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"More than a sequal..."

The sequel to the best selling PC game of all time, which sold over 13 million copies worldwide. It's been pumped up full of new features, new graphics, new gameplay and a whole lot more making this so much more than a sequel. The Sims 2 is the 2nd best selling PC game of all time, following The Sims and is definitely worth a look, here's why...

If you've played the original game you'll be familiar with most of the gameplay, if not, no worries, there's a section in the game for newcomers too. You start out by Controlling a Sim or number of Sims throughout their life, up until they die. These Sims have their own language, personality, wants, fears, interests and many more things that make each one unique. The Gameplay is so open ended in this game you'll have complete freedom to do almost anything. Sims live through Six life stages, Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen, Adult and finally Elder. They die naturally some time after reaching the Elder life stage, what happens while they're alive, is up to you...

Sims, like humans, have needs, Including Hunger, Fun, hygiene and a few others. To keep Sims in a good mood all of these needs must be maintained. Unlike the last game, in The Sims 2 leaving Sims to their own devices won't end in disaster, they now know how to look after themselves (to an extent) and will do things such as Stuff their face at the fridge if they're hungry or have a sponge bath over the sink if their hygiene is low.

One of the new features of The Sims 2 is the Aspiration Meter, it shows the Sim's "Life Satisfaction", there are five different types the player assigns to a Sim: Family (befriending family members, marrying and raising a large family), Fortune (wealth and prestige), Knowledge (both book learning and life experience), Popularity (friends and socializing) and Romance (frequent and varied romantic interactions). Depending on which aspiration you choose, your Sim will develop wants and fears accordingly that cause the Aspiration meter to either rise into Platinum mode (Complete Happiness) or decay into Aspiration Failure (Causes the Sim to have a nervous breakdown).

Sims also behave on how their personality is set, For example grouchy Sims are more likely to make enemies when left to their own devices, and outgoing Sims might forget to put their swimsuit on when getting into a hot tub. There's an extreme for each of these five personality traits which are: Sloppy/Neat, Shy/Outgoing, Lazy/Active, Serious/Playful and Grouchy/Nice.

The music has been completely re-vamped into this game and sounds a lot better, but if you don't like it, you can always import your own music into the game. The Sound effects are superb and are very lifelike. Sims have their own language, Simlish. Although you can sort of guess what's being said by the speech bubble above their head with a picture in it.

The graphics have been vastly improved in comparison to the first game, when you create a Sim you can alter each part of their face so they look exactly what you want them to look like. Unlike the first game the Sims now have facial expressions and other such simple tweaks that make them that much more real.

The game story is very open ended, you can create your own Sims and have them live exactly how you'd want them too, or you can play the ready-made families in the three default neighborhoods. The various families you can play as come with their own memories and relationships, which you can play with as much as you'd like.

Replay Value
The possibilities in this game never end, giving it more replay value than a lot of games out there, it will keep you occupied for months and then there are expansion packs that add new features to your game that'll keep you hooked for even longer.

The Sims 2 will keep veterans happy and make newcomers feel welcome so if your still unsure, just give it a try, you'll be hooked.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/01/07

Game Release: The Sims 2 (EU, 09/17/04)

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