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"Is it possible to do better than the best selling video game ever created?"

I remember playing the first Sims game way back on my friends computer. I realized this is a game different than I ever played before. And thus, I became addicted for quite some time. Which all good games need to have, is that great addicting power. And The Sims hit that nail right on the head. Nothing was like The Sims when it first came out, and no one really could expect it to be a big of a hit as it turned out to be. So of course, what any company would do for such a money maker, is make sequels. But can you make an effective sequel to a game like The Sims? Damn right you can.

If you ever played the first Sims, you will notice the improvement as soon as you turn on the game. The game made a huge jump in terms of graphics compared to the first game. The change is like comparing a non-HDTV to an HDTV, both look good, but after seeing the HDTV, you can never go back to a non-HDTV and enjoy it to the fullest again. Because of the new graphics engine they have in The Sims 2, you are able to move around in any way you want. You can pick any camera angle you could ever ask for due to it not being fixed to four angles each 90 degrees away from each other. A problem I have though, is that it's a bit tough to get exactly the angle I want, this could be due to the fact that I'm a perfectionist when it comes to the camera angle. Or that controlling it with the mouse goes too slow, and with the buttons on the interface goes too fast. Either way, it's a bit annoying for the first minute you start the game up, because the game doesn't remember the angle you had when you last saved, it goes to some default angle.

Another problem I see, is a lot of items have the problem when you can see through it. You know, when at the seams of polygons on the item, you just see white around it. I'm not normally one to ever get annoyed at such things, but it's very noticeable in the game, however, it doesn't take any out of the experience of the game, so this isn't anything major.

The game play, is pretty much, the same as The Sims, which, is a great thing. If you haven't played The Sims (And really, who hasn't at least once.) you get to pretty much, control your Sim's life completely. You can get your sim a job from the newspaper that you get everyday, or a computer which you can buy and place inside of your home. You gain skills using different objects. Like for example, to gain logic, you can practice chess. To gain body, you work out on a bench press, and to gain creativity, you play the piano. You need to gain skill points in order to get promotions and earn more money. You also will need a certain amount of friends to go to the next level, so I normally find a mod to bypass that. Because I find it bothersome to gain and keep 10 friends.

However, the game mod community for this game is amazing. There are a few websites out there that have seriously thousands of mods, edits, user created items, homes, player skins, and pretty much anything else to do with the game. Sites like really can expand the experience you get while playing this game.

Sounds are pretty well done in the game. It's amazing that they got voice actors to speak gibberish for so long. The game has great background music when you're doing such things as, buying objects and building the house. They are tunes which will get stuck in your head for awhile, but not be annoying. Sound effects when playing the game are pretty well done too. When you have a TV on it sounds like they are watching a real show. (In gibberish of course.) When you play a computer game, such as Sim City 4, and SSX 3 (Clever in game advertisements eh?) You will actually hear the game being played. With the sound effects from that game, and the background music too. It's a nice touch to make the game feel closer to a real life simulator.

Overall, I really enjoy this game, but I doesn't keep my attention full as long as I would hope it would. I guess that's why they keep releasing more extras for this game. If you were a big, big fan of the first Sims game, you don't need to worry at all about not enjoying this game. You will, and it'll be an even sweeter experience than Sims 1.

So, is it possible to do better than the best selling video game ever created? I say yes, and give this game a nice 8 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/14/06

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