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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shakey_Jake33

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                                    Silent Hil 3 - PC DEMO
                                      FAQ & Walkthrough
                                       By Shakey_Jake33
                                   Released 27th October 2003
                                         Version 1.0
                       Best Read in Notepad with Wordwrap ENABLED, Full Screened.
    This is a guide for the demo of Silent Hill 3 for the PC.
    The demo itself is about 468Meg, and released sometime in the middle of October
    You may be wondering why I bothered to write a guide for a demo... well there
    are various reason, admittedly none are very good.  First off, it's simple
    because I enjoyed playing the demo so much, and at time of writing, the full
    game is not avaliable yet.  Secondly. because I think there may be a few people
    who may find enjoyment from this guide... there is a steady flow of visitors to
    the GameFaq's Silent Hill 3 PC board, and some of those poeople may care, and
    may even learn something.
    In reality, I don't know the value of this guide, but I enjoyed making it at
    least, so here it is.
    Usual copyright stuff applies... to stealing portions of this FAQ and using it
    as your own etc.
    I did refer to the PlayStation2 Silent hill 3 guides by chesh the cat and
    Deadmeat X in the creation of this guide, to check monster names, and to see if
    my memory of the game was correct... so credit goes to both of those two.
    There will be no updates to this guide... because the full game is out in a few
    days at time of writing.
    1. Introduction
    2. Characters
    3. Weapons
    4. Other Inventory Items
    5. Monsters
    6. Walkthrough
    7. System Requirements
    8. Other Technical Help
    9. Thanks and Credits
    Silent Hill 3 is, as the name suggests, the sequal to Silent hill 2 (and of
    course, Silent hill 2: Directors Cut).
    This game has been avaliable on the PlayStation2 since early 2003, but the PC
    version did not appear until October 2003.
    Other games avaliable in the series include the aforementioned Silent Hill 2,
    for the PlayStation2... Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut, for both the
    PlayStation2 and PC, which is just as the name suggests... and the original
    Silent Hill for the PlayStation.
    There is also a recent Silent Hill game avaliable for the GameBoy Advance
    called Silent Hill Play Novel.
    The series is created by Konami, who are famous for games like Metal Gear,
    Castlevania, Suidoken, and in particularly many big-name Nes titles.
    The Silent Hill game style itself is very much like that of Resident Evil, if a
    little creepier, although less user-friendly, and fans of either series should
    get on great with the games of the other.  The genre is known as survival
    horror, and was started with Alone In The Dark in the early 90's.  Other
    recommended survival horror titles, bar Resident Evil, include Deep Fear for
    the Sega Saturn, Carrier, Dino Crisis and Clock Tower.
    The Silent Hill 3 Demo, which this guide is created for, can be downloaded at
    the following sites -
    It is 468meg, it's multi-language, and has 3 difficulty levels.
    Since this is a guide for the demo, I shall only be covering the characters
    that appear in the demo.  In this case, it's just Heather.
    Age: 17
    Heather is the main character of this game, and she lives with her father,
    called Harry, in the city.  While shopping the the mall, some very strange
    things occur, and now she has to find out what's going on, while keeping
    herself alive.  During her progress, she shall learn about her past, of which
    she has long forgotten...
    3. WEAPONS
    As with the characters section, the weapons section of this guide will only
    contain information about the weaponary in the demo.
    You start off the game with this weapon in your inventory, and is designed more
    as a weapon to fall back onto when all else fails.  Obviously, being a knife,
    it has very short range... but can proove effective against Double-Heads, or
    any low-down enemies.  It is also a very fast weapon.
    Similar in effect to the Knife.  It's advantage over the knife is that is is
    not only larger, but does a slight bit more damage to the monsters too.
    The drawback is that it's significantly slower.
    Probably your most used 'real' weapon.  This is a standard handgun... the
    actual damage it does is not significantly greater than the knife, but you can
    hit your opponests at a distance to aviod major damage.  It hold 15 bullets,
    and will see you through most of the game.
    The most powerful gun in the demo, this is not to be taken lightly.
    The actual individual bullets have the power of a hand gun... but since it
    operates in rapid fire, the damage caused is quite great.  Recommended for use
    on the Closer when heading towards the Mountain Coaster.  It has 32 bullets.
    Again, I shall only cover the items that appear in the demo.
    This can be enabled or disabled using a button on your control pad or keyboard,
    and basically lights the way directly in front of you.  It's pretty essential
    in a dark game like this.  It goes in her chest pocket.
    This small radio plays static when an enemy is close.  It's volume can be
    adjusted, and it can also be disabled at will.
    This is used to restore a portion of your health in the game, should you be
    hurt by a monster.
    This does the same as the Health Drink, but restores a much larger portion of
    your characters health.
    As the name suggests, this is extra bullets for your handgun.
    I'm beginning to feel like a broken record here.. but again, I'm only covering
    monsters that are in the demo... all 3 of them...
    Very resemblent of the Cerberus dogs that appeared in Resident Evil... these
    are basically dogs that attack you.  The actual damage that they do is very
    small.. but they are very fast, and can be near-impossible to hit in very dark
    areas.  They just jump at you to bite you, and bite your knees...  you
    shouldn't need anything more that a knife on these.  One technique is to knife
    them in mid-air, so they fall to the ground, so you can finish them on the
    This one can be quite a pain.  It appears in the first part of the Mountain
    Coaster, and is very tall.  I used the Machine Gun on this, although a more
    intellegent stratege is probably recommended for the full game.  They are very
    slow, but does a reasonable amount of damage.
    -PENDULUM (?)
    There are two of these in the demo, both in the Mountain Coaster, and can
    actually be avoided.  If you choose to fight them however, they swing around
    very rapidly, and are up in the air... so they are a little too difficult to
    hit with the knife.  You'd be best using a handgun on this one... luring it
    into an open area, and then finishing it off.
    The into movie shows an Amusement Park ride spinning around.. and what lokos
    like a monster trapped inside there...
    It is not seen what happens next, but we next see Heather walking out of the
    Amusement Park, seemingly not knowing where she is...
    This is where you take control of her.
    You begin the game playing as Heather, in an Asumement Park.  This place is
    very dark and misty, and from the looks of the blood-covered stuffed bunnies
    around the place, it looks like quite a mess happened here quite recently. 
    Luckily this area is deserted right now, with nothing to fear, so use this
    opportunity to get used to the controls (those of you who are playing this from
    Resident Evil may be suprised as to how responsive the controls are), and take
    a look at the inventory (which is covered in a different part of this FAQ).
    There are 4 exits to this area.  2 gates behind you, going back ino the
    Amusement Park, both of which are locked, a door in the top-right hand corner,
    which you cannot reach because of a hole blocking yout path, and a large gate
    in the top-left hand corner.  Once you are ready to proceed, head into this
    gate, making sure you have at least your knife equipped for the next area...
    As soon as you enter this area, you are attacked by a Zombie Dog, which I
    believe is called a Double-Head.  This dog should be little challenge to you,
    it takes about 8 knife hits, and you can slice it when it is on the ground. 
    Using the handgun would be a waste of ammo.  There may be more of these
    monsters, depending on the difficult level on which you are playing the game.
    Once you have disposed of any threat in the area, you can look around this area
    also.  The room itself is circular, but it is actually blocked off int he
    middle, so you cannot just walk around in circles.  Head right from the gate
    you have entered from until you find some doors which are not locked.  The
    first one takes you into a small deserted souvenir store, which contains two
    doors, both of which are locked, and nothing else.. so it's not really worth
    going in here.  Carry on to the next door, marked Mountain Coaster, and keep
    yourself armed (may as well use the Machine Gun, seeing as this is only the
    As soon as you enter here, there will be a very large monster, which I found I
    could not hit with the knife... you may have better luck.  But I'd hit it with
    some kind of gun.  I think this enemy is called a Closer.
    Anyway, once this monster is defeated, there is little else in this little
    area, so head forwards and go into the small double-gates ahead.
    Now there are actually two monsters in this area, but you can actually get by
    without killing either of them.  however, since this demo is nearly over, you
    may as well have some fun and use your ammo =P
    I think these two monsters are 'Pendulum's', and they are spinning quite
    rapidly.  There is one to your immidiate left as soon as you enter... you can
    take this with a knife if you so wish, but it really does not matter.  Once you
    try to atatck it, it takes to the air, so you can lure it to a more open area
    to do some real damage.  Soon, it falls to the floor, and you can finish the
    enemy off on the floor.
    Now head to the right of the gate you entered, and walk to the top, top a
    little passege.  The passege appears to be a dead-end, but there is another
    Pendulum to the right of the passege.  I did not manage to hit this one with a
    knife as it is, as it was too far out of reach, so use a gun to lure it from
    it's place, let it follow you to a more open area, and kill it in however
    method you preferm using the same techniques you used on the last one.
    After you have done this, head to the far left of the room, and then north, and
    you shall come to some stairs leading up onto the track above.  It will be
    about 3 floors until you eventually reach he top, when you should head right. 
    The cabin up here is locked, but you can enter the gate to the left hand side,
    and walk onto the tracks... (no prises for guessing what happens...) .
    Quite simple... you just walk ahead as far as you can go.  Soon, a Roller
    Coaster will head towards you from behind, smack right into you, and throw you
    from the tracks... which is where the demo ends.
    Offically, this is roughly the minimum specification on whcih you can play this
    1 GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor (or equivalent)
    256 MB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti/ATi Radeon 8500 with 32MB VRAM
    DirectX 8.1b or higher
    DirectX 8.1 compliant sound card
    4X CD-ROM or 2X DVD-ROM drive
    650 MB free hard disk space
    Microsoft Windows XP/ME/2000/98
    And this is the recommended specification...
    1.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon processor
    512 MB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti/ATi Radeon 8500 with 64MB VRAM
    8X CD-ROM or 4X DVD-ROM drive
    USB Gamepad controller
    Microsoft Windows XP/2000
    For the record, the computer which I used to play this demo was an AMD Athlon
    XP 2100+ processor, with 512Meg DDR PC2100 RAM, an ATi Radeon 8500 with 64Meg
    RAM, DirectX 9.0b and a Creative SoundBlaster PCI128 sound card, running
    Windows XP.
    If you come across any problems running the game with the above specifications,
    check your drivers.
    Q - This game will not work on my GeForce2, what's wrong?
    A - I'm pretty sure this game does not work on the GeForce2 at all.  The readme
    says anything below a GeForce3 is not supported by them, and I've read reports
    confirming it does not work...
    The reason is because the game relies VERY heavily on DirectX8.1 for rendering
    the game... and the Geforce2 series are DirectX7 cards (no installing
    DirectX8.1 does not make a difference).  Look for a new graphics card.. The ATi
    Radeon 9200's are cheap now, as are the NVIDIA GeForceFX 5200.
    Q - when I try to run the game, after the Violence warning at the beginning, my
    game crashes, or displays an error messege.
    A - This is a common occurence if you have a lot of codec packs installed in
    your system... basically you need a file called mplapx.dll ... you can get the
    file at http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?mplapx
    Once downloaded, extract the files and stick the .dll into your
    Windows/System32 directory, or Windows/system on Win9x/ME.
    Q - I have an ATi card, and my graphics flicker.
    A - Make sure you have the latest drivers.
    First off, credits go to chesh the cat and Deadmeat X, because I did refer to
    their guides for the PlayStation2 version, to check my information was
    accruate. so they deserve a mention.
    As for the greets... I'll just keep this short...  big hi to Monaro, Scabbers9,
    ~Sweetchick~ , Rick, S Walch, Plazzain, Sara, Alexander Ashford, Tiles44... and
    a load more, I'm too tired to think...
    Also a separate hello to my girlfriend Christine... for making my life worth
    living =)
    Any questions and quiries, give me an email at Shakey_Jake33@hotmail.com
    Silent Hill (C) Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo 1999-2003
    This guide (C) Jake Baldwin 2003

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