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Reviewed: 03/24/08

Welcome to Tyria! Enjoy your stay.

Guild Wars is nothing short of an amazing game. No monthly costs, and an adventure that starts when you create your character is great for casual players. Once you start up Guild Wars, you can create a character (you have six choices) : Warrior,Monk,Necromancer,Mesmer,Ranger, and Elementalist. You can choose to Role Play(Player vs Environment) or a PvP-Only Character(Player vs Player). The only advantage to making a Role Playing character is that you can do PvP and PvE,instead of just PvP, and if you make a PvP-Only Character then you can only enter PvP arenas.

Now,once you create a character you immediately get thrown into the story line. The Charr are attacking Ascalon, and they need a brave soldier to help defend the little city of Ascalon. Once you decide to take up that call, you start your adventure in the world of Tyria.


One lovely thing about this game is titles. Titles are achievements to show what you've done in the game. For example, you beat every mission and bonus. You earn Protector of Tyria, which you can make it appear under your name, or not. Its your choice. There are titles for PvE, and PvP to keep you really playing for a long time.

One thing about Guild Wars, it's just great for casual players and the hardcore players. Those who don't want to spend hours and hours to get this "epic" armor or, to be accepted in a group. There is the simple 1,000 gold armor,and for the people who want to look good and spend some time on their character theres 15k armor. Of course the 15k armor looks much better, but it has the same stats as the 1k armor. And for the hardcore players, there is elite armor called Obsidian armor. Which is an eye popper, and will make you work hard for it, seeing as it is no easy task to obtain Obsidian armor.

Guild Wars is truly a game for any casual or hardcore player. The PvP is just incredible, with Random Arenas which throws you with three random people to fight another team, Team Arenas where you get to choose your team with three people, and of course Heroes Ascent, where you and seven people of your choice go through different stages and objectives against another team.Heroes Ascent will really test your coordination and timing with your teammates. And at the top of the ladder is Hall of Heroes, where once you finally defeat your opponent you earn a chest drop which is full of rewards. Hall of Heroes is the final stage of Heroes Ascent, and is truly an honorable moment in your Guild Wars career.

On the PvE side, hours and hours of quests and missions with your friends or guildies. Capping skills and killing this boss for a rare drop can last for hours. Also, there are two "elite" areas. Fissure of Woe and The Underworld, where certain quests and challenges come your way. There is no random players killing you in PvE areas, because of zones. And the only time a player can kill you is in PvP. So you don't have to worry about people randomly coming behind you and casting spells on you while laughing hysterically. To enter a town,or an outpost, you have to enter a zone. So its only you and the people you select to go with you when you are questing or doing a mission. Or just killing a certain boss for that certain drop.

Guilds can be made in certain towns, and consist of a Leader, officer and members. The guild leader ultimately has all the power, but officers can kick/invite members into their guild. A guild can have a cape,with a certain design of their liking, and a Guild Hall. In the Guild Hall you can buy NPCs, like a merchant, a storage, and dye trader.


WOW! Am I playing a monthly cost game? What!? No!? With these graphics? The graphics are crisp and clear, showing amazing artwork and dungeons that will make you want to explore every nook and cranny, and slam on the screenshot button just to stare at in the future. With every area you explore, you will find amazingly detailed graphics that will keep you saying "wooooooooooah man!" every so often.


Amazing and very detailed. *Whooosh* A perfect way to describe the sound of an arrow flying off your bow.With every attack,hit and skill activation, you will hear a very distinct sound. Which overall, adds to the effect of the game. When you attack a monster,when the monster falls, you will hear it and enjoy it. And the music is just incredible, a very masterful sound that flows well with the sounds of monsters and weapons clashing.


Overall review, I give it a 9/10 because of course, it will get boring after awhile. But for the time that your questing, and being drawn into the world of Guild Wars it will truly be a game to look back upon and say "Yeah man! I remember owning that boss! It took us 3 hours!"

See you in Tyria!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Guild Wars (US, 04/26/05)

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