What do I do to stop the game from freezing?

  1. I got Vista Premium on my laptop, here's the problem. Every time I start the game up it will crash during the opening video if I click the mouse. If I leave it alone it will get to the loading screen but nothing will happen.

    I've tried everything to get this to work:
    I've uninstalled the game and all the expansion packs then reinstalled them.
    Updated the driver on the graphics card.
    Patched the game so it was up-to-date.
    And tried running the game with Windows XP compatibility.

    Nothing has worked and there's nothing on EA's website that helps.
    What gets me really mad is that I've been able to run Sims 2 on my computer before. I had this problem but fixed it with a patch. When I installed new expansion packs the problem started again but I couldn't fix it.

    User Info: sgarv826

    sgarv826 - 8 years ago


  1. Sorry,but maybe you should return the game if it is not to late and get a new one,or maybe it has something to do with your laptop.

    User Info: SimMaster6

    SimMaster6 - 8 years ago 0 0

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