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Reviewed: 09/12/07

What can't you do on this!

This game is an upgrade to the original Sims which was a great success, but now, it gets better! this game has upgrades on graphics, things to do, and lots more new items! It is definitely a game worth getting, and this review you are reading is the reason why.

Game play 10/10
The game play in this game is amazing, as it is pretty much the most important part of this game. You go around clicking on things telling your sim what to do such as eat drink find a job and watch TV! While you are doing this, there is time ticking by as you do whatever you need to stay alive. Every second on this game, is a minute and every minute is an hour, unless you have selected one of fast forward buttons. You can meet ladies and have babies too by simply relaxing on a bed. there are also a lot of cheats in this game to help you go through life such as gaining money and moving objects to places you usually can't put them. this makes it a lot easier and you can live in a massive mansion, but you won't ever have to go to work or anything so it is sometimes better to jus start from scratch.

Modes 8/10
On the title screen, you select a neighbourhood to go to. After this you can create your family. When creating your family, you get plenty of options including clothing and make up. You also have to choose an aspiration for them too. After this you will end up with 20,000 of the Sims currency. You can then buy a house. When you buy a house, you will arrive in a cab, then the cab will immediately go. Your Sims will randomly explore te house looking at he stuff that is already in it. Now, you will have to add furniture by clicking on the furniture mode. First of all it will split it into types of things you need like comfort, electronics lights and those sort of things. After you click on one of those, it will come up will another set of types. For example, if you clicked on comfort, it would give you the option of Dining chairs, sofas and things like that. this is the same for all the others too. The last mode is the building mode. Here you can build walls, put in carpet, add another story, paint your walls and even plant trees. There are much more options and again they split into another lot of types like the furniture. It is easy, and fun!

Neighbourhoods 8/10
If you are editing a neighbourhood or making your own, you can put things in it. Some are simple trees, and others are signs, and then here are really exciting ones that come out of boxes. You can also make areas for you to build a house in as well. It is very good but could do with a bigger variety of things to put in your neighbourhood. you also see random cars and vans driving on the roads but they always disappear and they have no affect on the game!

Building Houses 7/10
This can be fun, but irritating. First of all there is only one choice of wall which is just plain steel and is flat. After you make the walls you have to add a door from the wide selection of options. You can also add stairs to raise your house to another story, and that makes it a bit more difficult. You also have to add carpets, and optionally furniture for the house as well as putting in carpets. Sometimes it is irritating leaving space for a garden so you just cover it up with your house! The most annoying thing when building a house is the terrain level. If the level of the terrain is uneven, sometimes the walls don't work in the way you want them to causing the game to not let you join the walls up. this can be very hard to fix using the alter terrain tool on the building mode. Other than that this can be fun if you make your house an a million Sim currency building!

Overall 9/10
This game is really enjoyable after you have got going. If you give up all the time after the first couple of days you will only see the worst of this game. Building houses and creating your family and friends can be really enjoyable to do, especially after you start the game in play mode and you can decide what your Sims do. The fun of this game lasts a long time as there is a variety of ways you can bring you Sims up, plus there is plenty more after you add the expansion packs to this game. If you get the expansions packs you will get a bigger variety of places to go and things to do so they are well worth buying! Thank you for reading this review and I hope you buy this game!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: The Sims 2 (EU, 09/17/04)

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