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"Good value, but a bit lacking in the replay department."

In theory, Guild Wars is an MMO-RPG. However, it is nothing like the Ever-quest's and World of Warcraft's of the world. Guild Wars focuses mostly on PVP, leaving the PvE a little lacking, mostly on the grounds that it is very repetitive. However, with this review, I'll start from the top, showing both the good and bad points of this interesting addition to my gaming library.


Truly, no matter what can be said about Guild Wars, it is a beautiful game. The environments shine with an unrealistic glow, which makes you feel like you're skipping through Eden. The character models are detailed, and I don't believe I've seen a single ugly character in Guild Wars. Animations are smooth, however, I have found a few cases where the graphics do some...interesting things. Still, the graphics are gorgeous, and make the experience as a whole very enjoyable, even if you just want to sit your character down and look around.

Game Play

Guild Wars has an awesome interface, there's no denying it. It's easy to navigate things in the midst of battle (though targeting can be a bit difficult until you get used to it), making the battles quick and fun. You can only choose eight skills to bring into battle with you, making strategies fun to come up with and execute with a group of other players.

Something Guild Wars does unlike any other MMO-RPG is give you your own instance of the world when you leave a town, city, or outpost. So when you're frolicking through the woods, smashing brains open, it's just you and your party. Or you could even go it alone (however, this sucks a lot of fun out of the experience.) However, in towns and the like, you can dance, talk, and trade with anyone in your district.

Guilds are by far the core of the game (hence the name Guild Wars) and add a lot of options to the game. The PVP is amazingly fun, giving you quick paced action, and with a Guild, it is easy to find some people to jump into a PVP match with you. You can also have battles, Guild VS Guild, once you get a Guild Hall, or join a Guild with a Hall.

Or even if you don't belong to a Guild, you can just hop into quick four-vs-four battles, randomly chosen, and fight in different types of matches; then, the winner goes on to fight in another match. The PVP is really what completes the game.

However, the PvE and storyline in the game can get very, very repetitive. It's an extraordinarily linear game, and without a built in network of friends, it can be very hard to get a group to go and beat a mission. Also, it gets boring to go through the same levels over and over.


The music in Guild Wars is beautiful, adding an atmosphere to the game that really does make you feel like you're in the world. Sound effects are fun, and you really feel like you're slashing and smashing through your enemies.

Replay Value

You start off the game in a world separate from more advanced players. And honestly, even though you can graduate to the real world by level two, you won't get far unless you're at least level seven. And power leveling to that is boring to start - doing it over on a second character is even more boring. And while it would be fun to try different types of character builds in the Role-playing half of the game, it is way, way too repetitive to try. However, the PvP only characters let you try different builds if you so wish, but it simply doesn't compensate for the overall repetitiveness of the start of a Role-playing game.

Really, Guild Wars is a great game - but you can barely get through it without a group of friends who would be more then glad to go through the levels with you. The PVP is fascinating and innovative, and the graphics and sound are amazing. The PvE, however, leaves much to be desired. I would recommend this game if you have a lot of time to spend getting through the tougher parts of the game, in order to get to the more interesting PvP Guild action.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/05/06

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