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    Thunderhead Keep FAQ by AlfredtheBear

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/18/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Guild Wars: Thunderhead Keep FAQ
    Version 1.0
    August 17, 2005
    Created by: alfredthebear, Copyright 2005
    Email: poundkey@gmail.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. What to Use? (Primary Profession)
       - 3a. Elementalist
       - 3b. Mesmer
       - 3c. Monk
       - 3d. Necromancer
       - 3e. Ranger
       - 3f. Warrior
    3. Resurrection
    4. Team Builds
    5. Walkthrough of Thunderhead Keep 
    6. Credits
    7. Legal Information
    1.  Introduction
    Welcome to the Thunderhead Keep FAQ - I have structured this guide to go over 
    useful skills and team suggestions for PvE.  With those tools in mind, the 
    walkthrough of Thunderhead Keep should be pretty easy to follow, no matter what 
    build you use.  You can just skip down to section 5 if you only want to read up 
    on getting through Thunderhead Keep.  
    There are some spoilers since this is a FAQ - you have been warned.
    This guide was created to help those people get to the fire islands and beyond, 
    where nastier stuff awaits!  There is a focus on Thunderhead Keep, because 
    people tend to get bottlenecked here for various reasons:
    1) You have horrible PUGs
    2) The king keeps dying
    3) Your guild is filled with members that don't have time for this
    4) Your guild is still stuck on Elona Reach (ick)
    5) Some weird-looking boss refuses to die
    If any of the above apply, keep on reading!
    There's a long running joke in my guild about our love for Thunderhead - we 
    used to do Thunderhead almost daily, 'just for kicks.'  We would grab one or 
    two random puggers just to see how they'd respond to our random antics...  I 
    play Thunderhead for the thrill of the beginning seige... Yes we light the 
    Anyways, consider this guide as a tool to create a decent PUG for Thunderhead 
    or just about any mission in this game.  I hope those that are still having 
    trouble with Thunderhead will be able to start a PUG, whip the team into shape 
    and finish it in one pass! 
    3.  What to Use? (Primary Profession)
    This section covers a few skills to take a look at before leaving on a mission.
    PvE in general is rather simple and straight foward, given a 'good group,'  but 
    what creates a good group?  
    Good skill sets is one answer, and for Thunderhead especially, you want a 
    stronger team focus in disruption.  
    I wish more missions require disruption so PvE players have an easier time 
    transitioning to PvP.  Besides, I always thought PvE missions were intended to 
    train players for PvP, but this is no longer the case with the constant nerfing 
    of missions... 
    Many groups often go for the Heal/Tank/Nuke trinity - this configuration will 
    steamroll through most of the PvE missions.  You can still pass Thunderhead 
    Keep with this configuration, but I would like to discuss more unusual or 
    different builds that work more efficiently or better.  
    IMPORTANT: Even if you insist on using the Heal/Tank/Nuke (a.k.a. Hulk Smash) 
    combo, I recommend you ask teammates to list their skills before starting a 
    mission.  Treat this like PvP - will you enter the tombs with a melee Mo/W 
    carrying Power Attack when his supposed role was to heal the team? Of course 
    Make sure people know their roles and you will have a much easier time doing 
    this mission.  
    Everyone is always looking for a nuker... and naturally the Elementalist comes 
    to mind.  Most elementalists in PvE tend to fall in the Fire category. 
    Let's take a look at the other lines.
    Gale - There is the exhaustion drawback to this spell, but using it to 
    knockdown an enemy healer for 3 seconds is decent.  Use it sparingly.
    Ward Against Melee - 50% evasion, if you can pump your Earth Magic to 16, you 
    can keep a ward up forever.  
    Eruption - Although the graphics aren't too impressive with this spell, the 
    most important effect is an AOE Blind at the end of the spell.  Mobs tend to 
    clump, so if you can mass blind them, you pretty much shut them down for 10 
    Maelstrom - You don't need to have points in Water Magic for this because the 
    duration is always 10 seconds.  This spell interrupts spell casting, allowing 
    you to shutdown a stationary group of caster mobs.
    Blurred Vision - This causes hexed enemies in a short range to miss 50%, and 
    the redeeming factor of this spell is the short cast time (1 second.)  The 
    duration is quite long, and you can keep it up if you have enough points in 
    Water Magic.  However, Water doesn't do too much damage, especially in an icy 
    area like Thunderhead Keep.
    3b. MESMERS
    Considered the most underrated and ignored class in PvE, the mesmer is often 
    sitting alone in her pretty clothes.  Take pity on one and include her in your 
    group!  You might notice your enemies dropping dead or doing nothing for no 
    apparent reason... 
    Arcane Thievery - Keep in mind that PvE mobs do not have too many spells, and 
    caster bosses might have at the most five spells.  If you decide to copy this 
    spell via Echo or Arcane Echo, you can potentially lock out several critical 
    healing spells for half a minute.
    Backfire - Using a Mesmer to shutdown casters in PvE is like using a war axe 
    (or some large sharp object) to kill a chicken.  Enemy PvE casters will always 
    cast through Backfire so for this reason alone, make sure to bring Backfire as 
    a mesmer to provide extra damage. 
    Diversion - Although bosses seem to only suffer from half-duration of a hex, 
    you get to lock out a skill for half a minute.  No more spamming Orison of 
    Blackout - Locking your target for 7 seconds is quite fun!  If you ever wanted 
    to stop that Mursaat Monk boss from healing for awhile... why not Blackout the 
    target after your hammer warriors has finished his 8 second KD combo?  Or 
    Blackout those silly Dolyak Masters.
    Shatter Hex - Since Thunderhead Keep is quite hex-heavy, this is a fairly 
    decent AOE spike tool that nobody except you will see.  But that's just life as 
    a Mesmer.
    Definitely grill the pick-up Mesmer about this line...  There is a very good 
    chance the Mesmer will have Conjure Phantasm and Phantom Pain... if so, please 
    ask them if they have a good reason to be wasting skill slots on these spells.  
    I know DOT looks amazing when the health bar turns purple and starts sliding 
    down, but 20 damage / sec is a little shabby, and you are wasting energy that 
    could be used for pure spellcasting shutdown.  The Deep Wound effect from 
    Phantom Pain is okay, but you don't need to invest too many points into 
    Illusion for that.  There's a pretty good chance the warrior will be causing 
    Deep Wound so bring something else to help. 
    Phantom Pain + Shatter Delusions is an expensive way to create a Deep Wound 
    fast, so leave that Fragility mesmer build at home.  You will be out of energy 
    way too fast and enemies have too much hp.  
    Arcane Conundrum - Since spellcaster mobs are so weak in PvE, you don't really 
    need to Conundrum a random mob.  Save this for a boss... it will buy you time 
    to land a decent interrupt.  
    This is the Mesmer line for 'borrowing' or creating energy out of thin air, use 
    this line to help fuel your hexes and shutdowns.  There is not much to cover 
    here since people have their own personal preferences for recovering energy... 
    I do recommend taking a look at Energy Drain, Spirit of Failure, or even the 
    standard Energy Tap.
    ========DISRUPTION ABILITIES========
    You're a Mesmer.. you have like:
    Cry of Frustration
    Power Leak
    Power Drain
    Power Block
    Leech Signet 
    Plenty of interrupts! 
    3c.  MONKS
    There isn't much to go over for monks because they are usually hired on mission 
    for healing or protection.  Monk is a fairly straightfoward class that requires 
    lots of practice and fast reflexes.  There is a pretty good FAQ on Monks on 
    GameFAQs, so just read for a much better indepth coverage.  
    If you're a smiter monk, please let your team know that you're not going to 
    heal first because people do make too many assumptions, and one of them is that 
    all monks are healers...
    ============ SMITING ==============
    Scourge Healing - People tend to forget about this spell, but it's like a 
    Backfire and monk mobs will keep spamming heals since once they take damage 
    they'll keep trying to heal to repair it...
    ============ HEALING ==============
    Dwayna's Kiss - Stone Summit and Mursaat tend to use alot of hexes, and extra 
    enchantments like Aegis just makes this spell better.  The cost is 5 mana for a 
    3 second recharge, which isn't shabby for energy management.
    Little tip: If you ever want to get in a group fast, PM the leader and say, "I 
    have Blood Ritual, Blood is Power, or Well of Power!"  Well... is that all a 
    Necro is supposed to do?  I don't think so.
    A Necromancer should consideirng becoming a minion master.  Pump up Death magic 
    to 16 and keep the Bone Fiends alive with Verata's Sacrifice/Heal Area.  If you 
    encounter enemy Necromancers, target them first or just Putrid corpses.. After 
    all, you can keep raising minions from the next set.  Having a large minion 
    army allows you to clear the city in Thunderhead pretty quickly, and it also 
    helps hold the fort since the Bone Fiends are ranged.  
    ============ CURSES ==============
    Defile Flesh - Use this as a substitute for Lingering Curse for now.  Reducing 
    healing rates is always good for stopping a healer boss.
    Shadow of Fear - The area isn't that big, but you can help slow down some 
    damage during the seige by reducing enemy attack rates by 50%.
    ============ DEATH  ==============
    Putrid Explosion - Used in Tombs on the dias maps, this spell is still handy in 
    PvE because you can still chain corpses to wipe them out, or clear corpses to 
    prevent Stone Summit Gnashers from raising a minion army.  In Thunderhead Keep, 
    this spell will help you clear out mobs that tend to clump on the bottom of the 
    stairs during the seige.
    3e.  RANGERS
    Rangers are probably the most vocal group when it comes to not being able to 
    get a group, but here are some things to consider when joining a group and not 
    further tarnishing the ranger class.
    Pets - Unless you want to devote 12+ points of Beast Mastery, as well as skills 
    in that line, please do not bring your pet on missions.  Without any points in 
    Beast Mastery, your pet will not do any damage.  Pet AI needs to improved, and 
    your pet might accidentally aggro too many mobs and refuse to stop attacking.  
    Just leave Mr. Bear at home for now.  
    Pin Down - How come 90% of Rangers in PUGs use this?  I hope someone can answer 
    this question... but I don't see any real use.  Just use a run skill if you 
    want to get away.
    Quickening Zephyr - QZ can help speed up your trap recharge rate, but please 
    let your team know you will be using this spirit so they can plan around it.  
    Your monks will run out of energy too fast unless they've gone Mo/Me for energy 
    recovery, but even then, that might not be enough.  
    Oath Shot - Why not run a Trap Spammer?  Oath Shot is easily capped in Iron 
    Mines (just make sure you are infused.)  Drop your payload of traps, Oath Shot, 
    and keep the stream of traps going.
    =========WILDERNESS SURVIVAL========
    Choking Gas - If you combine this with Practiced Stance (an Elite that's 
    cappable in Mineral Springs,) you can keep a group of casters from casting for 
    a long time.  This is an important shutdown skills against caster bosses, so 
    bring it if you can. 
    Traps (Healing Spring, Barbed Trap, Flame Trap, Dust Trap)  - Especially in 
    Thunderhead Keep, you will not be pulling mobs much so you might have to become 
    an offensive trapper.  Go R/Me for Mantra of Resolve, or use Whirling Defense 
    to lay down traps next to mobs.
    3f.  WARRIORS
    For Thunderhead Keep especially, as well as other missions, you do NOT need 
    five Warrior/Monks with Mending.  You can easily beat most missions with just 
    one 'tank.'  Why?  If you recruit pure tanks, you must take into consideration 
    of lowering your damage output.  We'd all like to finish this mission within a 
    reasonable amount of time...
    The most popular weapon choice in PvE is... swords.  I know swords look cool 
    and stuff like that, but for the sake of effectiveness, if you only rely on 
    Power Attack, you are not doing anything for the team.  These 
    mobs have armor, mind you - they can soak up damage from a puny sword quite 
    The hammer is often an overlooked PvE weapon - it swings slow and doesn't look 
    as cool but knockdown is key in using a hammer warrior.  
    Devastating Hammer - This can be capped as early as Iron Mines so here is skill 
       Devastating Hammer -> Crushing Blow -> Heavy Blow -> Aftershock
    Your target will be on the ground for about 8 seconds if you have Stonefist 
    Gauntlets (craft that in Droknar's Forge)... that should be plenty of time for 
    your team to finish that evil critter off.
    I personally like Backbreaker but you won't be able to get that until you reach 
    Ring of Fire.
    Axes are nice for their spiking ability, but mobs tend to have quite a bit more 
    hp.  I would rather use Evicerate, but since you're still stuck in Second 
    Shiverpeaks, Cleave will do. 
    ========TACTICS LINE==========
    "Watch Yourself!" - This is a handy way to buff up your team.. it's 4 strikes 
    of adrenaline so that will recharge pretty fast.  
    Once again, make sure your warriors can DISRUPT!  Here's a list of what they 
    could use.
    - Hammer knockdown
    - Disrupting Chop (Axe)
    - Savage Slash (Swords)
    - Skull Crack (general)
    - Distracting Blow
    Practice those interrupts - if you can stop a critical heal or an offensive 
    spell in time, the battle will swing heavily in favor towards you.  If you have 
    sword warrior, ask him to bring Savage Slash.  I'm sure he doesn't need to lug 
    around that Power Attack...
    Warriors have the best sustained damage per second (DPS), so take advantage of 
    that.  If your team does not have space for melee buffs, then bring your own 
    like Judge's Insight to increase your DPS.  The more DPS you have, the faster 
    your enemies fall, allowing you to concentrate on the next wave of enemies.  I 
    would consider using Frenzy in PvE - sometimes those mobs will ignore you so 
    feel free to Frenzy away to build up the adrenaline.   If you're getting hit, 
    switch to a different stance (like Sprint) and don't tell your monks you were 
    under a Frenzy. :)
    3.  Resurrection
    Knowing when to res a very important part of Guild Wars.  During the seige of 
    Thunderhead Keep, teammates may die in the middle of the fight if the healers 
    are swamped  - res sig restores the party member to 100% life.  The signet is 
    one-time use, but it will recharge if you kill a boss.
    If you are not a monk primary or secondary, please bring a Resurrection Signet 
    (res sig.)  Things happen, and the res sig will provide a safety net.  If a 
    monk goes down, use the sig immediately to get him up... fast.  It'll take some 
    time for his mana to recharge, but it's better than running around useless, 
    especially under a Rebirth. 
    Resing in battle is often deadly, but keep in mind that you are using a 3 
    second signet, and not spending 8 seconds try to pull off a Rebirth or a 
    Resurrection.  That's like being under a Blackout for 8 seconds, and then 
    giving your resed friend another Blackout due to Rebirth.  Do not always rely 
    on the primary monks to resurrect - they're too busy healing the rest of the 
    team.  And never EVER use Rebirth when under fire. 
    A designated fast caster Mesmer/Monk with Restore Life is often a good choice, 
    because Restore Life will recover a good percentage of their health and energy 
    4.  Team Builds
    Rule of Thumb: Do not just grab the first 7 random people that are 'LFGing.'  
    Take time to ask them questions so you can tell if they're competent.  Ask them 
    about their skill set, the amount of time they can set aside for this mission, 
    and most importantly, if they are infused.
    You'll be quite surprised at some of the responses.
    Since PvE does not require a focused build like PvP, two Healing monks is 
    enough.  You can go with one Protection and one Healing, or use a hybrid 
    Heal/Protection monk of sorts.  Since spike damage does not really happen in 
    PvE, you might end up using Protection for Aegis only.  
    You can easily do the mission with one warrior - it reduces the chance of 
    getting a 'Leeroy Jenkins' and keep in mind that mobs do not deal enough damage 
    on missions to require 'tanking.'
    Make sure you have hex AND condition removal, so some of that responsibility 
    falls on the Mesmers and Monk secondaries.  
    Here are some templates for PvE that my guild and pick ups ran with - they are 
    not perfect or optimized since we don't have the freedom of PvP characters.  
    Also, most of us were bringing skill caps so they are marked with an 'X.'  
    TEAM #1:
    The Elementalists helped bring down the first couple groups to start the minion 
    army.  Once we got the Bone Fiends going, nothing could really stop us from 
    mowing down mobs.  The trapper would look at the situation and change his 
    stances accordingly to drop his traps.  I'm not so sure if he had Oath Shot at 
    that time, so I've left it out of the build.  
    The ranger and the warrior had run skills to reach the catapult faster, since 
    the mobs might not hang around too long to get nuked.
    Me/Mo - Resmer Shutdown
    Arcane Thievery
    Shatter Hex
    Restore Life
    Heal Area
    N/Mo - Minion Master
    Verata's Sacrifice
    Animate Bone Fiend
    Death Nova
    Taste of Death
    Blood of the Master
    Putrid Explosion
    Heal Area
    W/Me - Axe Disrupter
    Executioner's Strike
    Penetrating Blow
    Disrupting Chop
    Inspired Hex
    Res Signet
    R/Me - Trapper
    Dust Trap
    Barbed Trap
    Healing Spring
    Serpent's Quickness
    Whirling Defense
    Res Sig
    2 Ele/Mo - Fire Nuker
    Meteor Shower
    Mend Ailment
    Fire Attunement
    Resurrect/ Res Sig
    Mo/R - Healer  (Come on I needed to cap some ranger skills!) 
    Word of Healing
    Healing Touch
    Orison of Healing
    Dwayna's Kiss
    Heal Area
    Healing Seed
    Res Sig
    Mo/Me - Healer
    Word of Healing
    Healing Touch
    Orison of Healing
    Dwayna's Kiss
    Healing Seed
    Inspired Hex
    Res Sig
    TEAM #2:
    A trapper group that works quite well, but it does get quite boring watching 
    enemies running into traps for the 10000th time.  Grab all the rangers that are 
    'LFGing' since nobody wants them, and convert most of them to trappers.
    Now is a good time to bring Quickening Zephyr and Energizing Wind to speed up 
    the trap recharge rates.
    Once the mobs step on the traps, have the rangers Barrage them to finish them 
    off.  Barrage works extremely well in Thunderhead Keep because most of the mobs 
    are in tight clumps.  Running extra buffs like Order of the Vampire or Order of 
    Pain works quite well - it'll give your rangers a very nice offensive boost.
    Try working with 5 Rangers, 1 Necro, and 2 Monks.
    If the mobs refuse to lure, just have the rangers offensively trap the enemy by 
    running in with Whirling Defense.
    5.  Walkthrough of Thunderhead Keep
    With a specific build in mind and a decent plan... what's next?  Let's start 
    the mission!
    Strategy with King Jalis Iornhammer:
    As soon as the mission begins, have a Monk or someone that stays in the back of 
    the group talk to the king so he will follow you for the first half of the 
    mission.  This is essential because the king has a tendency to run out and 
    suicide, and if the healers are not on top of things... the king will die and 
    you will lose the mission.
    If you don't have trouble keeping Jalis alive, use him as an extra hammer man.  
    He does good damage and will help kill enemies faster.  He is a 'tank' so make 
    use of that too.  Healing Seed him if he's getting hit, and you should be fine.
    You will have 3 weak Dwarven soldiers to help you - just convert them to Putrid 
    fodder or minions once they die.  The doors will open as soon as you talk to 
    King Jalis, so continue outside.
    Summit Giant Herders (3x) will be patrolling back and forth, wait for them to 
    come back to you and finish them off.  You will now see two groups on your 
    radar, hug the bend due south, and go up the curve to kill the Siege Ice Golems 
    Do not continue going East, because it's just filled with Avicara and Griffons 
    and there's not much else to do there that I know of.
    Instead, head down the hill and take out the group of Summit Giant Herders (4x) 
    and Seige Ice Golem (1x) and the beginning of the bridge.
    Now is the time to lace the bridge with traps.  If you did not bring a trapper, 
    just use a bow to pull the first group into the middle of the bridge.  Another 
    group will be wandering around close by, but if you know your healers are 
    competent, just take out the Summit Herders and Siege Ice golems in one big 
    A level 28 Stone Summit boss will be waiting at the end of the bridge, and if 
    you engage the second group, there is a very likely chance he will come down to 
    fight.  Finish off this minions first, and then go for the boss.  If this boss 
    is a Monk, then by all means shut him down first.
    Continue North into the Keep.  You will have to fight Sumit Giant Herder (2x) 
    and Stone Summit Ranger (2x)
    The Mission Objectives will now tell you to 'Clear the city.'
    Group #1 - Enslaved Frost Giants (2x) and Stone Summit Ranger(2x)
    Group #2 - Head west and take out the second group - Dolyak Masters (2x) with 
    Mark of Protection and Stone Summit Carvers(2x)
    Group #3 - Go around the bend to engage: Enslaved Frost Giants (2x) and Stone 
    Summit Ranger(2x)
    Group #4 - Hug the left wall and engage Stone Summier Carvers (3x) and Dolyak 
    Master (1x)
    Group #5 - Head south to hit a group on top of a small hill:  Enslaved Frost 
    Giants (2x) and Stone Summit Ranger(2x)
    Group #6- This group patrols around, but they should be close to the hill of 
    group #5 by the time you reach it.  Run down to engage them.  Stone Summier 
    Carvers (3x) and Dolyak Master (1x)
    Now head back north, over to a group of Enslaved Frost Giants (2x) and Stone 
    Summit Ranger(2x) on top of the city.  Hide underneath the rafters and nuke 
    them.  Tell your warriors to try and wipe at the mobs... Guild Wars has no 
    height checking so they might be able to hit the people on time.  Otherwise, 
    just chill out for a bit and let the Eles or Necros do their job.
    Now head back south, going around the curve heading South-East
    Group #7: Giant Herders (2x), Dolyak Master (1x), Stone Summit Rangers (2x)
    Head up the hill to engage...
    Group #8: Stone Summit Carvers (3x), Dolyak Master (1x), Boss
    You have successfully cleared the city!  Now go underneath the rafters one more 
    time to hit a group of Enslaved Frost Giants (2x) and Stone Summit Ranger(2x) 
    on top.
    Bring Jalis up north and to doors blocking your way - he will open it.  Contine 
    onwards... entering the Keep.
    Fight #1: Stone Summit Arcanist (3x) Stone Summit Herder (1x)
    Fight #2: Stone Summit Gnasher (3x), Stone Summit Herder (1x)
    Fight #3: Stone Summit Arcanist (3x) Stone Summit Herder (1x)
    Always target the Gnashers first - they're annoying and raise minions that make 
    you spend extra time to kill.
    There's a big break in between the groups - time to take a quick water break.  
    Fight #4: Stone Summit Gnasher (3x), Stone Summit Herder (1x)
    Fight #5: Stone Summit Gnasher (3x), Stone Summit Herder (1x)
    Now head back west up the hill and find a good place to shoot Dagnar 
    Stoneplate.  If he refuses to be pulled, then just go back down the stairs, hug 
    the Keep walls and pull him.
    Jalis usually runs ahead to kill Dagnar (the guy that killed Prince Rurik,) but 
    he tends to not aggro the other mobs around.  
    Just take out the two groups once Dagnar is dead: 
    Group #1: Stone Summit Arcanist (3x) Stone Summit Herder (1x)
    Group #2: Stone Summit Arcanist (3x) Stone Summit Herder (1x)
    Now go west, and up the stairs to the first series of Firing Levers.  You will 
    see: Enslaved Frost Giants (6x)  and Stone Summit Herder (2x).  Feel free to 
    fire on them with the catapults.  This will make your job defending the keep 
    alot easier!  (Thanks to a guild member for pointing this out)  Once they are 
    dead, head back down the stairs to the NE corner of the keep.
    Group #1: Stone Summit Gnasher (3x), Stone Summit Herder (1x)
    Group #2: Doylak Master (1x) Stone Summit Arcanist(1x)
    Group #3: Stone Summit Gnasher (3x), Stone Summit Herder (1x)
    Cutscene time! Before the Vizier pops up to hand you useless Phantom air 
    spikers... pick a plan to defend the keep - 
    Remember that communication is key, make sure people know their roles!
    A: Group at the bottom center of the Keep and run side to side, defeating 
    enemies that try to run in.
    I find this tactic to be riskier, especially if your team does not have killing 
    speed.  There is a good chance your team will be tied up on one end of the 
    door, allowing enemies to just sweep in from the other side and finish off the 
    unguarded king.
    To prevent the king from getting killed due to lack of guards on one end, you 
    will have to split your group at certain times because the monsters will often 
    rush two sides at the same time.   Pick two people - preferably a real warrior 
    'tank' and a monk to hold off the other end as long as possible.  This pair 
    must hold as long as possible until the other six people are done killing so 
    they can rush back to help.
    When the Mursaat Boss comes, I hope the bulk of the group must be able to kill 
    him fast enough... if you take too long, the pair of defenders may end up 
    losing the other end.  For this reason, the pair should actually take the west 
    entrance of Thunderhead Keep, since that's where the boss comes in.  If the 
    Monk Mursaat boss comes, the pair can hold off all day and night because all he 
    does is spam Orison and cast Spectral Agony (which you have protection 
    You might need more than two monks to pull this off safely.
    B: Group around the king and hold the fort.
    My guild has always used this tactic because it makes more sense - you're 
    getting rushed from all sides so its better to form a circle to protect the 
    king.  You can ignore key mobs while taking out others because of the tight 
    The monsters tend to clump at the bottom of the stairs since the majority of 
    them are ranged.  Rangers should drop traps there to stop them.  
    Two people with run skills should fire the catapults.  Their job is to 
    constantly watch the radar and fire accordingly.  Since the circle of defenders 
    is close by, they can just run across the ramparts to assist if necessary.   
    The only real problem with this tactic is getting swamped with too many mobs.  
    If you have enough debuffs, the mobs will be quite harmless for awhile.
    All you have to do is light the two beacons on East/West ends of Thunderhead 
    Keep - the bonus will only activate once the mission is over and you have saved 
    the Dwarven villagers from getting killed.  By lighting the beacons, you lure 
    the Mursaat to the keep ahead of schedule - be prepared for a brutal fight.  
    Assign two people to man the catapults... if you're fast enough you can get 
    groups coming in.  Also, they end to sit around so you should be fine.
    - Enslaved Frost Giants (1x) Stone Summit Herder (1x)
    - Enslaved Frost Giants (3x) Stone Summit Herder (1x) on east
    - Enslaved Frost Giants (3x) Stone Summit boss on west
    King Jalis will comment about how the White Mantle got too bored to follow you 
    guys here.
    Watch out for Jade Bows, White Mantle Justicar and Seeker coming from the east
    There will be a group of Jade Bow/Jade Armors from the west
    - Jade Bow and  Mursaat Elementalist (east)
    - Jade Bow and Jade Armor (west)
    - White Mantle Ritualist(2x) (west)
    - Jade Armor (2x), White Mantle Seekers (2x) (east)
    - White Mantle Sycophant, Mursaat Monk, Mursaat Boss, (west)
    Defeating the Mursaat Boss: I suggest focus firing on the little guys first.  
    Once they are dead, pile on the Mursaat Boss and you are pretty much done with 
    Thunderhead Keep!
    Well. That's the hard part.
    For the rest of the mission (it will be about 10-15 more minutes,) just stay on 
    your guard.  The Mursaat will try to be tricky and come up different stairs on 
    to the ramparts.  As long as you are constantly watching the radar, they should 
    not surprise you.
    Once Confessor Dorian shows up with the White Mantle army from the east, sit 
    tight.  He'll run to the east entrance, and then quickly run to the west 
    because he's tricky like that.  He probably doesn't know you have a radar.  Just
    keep the catapults going and you'll catch most of his weak army.
    When Confessor Dorian bites the dust, talk to King Jalis Ironhammer!  
    Congratulations!  Good luck at Perdition Rock!
    6.  Special Thanks
    ArenaNet - for an amazing game!  This is the first game I've bought in years 
    since Half-Life 1!
    My guild - whose name will not be revealed until they feel like it. :p
    YOU - for reading this :)
    7.  Legal Information
    The only sites that have permission to post this FAQ as long as I am credited:
    - www.gamefaqs.com
    If you would like this guide to be posted elsewhere, contact me at: 
    poundkey@gmail.com  Otherwise... any unauthorized posting of this FAQ without 
    my written consent is in violation of copyright laws.  Violating this copyright 
    will spawn millions of evil Gwens playing bad flute music to body block you 
    into a wall and trap you there for an eternity.
    Guild Wars is a trademark of NCsoft Corporation. Guild Wars is copyrighted by 
    NCsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.  
    Copyright 2005 'alfredthebear'

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