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"Best. CORPG To Date."

Many people unfamiliar with guild wars think that it is an MMO alternative to WoW due to its free online play. However this is not the case, GW is an entirely different game of it's own. When you first start the game you are given the impression that this another MMO, the city is filled with people running around taking quests from the NPC characters and having some fun. However when you leave this city, the game changes. The world is entirely yours you have everything fresh and alive. There are no other players outside, unless they are with your party. Meaning no ganking, PKing, dead monsters and all the annoying stuff your typical MMO has. However this is the case where the game loses its MMO classification.

Since Guild Wars does not have the type of structure that a standard MMO has, it really must be considered something else. As stated by the developers, GW is a CORPG *Competitive/Cooperative RPG*. Many people find that the level 20 cap is rather pathetic and that it's pointless to play. These are the people that often spend hours upon countless hours grinding to reach that ever so glorious level cap. This isn't what Guild Wars is about. What is the difference between a group of level 20's fighting a few level 30 monsters then a group of level 100 characters fighting a few level 150 monsters? None, there's no difference everything stays relative.

With the low level cap, grinding is a non-factor in Guild Wars. Farming still exists, but by people seeking to buy 15k armor or just looking for good weapons to sell mostly do that. Many people new to Guild Wars often ask people what's the best class, skill, weapon, armor etc. In Guild Wars, there is no such thing. Everything in GW is balanced, meaning that there is no best anything, just different. The highest-level armor is available to everyone in the game; they are different kinds of max level armor to suite the different play style of that player. The much more expensive armor is no different than the cheaper armor in stats, the only difference between the armor is the price and the look.

This level of balance further declines the need for farming. Since there is no godly armor and weapons, the people with the most playing time do not have a better chance then those who don't or can't play as often. Weapons follow the similar trait as armor, each weapon has a max damage that is very easy to find. The difference between the weapons resides in the skin and the mods placed on the weapon. Customizing your weapons to suite your build is what separates each individual weapon.

The PvE in Guild Wars, as previously stated, is much different then people might be used too. It follows a storyline that progresses you through out the entire world. As you progress the amount of people allowed in you party increases. Once you past the first few missions, the game becomes extremely hard to solo and team work becomes extremely important. Getting to level 20 does not take long once you are about three quarters through the story you reach level 20 and begin the real fun of the game. The monsters from then on are all higher levels then you, and get harder. The game becomes challenging and fun. Beating the story line does not mean the game is over and you have nothing to do. There are many quest unlocked for you to attempt to complete, they are all extremely challenging and require a good team to complete them. Along with that, unlocking all the skills, weapons mods, and runes plus buying the most expensive armor gives you much more to do. Then of course, there is the very popular Underworld and Fissure of Woe section of the game that people like to attempt to venture into. However to be able to get in, you need favor, making this PvE section directly related to the PvP.

PvP is the heart and soul of Guild Wars, however many people who enjoy the PvE much, much more then the PvP may say other wise. However this is probably the best PvP in an RPG out there. Guild wars is based on skill and teamwork, with no godly gear that can give players an unfair advantage, the game remains balanced. There are many different places and different types of PvP in GW. There are the arenas a simple 4v4 battle that you enter by yourself and are grouped with 3 other strangers. Then there is the team arena, same 4v4 premise; you just get to choose your teammates. Then there is Guild vs Guild *GvG*. GvG involves 2 guilds fighting each other, obviously. A guild most own a hall in order to participate in GvG, once ready the 2 Guilds consisting of 8 members each must fight there way to capture flags, gain moral boots, and kill the guild lord. These battles take an extremely high level of teamwork, skill and strategy.

Finally there are the battles that take place in the Tombs of the Primeval Kings, aka Tombs. Tombs is an ongoing tournament between America, Europe and Korea to gain the favor of the gods. To play in tombs you need a group of eight and fight your way through a very large variety of maps, game types and objectives. Everything from killing the entire other team(s) to capture the flag, you'll have to fight your way through all sorts of teams to reach the Hall of Heroes. At the HoH, at you are battling for control of an alter, with several other teams. If you win, you win several valuable items, and you either keep control of favor for your country, or get closer to taking favor away from the country currently holding it.


Guild Wars is a beautiful game, with incredible lighting and gorgeous lighting. All the characters also happen to be very detailed and look good. The art in the game is enjoyable to look at, and you'll often find a random location that will make stop just to admire the scenery.


The music is subtle, but always fits the mood perfectly and is enjoyable to listen too. Weapons contact with a nice thump that gives you a feel of contact. Ambient sounds are nice touches that keep you engrossed in the game.


GW is smooth, balanced and perfect. Only allowing 8 skills really makes strategy and planning more important. Combat flows with ease, and character control is dead on. Lag is minimal and most of the time non-existent. Controls on the keyboard very intuitive and very easy to learn.

Replay Value:

Unlimited replay value with PvP, 36 different class combinations, constantly updated skills and constant changes to the game create an unlimited amount of replay value.


Outstanding game, phenomenal PvP and PvE to match, guild wars should be on any ones computer. Updates download within minuets, lots of different things to do and oh yeah. Online is FREE. No reason to not play.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/19/05

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