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"The perfect blend of all things good that come from a online RPG"

For the past few years I've been a die-hard Diablo 2 fan, so naturally when I heard this was made by some of the same people I immediately bought it. Turns out that it was one of the best purchases I ever made.

This game is really good, first of all there are six different profession to choose from, not as many as Diablo 2, but there is a catch. Each character can have a secondary profession. The six professions to pick from are Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Mesmer, Monk, and Elementalist. Each one of those gets to pick any other one they want to as there secondary. So when you think about it, it has more characters to choose from than Diablo 2.

In the game there are tons of quests to do, you can do them alone, with a group of other players, or with some henchmen that you hire, each quest gives you a reward and as you go on they get harder and longer. There are also missions, missions are main parts of the plot that you must do to progress through the game, in general missions are longer then quests and its always good to have a few buddies with you on them.

Once you get to a higher level you might want to try fighting against some other players, Player vs. Player is nothing like it is in Diablo 2, people don't run out of town randomly killing each other, there are special arenas placed across the world where you go to fight.

In this game instead of joining games and walking out of towns, or having one big world to travel, you are with all the other players when you are in a town where you can trade and chat. When you leave town though a map is generated just for you and your teammates, so you and your team are the only people there, no one else can bother you. You and your teammates can do a quest together or just go around killing stuff for experience points or items. The highest level you can get to in this game is level twenty, but it takes skill to get there, and even after you hit twenty it is still sometimes hard. When you level up you get five attribute points to spend on your primary and secondary class attributes, but you don't get all of your secondary profession attributes to put points into, there is always one attribute that you can only get if it is your main profession. In addition to attribute points you can also get skills, each profession has a bunch of different skills that you can get, by doing quests to get them or buying them from a skill trainer, but the challenge is that you can only have eight skills equipped at once, so before you leave town you have to make sure that you have the skills that will be most useful for that quest/mission equipped.

The most unique thing about Guild Wars is the guild part of it, as the name implies you can join a guild or create your own. In your guild you have a unique cape and as your guild gets enough money you can buy a guild hall where your guild can hangout and chat. Another cool part of having guilds is that you can participate in guild battles, a guild battle is where you and other members of your guild can team up and battle another guild, as you battle your guild rank and rating get better.

Getting into the visual and audio, Guild Wars has a sound track that isn't half-bad, although it sometimes gets repetitive. The visuals are amazing, the character models look really good, except for a few minor defects, and the scenery is really nice looking. Another thing that makes this game so amazing is that it is free to play online. This game is definitely for Diablo fans who are looking for a change.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/12/05

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