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Reviewed: 06/21/06

Lv. 7 MMO: Damage over time to your life. MP cost: Free

Wow...another MMO. Is it just me, or are a lot of MMOs coming out as of late? FF XI for the 360, Auto Assault, (Soon) Th Burning Crusades (Draenei!)...there really are quite a lot of MMOs to choose from. Here's a new (maybe not so new) MMO: Guild Wars.

Guild Wars is a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, or to be more precise, MMO RPG. GW (Guild Wars) has all of the spells, all of the swords, all of the arrows, the quests, the places of MMOs and RPGs. The major selling point of GW is just a simple one; its free. NO MONTHLY FEE! Some may think, "I pay 20 bucks a month for WoW, and thats good. If I'm not paying anything, it has to suck, right?" Well, this review will prove this wrong.

GRAPHICS: 7/10 (Great)

GW looks pretty friggen good for a MMO. These games do have the sinister reputation of looking bad (*cough*Everquest*cough*), but GW looks nice. The environment is living: water flows, animals wander, grass and flowers blow in the wind, it all looks really great. Obviously, because this is all streaming, sometimes GW has little blocky bits, or you sometimes can't see your character, but give it a few seconds; it will revive itself quickly.

GAMEPLAY: 7/10 (Great)

YES! NECROMANCERS! GW has the standard Warrior and Archer-type classes (or professions, as they are called), but from there GW tears away from the average. You can be one of the following classes: Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Mesmer (a master of the illusionary arts), Necromancer (Dark mage who specializes in raising the dead), and Elementalists (Masters of Earth, Wind, Fire and Air). This is really cool to me, because I don't want to be stuck with 4 mage classes, and 4 melee classes. The classes in GW are different, making it much more interesting to play. To make this even more fun, you can add a secondary profession, giving you all of its skills and abilities. With this, you can make Paladins, Mageknights, Beast Masters, Pyromancers and Magiarchers. This is just a few of the combination, as there are 36 total blends of character builds. GW has plenty of quests to choose from, all of these giving you valuable gold, experience, weapons and armor to use for your character. Your weapons and armor are all ready for customization, giving you a ton of options to make yourself stand out in the world. This would have got a 8, but to me, there's only one problem: the level cap of 20. This isn't truly bad, as PvP is based on skill, not spending 300 hours finding all of that Lv 60 equipment, but levels can be obtained rather quickly: I hit Lv 5 in three hours, while in WoW, it took me 6 hours. That may be just the fact that I suck, but hey, Its me and my reveiw, right?!

MUSIC & SOUND: 6/10 (Good)

The GW music isn't half bad. Great pieces make up the background music of GW and the sound effect production is top-notch. You swords rend flesh with a satisfying swish, your axe is blocked by a shield with a clang, your fire balls and dark bolts fizzle and crack with all of the sound you'd expect it too. The only problem: your going to hear most of this in a few days. After that, it just repeats over...and over...and over again until you will die. The end.

REPLAYIBILITY: 9/10 (Amazing)

If the original tetris for the Game Boy isn't replayable atall, then GW has the replayability of a dead hooker...if you have any decency at all (then again, why did you call the hooker?) GW is a MMO, its designed to be played over and over again. Hit level 20 with your Elementalist/Mesmer? Try a Warrior/Ranger next time, or a Mesmer/Elementalist: every single build plays differently. Maybe try to be more friendly with other people, or try being meaner next time; GW will still be spinning in your CD-ROM drive for a while to come.

FUN FACTOR: 6/10 (Good)

As you might guess, a game should be fun. Shocker, maybe, but yes. Games should be fun. GW is a fun game, as summed up fairly well in the other categories. However, GW does have a little fun leach: redundancy. That mini devil who whispers in your ear, "you've done this befoooooooooore...its recyyyyyyyyyyycling..." If it wern't for that sinking feeling that you've done it all before, GW would be fun on a OMFG level. Now its just fun at a omg level.

OVERALL SCORE: 35/50=7/10 (Great)

GW is a great game to have and a even greater game to play: Your time will fly by as you sit at your computer dribbling over your Lv. 20 Paladin pwning a ogre as your pals support you with spells from the back. A few flaws, but still a must have for your computer. Just make sure you have a really good internet connection first =]

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Rating:   3.5 - Good

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