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    10-Star Ranking FAQ by goebelcc

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    Silent Hill 3
    10 Star Ranking FAQ
    by goebelcc
    The following guide contains tips, strategies, and 
    what is required to obtain a perfect 10 star 
    ranking.  If you get your perfect 10 you'll 
    receive the following:
    1.  The FLAMETHROWER will become 2 to 3 times more 
        powerful than the original with a longer range 
        on your next replay game
    2.  The BEAM SABER will be more powerful and will 
        have a longer blade than the original on your 
        next replay game
    3.  The password for the GOLDEN ROOSTER Costume 
        will be unlocked
    As you know in the ranking system 1 large star 
    represents 10 small stars.
    Example: If you got 8 large stars and 6 small 
    ones, your rank would be 8.6.  But we are shooting 
    for 10.0!
    Before you attempt a perfect 10 star ranking, you 
    must be a skilled player in HARD mode and know how 
    to evade or block attacks.  
    End of Game Requirements:  You must have a GOLD 
    ranking in all areas of the game to get a perfect 
    10 star ranking.  Here is what is required for 
    GOLD and my results:
    Ending Type 		NORMAL or POSSESSED			
    Action Mode		Must be HARD or EXTREME
    Riddle Mode 		HARD	
    Game Clear		5					
    Clear Time		Less than 2h 40m			
    Saves/Continues		2 or less				
    Spilt Worm Kill Time	Less than 2 minutes			
    Missionary Kill Time	Less than 2 minutes			
    Leonard Kill Time	  Less than 3 minutes		
    Mem. Of Alessa Kill Time  Less than 3 minutes		
    The God Kill Time	  Less than 8 minutes		
    Items			  130				
    # of Kills by Shooting	  75				
    # of Kills by Fighting	  75				
    Extra Weapons		  5				
    Damage			Less than 500				
    Rank Reduction		None					
                            MY RESULTS
    Ending Type 		NORMAL
    Action Mode		HARD
    Riddle Mode		HARD
    Game Clear		25
    Clear Time		2h 19m 32s
    Saves/Continues		2
    Spilt Worm Kill Time	1m 58s
    Missionary Kill Time	1m 26s
    Leonard Kill Time	1m 43s
    Mem. Of Alessa Kill Time  2m 13s
    The God Kill Time	  7m 51s
    Items			135
    # of Kills by Shooting	77
    # of Kills by Fighting	77
    Extra Weapons		5
    Damage			456
    Rank Reduction		NONE
    I recommend HARD.  In EXTREME mode, your health 
    bar and stamina bar is only half of that in HARD 
    mode not to mention the enemies are faster, 
    tougher to kill, and cause more damage than HARD.
    When you start the game, set the "Bullet Adjust" 
    option to X5.  This will ensure you will have 
    enough ammunition for all the kills you need.  
    Turn the radio OFF when you pick it up, you will 
    not need it.  It only attracts enemies.  The 
    Battle Music will start playing if monsters are 
    near and are threatening you.  This is your cue.  
    Turn the flashlight off if you don't want to be 
    detected easily.  The only downturn on this is 
    your weapons range will decrease and of course it 
    is more difficult to see.
    You are only allowed 2 saves/continues for the 
    whole game to get gold in this area.  I recommend 
    you use your saves at the following places:
    1.  In the Apartment Hall right before the 
        Missionary Boss Fight  (about halfway 
        through the game)
    2.  In Alessa's Room right before you go through 
        the door that leads you to the final battle 
       (The God).
    If you die, don't use a continue.  This will count 
    against you in this category. Reload your game 
    from the last place you saved your game.  If you 
    die before you get to the Missionary Boss fight, 
    restart the game. You can reload as many times as 
    you wish without it counting against you.
    Kill every enemy you see!  The only time I just 
    ran for it were in the following places where you 
    will be ambushed if you hang around to long:
    1. Any place that Pendulums were present.
    2. Nightmare Shopping Mall: The area outside the 
       store where you get the Bulletproof Vest
    3. Subway:  The 5 dogs on platform 1
    4. The Closers on the Normal Hospital Roof 
      (You still need to go here to collect the SMG 
    5. Streets of Silent Hill
    6. The passage between the Rocket Swing and 
       Concert Stage in the Amusement Park
    7. The final leg to the Merry-go-Round in the 
       Amusement Park after killing the first dog.
    8. Chapel: The Chalkboard Room during your 
       backtrack that is bloody and contains 3 
       Scrapers and 2 Slurpers.
    For the enemy kills category, you get 1 small star 
    for every 5 you kill.  There are 15 small stars 
    maximum for each type of kill (shooting and 
    fighting).  You need 150 total kills (75 by 
    shooting and 75 by fighting).  Bosses are included 
    in the kills.  It is easier to get a kill in using 
    a ranged weapon than a melee weapon.  To get 
    credit for a kill by fighting, the final blow must 
    be delivered with a melee weapon or stomping on it 
    before it is dead.  Every monster makes a distinct 
    sound when you have killed it.  I recommend just 
    counting every enemy you kill by fighting and get 
    as many of these type of kills as early in the 
    game as you can.  As the game progresses, the 
    enemies will become stronger, you will be 
    outnumbered more often, and will become much more 
    difficult to kill by fighting. The ones you kill 
    by shooting will take care of itself.  
    Extra Weapons include the Flamethrower, Beam 
    Saber, Unlimited SMG,  Gold Pipe, and Silver Pipe.  
    You may not use any of these weapons or Heather 
    Beam/Sexy Beam at all in the game to kill your 
    enemies or you will be penalized 1 small star in 
    the Rank Reduction category which will eliminate 
    any chance of obtaining a perfect 10; However, you 
    still need to pick these weapons up so you can get 
    credit in the Extra Weapons category (1 small star 
    for each one you pick up).  Use the handgun and 
    shotgun as your primary weapons.  Save the SMG for 
    boss fights and battles you are overwhelmingly 
    outnumbered since the ammunition for it is very 
    limited (There are only 3 SMG clips available in 
    the entire game, 1 in the normal hospital 
    basement, and 2 on the normal hospital roof.)
    Keep in mind that 1 complete health bar represents 
    100 points of damage.  Monitor this throughout the 
    gameplay and keep track of how many health items 
    you use to replenish your health.
    1 Health Drink restores 20 damage points on your 
      health bar
    1 First Aid Kit restores 50 damage points on your 
      health bar
    1 Ampoule restores all 100 damage points
    Here's the easiest way to count damage.  Let your 
    health bar run down to almost zero (just shy of 
    red status) then replenish it with 2 first aid 
    kits.  If you do this less than 5 times throughout 
    the entire game, you are good to go. Save your 
    ampoules for boss battles and the red mist run in 
    the Borley Haunted Mansion since you will need the 
    extra speed and stamina.
    You will be penalized on your overall ranking if 
    you use Extra Weapons or if you end the game with 
    the UFO Ending.
    Where Found: Everywhere
    Damage Capability per attack: 10-15 points maximum
    Tips to defeat:  Do not wear bulletproof vest.  
    You need the speed to dodge their attacks if you 
    do not time your shots correctly. When the dog 
    does his leaping attack, fire 1 handgun or shotgun 
    shot in the head as he is leaping towards you, 
    this will stun him.  Kick him while he is down one 
    time, then back off a few feet.  Wait for him to 
    get back up, when he does his leaping attack 
    again, use handgun if you want a chance to kill 
    him by fighting, use shotgun if you want a quick 
    kill by shooting.  If you use the handgun, he'll 
    be stunned again, at this point, he probably will 
    not get back up, kick him while he is down until 
    he dies, you get credit for defeat by fighting.
    Where Found:  Shopping Mall (Both worlds), 
    Subway Train, Underground Pass, Sewer, 
    Normal Office Building.
    Damage Capability per attack: 10-15 points maximum
    Tips to defeat:  5 handgun bullets will kill it 
    (6 if you have the silencer equipped).  It is 
    recommended you kill as many of these by fighting 
    as you can since they will be replaced by Slurpers 
    later on in the game.  To kill by fighting, fire 4 
    handgun bullets (5 if you have the silencer 
    equipped) then use the Steel Pipe or Katana 
    deliver the finishing blow.  You must time these 
    hits perfectly if you do not want to take any 
    Alternate tactic: Fire 2 shotgun shells to stun.  
    The Numb Body will stay down on the ground alive 
    for a while.  This is a perfect opportunity to 
    kick it once or twice to get a kill by fighting 
    in.  If you wait too long, it will get back up 
    Where Found:  Underground Pass, Sewer 
    Damage Capability per attack:  25 points maximum
    Tips to defeat:  Don Bulletproof vest.  Fire 1 or 
    2 shotgun shells to stun.  The Numb Body will stay 
    down on the ground alive for a while.  This is a 
    perfect opportunity to kick it once or twice to 
    get a kill by fighting in.  If you wait too long, 
    it will get back up again.
    Where Found:  Shopping Mall (Both worlds), 
    Normal Hospital Roof, Amusement Park, Chapel
    Damage Capability per attack:  20 - 60 points
    Tips to defeat:  These huge ogres are slow and 
    their attacks can easily be avoided as long as 
    you don't get too close to it.  Keep in mind 1 
    well aimed shot can wipe out 60 points on your 
    health bar.  Bulletproof vest off, you need the 
    speed to dodge their long jabs. 13 Handgun bullets 
    will kill the ones in the Shopping Mall.  The 
    ones later on in the game will require up to 20 
    handgun bullets or shotgun or SMG to kill.
    Do not attempt to kill these by fighting unless 
    you can stun them with the shotgun or SMG.
    Where found: Nightmare Shopping Mall, Underground 
    Pass, Sewer, Construction Site, Streets of Silent 
    Hill, Amusement Park, Chapel
    Damage Capability per attack: 10-20 points
    Tips to defeat:  These monsters are almost 
    impossible to kill since they can use their blades 
    to block your handgun shots until you have the SMG 
    later on in the game.  Your best bet is to just 
    run away from these.  If you cannot get away, use 
    the shotgun or SMG since they cannot block these 
    shots.  They will eventually go down after 4 
    shotgun shots or 30 - 40 SMG bullets.
    Where found: Subway station platform 3, 
    Subway train, Office Building (both worlds), 
    Damage Capability per attack:  10 - 30 points 
    Tips to defeat: Bulletproof vest on.  Use shotgun 
    to knock down, switch to handgun while he is 
    stunned.  Continue with handgun until he gets 
    back up.  Go back to shotgun and repeat this 
    process until he dies.  Do not attempt to kill by 
    fighting unless you have damage points to spare!
    Where found: Nightmare Office Building, Nightmare 
    Hospital, Chapel
    Damage Capability per attack: 10 - 25 points
    Tips to defeat:  These are very dangerous since 
    they are able to knock you down and put you in the 
    prone position allowing them to launch multiple 
    attacks at 10 - 25 points a piece before you are 
    able to get back up!  They can also play dead and 
    wait for you to move in on them and then suddenly 
    pounce on you if you are not careful. It is best 
    to use the handgun or SMG with the silencer to 
    take these out.  It takes about 30-40 SMG bullets 
    or 10 - 15 handgun shots to kill.  The silencer is 
    important so you won't make too much noise that 
    will draw additional Slurpers to Double or even 
    Triple-Team you!  If you are outnumbered by three 
    or more of these, you are pretty much doomed!  
    Beef Jerky will also work on these to distract 
    them for a short period of time as long as they 
    don't see you.  It is possible to kill by stomping 
    on them when they are stunned and make a groaning 
    noise at the same time.  Only try this if you are 
    not outnumbered.
    Where found:  The Hospital (duh!)
    Damage Capability per attack:  15-25 points for 
    Steel Pipe equipped Nurses
    25-40 points for Handgun equipped Nurses
    Tips to defeat:  Stun them with 1 or 2 well aimed 
    shotgun blasts, the kick them until they die if 
    you want to kill by fighting.  If they get back up 
    after being stunned, fire one more shotgun shot to 
    kill.  Bulletproof vest on.  Keep your distance.  
    The ones with handguns are far more deadlier and 
    powerful than the ones with steel pipes.  You must 
    put these down quickly not giving these a chance 
    to get a shot off.  Use the shotgun or SMG on 
    these.  The perfume did not do me much good.  I 
    often got Triple-Teamed and took a lot of damage 
    when I wore it so it's best not to equip it.  
    Still pick it up for your item count.
    All the nurses except two in the Nightmare version 
    of the hospital are handgun equipped.
    Where found:  Chapel
    Damage Capability per attack:  10-40 points
    Tips to defeat:  These are a smaller and less 
    powerful version of the Missionary Boss.  They 
    can still block handgun and some shotgun shots 
    and cause massive damage with their dual blades.  
    They are very fast and quick when they attack.  
    Keep bulletproof vest off and 2 - 3 unblocked 
    shotgun shots at close range will be enough to 
    kill these.
    Disarm bulletproof vest for any boss fight.
    Damage Capability:  15 - 30 points for normal 
    biting attack if you get too close
    Keep in mind he has one attack that will kill you 
    instantly if you are not careful.
    This is a more difficult fight than normal if you 
    are shooting for gold.  To meet the 2 minute time 
    limit, you must do the following:
    When the Split Worm first comes out of one of the 
    tunnels and opens his mouth, fire two hand gun 
    shots in it.  Don't fire a third or he will close 
    his mouth and move to another tunnel and waste 
    about 10 -20 seconds of your time.  Instead, wait 
    for a moment while he still has his mouth open and 
    position yourself at a 30 degree angle from him as 
    far back as you can.  Keep your distance!  He will 
    do one of two things.  If he just sits there and 
    screeches, then unload 2 more shots, he will still 
    have his mouth open.  The other thing he will do 
    is he will close his mouth, do his "tremor" 
    attack and unload for his "instant killer" attack.  
    If you are positioned properly, you start firing 
    again after he did the "tremor" and when he start 
    preparing for the instant "killer".  He will miss 
    when he launches the "instant killer" forcing him 
    to lower his defenses opening his mouth and you 
    can unload about 5 - 8 additional shots on during 
    this process!  Then he will move to another 
    tunnel.  This allows you to get as many as 10 
    shots off on him before he even moves to another 
    tunnel and cutting the time way down!  Repeat this 
    process until he dies, using this tactic, you 
    should be able to kill him under 2 minutes.    
    Damage Capability per attack: 15 - 40 points
    Utilize the shotgun only for this fight!  You 
    start this fight by facing him.  Take an ampoule, 
    you will need the extra stamina and speed to make 
    him miss his attacks.  Run right by him on his 
    right then start to circle him.  Keep L2 pressed 
    so you will not lose sight of him.  While you are 
    circling him, he will try to whack you with his 
    blades,  you should be quick enough to make him 
    miss.  When he does, this will put him a position 
    where he cannot block your shot.  Fire a shotgun 
    shell.  This will stun him and knock him down, 
    fire another one while he is down, keep just out 
    of his attacking range.  When he gets back up, he 
    will usually do so by swinging his blade twice.  
    Shoot him again exactly 1 second after he swings 
    the blades.  This will knock him down again before 
    he gets a chance to start running again.  Then 
    shoot him again while he is down.  Repeat this 
    process until he dies.  It is possible to kill 
    him not letting him a single chance to run again 
    with perfectly timed shots!  If he does start 
    running again, go back to step 1 and repeat the 
    process with the circling around him.  This will 
    definitely meet the time limit.  Keep track of how 
    many shot you fired so you will not be taken out 
    of your rhythm having to reload during gameplay.  
    Instead, reload with the menu open.
    Damage Capability per attack: 20 - 30 points
    Utilize Shotgun or SMG only.  First, back up when 
    the fight first begins.  When he submerges in the 
    water, continue backing but turn a little left or 
    right.  This will put you a good attack angle when 
    he come back out of the water.  When he does, 
    Equip SMG and plug away at him until he is stunned 
    in the water and in the prone position where he 
    can't swim or get back up.  At this time, unload 
    shotgun shots continuously on him in the prone 
    position until he dies not allowing him a chance 
    to get back up or swim again!  It will take about 
    24 - 30 shotgun shots to kill him.  Keep track of 
    how many shotgun shots you fired, this is very 
    important so you know when you have to go to the 
    menu to reload.  Don't ever reload during gameplay 
    for this battle or you will lose the momentum and 
    Leonard will start swimming again wasting more 
    time for you.  You will have to reload very 
    quickly if you don't want Leonard to start 
    swimming again.  If he does, then you will have to 
    wait for him to get back out of the water again 
    before you can knock him prone again.
    Damage Capability per attack: 20 - 30 points 
    with melee weapon
    40 points with handgun
    60 points with SMG
    Use the shotgun only for this fight.  This is a 
    way you can defeat her very easily and meet the 
    time standards for gold.  Aim at her and let her 
    come to you.  As soon as she swings her arm back 
    to attack you, she will leave herself open for 
    attack.  This is when you blast her with the 
    shotgun.  The shot will hit her before she can 
    even touch you every time!  Repeat this until she 
    dies for all 4 versions of her.  If she takes off 
    running, follow her and blast her from behind!  
    For the gun versions of her, do not allow her to 
    get a shot off.  Instead, get close enough to her 
    where she is forced to use her Gun or SMG as a 
    melee weapon and repeat the above tactic.
    Damage Capability per attack: 50 - 60 points
    J.R.Kerr:  I liked your tactic and I used it in 
    this fight with a couple of my own modifications 
    so I could get the time under 8 minutes.
    I discovered using ampoules in this fight will not 
    hurt you and does not make the God stronger.  The 
    God will start throwing her deadliest attacks with 
    the fire when she has only 1/3 of her health 
    remaining and when she is on the verge of dying so 
    I used a couple of them so Heather would never get 
    tired and she maintained her maximum capable 
    speed.  Here's what I did:
    Set the controls under the options menu to the 
    following before you jump in the hole to meet the 
    Walk/Run control to "Reverse"  - This eliminates 
    you from having to hold down the square button the 
    whole time using your tactics.
    Turn music off as you recommended.  This worked 
    really well.
    At first, back up to just outside the inner ring 
    where she cannot harm you with her "bitch slap".  
    Fire 3 handgun shots to bring her head down.  Then 
    she will do her bitch slap and miss you, then run 
    to her head and whack her with a 3 hit combo with 
    the Katana, back up and let her throw the fire.  
    The fire in the beginning is slow and easy to 
    dodge.  As long as you stay outside the inner 
    ring, you should have no problem dodging the fire.  
    When the fire stops, fire two more handgun shots 
    at her head.  She will yelp each time you hit her 
    head.  Right after the second shot is fired, she 
    will throw the fire again and stand back up.  
    Dodge the fire and repeat this process 5 more 
    times.  Every other cycle you will have to reload 
    the gun, reload during gameplay, not at the menu 
    as this will save unnecessary time wasted.  After 
    you have completed this cycle 5 or 6 times, the 
    God's fire will speed up.  This is when you go to 
    JR Kerr's Tactic.  Go to the back of the room as 
    far back as possible and strafe to one end using 
    L1 or R1 only.  You are now finished using the 
    D-pad for good.  At one end, fire three shots to 
    bring her down, wait for the bitch slap, then fire 
    two more shots at the heat.  As soon as you fire 
    the second shot, strafe to the other end of the 
    room using L1 or R1 whichever is applicable.  If 
    you timed it right, the God will never touch you 
    with even the deadliest and fastest moving flames!  
    The God will return to its standing position.  
    Wait the slap attempt which she will miss in the 
    standing position and then repeat this process 
    until she dies.  Once again you will have to 
    reload every other cycle.  You can reload while 
    you are strafing to avoid the fire.  Make sure you 
    take another ampoule once the one you have has 
    completely worn off.  You will not be penalized by 
    taking these along with any other kind of health 
    item.  You will need the speed and stamina to 
    dodge the fire!  I took only one hit from the God 
    during the entire battle by doing this and the 
    kill time was 7m 51s.
    There it is, your perfect 10 star ranking.
    Christopher Goebel

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