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"If you thought you were addicted to the Sims before..."

I first discovered the Sims on the Gamecube when I was 13. I thought that was a great game. I'll tell you, I did a lotta weird stuff, like combining kitchens and bathrooms (there is a sick part of me). Three years later I got the Sims 2 on the PC. And boy, I can tell you this: this is a must-have for any computer owner. It goes really great with the expansion packs, but it can be just as good with the Sims 2 alone. Well, let's talk about the greatness.


The graphics look good. A little cartoony, but nice animations. I just wish my computer had better graphics...

CONTROLS (10/10)

Let's see. Controls... all you do is click at things and make your sims do things? Gee, that's really hard. I am, of course, speaking ironically. The controls are good.

MUSIC & SOUND (6/10)

The music is okay at first, but then gets annoying. But that's just the menu and buy mode music. The radio does offer danceable music, even though it is in Simlish. The sounds are good too. Everything from eating to the bathroom noises to the snoring. The Simlish the Sims speak sounds pretty neat, too. I do wish it had subtitles.


Where to start?... Well first off, I thought they were on to something with the aging thing. You have to admit that's pretty neat. Your sims are smarter, but a little catch. One time, I was playing and a Sim was cooking something in the oven. He checked on the food. When the oven dinged, he just closed the oven and reopened it to get the food. That looks a little stupid. The aspirations are also a great thing. You can choose what you want your sim to be. Kind of a good way to live out some of your dreams you couldn't accomplish. The jobs are good, too. You can be a military man, a chef, a politician, etc. The rewards aren't too shabby, either. The ways a sim could die is neat. He can burn, drown, get eaten by flies and even die of old age. I think it would be neat if a sim could kill another sim (again a sick part of me). The create a sim mode is good. You can make a man and a woman and you can do this thing that takes the genetics and see what a child would look like. You gotta love that. The choices you can make for your sims are pretty great, but can use a little improvement. I can choose tops and bottoms for everyday wear, but not for undies or PJs? They should do that for the Sims 3. One thing that doesn't make sense is in the create a sim mode is you can't create a baby. You have to do that the natural way. And finally, you can make your own neighborhood as well as play in pre-made ones. Personally, I like to delete the premade ones and make my own.

The original Sims are good, but the Sims 2 are better. There, in a small way, you can be a god and make life and you can choose whether their lives will be good or bad. Who wouldn't want that? The Sims 2 is a definite must-have in your PC collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/21/07

Game Release: The Sims 2 (US, 09/14/04)

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