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"Great game for people of all ages"

I have been following the Sims franchise from the beginning. I found the first game to be highly addictive and played it for years without really getting into expansions. I think I bought two expansions for the original Sims game. Then the Sims 2 came out and I was really amazed by it. It was such a major improvement from the original series. The first time I played I went to the refrigerator and when I saw how much you could do with just the refrigerator compared to the original game I was in awe. If you've ever played the Sims 1 and enjoyed it this one will definitely be the game for you.

Graphics: 9/10:

The graphics in the Sims 2 are perfect for the series. The soft 3D feel and cartoonish aspects such as the bubbles that pop up over the Sims' heads to let you know what they're conversing about or what they need go hand-in-hand with the nature of the game. Everything is highly detailed and this can be seen when you zoom in all the way. The Sims themselves are very realistic looking and can be customized to look however you like (with the help of downloads). I run this game at max settings so I may be getting a better view than some others who play this game but I've played with the settings on low and no anti-aliasing and the game still looks pretty nice. It loses a lot of the smooth feel to it though. This game isn't too demanding in most situations which is surprising considering how good the game looks. Although in some lots such as a $200,000 mansion, even the best computers may experience slowdown.

Gameplay: 10/10:

The gameplay is what makes the Sims, “The Sims.” It is a simulation, hence the name, game which lets you control your characters however you please. There is so much to do in The Sims 2. The basic gameplay elements are: going to work, building relationships, going through the life stages, fulfilling wants and needs, going to community lots, and just doing around-the-house activities. Of course, you can choose not to do things such as going to work although life may get tough for your Sims. If you have a small household, you could make it just fine making a living off of selling paintings. That's what makes the Sims so great, you don't need to do anything a certain way, it's up to you. And if you want to make your Sims miserable, by all means, go ahead. If that's what you get a kick out of, no one's stopping you. Personally, I like to start off by getting a job and then working on relationships, getting married, and having kids. Every once in a while I do feel like being a little mean to my Sims and maybe locking one in a room with four walls and no door and watching them suffer, hehe. Another great thing about the Sims is the massive amount of downloads there are available on the internet. I don't really know of anyone who plays the Sims who doesn't have an enormous amount on their hard drive. There are also plenty of tutorials and a huge community if you ever need help with anything or want to just chat about the Sims.

Sound: 8/10

The Sims has a specific kind of music that comes with the game. It's generally pretty cheery and bright. The music can be turned off though if that's not your kind of thing. And if you want to, you can put your own music in the game for the entire game, from the neighborhood screen down to what plays through the stereo while your Sims jam out. I give the sound an 8 though because, like the graphics, it goes perfectly with the game. I tried putting custom music in the game before but it just ruined the “Sims” feel to it for me. The Sims themselves speak in a language called “Simlish,” which is actually pretty funny to listen to. I think this is a great idea by the developers because if it used English or whatever language the game was in, it would be extremely repetitive. Imagine hearing your Sim say the same thing over and over when they're having a conversation with another Sim. It would be very annoying. The sound effects are also very cool and realistic but I recommend turning them down because things like the TV or the pinball machine can be very loud and overpowering. The sound effects are very detailed just like the graphics. When your Sim is chopping up some vegetables on a chopping board you can hear the knife hitting the wood and when your Sim goes to sit down, when they pull the chair out you will actually hear it slide along the floor. It is very realistic.

Replay Value: 10/10:

This game has as much replay value as you'll find. The open-ended gameplay makes the possibilities pretty much endless. And all the downloadable content available only adds to the replay value. I have honestly never found myself bored or with nothing to do while playing the Sims. If you have a creative imagination you'll never find yourself with nothing to do either. The expansion packs available now for the Sims 2 will also add an enormous amount of things to do with your Sims. You will definitely get the “bang for your buck,” as they say, for the Sims 2.

Overall: 8/10:

I give the Sims 2 an 8/10 overall, which I feel is a very strong score. The Sims 2 will keep you entertained for years to come and if you ever get bored just go out and get an expansion pack. I recommend any and all of them. Each expansion pack adds a lot of content and new aspects to the game which make it feel more “whole.” Which is I guess why I give this game an 8/10, and not higher. This game really thrives on downloadable content and expansion packs but if you only want the base game it will keep you entertained for quite a while.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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