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"A great game, but it will tire eventually, maybe quickly"

Alright, not the greatest game I've ever played, but still a good purchase. It is an entirely on line game, meaning you WILL need an Internet connection, and preferably that connection is a DSL or cable one. Now that I've covered the basics, time for the review itself.

Game play: 8/10
With a large area to canvass and many, many different types of creatures to kill, this game offers quite a lot for even the more demanding gamer. You are given time to get used to the game, and unlike other similar on line games, there is no monthly fee, which is a huge plus in this case. Also, you cannot be simply slaughtered by another player and lose all of your belongings at any time. If you die, it will affect you negatively of course, but not to the degree of other games where you are more afraid of dying in-game than you are in real life. There are several regions to be explored and the creatures vary and get progressively stronger as you go along. It will provide a challenge, even once you reach the max level cap, which is 20. Some people complain about this, but there is nothing wrong with it and makes for a very good game due to the fact that your skill, not your time logged playing, effects the results you get. The game also strongly encourages teamwork, and some areas are simply impossible to clear without help from your team. The game is divided into two sections, called PvE and PvP. PvP is all player versus player combat in arenas. When you pick PvP, you start out as level 20. However, you do not have many skills to use, and due to that you will want to play PvE to unlock skills. PvE is nothing more than your typical role-playing setting. You will begin at level one, and work your way up, learning new tricks and skills as you go. You can only use 8 skills at once, but once you learn a skill you can always choose to replace one you're already using. If you don't like your decision, you can always change it later. The section would have gotten the perfect 10 if all this didn't get repetitive and boring after awhile.

Individuality: 8/10
Don't you hate the games where you walk around and everyone looks exactly the same? I know I certainly do. This game prevents that to some degree, by offering 6 different classes to chose from, with different hair styles and skin colors and faces to choose from with each class. They all have their own armor, and it can be dyed as well, if you purchase dye. However, you will run into people that look similar very often, but that doesn't mean all that much. When it comes to skills and combinations, no one is alike. With tons and tons of skills for each class, it would already be hard to find someone exactly like you. Now they throw in choosing a second class and being able to learn skills from that one as well! Skill combinations are endless and you will often sit, staring motionlessly at the monitor trying to choose what skills to bring. Besides looks, and very rarely, a clone player (never seen one myself) this game is very individual.

For the requirements it has, this game has pretty good graphics. The back round scenery is powerful enough to change your opinion on an entire place. Some areas are lush and beautiful, others barren and burned, some covered in a sheet of snow. The creatures themselves look good, though not as good as the area that they are fighting in. It is a pretty impressive engine, considering the requirements, but it still leaves something to be desired in the details of creatures and characters.

Story: N/A
Basically, who really cares about the story. The game is about leveling up, partying up with other players and exploring the unknown regions of the map. Story doesn't have weight in the grading of a game like this one.

Sound: 2/10
From here on in it gets ugly. The sounds are miserable, and the music is worse. I believe your character has a voice, but I don't remember because not far into the game I shut off the sounds. When characters are talking their lips wont move. This doesn't effect the game all that much, but it's a little weird and can be annoying. I still don't know why they couldn't fix that when producing the game. But the overall sounds are pretty terrible. The arrows hitting the enemy and other effects in that category sound fake, and do not put you in the battle in any way at all. Sound isn't that important to me, however, but to those of you who it is, you may want to stay clear of this game.

Re playability: 2/10
Once its over, its pretty much over, folks. After playing through the entire game, there's not much left to do. You could play again using a different character, but that's pretty boring. The idea of PvP is to keep you going after you initially beat the game, but even that grows old after awhile. Unless you're one of those people that can play a game forever as long as its against other people, you are not going to be playing for that long after completion.

Overall, for the cost of the game, the game play and graphics and individuality of the game make it worth the purchase, however, unless you are an on line gaming addict, you will eventually tire of the game and it will reach its final resting place in a CD case, gathering dust. Final score: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/06/05

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