Review by Red_Mongoose89

Reviewed: 05/01/06

The beginning of another generation of The Sims.

If you played The Sims, (the first one), you’d know it’s very addicting. It’s that, only ten times more fun and addictive! From new items, to ways to make your sim unique, all the way to new house building techniques, they’ve loaded this sequel with creativity. And with new expansion packs coming out every few months, who knows how much more Maxis will allow us to pack in this?

Game play and features-
Loads of new features flood this game with endless entertainment. This time around, you get to completely customize your sim the way you want him/her, with the clothes you want, face you want, anyway you want! You can give them an aspiration, mainly changing the way they see things in life, also giving them certain wants and fears. There are also new house building features. You can now have foundations, up to a 5 story house, and a lot more, giving you architectural power you want! And let’s not forget furnishings. There are so many new items to interact with, still having the same basic categories from the last game. But it’s not just the new features that make this the greatness it is of course. The actual game play simming has some new things too. There are a lot of new social interactions, like different hug and kiss types, while still providing the others from the last game. Along with that you have object interactions, like jumping on couches, relaxing on a bed and still watching TV, and plus, there are a LOT of new things you can cook. Aging brings new fun as well. From baby to teen to elder, and every thing in between. They'll go through stages and realize moments of life like we do. First kiss, death of relatives, first job, just to name a few, and they'll keep those memories forever. Just like we do in the real world. There is also one more thing I'd like to mention. You can also make your own sim movies, and take sim pictures. Then if you want, you can load them onto your Sims TV. All in all, the new features and game play of this game are astounding. There's so much to do, it's mind boggling.

Amazing seeing as how it’s a computer game. At least, on a good computer. Our computer isn’t the greatest, but the details are great when played on a better computer. Though, even on a mediocre computer, it till doesn’t turn out THAT bad.

Ohhh…fun! Background sounds are interesting to listen to, bird chirping, bees buzzing, normal stuff you’d hear in real life. But the music period is where the fun comes in. I personally love the salsa and jazz, though the techno isn’t half bad either! But if you aren't that satisfied with what's already on there, and want music you can actually understand, you can always add your own Mp3 files onto the game. Not only can you listen to it, but you can play it on the stereo for you sim, making him/her a slight bit more like you!

You have been warned: this game is as, if not more addictive than the first. It will suck you and your precious life in with relative ease. If you like games like this, and you play this, it won’t be a couple hour a day thing. Personally, my average play time each day I played this so far is 4-5 hours. Yep. It’s THAT addictive.

Rent or Buy-
Isn't it obvious? I seriously can't see why you would wanna rent a PC game, but even if you do, it is definitely a game you'd want to buy. As see above, you wouldn't want to give it up anytime soon after you got it.

Not many words can describe the awesomeness that glows around this game. I seriously fail to see why someone wouldn't like this game even the slightest bit. I don’t really get why people say this is just a repeat of the Sims. It’s more than just that, if someone has actually played it enough and appreciated the Sims series, they’d realize this is a great beginning for a second generation of The Sims series.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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