all "attacks".
    Burning     : 7 arrows of health degeneration.
    Crippled    : 50% slower movement speed.
    Dazed       : slower cast speed, additionally causes your spells to get
                  interrupted by all normal hits.
    Deep Wound  : 20% lower max health, also lowers benefit from healing by that
    Diseased    : 4 arrows of health degeneration, this condition spreads to anyone
                  (even party members) as soon as they come close enough to you.
    Poison      : 4 arrows of health degeneration.
    Weakness    : 66% damage penalty for all attacks.
                  Master Nightfall informed me that this damage penalty is only
                  for the base damage for attacks, and is applied before armor.
    Conditions will appear in the effects monitor area of your UI.
    This one is probably more complicated than all of the above combined, but since
    I want this version submitted by the end of the day, I'll keep it as short as
    possible and expand on it later.
    By default, you'll find a transparent bar somewhere in the top left area of
    your UI, this bar will slowly fill up and be colored green as you gain
    experience points.
    Every time you level up, you will gain 20 extra max health points.
    Every time you level up, you get a skill point.
    Every time you level up until lvl 10, you will gain 5 Attribute points.
    Every time you level up from 11 to 15 you will receive 10 Attribute points.
    And for the next 5 levels, until lvl 20, you will get 15 Attribute points.
    The highest level you can reach is 20. At this point you will no longer get
    attribute points of health from leveling up.
    However, you can still continue to gain experience points, and you will also
    keep filling up that bar, and every time that bar fills, you will still get an
    extra additional point.
    Reaching lvl 2 from lvl 1 takes 2 000 experience points, and every level after
    that you will have to gain the same amount experience points as you had to get
    for your previous level, plus an extra 600.
    EG, to get each level, starting at 0% in your exp bar, you'll need this many
    more experience points:
    lvl  2:  2 000
    lvl  3:  2 600
    lvl  4:  3 200
    lvl 19: 12 200
    lvl 20: 12 800
    After this, each time you fill your exp bar, you'll need to get that much exp
    once more with an additional 600 exp again to fill it up again.
    That makes the formula for exp to the next level: 2 000 + (A - 1)*600, where A
    is the amount of times you filled up your exp bar already.
    Keep in mind that for the sake of this formula, you didn't have to fill up your
    exp bar to reach lvl 1.
    The most exp you'll ever need to level up is 
    (the following information was gathered by Tarrant from gwonline.net)
    To get experience from killing monsters, you have to be on the hostile list for
    that monster, you get on this list either by using a skill on it, attacking it,
    having it in your aggro range(that circular gray area on your radar), or by
    using a skill on an ally that's on the hostile list of that monster already.
    (source of information for this last paragraph: gwonline.net)
    4. Characters
    An important part of any RPG are its characters, Guild Wars is no exception.
    Before you even start you have to make what could be the single most important
    decision in the entire game: your primary profession.
    Early on in the newbie area, you'll obtain a secondary profession.
    Your secondary class gives you access to all of the skills of that class, and
    all but one of the attributes of that class.
    This is because each class has 1 attribute that is only available to your
    character if that class is your primary one; furthermore, you can still only
    wear armor of your primary class.
    Armour available to your profession not only affects your Armour Level(which
    modifies the damage you take from most skills), but also determines your energy
    regeneration and your maximum energy.
    The final difference is what runes you'll be able to take: because you can only
    use runes of your primary class, with the exception of the Vigor runes, which
    add health to any class.
    Even though every class combination has builds that make them viable for both
    PvE and PvP(Although Some classes being better suited to certain PvE areas then
    others), you'll have to think carefully about what exactly it is you want to
    do in combat.
    Obviously, a warrior/elementalist can't use spells as its main damage source
    because of the lacking energy supply(unless you are willing to get creative
    with some of the late game abilities).
    You should also note that there are also less obvious situations where
    different class combinations can either make you very good or very bad at
    certain things.
    You'll want to take a secondary class that compliments what you want to do
    with your primary class best, because it's usually not a good idea to make
    a character that has multiple tasks, unless one of those tasks requires very
    little energy and/or time.
    *4.1 Brief Profession summary *
    _/4.1.1 Warrior\______________________________________________________________
    Master of close combat, the only class that can unlock the full potential of
    melee weapons. Also have access to the "Tactics" attribute and line of skills,
    which are mainly used in defense or as utilities to increase your effectiveness
    in combat, and allows you to use some of the better shields.
    All 3 weapons are, of course, meant to get up close and deal some damage,
    although the weapons have different means of accomplishing that goal.
    For example: Hammers have higher damage and several knock-down skills, but
    attack relatively slow and are two-handed.
    Primary warriors get access to the Strength attribute, which not only gives you
    some armor penetration, but also allows you to maximize the effects of
    strength attribute skills, and allows you to use shields that require strength
    instead of tactics.
    Their armor doesn't give them any extra energy regeneration, limiting them to
    only 2 arrows, but the Armor Level(damage modifier) is matched by none.
    Swordsmanship: Increases damage output and with swords. Also increases the
      effectiveness of Swordsmanship skills.
    Axe Mastery: Increases damage output with axes. Also increases the
      effectiveness of Axe Mastery skills. 
    Hammer Mastery: Increases damage output with hammers. Also increases the
      effectiveness of Hammer Mastery skills.
    Tactics: Increases the effectiveness of Tactics skills.
    Strength(primary class only): Increases the effectiveness of Strength skills.
      Additionally, Each level of this attribute will give you 1% armor
      Master Nightfall pointed out that the armor penetration gained from this
      attribute might only work with skills. 
    __________________/4.1.2 Ranger\______________________________________________
    Even though they don't cost energy and have a long range, bows attack slowly
    and don't have the natural damage to compensate for it.
    Instead, rangers will be able to boost their damage with various preparations
    they can add to their normal attacks to suit their current needs, and also have
    a wide array of attack skills which they can spam to further increase their
    damage out-put.
    Furthermore, rangers also have a lot of defensive and utility skill, allowing
    them to deal with a lot of different situations, making this class very
    Some rangers will also dabble in beast mastery, which allows them to send
    an animal into battle to act as a source of damage or even as just a
    distraction. But keep in mind that if you have marksmanship, expertise, and
    wilderness survival, your beast mastery will not be high enough to make it
    worth it to waste a skill slot with charm animal(the skill that makes you take
    an animal into combat).
    Primary Rangers also get access to the Expertise attribute, which not only has
    some useful skills associated with it, but can potentially cut the cost of most
    Ranger skills(and a very small number of skills from other classes) in half!
    This allows primary rangers to use ranger skills many times more effectively
    than any other class could. In fact, without expertise, Rangers will feel a
    huge lack in the energy department.
    Their armor provides moderate defense against physical attacks, but exceptional
    protection against elemental damage.
    Their energy supply is right between warriors and casters, with 3 arrows, but
    their expertise attribute makes up for that.
    Beast Mastery: Increases the effectiveness of Beast Mastery skills.
      Additionally, it increases the damage and critical chance of your Animal
    Wilderness Survival: Increases the effectiveness of Wilderness Survival skills.
    Marksmanship: Increases damage output and critical chance with bows. Also
      increases the effectiveness of Marksmanship skills.
    Expertise(primary class only): Increases the effectiveness of Expertise skills.
    ___________________________________/4.1.3 Monk\_______________________________
    Monks are, in all honesty, the backbone of almost any team in this game.
    It is usually the task of the monks, with their powerful healing and protection
    spells, to keep teams alive in combat.
    Monks can also go the way of Smiting, which allows them to deal damage instead
    of healing their team.
    Primary Monks get the benefit of Divine Favor, which makes their healing
    even more powerful, and gives them access to many useful skills.
    Their armor gives them 4 energy regeneration arrows, like all casters.
    Their max energy is also average for all casters, although they have the option
    to sacrifice max energy in exchange for extra physical defense, or vice versa.
    Healing Prayers: Increases the effectiveness of Healing Prayers skills.
    Smiting Prayers: Increases the effectiveness of Smiting Prayers skills.
    Protection Prayers: Increases the effectiveness of Protection Prayers skills.
    Divine Favor(primary class only): Increases the effectiveness of Divine Favor
      skills. Additionally, every time you cast a spell on an ally, they will be
      healed 3 points for each level of Divine Favor.
    _________________________________________________/4.1.4 Necromancer\__________
    Necromancers revolve around causing massive death and decay to their enemies.
    Necromancers also have the ability to exploit corpses for various tasks, such
    as create life-recovering pools or creating undead minions to do their bidding.
    Some Necromancers will also use spells that sap their own health in order to
    achieve something. Whether it be damaging or weakening enemies or boosting
    the power of allies.
    Primary Necromancers have access to the Soul Reaping attribute. This attribute
    does not have any skills linked to it, but in situations with enemies dying
    all around you, having a high rank in this attribute will provide a very nice
    energy supply for the Necromancer.
    Their armor provides Necromancer with 4 energy regeneration arrows, their
    actual supply of energy varies from set to set, but is usually around the same
    as other casters, as is their defense.
    Blood Magic: Increases the effectiveness of Blood Magic skills.
    Death Magic: Increases the effectiveness of Death Magic skills.
    Curses: Increases the effectiveness of Curses skills.
    Soul Reaping(primary class only): Whenever something or someone dies near you,
      you get 1 energy for each level of Soul Reaping.
     _/4.1.5 Mesmer\_______________________________________________________________
    Mesmers are all about controlling the flow of battle, usually dealing indirect
    damage through hexes, or using hexes to prevent people or monsters from using
    skills or preventing them from attacking altogether.
    As a Mesmer, you have to anticipate what enemies might throw at you, then build
    your character in a way so it is able to respond to those situations.
    Although their attributes all share a theme, they serve many different
    purposes, as even within the same attribute, different skills allow you to
    deal with completely different situations.
    These things make Mesmers a lot of things, but not straight-forward, meaning
    they are hard to learn and master, thus not making them the best choice for
    new players. Although you might still want to use Mesmer as a secondary, for
    their utility spells, which can be useful in many situations.
    Primary Mesmers have access to the Fast Casting attribute, which allows them
    to (surprise) cast spells faster.
    There is no simple increase with each level, as the decrease varies with each
    level in this attribute, and even varies depending on what the base casting
    time is. Still, the change in casting speed is very noticeable, even without
    putting a lot of points into the attribute.
    Mesmer armor, like all caster armor, gives them 4 arrows of energy regen.
    Their average energy bonus from armor is also the same as other casters,
    although they can sacrifice defense for more energy, or vice versa.
    Illusion Magic: Increases the effectiveness of Illusion Magic skills.
    Domination Magic: Increases the effectiveness of Domination Magic skills.
    Inspiration Magic: Increases the effectiveness of Inspiration Magic skills.
    Fast Casting(primary class only): Each level in this attribute will reduce
      casting time for spells. This attribute only has 1 skill linked to it.
     _________________/4.1.6 Elementalist\_________________________________________
    Elementalists are the guys that cast spells which usually have one thing in
    common: causing a lot of damage, with some utility spells on the side.
    Each element has a slightly different approach, though,
    Air magic spells usually revolve around doing maximal damage against a single
    target, Water magic often slowing targets down, and Fire magic provides players
    with a lot of area of effect spells.
    Earth magic, though, has the most powerful defensive spells an Elementalist has
    access to, but also provides some unique ways to damage opponents.
    Primary Elementalists get access to the Energy Storage attribute, which doesn't
    give them more energy that other classes without using Ether Renewal or Ether
    Prodigy, but it does allow them to cast multiple high-energy spells quickly
    one after the other without having to wait for their energy to recover in
    Elementalist armor also gives 4 energy regeneration arrows, and all of their
    armor sets give the same average energy bonus. Each set, however, gives them
    additional defense from a specific element. But keep in mind that the only
    way to significantly increase the number of spells you can cast in long fights,
    you need Glyphs, attunement spells, or ether prodigy/renewal.
    Air Magic: Increases the effectiveness of Air Magic skills.
    Earth Magic: Increases the effectiveness of Earth Magic skills.
    Fire Magic: Increases the effectiveness of Fire Magic skills.
    Water Magic: Increases the effectiveness of Water Magic skills.
    Energy Storage: Each level of Energy Storage gives you 3 extra energy points.
      Also Increases the effectiveness of Energy Storage skills.
    *4.2 Skill Types*
    There are many different kinds of skills, all with their own specific rules.
    The skill types also come into play with certain other skills, which might only
    affect skills of certain types.
    Almost every skill is considered a skill, the only exception is in most cases,
    signets aren't affected or don't trigger skills that affect or are triggered
    by "skills".
    Spells always fall under the skills category.
    But far from all skills fall under the spells category, as you'll see below.
    This is important when it comes to spells such as backfire, which is only
    triggered by spells, not by all skills.
    Signets all have 1 thing in common: they don't cost anything to use.
    Other than that, signets usually aren't considered "skills" when it comes to
    spells such as blackout or diversion.
    Attack Skills:
    This is more of a family, very few skills are actually attack skills, but many
    other skills fall under the attack skill category.
    Spells such as diversion, which target skills, are also triggered by attack
    Spells such as Judge's Insight, which affect attacks, are triggered by attack
    skills as well.
    But spells such as backfire, which only target spells, are not triggered by
    attack skills.
    Melee Attacks:
    All rules from attack skills apply, additionally, these skills can only be
    used with a sword, axe, or hammer equipped.
    Sword Attacks:
    All rules from attack skills apply, additionally, these skills can only be
    used with a sword equipped.
    Axe Attacks:
    All rules from attack skills apply, additionally, these skills can only be
    used with an axe equipped.
    Hammer Attacks:
    All rules from attack skills apply, additionally, these skills can only be
    used with a (guess what), hammer equipped.
    Bow Attacks:
    All rules from attack skills apply, additionally, these skills can only be
    used with a (surprise surprise), bow equipped.
    Sword Skill:
    These 2 skills can only be used with a sword, but don't count as an attack.
    These skills are not attacks.
    Everyone reading this should know what a spell is.
    All spells(unless specified otherwise) have exactly the same range.
    A lot of spells are to cause direct damage, but the vast majority serve many
    other purposes.
    All spells cost energy and have a casting time and casting animation, even
    if it's a very short one. Not all spells have a recharge time, although most
    Enchantment Spells:
    Everything that affects spells, also affects enchantments being cast.
    There are, however, many skills that will only affect enchantments.
    Enchantments always provide some kind of beneficial effect for the person it's
    cast on.
    Some enchantments can only be cast on other allies, while some can only be
    cast on yourself. Most of them can be cast on both.
    Hex Spells:
    Hex Spells are very much like enchantments, but skills that are only triggered
    by enchantments are, of course, not triggered by hexes, and vice versa.
    The difference is that hexes are always negative, and can only be cast on your
    When you activate a stance skill, you immediately gain the benefit from it
    until it runs out. You can only ever have one stance active at a time, if you
    try using a new stance with another one still active, the first one will end.
    Preparations add some kind of benefit to all of your attacks, including attack
    You can only have 1 preparation active at any time, if you try activating a
    2nd preparations with another one still being active, the 1st one will cancel.
    There are many different types of shouts, some boost allies around you, while
    some have a negative effect on enemies around you.
    Other shouts will add some kind of positive effect on only your pet.
    These are never spells or enchantments, but are still skills.
    Glyphs are utility spells used exclusively by Elementalists.
    All Glyphs have 2 distinctive thing in common: they only affect the next spell
    that you cast, and none of them are tied to an attribute, making them effective
    with all elements, or even no element at all(except for Glyph of Elemental
    Pet Attacks:
    These skills will add something to the next attack of your pet, activating a
    pet attack will not trigger anything triggered by an attack activate on you.
    Nature Rituals:
    These skills are not spells, but they will summon a spirit at your current
    These spirits will have a specific effect on everything and everyone in
    its range, even enemies.
    Many of these effects are very powerful, and can change the entire flow of the
    All of these rituals can be instantly ended by killing the spirit.
    These skills will (surprise) place a "trap" at your current position. After
    placing a trap, the Ranger will display a very distinctive effect around him,
    letting friends and foes alike know what just happened at the Ranger's
    The trap itself, however, is completely invisible. As you probably guessed,
    traps are usually triggered when an enemy comes into the range of its effect,
    all traps have an area of effect, meaning they can hit multiple targets.
    *4.3 Skill Legend *
    Beside the name and effect of the skill, to make skills easier to read and
    manage, most of them share several other properties, which are explained in
    this section.
    Skill Name  : Every skill has a name, as you might have guessed, this is purely
    Skill Type  : All the skill types are covered in the previous section, and as
                  you can read there, they are quite important.
    Description : Without this, you'll be lost, aside from the name, this is the
                  only property that isn't consistent between any skills, if a
                  skill does damage, this is where you'll see it, but then from
                  here you'll also be able to learn if it's a projectile or instant
                  hit spell, or if it has some sort of other unique effect, which
                  is very common, as no 2 skills are exactly the same.
    Energy Cost : Most skills, but not all, have an energy cost. Although energy
                  recharges very quickly, energy management and energy sufficiency
                  is very important, both when choosing your skills and when using
                  5 Energy could be considered cheap, while more than 10 is
                  somewhat expensive and could cause energy problems.
    Activation Time : Many skills, especially spells, have a slight delay before it
                  is activated. During this time, you will be unable to move or
                  perform any other action, but you can que up other skills so that
                  they will begin activating as soon as your current skill is done.
                  If your skill is interrupted by movement, you will not gain back
                  the energy spend.
                  If your skill is interrupted by an enemy, you will have to wait
                  for it to recharge normally before you can use it again, and you
                  will also still lose the energy cost of it.
                  While an activation time under 1 second is almost instant, you
                  should be careful with spells that take longer than 3 seconds to
    Recharge Time : This is the cool-down time in seconds that you will have to
                  wait for before you can use the same skill again.
                  This can actually severely limit the usefulness of a skill,
                  so pay attention to this.
                  A skill that seems too good to be true at first, might not be
                  so good when you notice it takes 30 seconds or longer to re-use,
                  which is an eternity in battle.
    Attribute   : Almost all skills are aligned to an attribute, and the power or
                  effectiveness of that skill is usually entirely dependant on the
                  level of that attribute.
    Energy Upkeep : Some enchantments used by monks will have a penalty of 1 energy
                  regeneration arrow for the monk, for as long as he keeps it
                  active. These enchantments will not expire after a pre-defined
                  time, but can still be removed by an enemy. The enchantment
                  can also be canceled by the monk at any time by clicking
                  the icon in the "upkeep" area of your screen. The enchantments
                  will also be canceled if the monk runs out of energy or moves
                  too far from the target.
    Health Sacrifice : Some necromancer spells require you to sacrifice a certain
                  percentage of health, which is calculated by using your max
                  health. Although this is actually specified in the description
                  of the spells, my manual lists it as a separate property, so here
                  you go.
    Elite Skill : Some skills are "elite". These skills are often relatively more
                  powerful than other skills, but you can only have one of these
                  equipped at any time. This means it's always wise to pay extra
                  attention to which elite skill you equip, to get the most benefit
                  from their power.
                  Elite skills can be identified by their gold border, and the
                  confirmation of the skill being elite can be found in the skill
    Adrenaline Cost : Many warrior skills require adrenaline to use instead of
                  energy. These skills are favorable to warriors because of their
                  lower energy supply.
                  Hitting an enemy with an attack adds 1 point of adrenaline to
                  all of your adrenaline skills until they are "charged".
                  Using an adrenaline skill will drain the adrenaline for that
                  skill, but will leave other adrenaline skills charged, unless
                  the skill you used specifically says it will drain adrenaline for
                  all of your other skills as well.
                  Also: if you use an adrenaline based attack skill and it misses
                  or gets blocked, you will lose 1 notch of adrenaline charge for
                  all of your adrenaline skills.
                  Getting hit 5-7 times will give you a notch of adrenaline charge
                  as well.
    5. Story Walkthrough
    So you've chosen to make a full RPing character, eh? Well, good for you,
    because the world of Guild Wars is filled to the rim with hard missions and
    interesting quests, and you're going to need to unlock those skills sooner or
    later anyway...
    In this part of the guide, I will try to document how to properly bring each
    mission and primary quest to a successful end, I will also occasionally point
    out some of the more beneficial side-quests and locations to visit.
    *5.1 New character walkthrough*
    So, you've chosen your profession, appearance and name. And after watching the
    ominous intro movie, you're ready to jump right into action. Thankfully, that
    is exactly what the game wants you to do, after you get yourself familiar
    with walking around and I don't know what else, talk to the Town Cryer to get
    your first quest! On your radar, you'll see a green marker appear to the north,
    so walk across the bridge towards it. Talk to Sir Tydus, accept the reward,
    and the next quest. Now, you'll see an arrow pointing west on the radar, keep
    walking towards it and then walk outside of the city though the portal.
    Keep in mind that if you're ever not sure what to do, you can talk to Sir Tydus
    to get some advice on what to do next.
    You will now get your own instance of the explorable area "Lakeside County".
    This area will be filled with monsters and NPCs to reflect which quests
    you are on or which you have completed, and monsters you kill won't respawn
    until you change areas.
    Before you, you'll see 2 NPCs: one to reflect your class and a little girl
    called Gwen. First, talk to Gwen and agree to help her, you'll now get the
    "Gwen's Flute" quest.
    Now talk to the other NPC, which will give you a simple test depending on
    your class. More details about these quests can be found in the Quests section
    of this guide, but unless you're really desperate for something to read you
    might as well just go down the road and do what the quest objective says.
    If the objective for the quest doesn't require you to go down to the river, 
    to the south, so anyway, because you'll find Gwen's Broken Flute down there.
    Walk back north towards the town, and talk to Gwen and the other NPC there
    to accept the rewards for your 2 quests.
    Gwen will offer to follow you, even though right now all she'll do is annoy
    you, giving her a new flute and some flowers will make her heal you if you get
    close to dying, which might come in handy.
    Now you have a some choices:
    -Talk to Haversdan, who has takes the place of the trainer you got your first
     2 quests from, to get the "Further Adventures" quest which will continue the
     regular chain of events in the newbie area.
    -Do the "Adventure with an Alley" quest, read more about this in the quest
     section of this guide.
    -Go back into the City, and get a couple of quests. Keep in mind most quests
     from the city won't be available until you complete some more important tasks.
    -Go back into the city, and talk to Armin Saberlin to receive a quest to
     take a secondary profession upon yourself.
    -Find the first trainer of your first profession, to learn more skills.
    -All of the above.
    Eventually, it's best to do all of them, in any order, but I suggest first
    taking the "Further Adventures" quest to avoid getting lost, although you might
    also want to take the "Bandit Raid" and "Poor Tenant" quests from Ascalon City.
    So follow the road south west, or go up the hill west of the road if you're
    on the Bandit Raid quest.
    Either way, talk Devona, who is at the other end of the quest arrow if you
    have "Further Adventures" selected in your log.
    She will give you the "Unsettling Rumors" quest, which makes you go to the
    nearby Abbey.
    Don't forget to complete the Poor Tenant quest while you're there.
    When there, ask Mareek about the quest, to get the next objective:
    Press M to open your world map, then warp back to the city by either clicking
    it then pressing Travel, enter, or space. Or you can just double click the city
    Talking to Armin will complete the quest and give you the next "A Second
    Profession" quest.
    If you want to, you can test out each of the 5 remaining professions before
    finally settling on one, or you can just go straight to the one you want.
    Keep talking to Armin or scroll down to the quests section if you want more
    Your Current options are:
    -Complete "A Second Profession"
    -Learn more skills for your first class, you can do this by either asking
     Armin Saberlin where to learn more skills for your class.
     Or preferably: going outside of the city, then talking to Haversdan again
     and taking the "A new [your class] Trainer" quest, which is the preferred
     way because you get some free exp.
    -Do the "Adventure with an Alley" quest, read more about this in the quest
     section of this guide.
    -Do some of the other minor quests you can get from NPCs in and around the city
     for some easy experience. Again, check the quests section of this guide if you
     need help finding specific quests.
    -All of the above!
    First, I suggest just getting the second profession over with.
    When you complete it, return to Armin Saberlin to accept your reward and get
    the "The Path to Glory" quest.
    All you have to do to complete this is to talk to Sir Tydus, who is right next
    to you!
    After accepting the reward, you get the ability to leave the newbie area.
    Going to the academy means you'll leave the newbie area and proceed to the
    first real part of the story, you will _never_ be able to return to this
    If you leave already, you will miss a LOT of free skills and experience points,
    making the next part far harder than it has to be, and also means that you
    will have to use valuable skill points on skills that you could have gotten
    for free!
    ---END WARNING---
    So what should you do before going to the academy?
    -Do the 2-3 skill quests for your primary profession to get a bunch of free
    -Do the 1-2 remaining skill quests for your secondary profession to get more
     free skills.
    -Do to "Adventure With an Ally" quest to get the Resurrection Signet skill for
    -Do as many of the remaining quests as you like, I advise at least doing the
     "Tithe for Ashford Abbey" quest, because it nets you a free skill point.
     And also doing the "Charr in the Catacombs" quest because it gives you an
     easy 100 gold.
     For the remaining quests: remember that easy exp is good exp, if you are new
     to the game, you'll probably want to get to about lvl 5-8 before leaving,
     because this will not only make it easier to win the little PvP match you'll
     be subjected to after entering the Academy, but it will also make the first
     part of the game many times easier.
     Also, don't forget that all items that you get from the quests here sell
     for 10 gold each. This may not seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly!
    When you tire of the newbie area, go back to Ascalon City and talk to Tydus.
    A count down will appear on the screen, and when it gets to 0:00 you will be
    warped to a small PvP area, 9 out of 10 newbies suggest to just try your best
    and have fun, as it doesn't matter if you win or lose.
    After that small PvP encounter you will once again warped to a new area, don't
    worry, there will be plenty of time for PvP later, because now you have orders
    to exterminate a small number of Grawl led by... a Charr! If you've done some
    of the other quests before this, you'll know a thing or 2 about how fierce
    the Charr can be, but with the 4 of you, he should go down easily.
    After completing this easy task, sit back and enjoy the small cut-scene that
    *5.2 Post Searing Ascalon *
    Fast forward 2 years...
    Welcome to the wasteland of what used to be the lush green lands of Ascalon,
    The great searing made sure everyone agreed once and for all: the days of peace
    in Ascalon are over.
    Some time has passed since you entered the academy, and you are now a
    full-fledged elite soldier in the army of Ascalon.
    Although you have the option to roam the wastes or help the citizens of
    Ascalon with their every-day problems, chances are that if you're reading this
    you're more interested in advancing the story, and making a real difference in
    this ruined world.
    The first thing you need to do here(unless one of your party members decided
    to be a pain in your ass by walking into Ascalon City while still in the party)
    is to talk to Captain Osiric and accept "The Krytan Ambassador".
    Then warp to Ascalon city (unless you want to keep your party intact), and find
    Warmaster Tydus towards the north.
    Tydus will give you a small quest to deliver a message to an Ambassador from
    Kryta, who is offering to help Ascalon.
    However, Ascalon isn't the happy peaceful place it used to be, so it's wise
    to get 1 or more party members, depending on how far you want to go and how
    confident you are in your own abilities.
    Luckily, since there aren't always real people who are on the same quest you
    are and are also willing to party, you can take henchmen along with you.
    You'll find these henchmen by following the quest arrow. In other outposts,
    you can find them easily by looking for the big banners near them or by
    holding CTRL to make their names appear in green, if you're close enough.
    Usually, these henchmen are conveniently placed near an exit into
    and explorable area.
    In any case, when you're done putting together your party, head out into Old
    Ascalon, the post-apocalyptic wasteland versions of Lakeside County and Green
    Hills County.
    Your next objective is to go southwest to Ambassador Zain, who is having a
    conversation with Prince Rurik. But if you're not interested in the story,
    just rudely cut in by talking to Zain and accepting your quest reward.
    For more information about the optional quests you can get around here, check
    the quest section of this guide.
    I strongly advise that no matter what your classes are, to at least do the
    first 3 skill quests available to both your classes. But it's probably best
    to save the ones from Piken Square and Serenity Temple until later.
    Also don't forget to do the skill quest from Zain, who will offer 1 skill
    for each of your 2 classes.
    When you're done running around, exploring, getting skills, and helping the
    people of Ascalon with their troubles, go back to Ascalon city and talk to
    Warmaster Tydus, who has a very important task for you.
    Accept it then run towards the quest marker, to your very first real mission:
    The Great Northern Wall!
    Here, talk to Squire Zachery for your reward and a bit of info, form a party,
    then enter the mission!
    _/5.2.1 Mission 1: The Great Northern Wall\___________________________________
        Scout for Bonfaaz Burntfur's Charr forces.
    -Objective- Search north of the Wall to find the Charr army.
    -Objective- Report your findings to captain Calhaan.
    You start off on top of the wall, talk to Calhaan, who will open the gate on
    the bottom of the stairs for your, where you might have to find some devourers.
    Follow the trail northwest, across a small bridge. Here you can go down a slope
    and fight your way past some devourers, or follow the road and fight some
    Grawl. But neither way has any significant advantage.
    Fight your way past some more minor monsters until the road, after a small
    gate takes you west. When this road circles north you can either follow it
    up a hill, where you'll see 2 wreckages(hold alt) or you can take a small
    to the southeast of the hill.
    First off, kill the devourers and open the 2 wrecks, one will hold and item
    called "Kilnn Testibrie's Crest". Make sure you pick it up and save it, then
    head east to that passage next to the hill, and go down it.
    You'll find another wreck containing "Kilnn Testibrie's Cuisse", save this as
    North of here you'll see some monsters fighting amongst each other. Kill them
    all as you see fit, then instead of following the normal road, go north into
    a small passage that takes you under a bridge.
    Talk to the ghost Kilnn Testibrie along this passage.
    -Objective- *BONUS* Recover the four pieces of Kilnn Testibrie's armor
    and return them to his tomb.
    Continue following the passage, and along the way pick up the 3rd piece of
    armor: his Pauldron.
    Keep following the road southwest until you see a wreckage on a hill to the
    left of the road, this contains the last armor piece: his Greaves.
    Now, run all the way back to the ghost, give him the 4 armor pieces, and
    receive your 1,000 Experience points!
    -Goal completed- *BONUS* Recover the four pieces of Kilnn Testibrie's armor
    and return them to his tomb.
    Now run back, again, to where you found the last armor piece, but now just
    follow the road, killing the Charr boss along the way, until a small cut-scene
    -Goal Completed- Search north of the Wall to find the Charr army.
    -Objective- ADDED: Find a new way back. Run to the wall.
    As soon as it ends, start running south, and don't stop for anything!
    You will take a huge shortcut back to the wall, thanks to some doors that
    mysteriously open.
    -Goal Completed- ADDED: Find a new way back. Run to the wall.
    -Objective- Report your finding to Captain Calhaan.
    I'll assume you remember where he is.
    Congratulations on completing your first mission!
    _/5.2.2 Mission 2: Fort Ranik\_________________________________________________
        Retake the Great Northern Wall.
    -Objective- Push back the invading Charr army.
    The majority of this mission just involves you killing everything in your path
    as you fight your way back to the wall, there are very few branches in the
    road, so I'll just point out the interesting things along the way.
    Early on in the mission, to the west, you'll find Gurn Blanston, who will give
    you the "Deliver a Message to My Wife" quest. This is completely optional, of
    If you keep Armin Saberlin alive until the gateway you come, he will give you
    the bonus objective of this mission, although you can still complete the
    objective and get the 1,000 experience even if he dies or if you don't talk to
    -Objective- *BONUS* Rescue Deeter Saberlin from his Charr imprisonment. 
    After this gate, you'll soon see 2 passages leading north, take the west one.
    After a while, at a boss, the road will lead you east, up on the hills on both
    sides of the roads there will be Charr attacking you, it's not very important
    to kill them right now, but you can if you really want to.
    After that road takes you north a small bit, you will see it branch off up
    to a hill to the southeast, go up here for the bonus!
    You'll come across 2 Charr Overseers guarding a prison. If for some reason,
    like half your party leaving, it becomes too hard to kill them, try luring them
    apart a little bit, so their area heal doesn't heal both of them while they
    infuse each other with health.
    -Goal Completed- *BONUS* Rescue Deeter Saberlin from his Charr imprisonment.
    After this, you can go north or south. Back north will be faster, but south
    will give you some extra loot, it's up to you.
    Either way, you'll eventually come across a large open area with lots of broken
    catapults, many Charr, and on the north end: the wall.
    The most important thing here is to stay together and NOT attack Charr when
    there are more than 4 near each other.
    Take along any spare parts you see laying around, but keep in mind: drop them
    before combat!
    After talking to the siegemaster you will get some new objectives.
    -Objective- ADDED: Locate the RESTRAINING BOLT and return it to Siegemaster
    -Objective- ADDED: Locate the ARMING CRANK and return it to Siegemaster Lormar.
    -Objective- ADDED: Locate the RELEASE LEVER and return it to Siegemaster
    When you've done all that, activate the lever twice to launch some kind of
    large flaming explosive object towards a huge group of Charr.
    Up ahead is another trebuchet, but to kill anything with this one you'll have
    to lure the Charr towards the target area, which is usually too much trouble,
    and there's a chance you'll kill a team-mate on accident.
    To complete the mission, you have to kill the Boss on top of the wall.
    _/5.2.3 Intermission: Frontier Gate & Eastern Frontier\________________________
    Well well, you've done the first two missions, and now you've been granted
    a short break, as you might have noticed because the area you appear in is an
    outpost rather than a mission area.
    Of course, if you want to, you can just pick up the "Ruins of Surmia" quest
    from Warmaster Riga, this will lead you straight to the next mission.
    However, if you take a short trip back to Ascalon City, you'll notice many new
    quests were made available since you went off to defend the wall.
    First off, of course, I advise doing all the skill quests you've missed before
    going to the first mission.
    Then, this would be the ideal time to check out Piken Square. And if Monk,
    Elementalist, or Mesmer is either of your 2 classes, you should check out the
    Serenity Temple outpost as well.
    Serenity Temple only has quests for those 3 classes, so unless you're set on
    completing "The Troublesome Artifact" quest, there isn't much reason to go all
    the way out there.
    Also, if you're taking the long route to complete the "Frontier Gate Fugitives"
    quest or just want to explore everything, it's also a good idea to stop at the
    If you do plan on going there, for any reasons, do pick up the "The Trouble
    Artifact" quest, then warp back to the Frontier Gate and head out into the
    Eastern Frontier and complete that quest, as it will lead you straight to the
    Serenity Temple!
    When you're done with that, or decide to not go to the temple, you'll probably
    still want check out Piken Square. As it hosts the most rewarding and fun
    quests in this entire area.
    It also has skill quests for Necromancer, Warrior, and Ranger, so you'll want
    to go there anyway if you have one of those classes. And if that isn't enough
    to convince you, about half-way there you will come across a quest that gives
    skills for ALL 6 classes. 
    To get there, first go back to Ascalon City and take the "Recruits for Hollis"
    quest from Warmaster Tydus. This will lead you through Old Ascalon, and to
    the gate to The Breach, where Piken Square is located.
    After getting the reward from Hollis, accept the "Supplies for the Duke" and
    "Barradin's Stand" quests.
    First off, complete Barradin's Stand, as this will lead you straight to Piken
    Square. Next, complete Supplies for the Duke to get your 2 skills.
    When you're done with those, and if you're a Warrior, Necromancer, or Ranger,
    do the remaining skill quests obtainable from Piken Square. Regardless of your
    class, I advise doing the Duke's Daughter series of quests, if you're around
    lvl 8-12 you should be able to complete them successfully.
    In any case, as always, check the quests section of this guide if you need help
    in any of those quests, or are looking for some more quests that are available
    around Ascalon at this point.
    When you're all done, head back to the Frontier Gate, take the Ruins of Surmia
    quest, then exit into the Eastern Frontier and set off towards the north.
    You'll come across a lot of Grawl along the way, but usually you can save
    a lot of time by just running past them.
    _/5.2.4 Mission 3: Ruins of Surmia\____________________________________________
        Rescue the soldiers taken prisoner by the Charr
    -Objective- Safeguard Prince Rurik's life.
    -Objective- Free all the Ascalon captives.
    -Objective- Get to the obelisks inside the ruined academy.
    The largest part of this mission involves you following Prince Rurik, as you
    rescue prisoners held by the Charr.
    The fighting itself isn't too hard, as long as you are careful enough to not
    attack 2 patrols close to each other, and watch out for Devourers hiding in the
    ground who will ambush you when you get close, especially near bosses.
    Eventually Prince Rurik and the former prisoner Erol will stop at a bridge near
    Surmia, where you'll get a new objective.
    -Objective- ADDED: Cross the ravine and open the drawbridge for Rurik and Erol.
    You can actually do this many ways, but you'll probably want the bonus, so go
    down the hill across the tar river south of you. Follow the road east a little
    while holding ALT to find the NPC you need to talk to.
    -Objective- *BONUS* Extinguish the Flame Temple by defeating the Flame Keepers.
    Stay need the NPC for a little while, and you'll see a group of Charr carrying
    some kind of torch with them. You need to follow these without them seeing you,
    so stay at a safe distance.
    After a while, they will pass through a gate, this is your que to run in and
    kill everything. You will find the 4 Flame Keepers deep in the temple, at a
    large torch.
    -Goal Completed- *BONUS* Extinguish the Flame Temple by defeating the Flame
    Now, go out of the temple through the 2nd gate, north of the Flame Keepers.
    Follow the trail of wreckages and sludge east, to the Historical Monument of
    Keep following the road east until you get to a lever, open it to have Rurik
    re-join you.
    -Goal Completed- ADDED: Cross the ravine and open the drawbridge for Rurik and
    Continue following him until you get to a large door, where you will have
    to defend Rurik as he works towards opening it. There will be 3 mage NPCs
    positioned at the 3 entrances to this area, who will help you hold off the
    Charr waves, but you will have to do most of the work.
    _/5.2.5 Mission 4: Nolani Academy of the Arcane Arts\__________________________
        Return Prince Rurik south of the Wall to safety.
    -Objective- Sneak out and ambush the Charr forces besieging the academy.
    -Objective- Return to the Nolani Academy to rendezvous with the prince.
    -Objective- Defend Prince Rurik on the way back to the capital city of Rin
    You can speed up this mission by using the lever inside of the Academy, this
    will open the doors and let in 20 and some odd Charr, but this will make you
    miss the bonus and most likely get you killed.
    Instead, go northeast, outside of the academy back entrance.
    Along the way, keep an eye out for a route leading further east, into an area
    with some of those giant blue crystals. In a small passage to the very
    southeast of this area, you'll find Watchman Pramas, who will drop a book which
    you have to pick up and carry.
    -Objective- *BONUS* Return the Tome of the Fallen.
    Remember that holding this book will make it impossible for you to attack, and
    even though you can use spells and other non-attack skills while holding it,
    all of the bonuses from the wand, focus, or staff you have equipped will be
    rendered useless, so drop the book when going into a fight.
    After coming down from the wall, look east, where you'll find a small passage
    into the rocks, go in there. Alternately, you can also go into the passage you
    see when the brick road bends west.
    Either way, keep going west/southwest until you come to a grave site flooded
    with ghosts, slowly fight your way past them until you get to the object where
    you can place the book, which will cause all of the remaining hostile ghost
    to disappear, and will give you a new ghost that you have to talk to.
    -Goal Completed- *BONUS* Return the Tome of the Fallen.
    Go back to the brick road, and follow it north towards the academy, or go north
    through the cliffs if you prefer sniping the Charr from a safe(er) distance.
    Either way, kill them all!
    -Goal Completed- Sneak out and ambush the Charr forces besieging the academy.
    -Goal Completed- Return to the Nolani Academy to rendezvous with the prince.
    -Objective- ADDED: Take Stormcaller to Horn Hill. 
    Follow the Prince south, and a after a couple of small fights and cut scenes,
    you'll find that Rin is being torched by the Charr.
    -Objective- ADDED: Save Rin.
    The rest of this is just following Rurik again, and killing the Charr.
    *5.3 Escape over the Shiverpeaks*
    _/5.3.1 Intermission: Yak's Bend & Alpine Tableau\_____________________________
    Here's a brief rundown of the quests you can take at this point:
    -1 skill quest for each of your classes
    -1 skill quest for all classes, called "Helping the Dwarves", this will lead
     to 3 quests in the Iron Horse Mine, and doing all 4 of these is somewhat
     time consuming, but the reward is alright, and it gives you an excuse to kill
     lots of dwarves.
    -Do the "Shiverpeak Stragglers" quest, followed by "Oswalt's Epitaph".
    -"The Missing Artisan", which will lead you to an NPC which can craft rare
     materials out of basic materials for you, this ends in roughly the same area
     as "Oswalt's Epitaph", so you might want to do both at the same time.
    -When you're ready to move on, get "The Way is Blocked" and "The Road to Borlis
     Pass" quests, which will lead you to.... Borlis Pass!
    _/5.3.2 Mission 5: Borlis Pass\________________________________________________
       Negotiate passage to Grooble's Gulch and shelter for the Ascalon refugees.
    -Objective- Ignite all the storm beacons to light the way through the storm.
    -Objective- Find out what happened to Price Rurik's negotiations with Dwarf
    king Jalis Ironhammer.
    First off, talk to Hayden, he'll give you a torch which you have to use to
    light 7 beacons.
    The first one is right next to you, and you can find all of them by simply
    holding ALT and looking after each beacon you light.
    After the 4th, there will be 2 torches very close to each other, and I've seen
    many people walk right by one of them, so keep an eye out here.
    When you're done, Tolis will open the gate for you.
    -Goal Completed- Ignite all the storm beacons to light the way through the
    -Objective- ADDED: Bring an end to the siege of Krok's Hollow. Destroy the
    ballistae and the forces outside the gates.
    -Objective- ADDED: Break through the locked gate into Maladar's Fort.
    Along the way, you have to use the Dwarven Powder Kegs to blow up a gate, there
    are plenty of them around, just hold ALT to find a station.
    -Goal completed- ADDED: Break through the locked gate into Maladar's Fort.
    Keep following the trail of monsters around the cliff, until you come to a
    gate blocking your way south. You can just go through this, but instead, grab
    another Powder Keg and go down the passage southeast of the gate, towards
    Rornak Stonesledge, who will give you the bonus objective.
    -Objective- *BONUS* Kill the ice drake.
    First off, go south of Rornak and drop the Keg, which will create an avalanche,
    opening the cave.
    The Dryders in the cave like to cause massive health degeneration on a large
    portion of your party. Unless you're the only one taking much damage, it's best
    to back off a bit if you get hurt to much, because your monk(s) might have
    trouble keeping up.
    Killing the drake doesn't require any specific tactics, so good luck :)
    -Goal Completed- *BONUS* Kill the ice drake.
    Now go back to the gate you passed earlier, flip the switch and head east
    through it.
    You'll finally be near Krok Hollow, keep following the path, killing all the
    engineers along the way, to trigger a somewhat lengthy cut-scene.
    -Goal Completed- Find out what happened to Price Rurik's negotiations with
    Dwarf king Jalis Ironhammer.
    -Goal Completed- ADDED: Bring an end to the siege of Krok's Hollow. Destroy the
    ballistae and the forces outside the gates.
    -Objective- ADDED Light the magical signal beacons.
    You will be given a blue torch, which you simply have to use to (surprise)
    light some beacons at the end of the road, this will finish the mission.
    _/5.3.3 Mission 6: The Frost Gate\_____________________________________________
        Open the Frost Gate
    -Objective- Destroy the ballistae to secure safe passage for Rurik and the
    Ascalon refugees.
    -Objective- Retrieve the Gear Lever from the Dwarven fort to open the Frost
    First off, check the ground for the dark strip that goes through the mission,
    this is the road you'll want to follow through the majority of the mission.
    As you go south, you'll have to kill an engineer in order to allow Rurik to
    go on and to open a gate so you can go on yourself.
    After that gate, there are multiple ways to go on.
    It's safest to wait for the patrol to pass, then go right(west), kill the
    enemies, then go left(south), then left again(east) across the bridge, then
    when it's safe, go south and follow the path to another bridge with a 2nd
    engineer you have to kill, then go back east across the bridge and go past
    the opened gate.
    Go into the cave ahead, and if you see multiple groups of monsters fighting
    each other, take advantage of it by killing the side that's currently winning.
    When the cave splits in 2 routes, go east to find Rornak Stonesledge, captured
    once again. Talk to him to get the bonus objective.
    -Objective- *BONUS* Steal the Stone Summit's secret plans for a powerful
    siege weapon.
    Go west, out of the cave, but instead of going over the bridge, look north
    to find a secret passage, which you have to go down for the bonus.
    Near the end of this path, you will come across several somewhat large groups
    of dwarves that have actually banded together to form a _very_ large group of
    dwarves. Still, if you're careful and fast enough, you should be able to take
    out all of them before the 3 Dolyak Riders decide to work together, along with
    the 10 or so other dwarves, which will likely render this part almost 
    When you do manage to get past these, Rornak will walk up to the ballista and
    repair it, allowing you to use the lever to fire it at a gate up ahead.
    Now return to the bridge you ignore earlier, and cross it, kill everything in
    sight, then watch or skip the cutscene that follows.
    -Goal Completed- Destroy the ballistae to secure safe passage for Rurik and
    the Ascalon refugees.
    -Objective- Retrieve the Gear Lever from the Dwarven fort to open the Frost
    Instead go back to where you just had that big fight, and head through that
    gate that you opened with the ballista. On the other end of this path, you'll
    find a chest with the secret plans. Now, head all the way back, across the
    bridge, to Rornak, who is still waiting at that ballista.
    -Goal Completed- *BONUS* Steal the Stone Summit's secret plans for a powerful
    siege weapon.
    Now, finally head back to where the cutscene was and go south, where you'll
    find a Gear lever. Pick up this item and use it on the mechanism next to it,
    this will set into motion a device that opens the gate ahead of you. Kill
    everything and pass through the gate.
    -Goal Completed- Retrieve the Gear Lever from the Dwarven fort to open the
    Frost Gate.
    -Objective- ADDED: Activate the three Frost Gate Lever Mechanisms before the
    Stone Summit overwhelms Rurik.
    You have 2 options here:
    -Quickly activate each mechanism one after the other without attacking
     anything, this will make legions of Stone Summit attack you, and will probably
     get you killed, but the mission will still be completed if you wait a short
    -Kill everything you see, then activate 1 mechanism, then kill every new Dwarf
     that appears, then move to the next mechanism, repeat.
    The 1st way is obviously faster, but more risky, as the Dwarven forces might
    be too much to handle when trying to get to the next mechanism.
    If one of your party members DOES decide to activate a mechanism before killing
    all the dwarves currently near you, quickly call him or her some insulting
    nems (such as "idiot" or "your stupidness will get us all killed") then pick
    up the lever, and activate the remaining mechanism(s). This will finish the
    mission even though your entire party got slaughtered.
    Either way, mission complete!
    _/5.3.4 Intermission: Beacon's Perch & the last stretch to Kryta\______________
    There aren't a whole lot of things you can do at this point, so I'll just use
    a small list.
    -If you haven't done so already, go back to the Frost Gate mission area, and
     exit into Anvil rock, then no northwest to find an outpost where you can
     buy some skills from an NPC.
    -Ask some lvl 20 friends to take you to Draknor's Forge, though Lornar's Pass,
     which will allow you to skip a huge portion of the game... if you really want
     to miss all the skills and skill points from the quests and missions, and you
     want to get to Lion's Arch and Denravi sooner or later anyway.
    -Do the Hungry Devourer quest for some skills, followed by the next quest for
     even more skills.
    -Start the "To Kryta" line of quests, to get on with the story of the game.
     Check the Quests section of this guide if you need help with those.
    _/5.3.5 Mission 7: Gates of Kryta\_____________________________________________
        Secure a safe place for your people to settle.
    -Objective- Make contact with the local authorities at Lion's Arch.
    I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it: it's very easy to get overwhelmed
    if you don't think before running into battle.
    If you see multiple patrols, stay back and study them for a while, wait for the
    best opportunity to attack, pick a situation where you'll fight the least
    enemies possible.
    Later on in the game, patrols will often be backed up by invisible enemies that
    ambush you when you get close or attack members of their patrol. Although at
    this point you don't yet have to worry about that.
    In any way, at the start of the mission, hold ALT to find an NPC called "Oink",
    a small hog. Clicking him will make him follow you.
    Keep following the path through the swamp until you get gate of Lion's Arch.
    -Goal Completed- Make contact with the local authorities at Lion's Arch.
    -Objective- Head south across the beach to find Justiciar Hablion.
    Head southeast towards Orrian Historian McClain, he will tank Oink and give you
    the bonus objective.
    -Objective- *BONUS* Find and return the Tome to the Historian.
    Just a word of warning, doing this bonus quest will make you encounter several
    groups of extremely lethal lvl 17 Smoke Phantoms, which like nothing more than
    ripping you a new one, and they probably will if your party is below lvl 15ish,
    and even then it will be very hard.
    So unless you're sure you can handle it, you might want to skip the bay part
    of this mission and just go east past the bridges instead.
    Go out of the gate, the fastest way on with the mission is to just head east,
    towards those bridges, but you can also go over the south rim of the beach past
    the Lightning Drakes, which may give you a lot of rare drops.
    But before you go to the white mantle there, if you want to do the bonus, head
    down to the sea-level and wade north into the narrow bay.
    At the end of this bay you'll find a ship wreck, with a chest, which, as you
    probably guessed, contains the Orrian Text.
    But this will also make those Smoke Phantoms pop out... well don't say I didn't
    warn you, they're tough, don't try it with henchmen unless you're lvl 20.
    Bring this text back to the Historian.
    -Goal Completed- *BONUS* Find and return the Tome to the Historian.
    After this, or if you skip it, go to Hablion east of those bridges.
    -Goal Completed- Head south across the beach to find Justiciar Hablion.
    -Objective- Help Justiciar Hablion clear the swamp of undead.
    You're almost done with the mission, so try your best not to die! Stay out of
    the swamp water at all costs, and kill all of the monsters on your radar BEFORE
    aggroing the boss at the end.
    *5.4 Start of a new life in Kryta *
    Congratulations and welcome to Lion's Arch, the 2nd major city in this game.
    The refugees from Ascalon have already settled in and started building a small
    village in the cliffs north of Lion's Arch.
    Don't just kick back and relax just yet, though, because there's trouble at the
    You currently have an outstanding offer from the Lion's Arch to join the ranks
    of the White Mantle, which I'm sure you've learned about by now.
    You pursue this, which will lead to the next missions, by accepting the "Report
    to the White Mantle" quest from Armen the Guide.
    There are 3 other useful quests available inside Lion's Arch at this time:
    - "Orrian Excavation", this is the start of a series of quests that leads to
      the Signet of Capture skill, which allows you to capture skills that are
      impossible to get otherwise from bosses.
    - "The Weaver of Nebo", this quest will lead you to an Artisan that can make
      linnen for you if you need some, and is right on the way to "The Hot
      Springs Murder" which gives you a free skill for both of your classes and
      leads you to the Bergen Hot Springs outpost.
    - "Merchant's Plea" will lead you to the Ascalon settlement, where you'll be
      able to learn certain skills.
    Then there's the "Villainy of Galrath", I suggest leaving this quest alone for
    a while, as it is probably too hard for you at this point, but if you want a
    good challenge then by all means go for it :).
    I suggest taking all of them, then heading out of Lion's Arc to pick up "Duties
    of a Lionguard". Complete that quest, pick up Bandit Trouble, then head further
    north to complete "Merchant's Plea" and do "The Last Hog" for some free
    If you're doing The Weaver of Nebo, pick up "The Hot Springs Murder" in Nebo
    While you're here, you might as well complete the "Orrian Excavation" and
    "The Weaver of Nebo", as they take very little time. And after doing the 2nd
    one, it's only a short distance southeast to find the "Bergen Hot Springs"
    outpost, where you can find armor that's actually more powerful than the ones
    you found way back in Ascalon, this is also the most popular starting point
    for journeys to the Temple of Ages, but you probably won't want to go there
    until much later in the game.
    As for the Orrian Excavation, if you're heading there from the Ascalon
    Settlement, it's easiest to travel over the beach, as the fields are swarmed
    with nasty and time consuming Gypsy Ettins.
    When you're done, Warp back to Lion's Arch and get your reward from Malaquire,
    who will also give you a new quest and a Signet of Capture!
    As you could read, a Signet of Capture allows you to steal skills from bosses.
    As you haven't been told, they are not in infinite supply. Every time you want
    to capture a new skill, you'll have to get a new Signet of Capture. The first
    couple are free, but from there on they will cost skill points and gold!
    So use them with caution, as you don't want to waste skill points :)
    The Beetletun outpost is just a short distance west from Nebo Village(north-
    west of the Bergen Hot Springs outpost), but you can also get there very
    easily after the next mission.
    When you're done with all that you might wish to do, take the "Report to the 
    White Mantle" quest and head west towards the next mission: D'Alessio Seaboard.
    _/5.4.1 Mission 8: D'Alessio Seaboard\_________________________________________
        Lend aid to the White Mantle in their fight against the undead
    -Objective- Hurry to the Temple of Tolerance.
    -Objective- Discuss the undead menace with Confessor Dorian.
    Simply fight your along the road until you get to Hakewood.
    -Objective- ADDED: Clear out the undead from the village of Hakewood.
    It's almost impossible to save every single villager here, but since you're
    one of those heroic types, at least try.
    The guy you do need to save here is Benji Makala, who appears to be a figure of
    great significance at least for the duration of this mission. Talk to him after
    killing all of the undead in the village.
    Recognizing your altruistic nature for saving as many villagers as you could
    (you DID try save those villagers, didn't you?) and cleaning the village of
    undead, he will assume that you are fully prepared and willing to perform
    a ritual for him.
    -Goal Completed- ADDED: Clear out the undead from the village of Hakewood.
    -Objective- *BONUS* Deliver the village's offering intact to the statue of
    If you failed to save Benji, you'll have to take the loser exit in the west of
    the village, but since you're obviously a winner, go talk to Gate Guard Makala.
    (Recognize that name? no? It's the same last name as Benji, try to pay at least
    a little bit of attention to your surroundings!)
    He'll gladly let you through since you saved the village(Or at least his
    brother Benji...).
    -Objective- Hurry to the Temple of Tolerance.
    Simple follow the road in the swamp west, and if your lack of short term
    memory caused you to forget this: swamp water is _bad_, do not stay in swamp
    wanter for extended periods of time, and never ever fight while standing in
    swamp water.
    Fortunately, the swampy area here is relatively short, and when you emerge,
    you'll walk straight into the offer for Melandru for the bonus objective.
    That's not even the end of the good news: the pedestal where you have to place
    the offering is right across the bridge from where you got it!
    Unfortunately, the good news ends right about here, as the bridge was destroyed
    for some obscure reason *cough*plot device*cough*. This means you'll be lugging
    around the offering for quite a while.
    Be warned that if you drop the offering, you can not pick it back up! To still
    be able to complete the bonus objective if you die while holding the offering
    or if you drop it, you will have to run all the way back to where you got it
    to get a new one, because the offering will magically re-appear intact if you
    there if you manage to break it.
    Two more things: as with most objects carried in this fashion, the carrier of
    the object will be unable to attack monsters, and will also be the prime
    target for monsters, so chose your carrier wisely.
    With that in mind, take the offering(if you haven't already) and use the nearby
    lever to get through the gate, which would have blocked you access to the offer
    if you didn't save Benji.
    Follow the road and trail of monsters south towards the temple of tolerance.
    -Goal Completed- Hurry to the Temple of Tolerance.
    -Objective- ADDED: Protect Confessor Dorian from the undead.
    The undead are sieging the temple of tolerance!
    However, not only does the shrine in the middle make it very hard for them
    to kill you, they will also gladly stand in the fountain themselves, which will
    make them even more handicapped in their futile attempts to win this battle.
    -Goal Completed- Discuss the undead menace with Confessor Dorian.
    -Goal Completed- ADDED: Protect Confessor Dorian from the undead.
    -Objective- ADDED: Head to the southwest. Locate Dinas and the Scepter of Orr.
    Head northwest outside of the temple area, then go north from the road until
    you see a small passage into the cliffs, head into it then go east until you
    finally reach the pedestal to place the offering you've hopefully be carrying
    Don't worry if you broke it, you'll just have to waste a lot of time getting
    it again, because it'll respawn. Send someone with sprint or another speed up
    When the offering carrier clicks the pedestal, you complete the bonus!
    -Goal Completed- *BONUS* Deliver the village's offering intact to the statue of
    Head back out of the cliffs towards the road.
    Now you can either go south towards the beach, if you want to get some loot,
    in this beach are a couple of high level monsters and bosses for you to fight,
    and on the east end of the beach is a small swampy area with some loot.
    When you want to finish this mission, follow that road west towards Dinas.
    Kill the monsters and then speak with Dinas.
    -Goal Completed- ADDED: Head to the southwest. Locate Dinas and the Scepter of
    _/5.4.2 Mission 9: Divinity Coast\____________________________________________
    In addition to 1K experience, the bonus objective of this mission also nets
    your party 3 platinum, meaning that if you do this with 6 people, each member
    will get 500 gold.
        Administer the Test of the Chosen.
    -Objective- Retrieve the Eye of Janthir from Justiciar Hablion in the upper
    courtyard of Shaemoor.
    -Objective- Deliver the Eye to the coastal city Loamhurts.
    First off, make your way to Shaemoor. This means just following the road and
    killing everything stupid enough to stand in your way.
    When in Shaemoor, go north and talk to Justiciar Hablion.
    -Objective- ADDED: Cleanse yourself in the Fountain of Truth on the hill to the
    Yes, as you probably managed to deduce from the objective, go southeast through
    the previously closed gate. Then go up the hill using the stairs, or up the
    path around it if you prefer.
    Either way, kill everything you see then step in the fountain.
    -Goal Completed- ADDED: Cleanse yourself in the Fountain of Truth on the hill
    to the southeast.
    Then, go talk to Justiciar Hablion to get the eye to follow you.
    -Goal Completed- Retrieve the Eye of Janthir from Justiciar Hablion in the
    upper courtyard of Shaemoor.
    -Objective- Deliver the Eye to the coastal city Loamhurts.
    To complete the BONUS objective of this mission, you have to find a certain
    number of chosen.
    When you get near an NPC that's a chosen, a light will shine on him or her and
    he/she will cheer. If the NPC is not a chosen, he/she will be knocked down
    by the light.
    The first chosen is right in this town, down the stairs to the northwest, where
    you also have to go through the gate.
    Don't bother to go near all the villagers along the road up ahead, none of them
    are chosen. But if you want some loot, head northeast down into the river to
    find some lightning drakes. This is usually a waste of time and might ruin your
    bonus, so you probably don't want to do this.
    When you get to the bridge across the large river, make sure your party is
    ready then run across quickly.
    At the other end will be some villagers being attacked by Tengu, saving those
    villagers is the most important thing in this entire mission if you want to
    complete the bonus, so make sure your monk heals him and you quickly killed the
    When you save him, talk to him to get the bonus objective.
    -Objective- BONUS: Find and escort all the chosen to Loamhurts.
    Now, instead of following the road, head directly south to find the 3rd chosen.
    You might not have to fight the monsters there, so try not to unless they're
    close to or attacking the villager.
    Only 2 villagers left, head back north to the road, then go up the hill along
    the road to the west, where you have to kill a boss.
    Now follow the road a little bit, then go off the road and south into the
    passage in the cliffs as soon as possible. If you see some Tengu attacking some
    merchants, you've gone too far.
    Don't worry about the merchants, you can save them if you really want to but...
    your time is far to valuable, of course.
    As you make your way through the off-road passage, you'll find the 4th. From
    there go northwest back to the road. Follow the road west to the next villager,
    killing all of the Tengu along the way. Once again, feel free to let the
    merchants die, they will keep the Tengu busy for a while before they decide to
    attack the villager, who is the 5th and last chosen!
    From that location, head west then north into the swamp, and keep following
    that road until you get to Loamhurts.
    All you have to worry about from this point on is not letting the chosen die,
    although I'm not entirely sure if they can die from the poisonous water since
    they all have healing signet, I wouldn't try to find out.
    When you get all of the chosen into the town, talk to the White Mantle knight,
    -Goal Completed- BONUS: Find and escort all the chosen to Loamhurts.
    To complete the mission, take the eye to the altar left from your position.
    *5.5 Into the Maguuma Jungle*
    6. Exploring the World
    *5.1 Skill Trainers *
    The information in this area might or might not be moved to the outposts/cities
    sections when they get completed.
    Here, I will list which skills trainers will gives that can't be gotten from
    Ascalon City has a skill trainer as well, but he only gives skills that you
    could also have gotten from quests in the newbie area, although there are
    some exceptions like Empathy for secondary Mesmers
    Grendich Courthouse:
    Directions can be found in the walkthrough after the 2nd mission, and in
    several quests from Piken Square.
    Trainer name: Taltosh
    Warrior: Disrupting Chop; Wary Stance
    Ranger: Kindle Arrows; Predator's Pounce
    Elementalist: Enervating Charge; Immolate; Phoenix
    Monk: Judge's Insight; Restore Life
    Mesmer: Epidemic; Physical Resistance
    Necromancer: Enfeebling Blood
    Yak's Bend:
    You get here after the 4th mission.
    This trainer will also give skills from skill quests you can get for free
    around Ascalon.
    Trainer name: Captain Osric
    Warrior: Hamstring
    Ranger: Called Shot; Lightning Reflexes
    Elementalist: Fireball; Ice Spikes
    Monk: Smite
    Mesmer: Phantom Pain
    Necromancer: Shadow of Fear
    Ice Tooth Cave:
    Trainer name: Marna
    Warrior: Distracting Blow; Dolyak Signet
    Ranger: Melandru's Assault; Revive Animal
    Elementalist: Blurred Vision; Stoning
    Monk: Holy Strike; Succor
    Mesmer: Drain Enchantment
    Necromancer: Mark of Subversion
    Lion's Arch:
    Trainer name: Firstwatch Sergio [Skills]
    This trainer only sells skills that you can get for free in the quests in and
    around the Shiverpeaks, with the exception of:
    Elementalist: Conjure Flame
    North Kryta Province(Ascalon Settlement):
    Trainer name: Captain Greywind 
    Warrior: "I will avenge you"; Desperation Blow
    Ranger: Apply Poison; Healing Spring
    Elementalist: Armor of Mist; Meteor Shower; Ward Against Melee
    Monk: Holy Wrath; Signet of Devotion
    Mesmer: Mantra of Concentration; Shame
    Necromancer: Plague Sending; Taste of Death
    Trainer name: Ephaz [Skills]
    Warrior: Belly Smash; Galrath Slash
    Ranger: none
    Elementalist: Armor of Frost; Lightning touch
    Monk: Essence Bond; Life Bond
    Mesmer: Arcane Echo; Cry of Frustration
    Necromancer: Malign Intervention; Rigor Mortis; Touch of Agony
    7. Quest Database
    Everything in this section should be self-explanatory, I've tried to mark
    primary quests with a "=-=" instead of a "---" whenever I could, but this
    might not be 100% accurate as certain quests change into primary quests when
    they near completion, especially in the case of skill quests.
    If you have anything to correct or add, just drop me a line at the address you
    can find at the bottom of this document.
    *7.1 Pre-searing Ascalon*
    Although many of these quests might seem like a waste of time, completing
    quests is by far the best way to get experience points, so try to enjoy it :).
    If you do all of the quests available to your class, you should be around lvl
    6-8 by the time you leave this area, meaning you'll have a huge advantage in
    the next portion of the game.
    Also, even though many of the weapons and off-hand items obtained from these
    quests might seem weak and useless, they actually sell for a very nice 20 gold
    each, which adds up to a nice little fortune by the time you're done.
    Ascalon City:
    ---Message from a Friend:
    Obtained from: Town Cryer
    Reward: 100 Experience; 10 Gold
    Objective: Go to the town square in Ascalon City. Talk to sir Tydus.
    Comment: You can't miss him, he's right across the bridge you start at.
    =-=War Preparations:
    Obtained from: Sir Tydus
    Reward: 250 Experience
    Objective: Go out the gate to Lakeside County to find a trainer
    Comment: Follow the green arrow on the radar, you can't miss it!
    Objective: Talk to [trainer] to learn basic [class] skills.
    Comment: Scroll down to the quest from the name of the trainer you are supposed
       to visit to read how to complete this, you'll get some exp from this right
    =-=A Second Profession:
    Obtained from: Armin Saberlin
    Reward: 250 Experience
    Objective: To take Warrior as your second profession, follow the road northwest
       from town, continue along the road as it turns to Green Hills County, and
       talk to Warmaster Grast.
    Objective: To take Monk as your second profession, follow the road southwest
       from town, enter Ashford Abbey, and talk to Brother Mhenlo.
    Objective: To take Elementalist as your second profession, follow the road
       southwest from town, continue past Ashford up into Wizard's folly, and
       talk to Elementalist Aziure.
    Objective: To take Necromancer as your second profession, follow the road
       southwest from town, pass through Ashford Abbey into the catacombs, and talk
       to Mistress Munne.
    Objective: To take Mesmer as your second profession, follow the road northwest
       from town to the theatre, and talk to Lady Althea.
    Objective: To take Ranger as your second profession, follow the road southwest
       from town. Turn south at the bridge and follow the signs to Regent Valley.
       Talk to Master Ranger Nente.
    Comment: When you chose one of the 6 professions presented to you, the quest
       objective will change to reflect the way to get to the trainer of the
       profession you selected.
       You can change this any time you want until actually having 2 classes by
       talking to Armin Saberlin again.
       It is possible to do the quest that trainer gives you without changing into
       the quest, so it's possible to do all 5 with 1 character.
    =-=The Path to Glory:
    Obtained from: Armin Saberlin
    Reward: 100 Experience
    Objective: Go to Ascalon City to speak to Sir Tydus
    Comment: This Quest tells you how to end your time in the newbie area, and
       gives you some easy exp.
    ---Trouble in the Woods:
    Obtained from: Town Cryer
    Reward: 500 Experience; War Hammer(Blunt Dmg: 6-9, Two-handed)
    Objective: Go to Lakeside County and follow the road to Ashford. Talk to Devona
       about the Grawl threat.
    Objective: Go with Devona and destroy the Grawl threatening Ashford.
    Comment: Follow Devona over the bridge and just kill everything you see. You
       might see a Charr boss there, but the pansy will run away at the mere
       sight of your mightyness.
    Objective: See Devona for your reward.
    ---Bandit Raid:
    Obtained from: Baron Egan
    Reward: 250 Experience; Protective Icon(Energy +3); Tall Shield(Armor: 4)
    Objective: Recover the Ashford strongbox from the bandits.
    Comment: Along this quests there will be large groups of enemies that might
       overwhelm you, so if your level is still low and you don't have many skills
       yet, try not to attract more than 3 at once.
       When the strongbox comes into sight, don't get too confident, take out the
       bandits in small bursts and don't be afraid to back off a bit if too many
       decide to attack you. When you're done pick up the box and go into silly
       running mode.
    Objective: Return the strongbox to Devona in Ashford.
    Comment: You should know where Devona is by now... but if not, the arrow on
       your radar should make this easy anyway.
    ---Poor Tenant:
    Obtained from: Namar
    Reward: 500 Experience; Protective Icon(Energy +3)
    Objective: Follow the road southwest from town to Ashford. Find Miller Upton
       and ask him to help Namar.
    Comment: Easy exp just for talking to someone? Guess again! Because Upton has
       a problem of his own.
    Objective: Use the honeycomb to lure the three bee swarms across the bridge.
    Comment: Actually, all you have to do is pick up the honeycomb and any bee that
       comes into range will follow you, if you have trouble finding the swarms
       hold down ALT and scroll out as far as possible. When all 3 are following
       you just walk across the nearby bridge, and when the quest updates, drop
       the honeycomb.
    Objective: Return to Miller Upton for your reward.
    ---The Poison Devourer:
    Obtained from: Bardon Egan
    Reward: 250 Experience; Protective Icon(Energy +3)
    Objective: Cross the river and destroy the plague devourer to get a poisonous
    Comment: You'll find this guy inside the devourer cave, to save walking time,
       do this at the same time as The Worm Problem quest.
    Objective: Deliver the poisonous stinger to Brother Mhenlo in Ashford Abbey.
    ---The Wayward Wizard:
    Obtained from: Sandre Elek
    Reward: 250 Experience; Smiting Staff(Energy +3, Light Dmg: 2-4, Two-handed)
    Objective: Talk to Ralena Stormbringer in Foible's Fair to learn Orion's
    Comment: The next time you visit Foible's Fiar(in Wizard's Folly south of
       Ashford), talk to Relena to advance the quest.
    Objective: Find Orion in Wizard's Folly and convince him to come home.
    Comment: You can go over the mountain or fight your way past the bears of the
       greener areas of Wizard's Folly. Either way, just head in the general
       direction of the quest arrow.
    Objective: Return to Sandre Elek for your reward.
    ---Charr at the Gate:
    Obtained from: Prince Rurik
    Reward: 200 Experience; Long Sword(Slashing Damage: 5-7)
    Objective: Follow Rurik and help him defeat the Charr
    Comment: This will trigger as soon as you exit Ascalon City, so be prepare for
       an easy fight.
       Since a guard, a healer, and the prince himself join you in your fight, the
       Charr should fall easily.
    Objective: Return to Prince Rurik for your reward.
    ---Charr in the Catacombs:
    Obtained from: Prince Rurik
    Reward: 250 Experience; 100 Gold
    Objective: Find out if the Charr Ranger is using the catacombs. Speak to
       Brother Mhenlo in Ashford Abbey.
    Comment: Just do this the next time you end up in the Abbey, I also suggest
       doing this quest at the same time as The Prize Moa Bird.
    Objective: Ask Necromancer Munne if she has any information on the Charr.
    Comment: Follow the quest arrow into the Catacombs.
    Objective: Seek out Oberan the Reviled deep within the catacombs. Ask him about
       the Charr Ranger.
    Comment: Oberan is also the 3rd necromancer trainer, so every necromancer
       should do this quest.
       Go into the catacombs through the normal way, keep going until you pass
       the bridge and find yourself into a rectangular room with some skeletons.
       There is an exit to the north at the start of the room, but go to the far
       end and look at the north wall for a 2nd exit, go into it.
       Fight your way past the spiders until you see a stone corridor in front of
       you, to the west, this corridor leads to Oberan but if you also have the
       Prize Moa Bird quest go into the passage south first to complete that. When
       you've done it come back here and go into the stone corridor and follow it
       until you get to Oberan.
    Objective: Return to Rurik in Ascalon City and show him the sharp Charr tooth.
    Comment: Just warp back to the city when you're done down there, talking to
       Rurik finally ends this quest and gives you your experience and 100 gold(!).
    ---Ascalon Academy (Mission):
    Obtained from: Automatic
    Reward: Apocalypse
    Note: This mission appears in your quest log when you enter the academy through
       Sir Tydus, completing this small mission will send you to the start of the
       real game.
    Objective: Listen to the briefing given by Sir Tydus and Prince Rurik.
    Comment: You can't do anything right now except watch Rurik and Sir Tydus talk.
    Objective: Journey to the old bunker with Prince Rurik and defeat Vatlaaw
       Doomtooth and his minions.
    Comment: Simply follow the road into the cave, then follow the trail of 
       monsters until you get to Vatlaaw, then kill him to complete this mission.
       If something happened along the lines of your entire party leaving, which
       some people love to do, and you can't beat the mission on your own, just log
       out and select your character again to get 3 henchmen with you, which should
       make this easy.
    Lakeside County:
    =-=Ranger Test:
    Obtained from: Artemis the Ranger
    Reward: 500 Experience; Power Shot; Troll Unguent
    Objective: Find the river skale queen and slay it.
    Comment: Down the road are some River Skale Tads, when you kill some the others
       will run away, follow them(hold CTRL if you lose them) and when you see the
       queen kill them all.
    Objective: Return to Artemis the Ranger for your reward.
    =-=Warrior Test:
    Obtained from: Van the Warrior
    Reward: 500 Experience; Frenzy; Healing Signet
    Objective: Go southwest along the road to find the skale. Clear the river of
    Comment: Just follow the green quest arrow and kill everything with a red name.
    =-=Elementalist Test:
    Obtained from: Howland the Elementalist
    Reward: 500 Experience; Flare; Aura of Restoration
    Objective: Kill the skale along the road southwest. Acquire a shimmering scale.
    Objective: X shimmering scales collected.
    Comment: If the first skale doesn't drop a shimmering scale, they might flee
       and you might have to chase them and kill them until you get 1. Don't worry
       they aren't hostile until you attack them.
    Objective: Return to Howland the Elementalist for your reward.
    =-=Mesmer Test:
    Obtained from: Sebedoh the Mesmer 
    Reward: 500 Experience; Empathy; Ether Feast
    Objective: Follow the road southwest until you find skale. Clear the road of
    Comment: You only have to kill 1 or 2, the rest will flee at the sight of your
    Objective: Return to Sebedoh the Mesmer for your reward.
    =-=Necromancer Test:
    Obtained from: Verata the Necromancer
    Reward: 500 Experience; Vampiric Gaze; Deathly Swarm
    Objective: Go south to the river. Slay a skale so that Verata can make use of
       its corpse.
    Comment: Just kill one and wait until Verata raises a Bone Horror from it.
    Objective: Return to Verata the Necromancer for your reward.
    =-=Further Adventures:
    Obtained from: Haversdan
    Reward: 250 Experience
    Objective: Follow the road southwest from town to Ashford. Talk to Devona.
    Comment: This isn't really much of a quest on its own, but it's meant to guide
       you to the next stop in the tutorial, which can be done before or after
       getting more skills and a secondary job, or even at the same time.
    ---Gwen's Flute:
    Obtained from: Gwen
    Reward: 250 Experience
    Objective: There is no written objective.
    Comment: Just to down to the river where the Skales were and get the Broken
       Flute for Gwen, hold down ALT if you can't find it.
    Objective: You currently have Gwen's flute
    Comment: Just return the flute to Gwen to rake in the exp! She will offer to
       follow you.
       If you're really dying to know every detail about the GW world and its 
      stories, Gwen will tell you a lot of interesting little bits and pieces,
       although most of it is just random small-talk.
       If you buy Gwen a flute, she'll even heal you from time to time. And if you
       buy her a cape and give her some flowers, she'll become more and more
       Also, if you give her enough, she'll give you a quest item called "Tapestry
       Shred". Which you might want to hang on to for later in the game.
    =-=Unsettling Rumors:
    Obtained from: Devona
    Reward: 250 Experience; Tall Shield(Armor: 4)
    Objective: Speak with Mareek the Scribe in Ashford Abbey.
    Comment: A very simple fedex quest that introduces you to map travel in case
       you haven't used it yet.
    Objective: Deliver the message to Armin Saberlin. Use your map to travel to
       Ascalon City quickly.
    Comment: Like Mareek says, don't walk to Ascalon City, warp there using the map
       to collect some easy exp.
    ---A New Ranger Trainer:
    Obtained from: Haversdan
    Reward: 250 Experience
    Objective: Follow the road southwest from town. Turn south on the bridge near
       the village and enter Regent Valley. Talk to Master Ranger Nente.
    Comment: You get this if your primary profession is a Ranger, to help you find
       the 1st trainer.
    Objective: Return to Van the Warrior for your reward.
    ---A New Warrior Trainer:
    Obtained from: Haversdan
    Reward: 250 Experience
    Objective: Follow the road northwest from town. Follow the signs to Green Hills
       County. Talk to Warmaster Grast.
    Comment: You get this if your primary profession is a Warrior, to help you find
       the 1st trainer.
    ---A new Elementalist Trainer:
    Obtained from: Haversdan
    Reward: 250 Experience
    Objective: Follow the road southwest from town and continue past Ashford to
       find Wizard's Folly. Continue to the tower. Talk to Elementalist Aziure.
    Comment: You get this if your primary profession is a Elementalist, to help you
     find the 1st trainer.
    ---A New Mesmer Trainer:
    Obtained from: Haversdan
    Reward: 250 Experience
    Objective: Follow the road northwest from town. Talk to Lady Althea at the
       Actor's Stage.
    Comment: You get this if your primary profession is a Mesmer, to help you find
       the 1st trainer.
    ---A New Necromancer Trainer:
    Obtained from: Haversdan
    Reward: 250 Experience
    Objective: Follow the road southwest from town. Proceed past Ashford Abbey to
       the Catacombs. Talk to Necromancer Munne.
    Comment: You get this if your primary profession is a Necromancer, to help you
       find the 1st trainer.
    ---Adventure with an Alley:
    Obtained from: Lina the Healer
    Reward: 100 Experience; Resurrection Signet
    Objective: Return to Ascalon City. Form a party with another player.
    Comment: Ask around if anyone else want to get this skill as well, if nobody
       replies just start inviting people to your party at random.
    Objective: Return to Lina the Healer for your reward.
    Comment: If after completing the quest, you want to leave without making your
       party member getting thrown back to the city along with you, just use the
       world map to warp.
    ---Tithe for Ashford Abbey:
    Obtained from: Devona
    Reward: 250 Experience; 1 Skill Point
    Objective: Head due north from Ashford until you find the road to Green Hills
       County. Go to Green Hills County and talk to Grazden the Protector.
    Comment: Another fedex quest from some easy exp and a skill point(!)
    Objective: Deliver Barradin's tithe to Devona.
    Comment: The fastest way is to just warp back to the abbey, but even if you
       walk all the way the most you'll encounter is a wolf or 2.
    ---Opposition to the King:
    Obtained from: Devona
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Go north from Ashford to find the road to Green Hills County. Once
       in the Green Hills County, question at least three locals about opposition
       to the king.
    Objective: 0 locals questioned.
    Comment: This quest simply makes you run a mostly peaceful errand and teaches
       you a bit about the story of the game.
       People I know whom you can ask about this quest are: Duke Barradin, Little
       Thom, Farrah Cappo, Grazden the Protector and Kasha Blackblood
    Objective: Return to Devona for your reward.
    ---A Gift for Althea:
    Obtained from: Captain Osiric (A little northwest from the city exit)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Protective Icon(Energy +3)
    Note: You can finish this quest a little quicker by finding one of the items,
       then talking to Lady Althea about this quest.
       Thanks to apathetic aardvark for reminding me of this trick.
    Objective: Find the perfect gift for Lady Althea. It must be something
    Comment: If you've listened to the conversation between the prince and Osiric,
       you'll have a slight idea of what's going on. This quest foreshadows some
       quests later in the game.
       First off, head straight to the west, when you see a road going up a hill,
       go up it. If you're standing near a pond you've gone too far. Follow the
       narrow road past a couple of bandits until you find a chest, open it to get
       the Beautiful Pendant.
    Objective: Give the Beautiful Pendant to Captain Osric.
    Comment: Don't go back just yet, keep going south until a small coop willed
       with striders comes into view. If you hold down ALT you should be able to
       see the Beautiful Feather, go down there and take it.
    Objective: Give the Beautiful Feather to Captain Osric.
    Comment: Only 1 more item to go, so keep going south until you see Miller
       Upton. In the river bed next to the water mill you should see a Beautiful
       Shell, click it to get a beautiful Pearl.
    Objective: Give the Beautiful Pearl to Captain Osric.
    Comment: That's all, warp back to Ascalon City using the world map, go outside,
       and give him the 3 items.
    ---The Worm Problem:
    Obtained from: Pitney (near Devona)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Smiting Rod(Light Dmg: 2-4)
    Objective: Acquire a devourer egg from Fadden Hathorn in the devourer cave.
    Comment: It's possible that you already got some eggs from Fadden or from a
       collector, but if not head east towards the devourer cave and talk to Duke
       Gaben to do the Egg Hunter Quest.
    Objective: Bring the devourer egg to Pitney in Ashford.
    Comment: After completing The Egg Hunter quest, warp to the abbey. If you did
       The Poison Devourer quest too, deliver the stinger to Mhenlo. But either
       way, exit the abbey and go back to Pitney.
    Objective: Follow Pitney and kill the Queen Worm.
    Comment: There's nothing to this, except that she tends to go into hiding a
       lot, meaning you sometimes have to wait before being able to attack.
    Objective: Return to Pitney for your reward.
    ---The Egg Hunter:
    Obtained from: Duke Gaben
    Reward: 150 Experience; 2 Devourer Eggs
    Objective: Escort Fadden Hathorn into the Devourer cave and keep him safe while
       he gathers eggs.
    Comment: This quest is basically part of The Worm Problem quest, but you can do
       it at any time to get 2 Devourer Eggs. Just don't go too far ahead of Fadden
       and make sure he stops at each of the 3 egg clusters along the way after
       killing the devourers.
    Objective: Escort Fadden Hathorn back to Duke Gaben
    Objective: Return to Duke Gaben for your reward.
    ---The Prize Moa Bird:
    Obtained from: Pitney
    Reward: 250 Experience; Smiting Staff(Energy +3, Light Dmg: 2-4, Two-handed);
       Long Sword(Slashing Dmg: 5-7)
    Objective: Head to the catacombs and find Pitney's prize bird.
    Comment: I suggest doing this quest at the same time as the Charr in the
       Catacombs quest, as both lead to roughly the same location in the catacombs.
       But just in case you insist on doing this separately and are too lazy to
       scroll up: enter the catacombs from the abbey and go into it through the
       usual way(south). Keep going until you get to a rectangular room filled with
       6 skeletons after a bridge. In this room are 2 passages north, take the
       west-most one furthest away from where you entered the room.
       Keep going until you see a stone corridor ahead, but instead look south
       and follow the quest arrow down that passage until you get to the bird.
    Objective: Return to Pitney for your reward.
    ---The Rogue's Replacement:
    Obtained from: Old Mack (Althea's Theatre, west of the city)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Smiting Staff (Energy +3, Light Dmg: 2-4, Two-handed)
    Note: This quest will only be available if you completed the "A Mesmer's
       Burden" quest, although you do not have to take mesmer as either of your
    Objective: Search for a source of devourer eggs in Lakeside County. Collect one
       devourer egg.
    Comment: You'll get 2 eggs from The Egg Hunter quest, one of which you can use
       for this quest. If you lost it, you can get a replacement egg from several
       collectors in this area. Talk to Old Mack when you find one.
    ---Little Thom's Big Cloak:
    Obtained from: Alison the Tanner
    Reward: 250 Experience; Battle Axe(Slashing Dmg: 4-8); Smiting Rod(Light Dmg:
    Objective: Acquire a bear pelt. Many bears can be found in Wizard's Folly.
    Comment: Since you will encounter plenty of bears while doing other quests,
       there is no rush to complete this quest right away.
    Objective: Bring the bear pelt to Alison the Tanner in Ashford.
    Objective: Go to Barradin's Estate in Green Hills County and deliver the cloak
       to Little Thom.
    Objective: See Little Thom for your reward.
    Comment: These last 3 objectives kind of speak for themselves, the quest arrow
       makes completing them very easy.
    ---The Hunter's Horn:
    Obtained from: Chantalle the Troubadour
    Reward: 500 Experience; Longbow(Piercing Dmg: 7-10, Two-handed)
    Objective: Purify the hunter's horn in the healing spring in Regent Valley.
    Comment: Just follow the quest arrow south when in Regent Valley, you need to
       click on the "Healing Spring" to purify the horn.
       The area you need to click is like an invisible object in the spring itself,
       hold ALT if you have trouble locating it. Watch out for Black Bears, Skale
       Broodcallers, and Grawl Shamans, they tend to gang up on you as soon as one
       of them enters your aggro-bubble.
    Objective: Go to the fishing village south of the tower in Wizard's Folly and
       deliver the purified horn to Aidan.
    Comment: There is an entrance directly to Wizard's Folly conveniently placed
       near your current location! Follow the quest arrow to find it. Then just
       follow the river west until you appear in the village, go to Aidan for your
    The Catacombs:
    ---Rites of Remembrance:
    Obtained from: Necromancer Munne
    Reward: 250 Experience; Protective Icon(Energy +3)
    Objective: Light candles on all four braziers in the catacombs to appease the
       angry spirits.
    Objective: 0/4 candles placed.
    Comment: It helps if you have a healing skill that doesn't require you to have
       a living enemy, but it's not required. Go into the catacombs south from
       Munne, and hug the left wall while holding ALT until you can see the first
       Remembrance Brazier, click it to place the candle.
       Follow the poisonous water to the remaining 3 candles.
    Objective: Return to Necromancer Munne for your reward.
    Barradin Estate:
    ---The True King:
    Obtained from: Duke Barradin
    Reward: 750 Experience; Protective Icon(Energy +3); War Hammer(Blunt Dmg: 6-9,
    Objective: Travel east from the Barradin Estate to Lakeside County. Head south
       to Ashford. Take the southeast bridge to Regent Valley. Once in Regent
       Valley follow the road to Fort Ranik.
    Comment: If you haven't been to Fort Ranik yet, it's easiest to start from
       Ashford Abbey and just keep going east, follow the signs/quest arrow.
       Just watch out for the blood sworn bandits and skale broodcallers, they
       gang up on you, so try to keep their dots outside of the white bubble on
       the radar. If you do die in the area with a lot of Skales, you'll revive
       close to Fort Ranik, so don't worry.
    Objective: Deliver the message from Barradin to Lord Barrin.
    Regent Valley:
    ---The Orchard:
    Obtained from: Mary Malone (right outside the fort)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Battle Axe(Slashing Dmg: 4-8); Protective Icon(Energy
    Objective: Find the Basket of Apples. Bring it to Mary Malone.
    Comment: Follow the quest arrow south, it helps to kill all the spiders on the
       way. It might be wise to drop the basket if enemies appear after picking it
       up or on the way back.
    Skill Quests:
    In this newbie area, you can obtain many quests for free that might cost you a
       skill point later if you don't get them now.
    Also, you will get the skills listed as rewards as soon as you accept the
       quests, unlike in the rest of the game where you don't get the skills until
       after you complete the quests.
    1st trainer quests:
    Be careful with these quests, after accepting the reward you get a choice to
       accept being a Ranger, at this point this decision is permanent so think
    Directions can be found from the "A new [your class] trainer" from Haversdan,
       the "A Second Profession" quest from Armin Saberlin, or any other trainer
       by asking "where can I get more skills?"
    ---Grawl Invasion:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Grast (Green Hills County)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Sever Artery; Gash; Healing Signet
    Objective: Look for Grawl invaders along the road. Eliminate them.
    Objective: 6 Grawl invaders remaining
    Comment: This shouldn't be too hard as long as you don't get attacked by more
       than 3 at once.
    Objective: Return to Warmaster Grast for your reward.
    ---A Mesmer's Burden:
    Obtained from: Lady Althea (Lakeside County)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Ether Feast; Conjure Phantasm; Imagined Burden
    Objective: Kill the rogue bull that is threatening Althea's theatre.
    Comment: Conjure Phantasm is probably your best bet at damaging the bull at
       that point, since health degeneration ignores armor and the bull has a lot
       in that area.
    Objective: Return to Lady Althea for your reward.
    ---The Ranger's Companion:
    Obtained from: Master Ranger Nente (Regent Valley)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Comfort Animal; Troll Unguent; Charm Animal
    Comment: This is the 1st Ranger trainer and the trainer you go to get Ranger
       as your secondary job. You can get the rewards for this quest without
       becoming a Ranger but if you already have 2 non-Ranger jobs you can't do
    Objective: Find the shine of Melandru's statue along the path in the woods.
    Comment: Simply follow the southwest road until you get to where the arrow
       points to. 
    Objective: Use your Charm Animal skill on one of the Melandru's Stalkers when
       it appears.
    Comment: When you get there all you have to do is select one of the Stalkers
       and use the skill, keep in mind that these animals will not appear on the
       radar and that they will attack you when you begin charming them. But even
       at lvl 1 at full health these will not be able to kill you.
    Objective: Return to Master Ranger Nente for your reward.
    ---The Elementalist Experiment:
    Obtained from: Elementalist Aziure (Wizard's Folly)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Aura of Restoration; Fire Storm; Glyph of Lesser Energy
    Objective: Use your Fire Storm spell to defeat the ice beasts that attack
    Comment: Fire Storm takes a long time to recharge, and the ice beasts come in
       waves. You could do this quest with someone to help you, or you can use
       Aziure to take all the hits and wait until 5-7 ice beasts stand together in
       a group before unleashing your Fire Storm. Don't forget to make full use of
       aura of restoration, the glyph, and all the other skills you might have.
    ---The Necromancer's Novice:
    Obtained from: Necromancer Munne (The Catacombs)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Life Siphon; Deathly Swarm; Animate Bone Horror
    Objective: Get past the fire traps in the burning section of the catacombs.
       (Use Bone Horrors to trigger the traps.)
    Comment: You can't control Bone Horrors to walk into the traps, what you have
       to do is use the Animate spell on a corpse past the traps, so that when it
       walks towards you it'll trigger the trap. Deathly Swarm will make quick
       work of the shadow at the end.
    Objective: Return to Necromancer Munne for your reward.
    ---A Monk's Missions:
    Obtained from: Brother Mhenlo (Ashford Abbey)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Bane Signet; Orison of Healing
    Objective: Meet Paulus inside the Catacombs.
    Comment: Just remember to take along Orison of Healing
    Objective: Go with Paulus and use your healing prayers to make sure he
    Comment: The most important thing is keeping Paulus' and your own health
       above half, which requires constant healing because of the swamp water
       you're walking through.
    Objective: Return to Brother Mhenlo for your reward.
    2nd trainer quests:
    These trainers can be find by going to the 1st trainer of the class you're
       looking for and asking "where can I learn more skills" for that class. Eg:
       for the 2nd warrior trainer go to Warmaster Grast for directions.
    ---Warrior's Challenge:
    Obtained from: Duke Barradin (The Barradin Estate)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Frenzy; Hammer Bash
    Objective: Go to Green Hills County and defeat Agnar the Foot. (Use Hammer Bash
       to interrupt his Rage skill).
    Comment: This guy is a pushover even with the starter hammer, I never even got
       him to use his rage skill but if it's anything like his HP you have nothing
       to worry about.
    Objective: Return to Duke Barradin for your reward.
    ---The Supremacy of Air:
    Obtained from: Ralena Stormbringer (Foible's Fair)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Blinding Flash; Lightning Javelin
    Objective: Follow the road up to the wizard tower. Destroy the Tower Golem.
    Comment: Go back to the tower from the first Elementalist quest, hold CTRL and
       look around for the Tower Golem. Try to fight him alone, without any ice or
       stone elementals around. Lightning Javelin should make quick work of him.
    Objective: See Elementalist Aziure for your reward.
    Comment: This is that first trainer at the tower, which is close to where you
       killed the golem, so go talk to her for the Exp.
    ---Domination Magic:
    Obtained from: Vassar (Foible's Fair)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Shatter Delusions; Backfire
    Objective: Head east from Foible's Fair to the woods. Destroy the skale brood.
    Comment: The fastest way is to follow the road south and go around the snowy
       mountain towards the arrow until you get to the river where the Skale are.
       Just be careful of all the black bears en route. Backfire will help a great
       deal against the brood spamming ice spear.
    Objective: Return to Vassar for your reward.
    ---A Test of Marksmanship:
    Obtained from: Ivor Trueshot (Regent Valley)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Point Blank Shot; Read the Wind
    Objective: Follow the ridge east until you find a plague worm. Kill all the
       Plague Worms in the time allotted
    Objective: 5 Plague Worms remain.
    Comment: Poing Blank shot and Read the Wind are your friends here, but any
       skills work, really, as long as you're fast enough.
    Objective: Return to Ivor Trueshot for your reward.
    =-=Protection Prayers:
    Obtained from: Grazden the Protector (Green Hills County)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Shielding Hands; Reversal of Fortune
    Objective: Meet Farrah Cappo in Lakeside county
    Comment: she's at the entrance to Green Hills County, so go back there.
    Objective: Keep Farrah alive while she hunts down the infamous Alain.
    Comment: Keeping her alive shouldn't be too hard, so you might as well do some
       damage too...
    Objective: Return to Grazden the Protector for your reward.
    ---The Power of Blood:
    Obtained from: Kasha Blackblood
    Reward: 250 Experience; Blood Renewal; Vampiric Touch
    Objective: Enter the catacombs and destroy the Blood Fanatics.
    Objective: 3 Blood Fanatics Remain
    Comment: Luckily for you, the catacombs entrance north of The Barradin Estate
       in Green Hills County places you very close to the Fanatics. There are 5 of
       them, but you only need to kill 3, the two remaining ones seem to be meant
       for people who enter through the Abbey entrance. I still advise to kill
       those last 2 regardless, as the architecture of the room they're in is
    Objective: Return to Kasha Blackblood for your reward.
    3rd Trainers:
    These only seem to be available for a couple of classes.
    Brother Mhenlo will still be in his Abbey, and Little Thom is right next to
       Duke Barradin in the estate.
    Aidan and Oberan, however, are a little harder to find. The easiest way is to
       do the quests Hunter's Horn to find Aidan, and Charr in the Catacombs for
    ---The Blessing of Balthazar:
    Obtained from: Brother Mhenlo (Ashford Abbey)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Retribution; Symbol of Wrath
    Objective: Travel to the fields north of Ashford and dispatch the skeletons
    Comment: The farmers seem to be more than capable enough to take care of
       themselves, but your smiting skills will greatly speed up the killing.
    Objective: Return to Brother Mhenlo for your reward.
    ---Unnatural Growths:
    Obtained from: Aidan (Wizard's Folly)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Dual Shot; Ignite Arrows
    Objective: Go to the falls to the west. Destroy the aloe husks until you find
       an aloe root.
    Comment: If you have a decent bow with a good attack speed, Ignite Arrows and
       Dual Shot will allow you to take several Aloe out at once, but as always:
       trying to take on to many will get you killed, so be careful.
    Objective: Return to Aidan for your reward.
    ---The Vineyard Problem:
    Obtained from: Little Thom (The Barradin Estate)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Executioner's Strike; Cyclone Axe
    Objective: Go to the duke's vineyard and kill all aloe seeds.
    Objective: 4 aloe seeds remaining
    Comment: There are many aloe seeds out there, but only the ones named "Large
       aloe seeds" count towards completing the quest. Cyclone axe will come in
       handy as they are conveniently placed in a circle and they love to heal and
       protect each other.
    Objective: Return to Little Thom for your reward.
    ---The Accursed Path:
    Obtained from: Oberan the Reviled (The Catacombs)
    Reward: 500 Experience; Soul Barbs; Faintheartedness
    Objective: Go North and destroy all the crypt fiends there.
    Objective: 4 crypt fiends remain.
    Comment: Feel free to make use of any skills available to you at this point,
       although faintheartedness will definitely help, anything will do.
    Objective: Return to Oberan the Reviled for your reward.
    Non-quest stuff:
    Pig Herding:
    Obtained from: Farmer Dirk
    Reward: 25 Gold
    Comment: I have been unable to pinpoint the exact time this little game becomes
       active, but it always seems to be after reaching lvl 3, in the middle of
       doing another quest. At that point, Farmer Dirk will move outside of his
       hog pen, and start yelling and complaining about his pigs having broken
       free, and you can help him with this. The hogs will always run away
       from you when you get close, and you have to use that to lure them back
       into the pen.
       I suggest doing this right after coming out of the Abbey, as the hogs
       tend to wander far away if you spend some time in Lakeside County.
       When you're done, Dirk will get one of those green exclamation marks above
       his head and will give you the reward.
       This can be repeated as many times as you like, by simple switching areas.
       You can also make single hogs count multiple times by waiting for them to
       exit the pen after you lure them in.
    Bear Hunting:
    Obtained from: Benton's Hunters
    Reward: Hunter's Ale; Your name in a lame hunting song
    Comment: In the south-east of Regent Valley you'll find Benton and his hunting
       group, talking to any of these drunken guys(except Benton, for some reason)
       will start a little mini-game.
       The objective here is go east and kill 1 or the 2 bears, then go back and
       talk to the hunters again, all within 3 minutes.
       Some tests have led me to believe that you can only complete this little
       game if you have a bear pelt in your inventory, and obviously: your
       inventory has to have at least 1 free space.
       You can repeat this quest as many times as you want, but there are only 2
       bears close enough to do it within 3 minutes.
    *7.2 Ascalon*
    Ascalon City:
    =-=The King's Message:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Tydus
    Reward: 100 Experience, War Hammer(Blunt Dmg: 11-17 (req. 3 Hammer Mastery))
    Objective: Go to Old Ascalon. Deliver the royal message Ambassador Zain.
    Comment: A simple little errand that shows you some of the story and the
       current situation in Ascalon.
    Objective: Return to Warmaster Tydus for your reward.
    =-=Defend the Wall:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Tydus
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Talk to Squire Zachery at the Great Northern Wall
    Comment: Finally, the first mission, it's a really easy one, so go there
       whenever you want.
    ---Counting the Fallen:
    Obtained from: Symon the Scribe (north most tip of the city)
    Reward: 500 Experience; Focus Item (Energy +6 (re. 5 Healing Prayers)); Focus
       Item (Energy +6 (req. 5 Healing Prayers))
    Objective: Find the Ascalon census in the ruins in Old Ascalon
    Comment: You'll find it in a chest in the dried up river... Warp to Sardelac
       Sanitarium if you have it, but just follow the arrow as either way.
    Objective: Return to Symon the Scribe for your reward.
     Note: The following quests in the City are only available after completing
       "Defend the Wall"
    ---Vanguard Equipment:
    Obtained from: Captain Arne
    Reward: 500 Experience; Focus Item (Energy +6 (req. 5 Healing Prayers))
    Objective: Go to Regent Valley. Acquire the Vanguard equipment from Gelsan.
    Comment: Just warp to Fort Ranik then go outside to Regent Valley to find the
    Objective: Recover Gelsan's stolen goods from the bandits.
    Objective: Bring the stolen goods to Gelsan.
    Comment: You didn't think this was going to be that easy, did you? Actually it
       just kill everything on the way to the quest arrow then pick up the stolen
       goods and run(not warp) back to Gelsan for him to suddenly remember where he
       left the goods for Arne.
    Objective: Deliver the Vanguard equipment to Captain Arne in Ascalon City.
    ---Barradin's Advance:
    Obtained from: Captain Arne
    Reward: 250 Experience
    Objective: Go to the Hammer Gate. Talk to Gate Guard Hollis.
    Comment: Not really a challenge, but it eventually leads you to Piken square,
       where more difficult quests await, do this together with "Recruits for
       Hollis" to save time.
    ---Scavengers in Old Ascalon:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Tydus
    Reward: 500 Experience; Battle Axe (Dmg: 5-12 (req. 3 Axe Mastery))
    Objective: Go to the Ruins in Old Ascalon. Clear out any scavengers.
    Comment: From the Sanitarium, head south to where Ashford used to be to find
       Ask him what he's doing, then tell him you have orders to clear the area of
       scavengers. Now tell him "Only if you make yourself useful." and he'll give
       up and run away.
    Objective: Return to Warmaster Tydus for your reward.
    ---Recruits for Hollis:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Tydus
    Reward: 500 Experience; Focus Item (Energy +6 (req. 5 Healing Prayers))
    Objective: Go from town to Old Ascalon and find the Army Recruits
    Comment: You'll find these 3 recruits near Warmaster Grast.
    Objective: Lead all three recruits west along the wall to the far gate and
       present them to Gate Guard Hollis.
    Comment: The quest arrow tells you where to go, and there's nothing especially
       difficult along the way.
    Objective: Return to Gate Guard Hollis for your reward.
    ---Cities of Ascalon:
    Obtained from: Symon the Scribe
    Reward: 1,000 Experience; Focus Item (Energy +6 (req. 5 Healing Prayers));
       Focus Item (Energy +6 (req. 5 Healing Prayers))
    Objective: Find the historical monument in Surmia.
    Comment: You'll find this monument near the end of the Ruins of Surmia Mission,
       across the bridge that Rurik tells you to lower, follow the road west to
       find it.
    Objective: Find the historical monument in Nolani.
    Comment: You'll find this monument guarded by a small legion of gargoyles a
       little north of the Nolani Academy mission.
    Objective: Find the historical monument in King's Watch
    Comment: The Red-Cloaked Deserter and Cities of Ascalon also take you to King's
       Watch, so you can save a lot of time by doing all 3 of these quests at once.
       Either way, King's Watch is in the southwest corner of Regent Valley. If you
       remember where Melandru's Statue is located from before the searing, it's
       near there.
    Objective: Return to Symon the Scribe for your reward.
    Note: This quest becomes available after reaching the Fort Ranik mission.
    ---The Troublesome Artifact:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Tydus
    Reward: 500 Experience; Focus Item (Energy +6 (req. 5 Healing Prayers))
    Objective: Starting at the Frontier Gate, follow the road south through the
       Eastern Frontier and into Pockmark Flats.
    Comment: Just like the quest says, finding the serenity temple just takes a lot
       of walking.
    Objective: Return to Warmaster Tydus for your reward.
    Note: This quest seems to become available after reaching the Frontier Gate,
       I'm note entirely sure if beating Fort Ranik is required, but that seems
       to be the case.
    ---Fires in the East:
    Obtained from: Captain Arne
    Reward: 500 Experience; Smiting Staff (Energy +4, Ling Dmg: 3-4(req. 4 Smiting
      Prayers), Two-handed); Long Sword (Slashing Dmg: 7-10 (req. 4 Swordsmanship))
    Objective: Find the Charr fires northeast of the Frontier Gate. Kill the Flame
       Keepers and extinguish the flames.
    Comment: Fires and mopping up Charr, my 2 favorite things combined into 1
       quest, I love it.
       Getting to the Charr shouldn't be too hard, and killing them will probably
       be easy as well, as long as you don't attract the Charr southeast of the
       quest target.
    Objective: Return to Captain Arne for your reward.
    Comment: Fires and mopping up Charr are not really my 2 favorite things, but
       the quest is fun regardless!
    Old Ascalon:
    =-=The Krytan Ambassador:
    Obtained from: Captain Osric
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Return to Ascalon City and talk to Warmaster Tydus.
    Comment: This game really likes to hold peoples hands and tell them what to do
       every step along the way... ah well it's easy exp.
    ---Rastin's Ritual:
    Obtained from: Witness Rastin (near Ambassador Zain)
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Take Rastin's request to Artisan David in Old Ascalon.
    Comment: I think this quest was just intended to show you the location of an
       Artisan, and give some easy exp.
    Objective: Deliver the Scribe's supplies to Witness Rastin in Old Ascalon.
    ---Barradin's Stand:
    Obtained from: Gate Guard Hollis
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Go to Piken Square and see if Duke Barradin needs assistance.
    Comment: If you did both quests related to Hollis, you should be able to get
       this along with "Supplies for the Duke".
       When in The Breach, after passing Captain West, instead of heading towards
       the quest arrow look west while holding ALT to find a sign saying "Piken
       Square", head down the stairs towards it.
       After you get there, start heading east towards Piken Square, if you're
       careful not to attract too many Charr at once, it should be easy.
    Regent Valley:
    ---Regent Valley Defense:
    Obtained from: Sergeant Brannen (near Fort Ranik)
    Reward: 500 Experience; Longbow (Piercing Dmg: 9-13 (req. 3 Marksmanship),
    Objective: Search King's Watch for Charr.
    Comment: The Red-Cloaked Deserter and Cities of Ascalon also require you to go
       to King's Watch, so you'll save a lot of time by doing all 3 of these at
       Either way, King's Watch is in the southwest corner of Regent Valley. If
       you remember where Melandru's Statue is located from before the searing,
       it's near there.
    Objective: See Lord Darrin for your reward.
    Piken Square:
    ---The Siege of Piken Square:
    Obtained from: Duke Barradin
    Reward: 500 Experience; Smiting Staff (Energy +4, Light Dmg: 3-4 (req. 4
       Smiting Prayers), Two-handed); War Hammer (Blunt Dmg: 11-17 (req. 3 Hammer
       Mastery), Two-handed)
    Objective: Destroy the Charr forces besieging Piken Square
    Comment: The Charr are right outside Piken Square, killing them is all there is
       to it.
    ---Fires in the North:
    Obtained from: Duka Barradin
    Reward: 1,000 Experience, Smiting Rod(Light Dmg: 2-4)
    Objective: Find the Charr fires along the southern edge of the Diessa Lowlands.
       Kill the Flame Keepers and extinguish the flames.
    Comment: The first of 3 increasingly difficult quests. Although this one isn't
       directly related to the following 2, it still requires you to go through the
       difficult Diessa Lowlands.
       If you go with henchmen, make sure you have some skills to recover your own
       health, as the healer hench will have a hard time keeping up.
       Getting to the Flame Keepers is easiest from Piken Square, just go east
       until you find the entrance to the next explorable area, then North East
       until you get to the Flame Keepers, killing them will update your log.
    Objective: Return to Duke Barradin for your reward. 
    ---The Duke's Daughter:
    Obtained from: Viggo
    Reward: 2,000 Experience
    Objective: Search for signs of Duke Barradin's lost daughter, Althea
    Comment: You'll find the ghost in Diessa Lowlands, the shortest way to get
       there is from Nolani(mission 4) but the easiest way is from Piken Square.
       With the help of the quest arrow, finding the ghost shouldn't be hard, but
       the Charr and Stone Elementals on the way can be very dangerous.
       Along the way there's a good chance you'll come across 2 groups of Charr
       near 2 campfires on both sides of the road you're on, it's possible to 
       sneak between them, but it's far more likely that they'll spot you and kill
       you, so try killing them while they are separated.
       After talking to the ghost, it'll speed up your next quest if you go north
       until you find an outpost called the Grendich Courthouse. If you see a tar
       lake, you need to go west.
    Objective: Tell Duke Barradin of Althea's ghost.
    ---Althea's Ashes:
    Obtained from: Duke Barradin
    Reward: 2,000 Experience
    Objective: Find the temple where Althea was killed and gather her ashes.
    Comment: This quest will take you through the same areas as Fires in the North
       and The Duke's Daughter.
       If you follow the arrow from Piken Square, you'll end up south of a large
       tar lake, from here go west until you get to the Grendich Courthouse.
       From the Courthouse travel a bit north until you find a way east into the
       tar lake, then keep going towards the arrow until you find your way into a
       new explorable area.
       Here, you will be joined by some NPCs, but they will probably die very early
       here. When you get into the large open area, try to stay off the elevated
       area in the middle unless you absolutely have to.
       Instead, stay to the south wall, the circle north around the elevated area
       until you get to your destination. Try to kill all the Charr around the
       staircase until there are only 8 left, in 4 groups of 2, next to the ashes.
       There are 2 ways to get the ashes: either try to kill all of the Charr, or
       run up the stairs then click the pedestal and hope you get the ashes before
       Killing the Charr is very hard, and you don't stand a chance unless your
       party is very skillful or a very high level. So your best is to simply
       run past them, grab the ashes, then die.
       If you do want to kill them, it's easiest to stand southeast of the
       staircase, as close as possible to the shaman on your end. With 2 or 3
       casters you should be able to deal enough damage to it to kill it, while
       being relatively safe below the altar.
    Objective: Bring Althea's Ashes to Duke Barradin.
    ---The Red-Cloaked Deserter:
    Obtained from: Farrah Cappo
    Reward: 1,000 Experience; Longbow (Piercing Dmg: 9-13 (req. 3 Marksmanship),
       Two-handed); Focus Item (Energy +6 (req. 5 Healing Prayers))
    Objective: Deliver Farrah's message to Little Thom.
    Comment: You'll find him at King's watch in Regent Valley. If you remember
       where Melandru's Statue was before the searing: it's south of there.
       Regent Valley Defense and Cities of Ascalon also take you to King's Watch,
       so you'll save a lot of time by doing all 3 of these quests at once.
    Objective: Tell Farrah of the death of Little Thom.
    ---Hammer and Anvil:
    Obtained from: Duke Barradin
    Reward: 500 Experience; Tall Shield Armor: 6 (req. 4 Tactics)
    Objective: Ambush the Charr in the tar pits south of Piken Square. Strike down
       Grimm Sharpfang.
    Comment: Fun little search and destroy quest, keep going south from Piken
       square until you see a way down to the west, take it.
       Keep following the road, not in the direction of the quest arrow, but take
       every path you see leading to lower land. This should take you to the tar
       pits right where Sharpfang is patrolling, happy hunting :)
    Objective: Return to Duke Barradin for your reward.
    ---Garfazz Bloodfang:
    Obtained from: Go to the Diessa Lowlands. Kill Grafazz Bloodfang.
    Reward: 500 Experience; Smiting Rod(Light Dmg: 2-4); Long Sword(Slashing Dmg:
       7-10 (req. 4 Swordsmanship)
    Objective: Go to the Diessa Lowlands. Kill Garfazz Bloodfang.
    Comment: If you have the Courthouse outpost, this will be an easy trip, but if
       not: prepare for a long walk.
      Either way, you'll just be following the quest arrow, although you'll
       probably not approach Bloodfang head-on because of the maze-like terrain.
       When you do reach him, prepare for a brutal fight, as he has a lot of
       minions surrounding him.
      Still, even with henchmen, it shouldn't be too hard, just remember to target
       and call the Shamans first by pressing ctrl+space, and to keep your healer
    Objective: Return to Viggo for your reward.
    Fort Ranik:
    ---Deliver a Message to My Wife:
    Obtained from: Gurn Blanston
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Note: You get this quest from an NPC in the middle of the mission, fairly near
       the beginning, check the walkthrough for details.
    Objective: Find Melka Blanston, outside of Ascalon City, and tell her that Gurn
       loves her.
    Comment: The next time you find yourself in Ascalon City, just exit it and
       you'll find her right in front of you.
    Frontier Gate:
    =-=Ruins of Surmia:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Riga
    Reward: 500 Experience; Smiting Rod (Light Dmg: 2-4)
    Objective: Go north of the Wall in the Eastern Frontier and follow the road to
    Comment: This quest leads you to the next mission, if you came to this
       explorable area by completing Fort Ranik, this quest would be the next
       logical step.
       To complete this small journey, take along every skill you have that heals,
       protects, or makes you run faster.
       After going into the explorable area, run up to the sign pointing to Surmia
       and then run north to where it points.
       If you wait a bit, the Grawl in your path should move away, allowing your
       to run past without fighting.
       Keep going until you see the collector Paige Osbourne, walk up to her and
       wait next to her until the next group of Grawl leaves your range, then
       quickly run northwest to where they came from.
       All you have to do now is follow the road and run, don't stop to fight,
       just keep running.
    Objective: Talk to Captain Miken.
    ---Frontier Gate Fugitives:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Riga
    Reward: 1,000 Experience; Longbow (Piercing Dmg: 9-13 (req. 3 Marksmanship),
       Two-handed); Focus Item (Energy +6 (req. 5 Healing Prayers)
    Note: You can get the two runaways in whichever order you want.
    Objective: Search the Eastern Frontier and Pockmark Flats for Footman Tate and 
       Footman Quinn. Bring them to justice.
    Comment: This one is as easy as just following the road until you get to
       Footman Tate, taking shortcuts off-road will usually make you waste a lot of
       time fighting more battles.
       Just tell him everything will be all right and he'll follow you.
    Objective: Footman Tate surrendered. Lead him back to the Frontier Gate.
    Comment: Going into the Pockman flats will make him disappear, and warping to
       Frontier Gate doesn't count as leading him there, so you'll have to walk
       Be careful to let him recover his health between fights, because henchmen
       won't heal him and he has nothing to heal himself with either. Also make
       sure the quest updates before entering Frontier Gate.
       Now for Quin....
       If you have the Serenity Temple outpost, warp there.
       If you want to get that outpost while on this quest, you'll want to get to
       the Pockmark Flats from the Eastern Frontier, the gate is south if where
       you found Tate.
       In any other case, the fastest way to get to Quinn is from Fort Ranik.
       Wherever you start from, when you get to the flats, just go towards the
       quest arrow.
    Objective: Kill Footman Quinn.
    Comment: He's a real pushover, a suicidal pushover.
    Objective: Return to Warmaster Riga for your reward.
    Skill Quests:
    ---Gargoyle Trouble:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Grast (outside Ascalon City)
    Reward: 200 Experience; Wild Blow; Sever Artery; Gash; Healing Signet
    Objective: 0/5 Flash Gargoyles slain
    Comment: There are plenty of gargoyles here... so go crazy.
       apathetic aardvark pointed out that as of writing, shatter gargoyles will
       count towards this objective a well.
    Objective: Return to Warmaster Grast for your reward.
    ---Military Matters:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Grast (outside Ascalon City)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Power Attack; Sprint
    Objective: Talk to Sergeant Clark in Regent Valley.
    Objective: Escort Sergeant Clark back to Warmaster Grast.
    Comment: Clark is right at the start of Regent Valley, so this shouldn't be
       too much trouble.
    Objective: Return to Warmaster Grast for your reward.
    ---Into the Breach:
    Obtained from: Warmaster Grast (outside Ascalon City)
    Reward: 300 Experience; Penetrating Blow; Endure Pain
    Objective: Head to the Breach and repel the Charr attacks.
    Comment: Follow the quest arrow to The Breach, walk up to Captain West, and
       start killing Charr.
    Objective: Return to Warmaster Grast for your reward.
    ---Army Life:
    Obtained from: Armsman Pitney (Piken Square)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Mighty Blow; Dismember
    Objective: Find Old Mac's body out in the Breach.
    Comment: This name might sound familiar, as Old Mac is the guy you had a
       chance to give your 2nd devourer egg to in the newbie area.
      It's not a difficult quest, though, all you have to do is follow the quest
       arrow and kill the Charr on the way.
    Objective: Escort Old Mac back to Piken Square.
    Comment: You just have to be careful not to enter Piken Square before getting
       the last objective.
    Objective: Return to Armsman Pitney for your reward.
    ---The Charr Patrol:
    Obtained from: Master Ranger Nente(Old Ascalon, at Balthazar's statue)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Feral Lunge; Favorable Winds
    Objective: Hunt down and destroy the Charr Patrol.
    Comment: For this quest you just have to follow Mente around the western half
       of Old Ascalon to find some Charr that somehow got past the wall.
       This is somewhat reverse-escort, but the problems still exist: Be careful
       that Nente doesn't go too far ahead or falls behind.	
    Objective: Return to Master Ranger Nente for your reward.
    ---Endangered Species:
    Obtained from: Master Ranger Nente (Old Ascalon, at Balthazar's statue)
    Reward: 200 Experience; Hunter's Shot; Comfort Animal; Troll Unguent; Charm
    Objective: Bring Nente a Melandru's Stalker
    Comment: I hope you're not too attached to your current pet, because if you
       want to complete this quest you'll have to get rid of it.
    ---The Charr Staging Area:
    Obtained from: Master Ranger Nente (Old Ascalon, at Balthazar's statue)
    Reward: 300 Experience; Dodge; Quickening Zephyr
    Objective: Head to the Breach and kill Gorgaan Hatemonger.
    Comment: You'll find this Charr boss close to the Breach entrance, on high
       ground across a bridge.
    Objective: Return to Master Ranger Nente for your reward.
    ---Charr Reinforcements:
    Obtained from: Ivor Trueshot (Piken Square)
    Reward: 500 Experience; Distracting Shot; Call of Haste
    Objective: Meet Aidan just outside of Piken Square.
    Comment: I don't like repeating the objective, so just do what it says.
    Objective: Ambush the Charr reinforcements.
    Comment: As with a lot of quests, the difficulty here is keeping Aidan alive.
       Still, even if Aidan dies, you can still do the rest of the quest yourself.
       So it's up to you what you want to do, just try to not lose track of him,
       which is easy in the heat of combat, where he might decide to suddenly
       run the other way or attract more monsters.
       To maximize his chances of survival, you might want to run ahead of him
       so the Charr attack you instead of him, just be careful that you don't run
       into the wrong direction.
    Objective: Pillage the Charr supply depot.
    Comment: Everything said for the previous objective also applies here.
    Objective: Kill Kaargoth Bloodclaw.
    Comment: Just keep going and killing, everything applies again except there
       are only 1 boss and 1 lesser Charr in the area you have to go to this time.
    Objective: Return to Ivor True shot for your reward.
    ---Scorched Earth:
    Obtained from: Elementalist Aziure (Old Ascalon, near the ambassador)
    Reward: 200 Experience; Ward Against Elements
    Objective: 0/5 Hulking Stone Elementals slain.
    Comment: There are plenty of Stone Elementals around here, so let the genocide
    Objective: Return to Elementalist Aziure for your reward.
    ---Elemental Knowledge:
    Obtained from: Elementalist Aziure (Old Ascalon, near the ambassador)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Armor of Earth; Frozen Burst
    Objective: Seek out Shalev the Hermit.
    Comment: Go a little north of the Sanctuary, then start going west, you'll walk
       straight into his cave.
    ---Shalev's Task:
    Obtained from: Shalev the Hermit (Old Ascalon, where the above quest took you)
    Reward: 300 Experience; Eruption; Shard Storm
    Objective: Go to the Breach and kill Charr Fire Callers to obtain a bottle of
       fiery unguent.
    Comment: You'll find the Fire Callers a little due west of the Piken Square
       outpost, so you probably want to go through there.
    Objective: Return to Shalev the Hermit for your reward.
    ---The Way of the Geomancer:
    Obtained from: Kendrick Redstaff (Serenity Temple)
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Note: This quest does not give you any skills, but it's required for the next
       quest so I'm listing it here.
    Objective: Kill ten hulking stone elementals.
    Objective: 0/10 hulking stone elementals slain.
    Comment: As you probably noticed coming to the temple, hulking stone elementals
       spawn right outside. Unfortunately, there will probably be less than 10,
       meaning you'll have to go back into then out of the temple.
       In any case, bring some area of effect skills to kill them faster.
       Also, keep all the lodestones you find, you'll need them.
    Objective: Return to Kendrick Redstaff for your reward.
    ---The Geomancer's Test:
    Obtained from: Kendtrick Redstaff (Serenity Temple)
    Reward: 500 Experience; Magnetic Aura; Earth Attunement
    Objective: Activate all 3 earth shrines by placing Scorched Lodestones upon
    Comment: Well, even if you don't have enough lodestones now, you'll find plenty
       along the way.
       The first shrine is north of the giant crystal, the 2nd is on the west side
       and the final one is on the south end, but you'll find the by just following
       the quest arrow anyway.
       When you're done, a stone golem boss will spawn southeast of the crystal.
       He'll be lvl 11 but he has no normal monsters around him, so he'll be easy.
    Objective: Return to Kendrick Redstaff for your reward.
    ---Sowing Seeds:
    Obtained from: Grazden the Protector (Old Ascalon, in the ruins of Ashford)
    Reward: 200 Experience; Heal Party; Bane Signet; Orison of Healing
    Objective: Escort Farmer Hamnet to Ascalon City.
    Comment: There's nothing Hamnet likes to do more than running ahead, falling
       behind, and/or getting himself killed. If you're doing this with a healer
       henchman, remember that he won't heal Hamnet, you have to do that yourself.
       So remember to keep a close eye on him, and everything should go alright.
    Objective: Return to Grazden the Protector for your reward.
    ---Protecting Ascalon:
    Obtained from: Grazden the Protector (Old Ascalon, in the ruins of Ashford)
    Reward: 300 Experience; Heal Area; Vital Blessing
    Objective: Find Paulus the Monk in Regent Valley.
    Comment: If you have Sprint or Illusion of Haste, you'll be able to just make
      a mad dash past all the monsters and reach Paulus. But if not, it might be
      wiser to just kill all the monsters.
      If you have completed the Great Northern Wall mission, start from Fort Ranik
      to shorten your travel time.
    Objective: Search Paulus's body for any personal effects.
    Comment: Alas, you are to late, so click on his corpse and warp back to the
    Objective: Return the holy symbol to Grazden the Protector.
    ---In Memory of Paulus:
    Obtained from: Grazden the Protector (Old Ascalon, in the ruins of Ashford)
    Reward: 300 Experience; Resurrect; Live Vicariously
    Objective: Find Melka Blanston, outside of Ascalon City, and tell her that Gurn
       Loves her.
    Comment: The quest objective seems to be a bug, but just warp to Ascalon, then
       go outside and talk to Melka to complete this quest and finally get your
       first Resurrect spell.
    ---Replacement Healers:
    Obtained from: Priestess Rashenna (Serenity Temple)
    Reward: 500 Experience; Infuse Health; Strength of Honor
    Objective: Meet Devona in Pockman Flats.
    Comment: She'll be waiting for you right outside the temple.
    Objective: Bring Devona to the Eastern Frontier.
    Comment: As usual, escorting means you have to be careful that your objective
       doesn't run away somewhere. Note that you don't get a quest update when
       Devona enters the Eastern Frontier, so just follow her when she disappears.
    Objective: Help Devona defeat the Charr warband.
    Comment: Follow Devona to the Charr, then kill them all! Well, starting with
       the Shaman, of course.
    Objective: Return to Priestess Rashenna for your reward.
    ---Trying Times:
    Obtained from: Vassar (Sardelac Sanitarium)
    Reward: 300 Experience; Chaos Storm; Mantra of Flame
    Objective: Find and retrieve a mossy rock form the cave near the ruins of
    Comment: You'll find the cave southeast of the Sanitarium and Ashford, and you
       will probably come across several bosses on the way, so be prepared. And as
       always: don't attract more than 1 group of enemies at once!
    Objective: Return to Vassar for your reward.
    ---Mesmerizing the Enemy:
    Obtained from: Vassar (Sardelac Sanitarium)
    Reward: 200 Experience; Power Leak; Conjure Phantasm; Ether Feast; Imagined
    Objective: Go to the ruins of Ashford and defeat Ignis Phanaura.
    Comment: He'll be a little south of the Sanitarium, ready to be killed by you,
       and possibly your henchmen.
    Objective: Return to Vassar for your reward.
    ---A Cure for Ralena:
    Obtained from: Vassar (Sardelac Sanitarium)
    Reward: 300 Experience; Illusion of Haste; Energy Burn
    Objective: Find Master Ranger Nente
    Comment: You'll find him at the statue of Balthazar, which is, of course, where
       that quest arrow is currently pointing.
    Objective: Return to Vassar for your reward.
    ---Unnatural Creatures:
    Obtained from: Priestess Rashenna (Serenity Temple)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Diversion
    Objective: Slay Gren Mindvenom.
    Comment: You'll find this Storm Rider boos somewhere around the west or south
       of the giant crystal outside of the Temple. Kill it and take Tissue Sample.
    Objective: Return to Erudine for your reward.
    ---Experimental Elixir:
    Obtained from: Erudine (Serenity Temple)
    Reward: 500 Experience; Shatter Hex
    Objective: Give the experimental elixir to Fadden Hathorn in Sardelac
    Comment: This is one of those quests that's only as difficult as the time it
       takes to warp to the outpost you have to go to, in this case the Sanitarium.
    Objective: See Vassar for your reward.
    ---The Stolen Artifact:
    Obtained from: Necromancer Munne (Sardelac Sanitarium)
    Reward: 200 Experience; Insidious Parasite; Life Siphon; Deathly Swarm;
       Animate Bone Horror
    Objective: Find the Grawl that have stolen the relic. Look for them in the
       fields just north of the Sanitarium.
    Objective: Escort Necromancer Munne and the relic back to the sanitarium.
    Comment: Just kill the Grawl and take the relic. Pay close attention to the
       objectives and what Munne says, because you have to give her the Relic
       before going to the Sanitarium.
    Objective: Return to Necromancer Munne for your reward.
    ---Death in the Ruins:
    Obtained from: Kasha Blackblood (Sardelac Sanitarium)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Dark Pact; Mark of Pain
    Objective: 0/6  Slay of Oberan's Minions slain.
    Comment: I think the objective is some kind of obscure bug... but just follow
       the arrow and kill everything you see, use Henchmen to get it done very
    Objective: Return to Kasha Blackblood for your reward.
    ---Oberan's Rage:
    Obtained from: Kasha Blackblood (Sardelac Sanitarium)
    Reward: 350 Experience; Parasitic Bond; Putrid Explosion
    Objective: Slay Oberan the Reviled.
    Comment: You'll get attacked by Oberan and his minions as soon as you set foot
       outside of the Sanitarium, so be prepared.
       I like to use Dark Pact + Vampiric Gaze here, but anything works, really.
    Objective: Return to Kasha Blackblood for your reward.
    ---Casualty Report:
    Obtained from: Undertaker Cortis (Piken Square)
    Reward: 150 Experience; Shadow Strike
    Objective: Deliver the Casualty Report to Warmaster Tydus.
    Comment: The difficulty of this quest can be measured in the distance from
       Tydus you appear at when you warp to Ascalon.
    Objective: Return to Undertaker Cortis for your reward.
    ---Fallen Soldiers:
    Obtained from: Undertaker Cortis (Piken Square)
    Reward: 250 Experience; Soul Feast
    Objective: Collect 10 more family sigils from the fallen soldiers.
    Comment: If you're hoping for a large scale scavenger hunt all across the
       wasteland, you'll be in for a disappointment.
       All you have to do is click the 10 bodies(on the yellow name tags, not the
       gray ones)...
    Objective: Return to Undertaker Cortis for your reward.
     All Classes:
    ---Helping the People of Ascalon:
    Obtained from: Ambassador Zain (Old Ascalon)
    Reward: 200 Experience; 2 skills
    The skills you get depend on your class, you get one for both of your classes:
       Warrior      : "For Great Justice!"
       Ranger       : Penetrating Attack
       Elementalist : Lava Font
       Monk         : Mending
       Mesmer       : Energy Tap
       Necromancer  : Vile Touch
    Objective: Deliver the supplies to Ellie Rigby in Ascalon City.
    Comment: Very easy, but also very rewarding. These Krytan White Mantle guys
       sure are helpful aren't they?
    Objective: Return to Ambassador Zain for your reward.
    ---Supplies for the Duke:
    Obtained from: Gate Guard Hollis (Old Ascalon)
    Reward: 300 Experience; 2 skills
    The skills you get depend on your class, you get one for both of your classes:
       Warrior      : "Watch Yourself!"
       Ranger       : Called Shot
       Elementalist : Ice Spikes
       Monk         : Purge Conditions
       Mesmer       : Distortion
       Necromancer  : Weaken Armor
    Objective: Find the lost supply column.
    Comment: Follow the directions from the "Barradin's Stand" quest to find Piken
       If you're doing this with henchmen, get the lvl 6 ones from Piken Square.
       Try keeping north while healing towards the quest point for an easy run. 
       When you get close you'll see a large amount of Charr to the southeast of
       the quest marker.
       You'll have to be careful here as pulling all of them at once will almost
       certainly get you killed.
       If you're having trouble, take the north route past the supply line and
       approach them from the west, where the Charr have weaker defense.
    Objective: Escort the supply column to Piken Square.
    Comment: A word of warning for when you get back to Piken square: don't enter
       until you get a quest update and the supply bearers disappear into the
    Objective: See Quartermaster Aada for your reward
    *7.3 Northern Shiverpeaks *
    Yak's Bend:
    ---The Missing Artisan:
    Obtained from: Tabor Woolridge
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Follow the road through Traveler's Vale to the Ascalon Foothills.
    Objective: Talk to Artisan Rudger.
    Comment: Getting to Ascalon foothills is very easy, especially if you know how
       to sneak.
       Unfortunately, the easy part stops right there, although it might seem that
       Rudger is very close, you have to fight your way past 3 or 4 Hydras.
       You probably haven't seen any Hydras if you've stuck to the main quest,
       but they're beasts. If you attract more than 1 at once, you can most likely
       kiss your ass good bye. So please, take it slowly, and kill the Hydras and
       the Elementals around them when they reach the end of their patrol route
       closest to you, and with the next Hydra as far away as possible. And when
       you attack them, make absolutely sure you call the Hydra, especially if
       you're with henchmen. Look in the quick chat section of the controls to see
       how to call a target, because if you don't, the Hydras will surely rip you
       a new one.
    ---Shiverpeak Stragglers:
    Obtained from: Captain Osric
    Reward: 500 Experience; Smiting Rod (Light Dmg: 4-7 (req. 5 Smiting Prayers));
    War Hammer (Blunt Dmg: 13-20 (req. 5 Hammer Mastery), Two-handed)
    Objective: Search the road to Ascalon for refugees.
    Comment: You'll find the refugees to the far south, but they're under attack
       by dwarves and an ice golem so you have to kill them very quickly.
    Objective: Lead the Refugees to Yak's Bend.
    Comment: It doesn't help that the refugees die very quickly, and even after
       saving them, they will gladly run into the next group of 30 dwarves they
       see. If they die, you can talk to a guard outside of Yak's Bend to reset the
       quest. Like with all of these types of quests: don't enter the outpost
       until you get the quest update.
    Objective: Return to Captain Osric for your reward.
    ---The Road to Borlis Pass:
    Obtained from: Captain Osric
    Reward: 500 Experience; Focus Item (Energy +7 (req. 5 Healing Prayers))
    Objective: Follow the road from Yak's Bend to Borlis Pass. Defeat all the stone
    summit raiders along the road.
    Comment: This quest doesn't actually take you to Borlis Pass, it stops half-way
       and the next objective will be back in Yak's bend. However, there's nothing
       stopping you from doing this at the same time as the next quest, for some
       easy experience.
    Objective: Return to Captain Osric for your reward.
    =-=The Way is Blocked:
    Obtained from: Clear the Stone Summit blocking the entrance to Borlis Pass.
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Clear the Stone Summit blocking the entrance to Borlis Pass.
    Comment: To complete this objective, you'll have to kill a boss about 2/3rds
       of the way to Borlis Pass, there's not much else involved, as the road will
       take you straight to him.
    Objective: See Beccum Reedly for your reward.
    Comment: This is the "information" NPC for Borlis Pass, the next mission!
    Traveler's Vale:
    ---Minaar's Trouble:
    Obtained from: Rangil Ironbow
    Reward: 500 Experience; Tall Shield (Armor: 7 (req. 5 Tactics)); Focus Item
    (Energy +7 (req. 5 Healing Prayers)
    Note: Do "Helping the Dwarves" to find this series of quests.
    Objective: Find Minaar Stonesledge in Iron Horse Mine.
    Objective: Escort Minaar back to Traveler's Vale.
    Comment: The only thing you have to do here is to kill some enemies, talk to
       Minaar, then take him back to Traveler's Vale.
       Just be sure that you don't actually enter Traveler's Vale until the quest
    Objective: Return to Rangil Ironbow for your reward.
    ---Minaar's Worry:
    Obtained from: Rangil Ironbow
    Reward: 500 Experience; Battle Axe (Dmg: 6-16 (req. 5 Axe Mastery))
    Objective: Go to the Iron Horse Mine and kill Ore Darkwhip
    Comment: This is largely the same as the previous quest, except that you have
       to go a little further and have to kill some bosses.
       When you get to the 2 bosses, if one of them is a monk style boss (Dolyak
       Rider type), kill him first. If it's a ranger style boss, be sure to kill 
       the spirit of fertile season first. After that, finish off Rangil, clean up
       whatever is left standing, and pick up the war machine plans.
    Objective: Bring the war machine plans to Rangil Ironbow.
    ---Iron Horse War Machine:
    Obtained from: Rangil Ironbow
    Reward: 500 Experience; Smiting Staff (Energy +5, Light Dmg: 4-7 (req. 5
    Smiting Prayers), Two-handed); Longbow (Piercing Dmg: 11-18 (req. 5
    marksmanship), Two-handed)
    Objective: Go to the Iron Horse Mine. Sabotage the control levers around the
    equipment used by the Stone Summit.
    Objective: 9 control lever(s) are left.
    Comment: Pretty much the same as the previous quest, except a little bit
       You can also go west as you enter the Mine, but I've found no real benefit
       of going either way.
       You have to destroy the 9 levers at the quest markers, you do this by
       placing Powder Kegs obtained at a nearby station. You can take out 3 levers
       with 1 keg by placing the keg as much to the middle of the levers as
    Objective: Return to Rangil Ironbow for your reward.
    ---Oswalt's Epitaph:
    Obtained from: Elsa Alston
    Reward: 500 Experience; Focus Item (Energy +7 (req. 5 Healing Prayers))
    Note: you will need to do "Shiverpeak Stragglers" for this to become available.
    Objective: Search the Ascalon Foothills for Oswalt's headstone.
    Objective: Inscribe Elsa's words on the headstone.
    Comment: Even with several henchmen, this quest is very hard, as the area is
       filled to the rim with nasty Hydras.
       Hold ALT when getting near the quest mark to locate the grave, check it out,
       and a ghost will appear.
    Objective: See Oswalt Alston for your reward. 
    Beacon's Perch:
    =-=To Kryta: Refugees:
    Obtained from: Master Saberlin
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Eliminate the 6 Centaur patrols along the main road.
    Comment: This quest is part of another series of quests that will lead you to
       The Gates of Kryta, the last mission before Lion's Arch.
       All you have to do is follow the path, quest markers, or trail of enemies.
    Objective: See Ranger Olson for your reward.
    Griffin's Mouth:
    =-=To Kryta: The Ice Cave:
    Obtained from: Master Seeker Nathaniel
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Follow Aidan's markers through the Ice Cave.
    Comment: All of these show up by just holding ALT, you don't have to pick them
       up or anything(believe it or not, I've seen people taking these), just
       follow the trail of them until you get to Aidan.
    Objective: See Aidan for your reward.
    ---To Kryta: Journey's End:
    Obtained from: Aidan
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Deliver the letter to Ambassador Braun.
    Comment: You'll find him through the nearby exit of the cave, in Scoundrel's
    Objective: See Witness Casori for your reward.
    Comment: She's the information NPC for the next mission, The Gates of Kryta!
    Skill Quests:
    ---Securing the Vale:
    Obtained from: Van the Warrior (Yak's Bend)
    Reward: 500 Experience; Swift Chop; Irresistible Blow; Seeking Blade
    Objective: Proceed to the first patrol point in Traveler's Vale.
    Comment: All you have to do is follow the dark brown road, killing everything
       along the way. 
    Objective: Proceed to the second patrol point in Traveler's Vale.
    Comment: Also along the same path, just remember when pulling enemies, to let
       them come to you, so the enemies near the one you're pulling break off their
    Objective: Proceed to the third patrol point in Traveler's Vale.
    Comment: The last point is in the southwest corner, near the entrance to the
        Ascalon Foothills. Simply fight/sneak/run there, then warp back to Yak's
    Objective: Return to Van the Warrior for your reward.
    ---Stone Summit Beastmasters:
    Obtained from: Artemis the Ranger (Traveler's Vale)
    Reward: 350 Experience; Whirling Defense; Winter; Call of Protection
    Note: You'll find Artemis to the northwest of Yak's Bend, on the way to Mason
       for the Helping the Dwarves quest.
    Objective: Track down and destroy Thorgrim Beastlasher in Iron Horse Mine.
    Comment: This Beast Master is a lvl 14 warrior type boss, you probably guessed
       what this means: lots of HP, defense, defensive skills, and powerful
       healing signet.
       If you brought along Distracting Shot, you should be able to get this over
       with quickly. But if not, prepare for a long fight.
    ---A Heart of Ice:
    Obtained from: Howland the Elementalist (Yak's Bend)
    Reward: 350 Experience; Whirlwind; Ward Against Foes; Ice Prison
    Objective: Find Greplak Froststaff and obtain the Heart of Ice from him.
    Comment: You'll find him hanging out near a cluster of Ice Golems, a little off
       the main road.
    Objective: Bring the Heart of Ice to Howland the Elementalist.
    Objective: Return to Howland the Elementalist for your reward.
    ---The Wayward Monk:
    Obtained from: Van the Warrior (Yak's Bend)
    Reward: 350 Experience; Vigorous Spirit; Pacifism; Divine Boon
    Objective: Talk to Cynn in Traveler's Vale.
    Comment: She's right outside Yak's Bend, and will follow you for the rest of
       this quest.
    Objective: Help Cynn find Mhenlo.
    Comment: This objective will lead you straight into the Iron Horse Mine.
    Objective: Find Mhenlo.
    Comment: As soon as you enter the mine, you have to talk to Cynn again and take
       her along, towards that quest marker.
    ---The Stone Summit Champion:
    Obtained from: Sebedoh the Mesmer (Yak's Bend)
    Reward: 350 Experience; Fragility; Power Spike; Channeling
    Objective: Defeat Ulrik the Undefeated in Traveler's Vale.
    Comment: This guy uses many defensive spells, so it could take a while to take
       him down. Fortunately, he doesn't move, and relies on spamming stone daggers
       for offense. This makes him a perfect target for your domination spells,
       especially backfire and Chaos Storm will bring him down to his knees very
    Objective: Return to Sebedoh the Mesmer for your reward.
    ---Renegade Necromancer:
    Obtained from: Necromancer Morgan (Yak's Bend)
    Reward: 350 Experience; Necrotic Traversal; Defile Flesh; Well of Blood
    Objective: Find Verata in Traveler's Vale and put an end to his experiments.
    Comment: The easiest way to get to him is to start from the Borlis Pass mission
       area. Go South around both rocks along your way, and sneak and/or fight your
       way through the monsters.
       When you get to Verata, he will summon mumble something about longer life,
       then escape while distracting you with Bone Fiends.
    Objective: Return to Necromancer Morgan for your reward.
     All Classes:
    ---Helping the Dwarves:
    Obtained from: Grand Mason Stonecleaver (Yak's Bend)
    Reward: 250 Experience; 2 Skills
    Note: You get the skills for this quest as soon as you accept the quest!
    The skills you get depend on your class, you get one for both of your classes:
       Warrior      : Protector's Strike
       Ranger       : Debilitating Shot
       Elementalist : Gale
       Monk         : Remove Hex
       Mesmer       : Mantra of Frost
       Necromancer  : Suffering
    Objective: Find Rangil Ironbow in Traveler's Vale.
    Comment: This quest will lead you to a series of quest often referred to by the
       name of the last quest in the chain "Iron Horse War Machine". It can take a
       while to do all 3, so free up a bit of time before you do these, so you
       won't have to leave half-way.
    ---Hungry Devourer:
    Obtained from: Master Saberlin (Beacon's Perch)
    Reward: 400 Experience; 2 Skills
    The skills you get depend on your class, you get one for both of your classes:
       Warrior      : Flurry
       Ranger       : Pin Down
       Elementalist : Lightning Strike
       Monk         : Divine Spirit
       Mesmer       : Shatter Enchantment
       Necromancer  : Rotting Flesh
    Objective: Speak with Old Mac in Deldrimor's Bowl
    Comment: This might be a little confusing if you haven't done the Warrior skill
       quest in Piken Square and haven't done the 1st Mesmer quest from the newbie
       area, which foreshadow this quest.
       But yes, Old Mac has a pet Devourer! (Don't try to charm a Devourer, you
    Objective: Feed Joe 10 more succulent juniper meats.
    Comment: Finding these requires you to kill (surprise) succulent junipers,
      which are common at the objective markers this quest will lead you to.
      The locations are random, but never hard to get to.
      When you get the meats, just talk to Joe, and if you don't have enough, head
      to the next marker.
    Objective: Speak with Old Mac in Deldrimor's Bowl.
    Objective: Return to master Saberlin for your reward.
    ---The Deserters:
    Obtained from: Master Saberlin (Beacon's Perch)
    Reward: 500 Experience; 2 Skills
    The skills you get depend on your class, you get one for both of your classes:
       Warrior      : Bonetti's Defense
       Ranger       : Serpent's Quickness
       Elementalist : Ice Spear
       Monk         : Balthazar's Spirit
       Mesmer       : Inspired Hex
       Necromancer  : Strip Enchantment
    Objective: Find the deserters in Delrimor Bowl.
    Comment: Outside of Beacon's Perch, you can go to Devona, Mhenlo, and Cynn, who
       will follow you for this quest.
       All you have to do is kill the Ascalon Deserters at the quest marker, the
       route you take to it doesn't really matter either.
    Objective: Bring word to Master Saberlin in Beacon's Perch that the supplies
       have been recovered.
    *7.4 Kryta*
    Lion's Arch:
    =-=Report to the White Mantle:
    Obtained from: Armen the Guide
    Reward: 500 Experience; Smiting Rod (Light Dmg: 5-10 (req. 5 Smiting Prayers))
    Objective: Go to the North Kryta Province and follow the road to the fort in
       the D'Alessio Seaboard. Once there, report your presence to Mantle Knight
    Comment: It's a very short trip, but some of the monsters along the way can
       do a lot of damage in a short time, so you probably want to bring some
    ---Orrian Excavation:
    Obtained from: Magi Malaquire
    Reward: 400 Experience
    Objective: Collect 5 more Orrian tablet shards.
    Comment: This is at the far side of the North Kryta Province. If you're doing
       this right after Merchant's Please, head north from the Settlement until you
       get to a beach, then head east avoiding as many enemies as possible to
       ensure a quick and safe journey. The Golems at the end themselves are a
       pushover, as long as you can deal with large numbers.
       If you are doing just this quest, for whatever reason, it might be faster to
       start from the Gates of Kryta mission area, then head through Scoundrel's
       Rise into Northern Kryta towards the quest marker.
    Objective: Return to Magi Malaquire for your reward.
    ---Merchant's Plea:
    Obtained from: Bodrus the Outfitter [Merchant]
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Head out the northwest gate and follow the road to the Ascalon
       Settlement. Deliver the Settlement's strongbox Captain Greywind.
    Comment: This quest requires you to be very careful, as the road to the
       settlement is swarmed by Tengu, which will make you wish you were still
       fighting the Charr. Try your best to keep the Tengu as far away from your
       aggro range as possible while you navigate your way across the field.
       Fighting them will almost certainly result in many patrols noticing, and
       joining in.
    ---The Weaver of Nebo:
    Obtained from: Jiaju Tai
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Follow the road through North Kryta Province to Nebo Terrace.
    Comment: This will be on the road to the Ascalon Settlement, so you probably
       want to do this at the same time as the other quests in that area, to save
    Objective: Talk to Weaver Ethan the Artisan in Nebo Village.
    ---The Villainy of Galrath:
    Obtained from: Firstwatch Sergio [Skills]
    Reward: 500 Experience; Smiting Staff (Energy +6, Light Dmg: 5-10 (req. 6
       Smiting Prayers), Two-handed); Long Sword (Slashing Dmg: 12-18 (req. 6
    Objective: Seek out Galrath at the wizard's tower south of the Black Curtain.
       Put an end to his villainy.
    North Kryta Province:
    ---Duties of a Lionguard:
    Obtained from: Lionguard Riddik
    Reward: 500 Experience
    Objective: Look for Lionguard Orrin at Miraba's farm.
    Comment: Orrin has bailed, but instead, talk to Miraba to finish this quest.
    ---Bandit Trouble:
    Obtained from: Miraba
    Reward: 500 Experience; Tall Shield (Armor: 9 (req. 6 Tactics))
    Objective: Tell Mantle Knight Karriya of Miraba's bandit problem.
    Comment: Just go to the D'Alessio Seaboard mission and ask Karriya about this
    Objective: Deliver the Token of Janthir to Miraba.
    ---Blankets for the Settlers:
    Obtained from: Captain Greywind (Ascalon Settlement)
    Reward: 500 Experience; Longbow (Piercing Dmg: 12-21 (req. 6 Marksmanship)
    Objective: Go to Nebo Village with the militia weapons. Talk to Etham the
       Artisan and trade the weapons for blankets.
    Comment: The quest arrow tells you exactly where to go, there's nothing to it
       but to do it.
    Objective: Take the blankets to Captain Greywind.
    ---Reversing the Skales:
    Obtained from: Captain Greywind (Ascalon Settlement)
    Reward: 500 Experience; Focus Item (Energy +8 (req. 6 Healing Prayers));
       Smiting Rod (Light Dmg: 5-10 (req. 6 Smiting Prayers))
    Objective: Head to Scoundrel's Rise east of North Kryta Province. Find the
       cause of the undead's westward movement.
    Comment: It easiest to just warp to the Gates of Kryta mission area, as it's
       right next to the area you need to go to, although the NPC you're looking 
       for is right at the portal to North Kryta Province, it's only a short walk.
    Objective: Lord Timot is the source of the undead movement. Destroy him.
    Comment: Follow the quest marker to Lord Timmot. Be very careful, as he has an
       escort of 4 lvl 18 Executioners with him, and he himself is lvl 21.
       Lord Timot is trying to make his way to the Gates of Kryta mission area, and
       if he gets there, you'll be unable to kill him. But you can actually use
       his little journey against him.
       If you rush into the swamp area, you won't stand a chance. Advance slowly,
       killing all of the Skales along the way, and hold CTRL at all times.
       When the Executioners start moving, take some distance, and let them pass.
       Lord Timot will come out after them, allowing you to kill him without all
       the other in the swamp on top of you.
       Alternatively, for the really easy way, you can try taking a couple of
       baby steps in the swamp entrance, then waiting a second to see if the
       executioners move, then taking another step, waiting again, until the
       executioners start moving.
       If you did it might, the executioners will move without Timot, which means
       that you can just run away and let the executioners pass, then go back in
       to lure Timot, to kill him when he comes out.
    Objective: Return to Captain Greywind for your reward.
    Skill Quests:
     All Classes:
    ---The Last Hog:
    Obtained from: Farmer Dirk (Ascalon Settlement)
    Reward: 500 Experience; 2 skills
    The skills you get depend on your class, you get one for both of your classes:
       Warrior      : Staggering Blow
       Ranger       : Otyugh's Cry
       Elementalist : Gale
       Monk         : Life Attunement
       Mesmer       : Leech Signet
       Necromancer  : Blood Ritual
    Objective: Find Farmer Dirk's last remaining prize-winning hog and chase it
       back to him.
    Comment: You might have done this already way back in the newbie area of the
       game, as the hog will always running in opposite direction of you.
       This time, however, 2 groups of Gypsy Ettins will ambush you on the way back
       and you will have to kill them to proceed.
    Objective: Return to Farmer Dirk for your reward.
    ---The Undead Hordes:
    Obtained from: Elder Hezron (Beetletun)
    Reward: 500 Experience; 2 skills
    The skills you get depend on your class, you get one for both of your classes:
       Warrior      : Griffon's Sweep
       Ranger       : Symbiosis
       Elementalist : Water Attunement
       Monk         : Holy Veil
       Mesmer       : Inspired Enchantment
       Necromancer  : Plague Touch
    Objective: Go to the Watchtower Coast and stop the undead from reaching
    Comment: The monsters here range from lvl 1 up to lvl 17, and there are a lot
       of them! Give priority to the Monks and Clerics, who will heal other Undead.
       Just keep killing them until the quest updates.
    Objective: Return to Elder Hezron for your reward.
    ---The Hot Springs Murders:
    Obtained from: Inspector Caleb (Nebo Terrace, Nebo Village)
    Reward: 500 Experience; 2 skills
    The skills you get depend on your class, you get one for both of your classes:
       Warrior      : Counter Blow
       Ranger       : Bestial Pounce
       Elementalist : Grasping Earth
       Monk         : Mend Ailment
       Mesmer       : Illusion of Weakness
       Necromancer  : Blood of the Master
    Objective: Go to Bergen Hot Springs and obtain a written testimony from Andar
    Comment: South from where you got this quest you'll find the outpost you have
       to go to, you might want to take the western passages through the 2 big
       rocks in your way, where you'll be able to sneak past all the undead, while
       the east passages are guarded by Tengu.
    Objective: Go to Bergen Hot Springs and obtain a written testimony from Dannel
    Objective: Go to Bergen Hot Springs and obtain a Written testimony from 
       Penelope Randell.
    Objective: Go to Bergen Hot Springs and obtain a Written testimony from Layman
    Objective: Return the written testimonies to Inspector Caleb in Nebo Village.
    Comment: The 4 people you have to get a testimony from are all around the same
       place. You might notice that all the 3 Krytans seem to either turn their
       back or finger the Shining Blade. While the Ascalon fingers the White
       When you've got a Testimony from all 4, head back north the same way you
       came, avoiding the Tengu as much as possible. You should be able to get
       there without a single fight, because even though the Undead might chase
       you, they will eventually give up.
    Objective: Speak to Inquisitor Gilead.
    Comment: As if things weren't bad enough already, Gilead from the White Mantle
       has replaced Caleb.
       If you were able to piece 2 and 2 together, you'll know what this means: the
       White Mantle were responsible for murdering the Lionguard. But
       unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it, so just accept your 
    I. FAQ
    Most of these are answered on the official site, but I just know people will
    ask them anyway, so I hope this will function as somewhat of a buffer.
    Q: Is there really no monthly fee?
    A: Yes, there is no monthly fee of any kind, the only things you'll ever have
       to pay for are the first retail and any of the (optional) expansions you
       might want in the future.
    Q: What are the system requirements?
    A: Straight from the official site:
        Minimum System Specs:
         * Windows® XP/2000/ME/98
         * Intel Pentium® III 800 Mhz or equivalent
         * 256 MB RAM
         * CD-ROM Drive
         * 2 GB Available HDD Space
         * ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 or 4 MX Series Video Card with 32MB of VRAM
         * 16-bit Sound Card
         * Internet connection
         * Keyboard and mouse
        Recommended System Specs:
         * Windows® XP/2000/ME/98
         * Intel Pentium® III 1GHz or equivalent
         * 512 MB RAM
         * CD-ROM Drive
         * 2 GB Available HDD Space
         * ATI Radeon 9000 or GeForce 4 Ti Series Video Card with 64MB of VRAM
         * 16-bit Sound Card
         * Internet connection
         * Keyboard and mouse
    Q: So will I be able to play on the max settings?
    A: You will probably be able to play with most of the highest settings on with
       any CPU over 2GHz, 512MB RAM, and a decent video card released over the last
       year, with at least 128MB VRam.
       You'll have to test and see for yourself what settings work best, there are
       too many factors involved to give a good answer to that question.
    Q: What is Guild Wars like?
    A: It's like warm apple pie.
    Q: Is there a demo/can I test the game for free before playing?
    A: Sorry, you missed all the preview events, at th time of writing there is no
       demo available.
    Q: I just got a message saying a skill/rune/upgrade was unlocked, what does it
    A: Until I get an items related section done, I'll explain unlocking and runes
       here: Sometimes, you will get an item with a colored name, and it will say
       "Unidentified" in the description, this means you'll have to buy an
       "Identification Kit" item from a merchant NPC, then use it on the colored
       If the item you used it on was a weapon, you might get a message saying
       you unlocked an upgrade component, this means that you'll be able to use
       that upgrade component an infinite number of times for ALL of your PvP-only
       If the item you IDed was a monster armor or other type of salvageable item,
       you might unlock a rune when IDing it. This will also make that rune
       permanently available for all your PvP chars.
       Also, in case you just want the rune/upgrade component, you have to buy an
       _EXPERT_ salvage kit (normal ones won't work) and use it on that item,
       there will be a good chance(about 80%) that the rune or upgrade component
       will be salvaged from the item.
       The same goes for skills, if you get a skill with a full RPing character,
       all of your PvP characters of that class.
    Q: Will my X/X character work/is X a good class?
    A: Every class combination has builds that allow them to be useful in combat
       situations, so you can never really mess up.
       But some class combinations are more or less straight-forward than others,
       so if you're new to the game, ask yourself this question: "Will my secondary
       class help me do what I want to use my primary class for?"
       For example: if you're a healing monk, you'll want to use skills that will
       help you heal, not skills that will help you deal damage, Elementalist can
       give you Glyphs for that, and Necromancer and Mesmer offer some energy
       recovery options, warrior will help you defend a little bit better, but
       ranger won't offer much at all for most builds.
       If you're and elementalist, you'll want things that help you deal damage
       with spells, so warrior is usually out of the question unless you want
       to be melee, as is monk, since you're not going to be a healer and don't
       need smiting prayers to do damage.
    II. Useful Links
    Official Guild Wars site: http://www.guildwars.com
     Many questions are answered there, and you'll also find a page for some very
     helpful fan sites.
     It's a huge wealth of information on its own.
    ArenaNet site: http://Arena.net
     In case you want to know something about the people who made this game.
    Gwonline fan site: http://gwonline.net
     Throughout the betas, I found this site to be especially helpful and reliable.
    Elite skill list: http://www.xennon.co.uk/eliteskills/
     This site contains all known locations for elite skills, sometimes even with
     a small map.
     I have not checked any of these locations for myself so I cannot verify their
     accuracy first hand, but so far I've heard nobody complain.
    Damage calculations: http://abyss.pyen.com/damage.html
     This page seems to be down temporarily, you can find the same document at
     http://www.guildwarsguru.com/content/game-mechanics-id674.php .
    III. Special Thanks To
    - ArenaNet for creating Guild Wars, of course, which is currently still giving
      me countless hours of fun.
    - CJayC and Gamefaqs.com for hosting this FAQ, and many others, which helped
      enrich my enjoyment for many games over the years.
      And of course the gamefaqs message board for not only being a huge source of
      frustration, but also a huge source of support and being a bottomless well
      for both good and bad discussions, about any subject imaginable.
      I'd especially like to thank the "veterans" of that board, and anyone else
      who's tried to make it a better place. I'd try naming you all, but I'm afraid
      I'd forget people... but you know who you are :)
    - gwonline.net and its community for being a great source of information when
      it comes to Guild Wars, which helped me through many obstacles I myself
    - Oblivion, OoiTY, Udún, and Master Nightfall for reading this guide, giving
      suggestions, and pointing out errors.
    - "The Coterie of Relios" guild, for introducing me to and training me in the
      "tricks of the trade"  when it comes to PvP, if it hadn't been for them I'd
      surely still be getting my ass handed to me by everyone.
    - The "Gwonline Guild" for taking me in and providing a fun environment to play
      the game in.
    - Apathetic Aardvark for reminding me about the shortcut to complete A Gift for
      Althea, reminding me of the lodestone name change post-searing(which was an
      error in The Geomancer's Test), informing me about when "The
      Troublesome Artifact" and "Fires of the East" become available, and 
      correcting an error in "To Kryta: Refugees".
    IV. Contact information
    If you have anything to say about this faq, have any questions, or if you have
    something to contribute, feel free to contact me at tNB.FAQ [at] gmail ((dot)
    Please state in the subject that the mail is about Guild Wars, or I might throw
    it out with the spam mail on accident.
    If I am currently ingame, contact me at "The Nightblade". My alts are "Peaceful
    Nightblade" "Kage No Yaiba" and "Subject To Change".
    I probably won't reply if the mail is about something already answered in this
    guide or on the official website. If you are stuck at a point in the game not
    covered in this guide yet, I might not be able to help you if I haven't gotten
    to that point myself yet, but it can't hurt to try, I suppose.
    Thank you for reading.
    ~~end of file~~

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