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Well, right off the bat, The Sims 2 is a pretty solid game. It's pretty much the same basic outline of the first one but with a bunch of chunky little extras. All those extras make life much more exciting for everybody who plays it. Even though it might be too complicated for the younglings to really understand, but for everybody else OH BABY!! It's a way good simulation of life's many trials and benefits. For nerds who never will have a girlfriend, just make your gorgeous looking man in the game and woo the ladies around town! Yeah....good times....but I wouldn't recommend a lot of that kind of stuff to little kids without parental supervision. Some of it is inappropriate to WATCH OUT!!! But just stay away from that stuff and this game is definitely worth your time no matter what age you are.

Graphics 10/10
Excellent! Superb! Fantabulous! Pretty much everything in this game looks exactly how it should be. The character making system is Phenomenal! You can choose every single tiny little detail of your sims. I have yet to see a game that compares with the creation system of this game. The one measly flaw with it is that sometimes you can make the camera go in places where it's not really supposed too. But oh well, not like you can avoid that. So yeah. Pretty much pretty good. They also have good censorship in this one. Unlike the first one, you can't just type in a cheat and have your people walk around in the nude. So that makes it much more presentable for the younger kids. Another cool thing is that you can paint a still life of whatever you want! Just get your sim to be relatively creative and you can take a screen shot of whatever you please and you can paint it! Or you can take one of your own pictures and paint that! That cheat was found by Gsgreg. Let's give a round of applause for Gsgreg! So yeah. The graphics pretty much own, even with their few minor flaws.

Sound 7/10
Meh....this didn't impress me nearly as much as the graphics did. They did a good job of giving sounds for all the things that happen in the game, what with all the beeping and the chugging. I especially liked all the background music that you always have. While your playing the game, you can listen to your sim's radio and dance along with your sims! Or you can turn it off and listen to your sims oh-so-interesting conversations. You can also listen to your own MP3s with the help of an interesting cheat found by Brado. There's only one minor problem with it, and it's kind of an opinion thing, but I think the sims sound like losers. There. I said it. I'm sorry! Anyway...You can buy all sorts of different stereos to listen to your many amazing songs on, if your sims have the money. If they don't, then just buy a cheap little radio for like fifty bucks! Of course it's no where NEAR as much fun as thirty-odd stereos lining the walls with dozens of sims dancing crazily to the music! Yeah....Buckets o' fun until the end of our run! Dang...that's a sweet rhyme.....Ok sorry I'll stop.

Game Difficulty 9/10
Fancy! Much unlike the first game, it's actually possible to keep your sims happy! Just keep doing what they tell you they want to do, and you'll get through life just fine. However, ignore their every little whims and they shall hate you as bees hate leprechauns. Which they do. A TON! If you just keep working on your sims needs to get promoted in whichever career path they chose, you'll be a rich old person in no time! It's pretty dang easy for your people to fall in love, but watch out because two men can fall in love with each other and it's rather disturbing. Just make sure that you don't get too friendly with people from the opposite gender. It can get ugly. If they do happen to fall in love, just have them start arguing, because that always solves problems. Just ask a lawyer! Anyhoo...With a little patience you can conquer this game as well as any other with no stupid little gimmicks holding you back! Hallelujah! Because as we all know, stupid little gimmicks are what cause people to not achieve their dreams. Stupid little gimmicks....

Game Time 9/10
I swear this game has an energizer just keeps going and going and going.....You can keep playing this game for freaking ever! Even if you get all the jobs and buy everything your sim could ever desire, you could just go buy one of the many expansion packs and conquer that! Honestly people....this game has so many hours of game-play, you'd get bored before your sims would. But if you just want to beat it quickly for bragging rights, you can also do that in a small amount of time. You just make a small family and get their jobs up and hey presto! You're done. Party it up! Woot Woot! But yeah. The game time varies from short and pathetic to long and grueling hard labor! So whatever fits your fancy, do it and just have fun! Party it up!

Replay Value 9/10
Like I mentioned before, this game has many many expansions. I think they're like up to something around 12 or summat like that. Even if you only have the original, you can still try different combos of families and try to master them all. Go from happy-go-lucky single guy to a Big ol' happy family! It's like replaying games that have different difficulties. You beat easy, you would want to go to hard, right? Correctomundo! Unless you just want to beat it just for the sake of saying that you beat it, but of course that's no fun! It's also a lot of fun to just do that same family set up over and over again until you have it completely mastered. Then it's tons of fun to get totally rich and blow it on thirty-odd stereo systems lining the walls and have dozens of sims dancing crazily to the music. Yeah...I know what I'm doing on Friday night!

So pretty much this game owns. There aren't a lot of flaws in it, and the flaws that are in it are pretty small so people usually won't notice unless they're seeking them out. Any regular person could spend hours a playing this baby. It's a lot cooler than the first one, but also a lot more complicated. If you're a simple minded person who likes the simple stuff, I would probably say stick with numero uno. Which means stick with the first sims for all you non Spanish speaking people. Nevermind. I don't speak Spanish either. So this game, and it will make your life complete! If bored, buy it now. If sad, buy it now. If angry, buy it now. And so on and so forth.
Once again, this is Sebbisismo, your home town hero, King of the Britains! Well not really...but anyway, hope you liked my review! Ok bye!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/17/08

Game Release: The Sims 2 (US, 09/14/04)

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