Review by squallg99

"Funniest game ever since.....ever!"

Story : Pretty straightforward stuff, evil King wants the ''Book of Rule'' for power and a bunch of misfit an unlkely trio. The trio consists of a no-nonsence explosive ''expert'' Jonesey the mole, a tea loving robot by the name of Q and the main character whom you play Roman which may be the most stupidest hero ever in a game you will ever come across. Along the way to being heroes, they had their fair share of (mis)adventures.

Graphics (8/10)
Pretty good stuff here. For some reasons i can't run it with my G4 Mx440, but it runs very well in a G4 Ti480. Awesome graphics! The characters are well modelled and so are the buildings. Beautiful sceneries from trees to castle walls when you reach a new level, the rain too is in high detail.

Sound (8/10)
Good background music and SFX. For best effect, use a good speaker with surround sound capabilities like an Altec Lansing. Love the sound of machine guns firing and the sound of sticky bombs exploding. Good dubbing as well but of course it is not as good as Metal Gear's voice acting but it is still good nonetheless. Each character's voice is done with full expression and whacky as well unlike most of the games made today.

Gameplay (7.5/10)
The gameplay is pretty straightforward. In order to pass a level you must complete a mission or two (in some cases 3). It is not the missions that's entertaining, it is the whacky weapons like my personal favourites are the Land Shark Gun and the Topsy Turvy Bomb and also the fast-paced action. One plus point to the gameplay is you can blow nearly eveything up! From civilian houses to the penguins. You can even use the animals such as penguins to your advantge over the enemy! Not much replay value but overall very entertaining.

Cutscenes (9/10)
The cutscenes is this game's main selling point. The humour in it is often sick and twisted and also not for the fainted heart. There is never one moment dull in it's cutscenes. Honestly, I had never laugh so hard while playing a game ever! The gameplay might not have any replay value but the cutscenese definitely deserves to be watched over and over again ^_^. Thankfully you can view the cutscenes after completing a mission, which means u can view it over and over again without having to finish a mission.

I strongly recommend this game for those who are looking for a good laugh. Why not grab this game while waiting for Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 as filler?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/25/04

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