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"A beautiful game with very few flaws"

This review is for the game Guild Wars. You can purchase Guild Wars at most if not all game stores. Or you can go to and download the client and purchase an account key online. I'd like to say that the computer system requirements are pretty decent for a game like this. It's also playable on 56k which is nice for some people. No monthly fees either D: . Free online play. Now to the actual review.

Story: 9.5/10 The storyline for this game is excellent. You start off after making your character in a short movie. It shows you a little bit of what's happening in Ascalon currently. Soldiers are fighting the enemy(Charr) and shortly after you get to undertake a large amount of quests. These beginning quests don't really advance the story much at all but do allow you to get skills, exp, items, weapons, and money from completing them. After completing a few quests you will be able to take the storyline advancing quest(Primary Quest) and progress further in Guild Wars. After completing this quest...something happens...and then the real fun begins. You will be able to go to other cities to gain more quests and the rewards from them and an additional thing. This marks the introduction of missions. Mission cities look like a big shield on the map. It'll have two swords(or none or one) representing if you've completed the primary and secondary missions there. You will be able to go on these missions with human players or you can enlist the help of henchmen in your missions. As you progress in missions they will take you to another city. Usually the new city will have another mission to progress in the interesting story and some quests to pick up also. If there is no mission then you will usually have to do a few quests in order to obtain the primary quest, which will probably take you to a mission city.

Graphics: 9.5/10 Graphics are excellent in Guild Wars. The developers clearly put a lot of time into creating the map, monsters, weapons, character designs and other things and it shows. Most weapons will have their own unique look. Monsters all look different than other ones unless their the same type. For example a Charr Axe Fiend will look the same as another one unless you've killed it. A lot of skills have cool animations making them separate from other skills. The environment looks great. There are mountains rivers clouds and many other things to look at. You can take a scenic screenshot simply by tilting the camera angle up and taking one with the Print Screen button. Boss monsters also have something unique about them. They have an aura which is just like a translucent colored shell around them. It doesn't protect them or anything it just lets you know that they are there.

Gameplay: 9/10 The gameplay for Guild Wars runs very smooth in my opinion. In some instances I may have a lag spike for around a second or two but that's infrequent and doesn't hinder gameplay that much. As far as I know nothing I've faced can kill you in a second. Attacking is straightfoward but the keyboard shortcuts might be a bit confusing at first. You can press tab or the 'C' key to target the nearest thing and press space to attack it. Or you can just click/double click something to attack it as an alternative method. Weapons have different animations for their attacks. Swords will be swung in a few different ways when you attack. Sometimes it'll be a slash other times a jab or something. The only thing that seems the same all the time are staves and wands. A wand will involve your character pointing it at an enemy and a colored ball of magic will come out. The color will change for different damage types. Wands are held around waist level when used and a colored ball will come out. Colors change for this too. I think most other weapons have different animations but I'm not sure since I only have two casters and a ranger right now.

Skills and spells in this game are great. Some skills or spells will have casting times and recharge times. Casting time is the time it takes for your character to cast something. During this time you can be attacked by enemies, knocked down by come certain attacks, or even have your spell interrupted by spells designed specifically to do this. Recharge time is the time it takes after using a spell to be able to reuse it. Some spells can't be reused. This game has a large variety of skills and spells in it. The point of this is that so if one class has a bunch of powerful spells another class will have some at their disposal to render them useless. Some spells can make casting times longer, shorter, and many other things. Each class have different types of skills. These skills can be improved by raising the atrribute it's tied to. For example if you use the Necromancer skill Animate Bone Horror and your death magic attribute is at one you'll get a level 3 Horror. If your death magic is maxed(without enhancements) at 12 you will get a level 14 one. Attributes and spells combined make this game more unique. You could have four characters or more at the same level, class, and appearance and they could all have differently set attributes and completely different skills.

Sound/Music: 6/10 In my opinion this is the lacking area of the game. Skills spells and weapons will have their own sounds, but usually a clinging sound of a weapon hitting, a weird sound when a magic ball is fired, and various sounds from skills and spells. The music in the background won't make your ears bleed, but then again you won't catch yourself humming any of the music at school or work or something. The sounds and music in this game are just average to me.

Replay Value: 10/10 Buy once keep it forever. Play as often as you like or almost never at all. No monthly fees to drain your wallet. Play in PvE for fun or to unlock things for PvP like skills runes, and weapon upgrades. Make up to four characters to experiment with and find your favorite. There are many things to do and expansions will be released.

Overall: 9/10 Ns Nice The game is superb in most areas of it. It should keep you hooked except for maybe the beginning part, but that's just for learning the basics and getting prepared for the main part of the game anyway. Rent or buy obviously buy since you can't rent. Go buy it. Now plicks.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/25/05

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