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    Aspiration/Career Reward Guide by Mark_E_1990

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    *                                                                           *
    *                 The Sims 2 - Aspiration and Career Rewards                *
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    This in-depth FAQ will give information about all the Aspiration and Career 
    Rewards in The Sims 2. Since most of these items are from the base game i 
    will include them all in here, rather than making seperate guides for the 
    different expansion packs. Next to each item it will say whether it is from 
    University or Nightlife. If it is from the base game there will be no 
    information stating so.
    * 1.0. Contents  *
    1.0. Contents
    1.1. Copyright Notice
    1.2. Version History
    1.3. Credits
    2.0. The Different Aspirations
    2.1. Aspiration Reward Objects
    3.0. Career Reward Objects
    4.0. Contact Information
    * 1.1. Copyright Notice   *
    This FAQ/Walkthrough may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2006 Mark Eastaugh
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    www.gamefaqs.com and websites that it permits.
    If you see any other websites hosting the whole or part of this guide please 
    let me know.
    If you would like to host this FAQ please email me and give me the address 
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    on the same page.
    * 1.2. Version History  *
    15/2/06 - Finished aspirations. Going to try and submit again.
    14/2/06 - Im determined to get this published. Started on aspirations.
    13/2/06 - Finished Career Reward Objects - Submitted but rejected for lack of 
    content. Going to add information about all the different aspirations.
    11/2/06 - Started Career Reward Objects
    10/2/06 - Finished aspiration Reward objects
    6/2/06 - Started Aspiration Reward objects
    5/2/06 - Started work on this FAQ
    * 1.3. Credits          *
    The only credit I can really give is a massive thanks to EA and Maxis for 
    making this game and for giving me something to write about.
    * 2.0. The Different Aspirations    *
    This section has a list of all the aspirations and some of the highest 
    scoring wants for each one. As of now there are 7 different aspirations, two 
    of which are nightlife only. Eventually you will be rewarded with enough 
    points to buy some aspiration rewards.
    * Fortune
    Description - Sims with the Fortune Aspiration crave money, rising to the top 
    of their careers, and just plain expensive stuff. They'll need all of these 
    things in spades to keep their Aspiration Metres full and their fiscally 
    minded lives long and happy.
    High Scoring Wants:
    Be an Overachiever. +8000 Aspiration, +2000 Influence.
    Big Bonus. +5000 Aspiration, +1000 Influence.
    Marry a rich Sim. +15000 Aspiration, +6000 Influence.
    Earn $50,000. + 10,000 Aspiration +2500 Influence.
    Reach the top of the Athletics Career. +15000 Aspiration.
    Reach the top of the Business Career. +15000 Aspiration.
    * Knowledge
    Description - Sims with the Knowledge Aspiration want to know everything 
    there is to know about anything. Make sure they have the time to study and 
    explore every nook and cranny. Their lives are a simple equation: the more 
    knowledge the higher the Aspiration Meter, and the longer and branier the 
    High Scoring Wants:
    Ask for homework help. +2500 Aspiration, +2500 Influence.
    Get A+ Report Card. +3000 Aspiration, +500 Influence.
    Maximize a skill. +8000 Aspiration, +1000 Influence.
    Meet Aliens. +8000 Aspiration, +2000 Influence.
    See a ghost. +3000 Aspiration.
    Reach the top of the Science Career. +15000 Aspiration.
    Maximize all skills. +30,000 Aspiration, +5000 Influence.
    Be saved from death. +8000 Aspiration, +3000 Influence.
    * Romance
    Description - Sims with the Romance Aspiration crave lots of lovin' with as 
    many different Sims as they can find, so setting aside the time for them to 
    chase those hot prospects is key. Fill their Aspiration Meters with hot 
    steamy nights and lust-filled days in order to keep Romance Sim's lives long 
    and exciting.
    High Scoring Wants:
    Have very first kiss. +8000 Aspiraton, +2000 Influence.
    WooHoo. +3500 Aspiration, +500 Influence.
    Have 2 loves at once. +8000 Aspiration, +2000 Influence.
    WooHoo with 3 different Sims. +8000 Aspiration, +2000 Influence.
    Reach the top of the Slacker Career. +15000 Aspiration.
    * Family
    Description - Sims with the Family Aspiration long to be part of a big, happy 
    family. They need ''Quality Time'' with family members and lots of meaningful 
    interactions with all the brances of their family tree. Keep their Aspiration 
    Meters overflowing with familial bliss, and they'll live long 
    and ''fruitful'' lives.
    High Scoring Wants:
    Get Engaged. +5000 Aspiration, +1000 Influence.
    Get Married. +8000 Aspiration, +5000 Influence.
    Have a Baby. +8000 Aspiration, +5000 Influence.
    Teach to Walk. +5000 Aspiration, +2000 Influence.
    Teach to Talk. +5000 Aspiration, +2000 Influence.
    Teach Potty Training. +5000 Aspiration, +2000 Influence.
    Help with homework. +5000 Aspiration, +2000 Influence.
    Get a Grandchild. +8000 Aspiration, +5000 Influence.
    * Popularity
    Description - Sims with the Popularity Aspiration desire flocks of friends 
    and killer parties, so if they aren't on the phone, practicing politics, or 
    dancin' the night away, they probably should be. Their Aspiration Meters will 
    fill with every friend, fair-weather or not, and allow them to live long and 
    famous lives.
    High Scoring Wants:
    Have a great party. +5000 Aspiration, +1000 Influence
    Have 3 best friends. +8000 Aspiration, +2000 Influence.
    Sell a Masterpiece. +6000 Aspiration, +2500 Influence.
    Win a Fight. +5000 Aspiration, +500 Influence.
    Reach the top of the Politics Career. +15000 Aspiration.
    Reach the top of the Athletics Career. +15000 Aspiration.
    * Pleasure   [Nightlife Only]
    Description - Sims with the Pleasure Aspiration love wild nights out, cozy 
    nights in, and hat most Sims would consider ''the good life''. They'll want 
    to use objects that provide them with fun and comfort, while avoiding 
    activities that cause stress or equate to work of any king. Kick their 
    aspiration meters into platinum by pursuing their whims of the moment, as 
    these Sims can change their tastes on a dime as they travel on their path to 
    the ultimate life of luxury.
    High Scoring Wants:
    Ask Sim on a date. +750 Aspiration, +500 Influence.
    Have a dream date. +5000 Aspiration, +1000 Influence.
    Dine out with Sim. +500 Aspiration, +500 Influence.
    Bowl with Sim. +500 Aspiration, +250 Influence.
    Win a game. +1000 Aspiration, +250 Influence.
    Play cards with Sim. +500 Aspiration, +500 Influence.
    Juggle. +500 Aspiration, +100 Influence.
    * Grilled Cheese  [Nightlife Only]
    Have you been messing with the ReNuYuSenso Orb? As this is the only way to 
    get the Grilled Cheese Aspiration there is no In-Game description for it.
    High Scoring Wants:
    Eat grilled cheese sandwiches. +500 Aspiration.
    Influence someone to make grilled cheese. +3500 Aspiration.
    Serve grilled cheese. +500 Aspiration, +100 Influence.
    Talk to Sim about grilled cheese. +2500 Aspiration, +500 Influence.
    Make grilled cheese for Sim. +2500 Aspiration, +500 Influence.
    * 2.1. Aspiration Reward Objects    *
    There are currently 11 Aspiration Reward Objects in The Sims 2 and there are 
    likely to be more added as more expansion packs get brought out. Once the 
    points are spent you lose them so spend carefully. Some items cost alot of 
    * Money Tree
    Costs 3000 Aspiration Points
    Description - In a discovery that sent shockwaves through the parent 
    community, scientists at the institute of Sim Botanical Studies have found 
    that money does indeed grow on trees... as long as one keeps them watered.
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - Get $40
    Use below Gold Aspiration - Get $1
    * Noodlesoother
    Costs 5000 Aspiration Points
    Description - Shrouded in mystery, the Noodlesoother's mood elevating effects 
    are well documented but poorly understood. Some maintain that the weak 
    electrical current it generates produces euphoria and contentment. Still 
    others content that the Noodlesoother contains transdermal Serotonin Re-
    Uptake Inhibitors. A third school swears that the helmet's tiny, gloved hands 
    and googly eyes are positively adorable.
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - Boosts mood but also lowers motives faster.
    Use below Gold Aspiration - Makes your sim pass out.
    * ReNuYuSenso Orb  [Nightlife Only]
    Costs 6250 Aspiration points
    Description - Senso Sima Sensalia, reowned brain neurologist, kept the 
    secrets of the Simian brain as closly guarded secrets. However, finally after 
    years of careful prodding and no so subtle bribery, Senso has broken down and 
    privided the average Sim with the ultimate in modern reprogramming 
    techniques. A gentle caressing of the scals, a few lights, some soothing 
    music and ''TaDah!'' a whole new sim emerges. Try it once, try it twice; we 
    won't tell.
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - Change Aspiration/Turn ons and turn offs
    Use below Gold Aspiration - Get the Grilled Cheese aspiration in which 
    everything is associated with grilled cheese.
    *Pasteur's HomoGenius Smart Milk
    Costs 7500 Aspiraion points
    Description - Is your toddler moving slowly through a fast-paced world? Get 
    their mental engine in overdrive with Smart Milk! After a Smart Milk bottle-
    feeding, your little guy or gal will start learning to walk, talk and potty-
    train like an Olympian.
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - Your toddler will learn to walk, go potty 
    and talk faster than usual.
    Use below Gold Aspiration - Toddler will lose a skill point.
    * Cool Shades
    Costs 10,000 Aspiration points
    Description - Eyes are the windows to the soul, and these Cool Shades provide 
    the most effective window-dressings for your Sim's inner cool. Socially 
    awkward? Just slip on some stylish eyewear and power your way smoothly though 
    any social interaction.
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - Your next social interaction will be more 
    Use below Gold Aspiration - Next social interaction will be the same as it 
    would have been, making the Cool Shades have no effect at all.
    * The Eclectic and Engimatic Energizer
    Costs 14,000 Aspiration points
    Description - Does your Sim need a little pick-me-up? The technology that 
    powers The Energizer is puzzle wrapped in an enigma, held together with 
    copious amounts of duct tape and bits of twine, and reported to be beyond the 
    ken of mortal Sims. Bit all you need to know is that a quick visit to the 
    Energizer will get your Sim's motor running! Only five uses allowed for this 
    addictive item.
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - All needs maxed out
    Use below Gold Aspiration - All needs emptied
    * Thinking Cap
    Costs - 16,000 Aspiration points
    Description - Also known as "Thinking Person's Silly-Hat-With-A-Lightbulb," 
    the Thinking Cap allows for a free flow of ideas in both directions, 
    increasing skill building abilities and the ability to both teach and learn. 
    Wear with caution - extended use of the Thinking Cap may cause enervation, 
    loss of skills, and possible surface burns to the scalp.
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - You will learn skills much faster than 
    Use below Gold Aspiration - Your sim will pass out and lose a skill point.
    * SimVac
    Cost - 17,500 Aspiration Points
    Description - The SimVac puts the "suck" in succubus! Equip your Sim with the 
    SimVac, and look for an unwitting victim ... err ... we mean, a willing 
    individual with whom you share a friendly rivalry. Operate the SimVac on them 
    and watch as you... liberate ... their Aspirations an Skills and make them 
    your own.
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - Steals Aspiration or skill points from your 
    target sim. Relationships will go down so don't use it on a close 
    friend/family member.
    Use below Gold Aspiration - Target sim will steal skill/aspiration points 
    from you. Motives go down.
    * Love Tub
    Cost - 20,000
    Description - Who can resist the sensual appeal of soft lighting, warm water, 
    and sizzling romance? Just about no one if they're soaking with your Sim in 
    the Love Tub, that's who! No need to check to see if your Sim's skin is 
    getting pruny, either ... when the candles go outs, it's time to retire to a 
    private place. Ahhhh yeah!
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - Relationships are easier to form.
    Use below Gold Aspiration - No negative effects.
    * Genuine Buck's Famous Counterfeiting Machine   [University Only]
    Cost - 27,750
    Description - Why earn money when you can simply print it yourself? Jobs and 
    careers take away valuable time you could be spending with your family. Think 
    of the children, and get yourself one of Genuine Buck's famous counterfeiting 
    machines. Other counterfeiting machines on the market claim to make high 
    quality simolions, but only Genuine Buck's machines come with an official 
    stamp of approval. Don't settle for less than the real thing. ''Genuine 
    Buck's: because you've earned it!''
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - Makes simolions. Risk of machine catching 
    fire or being taken away by cops. If it is taken away by the cops you get 
    fined $1000 on the spot.
    Use below Gold Aspiration - Same as above.
    * Elixir of Life
    Cost - 30,580
    Description - Perfect for those who like their idle water-cooler chats to go 
    on for ages... literally! Gather round this decorative glass urn and sip the 
    sweet nectar of prolonged youth as your Sims resists aging.
    Use in Gold Aspiration or above - Makes your sim three days younger
    Use below Gold Aspiration - Makes your sim three days older. May cause elders 
    to die if they were to die within three days of death.
    * 2.0. Career Rewards Objects       *
    Every career has its own reward object which you unlock after reaching around 
    level 5 of your career. Some of these objects are very useful and can be used 
    as careers themselves, such as the chocolate making machine. All career 
    reward items are free but you are limited to one item per person per career. 
    This includes when moving house.
    * Dr Vu's Automated Cosmetic Surgeon  [Show Business][University Only]
    Description - Does your Sim have a face that only a mother could love? If so, 
    it's time to take advantage of today's technological breakthroughs in 
    medicine. Forget forking over thousands of simoleons for unrealiable plastic 
    surgery, as performed by the error-prone "real" doctor. Trust Dr. Vu's 
    lastest insidious creation to make precise facial modifications as only a 
    computer can. A few minutes of your time can result in a new, beautiful face 
    that will last a lifetime!
    This object will change a sims appearence.
    Avaliable in two different colours.
    * Laganaphyllis Simnovorii [Natural Scientist][University Only]
    Description - This bizarre bovine vegetation is large enough to swallow your 
    next-door neighbour whole. In fact, it WILL eat your neighbours. Your friends 
    will be hard-pressed to resist the tantalizing vine-cake of the carniverous
    Laganaphyllis Simnovorii. After it has consumed some prey, milk it for sweet,
    rejuvenating nectar of life. A swig of this liquid refreshment will add 
    precious days to a Sim's life and wash away any regret they may have over
    their visitor's fate.
    Milk the plant to go back in sim time!
    Be warned that this object may eat your neighbours!
    * The Resurrect-O-Nomitron  [Paranormal][University Only]
    Description - No need to mourn the passing of your loved ones. Not only is 
    this telephone a classy accesssory to any stylish realm, but it also provides 
    a direct line to the Grim Reaper. For nary the price of your soul, Mr Reaper 
    will gladly bring anyone back from the beyond. But beware: if you don't offer 
    a competitive price, your resurrected loved one may be ... incomplete.
    This item is different from other Career reward items - Off the grim reaper 
    money and he may bring a loved one back to life as a zombie!
    * Enterprise Office Concepts Bushmaster Tele-Prompter  [Politics]
    Description - Stand tall, furrow your brow, and just say the words with the 
    Bushmaster Tele-Prompter. Transparent overlays display text at varying speeds 
    for "tortoise" to "hare" fast. Adjust the font size to ease those aching eyes.
    Exercise your verbal skills with the Bushmaster Tele-Prompter!
    Fun : 5
    + Charisma
    * TraumaTime "Incision Precision" Surgical Training Station  [Medicine]
    Description - Sims venturing into the medicial field can sharpen up their 
    mechanical skills with "Incision Percision". The true-to-life features 
    include genuinely clammy fake organs and a functioning circulatory system. 
    Dive into the faux gall bladder, small intestine, panceras, inferior 
    epigastric vessels, and other organs and make them new again.
    Fun : 4
    + Mech
    * Execuputter   [Business]
    Description - Why should your Sim sit through boring business lunches when 
    they can play golf instead? The Execuputter features imported synthetic 
    imitation grass, along with simulated water and sand traps so that Sims can 
    work on their swing while building charisma points - and hobnobbing with 
    important business contacts.
    Fun : 4
    + Charisma
    * Exerto Punching Bag  [Athletic]
    Description - Float like a moth and sting like a yellowjacket! With the 
    Exerto Punching Bag, athletic Sims can punch away to release tension and keep 
    in shape while building a useful career skill.
    Fun : 6
    + Body
    * SensoTwitch Lie Finder  [Criminal]
    Description - Don't let the inconvenience of the truth interfere with your 
    career ambitions! Hone the skills to lie, cheat, and steal with the 
    SensoTwitch Lie Finder. Its patented Brainwave Twitch Needle detects even the 
    tiniest nervous mental tic. Fool the Lie Finder, and you can fool anyone!
    + Creative
    * Exerto Selfflog Obstacle Course  [Military]
    Description - After a long day at the military base, why not extend the hard 
    work with a run through the Selfflog obstacle course? From Exerto, a leading 
    manufacturer of fitness equipment, this home obstacle course tests your 
    ability to leap 3-foot hurdles, crawl under a canopy of simulated gunfire, 
    and scramble over a fence-all in the name of fun and fitness.
    + Body
    * AquaGreen Hydroponic Garden [Slacker]
    Description - Do your Sims love gardening as a creative outlet yet hate 
    kneeling in the soil and getting dirt under their nails? Well, they don't 
    have to anymore with this hydroponic garden! The AquaGreen ensures that 
    plants receive adequate moisture and lots of light so your Sims get the 
    fruits without the labor. It's a slacker's dream!
    + Creative
    You also can get money from this object
    * Prints Charming Fingerprint Scanner [Law]
    Description - It uses ultraviolet radiation to quickly and easily dust 
    fingerprints everywhere, then display the ironclad evidence right on the 
    Fun : 4
    + Cleaning
    * Schokolade 890 Chocolate Manufacturing Facility  [Culinary]
    Description - Fatten your Sims' bank account - and their friends and families 
    too - with this finely engineered machine. Designed by world-renowned 
    chocolatiers at Bavarian Meltonwerks, the Schokolade 890 produces high-
    quality chocolates that Sims can pop into their mouths or pop into a box and 
    sell in the ยง7 billion a year chocolate industry!
    Fun : 1
    + Cooking
    You also make money from this object.
    * SimSanto Inc. Biotech Station  [Science]
    Description - Your Sims are sure to succeed in the world of science with the 
    Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station! Sims can study old microbes and invent new 
    ones, gaining logic skill points and advancing their careers in the process. 
    Includes a microscope, computer, and refrigerator for storing samples.
    + Logic
    * Luminous Pro Antique Camera  [Artist][University Only]         
    Description - What a find! This vintage upright camera hails from the days of 
    yore, when cameras didn't fit in your pocket. Gather your Sims' family and 
    friends to pose for a picture together, or just take snapshots of your Sims' 
    favourite scenes from around the house. Sell photos for simoleons or click on 
    them in Buy Mode to conveniently hang on any wall or place on table or 
    Take photos and earn up to $100 a time
    * "Save the Sheep" Faux Sheepskin Diploma [Finish University][University Only]
    Description - This prestigious diploma bestowed by your Sim's University at 
    graduation gives one more sheep another chance at life. Made of the finest 
    faux sheepskin, this diploma tells the world that your Sim is educated, 
    employable, and concerned about sheep conservation. 
    A decorative object showing your achievements at university.
    * 5.0. Contact Info      * 
    Email me if you have any questions or would like to contribute anything to
    the  guide! My email address for emails about the guide is

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