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Reviewed: 05/09/05

This is the one MMORPG that actually does everything right!

First off let me explain the history of most MMORPGs that way you can understand just how much this game improves if you're not an MMORPG fan. Far too many MMORPGs are plagued with Kill Stealing, Loot Stealing, and overall a horrible community. But no more with Guild Wars. Thanks to Guild Wars nifty Instanced Battlegrounds (Made just for you and your team) none of those horrors exist. Now onto the actual review.

You start off with only the shirt on your back and you're primary Class. So you start off by talking to some NPCs getting to know some people and eventually getting your second class. That's when the game really begins. Once you leave the Tutorial land it gets awesome. You're free to go about leveling, questing, hunting for materials so you can craft your next armor piece,etc.

Once again in most MMORPGs the goal is to grind levels and that drives many away. And once again Guild Wars fixes this by having a low level cap. 20. Right now some people may be thinking wtf that's too low! But it's actually perfect because when you hit level 20 no one has a level advantage over you and you can PVP in fair grounds. Yes you heard me PVP IS fair. Since the level cap is so low it boils down upon who has the greater skill, not who has the most hours invested.

Now because the level cap is low you may be thinking then where's all the content? Trust me there's plenty of it. Once you hit 20 you've only begun. Each Class has 150+ Skills to find from completing quests. You don't earn skills via level up. You have to complete quests and be rewarded them or you can purchase some from the Skills Merchant. Skills range from a simple Stronger attack to summoning undead minions to making enemies attack themselves. There are just so many skills!

Quests are plentiful and so are the different environments you'll be hunting in. Some environment examples are the Barren Snowy Shiverpeak Mountains, the beautiful but Drake Infested beaches of Kryta or the Everlasting sands of the Crystal Desert. Quests are colorful too although they typically tend to be fetch quests or kill so and so boss type quests. Some are funny like having to go kill some type of monster and fetch some meat so you can feed a pet scorpion named Joe because due to his hunger he's eating all the supplies that the Soldiers need! Also there is a story but I'm not too far in it. It basically tells of Refugees trying to escape from the old dangerous city of Ascalon to a newer greater place to live and I'm sure it gets alot deeper later on.

The graphics are amazing. One of the earlier areas are some ruins and the sky is bright orange and it sets the mood for the location perfectly. If you walk along the beaches of Kryta you'll see seagulls in the air and sharks in the ocean as well as some Drakes. The music is usually very subtle. It's there but it's not the main thing you should hear because the game tries to Imerse you in it's world and it does. Sword Slashing sounds like it should, coins dropping sounds right, and all the sound effects are in place and sound really nice.

As the name implies you can join a guild or create one of your own, get a base, create a guild emblem and where it on a cape so others may see it. Also a little farther into the game you can compete in the Hall of Heroes where guilds can wage wars against other guilds and gain the favor of the gods for their country. (America,Europe,and Korea are the only ones I've seen.) So you'll always want to root for your country. Of course if you don't like giant epic guild battles you can always just join a random Arena and team up with random party members and kill random people. You also gain exp from fighting in Arenas so it is worth it not just for the fun.

What would an MMORPG be without the different classes? The different classes are Warrior, Ranger, Elementist, Monk, Mesmer, and Necromancer. Guild Wars also offers a little extra. You can Dual Class! You can have a Primary and Secondary class and you don't suffer anything for it. But choosing your Primary is more important than your Secondary since Secondary can't do the "Primary skill". Only a Primary of that particular class can.

Warrior is your up and in your face Hack and slash character. Ranger is your distance character that can also have a pet and use the forces of nature. Elementist calls upon the Elements to perform various Magic and deal the most damage. But also is the weakest physically. Monk is the typical Healing Class. Mesmer messes with the enemy and causes them to deal damage to themselves or other odd things. It's more of an advanced class. And then there's Necromancer which uses the power of the undead to his will. Summon minions, cast hexes, Drain the enemies HP, or simply use strong Magic of the Undead Variety.

If you still havn't got the point there's only one thing left to say. GO AND GET IT!! What are you doing wasting time here reading this? Come and join the world of Guild Wars. Come be an Epic...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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